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My five sisters and I were raised in a very strict and religious family in rural Southern Virginia. Our Mother and Father were very religious and lived very conservatively. I know they enjoyed sex because there are six of us kids. I am Adam and I have a twin sister Abby, we were 18.

Abby and I do everything together. Well, everything allowed by our parents. I always felt I could not survive a day without Abby. You see; I love Abby more than anything or anyone in this world. By the time Abby and I were seniors in high school our four older sisters were married and had moved out of the house.

Being raised in a family of mostly females I was accustomed to seeing breast, ass and some pussy on a regular basis. When I was young and all of my older sisters were home I got to see tits on a daily basis. My Mother and sisters thought nothing of me seeing their breasts. My Father was very strict and was constantly preaching to my sisters on what was considered proper attire around the house. My viewing of tits had gone away by the time I was in my teens.

It was a cold evening in December 1968. Abby and I had just completed our homework when Abby looked at me with her beautiful eyes and asked, “Will you help me do my chores in the barn?” I was more than happy to help her. I love my twin sister deeply and l love spending time with her. Abby is 5’8″, 130 pounds, with auburn hair, green eyes, and fantastic 34C tits. (I knew her tit size because I looked at the tag in her bra.)

We entered the barn, fed and milked the two cows and then moved over to feed my Father’s prize team of horses. Father’s favorite horse, Old Mel, was standing there with his large penis hanging down. Abby did not seem to mind as she has been around farm animals all her life.

Abby turned to me and asked, “Do all men have large cocks?” I was shocked and stuttered, “I don’t know, and whose have you seen?” She told me two weeks ago she saw our sister Laura and her husband Harold enter the barn. She confessed she sneaked in behind them and watched them have sex. She told me, “Harold has a long thin cock and I got very tingly and wet in my crotch while watching them. From my vantage point I could see Harold’s cock sliding in and out of Laura.” I had never heard such talk from Abby and it was making me hard as a rock.

I was shocked at how quickly my cock got hard. Sex talk was never allowed at our house. This was forbidden and extremely exciting to an 18-year-old virgin. Abby looked at me and said, “Do you have a long cock?” I shocked myself by opening my pants and pulling out my hard cock for her to see. It is just over 7 inches long and very thick with a large head. Her eyes opened wide and she said, “Your cock is much nicer than Harold’s.”

At this point I heard the door to the barn open. I put my cock back in my pants just seconds before our Father walked in and started helping with the chores. Had my Father caught me exposing myself to Abby I would have taken a beating. Later that night Abby told me to forget our conversation. I lay in bed that night thinking of Abby and masturbating. I realized that my feelings for Abby were more than just a brother’s love for his sister.

The winter passed slowly into spring. School would be over in about 6 weeks and I could not wait to graduate. At the supper table Abby asked, “Adam, who are you taking to the prom?” I replied, “I don’t plan on attending as I don’t have a date.” Actually I had several girls ask me, but I turned them down. I wanted to go with Abby!

“Abby, have any boys asked you to the prom?” ask Mom. Abby said, “No, no one has asked me to the prom.” I knew this was a lie, as Abby is the smartest and most beautiful girl in the school. Mom suggested that since neither of us have a date that we should go together. I could tell by the smile on Abby’s face that this was what she wanted. So it was settled at the supper table, Abby and I were going to the prom.

It was mid-May 1969 when the evening of the prom arrived; I was dressed in my finest Sunday church suit. I was clean-shaven and my black hair was neatly combed. All 6’2″, 180 pounds of me wilted when Abby came down the stairs in a beautiful blue gown. She looked like an angel and I wanted to kiss her and tell her how much I love her!

I held her hand and walked her to the car. She held up her gown and showed some leg getting into my Father’s 1965 Chrysler Newport. My cock was already getting hard. Once we were out of sight of the house she moved over close beside me. I felt like I was on top of the world.

The prom went by quickly; we danced (against our Father’s wishes), had our picture taken and left the prom. On the way home Abby asked me, “Why have you only dated one or two girls?” I had to think about my answer and finally just blurted it out, “Abby, I love you and I only want to date you.” She didn’t seem shocked and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said, “I feel the same way, and I only want you.”

