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I sat, spellbound, as Astrid told me what had happened on her trip.

Since she’s a good friend, I knew she’s a nudist at heart. Upon her arrival earlier, she’d asked, “Is it OK with you if I take off my clothes?”

As a gracious hostess, I replied, “I don’t mind at all. Please make yourself comfortable.” I watched her nonchalantly stripping, not averting my eyes from the lovely body she was uncovering. She’s tall – about 5′ 11″ tall, as an approximation. Her shining blonde hair and striking blue eyes were indicative of her Scandinavian ancestry. One of the things I found fascinating about her is, as good looking as she is – and she knows she’s regarded as gorgeous by others – she pays little attention to that.

You might think that her physical appearance might make her haughty, or snobbish – quite the contrary. Astrid was unfailingly polite and kind to everyone, beautiful inside, too.

I didn’t know if she’d feel uncomfortable if she was naked, and I was clothed, so I took off my blouse and skirt, but left on my bra and panties. Partially undressed, I fetched us some cool drinks, since my house was warm on that sunny Summer day.

Settled in, Astrid began her story. As a preamble, she related, “You know, since you’re one of them, that we good looking women can have all the sex we want.” I was flattered to be included. “Even though I have many opportunities, I feel I’m very, very selective,” she continued. “And my body is very responsive, so I have no trouble getting excited. My skin’s quite sensitive.”

She thought for a moment, and then pointed at her light pink nipples. “As an example, if caress and rub my nipples, I can experience an orgasm.”

I must’ve looked skeptical, because she said, “Oh? Would you like me to demonstrate?”

Blushing, I replied, “That’s OK. I believe you. I wouldn’t want you to have to prove it.”

She grinned, her blue eyes twinkling. “Now I insist. Perhaps it will help you better understand my story. Could I please have a towel?”

I’m not one to argue with a friend and guest, so, trying hard not to feel that things were getting a bit bizarre, I found her a towel. She folded it, placed it on the floor, and sat on it, with her back braced against the chair. I watched as she closed her eyes, and began lightly stroking the curves of her tits. The moment she did, her nipples sprang to life, poking forward. They engorged more and more as her fingers whispered closer and closer to them. Astrid’s rate of breathing sped up. Her fingers reached her nipples, her body stiffened, and then began shaking, and she gasped.

She was cumming.

My jaw dropped a bit when I observed how effortlessly she did that. Her labia had opened slightly as she went into orgasm, and the towel between them was certainly damp. The scent of her fluids was strong, but very attractive. I smiled my appreciation of her openness. “Lovely,” I commented.

“Thank you,” she said, without the slightest hint of shyness. “And once I’ve cum, it’s like my entire body is in a state of amplification. Not just my nipples or cunt can trigger me. Almost anything can. For instance, please stroke my arms.”

I think my eyes boggled a little. “Really? You want me to do that?” I asked, somewhat incredulous.

“Please,” she responded. “You’ll only be touching my arms.”

“Very well,” I said, wetting my lips, since they suddenly felt dry.

Astrid closed her eyes, letting her arms rest on her thighs. I moved closer, sitting on the floor within reach of her. I was very aware of the fragrance emanating from her cunt, due to her recent climax, as I began stroking her arms with my hands. The moment I made contact, Astrid’s breathing accelerated, and her lovely breasts rose and fell, jiggling slightly. Her nipples were again fully turgid, visibly throbbing with her heartbeat. Goosebumps formed in her skin in the wake of my movements.

“Yes,” she murmured encouragingly, keeping her eyes closed. Even though I was only lightly skimming my hands over her warm smooth flesh, I could see her muscles starting to contract at various places in her body. Her tummy muscles began contracting in rhythmic rippling waves. Seconds later, her body shook uncontrollably, and a fresh release of wetness was expelled from her pussy. “Aahhh – I’m cumming!” she gasped. “Yessss!” she hissed. I continued stroking her until she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “That felt so good.”

“No, Astrid. I thank you – for letting me do that, and see your body reacting to my touch. It was an amazing experience, seeing a simple touch have such an effect.” I didn’t flinch as Astrid leaned forward and gave me a chaste kiss. We stayed on the floor, leaning comfortably back against the chairs behind us.

