Transforming Genevieve Ch. 19

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 19After Steve left, I changed the bedding and decided to shower before I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to deal with my hair in the morning. The steamy moist air in the bath room enhanced the musty aroma of sex fluids still smeared on my body and I enjoyed the reminder of hot sex I had just had with Kozmerl. Stepping into the stream of hot water that sexy smell was soon replaced with the scent of strawberry shampoo and body wash. Showers take longer for me since I spend extra time cleansing my waist length hair. As luck would have it just before I finished my cell phone, which was on the vanity rang. I quickly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower but just as I was about to flip it open the call went to my voice mail box. I knew it was Bill calling but I also knew that if I called him back, I’d get his voice mail so I just stood there, dripping water all over the floor waiting for my lover to leave his message. It seemed like forever until the new voice mail icon appeared on the screen. I instantly called my voice mail box and entered my pass code. “You have one new voice mail message” The computer-generated voice said. I didn’t wait for her to tell me to press 1 to hear my messages. “Hi its Bill. If you get this message in the next five minutes call me back. If not call me first thing in the morning. Love ya.” Bill said. I pressed seven to delete the message then hit Bill’s name in my speed dial list. It rang once then he answered my call. “Hi Gen did I call at a bad time?” Bill asked. “There is no bad time for you to call me, I was in the shower,” I replied. “In fact, I’m standing in my bath room dripping wet as we speak,” I added with a giggle as I looked down at the puddle of water around my feet on the tile floor. “I like the mental image of that,” he replied. “Wish you were here to enjoy the real thing,” I answered. “I got your message the other day, how was your Wednesday night with Tess?” I asked. Bill replied. “She’s such a pain in the ass, always signing us up for this community group or some educator’s action committee. It was a totally boring evening and didn’t get any more exciting when we got home.” I was glad to hear that he didn’t end up having sex with his wife and teased him by asking. “So, you didn’t get any action after the action committee meeting either.” “No but I did meet someone there who knows you,” Bill said. “Oh, really I’m not sure that’s a good thing,” I replied quickly asking, “Who was that?” “Well I only got her first name, but Marsha had nothing but good things to say about you,” Bill replied. “Oh my god I shop in Marsha’s boutique all the time,” I answered. “She told me that, Marsha was there with her husband who teaches at Central High,” Bill explained. “How did my name come up?” I asked.“Well Marsha and I were chatting while her husband and Tess were formulating a plan to make high school math curriculum perfect. I mentioned that I taught at the university and she immediately asked if I knew you,” Bill explained. “Oh, I see,” I interjected as I pressed the speaker button on my phone and set it on the vanity so I could dry off while we talked. Bill continued. “I told Marsha that I knew you but that because our class rooms are in different buildings we seldom run into each other.” “So, she has no idea we’re seeing each other?” I asked. “Oh no!” Bill replied.“That’s good,” I answered pausing before I continued, “Do you remember a few weeks ago when we were together and I broke down and poured my heart out to you about my sexual escapades?” “Of course, I remember Gen,” Bill answered. So, you remember me telling you about the ménage à trios’ I had with another woman and her lover?” I asked.“Yesssss?” Bill replied extending the word for affect. “Well, Marsha was that other woman,” I admitted. Bill replied. “I’m not all that surprised, she came on to me pretty good at the meeting.” “Oh, really that doesn’t surprise me either,” I answered. “Was her husband?” Bill said. I cut him off saying. “NO, the third in our ménage à trios’ was her secret lover.” “I’m glad to hear that cause her husband is a jerk,” Bill commented. “But what about Marsha, do you think she’s hot?” I asked. “Yeah I suppose she is,” Bill replied. Would you like to fuck her?” I asked. Bill paused for a moment I assumed to consider his reply. “Are you talking about a ménage à trios’?” He replied. I giggled and replied. “Absolutely.” “Hmmmmmmm,” He said. “Can I take that as a yes?” I asked. “Absolutely!” Bill exclaimed. “Great, I’ll talk to Marsha and set it up but I will surprise her with you if that’s okay?” I suggested. “Sounds like fun,” Bill said. “So, did you call me just to chat or was there something else on your mind?” I asked wanting to move the conversation to just Bill and me. “Actually, I called to ask when I can see you again and to apologize for not calling you sooner,” Bill said. “You can see me anytime you want, and there is no need to apologize I know you can’t just pick up your phone and call me whenever you want,” I answered. “What’s your schedule like tomorrow?” Bill asked. “I have a nine o’clock class then I’m free from ten till one,” I said. “That’s great, I have a nine thirty class so I could stop by your office around ten thirty,” Bill suggested. “I have a better idea, why don’t I come by your office after my class that way when you finish at ten-thirty I’ll be there ready and waiting for you,” I suggested. “Hmmmm I like the sound of ready and waiting,” Bill remarked. “Great don’t forget to leave your office unlocked or I’ll have to get ready in the hall,” I said with a giggle. “I can’t wait,” Bill said then added “Oh shit Tess just pulled into the garage I gotta go.”“Okay, I’ll see you in the morning then,” I was able to say before he disconnected. While Bill and I were talking I was able to pretty much dry my body and wrapped a towel around myself, but my hair was still soaking wet. Instead of my usual blow drying I decided to pull it back in a pony tail and sleep with a dry towel under my head. I pulled the comforter down and spread two dry towels where I’d be sleeping. Laying down I started thinking about the last few hours. Steve Kozmerl had giving me one hell of a fuck my pussy was still swollen and when I slipped a finger down to touch my clit, I found it quite sensitive. As I slowly masturbated, I began fantasizing about a three some with Bill and Marsha. I imagined that she and I were kneeling before Bill taking turns sucking his cock. While Marsha sucked on the head and shaft, I would suckle his balls and lick the scrotum. Then we’d switch and I’d have his throbbing cock in my mouth while Marsha gave his balls her attention. I was certain my secret lover would love having two expert cock suckers pleasure him that way. I wondered if he would like having me lay on the bed legs spread offering him my tight little pussy while Marsha knelt above me offering him her hot wet pussy and even tighter ass hole. I could almost see Bill going from one fuck hole to the other in long deep strokes. My finger moved from my clit to slip between swollen pussy lips and dipped inside as I continued to pleasure myself and imagine what else my lover might enjoy. Next I thought about having Marsha laying on her back with me sixty-nine over her body. Bill could kneel between her lush thighs and fuck her while I licked and sucked her