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Cassie took a deep breath as she opened the door to her best friend Claire and Claire’s boyfriend Jeremy in. She was nervous about tonight. She knew something special was going to happen she just wasn’t sure what it was.

“Hey Claire,” greeted Cassie as she opened the door.

“Happy birthday Cassie,” said Claire she hugged her friend and stepped in. Cassie blushed as Jeremy gave her the ‘look’ that always seemed to make her want to make her melt into a puddle.

She took the gift that Jeremy was holding to put it on the living room table. As she walked away she felt his eyes boring into her. She heard Claire whisper something to him and it sounded like “You are going to make her nervous,” but she wasn’t sure.

Jeremy chuckled and whispered back to her that sounded like “I like doing it,”

“I know you are such a tease,”

Claire shook her head at Jeremy. She knew she should feel jealous. But honestly Cassie was hot. She’d have to blind not to notice.

Cassie was secretly jealous of Claire for having grabbed such a hot boyfriend. She wondered what Claire had planned.

All of the sudden an idea hit Claire. Why not? She knew that Cassie wanted Jeremy. And this was Cassie’s birthday. And of course Jeremy would have no problems. He had already told Claire that he wanted to someday have a threesome with both her and Cassie.

So why not? It would take some maneuvering on her part to get all the parties concerned in the right place.

“I wanted to make you my special chicken dish for dinner before we went out,” said Claire.

“Sounds lovely Claire, you know I just can’t cook,”

Jeremy chuckled and said, “Of course you’re the only person I know who could burn water,”

Cassie scrunched up her nose at Jeremy. “Very funny,”

She shook her head and looked Claire. “Honestly Claire, I don’t know how you put up with him.”

Claire laughed. “He’s great in bed.”

That shocked Cassie all the way to her toes and made a warm sensation start in the pit of her stomach

“No need to be embarrassed Jer, its true,” said Claire as she saw his cheeks redden. “Now why don’t you take a seat while I get everything started,” she walked into the kitchen and pulled out the soft silken rope that she had secretly hidden away in the kitchen the day before.

“Okay Cassie I have a birthday gift for you. Don’t think I didn’t know that this was something you have wanted for a long time,” she walked sexily over to Jeremy canlı bahis and before he knew it she was wrapping the coiled length of silken rope over his arm binding him to the chair.

“What’s going on Claire?” asked Jeremy as she wrapped the other length of rope over his left arm.

“Well what does it look like baby?” asked Claire as she retreated into the kitchen and pulled a blindfold out of its hiding place.

Claire advanced on Jeremy from behind. She placed the blindfold in front of his eyes. “From now on you are just going to feel. And I promise that you will love every bit.”

Jeremy groaned as she nipped his ear tying the blindfold into place. “Get his shirt off Cassie and I’ll go get what we need,” said Claire walking back to the fridge.

She opened the door and heard the sound of tearing cloth as she gathered the bottles from the fridge.

When Claire came back. Jeremy was completely naked. His shirt lay in tatters near the chair and his pants well she had no idea where they went to. “Cassie so it seems like you are interested,” Claire laughed.

Cassie’s eyes widened a little and she gave a convulsive swallow. “Very interested.”

She placed the glass bottles on the table and said “We’re going to have a lot of fun with these,” said Claire.

“Oh before I forget, happy birthday Jeremy,” whispered Cassie into his ear.

Jeremy smiled “Well this is turning into a lovely birthday. Okay do your worst,” Claire picked the first bottle. It held honey. She poured some it down his chest. Making sure to liberally coat both his nipples.

Jeremy groaned as the coldness washed over his heated skin. “Go ahead and taste him Cassie, it’s your birthday,”

Cassie leaned over and flicked her tongue out to taste the treat that was before her. He tasted sooo good, she then began to lick in earnest. Long broad strokes from his navel to his neck.

Jeremy began to lose himself in the feelings she was invoking the darkness enveloping him enhancing the sensations.

Jeremy’s breath began speeding up as he grew harder, Cassie loved the feeling of his toned muscles under her tongue as she lashed broad licking strokes over his rippling abs. Jeremy gasped as Cassie wrapped her lips around his cock drawing away the honey. She pulled back and said “Need something else now,”

“I need something sweeter,” She twisted open the bottle of chocolate syrup. Gently squeezing it Cassie coated Jeremy’s throbbing cock. ‘Oh yes this bahis siteleri is perfect,’ she thought. She enveloped the entire length of him.

