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Anne finished licking Father’s cum from my face and throat and in doing so undid the laces on my bodice. Pulling down she released my small breasts sliding the palms of her hands over them before kissing and licking her way down to my nipples.

I was getting more aroused by the second and started to moan out my pleasure. Holding Anne’s head against my tiny tits with one hand I reached into her bodice with the other and started to play with her melon sized breasts.

My Father’s gentle voice wafted down from above us. “Stand her up Anne and undress her. Let me see how this darling flower has bloomed.”

We stood and Anne proceeded to undress me in front of the whole family. My embarrassment was soothed away by Anne nimble fingers as they traced over my body as she undid my laces and ties. When she eventually lifted my vest over my head my body was humming like a mandolin.

I glanced over at Mother and sucked my breath in sharply. She had hooked a leg over the arm of the chair; her skirts pulled up and bunched under her breasts. A finger traced slowly up and down her exposed, shaven slit as she watched Anne play with me.

Without even looking at him she called over to Robert. “Robert, leave your prick alone, boy! Come over here your Mother needs you.”

I watched as Robert scurried over to his Mother, his erect cock waving before him like a pikestaff. Mother pointed to her cunt and wordlessly gave her instructions. Robert knelt and immediately burrowed his head between his Mother’s thighs.

Mother groaned loudly as Robert’s tongue started to work at her slippery slit. The recently spent John looked on and stroked his limp cock lustily.

Just then I felt Father’s fingers inching down the crack of my behind as Anne started to slowly undress in front of us, her eyes never leaving mine. Her slow teasing strip had me panting as inch by inch her perfect body was revealed. So wrapt was I that I hardly noticed that Father’s fingers were now sliding along the wet lips of my sex.

As Anne slipped her vest over her head and at last revealed her pure alabaster skin, full breasts and hour-glass figure I felt Father’s finger slip between my cunt lips. I let out a soft moan and unconsciously parted my legs a little to give him better access.

“Mother, it seems our daughter is still intact.” Father called across the room, his finger pressed against the spongy membrane of my maidenhead.

Mother, my brother’s tongue deep inside her dripping snatch, managed a reply. “That’s nice dear. Nothing a little prick won’t cure. Aaah dear gods your son has been practicing I feel, I’m near to cumming dear husband. Oh oooh, aaaah, my gods aaaaaaahhhhhh.”

With that Mother threw her head back and howled and her whole body lurched and bucked canlı bahis as an orgasm wracked her full frame.

Father’s fingers quivered in my hole as he watched my brother tongue his wife to climax. Anne smiled and slipped in close to me and kissed me full on the lips, letting her tongue dance against mine. Her soft hand slid between our bodies and she lightly flicked her fingers across my sensitive clit as Father continued to finger me.

“Dear sister, it seems Mother is suggesting that you let Father deflower you. How say you to that little sister? Would you like Father’s large prick driven deep into this lovely tight little virginal hole?”

Lust controlled me fully now. “Aaaahh yesss, oooh, yess Anne, please. Please help me. I want a cock inside me, Father’s cock, I want to be fucked.”

“Come Beth,” my Father urged, “come sit on my cock and let me spear this tight little hole of yours.”

Anne led me backwards easing my legs either side of Father’s and positioned me right above his renewed erection. Between them they guided me down until I felt the tip of Father’s cock slip between my outer cunt lips. I was suspended partly in fear, holding myself aloft by my arms on each arm of the chair. It was Anne the swiftly knocked my elbows causing me to drop full length onto Father’s stiff rod.

“Yeeeeeooooooowww…” I yelled as my virginity evaporated in an instant.

I sat panting, letting the sharp pain dissipate, getting used to the feeling of a large stiff cock buried in my quim. Anne leaned forward and held me to her breast, gently stroking my hair.

“There, there, sister.” She soothed. “Now enjoy yourself, fuck yourself on Father’s hard pole. Lift yourself up and down and make Father spurt his seed up inside you.”

She helped by easing me up a little and Father assisted by clasping hold of my bottom cheeks and lifting me up and down. The rhythm started to become natural and I took over using my well toned thighs to milk Father’s prick.

“Ye gods, you’re tight around my cock, my girl.” Father groaned. “You have such a lovely hot tight cunt. Ooooh fuck me, daughter, fuck Papa’s cock with that lovely wet cunt.”

Anne helped by slipping her finger down onto my clit and stroked me as I started to bounce up and down faster.

“Aaaah, ooooh it feels so good. Yeessss Anne rub just there … on my god I’m going to cum … cum all over Papa’s cock.” I whined. “Here it comes Papa … aaah …. Aaaah ….. aaaah …… yeesssssssssss.”

Father groaned loudly as my vaginal muscles clamped around his shaft.

“Good god, James.” My Mother’s voice cut through the haze of my orgasm, “Beth’s young cunt looks like it’s strangling your poor prick, my love. It’s so tight but my god what a juicy sight. Fuck her hard, my love, show her bahis siteleri what it’s like to be fucked properly.”

