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Indian Lake is secluded in the hills of Tennessee. The lake is dotted with cabins of varying sizes and styles. Most are summer homes for those who wish to get away for a few summer months, but a few, like the one I purchased last month, are well insulated and have the amenities that make them habitable year round. There’s a lodge located about a half mile up the hill that serves as a gathering place for the residents. It’s sort of a club for lack of a better description. Each cabin is lake shore property and has its own dock.

The reason I purchased here is because I wanted the seclusion and to get away from the busy lifestyle of urban life. I am a rather successful writer of science fiction and the quiet serenity of the area sort of prevents “writers block” which so often had been keeping me from doing my best work. I prefer to write science fiction that is believable and contrary to most beliefs, requires a considerable amount of research to be really good. So much for me, except to say that I’m forty six years old and in great physical condition.

About a week or so after I had moved in and settled down I had the opportunity to go to the lodge for some sort of community social event. Basically it was to meet my neighbors and be introduced around. It was more of an obligation than something that I really looked forward to. There was an open bar and when I arrived a number of people were already well on their way to being totally wiped out. It was there also that I met my neighbors to my left and right of my place.

The woman who lived on the adjoining property to my left was named Veronica Nielson. She was another year round resident and a rather noted artist. I figured her age to be around thirty five or so. My other neighbors, the ones who lived on my right, were a couple named Sam and Tanya Hanly. I at first thought it was a father and grand daughter until someone told me that they were married. Sam was well into his eighties, his wife was an ex model who couldn’t have been more than twenty five or so. A very strange partnership, but than some men with money do attract young ladies as their mates.

For some reason Veronica latched onto me and was at my side constantly and seemed to be very interested in taking pictures of the people in attendance. I figured she might be involved in some sort of local news paper or something. Between snapping pictures of the people and activities, she took it upon herself to introduce me to the various people at the gathering. With each introduction she would provide a brief but colorful dissertation on the character of each. The way she hung onto my arm made me feel almost as if she were protecting me, but it did provide me with a bit of comfort as an outsider in the community.

Sam and his wife seemed inordinately interested in me, and Sam even asked me over to see how he had landscaped his property. I suspected the invitation was given at his wife’s request, but I wasn’t sure, and Veronica became almost possessive as Sam’s wife, Tanya hovered nearby. I had had more than enough to drink, but Veronica kept bringing more drinks from the bar, and it seemed that during those few moments when she was occupied elsewhere, Tanya was hovering nearby with another drink for me. I was getting loopy and decided that it was time for me to walk the half mile or so back to my home.

Veronica insisted on driving me back, and so it happened. She took me to her home, where I had my last nightcap and a brief kiss, before walking thru the footpath over to my place. I shed my clothes and flopped on my bed and passed out. At ten the next morning I woke up to the smell of coffee and putting on my cargo shorts went to my kitchen. There she was, Veronica.

“I hope you don’t mind. I let myself in and made some coffee. I figured I owed you that for being such a good escort last night,” she explained. I sort of mumbled thanks and sat across from her and sipped my drink. It was now in the morning light that I really looked at her and came to the conclusion that she was beautiful, as well as vivacious. And as I gazed at her, was taken with the fact that she took very good care of herself. I mean she was a perfect ten by any mans rating. A narrow waist, breasts that were perky and legs that were long and beautifully sculpted. Her hair was cut in a long shag and framed a face that was at times pensive, yet, at other times, her eyes had that “I want you,” look.

I must have looked like hell. I needed a shave and shower and my hair was tussled. I figured that when I excused myself to go take my shower, she would leave. It didn’t work out exactly that way though. I went directly to the bathroom, dropped my shorts and climbed into the shower stall. Steam filled the small room and I let the hot water run down my back until I began to feel human again. I even shaved in the shower and somehow avoided bleeding to death. Not one nick and that was a first considering I had no mirror. I turned off the shower and bostancı escort bayan was about to slide the glass door open when a towel was thrust in thru the partly open door. Wrapping it around my waist, I stepped out to come face to face with Veronica.

