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Isolde becomes involved in the Renaissance

I left the Pharoah and the land of Egypt fertile and blooming with Life and Love. Many moons I travelled, marveling at the beauty of the Land. Everywhere I went, I saw the faeries drinking their little offerings of milk and honey, the Druids crawling into caves, into the Belly of the Goddess to be reborn, as the greatest poets on Earth. The Bards would tell me great tales of their tribes. The Druids were the priestly class of the Celts, but there were women Druids also, called Ban-Draoithe. They were healers, and Shamans and often travelled between the Worlds.

So much beauty, and so much had changed. I had been called, always driven by wanderlust and following the path of the Horned God and the Goddess. Each Goddess had given me her wisdom and a piece of the Sacred Feminine. Wild animals knelt before me for a caress. I was always most at home in the primeval forest. I had felt the presence of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. I spent many nights with the Vikings casting runes and gathering strength from the roots, which spanned the nine Worlds.

I participated in Blota, the Viking sacrificial feast. We drank Mead and ate with the Elves and the Gods. We pray for health, and fertility and a good life. I lay with many strong, virile blonde Viking men. One wife cheered me on as her husband penetrated me with his huge spear. The Yule fire blazed high in the sky as we made Red Magick. We sadly said goodbye to the child I had conceived with him as she was borne away on a Funeral Pyre.

I followed the voice of Isis, as always. I ended up in Florence, a bustling city of great artists and writers. Philosophers in cafes argued, excitedly waving their hands in the air, discussing Plato and Aristotle. Beautiful courtesans strolled the streets with their wealthy patrons. The Medici family was eagerly promoting the success of painters, sculptors and print-makers as well as writers. A sense of excitement was in the air as new architecture came into being, much different than any had seen before.

Botticelli had painted the amazing Primavera with the beautiful visage of Venus on it, as well as her son, Eros, whom I had laid with. It gave me an eerie feeling to see that, and remember his passionate thrusts. I had had lessons in Art from Sappho and I was eager to become a Muse to the ataşehir escort amazing artists that I saw in cafes with their canvases.

I needed to find work and shelter. I was approached in the street by an artist called Michelangelo Buonarroti one day. He was struck by my beauty and wished to sculpt me. He was a rough man, who lived in a squalid house, but his genius was obvious. I felt the familiar tingle in my cunt at the presence of Divinity. He too, felt my Sexual energy. He brought me into his studio and studied me with his heavily-lidded eyes

Michelangelo yanked off my simple gown and knelt before me. Stroking my feet with his rough, clay-spattered hands, he began to trace my calves and thighs. He moved to my waist, avoiding the moisture between my legs. Caressing my sumptuous breasts, he gently fondled my hardening nipples. I struggled with maintain my pose but I was getting aroused. He pulled my arms above my head and cupped all of my breasts in his hands, tugging and feeling the weight of them. Tilting his head, he studied the lines of my body, which was trembling with lust.

He indicated I should turn around. He touched my shoulders, drew his long, talented fingers down my spine. He bent me over a chair and spread my legs apart. A pink glow was emitting from my punani as he began to touch me between my legs, murmuring at the wetness there. I could feel my clitoris hardening as he pinched it gently between his fingers. He spread my buttocks wide and was breathing heavily at the site of my rosy rectum. With a groan, he began to kiss my buttocks and rub at my cunt with fingers slick with vaginal secretions. He began to kiss my dilated asshole and lick it. I shuddered at the erotic sensations he was giving me.

Michelangelo began to lick and suck my cunt from behind and skillfully was rubbing my clitoris while rhythmically penetrating my vaginal opening. He would rub my anus with his soaking wet finger then try to put his tongue in there as deeply as he could. He then crawled underneath me and pulled me on top of his bearded face. Making contented “mmmm, mmmm” sounds, he continued to make love to my soaked pussy that was quivering at his talented tongue. I began to moan loaded as his tongue and lips seemed to be everywhere, slipping into my ass, fucking my hole…

His hands came kadıköy escort bayan up and grasped my hard heaving breasts as I began to gush in his mouth. I couldn’t stop cumming and started to cry out at the intensity of my orgasm. He groaned as I squirted a huge stream of female essence into his hot mouth. He was a devout Catholic so he would not put his penis inside of me but instead took a paintbrush and laid me down on the floor. He began to smear me with paint and color, then inserted the brush into my still-spasming cunt. I gasped in ecstasy as he skillfully thrust it in quick and deep thrusts. I came over and over again as he rubbed my clit in unison with the brush. We both collapsed as I tried to catch my breath. He nodded in satisfaction and began to sculpt the likeness of me after wiping his mouth and beard of my spendings.