And then, speaking to her son who was watching my ritual fucking with Mother’s cunt juice dripping from his face. “Robert, come here my lad and give your Mother that lovely young stud prick of yours. Come fuck Mama.”

She practically hauled poor Robert to his feet and pulling him by his cock led it to the entrance of her well licked hole. Then grabbing him by the buttocks she yanked him balls deep into her.

“That’s right young man, aaah …ahhh .bone your Mother hard. Pump your ooooh fuck yes .. fuck rod deep in the cunt that birthed you.”

To my left I heard some plaintive squeals and both Father and I looked around. Grace and Charity had divested themselves of their clothes and sat legs widespread finger fucking each other watching the incredible scene before them.

“John,” my Father called, “I believe your services are required on the couch. Go man and see to your sisters’ needs.”

John who had been watching from beside his Mother needed no second invitation and strode with purpose towards his sisters. His clothes were off in a trice and his long sword crashed to the floor. His other long weapon flashed angrily in his hand.

Both girls flung themselves to their knees in front of the six foot stack of manhood. Gracie was the first to envelope John’s rod in her velvety mouth while Charity sucked hungrily at his balls.

I recommenced my assault on my Father’s cock running my soaking hole up and down. Anne beside herself with lust fingered herself while frigging my clit and tonguing at my nipples. I reached down and gently cupped my Father’s heavy balls in my hand squeezing and playing with them.

“Oooh my beauty.” Moaned Father. “You’ll have a cunt full of your Father’s cream if you keep that up.”

So I did. Nothing mattered now but getting my wonderful Father to spurt inside my vagina.

“Father, ooooh Papa, please. Please fill up your little girl’s cunt with your hot cum. Spurt up inside you’re daughter’s tight little hole … ooooh … oooh .. Papa, you’re going to make me cum again … fuck me, spurt in me.” I yelled riding his cock to distraction.

On the couch John had wasted no time and had pushed Charity onto all fours and was pummelling her hot snatch with his brotherly meat. Gracie moved round and had offered her wet hole to her sister. Charity fell upon the tasty morsel running her tongue from Gracie’s puckered anus to her clit.

“Oh my god, Charity. That’s it, right there. Suck on my clit while John fucks your hot cunt. Ooooh John, fuck her hard make her lick me damnably good.” Moaned Gracie squeezing her nipples.

John manfully plundered his sister’s cunt while feasting his bahis şirketleri eyes on her tongue-work. A glistening sheen broke out on his muscular body as he stepped up his thrusting.

“Ye gods, Charity, I’ve missed your hot little hole. Aaah, yesss, cum for me girl, cum all over your brother’s stiff cock.”

In my frenzied state I glanced over at Mother. She had locked her legs around Robert’s tight bottom and was hauling him deeper into her leaking fuck hole.

“Oooh, aaahh fuck me Robert. Fill Mama full of your youthful seed. That’s it Robert cum for Mama.” She practically yelled.

Robert could hold on no longer and groaning loudly thrust back his head and spunked deep into his loving mother’s womb. Each spurting jerk diminished until he collapsed in Mother’s arms. Her spasming cunt milked every last drop from him as she too orgasmed and fell limp.

I was bouncing heartily on my Papa’s stiff rod working my way to yet another crushing orgasm. Father thrust upward for my every down-stroke causing the head of his cock to lodge firming into the entrance of my womb. At every stroke it felt as though his cock would burst through my slight frame.

“Beth, ooooooh Beth. Papa can take no moooore, here have Papa’s spunk nowooooooonnnnrg.”

I felt his large stiff penis jerk and spasm inside me sending his scolding hot cream directly into my womb. It was then the demons inside me had their way, tearing my very being apart, it seemed.

“Papa, I’m cumming toooo, aah .. aaaah … nnnnrnrnnggh. Filll me Papa, fill me up … nnnnrrrrrrrgh.”

Beside me through the exploding fireworks I heard and felt Anne orgasm too. Her slender fingers pummelled her open slot while her other hand mashed her large firm breasts.

As we all descended into the warm afterglow we watched John as he now serviced Gracie’s dripping slit. Charity, too exhausted from her rough shagging, lay her head on Gracie’s tummy watching the cock that had finished her pump in and out of her sibling’s hole.

“John,” she soothed, “don’t cum inside Gracie, pull out and shoot in my mouth. I want to taste you.”

John envisioned the scene and feeling Grace’s cunt muscles strangle his tool as she orgasmed could wait no longer. Snarling like a rabid dog he tore his cock from the velvety hole and rammed a good length into Charity’s waiting mouth. Despite having cum once already he was still able to deliver a prodigious volume between his sister’s lips.

When John at last stopped pumping into her mouth she let his prick slip away. A strange smile creased the corners of her pursed lips as she rose up above Grace’s open mouth. We all watched as she let John’s stringy juice dribble from her lips onto Gracie’s waiting tongue. They then kissed, noisily sharing his seed until every drop had been consumed.

“Now we are truly a family.” Laughed Father easing his sticky softening prick from my vagina with a slurp. “Now, where was I? Ah yes.” Then he bellowed in my ear, “Greeves, BRANDEEEE.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32