“Nice. Verrrrry nice,” she whispered. “I could see you thru the glass and you are one hell of a handsome man. And before the steam screwed up the view, I noticed something I’d like to check out further.” I cut her off at that point and tried move past her and into my bedroom for some clothes. She followed with another towel and actually stood behind me and began drying my back. I mean she was treating me like some pet that needed grooming.

Now I’m not very good at hurting person’s feelings, but I was on the verge of asking her to leave and was trying to compose something in my mind that wouldn’t offend her, but would be easily understood. I wanted my space. She saved me the choir. She turned and began to leave, then paused, and looking back over her shoulder gave me a seductive smile and said: “I want to paint you.” Than pausing she added, “In the nude. Just like you are now, and with a giggle added, without the towel of course.” Then she went down the hall and vanished.

I got dressed as I thought about her. Sure she was brazen, and forward, but she carried it off well and I sort of enjoyed the way she was flirting. Sooner or later it might just be possible that we would be intimate, and yet I desperately wanted to avoid any commitments. For the time being I’d just try to stay away from her as much as possible.

Surprise number two happened at three in the afternoon. Sam came wandering down to my dock as I was gassing up the outboard. He sat there watching me and chatted about the fishing and looking over my gear. Than he got more serious and hit me right between the eyes with his next comment.

“Brad, last night at the lodge Tanya and I made a choice. I mean we had discussed it many times before, but I never really could find the right person to ask, but hell I liked you the first time I saw you and so did Tanya. I’m not all the man I need to be. Tanya is a young girl and quite beautiful and to be perfectly candid, she can’t go thru life tucked away with an old man like me without having her needs satisfied. Oh sure I try to take care of her but she shouldn’t have to be denied having a real man in her life to satisfy her.

We’ve been looking around for the better part of a year now, trying to find someone who would be that person and last night we agreed that you would be perfect. Now you don’t have to decide right now, think about it, but we would really like you to be that man. Oh it would be very discreet, nothing out in the open or anything, just casual secret meetings while I’m away, during which you and she could do what she needs and wants. She’s a bit noisy and sort of kinky in ways but she’s a gem when she gets what she wants. Would you give it some thought, please? It’ll save her sanity and make an old man happy.”

I had stood and listened, not believing what I was hearing, but my mind did conjure images of Tanya nude and quietly laying on my bed. I didn’t really answer, I just nodded and mumbled, “I’ll think about it, Sam, but I need to hear what your wife has to say before I could even consider it. Do you understand?” He nodded and with his shoulders sort of hunched over, wandered back to his cabin. This was the second shock of the day, and hell it wasn’t more than three thirty by now.

Back in my cabin, I was making myself a drink when Veronica knocked on the door. Although it wasn’t locked, at least she knocked this time. I offered her a drink and as she sipped it, she leaned against the bar. I had to admit, she was a seductive and I was beginning to be aroused. She wore tight clothes to show off her body, tight jeans that were low hip huggers. A bare midriff blouse, knotted in the front which provided a view of a flat and muscular abdomen. The open buttons on her blouse exposed breasts that were firm and which obviously had no support from a bra. She was tantalizingly beautiful and as she continued to drink, she said nothing, just stared at me. It was as if she were undressing me with her eyes and possibly making love with me in her mind.

“I’m a painter you know, she began, I have three rather successful galleries In France one in Niece and two in Paris, and if you’d like to stop over, I’d enjoy showing you some of my work.” I agreed and she finished her drink and led me thru a path between our houses over to her place. She had me climb the stairs up to a loft in which she had a number of easels set up.

One wall was covered with pictures of nudes. Oh, she was good alright. I have never seen such arousing pictures in all my life. The expressions on her subject’s faces were both erotic and very familiar, but I didn’t realize why until she began to explain.

As we walked along the rows of paintings, I noticed ümraniye escort that she had titled each. The first was of a girl with her head tossed back and staring upwards, it was called, “ecstasy.” The next was of another young girl with her knees drawn up while she held the nipples of her left breast and again the expression on her face was arousing. Its title was “satisfaction.” Then it suddenly struck me. Some of the girls in the pictures were those I had been introduced to at the lodge. When I asked her about them she admitted that one was a self portrait, and another was of Sam’s wife, Tanya. Another looked familiarly like Veronica but younger. “She’s beautiful isn’t she? “That’s my daughter, Kimberly.”