clit. Marsha would of course be taking care of my steamy pussy with her expert tongue and lips. I slipped a second finger inside and began pumping them into my wet pussy a little faster as my fantasy of our three-some continued. I know how much Bill loves having me dangle my head over the edge of the bed and letting him face fuck me driving his cock as deep in my throat as he can. To that we could add that Marsha could be seated on the floor with her head turned back and she could lick the length of his cock shaft with each thrust he made into my throat sucking his balls when he was buried deepest in my wet throat. My fingers now ground into my sopping wet pussy and my loins began to tingle with the approach of a self-induced orgasm. My fantasy turned to Bill’s orgasm. I imagined after all that hot steamy fucking Bill would stand over Marsha and me as we knelt before him slowly stroking his cock. Marsha and I begging him to shower our faces with his hot cum. “Give it to us Bill!” Marsha and I would say in unison. Bill would be watching our faces intensely as his climax approached his surging cock swelling as those glorious balls began pumping hot cum toward the tip of his cock. “Please baby shoot that hot sticky cum load all over our pretty faces!” I’d plead. “Paste our eyes shut with your hot sperm!” Marsha would beg. My self-induced orgasm built to a fever pitch as I imagined Bill’s cock exploding shooting one thick gooey stream of wonderful cum on my face and on Marsha’s lush lips. My loins were on fire as I imagined a second thick shot of hot cum landing squarely on Marsha’s forehead and down the middle of her nose dribbling into her hot open mouth. Another stream of his wonderful hot cum shot from his cock and splashed on my cheek as Bill nearly collapsed still stroking his cock and enticing every possible drop of cum his balls could pump from him. My fingers ground into my dripping wet pussy trying to extend my own orgasm as I imagined Bill leaning forward and pressing his cum covered cock head between my lips, then withdrawing to offer the same rock-hard cock to Marsha. As my orgasm subsided, I imagined that I would turn and lick Bills cock shaft as it disappeared inside Marsha’s mouth. Licking cum from his rock-hard cock and Marsha’s soft lush lips. Bill would withdraw still stroking his cock as Marsha and I would share his cum load, licking it from each other’s faces. Kissing and letting our cum coated tongues dance before the awesome man who had just showered us with his hot sticky cum load. I pulled my fingers out of my wet pussy and brought them to my mouth so I could taste my own juices imagining they were my incredible lovers cum. Yes, a ménage à trios’ with Bill and Marsha would be incredible and I could hardly wait to call her and make the suggestion. As I drifted off to sleep, I began planning how best to arrange what was sure to be an incredible night of hot steamy sex. I woke Thursday morning wondering if perhaps Bill had fallen to sleep the night before fantasizing about our planned ménage à trios’. I was pretty certain he wouldn’t have masturbated while having that fantasy since his wife Tess would have been sleeping next to him. None the less I hoped that he was thinking of the same thing I was as he drifted off to sleep the night before. I stumbled into the bath and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess and it looked as if I had dark circles under my eyes. I had a slight twinge of pain in my left thigh no doubt the result of some crazy position Kozmerl had gotten me into the evening before. At least my hair smelled clean and some careful make-up would hide the dark circles under my eyes. I dragged a brush through my long black hair and slipped on my favorite fluffy white bath robe to head to the kitchen to make some coffee. While the coffee brewed, I returned to my bed room and sat down at my make-up table. Some expertly applied blush, eye liner and mascara and I was starting to look alive again and feeling better also. My thigh was still rather tight not enough to cause a limp but none the less still a little painful. Some hot coffee and a bite to eat brought me back to life completely and I picked out an outfit I knew Bill would enjoy. White lace bra and thong under skin tight black slacks. An equally tight pull over sweater and a black satin vest buttoned completely. I let my hair in the pony tail since I knew that for today my hair was probably a lost cause. Grabbing my brief case and slinging my purse over one shoulder I headed out and made the short walk across campus in record time not pausing to talk with anyone but not ignoring anyone who offered a “Good Morning Ms. Walker.” My eight thirty class was with an advance literature group so I had little preparation to do before they began filing in. And for the next hour I served as more of a moderator of their discussion of the reading assignment I had given them at the end of our last session. It was a lively discussion with one young man Kevin Jaymes nearly always taking the opposing point of view. Had I not wanted the group discussion to end promptly at nine thirty I would have questioned Mr. Jaymes on his opinions but I had more important things or thing on my mind and that was my lover’s big thick cock. “Let’s read the next chapter for next time and we’ll continue our discussion.” I announced as the end of class bell sounded. I was happy that none of my students wanted to ask me a question after class and by nine thirty-five I was locking up my office and class room and headed toward the building where Bill’s office is located. It’s a short walk and in three or four minutes I was slowing walking down the hall. The door to his class room was open and as I passed, I saw him leaning against his desk discussing the topic of the morning with his class. I paused for a moment at the door hoping he would glance toward me but his attention was with his class so I moved to the next door which lead to his office and turned the door knob. It opened and I stepped inside without being seen by anyone else. I turned the dead bolt securely, insuring that for the next few hours Bill and I would be totally alone. Bill’s office like most men’s offices is a little cluttered. Piles of papers were s**ttered across the small sofa and his desk looked like someone had dumped a filing cabinet of papers on the top. But I wasn’t as concerned with the appearance of his office as I was with getting “ready” for him to enter. I unbuttoned my vest and removed it so I could peel the tight sweater over my head and slip out of my bra. My nipples were already becoming hard in anticipation of his soft kisses. Slipping the vest back on I buttoned only the bottom button. My vest fit tight enough with that one button closed that my pert tits were pressed delightfully together giving me very defined cleavage to entice my lover with. I left my slacks and heels on figuring I’d give Bill something to remove himself. I toyed with the idea of removing the band that held my jet-black waist length hair in a pony tail but figured if Bill wanted to run his fingers through my long tresses, I’d let him pull the band out himself. Just as I heard the ten o’clock class bell sound, I applied some additional pink lip gloss and pushed one stack of papers aside on his desk. Taking a seat on that cleared spot I crossed my legs and pushed my tits higher and tighter inside my vest and waited for him to enter. I heard