The one with the Unloved Indian

6 Aralık 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


The one with the Unloved IndianCulture And Religion have an impact on sexuality and I am confirmed to these rules I just want to be free and be me. I mean I want to be me and explore my sexuality my identity what makes me the sexual deviant that is not allowed in me. I am basically a male and wanting to be a female. This is my great struggle to living the life I want and is a secret I keep from my family.In my faith being a boy that wants to be a girl is not accepted. I am a guy who wants to be a girl. I just like to wear women’s dresses I use to wear them and loved wearing Mendhi (Henna) made me feel feminine. I was told that it is wrong the way to live as a feminine is wrong that I need to be masculin. I feel trapped the women inside me wants to be freed. I still do things to turn myself on had to be discreet as possible.My Sexual Fantasies all came from something I viewed. I never new the words of the action My inspiration came from hit show, ‘Sex & The City’ I loved imagining bakırköy escort myself as each characters and wanting the lives the had well it was what kept me going. Sex is so much more it is Romantic, A Fairytale , Quick One and Pleasure of the human body. I mean it was so sexually gratifying I got to play one of the sexiest females in the world. I imagined myself as them and wanting that guy. It’s not always Porn videos that can help you with your sexual needs you can find them anywhere you just have to look.When I was young I had these feelings and it was hard for people like me. I was bullied in school being too feminine I was called ‘Gay’ all the homophobia things you can think of. I never liked the guys that were my own age not as attractive as the teachers. I had sexual desires for a PE and an ICT teachers maybe other teachers. I just love the way they spoke and looked. To finding a job having a Job is different to school I mean beşiktaş escort the sexual frustration can be suppressing. I was a receptionist therefore have phone calls from different men. The fact they cannot see me the flirtation begins both ways it’s good until they know it’s not the sexy girl they wanted. I did get called words that referred to me as being female just noticed it more.My sexual feelings got physically is only when I see gorgeous men on street and trains all I am wishing is how they can just take me than and there. The look on their faces turns me on only sexual affection I can ever get. Looking at them makes me feel shy and just wish they could fuck my brains out. This is where my sexual fantasies begin. I just wish he can have his way with me and make me feel like I am the only girl in the world. It is not long until he leaves or goes the way I am. I always find these guys on the train with me some are extremely I mean devilishly beylikdüzü escort handsome and you just want them to hold you tight and never let go. They tend to sit next to the attractive girls I just wish they would sit next to me just would be hot and fulfil my sexual desires. I tend to blush and get all shy when someone attractive comes along. Sometimes it is so hard not to stop staring. I work in retail and see hot guys walking in mostly everyday in the store which helps fulfil my erotic desires.When you come home it is amazing. You can fulfill your sexual desires by total orgasmic pleasure fantasizing what those men you saw will do to you. It is hard not being able to have physical intimacy with a guy however it is much more you get to have all the pleasures without all the responsibilities. I mean you can be a complete whore when you want a guy and it will not affect the guy because he is not real. When you have all these sexual desires and you are frustrated it comes out in your dreams and the fantasy feels real.If this is what you like please feel free to tell me what you want to do to. I am just crazy and am craving for some male affection and som hot passionate steamy romance. I maybe a male however I will like to be fucked as a female.