She continued. “No one sits for pictures now days; most portraits are done from photographs. So I take pictures of my subjects than put them on canvass. Continuing along I recognized at least three others whom I had met at the party.

“But how do you capture the expressions on their faces like that? I asked. With a coy smile on her face she asked, “Do you really want to know, Brad?” I nodded and she went on. “In each of these pictures the subject was captured as they were having an orgasm. The one of me was taken by Tanya as I was cumming. My daughter was using a vibrator on me; the one of Tanya was a frame I took from a video tape I made as I masturbated her. The same with my daughter. Again I had a video camera running as I brought her off. It was the same with all of the others. I learned that women who masturbate just are satisfying themselves and know what to expect. When someone else makes them cum, it’s a surprise and that’s what I try to capture.

She giggled and went on, as we paused before her daughter’s picture. “That one was enjoyable for both of us. I used my mouth and fingers to get her to cum. It’s no good when they try to help because their hands aren’t placed properly, so I have them just lay back and look towards the camera and than either Tania or I or one of the other girls make it happen. Later I go over the film, and decide which frames excite me, and then I paint it in oils or acrylics.

Now I want to paint males. I’ve been getting requests for paintings of men as they orgasm and also of couples having sex. I want to do some of a man at the moment he ejaculates and try to capture his expression as he actually orgasms during intercourse.” There was a long pause before she continued. “That’s why we need you my handsome stud. I want to do some of Tania and you, then a few of you and me and when Kimberly gets here, some of you fucking her.”

“Your daughter,” I asked? She just nodded. Kimberly is still a virgin sort of. Carl, her father tried to screw her a couple of times, but the bastard came before he could even get his little weenie in her and ended up shooting all over her legs. The same thing happened last year in college. The guy she was dating just couldn’t hold off and that was another failure. So you see she really hasn’t been fucked yet, but she needs to cum almost every day, and both she and I do it mutually about once a week, when she’s home. Sometimes with Tania.

Oh, she continued, has Sam spoken to you yet? Tania called early this morning and told me that she and Sam had decided on you. Of course I’ll wait until the two of you are ready to be put on canvas, but in the meanwhile I would like to enjoy you myself before Kimberly gets here tomorrow. I Emailed your picture to her last night, but she doesn’t know that I’ve found someone to have her yet.”

“These people are crazy,” I thought. “This is so organized and I don’t know how I could possibly do it and besides, to have my face in a gallery somewhere in France, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Although I enjoy fucking a pretty woman, to be photographed or filmed while I do it, didn’t feel like something that I could do.

Veronica smiled at me before whispering in a low sexy voice, “Tonight Tania will be your first, but when she’s finished, I’m next, then my baby, Kimberly, when she gets here. She’s going to love you doing her. I promised her I’d find you for her.”

I couldn’t wait to leave. I said my goodbyes and left. About eight that night Tanya appeared at my door and said that Sam had told her to come over and talk with me. Now this girl was a model in the truest sense and I had already seen her nude and orgasming in Vivian’s studio. She was coy and a bit embarrassed as she went over her little domestic arrangement with her husband and the part she wanted me to play in this scenario.

I had intended to flatly refuse to go along with it, but three drinks later, and with her lips pressed against mine, I was lost. She led me to my bedroom, and turning to me, began to do a sort of strip tease. No one undresses like this woman. It was slow and methodical. She stared at me as each garment fell to the floor. She would turn away, unfasten something, then turning back towards me, let it drop. She had me escort kartal about as hard as I had ever been before. Painfully hard, and my cock was stretching my jeans striving to be released. The last thing she took off was her panties and the warm moist slit between her soft thighs met my eyes. I reached down to unfasten my belt when she dropped to her knees at my feet and reached up, tugging my jeans down.

I stepped out of them and began to take my shirt off when I felt her hot mouth close around my cock. Actually I didn’t need any enticement, I was already hot. She spent five or six minutes trying to get seven inches of hard cock down her throat, and all the while I stood trembling in front of her. Pulling her head back she released my shaft with a wet sucking sound, stood, backed up, went to the bed, and laid back. She stared at me with half closed eyes as she spread her legs wide.