his class room door close and a istanbul escort moment later the door from the class room opened and Bill stepped through with a huge smile on his face. He closed and locked the door without taking his eyes off me. I smiled widely at my awesome secret lover and said. “I’m ready for you.” Shaking my shoulders so my tits would jiggle a little for him. Bill instantly walked across the room and placed one hand on either side of my legs flat on his desk. He leaned forward and ever so gently kissed me on the mouth. “I’ve missed you so much,” he said after one gentle kiss. I brought one hand up to his cheek and replied. “I missed you to.” Bill reached up and slowly ran his fingers along my jaw until he reached the sensitive spot just behind my ear. His touch excited me and I could feel my nipples grow tight under the fabric of my satin vest. His hand slid behind my neck and under the gathered pony tail. As he gently pulled my head toward him, he whispered. “Kiss me Genevieve.” I closed my eyes and parted my glossy pink lips offering him my soft moist tongue. Our lips touched first then his tongue darted toward mine. Only the tips touched at first then with more passion he circled my tongue with his I moaned softly as his tongue explored my mouth. As he explored with his tongue his hands began slowly moving around every part of my neck and skull. Soft gently caresses that sent tingles of pleasure shooting through my body. His fingers circled my neck and played with the tightly pulled hair before it entered the band holding it in a pony tail. The short hairs on my neck stood up and goose bumps rose on my naked arms. “Oh god, how I’ve missed you,” I whispered when he broke our kiss for a moment. I felt him move slightly to one side and then slip one arm under my crossed legs while the other circled by back. I instantly moved my arms around his neck as he plucked me from his desk our mouths still firmly together. I moaned softly as he carried me toward the small couch. Reaching that alter of lust Bill looked at the papers strewn across the surface then slowly lowered me to my feet and whispered. “I should have cleaned up a little I suppose.” I just smiled and kissed him softly on the mouth. In one movement the papers were cast to the floor and Bill giggled before saying. “There we go all cleaned up.” He drew my body close to his and again kissed me deeply on the mouth his tongue darting in and out of my soft moist oral cavity. Our tongues mingled and danced during the long soulful kiss while his hands started exploring my tingling body. From gentle caresses of fabric covered ass cheeks to soft kisses planted on naked flesh Bill’s lips and hands moved skillfully, arousing me and wanting him to expose more tingling skin to kiss. His lips moved from my mouth to my naked neck and down to kiss and lick at the heaving mounds of flesh still held firmly by my tight vest. His tongue darted out and slowly slid between and into the soft cleavage exposed in front to him. “Oh god, you’re setting me on fire,” I exclaimed as he kissed and licked at my breasts. I wanted them completely exposed I wanted his mouth to capture the taut nipples that were still covered by satin fabric. I wanted his teeth nibbling at the pink areola surrounding the two hard nubs of pleasure. Bill knowing we had more time then we could possibly need for our love making this morning took his time and instead of unbuttoning the one button that kept my full soft tits from his mouth he moved down kneeling before me his hands sliding down my back to grasp my ass cheeks through the skin tight material of my slacks. His tongue flicked out to tease the miniscule patch of naked flesh just below my vest and above the waist band of my slacks. I shuddered with pleasure as his tongue teased that spot and his hands squeezed my ass cheeks. “You’re driving me insane,” I whispered. Bill only looked up into my lust filled eyes and grinned as he slowly slid his hands around front to undo the clasp that held my waist band tight to my hips. His fingers skillfully moved around again this time along the waist band until he could slowly peel the skin tight fabric off my ass. As he slid the soft material off his fingers teased the now exposed flesh they found. Slowly, almost too slowly he slid my slacks down off my body until they were a puddle of fabric around my high heels. I slid my fingers through his hair as he reached down and slowly removed one shoe then the other so I could step out of my slacks. As quickly as I did, he grabbed the material and slid it aside then as slowly as he had removed my heels, he helped me slip my feet back into them. Once I was again standing in my high heels Bill’s finger tips began a slow sensual assent up the back of my legs. His fingers memorizing every inch of soft flesh accentuate by the height of my heels. Bill was quickly showing me that his shoe and leg fetish was in full control of his actions. “Damn Genevieve you have incredible legs,” Bill said as his fingers continued their ascent along the soft naked tingling flesh. Goose bumps rose on my thighs as he moved his fingers into the sensitive part behind my knees. His fingers danced across my legs moving slowly inch by miniscule inch up toward the confluence of my long sexy legs. “Please,” I begged urging him on. His fingers circled my thighs to softly caress the skin in front and then behind as they moved upwards. He leaned front to gently kiss the skin directly in front of his face. I shuddered again when his soft lips touched my tingling flesh. Mercifully those ten digits of pleasure finally reached their ultimate goal and he hooked two index fingers in the thin strap of lace surrounding my hips. I fully expected my incredible lover to peel my thong off but instead he lifted the lace straps higher on my hips pulling the triangle of white lace covering my loins tighter into the ever-moistening folds of my pussy. The straps stretched upward curving high above my hips. The thin line of lace that runs behind slipped deeper between my ass cheeks. Bill released my thong and leaned back surveying the results of his adjustment. “In fucking credible!” He uttered as his eyes took in the awesome view of my loins covered so tightly in what was now a camel toe of white lace. I smiled at him and moved my hands to the lace. Lifting the small triangle covering my pussy I asked. “Isn’t this what you want?” He smiled and nodded his agreement. His hands again moved toward my hips then circled behind to squeeze both ass cheeks softly before he slipped his index fingers again under the lace and slowly began to turn my thong inside out as he peeled it from my body. The thong slipped easily off my legs and Bill let me steady myself on his shoulders as he stretched the fabric over my heels. I couldn’t wait for him to release my heaving breasts from their satin confines and as soon as I was again standing firmly on my heels I slid my hand from his shoulders to my abdomen then up to unbutton the one final button that kept me from being completely exposed to his soft touch and gentle kisses. I slipped the satin vest off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind me as my wonderful secret lover rose from his knees. “Oh my god, I want you so much,” I exclaimed. His hands moved to my waist then around back to pull my hips toward him causing my tits to rise up toward his waiting lips. His mouth circled one taut nipple suckling gently on the hard nub while