“Now, I think you’ll understand my story of what happened to me on Ibiza,” she began. “I’d gone to that wonderful island with some friends, to enjoy the sun and the water. I especially liked the rather secluded nude beach that we found. Often it was very canlı bahis empty, just some couples, or small groups of people. We met a few people there, but more often we made acquaintances with people at the hotel, or at dinner.

“During that time, we met a group of three guys, who were a few years older than we were, but they were very pleasant men, so we said ‘hello’, and waved, when we encountered them. Gradually, we spoke more often with them, but they remained acquaintances, not really what I’d call friends.” She paused, to let me absorb the information.

Then Astrid continued her account. “In time, the friends I’d traveled with had to return home, but I had more vacation than they did, so I got to remain after they left. Alone, I continued going to that nude beach that we’d found. But one day, by chance perhaps, those three men were at the beach when I arrived. No one else was there that day – just the four of us.

“That morning, I was lying, belly down, on my towel, very near the edge of the sea, maybe just over a body length from it. I was facing the sea, enjoying the view, when the three men went into the water near me, playing around with each other, kidding and making jokes. The movements of their nude bodies caught my attention, because I noticed that now and then, they were touching themselves. Touching themselves in a way that caused them to start getting erections.”

I giggled quietly, thinking how typical that was of men. How they love to play with their cocks, and show off.

Astrid chuckled along with me, then continued. “I didn’t dare look directly at the aroused men. My heart was thudding hard and fast in my chest, because even out of the corner of my eye, the sight of them like that was also arousing to me. And I knew instinctively that their behavior was directed at me.

“After a while, they became bolder, and were standing up in the shallow water right in front of me. The water came only to their knees, so their erections were fully on display. They were looking right at me, and smiling devilishly.”

Looking into Astrid’s face, I saw a faint reflection of the lust she must’ve felt at that moment, and I swallowed hard, feeling my panties dampen more. I began to wish that I’d brought a towel for myself to sit on, but didn’t want to move. Moving might break the spell that the blonde was weaving verbally.

“By the way they were showing themselves to me, I understood what they wanted, but they didn’t approach me or do anything. They just began chatting with me, like we’d done several times before, in a different setting. But this time their statements had an undertone of a sexual nature, with many innuendos. Every chance they got, they also found ways to work in compliments about my looks, which certainly didn’t dampen my arousal.”

Astrid’s cheeks became a delicate shade of pink as she related, “My neck was hurting a little, craning it up, to look into their faces, so, feeling rather daring, I sat up. This, of course, gave them a view of the front of my body. I’m sure they could see my arousal from the state of my nipples. I’m not sure if they could actually see my labia, though. I have to admit, putting myself on display like that, teasing those aroused men, excited me even more. And I was fully aware of the effect that showing my body to them would have on them.

“I tried not to look directly into their eyes as we continued talking, because I was sure they’d see how excited I was if we made eye contact. However, my nipples were really hard, and with puffy nipples like these…” she held up one of her tits for emphasis, “…there’s no way to hide them when they get erect.” She paused, dramatically, and I tore my focus from her tit, because I knew she was about to reveal something important.

Astrid took a breath and said, “That’s when one of the guy’s made a compliment about my nice looking nipples. I was trying not to blush and squirm, when another of the three then boldly asked if he could kiss my nipple! And the third immediately said, ‘Me, too… please!’ practically bouncing with excitement.

“I looked at them all, speechless, because I had no idea how to answer such a request. My mouth felt too dry to talk, so I decided to let it happen. I closed my eyes, and signaled ‘yes’ by nodding my head. I leaned back, bracing myself on my arms, and arched my back, like this.”

Astrid shifted forward, so she could mimic the pose she described. It was a very sexy pose, indeed. The backward curve of her torso seemed to make her already well endowed breasts thrusts themselves even more forward, demanding attention. I tried not to drool as I looked.

Astrid looked a little starry-eyed as she confided, “I found it very exciting to pose like this in front of those horny men.”

I had a hard time speaking, since Astrid’s display was getting to me, as well. I squeaked out the question, “At that moment, did you actually want the men to touch you?”