My instincts told me to mount her but my mind told me to go slowly and savor the moment. As I knelt between her soft thighs, she lifted her legs, inviting me to take her. I wanted to taste her first so I took her ankles and put them on my shoulders as my mouth went down to cover the soft pink mounds on either side of her cleft. She was already slippery and wet as I put my chin to my chest I extended my tongue and swept its tip from the bottom of her cunt all the way up to, and over her clit.

Hunger takes many forms. A dog may drool in anticipation of being fed, or a man begin to drip at the moment he begins to enter a woman’s body, but Tanya’s response was to gasp and, thrust up, while her fingers clawed at the lips of her pussy, pulling them apart.

“Eat me! Of fuck, eat my pussy Brad! Make me cum. I want to cum in your mouth. Oooooh god… suck it. Harder!” I had just moved my pursed lips over her clit and just begun to draw its smooth pink tip into my mouth, when she suddenly lurched up and her hands slapped down on the top of my head.

Some women are subtle when they cum and it’s difficult to know it’s even happening, but this woman became wild. Her body began to shake and the muscles in her tummy began to ripple. She shook, and her thighs trembled. Even her hands became involved, tangling in my hair as her pussy belched massive globules of creamy fluid. It was coating my chin and face as she writhed back and forth. Her voice choked obscene demands and between gasps for air she cried out.

“Fuck! Oh god it feels so good. Eat me! Oh my god I’m close. Babeee eat it! Oh shit I’m cumming now! Yeah, oh yeah, just like that! More, dear god… more! Don’t stop. Just like that. Oh FUCKKKK, Fuck Meeeeee.” A full minute later she collapsed and drew her knees up against her breasts.

Now I could lift my head and look at her face. She was still clawing at her nipples, tugging them until they rose like torrid cylinders surrounded by aureoles that were small, pink, and peppered with small nubs.

I watched her pant and gasp as she tried to catch her breath, then she put her chin down to her chest and looked at my cock as it jetted upwards towards her face. She tried to reach down between her legs,grabbing for it, but couldn’t. Almost in desperation she sobbed: “gimmeee it! Put it in! Oh dear god fuck my cunt. Fuck me Brad. Fuck me all night! Give it to me hard and deep! Please…. I need it now.”

At that point I couldn’t have said no if my life depended on it, besides, I had intended to fuck her anyway, so I began to inch forward on my knees when she suddenly sat up.

Then bending forward, she grabbed my cock and tugging it closer, and thrust her pussy up. My shaft found her slippery sheath and slid in. She was tight and constantly pulsating. It felt almost as if her pussy was sucking me. I felt the head of my shaft nudge her cervix and I drew back slightly before again thrusting inwards.

After the third or fourth drive, she had me completely within her throbbing opening and was thrusting in sync with my own motion. In and out, in and out, slowly but constantly our bodies collided than ebbed as we separated slightly. Over and over again we met then drew apart when suddenly she wrapped her ankles around my waist and sat bolt upright, clutched my shoulders and gasped into my face.

“Mmmmmmyyyy Goddddddddd! It’s good. Darling? Brad? Ohmygod, Ohmygod. Fuck, I’m gonna cum all over your cock! Gimmeee it now. Oh fuck it baby, cream in me! Make me, oh shit I’m cumming, I need it. Fuck, shoot in me baby!”

It was one of those moments when you have an out of body experience. I was in her and yet I was lost in my own world of sensations. What made it so intense I think, was the way she was convulsing up against me. There are moments when two people lose the world and the only thing to do is to cling to each other. I was beginning to tremble as her fingers began to rake my back and she started biting on my ear, my neck and my shoulder. Then pausing, I cried out to her: “Take it baby! Shooting you full sweetheart! Take it all now!” And I felt my cock twitch with each eruption.

Her body continued to shudder hard against mine. My own arms were wrapped around her back forcing her hard nipples to press into my sweaty chest. And slowly it ebbed as we tried to catch our breaths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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