his tongue flicked at the erect tip. I moaned deeply having the anticipation of his first caress of my sensitive nipples finally fulfilled. His lips captured the other erect nub and again his tongue flicked at the very tip. I moaned even deeper. “Oh god, please,” I uttered after my moan subsided. His kisses expanded to include every square inch of tingling breast flesh as my beautiful lover continued his amazing arousal of my entire being. He hadn’t even touched my pussy yet but I was already soaking wet involuntarily preparing its self for the moment his beautiful erect cock first entered the searing folds of sensual flesh. The tingling in my tits was quickly spreading to the rest of my body and I urged him on saying. “Please, I need you!” Bill finally straightened up and then quickly reached down to scoop me up in his arms. I circled his neck with my arms and pulled my naked body closer to him. Our mouths again met this time in a deeper soul searching french kiss. No light lip touches, no soft tongue caresses, no this kiss was meant to bring our souls together as one and I shuddered from its intensity. As quickly as he had gathered me up in his arms Bill moved forward and lay me down on the small sofa now cleared of paper. As I nestled into the soft leather I reached up and flipped my long pony tail over the arm of the couch and stretched my legs down so my heels were pressing into the opposite arm. I looked up at him as he starred down at my heaving naked body. I smiled weakly and pleaded. “Please, oh god, please take me!” Bill slid his fingers to the buttons of his shirt. As he slowly undid each one, I brought my hands up to my tight hard nipples and rolled both between thumbs and index fingers teasing them to an even harder state. His shirt slipped from his shoulders and fell to the floor in a pool of sweaty white fabric. I let my eyes take in his torso, shimmering with tiny beads of sweat. As his hands moved toward his belt buckle, I could see the bulge in his slacks from his already fully erect cock. That beautiful cock that I crave so much, that incredible cock that I wanted buried in my steamy pussy. That awesome hunk of fuck meat that I wanted to suck and have stuffed down my throat. That throbbing surging cock that would provide me with sweet thick cum to coat every part that I could entice it to coat. “Hurry baby!” I exclaimed. Bill was in no hurry this morning. He was enjoying teasing me, arousing me, making me plead for what I wanted most. I had told him the night before I’d be ready and waiting for him and he was making the waiting part last as long as he possibly could. He moved his hands even slower as he unzipped his slacks and began lowering them along his strong legs. In an unsuccessful attempt to urge him on I moved my hands from my tits to either knee and slowly pushed them apart exposing my glistening vulva to his intense stare. Bill licked his lips almost in anticipation of the first taste of that glistening fluid leaking from inside me. “Hurry baby I need you,” I begged. Bill just smiled and continued his slow strip tease for me. He kicked off his shoes then bent at the waist to push the slacks down around his feet. I watched intently as he straightened up now wearing only his silk boxers. My eyes were glued to the tented silk fabric his complete erection surging to be release from the silk confine that held it. He flexed his abdomen muscles and his cock pressed harder against the silk. “Oh god,” I whispered as I reached for the waist band hoping to rip the silk from his body. Bill caught my hand and held it firmly in his as if to say when I’m ready you’ll have your prize. But Bill knew I was nearing insanity craving to touch it, craving to stroke it, craving to suck it and take it in my throat. Bill knew I was nearing the breaking point of anticipation and he slowly drew my hand toward his loins until it touched my fingertips through the silk. His soulful moan confirmed that he too was nearing the height of anticipation and he allowed me to slowly stroke the length of his rock-hard erection through the silk. He moved a half step closer allowing me to slip my hand in the opening in front and finally touch his surging naked flesh. It felt very hot, very hard and fully erect. The soft flesh of his corona slid though my palm and I lick my lips in anticipation of having that soft smooth flesh slide over them. I pulled my hand back through the opening in his boxers and his beautiful cock followed. It was deep red filled with sexual blood. Veins standing hard against the outer flesh. The head an even deeper dark red glistened and pulsed under my soft touch. I stroked the length several times and a tiny droplet of pre-cum oozed from the miniscule slit at the very tip of his cock head. I moved my hand up and smeared that drop over his pulsing cock head. Bill moved his thumbs to the elastic waist band of his boxers and slowly moved them down. As the band stretched over his exposed cock, I stroked up to the head the released it for a moment to allow the silk to clear his throbbing hard on. His boxers slid down his legs with little help and my beautiful lover stood before me finally naked and ready to pleasure me. I reached up with one hand and cupped his throbbing balls rolling them around in my palm. Feeling their firmness knowing they held an awesome cum load for me. “Let me suck it please,” I begged. Bill held up one finger almost to say “in time” and then grasped my legs with his strong hands and turned me so I was reclined on the sofa with my legs dangling over the seat toward the floor. My pony tail followed and as he moved one leg open the other followed. His free hand grasped my hair and pulled it around so it lay between my tits and extended down to my pussy. He knelt before me his hands now resting on my knees pressing them further apart and opening the shimmering lips of my vulva exposing the glistening moist folds of steamy flesh beyond. “Oh God Bill FUCK ME!” I nearly screamed in anticipation of him plunging that beautiful rock- hard erection deep within me. But my awesome lover had other plans. He moved toward me one hand spreading my vulva exposing my erect clit. His other hand grasped his surging cock and brought it to within inches of my twitching clit. With one quick motion Bill slapped his cock head against my clit. A shard of pleasure shot up my spine and crashed into my brain. “OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed. Another slap and another pleasure induced shard hit my brain. He lowered his throbbing cock to my clit then pushed forward sliding its rock-hard shaft over the erect sensitive nub of flesh. