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Dr. Susan Cannoni’s ‘lapse of judgement’ with her fellow astronauts aboard the International Space Station had come after weeks of missing her husband at home, and following a long period of sexual abstinence. She had been so immersed in training for the mission, she had actually redirected her sex drive towards excelling at everything else, prior to mission takeoff. Doug, for his part, had completely understood her need to succeed in this, a male-dominated enterprise, and had resigned himself to waiting until she got home to resume their sex life. For Susie, however, once she and her crew were aboard, the desires all came flooding back. Her dreams were constantly about sex – with Doug, but also with the men she had come to rely on so heavily for her safety, and her very life. When Alan Martiniz had interceded in the midst of her sleep-induced masturbation, she naturally transferred, in her mind, the desire for her husband to Alan.

The rest of the crew, led by Bob Bannon and Joachim Fontanalle, and eagerly joined by Steve Hoffmeyer, managed to take advantage of her period of weakness, which she regretted immediately afterward. Only Dr. Ivan Hurst, the older physics advisor, seemed able to allow Susie her dignity, by not joining in like the rest. For this, she was grateful, but almost more embarrassed to deal with him now than anyone else.

When he finally asked her to come to his lab, almost two weeks after, she dreaded facing Dr. Hurst, but it was pointless to try to avoid him, she knew. Once at his module, he closed the hatch so they could talk in private. He seemed as tentative as her, but finally convinced her that, as he said, “some things are inevitable.” Susie was relieved by his statement, but not totally sure that it was an excuse.

“No,” she said, “it was all on me. I allowed things to happen that never should have. It was unprofessional and it was irresponsible, and now I…” She paused, trying to elucidate her thoughts, “…I just find it impossible to look any of them in the eye. It’s like this elephant in the room, you know? Dr. Hurst, I am so… thankful to you for the way you acted that day.”

He nodded solemnly, then asked her to refer to him as Ivan. “I never liked the Dr. label,” he said. He studied her for a moment, then said in a soft voice, “You know why there is a woman on every mission now, correct?”

Susie stared at him. “I…” she began, “I mean, women are every bit as smart and talented as men. It’s pretty much a product of natural progression, I assume.”

Ivan shook his head slowly. “I mean, how and why it began, my dear,” he explained. “My country was the innovator,” he said slowly. “We were the first to fly female cosmonauts into space.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that.”

He took her arms, as she was floating away from him, and pulled her close enough to speak directly into her ear. “We have thirteen ‘space kids’ now, back home. They’re being closely studied, but of course, they’re no different for having been conceived in space.”

Susie shook her head slightly. “You mean…?”

Ivan smiled at her. “One of them is mine,” he said, nodding. “Not my wife’s and mine, I mean. Irena Casentrova was my partner on Soyuz twenty. She was… well, we were both very cognizant of why she was chosen to be there, and we acquiesced to the idea. We screwed like bunnies most of the time we were up, that first mission,” he said, grinning.

Susie was stunned. There were always the jokes, of course, and the ‘what ifs’ that naturally occurred between male and female astronauts in training. And, now that she remembered it, the statement Dr. Hong made when they first spoke, now almost four months ago. ‘What happens in space…’

Dr. Hurst saw the enlightenment cross Dr. Cannoni’s face. “So…” she began. “But wait. Dammit, I was just as capable as any…”

Ivan interrupted her. “Please, Dr. Cannoni… Susie. Don’t take offense to the idea. I know your qualifications. I also know,” he said in a softer tone, “about your psych eval, and the reasons you were probably given a little better chance of making the mission than some of the other, equally qualified females.”

Again, Susie’s mouth dropped. “My… psych evaluation? What… I mean, how do you know anything about that? That’s part of my personal record!”

She was getting angry, he saw, and he placed his hand on her shoulder. “We all get them, Susie. I don’t mean it was common knowledge, but it was, how do you say it, ‘inferred’ to me that you had certain qualities that might make you… well, a little more inclined…”

“Inclined to be what? To be the centerpiece in a gangbang?” Susie was shouting, making Ivan glad he’d closed the hatch. He hoped comms were off in his module.

“No, nooooo,” he tried to soothe, “it wasn’t like that.”

Susie glared at him. “I’m waiting,” she announced.

Taking a deep breath, Dr. Hurst began. “Okay. There is really no other way to say this. Based on your psych eval…” He paused. “How many have you had, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri by the way?”

Susie held up three fingers, but still didn’t say anything. Her eyes were still angry; she was obviously trying to control that anger. ‘To be told you’re up here because you’re a woman,’ she thought, ‘for the purposes of procreation…’

Ivan resumed. “Ah, okay. I thought as much. Did they go over them in detail with you?”

Now it was Susie’s turn to be hesitant. “Uhm… yes,” she admitted, “some of the details. I’m perfectly competent, you know.” she quickly offered.