We had some bostancı escort time to kill before we had to be home so we found a secluded place to park. We talked about our feelings, and then we kissed until I could not stand it any more. “Abby, I want to feel your body next to mine, I want to hold you, I want to touch you and have you touch me.”

She slowly pulled the straps down on her gown and slowly pulled the gown and strapless bra down from her breasts. I breathed in sharply as I saw her tits. I leaned forward and kissed her lips; I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I thought my cock would explode! I moved my head down to her breast; I kissed and sucked each ripe nipple. Her nipples were hard and stood out almost an inch. She moaned and held me tight to her breast.

I started rubbing up her legs while kissing her and she opened her legs wide. I saw no need to go slow, she knew what I wanted. I moved my hand to her crotch and her panties were soaking wet. As I massaged her pussy through her panties she started to hump my hand.

She started rubbing my cock and asked me to take it out of my pants. My pants were off and on the floor in about 3 seconds, and my cock was standing tall. She put her hand around my cock and started stroking it while looking at it; I lasted about 10 seconds and shot off all over my shirt, her face, and her breasts. She laughed about it. She licked cum off my shirt, cleaned cum off her face with her finger and licked it clean. She told me, “Lick my tits clean.” I did as I was told. She moaned and squirmed in the car seat while I licked cum from her tits and kissed her nipples.

She told me to remove the rest of my clothes and move to the back seat and watch. After I did, she got out of the car, reached behind herself and unzipped her gown and removed it. She then removed her strapless bra that had been pushed down, her garter and hose and then her panties. “Adam, I want you to see me!”

I was going mad; her pussy was covered in thick auburn hair. I wanted to lick it and she wanted me to. She got in the back seat with me and spread her legs and I moved around and kissed up her legs to her thighs. I could smell her scent, I wanted to taste her, and I moved forward and licked up from her beautiful asshole to her clit.

She screamed and moaned and held my head tight against her beautiful pussy. My tongue was driving her crazy. I licked and sucked her pussy for just a few minutes before she tightened and trembled as she had a powerful orgasm. I thought she had passed out, she was breathing so hard. Her juices were flowing over my face. She pulled me up by the head and kissed me on the lips. She licked her juice off my face; she liked the taste of her pussy juice.

I told her, “I want to make love to you, and I want to put my cock deep inside you.” When Abby asked if I had a rubber, I said, “No, because I never thought we would go this far.” She told me, “Buy some rubbers and you can have all you want, but we must be careful so I won’t get pregnant.”

I was really disappointed and my cock was rock hard. She looked at my hard cock and moved down so she could suck it. As she sucked my cock I played with her pussy; it was so wet and hot.

Finally I could not stand it anymore. I pushed her down on her back, pulled her legs up and apart, positioned myself between them, and pushed my hard cock deep inside her pussy. She screamed as we both lost our virginity, but never tried to push me away even as she was telling me, “No, no, we can’t do it this way!” While protesting, she pulled me deeper into her pussy.

I was slowly sliding my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly I realized what I was doing was wrong. I stopped and let my cock slowly slide out of her pussy. My cock was covered in a mixture of her pussy juice and blood. She was breathing extremely hard; she reached up for me and pulled me down to her and started kissing my face and pulling my cock toward her pussy.

Then she grabbed my ass, dug her fingernails in hard and pulled me deep inside her hot pussy. Abby whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast!”

I love the feel of my hard cock going in and out of her hot wet pussy. As fast as I was pumping into her I knew I would cum very quickly. Her ass and the back seat were covered in her pussy juice. I told her I was going to cum, to let me pull out, but she held me inside her and I put my sperm deep in her pussy. She had another orgasm as my cock unloaded inside her.

We lay in the car covered in sweat and smelling of love. We lay quietly for some time, saying nothing. My cock was still inside her pussy and I was starting to get hard again. She moved, allowing my cock to slide out of her hot pussy. She got out of the car to cool off, clean up, and put on her clothes. She didn’t say two words for the next ten minutes. After we were dressed she kissed me and said, “Let’s go home.” We arrived home about 30 minutes later and we were pleased that ümraniye escort bayan our parents were asleep. I thought of my beautiful sister all night.