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby!” I whispered. Bill began moving that way then stopping to slab his cock against my clit over and over sending me into a frenzy of vaginal ecstasy. My pussy flooded with juices as he continued massaging my erect clit in that way. I slowly began to feel the inescapable numbness in my loins of an approaching orgasm. “God, you’re gonna make me cum,” I exclaimed. Bill took that as a sign to increase the tempo of his external fucking of my clit and I responded by starting to release one guttural moan after another as my orgasm built. “YES!” I screamed as the first incredible wave of ecstasy crashed over my twitching body. “I’m cumming!” I exclaimed as he slapped his avcılar escort cock hard against my pulsing clit. “Oh my god, oh my godddddddddddddd!” I screamed as another more intense wave of pleasure consumed me. Bill’s forehead was covered in sweat and my own chest and tits were coated with my own sweat. We hadn’t even had intercourse yet and already I was dripping wet with love juice. Bill slowly began slapping my clit less and sliding the rock-hard shaft across the hard nub extending my climax even more. Tiny waves of pure pleasure lapped at every nerve ending in my loins. My pussy twitched involuntarily my heaving tits tingled with pleasure. As the waves of ecstasy from this incredible external clit fucking subsided, I reached down between my legs and grasped his throbbing cock. Bill gathered my hair and wrapped it around his cock so that as I stroked the pulsing shaft, I massaged it with my soft tresses. He smiled at me and said. “That’s what we’ll call a slow slap fuck.” Still reeling from the awesome orgasm he had just given me I grinned and replied. “You can slap fuck me anytime.” Bill’s raging hard on still stood at complete attention and I slowly stroked its length with my soft hand and even softer hair. Wanting him to experience some of the same pleasure he had just bestowed on me I sat up while still holding his rock-hard cock in my delicate hand. I turned around and brought my knees up onto the sofa. Leaning forward I stretched my arms over the back bringing myself into the classic doggie position. I turned my head to look at my incredible secret lover and reached around with one hand to spread my ass apart. I whispered. “Fuck me.” Bill straightened up and moved between my feet bringing his thighs against the front edge of the couch. One hand came to rest on my ass while the other reached up and grabbed my long jet black pony tail. “Yeah, ride me like a wild stallion,” I encouraged him.I felt his hand press against my ass spreading me wide open for his initial thrust. “Give it to me,” I exclaimed. As I felt the searing heat of his cock head touch my vulva, I dropped my hips and shoved back toward him as he thrust forward. In an instant I was impaled on his incredible rock-hard throbbing cock. In one god almighty thrust his pulsing cock was buried completely inside my searing hot soaking wet pussy. Bill moaned soulfully having once again felt the soft folds of my pussy surround then grasp at his aching erection. Buried completely he didn’t move, not wanting to withdraw and loose the feeling of being engulfed by my moist, no sopping wet cunt. I didn’t move forward but instead kept backward pressure against him to let him soak inside me for as long as he wanted. His cock twitched once then again causing it to massage my cervix and slap up against my g-spot. OH God, that feels so fucking incredible,” he softly said. “I love feeling you buried this deep inside me,” I replied. Bill pulled back until his cock nearly slipped from the dripping wet cunt he was invading pausing a second with just the head inside. I felt backward pressure on my head as my awesome secret lover pulled my pony tail arching my head back and drawing my searing hot pussy back over his rock-hard erection again. “Oh god yes, ride me,” I exclaimed. His balls slapped against my clit as he impaled me completely his twitching cock rubbing against my cervix and massaging my g-spot. The pressure on my head decreased but I kept my head tilted completely back as Bill drew his beautiful cock back. “Give it to me again,” I pleaded. Again my pony tail drew taut and again his throbbing cock impaled my twitching pussy. Using my hair like reins, Bill controlled the tempo of our fucking. If he pulled hard, I knew he was going to slam that beautiful raging cock deep inside fast. If he pulled lightly, I knew he would be slowly impaling my searing flesh with a sensual deep plunge. No matter how he pulled on my reins I knew his rock-hard erection would be filling me completely. Several minutes went by with my lustful cowboy riding me like his noble steed and as he rode me my loins started sending those unmistakable signs of an approaching orgasm to my brain. “You’re gonna make me cum,” I whispered. Bill’s free hand which had been resting on my ass as he used his other to control my reins lifted off my soft ass flesh and as he pulled hard on the reins his other hand slapped hard against my ass cheek with the same resounding crack that a horseman urges his mount with a whip. The stinging pain spread across my flesh as Bill pulled back again then cracked the back of his free hand against the twitching flesh of my other ass cheek. I encouraged him. “Yeah baby slap that hot ass,” I said. Bill pulled my reins and again cracked my ass with his sexual whip as he drove his surging rock-hard cock to the depths of my loins over and over again. Stinging welts rose on my ass only serving to heighten the pleasure of having his beautiful cock pound into me again and again. “Fuck me, fuck me good,” I nearly screamed as he rode me up the ever increasing slope toward the peak of ecstasy. I could feel my secret lovers cock swell filling me even more with pulsing cock meat. “Cum with me,” I pleaded as the first wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over me. With one final stinging crack of his whip Bill released my reins and grasped my ass with both hands. He held me firmly in place as his hips surely became a blur as he fucked me faster and hard insuring that my beautiful secret lover and I would climax together. Another orgasmic wave shot up my spine and flooded my brain as Bill let out a deep guttural moan and the first thick stream of hot cum shot into my twitching cunt. “Cum baby, fill that hot cunt with sticky juice,” I begged as my pussy flooded. His searing hot cum filled my equally searing hot pussy and in an instant my orgasm peaked and turned me into a twitching mass orgasmic flesh. Over and over again his surging cock pumped thick hot cum inside me. I could do nothing more than hold on to the back of the couch as his cum pump filled me to overflowing and my orgasm was extended by his own incredible climax. Bill’s thrusts toward me began to slow and as they did, I could feel our combined fuck juices begin to leak from my overflowing pussy and run down my thighs. Our fucking took on a sloppy splashing kind of sound and as Bill slowly thrust inward more and more of his thick sticky cum ran down my thighs. “Fucking incredible!” Bill finally said as his orgasm slowly subsided. I looked over my shoulder at his sweat covered face. His skin was bright red and the sweat dripped off his nose and chin onto the hand sized welts on each of my ass cheeks. I reached around and slid one hand over a welt. My flesh felt red hot and as I smeared his sweat over that welt it stung even more. I moved my hand between my thighs and coated it with our oozing fuck juice then returned it to my welts and smeared it all over my ass soothing the stinging pain in my flesh. “God that was so good,” I whispered. He smiled at me and replied. “Good is the understatement of the day.” I drew my legs up then turned to sit in front of my sweaty lover. The stinging on my ass cheeks intensified once the red flesh was pressed against the leather fabric of his couch. Bill stood before me sweat still oozing from his pores his cock a deep purple color and shimmering with juices had begun to soften and curved down toward the floor. I leaned forward and lifted it toward my lips. “I wanna taste….” I started to say but my words were cut off as Bill moved forward and pressed the gleaming