Word began to spread of the beautiful and sensual healer in Florence. Young men and women stared and were drawn to me like bees to honey. Every day I absorbed the energy and Magick in the city. I began to get to know the likes of Raphael, Donatello, Titian and Correggio. I was healing and selling my love-charms in the market when I saw a man who literally GLOWED with power and God energy. It was Leonardo da Vinci. He was known for so many talents…architecture, painting, sculpting, mathematics and invention. He had been an engineer for the Medici family but was driven to create. He had the mark of the Gods on him. I could see it in his Aura.

Da Vinci was handsome…towered over me at 6’4. His eyes glowed with fire. He had hawk-like features and I could feel his powerful chemistry and aura. He invited me back to his studio to paint me. With the memory of his rival Leonardo’s powerful and strong tongue between my supple thighs, I acquiesced. I sat on the velvet chair, my grimoire in my hand. I was thinking of Isis, and my Mother. I felt the Goddess enter my heart, filling me with joy. I looked up and Da Vinci had his enormous cock in his hand, staring at the glow that surrounded me. I got up and knelt before the Master painter. I grasped his gigantic paintbrush in my hands and began to slowly lick and suck the shaft. He let out a growl and put his hands in my long chestnut hair. He begged to be inside of me, I hitched up my skirts and guided him into my moist cavern escort maltepe of Love and Light.

“OH OH OH”, he bellowed as he communed with the Goddess. “Oh my Isolde, oh joy! Praise the Heavens, I see the Divine Light!” I began to moan and throw my head back when to my surprise, I felt another pair of hands on my bouncing breasts. It was Michelangelo! And they HATED each other! But they were drawn together by my Sex Magick. Leonardo suckled my breasts into his mouth as Michelangelo took his place between my shaking legs.

“God forgive me, “he muttered, “But I must have her…I cannot stand that only my rival has the pleasure of her body.” He plunged his weeping cock into my Cauldron as Leonardo played with my clitoris while sucking my breasts. I was cumming…and cumming…and cumming. Da Vinci watched with interest as Michelangelo starting fucking me hard, holding my legs up in the air. He stood up and cupped the painter’s chin in his hand. To my surprise and delight, Michelangelo opened his mouth as DaVinci slipped his hard cock into it. Michelangelo began sucking and slurping at DaVinci’s penis and took him deep into his throat. This erotic sight made me orgasm as DaVinci spurted his hot and salty load into Michelangelo’s mouth. Some drizzled out as Michelangelo came with a roar inside my yoni. DaVinci quickly knelt down and drank Michelangelo’s jizz, licking my walls clean of his spatter.

Michelangelo left quickly, leaving Da Vinci and I to our work. I sat back on the velvet chair with the two pavilions between me. I was glowing with Sex Magick as I picked up my grimore, to study my Magick. DaVinci began to work…he named the painting “Mona Lisa” for a nobleman’s wife but it never left his side, it was his reminder of his lover, Isolde, who imbued him with Magick. It is said that another sacred sexual prostitute, Mary Magdalene, was his inspiration, as well as the High Priestess of the Tarot.

Across town, Michelangelo was again hard at work. He had been commissioned to finish a 71 foot statue of King David of the Israelites, who was battling the Giant, Goliath. It had taken him 2 years and the statue was representative of the political beliefs of the people of Florence. He was to be moved to the Piazza Della Signora, near the Cathedral. It was the year 1504. All the people of Florence came to see out the glorious sculpture that faced Rome. A young man stood in wonder gazing at the magnificent sculpture of the Biblical Hero. He turned and I saw that he resembled the David so closely that I gave out a gasp.

It was my son, Faun.

To be continued…~sexynursechef~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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