Terror struck the next morning when I came to realize what I had done; I said aloud, “What if I got her pregnant?” I also thought what a sick person I must be to want to make love to my sister and to force myself on her!

Abby did not talk much that morning. Our Mom asked about the prom and how things went. Abby never let on that anything happened. We didn’t talk much for the next two weeks. Abby kind of avoided me. It was killing me; she had never been mad at me or given me the silent treatment.

Graduation was only a few days away. Abby came to me one evening and gave me a big wink. I was happy for her to notice me but was more anxious to find out what the wink was about. Abby told me, “Everything is fine, and I’m not pregnant. I got my period several days ago.” It felt like the world had been lifted off me. She said that we would talk later.

After supper I volunteered to help Abby with her chores and she just smiled. We went to the barn and started discussing the events of prom night. I got on my knees and told her how sorry I was that I forced myself on her and how much I loved her.

She laughed and said, “You were just a second quicker than me. I was ready to fuck your brains out!” Hearing her say that really excited me. I stood up and unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock; she moved forward to touch it. I was thinking about making love to my beautiful sister.

Before she could reach me my Father yelled, “What’s going on in here?” And before I could get my cock back in my pants my Father was on me. He was beating me and swearing at me. Abby was trying to stop him but to no avail. My Father continued beating me. I was stunned but I could feel blood running down my face.

Abby ran to the house to get our Mother. They returned and found my Father beating me with an axe handle. Finally they got him to stop. Mom and Abby quickly decided I needed medical attention and took me to the local hospital.

The story they told at the hospital was I had been in a fight with three guys from a neighboring town. The police never investigated further. I had bruises everywhere; eight stitches in my left eye, six stitches in my lower lip, two teeth knocked out, and my ribs, arms, and legs were black and blue. I was admitted to the hospital for the night.

In the morning my Father arrived to check me out of the hospital. With him he brought my clothes in a suitcase and told me to leave and never come back. He told me, “If you ever come back here or around your sister, I will kill you!” I knew he meant what he said. I had messed up beyond all belief and the only concern I had was for Abby.

I left the hospital and called home. I knew my Father hadn’t had time to get home yet. My Mother answered the phone and told me she loved me, and that Abby loved me and they would talk with me when I got home. Mom did not know I would not be coming home. My heart and spirit were broken and it was my fault.

I called a friend and stayed in his parent’s spare room for a few days to heal up. His parents talked with the principle at the school and he allowed me to miss the last few days of school and gave me my diploma without making me attend the graduation ceremony. I really feared my Father would kill me if I showed up at graduation. Abby graduated as the class Valedictorian. My Father was keeping Abby at the house and I did not have a chance to see her. After healing for a few weeks I joined the Army.

Late June 1969, I was at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Basic Training wasn’t hard; it was just discipline, and I was used to that. I finished Basic Training, AIT, and other infantry training, and in late January 1970 I found myself in Vietnam. I was assigned to a combat infantry unit at a camp near a place called Pimah. We were right on the Laos border and were in frequent contact with the enemy. Anytime I could sleep I dreamed of Abby. While I was awake I constantly wondered if Abby was attending college and how she was doing. It was always in my head that I must be a sick person to love my sister they way I did.

In June 1970 the frequency of contact with the enemy had dropped off and I was getting more time to relax. I wrote several letters home and never got any replies. I was scheduled for R&R and thought about going to Hawaii or Thailand. I decided to stay and not take R&R so I could leave the country a month early, another of my big mistakes.

On June 29, 1970, mortars hit our small camp. I remember the first mortar hitting as I was running for a bunker. I didn’t make it to the bunker, as I ran another mortar round went off about 150 feet from me, and shrapnel hit my legs, knocking me to the ground. I got up to run and another mortar hit much closer and I was wounded again.