cock head between my lips. The sweet taste of his cum caused my saliva glands to contract and my mouth filled with spit. I lowered my mouth over his softening cock and began sucking our combined juice from it. My delicate hands cupped his beautiful cum producing balls and rolled them around in the soft flesh of my palms. “Lick me clean,” Bill pleaded. I love the taste of sex. Love the sweet sticky results of such an incredible fuck and I happily cleansed Bills cock and loins of ever drop. Bill watched intently as my lips tongue and mouth lapped every drop and I was rewarded for my efforts with a final oozing very thick glob of cum that had not been pumped into me. “Sorry about your ass,” Bill remarked I let his flaccid cock slip from my hot mouth and smiled. “I loved it,” I said. “Those welts aren’t going to go away for a while,” he said. I smiled again and replied. “I’ll have a beautiful reminder of how good you rode me.” Even though I knew the stinging welts would be uncomfortable for a while I was more than happy to accept his lustful tattoo of my ass. Bill moved to my side and sat down next to me. I instantly turned and curled myself against his naked form. His arm circled my shoulders and he pulled me closer to him. “It is possible that our love making will ever stop getting better and better?” Bill asked. I whispered in reply. “It’s possible, but as long as we’re able to please each other like we just did I wouldn’t worry about that happening anytime soon.” Bill lowered his lips to mine and kissed me softly on the mouth his tongue darting between my lips and dancing across my tongue. He pulled me even tighter against his body and his hand slipped up to cup one breast. I moaned through our kiss as his fingers tweaked my still very hard nipple. Breaking our kiss Bill turned his head and let it rest against the leather couch his hand still massaging my soft tit. We relaxed there together basking in the after-glow of our mutual orgasm not talking but rather letting our minds recall the incredible details of a very sexy fuck session. Bill finally broke the silence saying. “I found an old camcorder in my garage, we’ll be able to hide it in your office so you can video tape your next blow job with Kozmerl.” I realized at that moment that I could not tell Bill about the change in my agreement with Kozmerl. Bill could never know that I’d fucked him to end his black mail scheme and would expect to sometime sit with me and watch the video of me sucking Steve off. I decided to encourage Bill’s fetish. “I can’t wait to watch that video with you,” I said not letting my own desire to have Steve’s wonderful cock buried deep in my throat again show. “It’s in the trunk of my car, we have time now to head over to your office and plant it where it’ll capture the full show.” Bill suggested with his obvious excitement of seeing that tape sometime very soon. Knowing that his desire to feed that fetish and thinking that we could continue our fuck session at my office I agreed. “Okay, let’s get dressed and we’ll head over to my office.” I slipped into my skin tight slacks sweater and buttoned all three of the buttons on my satin vest. Bill was dressed before me and tossed my thong to me. “Don’t wanna let that here for Tess to find,” he said. I stuffed the thong into my brief case.I said. “I walked over here.” We both knew it wasn’t a good idea for us to be driving across campus together so I said. “I’ll leave first that way by the time you get there I’ll already be in my office.” Since it took longer to drive around campus then cut across the grounds. “Sounds good,” Bill said as I turned and headed to the door. As I walked across campus toward my building, I could feel my lovers cum leaking from my wet pussy. The distinctive feel of wet fabric between my thighs confirmed that our fuck juices had soaked through. I moved my brief case in front to conceal the wet spot but could do nothing to hide it from behind if it was showing there. I quickly climbed the stairs to the English department and before slipping through the door looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was following me. The coast was clear and I was relieved to know that no one saw the wet spot from behind. I stopped in the ladies room and using a wad of toilet tissue soaked up the sticky juice coating my thighs and pussy. The wet spot in the crotch of my slacks would most likely dry to a white stain so I’d have to make a mad dash to my flat later in the afternoon to avoid anyone noticing the mark. I could spend the entire hour of my afternoon class seated at my desk so that wouldn’t be a problem. I giggled to myself thinking how these fuck sessions outside my flat often resulted in some silly complication. Fortunately, the hall was empty when I came out of the ladies room I quickly made it to my office and closed the door behind me. I toyed with the idea of slipping out of my slacks and have Bill find me sitting at my desk naked from the waist down but decided it would be better to see if he noticed the wet spot in my crotch. A few minutes later Bill came in carrying a small black case and wearing a shit eating grin on his lips. “Nice to see you again Ms. Walker,” He said still wearing that silly grin.Bill set the camcorder case on the floor and straightened up to say. “So, where do you think would be the best place to hide this?” I thought for a moment then suggested. “Let’s hide it on the shelf between some books over there.” I pointed to the shelving beside my desk. “That way I can have Kozmerl sit in this chair and we’ll film from the side,” I added placing my hand on the chair that faces my desk. “Sounds good to me the film would be in profile that way,” Bill remarked. Bill and I positioned the camcorder on the shelf and hid all but the tiny lens with books and other papers. “Maybe we should test it to make sure it works and will actually shoot the dirty deed,” Bill said handing me the palm sized remote for the camera. I agreed saying. “Yea we don’t want to only capture the audio part now do we.” Bill smiled knowing I wanted to see his fantasy come true. “Have a seat,” I said pointing to the chair. Bill sat down as I walked across to check that both doors to my office were locked. As I returned to stand between his out stretched legs I smiled and said. “This is gonna be so fuckin hot.” He only smiled and nodded his agreement. I slowly knelt before him placing my elbows on his knees. With the remote in my right hand I was able to push the record button without needing to point it toward the camera. After all the idea was to film me giving Kozmerl a blow job without his knowing so I’d have to be discrete when I activated the camcorder. The tiny red light just above the lens blinked on and I knew we were filming. I leaned forward bringing my mouth to the spot that would be filled with Bills cock if it wasn’t still inside his pants. I pressed the zoom button for a second, then stopped and pressed it again after a little pause. Bill moved his right hand to my head but I reached up and pulled it away knowing his hand would be blocking the cameras view. Pressing the zoom out button I straightened up and said. “That was about thirty seconds, let’s see if the camera caught everything.” şirinevler escort Straightening up I walked over and retrieved the camcorder from the shelf. Returning to Bill I handed it to him and stepped behind the chair where we’d film Steve and me sucking his cock. Bill flipped