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Cassia had just moved into her flat and was unfamiliar with the neighborhood. She had always lived on the other side of the city, so she was a bit nervous about being outside of her door. Her demanding job didn’t leave her much time to get to know the other tenants, but as the weeks passed, she became more comfortable with her new surroundings, as well as the people that came and went routinely. She noticed one neighbor in particular, a strikingly handsome, dark-haired man in his mid twenties, who lived in the flat next to hers. Cassia met Thom in the hall several times while leaving for work and he was always friendly to her. He made time for small talk, and exchanged flirtatious smiles. Thom’s smile melted Cassia every time she saw him, but when she looked into his gorgeous, green eyes, she was completely sucked in.

Thom’s stature was average, but nothing else about him was. He had an incredible build on him. Cassia could see the contour of his muscles through his shirt and she couldn’t help staring at his broad shoulders and meaty backside when he turned to walk away. Cassia thought to herself that she would love to put her hands on that tight, round butt of his.

It was a warm, muggy Saturday night; Cassia had stripped down to her white lace thong and a cropped off wife beater. She knew it was sultry outside, away from the air conditioning, but she didn’t want to be cooped up in the apartment. She decided to grab a beer and go on her balcony to watch the stars. It was a beautiful night, one she wished she wasn’t spending alone.

Cassia took a long sip from her beer; it was ice cold and tasted good; she set it down to lean out over the railing for a better look at the sky above. The stars were bright in spite of the city lights and she was enjoying the view. “There’s another view I’d like to be enjoying right now,” she thought to herself. Cassia recently discovered that Thom liked lounging in the buff on his balcony. She was sure he had caught her a time or two peeking at him. A mischievous smile crept over her face at the thought of actually getting caught. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted when she heard a door squeak off to the side and behind her.

Thom had entered his balcony. Cassia, realizing what little she had on, wanted to rush into her apartment, but decided to let Thom have a good look at her, so she pretended not to notice. She arched her back, causing her perfectly round butt to poke outward.

Thom was pleasantly surprised to find Cassia out on her balcony, and even more pleasing was finding her scantily dressed. Cassia’s long, dark hair hung loosely down her back. Her narrow waist swept nicely into flawlessly round and shapely buttocks. Her legs and arms were tan and muscular. Thom felt the evidence of taking in Cassia’s beauty, which sent electrifying sensations into his very core. Thom continued to consume Cassia with his desiring gaze and from the angle he was at, he could see the curve of her breasts güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri from under her cropped top.

“Perfect in every way,” he thought to himself.

Thom cleared his throat to announce his presence. “Nice night tonight isn’t it”?

Slowly, Cassia turned around to greet her sexy neighbor. She didn’t know if he was dressed this time or naked, but when she turned and saw that he was indeed naked, she blushed out a squeaky, “Yes it is.”

Cassia couldn’t take her eyes off him. Thom’s sexuality touched every nerve in her body. She took in every inch of his muscular body and before she realized it, she was staring at his genitals. Cassia had been admiring his hard body from inside her apartment but now they were up close and personal. She cleared her throat and took another sip of her beer.

“Would you like one?” she asked Thom, with a little more certainty in her voice.

“Yes, that would be great. Thanks. It certainly is warm enough tonight,” Thom replied.

With a head nod Cassia agreed, and left to get the beer for Thom.

Now she had a moment to compose herself. While inside, she took an extra minute to glance in the mirror, making sure she looked alright. She grabbed the beer for Thom and headed back out to the balcony.

Handing Thom the beer gave the two of them a chance to lock eyes. Both enjoyed what they saw. Cassie smiled a nervous smile as Thom took the beer from her.

“Great outfit,” he remarked.

“Thanks,” smiled Cassia. “I really like what you’re wearing too. Nice shade of copper-tone tan.”

Laughing at her comment, Thom motioned to step over the railing that separated their two balconies.

“Do you mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Please, by all means do.”

Together they walked over to the railing where Cassia had been standing earlier. As they looked up at the star-lit sky, admiring the beauty of it, the two talked about the stars and pointed to the different constellations that they saw.

Keeping her mind focused on the sky was a punishing task for Cassia. Not only was Thom standing right beside her completely naked but God, he smelled wonderful, his cologne taunting her.

Cassia accidentally moved her hand over Thom’s, and before she could move it back, he took her hand in his. He turned and smiled at her with a look in his eyes that told her he wanted her. He caressed her face, feeling the softness of it.

Thom pulled her close into his arms; he could feel the suppleness of her breasts against his bare chest. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled her sweet scent.

Cassia felt a blush stain her cheeks, but she also felt something else. His touch excited her and her body responded to it. Her nipples were growing hard, and she felt those enticing electrical pulses of excitement tug deep down inside of her, she could feel the wetness soak her panties.