Her blue eyes looked candidly into mine as she answered, “Yessss! Oh yes.” bahis siteleri Her flushed cheeks took on more color as she related what happened next. “With my eyes closed, I suddenly felt two mouths – one at each of my nipples, kissing and licking them! Oh my god! I’d never felt sensations like that before! I soon had to beg them to stop, because it felt like my tits were on fire!”

Listening to her, visualizing the scene she described, I actually clenched my thighs together, my own cunt getting wetter and wetter. “Did they stop?” I asked.

“Yes, they did,” she told me. “But I felt awkward, asking them to stop the way that I’d done. Especially when all three of them were kneeling on the sand in front of me, their rampant erections almost touching me, with guilty expressions on their faces, like they were afraid they’d hurt me. There was complete silence, as if no one dared to talk. We looked at each other as the silence persisted, a building erotic tension between us that was palpable.

“Finally, I broke the silence. I said something unimportant, but with a smile, and all three felt free to speak again, with their words and attentions focused on me. Their evident lust was getting to me, and a plan was forming in my head, but I wasn’t certain if I could handle it.” She paused again.

Astrid had me riveted now, wondering about the ‘plan’ to which she was referring. Vibrating with impatience, I almost asked, “What plan?” when she continued her narration.

“The third guy – the one that had not kissed my nipple, began complaining that he felt left out – that the other two had kissed my nipples, but he hadn’t had his turn. He asked if he could have his chance, too. I smiled at him. I understood they wanted more than that from me, and I realized that, to keep the situation from getting completely out of hand, I needed to maintain some control.

“So, I told the third guy that I’d let him kiss my nipple, too, since that was only fair. But before he could lean forward, I held up a hand to signal him to stop for a moment. Then I told all three of them that I had some rules for what would happen between all of us after he’d kissed me. All the men listened eagerly as I explained.

“I told them basically that if I said ‘no’ to something, that my word was final on the matter. If we go on with this, I told them, we’ll only kiss and touch – there will absolutely be no penetrations. After laying down that ultimatum, I finished with the statement that if they didn’t accept these rules, and agree to adhere to them, that I’d just leave them there on the beach alone. I reiterated that there would be no penetration whatsoever, only touching orally and manually.”

As Astrid related the rules she’d given the men, I personally wondered if men were capable of controlling themselves that completely, once they’d unleashed their lust. I couldn’t wait to hear what happened. Maybe the men hadn’t agreed, and she’d walked away.

Astrid grinned, saying, “They all agreed. The third guy kissed and licked my nipple – both of them, actually, and then kissed me fully on my mouth. I now found myself surrounded by three naked horny guys, all sprouting huge erections!

“For the remainder of the day, the rest of the world faded from our consciousness. We kissed, touched and licked each other for hours. We did this on the sand, and in the water, even being buffeted by the waves. We lost track of time. We forgot to eat.

“I must admit, in the beginning, I was still scared, a little bit. I really didn’t know how those men would act when they got even more highly aroused. But they treated me very carefully, as if I was quite delicate. They never scratched me, or crushed my body between theirs, almost as if I were a princess, or something. But that didn’t keep them from doing sexual things to me.” Astrid grinned again, remembering.

“Six hands and three tongues were exploring all the parts of my body – they seemed to be everywhere, and I was totally lost in sensation. I know they used their hands to caress me, but mainly they touched me with their mouths and tongues. I don’t know how many times they brought me to orgasm – I lost count after the 7th time. But I had more than that. Many more. After this encounter, my clit was swollen for days.”

I couldn’t help but steal a glance at Astrid’s cunt as she said this. Her clit was peeking slightly out from its hood, but overall, it looked normal, so no permanent changes had occurred. Still, hearing about all those orgasms made my own cunt convulse, and I was now sitting on a wet spot on my carpet. “Oh well, it’s my own carpet,” I thought to myself. “I’ll worry about cleaning it later, if necessary.” Luckily, I didn’t miss any of Astrid’s story during these musings of mine. She’d paused again, quivering slightly, lost in that moment.

Shaking herself, she continued, “I wasn’t just passively receiving. I did everything in my power to give them as much pleasure as possible, too. While they licked me, I stroked their dicks with both my bahis şirketleri hands. I also had those cocks in my mouth, many times. I made them cum again and again and again. They probably thought they’d encountered a nymphomaniac!” She laughed, and I joined her.

