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Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a U.S., state senator. She owns a penthouse in the city who is a cheap looking, bleach-blonde. She is a big fan of college wrestling, but never goes to any of the meets. She watches every live competition on “YouTube” and follows the athletes on social media.

Angel (19 yrs.) is a Latino wrestling champion. He has jet black hair with a neatly groomed mustache and beard. His brown eyes match his smooth brown skin. He stands at 5’10” and weighs 184 lbs. He has broad shoulders and thick muscular thighs. He’s a ladies-man too. Sarah tried many times to contact him. He won’t answer her phone messages and she gave up on him after a month.

The university wrestling meet is over. Athletes are taking showers inside of the gym locker-room. Angel stands in front of his locker and wipes down his naked body with a towel. An eagle tattoo wraps around the right shoulder. He lays the towel over the bench and sits down. One hand reaches inside of his sport bag and pulls out two iPhones. One is public and the other is private. He turns on the private phone and looks at it. He checks the text messages and all of the nude photos that the young women had sent him.

He smiles big, “So many women, so little time.”

He finally comes to the phone messages from Sarah and canlı bahis şirketleri listens.

His head shakes a bit, “Shit, no photos from this one… Says she’s a blonde with big tits. Yeah right… Let’s see how she sounds.”

He calls her and places the phone to his ear.

Sarah: Well, Angel… I gave up on you weeks ago.

Angel: You did?

Sarah: Yeah, I can fuck other wrestlers.

Angel: Really? I’ve been busy.

Sarah: Yeah sure, with all those other young bitches.

Angel: Well, I don’t have time to check my private phone… Because of my girlfriend. I can hook up tonight if you want.

Sarah: You have my penthouse address. If you don’t show up… Fuck off.

She hangs up on him and he smirks.

Later that night inside the penthouse bedroom. Both Sarah and Angel are naked on top of the white bed. She is laying on her back with the blonde head pushing against a white pillow. Both of her legs are spread open with the knees bent up. He is kneeling in between those legs with his fists placed on either side of her tits. His muscular thighs push up her legs.

Angel’s 7 and ¼-inch cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. He looks down at his solid-brown-shaft which thrusts deep while his black crotch hits her blonde bush.

Both of her massive tits jiggle canlı kaçak iddaa after each powerful thrust. Her hands wrap around his waist.

She responds, “Unnh.. Uh-Unnhh.. Gawd.. Gu-Gawd.. Unh-Unh.. Right.. There.. Unnhh.. Angel.!!”

It’s brown-skin over white-skin.

Angel continues to thrust inside forcefully. Pushing in and pulling out at a quick pace.

He asks, “Still want me to fuck off?”

She answers, “Yeahh.. Yeah.. Fuckk.. Off.. Unnhh.. Unnhh.. For making.. Me.. Wait.. Uh-Uhh.. Unnhh.!!”

His eyes look at her jiggling tits and those ½-inch erect nipples.

He smiles and says, “You’re so… Fucking hot baby.”

She replies, “Gawd.. Angel.. Y-You.. Too.. Too.. Uh-Unnhh.. Unnh.. Gawd..!!”

Angel looks down at his brown shaft pushing in and pulling out.

His body stops and he explodes, “Uhh-Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.. Ohhhh.. Fuckk… Fuck.!!”

His face leans down and he kisses her deeply.

20 minutes later. Angel and Sarah are both naked on top of the bed. The white comforter is hanging on the edge and some of it touches the floor. The pillows are on the white carpet next to the bed. She lays on her back with both legs spread apart. He is laying on top of her with his solid chest crushing her big tits. His face is turned over her left shoulder. Both of her hands canlı kaçak bahis are gripping his muscular back.

It’s hot brown-skin over white-skin.

His cock has been thrusting inside of her pussy at a steady pace. He hasn’t slowed down while his buttocks bounce into the air.

She responds, “Unh.. Unnh.. Gawd.. D-Don’t.. Stop.. Uhhh.. Unnh.. Don’t..!!”

His eyes are closed and mouth is dropped opened. He feels her hot cunt and keeps thrusting.

Her fingers grope his back.

She screams, “Uhhhh.. Uhhhhhh.. I’m Cumming… Cum.. Uhhhhhhhh.. Uhhhhhhhhhh..!!”

Angel slows down on his thrusting.

He whispers, “You okay baby?”

She angrily answers, “What you stopping for? Don’t fucking stop.”

He begins thrusting again, but faster as his buttocks bounce up and down.

She replies, “Uh-Uhhh-Uhh-Uh-Gawd-My-Gawd-Uhhh-Uh-Feels-So-Good.!!”

Both of her hands keep groping his back.

His mouth is still dropped open when his body stops.

Angel explodes, “Here-it-cums-baby.. Uhh-Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.. Fuuuuuuhh.. Fuckk.!!”

His buttocks jiggle as the orgasm continues to shoot through him.

He lifts up onto his elbows and kisses her cheek plus the lips.

He whispers, “That was fucking hot… Fuckk.”

Angel pulls out his cock and rolls onto his back. Both of them breathe hard and smile at each other.

He says, “Sorry to make you wait so long.”

She answers, “Damn, it was worth it. We have all night anyway.”

His body turns over onto the side and he begins sucking on her large tit…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32