the small viewing screen open and pressed rewind. The camera whirled in reverse and as it re-wound I could tell that the positioning of it on the shelf was perfect. “Okay let’s see,” Bill said pressing play. The image flickered a bit then cleared up showing me kneeling between Bills legs. His face didn’t show but you could see him from mid chest down and me from waist up. After ten seconds or so the picture zoomed in so that only my shoulders and Bills hips showed along with everything between. Another five seconds and it zoomed in closer so that just my face in perfect profile filled the screen. I said. “That looks perfect I can zoom in and out and get all the details for your viewing pleasure.” Bill giggled and added. “Fucking Kozmerl’s in for quite a treat.” Bill pressed rewind again and as the tape whirled back to the beginning, I stepped from behind the chair to again stand between my lovers out stretched legs. I grinned down at him as I said. “Since we have the time and your holding the camera.” Bill instantly understood and pressed the record button again. I slowly knelt before him and he followed my face with the lens. For the next twenty minutes Bill played with his toy as I played with mine. Our play session ended with a wonderful facial which I was sure he captured perfectly on film. I stood up my lips nose and one eye coated with his thick cum and said. “I wanna watch.” As I pointed toward the television in the corner of my office. Bill tucked his cock back in his pants and grabbed the necessary wires to connect the camcorder to my TV from the case. He plugged the camcorder into one end and said. “Let me swing your couch around so we can sit together and watch. I wiped his cum from my face with a couple tissues and sat down waiting for our homemade porn movie to begin. Bill sat next to me and handed me the remote. “Just press play,” he said.I have to admit I was more than a little interested in watching this tape. I’d often wondered what it looked like from the man’s perspective when I was sucking their cock and I was about to find out. I pressed play and as before the film flickered a tiny bit before the picture came into perfect focus. I was standing over him smiling widely. The image zoomed into my face as I knelt between his knees. My hands came into frame as I slowly undid Bill’s belt buckle and unbuttoned his slacks. He zoomed back a little as my delicate red tipped fingers pulled the tiny tab of his zipper down. The picture jostled a little while Bill lifted his hips and let me slid his slacks down around his knees. I unsnapped the top of his boxers and just spread the fabric apart exposing his naked cock. I slipped my hand inside the boxers and pulled his cock out then stroked all the way down and lifted his balls letting them dangle over the vee at the bottom of the opening in the front of his boxers. Bill zoomed in so that only my head filled the screen. My lips glistened with saliva after I licked them with my pink tongue. My hand lifted his cock head into frame its soft texture clearly showing on the screen. A smile came to my lips as I moved forward and extended my tongue to lick the underside of his cock head lingering for a moment at the scar of his circumcision. The soft moan that escaped his throat was the first sound we’d recorded. Bill zoomed out just a little so that his entire cock could be seen on screen. I licked around the ultra-soft flesh of his corona a couple times then drew my tongue up to the tip. A tiny string of saliva extended from my lower lip back to his cock head and it glistened on screen until it broke and dropped back to his cock. I raised up a little on my haunches and Bill followed my face with the lens. Smiling I said. “You ready?” Bill replied. “Oh yeaaaaaaa.” I opened my lips and slowly took his cock head inside my mouth. Bill zoomed back in and followed my lips as they slowly slid down over his flaring smooth corona then along the length of his swelling cock shaft. His lens followed as every inch of that thick shaft disappeared beyond my lips. My lips opened wider and the camera caught an incredible image of me forcing my head down until my nose was nestled in his curly patch of pubic hair. Bill moaned deeply and I recall that moan was caused by my swallowing to grasp his cock head securely in the searing folds of flesh at the top of my throat. He wasn’t completely erect at this point but his cock head and shaft surged as I used my mouth to pull his cock down a little. I opened my eyes and looked up toward the lens and at my secret lover’s face beyond. Bill’s voice could be heard on tape. “Take it.” As I stared up into the lens Bills cock swelled, I could feel that incredible sensation of it growing extending deeper down my throat and the pulsing matrix of veins along the shaft pressing against my flat tongue. I stared intensely at the TV screen watching my facial expression change as he throbbing cock swelled to reach deeper in my throat. Tiny droplets of excess moisture appeared at the corners of my eyes as my tear ducts reacted to the awesome pulsing fuck tool buried in my throat. My eyes squeezed closed for a moment causing twin tears to run down my cheek. My eyes opened glistening with moisture and I slowly lifted my head letting his beautiful cock slip from my throat and then my lips so I could re-charge my lungs. As I gasped for air a thick string of saliva extended from my tongue to his cock head. I slurped it back into my mouth knowing it provided the lubricant needed for my next plunge over his throbbing cock. Bill’s cock was now completely erect deep red blood pulsing through the veins and up into his flaring cock head. It glistened and shimmered with the coating of saliva. I stroked up the length of his cock shaft once drawing as much fluid as possible to the point where it would again invade my throat. I pulled it down as my lips parted to accept his beautiful cock. “Suck that fuckin cock!” Bill’s voice was heard from the TV speakers. Sitting next to me Bill giggled and placed one hand on my thigh. His glistening cock again disappeared through my lips and continued to disappear until his cock head was poised at the entrance of my soft throat. The camera captured perfectly the moment that I open my lips wider and press him through the tight opening to my throat then close tightly around his throbbing shaft and slid down until my nose pressed tightly against his pubic mound and his wonderful surging cock head is buried as deep as possible in the searing folds of flesh that is my throat. Watching the images before me I recalled that when I deep throated him a second time I wondered if the camcorder would be able to capture the intense sensation I was feeling as his cock surged in my throat. I knew now that the camera was not able to capture the sensation, I was feeling but at least captured the incredible rapture that showed on my face as my beautiful secret lover’s cock surged within my throat. Watching myself suck his cock certainly revealed some things that even I hadn’t notice while I’m giving a man head. Like when a cock is buried as deep as it possibly can be in my throat my eyes widen noticeably. My nostrils flare and my lips stretch to give the invading cock as much access to my throat as humanly possible. The images on the screen were both erotic and enlightening for me and I continued watching intently as I slowly lifted again until Bill’s cock slipped from between my lips. The close