“What sort of things did you all do?” I asked. “How could you handle three men at the same time?”

“Well, let me think,” Astrid said, her tongue tip protruding a tiny bit at the corner of her lips as she concentrated. “Since I started out in a sitting position, I just spread my legs wide apart. One of them dove onto his belly, between my thighs, licking and sucking my pussy. The other two were kneeling on either side of me, so I took their erections, one in each hand, and jerked those two cocks at the same time with a pumping action. I’d wet their cocks from time to time with my mouth, letting my spit help keep them slippery. And they switched positions, so all could get a chance to suck my pussy, of course. They were good at sharing.” She winked saucily.

“And I remember sitting on a guy’s face, facing his feet, and bending over to suck his dick. While I was doing that, the remaining two put themselves on their sides, to place their dicks in my hands, so I could stroke them. I couldn’t see what my hands were doing, but I sure could feel those dicks, warm and throbbing. I liked being on top, but I let them move me around like a doll they wanted to pose. So, often I was kneeling, or lying on my back, while I sucked them one after the other. I’d suck them in turn, and whenever they could get at it, like as not, someone would be sucking and licking at my cunt. They never seemed to get bored, doing that.

“At one really memorable moment, I was lying on my back, when the strongest one lifted my hips, so most of my torso was pointing up away from the towel under me. In that position, He started rimming my anus, while a second ate my cunt and clit, and the third braced himself sideways across my face so I could suck his cock. What a sensation!

“I loved draining them. They shot their sperm on my tits, my belly, my legs and feet, my face and neck and into my mouth – everywhere! I’ve always loved the feel and taste of sperm, and my body became so covered with theirs that I didn’t want to go into the water! I didn’t want to wash it off – I wanted to stay covered with their semen! And when they ejaculated, I used my mouth to lick and suck them clean, obviously. And please realize, I never forced them to do anything. When their cocks went limp, I left them alone, I only continued when I saw them beginning to get hard again – often when watching someone else doing things to me. In such cases, I did help the guy become fully erect again with my hands and/or my mouth.

Astrid was painting such a sexy, lewd, bawdy, erotic picture that I couldn’t stand it any longer. My hands went to my bra, unhooking it. I flung it across the room, and stood, quickly stripping off my sodden panties. “I hope you don’t mind, Astrid. I want you to continue with your story, but I’ve got to finger myself. Your story is driving me into a frenzy – I need to grab a towel.”

As I romped away, Astrid called out, “Please get me a dry one too. This one is getting very wet, I’m afraid.”

I fetched two really big, thick, fluffy towels, and gave one to her. We both folded them, and sat at them, baring our cunts to one another in the process. It appeared that Astrid was going to join me, fingering herself as she watched me masturbate. I sighed as my fingers sank into my sopping, gooey honey pot, not the least bit embarrassed to have Astrid see me do this. Her story had built quite a bond of intimacy between us. As she also put two fingers into her gorgeous cunt, I asked her, “And during all that time – tell me – did you ever sit on their laps?”

Astrid’s body shivered, either from the question, or from the pleasure her fingers were generating inside her pussy. She answered, “Yes. Actually I did. But there was never penetration, as we’d agreed. Pressing their glans against their belly with my cunt, I’d rub my wet, oozing vaginal slit along the cock shaft, bucking on it until they shot their cum onto their belly. I made each of them cum like that, and I scooped their cum with my hands and rubbed it into my tits while all watched.”

I moaned, seeing her doing that in my mind’s eye. “Weren’t you tempted to actually let them penetrate you, with all that arousal?” I asked her with a groan, almost ready to cum on my fingers.

“Oh yes, many times,” she confided, her voice getting thicker with lust, her hand moving fast on her sex. “But I resisted that feeling. I suppressed it, because I knew that if I wasn’t in control, they would have fucked me in all 3 of my holes – at the same time.”

I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Gasping, “At… the… same… time!” I reached my peak, and cascaded over it into a long orgasm! Normally, I squeeze my eyes shut as I cum, but I was watching Astrid’s hands – one at her cunt, the other at her tit – kneading, squeezing, rubbing, fingering. I don’t know if my orgasm helped to trigger hers, but she came hard, moments after mine started. We looked into each other’s eyes as we climaxed. Such a moment of shared intimacy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32