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Chapter 1

“Hurry, girls! I don’t want to leave late,” Ashley said.

“Almost done!” the girls shouted back.

Oh, by the way, let me introduce Ashley. Ashley is the daughter of multi-million Business Tycoon Fred Wonder. Ashley is such a beautiful girl, so much so that any man would give his all just to have her. She stands at 5’5with a spectacular body shape and booty that can make a man cum just by looking at it. Ashley’s mum died when she was six-years-old, so she is all her dad has left. The thing about Ashley is she sees men as changeable tools. Her relationships with guys are normally long enough only for a one-night stand, and after, she just waits for another guy to come along. She lives away from her father, and has three childhood friends she shares her apartment with: Tracy, Emerald and Sophie


Tracy, Emerald and Sophie walked out looking glamorous. The three were also daughters of rich men.

“So, how do I look?” Ashley asked her friends.

“You look hot!” Emerald commented.

“All the guys will surely sway over you,” Sophie said.

“Yeah, but they better have big tools. I don’t deal with small-sized guys.” Ashley winked at her friends. They laughed and walked out of the fourteen-room luxury mansion they all shared. The group headed for Ashley’s black suv They climbed in, and as soon as Ashley started the car the gates opened. Things just worked like güvenilir bahis that for them.


They reached downtown and came to a stop. “Oh, I hate traffic jams!” Tracy lamented.

“Easy, girl. We’ll be at the party soon! The jam has to clear soon,” Ashley said.

“Um, Ashley, I have been meaning to ask you something for a long time now. Something serious,” Emerald said. The other three girls glanced at Emerald.

“Go on, ask me,” Ashley urged.

“Tracy, Sophie and I all got boyfriends we are going to marry soon. But you, you just keep living the life of play girl. When are you going to try and find love?”

Ashley began to laugh. “Love? Did you say love? Look hon, I don’t have the endurance to stay with one guy for long. Besides, it’s not like I lack anything. I have enough to take care of me for ten life times. When I’m growing old, I’d just adopt a girl and train her as my own, and she’s is going to take care of me in my old age.”

“Wow!” Tracy exclaimed. “You really are hillarious Oh, look! The jam is clearing! Hurry and drive to the party. Who knows, you might find love there.” The four girls began to laugh as Ashley began to drive again.


They arrived at the venue and the parking lot was already full, but they managed to see a space to park the car. They entered the building, and as they walked in all eyes turned to them. They really were türkçe bahis that beautiful and stunning. The venue was filled with lots of expensive decorations.They headed over to the lounge and settled down on a long, comfy couch.

“Oooh, Ashley! This song rocks. I think I’m gonna go around and find a dance partner. Wanna come girls?”

“Yeah!” Tracy and Sophie opted in, but Ashley declined.

“I don’t look for the men. They find me.”

“Suit yourself, girl,” Emerald said, and with that they danced off leaving Ashley alone. After few minutes a blonde guy walked up to her.

“Hi,” he said wearing a smile.

“Hello,” she replied with a blank expression.

“What’s a nice girl like you doing here all alone?” he inquired.

“Nothing. Just waiting for the right guy to come pick me up.”

“You are beautiful, I must say.”

“Oh, I know. I’ve been told that like a billion times. Enough of the compliments, what do you have to offer?” she asked him and got to her feet.

He smiled and rubbed his jaw sensually. “A lot. I can change your life and—”

“Anything apart from that?”

“What are you suggesting?”

“What do you say to having a quickie here?”

“Here is too public. Let’s go around the back.”


“Oh…” she moaned out as they furiously kissed. He lifted her up and placed her on a nearby table. He slid his hands under her dress and found she güvenilir bahis siteleri wasn’t wearing panties.

“Seems like you came prepared.”

“I’m always prepared. Now show me what you got.”

He quickly unzipped his pants and brought out his dick which totaled about 5 inches in length. He was about to push himself into her when she suddenly pushed him back and got down from the table. She stepped close to him and slapped him. “How dare you?” She walked away which left the horny guy confused.


“You slapped him? Why?” Sophie asked.

“Ugh!” Ashley grunted in frustration. “He had the nerve.”

“What happened?” Emerald asked.

“We went around the back of the building to have sex. We kissed. He lifted me onto a nearby table, and I told him to show me what he had. I was expecting foreplay, instead I heard him unzipping his pants.”

“And then you slapped him?” Tracy asked still surprised.

“No, when I looked down the guy had a five-inch dick. It was the size of a pencil!” Tracy, Emerald and Sophie burst into laughter.

“You know that’s not true. No one has a dick the size of a pencil,” Tracy said while laughing.

“Well yeah, but it was five inches and that turned me off. With how hot he looked, I thought he was gonna be eight or nine inches. At least six or seven inches!”

“Well, enough about that,” Emerald said. Just then Ashley’s phone rang, and she stepped away to answer. After a little while she came back with a worried look.

“What’s the matter?” her friends asked with concern.

“It’s my dad,” she replied.

What could be the problem? Find out in Chapter 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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