I remember the pain, the smell of burning flesh, the darkness closing in kartal escort on me. Then my thoughts turned to Abby and a peace came over me. I thought, “This is what a sick person like me deserves.” I remember nothing else until I woke up in a hospital at Da Nang. I went from there to Japan where I spent two months in the hospital, and then to Ft. Bliss, Texas.

November 1970, Ft. Bliss, Texas. I was healing up nicely. My severe concussion had cleared up and I could walk; the wounds in my legs were healing. I still had both of my arms although I did lose three fingers on my right hand. I also lost my left eye and had burns on my left shoulder, neck, left side of my face, and left arm. The surgeons did an excellent job of putting me back together.

Abby was still in my thoughts. It had been over 17 months since I had seen her. The Chaplin told me that my parents had been notified of my injuries and there had been no inquires from any of my family members. My heart was torn out all over again. I thought it best not to call. I was sure my Father had told the entire family about what he saw and they were not interested in a sick person such as myself.

In March of 1971 I was discharged from the hospital and the Army. Where was I to go? My family did not want to see me. The anguish of the life I was living was terrible but it was the life I had created for myself. My self-pity and depression were consuming me.

I drifted for a little while and ended up in Mobile, Alabama in the summer of 1971. I had been awarded a disability from the Army and my checks were catching up with me. I rented a room and began to put my life back together. The entire time I was thinking of Abby and wondering if she was thinking of me.

For the next several years I lived in Mobile, Alabama. I attended college classes and graduated in January of 1977 with a degree in Business Administration. I then started working for one of the larger oil companies and was making a good living.

My thoughts were of Abby, constantly, every hour, sometimes every minute. It had been almost 8 years since I had seen her. Did Abby go to college? Was Abby married? Does Abby love someone else? I often wondered if my evil love ruined her life as it did mine. I could not resolve the conflict. Right or wrong, I still loved my sister and I wanted to be with her and make love to her.

After much thought and anguish, I tried to call my parents. I reached some other family at our old number. I contacted one of my friend’s parents who told me my parents and Abby had moved to Florida. I often cried when I thought of Abby. I had ruined her life and all I wanted was to love her and for her to love me. “What does a sick person like me deserve in life?” The mental anguish and depression continued.

In 1980 I met a lady named Carol. She been through a bad marriage and had just divorced. We started dating and although I really cared for Carol, I still thought of Abby all the time. I was truly obsessed with Abby, even after all those years. When Carol and I made love, I thought of Abby. Carol often told me that I seem detached while making love. I guess it was because I was thinking of Abby.

Our relationship lasted 5 years. I couldn’t give her the commitment and love she wanted, so she left me. Once again, I had brought pain to another person and more pain to myself.

I poured myself into my work and over the next years I received several promotions. I was making one of those six figure salaries everyone talks about. The pain of being without Abby and my family was getting worse. When I decided to seek medical help, I started seeing a psychiatrist and was treated for depression. The pain and desires never lessened and time moved on.

In June of 1995 I decided to try to find Abby and my family. Depression was in control of me and I knew I had to do something before I reached the end of my rope. My Doctor told me it was time for resolution, an ending. I was 45 years old and I had not seen my family since I was 18. I had to know what happened to them, and most of all, to Abby. If they all knew about Abby and I, surely they wouldn’t hate me for loving my sister.

I left the next day, driving to Virginia. Once in Virginia I had no problem locating three of my older sisters. I talked on the phone with Laura for a few minutes. She set up a meeting with our other two sisters at her home. All of my older sisters are happily married and each has several kids.

They were all shocked to see me. I have gray hair instead of black, I wear a black patch over what used to be my left eye, and there are a lot of scars on my face. They wanted to know why I ran away after fighting with my Father and never contacted them. They said my Father never spoke of me again. My sisters didn’t know I had been in the Army or wounded in combat, neither did Abby or my Mother. My Father never told them anything; to him I was dead.

My first question to my sisters was, “Where is Abby?” I cried when they told me that Abby went to college, became a doctor and lives near Tampa, Florida. They also told me that Abby had never married. I was told that my father had died in 1985 of a massive heart attack and that my Mother lives with my oldest sister Lynn in Florida.

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