As Thom persisted with the seduction, he placed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his finger on her lips and traced their outline. When he reached the seam of her lips, Cassia parted them and sucked his finger deep into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around and around it and licked it as though it were a lollipop. The sensation penetrated Thom’s very essence

Thom’s lips gently grazed Cassia’s making her suck in her breath with anticipation. She leaned forward, hungry for the next encounter. Thom nibbled her bottom lip, and she licked the inside of his upper lip as he did so. Their lips locked and released as if in a combat to conquer the other. Thom pressed his tongue against her lips until it found its way inside her mouth and she eagerly kissed him back. The feverish kisses were contagious and spread from their mouths to their necks, and down to their shoulders. Their hands found each others bodies.

Thom slid his hand under Cassia’s tee shirt and cupped her breast; it felt warm and soft as he gently massaged it. His fingers caressed her erect nipple, and he gently rolled it between his finger tips, tugging on it ever so slightly, causing Cassia to moan with pleasure. Once again, she felt those intoxicating electrical pulses tug deep down inside; she nearly orgasmed. Thom’s cock was pressed up against her body; she could feel it engorged with evoked excitement.

Cassia slid her hand over his hard shaft and closed her hand around it. She slowly stroked up and down, squeezing her hand at the top of each stroke. As the first drop of cum leaked out, she turned her hand and coated her thumb. Her slow strokes brought more, and soon her hand was sliding up and down over a film of this wonderful lubrication. She could hear Thom’s breathing get shallow, feel him tense up and catch his breath as she continued her ministrations. She was enjoying having total control over his pleasure.

Thom tried to continue teasing Cassia, but was lost in the pleasure she was generating. Slowly his hand dropped from under her shirt. He arched his back slightly, almost unconsciously, giving her better access. She turned to face him and readjusted her grasp. He was lost in his own pleasure as she increased the tempo and pressure. He was having trouble standing as she continued to tease, weaving from side to side. She felt him tense even more and heard him suck in his breath. She felt his cock pulse and spasm. He continued to weave and thrust his cock upward in her hand as she felt the warm fluid running down her fingers. Looking down, she saw her hand was covered with his cum.

Thom’s cock was still pulsing and straining; his erection remained hard, hungry for more. Cassia wasn’t finished. She slowly turned and headed to the kitchen, leading Thom by his cock. Without letting go, she opened a drawer and pulled out a washcloth. Gently squeezing and teasing him with one hand, she turned on the faucet and moistened the güvenilir bahis şirketleri washcloth with the other. Thom’s hard cock remained erect as she cleaned the cum off of his cock and her hand. The water was cool and felt good to him.

Cassia lowered to her knees; she was eye level with Thom’s cock which glistened from the wetness. She ran her hand around it and pulled it down slightly, pointing it at her face. With meticulous motion, Cassia slid her tongue over the head of Thom’s cock. She moved it around and over the tip, before sliding it into her mouth. She took the entire length of it, slipping her tongue around it in her mouth. All Thom could do was groan.

Cassia continued taunting and teasing Thom’s cock until he thought he would explode again. Although he was enjoying this immensely, he stopped Cassia and brought her to her feet.

Thom lifted Cassia up, carried her down the hall to her bedroom, and placed her on the bed. He kissed her lips, gently biting and sucking on them. Their arousal continued to escalate as he stuck his tongue in her mouth and found her tongue. Their lips were pressed hard against each others and their tongues locked in a swordfight like duel.

Cassia’ body was heaving with desire. Thom took the cue to move down her body to her sweet split and stuck his tongue between her smooth, pink lips. It didn’t take him long to find her clit and he sucked on it. Her juices were sweet as he worked tongue over it. The sucking and nibbling made her squirm and wriggle from the powers of ecstasy.

Cassia grabbed Thom’s head and pushed him deeper into her vagina; his licking and sucking brought her close to orgasm as she tensed her body and moaned out loud. Thom slid his middle finger inside and it didn’t take him long to find her G spot. He slowly and steadily slid his finger in and out, brushing up against her G spot until she screamed out with orgasmic abandon.

Cassia pulled Thom up to her and he slid his rock hard cock inside her wet vagina. It felt incredible as he pushed to find the bottom of her. Lingering just a moment he pulled back and thrust his cock deep into her again. They both moaned with pleasure as Thom continued to fuck Cassia in a rhythmic motion, alternating between slow and teasing, to rapidly burying his cock deep inside of her.

Thom was getting very excited; his cock throbbed and yearned to explode with cum. The intensity was mind blowing but he didn’t want to cum again just yet.

He flipped Cassia over onto her knees. He wanted that sweet round ass of hers up against his body. Cassia reached over to the night stand and took a small vibrator out of drawer.

Cassia placed it on her clit as Thom filled her vagina again with his rock hard cock. Thom could feel the vibration as Cassia pleasured herself. The feeling was intense, unlike anything he had ever felt before. Cassia’s muscles were squeezing and massaging his hard cock as he thrust it deep into her over and over again.

Cassia moaned and pushed hard against Thom. He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock deep inside of her. The sensation was more than they could hold back from; simultaneously they exploded with orgasmic relief that left them shaking, weak, and breathless. They collapsed into a heap on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32