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Erin had been backpacking around southern Texas for nearly 3 months now. And, if she was honest, getting totally sick of the hostels she was staying in.

Sharing kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms; guys – and girls – hitting on her, and no time to reflect on her travels and adventures.

What she needed most was a comfy bed and yes, maybe a back rub.

So when she saw the ad for a home stay in Houston, her heart skipped a beat.

The ad showed pictures of the house: a lovely 2 story villa, a backyard, and most of all, a self contained flat, with its own bedroom and ensuite!

The photos of the hosts showed them to be lovely, respectable people. The only alarm bell was, “open minded hosts”. But, well, Erin was open minded too, as she thought about some of her favorite web sites!

Without hesitation, she emailed the hosts and was now awaiting a reply.

Now, several days later with still no word, she resigned herself to staying at yet another hostel!

But that night, sitting in a crowded kitchen her phone beeped, announcing the arrival of a new message:

“Hi Erin.

Sorry we didn’t get back to you, our internet was down. Yes, come and stay with us. The address is SilverBirch, Houston. John and Sarah. This weekend is available, and it’s 50% off for females.”

Nice, she thought! Now, to find her way to her new, temporary home.

But, why on earth did they have a 50% discount for females? Erin wondered about the true meaning of “open minded”. Oh my gosh!

Without really thinking, she took a quick flirtatious selfie and fired it off to John.

The accompanying güvenilir bahis message just said: “Do I qualify for the discount?”

After much help from Google maps finally Erin finally arrived in Birch Road and a little nervously tapped on the door.

A nice looking 40ish woman opened the door. A VERY nice looking woman, thought Erin. Long straight hair, not too skinny, a lovely smile and full breasts. So lucky, she thought, mine are too small!

“Are you Erin?” said the woman. “I’m Sarah if you hadn’t guessed. Come in, and make yourself at home.”

Sarah gave Erin a quick hug, and for a moment Erin wished the hug had lasted a little longer; she missed the hugs from her mom.

Erin walked into the house, which was definitely a home to nice people, just like in the photos.

“John will be back later, but let’s get to know each other. I’m making coffee.”

Erin sat down on the large comfortable sofa, thinking she could get to like this. Nice sofas, a huge TV and a bunch of videos she could see poking out of the cabinet.

She looked at some of the titles and inwardly blushed.

“Look but don’t touch”

“Watch and enjoy”

“I fucked the babysitter”

What the…?

Sarah brought the coffee and sat down beside the young backpacker.

As the women got to know each other, Erin relaxed. Sarah seemed like a nice lady, and an attractive one. And the photos of Sarah and her husband showed them as a loving couple.

At that moment Sarah’s husband John walked into the house.

“Ah, the lovely Erin,” said John. “How lovely to have you here.”

The three of them enjoyed türkçe bahis a lovely meal, but Erin did feel a flirtatious element in some of the conversations. But, on reflection, she didn’t feel uneasy or that the couple was at all sleazy, maybe just a little kinky.

Erin was starting to tire and announced that bedtime wasn’t far away.

“That’s ok, Erin,” Sarah replied. “Come on, I’ll show you where everything is.”

After her shower, Erin said goodnight to her hosts and went straight to bed.

Erin reflected on the evening

During the night, Erin had trouble sleeping which she put down to being in a comfortable bed.

And the silence, while magical, was a little unsettling; although now and then she could hear voices, and soft moaning. Oh goodness, she smiled; my hosts are enjoying themselves, lucky things!

She thought about John and Sarah and reflected on the evening. They were certainly interesting people, and very much committed to each other.

“Open minded” hosts the ads had said. Erin knew what that usually meant! Yet there had been no overt moves on their part, or even suggestive comments; just some mild flirtation.

Then, she remembered the video titles she had seen and knew they were adult movies. “Look, but don’t touch?”

She was certain they were in their bedrooms now, making love. Fucking, she corrected herself. Erin wondered if they were thinking about their young house guest.

Stop! She told herself. Erin concluded her pent-up sexual frustrations were coming to the fore. It had been a long time, she thought!

But she knew what to do, to release that güvenilir bahis siteleri pent up energy. Her hands wandered over her own body; tonight she wouldn’t even need to take out her favorite toy, a 8″ vibrator.

Undoing her shirt and running her hands over her breasts felt nice. Wetting her finger and then watching her nipple harden as she squeezed it gently felt even better.

She hadn’t touched herself properly in a long time. The hostels were not really designed for that type of privacy, she smiled to herself.

Erin quickly slipped off her panties and soon her fingers were working their magic between her legs. She was very wet, although she felt a little tight; out of practice she giggled.

As she was reaching the point of no return, she was shocked to notice her thoughts were on her hosts; John, the perfect gentlemen – I wonder how big his cock is – and Sarah, with her full breasts and cute arse. And, oh fuck, fuck!

She reached the heights of her first orgasm very quickly.

“Those” videos were her final thoughts as her fingers became saturated with her own juices, cuming in a momentous climax.

The cameras that Sarah had installed in Erin’s bedroom had certainly done the trick, thought John, as his wife ran her lips over his hard cock.

“Baby, can you believe it,” said Erin. “Such a nice girl; Looks like leaving those videos out did the trick.”

John smiled. “Well, let’s hope the next part of the plan works just as well.”

They had been hosting backpackers for a long time now. Sometimes the plan worked, sometimes it didn’t.

The idea was for the guest to discover that the security cameras had inadvertently been left on. And either they would be shocked and outraged, or they would say nothing. Now and then, the guests would up and leave, but the odd one earned their free lodgings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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