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It had not been the best week of my life, lots of little things had all mounted up to make my life a misery, most of them trivial but a couple of big things too. I received a phone call asking me to meet him in the car park, this man who had once been my lover and was now one of my best friends. He had something to show me. I laughed and answered him fatuously. He laughed back and just told me to meet him, he had something to make me smile. I packed up and picked up my bag and keys, making my way out of the room and the building, wandering across the road to find him.

I spotted him in one corner of the car park, watching the world go by. I walked towards him, my breath catching in my throat as I saw what he was leaning on.

I stopped in front of him and he smiled and asked if I liked it. Lost for words I just looked at him, nodding and saying, “Oh wow,” over and over again.

In front of me was a car, but no ordinary car. This was a Jaguar XJS convertible in beautiful British Racing Green, with the roof down, walnut dashboard, full leather seats and 5 gears. It purred, ‘Drive me’ and I looked back up at him. He held out his hand, the keys hanging from his finger. I looked at him and laughed; he could not possibly mean for me to drive this car? I told him so and he laughed again, saying that it needed a woman behind the wheel and he knew of no other woman who could drive a car like this as fast as he wanted it driven and he trusted no one else.

I smiled telling him he was going to regret it. Throwing my bag into the back, I jumped into the front seat. I adjusted it until I was happy, moved the mirror and slid the key into the ignition, listening to it click and purr into action, noticing at the same time that there were only six miles on the clock, thinking how many more miles I could put on it before we got back. I turned to him and asked him how far I could go, he answered that I could go as far as I wanted.

I left the car park and had an idea, I needed to know how fast this baby could go, and as I flew down the motorway at 100mph I knew where we were going. I turned it towards a village locally that had an airfield, knowing that a friend of mine worked there and would let us onto the runways if there were no planes due in. I was taking a chance, it could sometimes be busy there.

I pulled up and asked the guy on the gate to contact my friend, and within 5 minutes he came wandering along, his eyes nearly leaving his head when he saw what I was driving. He leant into the car and gave me a hello kiss, which I returned warmly, then he asked me what I was after, I told him and he answered that I was in luck, there were no planes due in for 3 hours and the runways were mine, just do not turn it over.

I laughed and said I would not, shifting it into first and rolling off. I hit the runway at 60mph and shifted into 4th, running it faster and faster until I changed into 5th at 85mph. I floored the accelerator and we took off, my foot going to the floor as the speedometer climbed and climbed until I hit 150mph, the roof down, my hair slicked back, I looked across at him, he was gripping the door with what can only be described as feeling, looking absolutely petrified. I laughed, and carried on driving, slowing down only to turn and speed up again.

Eventually I slowed at the far end of the runway, and rolled to a stop. Putting canlı bahis the car in neutral and switching off the engine, I turned to him smiling, he turned to me and looked at me, telling me never, ever to do that again, I laughed again and told him not to be a baby, he wanted me to drive that fast or he would not have let me have the car in the first place. I leant across the car and kissed him gently, thanking him. He smiled and told me that it was his pleasure, he had noticed that I had not been myself and wanted to treat me, knowing how I felt about fast cars.

He asked me what was wrong, why had I had the long face all week, and it was then flood gates opened, I told him everything that had been happening, my insecurities, my fears, my hopes, talking to this man as I used to talk to him, what seemed like so many years before. He sat and listened as he always had, sympathising in the right places and laughing when he should. When I was all cried and laughed out, he leant across to me, telling me that I was a fool and I knew it, and kissing me on the cheek. I smiled at him and dried my tears. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug, my body instantly responding.

I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his closeness and his warmth for the first time in 7 years, breathing in the smell that I remembered so well. I looked up at him and he bent to kiss the tip of my nose, I moved my head up slightly and his lips touched mine, bolts of electricity running through both of us, his kiss got harder and mine followed suit, my tongue seeking out his, intertwining, as my body moved against him.

His hands found their way into my shirt, unbuttoning it as my own hands moved down him to his pants, undoing the belt and the clips, then unzipping him as he lifted his hips for me to pull his pants and boxers down, releasing him, hard and glistening wet with precum. My hand traveled down him to take him gently in my fingers, my thumb running over his head, I pulled away from the kiss and brought my thumb up to my mouth, sucking it with relish as I looked into his eyes. I moved back to kiss him and then left his face and moved down his body, until I finally reached his cock.

I slid him into my mouth, hearing a sigh from above me, loving the taste of him, hearing him moan, remembering it so well. My mouth worked up and down him, my fingers playing with his balls, a trick I had learnt from him, the cool air on his dick as I pulled back making him shiver. He rolled the seat back until he was leaning back enough to give me better access, my mouth taking him deeper and deeper until he was hitting the back of my throat, hearing him moan and feeling his hand on my head, guiding me, forcing me down onto him.

I took him greedily, wanting him, tasting him, enjoying the feeling that had been last with me so long ago. I continued to suck until I felt him tremble under me, then I stopped and pulled away. I moved over the seats to the back of the car and crooked my finger at him. He kicked off his shoes and pants and naked except for his open shirt he climbed over and joined me.

His hands moved over me, undoing my pants as I had his, he slid his hand inside me, finding no panties he slid his hand down until he reached my pussy, smiling at the change in texture, my pussy now smooth and slick since last he felt it. Hooking his thumbs in my belt loops he pulled bahis siteleri my pants down over my hips. The cool air hitting me, making me moan as I stood over him, my feet on the seat, as he pulled them down and I lifted each leg to remove them. The air hit my wet pussy and made me moan, his hands came up my thighs and pulled me into him. I rested my knees on his shoulders and he moved his face into me, sucking my pussy lips and licking them slowly.