“Yes, yes, I know that,” he replied. “I was referring to the… ahem. Sexual aspects of said exams.”

Susie dropped her head. “You mean, about the latent submissive tendencies?” She dared not look at Dr. Hurst, but she felt him nod without having to see it. A tiny fire burned inside her, just saying the words.

“So, does everyone on the crew know about this?” she asked in almost a whisper.

“No, of course not,” Ivan told her. “I only know because I’ve been in this scenario, with Irena Casentrova. And,” he continued, “I’m as close to a psychologist as it gets, as far as this crew is concerned.”

Suzie took a deep sigh of relief, letting it out in a long, slow breath. ‘At least I don’t have to worry about becoming the mission breeding sow’ she told herself. ‘Or do I?’

“Ivan,” she said, looking up into his kind eyes for the first time in long minutes, “is this considered a sexual mission, where I’m concerned?”

“What do you mean, a ‘sexual mission’?” he asked.

“I mean, are the contraception meds some sort of placebo? Am I meant to get pregnant up here?”

Ivan let the question hang in the atmosphere for a long minute before he said anything. When he finally spoke, it was, again, softly. “It’s not like that, no. But there are some… well, other aspects to this, that I wanted to address now.” He lifted her chin so he could make sure he had her rapt attention. “This begins the fourth month,” he said. “That’s when all of this was designed to be introduced. Unfortunately, given the event of a number of days ago, I’ve been instructed to ‘accelerate’ the agenda somewhat. Were you…” he hesitated once again.

Susie interrupted him. “I’ve been emailing Dr. Hong since that happened,” she said. “She’s been hinting about what you’re referring to; at least, I think. I was just too… I don’t know. Upset, I guess, to read between her lines, until now. I think I’m beginning to understand her cryptic messages at last.”

Indeed, Susie now realized, she had more than one biological experiment to attend to, as part of this mission. It had been touched upon in her personalized training, while in discussions of any possible catastrophic events that might leave the crew decimated and abandoned. And Emma had asked her more than once if she had chosen her ‘special crewmember’ yet? When Susie asked, Emma only hinted that perhaps Alan would be her choice, given that he was the first of the crew she had ‘interacted with,’ – Dr. Hong’s subtle way of putting it. Now, all of the little asides were beginning to jell into one realization – she had been unknowingly groomed to accept another crewmember as a mate while up here!

Again, her temper flared. “So, were they just going to tell me that Doug had filed for divorce?” she asked, “or that he got killed, or some other ridiculous event happened?” Her face was a mask of anger. “Then, I’d find solace in the arms of one of you guys? What the fuck? That’s not going to happen!” By now her voice was rising, almost to a scream.

Ivan tried to calm her down. “Susie,” he said. “Susie!”

She quieted immediately, perhaps due in part to her recently discussed submissive tendencies. She really hated any kind of confrontation, always finding it easier to give in. This, despite her feelings of betrayal. But she wasn’t prepared to accept what they wanted her to do. “I… I’m sorry,” she told the older Russian.

He let her take a few breaths, and then smiled at her again. “I’m afraid you’re still not following,” he whispered. “You see, Susie. You’re not expected to conceive while up here. That is so not the aim. Only… to pleasure us.” He paused for a long second to let this sink in, then added, “all of us.”

She scoffed. “Again, that’s not going to happen,” she declared, but already she could feel herself reacting to the idea.

Later, in her sleeping bag, Susie Cannoni went over every word that had transpired between her and Ivan Hurst, over the course of the last four or five hours. In that time, he very gently and laboriously laid out the role she was to play. It took that long to convince her that she was still regarded as a highly-lauded biologist, and as such had projects to complete. But there were other, more personal, ‘behaviors’ that she was being encouraged to acquiesce to; things that brought back memories she’d tried to bury for over ten years.

Her question was, “Why was I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri not informed about this during training? At least, not directly?” Then her memory kicked in, and she began to see all the little signs; signs that she’d overlooked in her obsessive striving to be the perfect astronaut.

Dr. Hurst eventually produced her psych evaluations, all three of them. It was clear he had been the one instructed to ‘bring her around’ – as such, he knew everything about the times in college, and even in high school, where she had been dominated by both boys and girls. He went over these events ritually with her, as if they had only been social events, like going to prom or being active in a school club. But it was a club of one, and no matter how matter-of-factly he discussed them, Susie was again reminded of the humiliation that she had suffered. Having each one dredged up only brought them to the forefront again.

Susie Cannoni had been ‘daddy’s little girl’ all her life – up until the day her mother passed away of cancer, and Daddy began to see her as less a blossoming eighteen-year-old daughter, and more like a ‘life partner,’ with all the duties that went with that. The sexual submission extended to her boyfriends in her senior year, and later, into college. Her hazing into Zeta Tau sorority at Hall University had quickly evolved into a nightly ritual of the pretty pledge servicing her more dominant frat sisters. This went on for two years. Added to that was a long succession of professors and admin people who had found out about her behavior, and hastened to use her for their own ends.