He moaned deeply as Cassie sucked him to the back of her throat pulling out only to put more chocolate on. Claire came up to them and said “Having fun Cassie?”

“Oh yes,” moaned Cassie

“Let me join in,” said Claire as she opened the jar of custard and jelly and coated her hands in it she then rubbed it all over Jeremy’s chest before running her tongue slowly over his heated skin.

“Oh God,” moaned Jeremy as he began to sweat. Cassie’s mouth was pure heaven on his cock. Or was that Claire? He couldn’t tell now. The pleasure was blending into one and all he could do now was allow it to build and build.

After Claire had finished cleaning off his chest from the custard she reached down and pulled his thighs apart and sucked his balls into her mouth one after the other. Jeremy’s hands grasped the rests of the chair tightly as the pleasure flooded through him. Claire and Cassie’s fingers probed under his hips towards his arse.

“Come for us Jeremy, let us taste you,” purred Claire as their questing fingers reached the destination. Claire’s fingers spread his ass apart and Cassie slid two of her fingers inside. Slowly pushing past the muscle ring she started a pumping rhythm that had Jeremy clenching his muscles tightly against her. Claire continued her ministration to his balls.

Jeremy moaned deeply as the pleasure tore through him his release was ripped from him as Cassie’s eager mouth drained him dry. Cassie stood up and wiped her mouth. She had her salty sweet taste that she was craving. Claire also stood. She turned to Cassie and said “Okay birthday girl you do the honors, would you like to take the birthday boy for a test drive?”

“Oh of course,” said Cassie. She hurried dropped her clothes and slid onto Jeremy’s thighs. Her hands grasped his thickness and began stroking him teasingly. Claire walked around the chair and placed her hands on Jeremy’s chest and raked her nails over him.

Once Jeremy was hard again, Cassie began to straddle him. She leaned forward. “Okay birthday boy, make my birthday wish come true.”

She began to rub her wet aching mound against him. Causing friction against the small bundle of nerves held in her throbbing clit.

Jeremy moaned and tightened his grip on the arm rests as Claire bit his neck and shoulders gently while trailing her nails bahis şirketleri over his chest flicking his nipples. Cassie slid down on his aching shaft taking him into her encasing warmth.

Cassie began to slowly move up and down on his throbbing shaft, feeling him thicken at each stroke. The pleasure was so good but she needed more. She leaned forward and whispered “Can you hold off Jeremy? Can you wait for Claire’s turn?”

Jeremy grunted. He wasn’t capable of speech but he nodded. Cassie smiled then and began to move harder. Clenching her muscles she squeezed him tightly.

He groaned knowing that Cassie wasn’t going to make it easy for him, her tightly clenched muscles slid up and down on him sending fire up and down his spine making him shudder. Cassie felt her orgasm coming on strong. She was almost there.

She felt it start and all of sudden it plowed through throwing her forward. Jeremy growled as the pressure on his cock increased greatly as Cassie shrieked her release. He grasped the chair tightly battling back his own impending release. Cassie lifted herself off Jeremy.

She couldn’t stand for too long though so she flopped to the floor. Claire came around. She was already dripping wet watching the display of Cassie fucking her boyfriend.

She settled herself onto Jeremy’s throbbing hardness. She dug her nails into his shoulders and kissed him passionately as she began to ride him.

Claire threw back her head and began to ride Jeremy in earnest. Jeremy grunted sweat beading on his forehead and chest as Claire slammed down on him rapidly. Her tensed muscles squeezing him tightly.

Cassie came up behind him and slowly rubbed his pecs squeezing his hard nipples often eliciting gasps from him as Claire rode him hard.

Just a little more. She was almost there. Cassie leaned forward and nibbled on Jeremy’s neck. That was all it took, Jeremy leaned back and roared out his release as he exploded inside of Claire.

His orgasm pushed Claire over the edge. Jeremy groaned and went slack against the chair as Claire pumped his seed from him. Claire collapsed against Jeremy’s sweaty chest as the last of her orgasm tension faded.

“Did your wishes come true guys?” Claire asked as she struggled to catch her breath.

Cassie mumbled something and nodded and Jeremy breathed “Hell Yeah, that was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten,” panted Jeremy as Claire untied his arms.

Jeremy bent down and picked up Cassie. She barely registered his presence. “I think we wore out poor Cassie though. Perhaps she can let us know how she enjoyed her birthday gift tomorrow,” Claire laughed as she trailed Jeremy to Cassie’s bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32