My hands were on his head, moving me in to him, he took my clit into his mouth and sucked me hard, making me move in closer to him, forcing him to take me deeper, my back arched and I put my hands behind me, releasing my breasts from their confinement, sliding my shirt off my shoulders and then my bra down my arms, leaving me naked in the sunlight. I put my hands behind me once more and leant on the front seat, my nipples exposed to the sun, my body naked and needing. He sucked me until I came, deep and hard, calling his name to the open air, pulling him in, my fingers in his hair.

I moved down his body, until I knelt across him, feeling him hard and wet against my pussy lips, I kissed him and moved my hips until he was in place, his hips moved slightly as he pushed up towards me, and I pushed down hard onto him, feeling him fill me, going deep, a moan leaving both of us as his mouth moved down my body to take my nipples one by one in between his lips, rolling them between his tongue and his teeth as his dick slid in and out of my wet cunt. His hands on my hips pulled me down hard, the need to fuck overtaking everything else.

I ground my hips onto him, my clit rubbing against him, his mouth on my nipples driving me nuts as he moved his hips up to meet me, his hands moving over my backside until his fingers were brushing my arsehole gently, driving me on, my hips moving harder and faster over him, until I felt another orgasm start to hit me, building from the pit of my stomach, and moving out over me in waves, my cunt clenched and pulled him in, milking him for all I could get and all I needed from him. I moved over him carrying him through this one, knowing I needed to cum again, I bent and kissed him once more.

I pulled away and smiled at him. My lover smiled back at me and raised an eyebrow. I knew what he wanted and I moved to the side of him, moving on my hands and knees, holding onto the side of the car as he moved in behind me. He bent over and kissed my back, then moved in and slid into me from behind, my cunt so wet with cum, that it felt as though he were gliding in on air.

He moved his hands to my shoulders, and pulled me back onto him, driving deeply into me, as I pushed back onto him, moans leaving both of us with each stroke, both of us naked and exposed, not caring and not wanting anything except feeling each other, needing each other as we did so long ago. My head went back and a low, deep moan left me as I felt my cunt muscles clench around him, cumming on him, over him, as I pushed back as though my entire life depended on it. The sudden pull on his dick made him moan and his body went rigid as he came, deep in me. soaking my cunt and adding to my wetness, as he continued to pump me, his fingers on my shoulders pulling me back onto him so hard that they would later leave bruises.

He collapsed onto my back, breathing heavily, my own breathlessness making me pant, bahis şirketleri as the last waves of my orgasm left me, so fierce it was making me shake, knowing I would not be able to move and thinking it was a good job I didn’t have to walk because I would not be able to. My arms gave way and I rested my head on the side of the car, breathing heavily, trembling as my muscles relaxed, feeling him still inside me, shrinking slowly.

He pulled out of me and moved away, sitting on the seat and leaning over to kiss my bum gently, asking me if I was ok, my only reply a mute nod as I sat on my knees with my back to him, still not trusting myself to move. He leant across and planted a kiss in the middle of my back and then bent down and kissed my dragon, making me smile. I slowly unfolded myself and turned around, moving in to kiss him, as he opened his arms and enfolded me with them. I moved into his arms and wrapped my own around him, breathing him in, his body warm against mine, as I looked out over his shoulder to the wide open space that was ours.

I pulled away from him and traced my nails down his body, until I reached his dick, wrapping my fingers around it and feeling an instant reaction as he started to get hard again. I looked him in the eyes and smiled, telling him that I wanted to taste him just once more, he laughed telling me he never had objected and he was not about to object now. I kissed him and moved down his body, as he moved slightly to get more comfortable.

I kissed the head, and flicked it with my tongue, feeling him react against my lips, opening my mouth I took him in, still able to taste myself on him, taking all of him, feeling him against the back of my throat, proud of myself as he moaned above me. I slid him back out of my mouth, leaving him wet in the cool air, then plunged back down onto him fast, the reaction between, cool and warm making him draw his breath in sharply and mutter inaudibly.

I knew he would not last forever and I wanted to taste him, so I quickened my work, sucking him gently and playing with the head with my tongue, feeling him get harder and harder in my mouth, his hand in my hair, forcing me down onto him, his breath getting faster, as I started to suck harder with each stroke. My lips tightening around him, he started to move his hips up to meet me, his movements getting harder and his hand on my head getting more forceful as he fucked my mouth, his moans and my moans leaving us together. I felt his fingers tighten in my hair and knew he was not far from cumming, my tongue tracing the veins in his dick as he pumped my mouth, my fingers gently curling around his balls, tight and full, waiting to empty into my mouth.

I rolled his balls in my fingers, digging my nails in slightly, his hand pushed down on my head hard and his hips came up one last time as he emptied into my mouth, the bittersweet salt taste over my tongue and down my throat. Drinking greedily I continued to suck, encouraging every single drop out of him, until finally he stopped shaking and his hips stopped moving.

I pulled away and looked up at him smiling, a smile spread across his lips and he laughed asking me if I felt better. Laughing I asked him what he thought and thanked him for a wonderful afternoon. Still laughing we got dressed and moved back into the front of the car, I turned the engine over and she purred to life again, I dropped her into first and roared her through the gears up the runway, when we reached the gate, my friend came to greet us, I smiled and he nodded knowingly, I blew him a kiss and we rolled away back to reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32