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Outline – The Goodnight kiss (as told to me by my wife, Sandy)

My wife Sandy is a very petite 5’0 with short brown hair and a nice body. To describe her private parts; she has small firm breasts with big pointy nipples and a clit that protrudes from her fat little pussy lips. Back in the day, she didn’t shave down there. She’s a school teacher with skills to tell stories, and after a bottle of wine and lots of pleading and coaxing from me, she told me this story from her robust sexual past. What a Woodie it gave me! I’ll try to do it justice as I tell it to you how she told it to me…

When Sandy was in her early 20’s she was out drinking with some friends one night. When it was time to leave, even though she knew she had two much to drink, she said “fuck it’ to herself and started the drive home. As she was turning a corner she overcorrected and hit a curb, popping the front tire. Shit! She pulled over and parked but she knew she was in no shape to change a flat tire now. She decided to call a friend to come pick her up. She tried to reach several girlfriends but it was late and she just got voicemail. She knew her boss lived close by so she decided to call him and canlı bahis see if maybe he would come and get her. Fortunately, he picked up and said he’d be right there.

Her boss, Ron, was a slim, nice-looking guy in his late 30’s and had been both a boss and a friend to Sandy. He could always be counted on to mentor her and he was happy to help her out. Sandy admitted she had some chemistry with him but, until tonight, she had repressed any thoughts of a fling with Ron as just an office fantasy. Besides, he was her boss so it was kind of taboo.

When Ron showed up, he saw that she was pretty drunk and more than a little upset about the car accident. He suggested she stay at his place and they would deal with her car the next morning. When they arrived at Ron’s apartment, he offered to make some drinks to help calm her down…and it worked! Soon they were laughing and enjoying each other’s company with the car accident all but forgotten.

After conversation died down, he suggested she take his bed and he’d take the couch and he gave her a t-shirt to wear. He said he’d go make some coffee for tomorrow. Sandy took off her clothes down to her panties and slipped into Ron’s bahis siteleri T-shirt. She grabbed the sheets and snuggled into bed. Sandy told me what happened next, almost word for word:

“In a little while, Ron came in to say goodnight and we laughed about something funny he said relating to the awkwardness of all this. He was just wearing pajama bottoms which displayed his cut, bare-chested physique. He sat down on the bed next to me and asked if I was OK. Staring into his eyes I nodded. Then, to my surprise, he leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. My heart raced! I reached up to his face and kissed him back…”

“We started making out heavily. As we kissed, he slipped his hands under my t-shirt and cupped my breasts, playing with my hard nipples. My hand moved down to the bulging tentpole in his pajama pants and opened it Wow!! I was delighted to see a huge, magnificent erection! He stripped off his pajama bottoms and pulled the T-shirt over my head. I pulled off my panties and, now completely naked, we embraced each other and rolled over on the bed until he was under me. I straddled him and kissed his body, slowly moving down to his throbbing, uncircumcised bahis şirketleri penis. I took him in my mouth as far down the shaft as I could go. Clearly, he loved this and I kept on for a few minutes. We switched around and Ron started licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. It was heavenly… and it was all I could do not to come. I wanted Ron’s cock inside of me!”

“I pulled his mouth up to mine and spread my legs for him to enter me I whispered to him to be gentle, as he slowly pushed his full length between my pussy lips. We made love nice and slow. The pleasure was unbelievable!! I wrapped my legs around his back and squeezed him tight as he thrust his cock in and out of my wet pussy. After what seemed like an eternity his rhythm quickened and I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer! His back arched and I raked my nails into his shoulders just as he climaxed. Great gobs of Ron’s hot cum flooded my pussy! I couldn’t hold back any longer and, squealing, I came, too!”

“We lay there on the bed in each other’s arms in the aftermath of this incredible sex. Then Ron did something I didn’t expect. He went down on me and licked the cum still dribbling from my pussy lips…. then he reached up and kissed me to pass it back. I swallowed and we kissed each other passionately. Sex with my boss was a first for me on many levels but I loved it all!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32