up of my open mouth just after it slipped from inside excited me as I’m sure it excites my lovers each time my soft wet mouth is poised to accept their cocks. I stroked Bill’s throbbing cock shaft several times giving my lungs a chance to catch up. His cock filled the screen and its shimmering length looked incredible as my delicate fingers and their red nails moved up and down through the picture. “That’s really hot,” Bill remarked beside me. As much as I enjoy stroking a man’s throbbing cock watching it twitch under my delicate touch this movie was about cock sucking not hand jobs so I again pulled his cock head toward my lips this time spitting a huge wad of saliva on the head then taking just the head in my mouth and sucking hard on it. The tight close up of my cheeks pulling in tightly around his cock head was incredible. I remember thinking that I should change my technique somewhat to give the film more variety and I began stroking the shaft while licking and sucking just the smooth flesh of his cock head. Bill moaned softly on screen as my delicate red tipped fingers stroked the shaft and I used my warm wet mouth to pleasure his throbbing head. I let him slip from my mouth to ask. “You like that too?” “I like it all,” he replied on film. It is truly awesome watching yourself suck cock. Being able to watch how it looks as it disappears inside your mouth. To watch your own facial expressions as a man’s surging cock slides into the depths of your oral cavity. It really was incredible being able to watch my cock sucking this way. I craved the feeling of being impaled orally on Bill’s cock and I again let him slip deep in my mouth and swallowed his throbbing cock head. Bill zoomed in as close as possible so that only my face and the bottom of his cock shaft were on screen. My eyes wide with lust, my lips spread open as far as possible and my nostrils flaring as he surged deeper into my searing hot soft throat flesh. “Suck it!” Bill demanded on screen. I swallowed hard pulling no stretching his throbbing cock shaft to maximize the penetration of his wonderful beautiful cock down my throat. Over and over again the camcorder captured me driving his aching cock head deep in my throat. Again, and again it surged as my cock sucking intensified urging him on to what we both knew would be a fitting climax to this awesome film. At one point while I was basically fucking him with my throat, I let his cock slip from my lips and begged. “When you are ready to shot your load, I want you to pull out and coat my face with that hot sauce.” “Count on it,” Bill could be heard replying. I knew that it wouldn’t be long after I had begged him to give me an incredible sticky facial that he actually did just that. A few more times driving his cock down my throat and Bill was ready to cum. My eyes were glistening with tears saliva was dripping from my mouth and the tight opening to my throat no longer even tried to rebound from the incredible invasion of my secret lovers raging cock. “I’m almost there,” Bill whispered. I took him deep a time or two more then lifted and began slowly stroking his cock shaft pointing the head directly at my pretty face. “Give it to me,” I pleaded. I was looking up directly into the lens with my hand stroking his cock the head just below my nose at my open mouth. Bill surged and groaned as his wonderful cum producing balls started pumping the hot thick cum toward the tip. I want….NO I NEED YOUR CUM LOAD!” I nearly screamed. “I’m cumming!” Bill exclaimed. I squeezed hard on the shaft making his balls pump harder to get his sweet cum load past my hand. Bill grunted hard and his cock exploded a strong thick shot of sticky sweet cum flew across the miniscule distance from his cock head to slam into my open eye instantly coating my eye lashes with hot sticky cum. I stroked again and was rewarded with a second flying shot of thick goo this one coating my nose from just between my eyes down to my upper lip. “Oh god YES!” I said just before the third full shot landed on my cheek. I dipped my mouth keeping it open and jerked his cock harder knowing that his balls would still have enough cum to fill my hot mouth with sweet sticky cum. One then a second followed by a third shot of hot sauce was deposited on my waiting tongue and all around my lips. “Suck it!” Bill demanded. I closed my lips around the head moving forward until his flaring corona slipped beyond my cum coated lips then sucked it just as my incredible lover had demanded, sucking every last drop of wonderful sweet cum from his cock shaft. Bill twitched involuntarily his hips jerking up off the chair as his balls emptied their fruit into my wanton sexy mouth. I let him pop from my mouth the opened wide to show the lens the fruits of my oral efforts my mouth filled with creamy thick sticky cum. I let it roll around my tongue and ooze over my lip and onto my chin before I closed my mouth and happily swallowed the remainder of his cum load in my mouth. It tasted incredible coating my cock fucked throat with wonderful salty cock juice. Having swallowed what was in my mouth I grasped his still rock hard cock and used the head to draw some of what coated my face to my mouth sending it down my throat to mix the first huge load that I’d swallowed. I opened my mouth wide and extended my tongue so I could slap his cock head against the soft warm flesh. Bill moaned as I slapped him against my hot tongue. His cock now beginning to soften I released it and let it flop up to his belly and out of view. The screen was filled with my cum coated face. The thick first shot still pasting my eye and the others having been smeared about by his wonderful thick cock. “Fucking incredible,” Bill whispered beside me. “Awesome,” I added. “I wanna see the cum shot again,” I said.Bill giggled and handed me the tiny remote. Laughing out loud he said. “There is a slow-motion feature.” I pressed rewind until just before Bill unloaded on me then pressed the “slo” button. Frame by frame the film advanced. At this speed you could actually see his cock surge. You could actually see the bulge in his urethra as his balls pumped the thick cum toward the slit at the head of his cock. And when the first tiny drop of creamy white cum appeared at that slit I pressed pause. “What does it feel like when the cum first shoots out?” I asked. Fucking incredible it feels like nothing I’ve ever felt almost like my sexual floor gates have been sprung open,” Bill replied. Pushing the slo button again I watched a huge thick stream of sticky cum move across the screen and just as the first droplet touched my eye lash I pressed pause again. “That’s an incredible image,” I remarked. “Look how it moved my eye lash,” I said. “I love seeing it like this in slow motion it happens so fast but with this you can actually see the incredible erotic images one at a time.” Pressing slo again Bill’s first thick cum shot coated my eye and the stream landed down across my cheek. I was totally amazed at the images captured and Bill and I watched that cum shot over and over in regular speed and in slow motion. I was certain that we’d be filming other fuck sessions in the future. I could hardly wait to film him eating my pussy and seeing his beautiful cock slamming into that wet flesh and my tight little ass. Perhaps I’d retire from teaching and become an internet porn star. Hmmmmmmm… I wonder what screen name I’d choose. I liked the sound of “Raven” To be continued…….