“Yes, but I kept my average up, and I was able to graduate magna,” she interjected. Ivan only looked down on her.

“Susie, no doubt you’re an exceptional student, and now an exceptional biologist. That’s the reason you’re on the Space Station right now.”

“As the station slut,” she muttered.

Ivan laughed at that. “You’re coming around, I see,” he said matter-of-factly, looking at her over his reading glasses.

‘Yeah, I’m coming around,’ Susie thought later. Her mind was full of everything they’d talked about, and even a couple of incidents that the psychiatrists hadn’t brought out in any of her evals; that no one knew about, except for those involved. When she met Doug, all that had changed, she thought. Now, remembering every detail she’d buried in her subconscious, Susie began to experience a regression of sorts. The tingling in her groin had begun again. It scared her, because she knew her proclivity for letting things go too far – DUH! But she vowed to keep her head. She would talk to Alan when she could. Perhaps she could do this on her terms; have her own needs met, as well as keep up with her other duties. No one needed to know, except Dr. Hurst and the NASA people who would do their little studies after all this was over. And when she got home, she would be the best wife Doug could ever ask for. She could pull this off, and maybe exorcise some demons in the process!

She tried to put out some subtle hints to Alan the next day, but he wasn’t concerned with subtlety. He heard the words “the kind of treatment I need” and he knew exactly what she was talking about. The good doctor Cannoni wanted to be coerced!

“Is that it? You need a little slap and tickle?” he teased. “You want to be reminded of what you are before you put out?”

Susie wasn’t sure if he was teasing or not, now. The look in his eyes brought that almost-forgotten sense of danger back to her, and the thrill it ignited was real. “I… I don’t know,” she stammered. “I mean… it seems like NASA… or someone… has this agenda. I’m supposed to be your… I’m not sure…”

Ivan had spoken to Alan already about what ‘they’ had in mind for Susie, and Alan was completely on board with it. He was single, and always horny. Susie Cannoni was gorgeous, a truly sexual creature. When their private moment turned into her allowing herself to be shared with the others, it only fueled his lust for a return engagement. Her guilt was probably normal after a gang-bang, he reasoned. Now he’d been given freedom to experiment with this. ‘Ya gotta love this program,’ he told himself. He immediately brought it to the next level.

“Well, I’m sure of one thing,” he said, “whether they’re proposing or just allowing an interaction, we shouldn’t question it.” He leaned in close. “I think we should get to work right away,” he whispered. He reached out and took her hand. “Cupola,” he ordered.

Susie’s heart immediately began to beat faster. Cupola was the observation module, where the crew would go to take photos of the earth and other celestial bodies they passed by. It was mostly unused during the day, but the hatches were almost never closed, so there was no guarantee of privacy. As she followed Alan’s feet down the corridor, she felt a sense of… what? Not doom, exactly, because she was, if not completely willing, at least not being forced into whatever güvenilir bahis şirketleri it was that was about to happen. In fact, her body was betraying her, even now.

Alan reached Cupola and shifted himself upward, so that his head was in the midst of the viewing ports. He triggered the shutters open, but as she floated up alongside him he reached out and halted her upward progress.

“No, baby,” he said, “your view is going to be a little different.” He pushed her shoulders slowly downward.

Susie found herself facing his crotch. He was already hard; his shorts were tented outward. She hesitated, then reached tentatively for them. Things was now out of her control. Unsnapping and unzipping, she looked back down the corridor each way before pulling them down to his calves. Alan’s voice urged her on as she unveiled his stiff cock.

“That’s it,” he said to her, “get that dick in your mouth and slurp on it.”

Being ordered like that caused two reactions within Susie – the first was a combination of anger and humiliation, which triggered the second: the crotch of her shorts became instantly damper. As the two conflicting emotions battled within her, her mouth opened. She hadn’t had the chance to get Alan’s cock inside her mouth the first time, due to him plunging immediately into her wanting pussy. Now she welcomed the chance to feel him there; to taste him. She always loved sucking a man off. More than that, she loved being TOLD to suck someone off! Doug was always so considerate with her; she often wished he would just stab it into her throat and gag her, but he wouldn’t do that. If he could give her the pleasure of being controlled… But then, that’s not what a healthy marriage looked like, was it?


Susie pushed violently away from the dick invading her throat, but Alan held fast to her head, so her body went out horizontal, but he was still buried in the pretty astronaut’s throat. Susie fought to keep the contents of her stomach down. Now that it was that far in, her gag reflex stopped spasming, and she regained some of the control she had mastered years before. Her hands gripped his thighs, but she no longer resisted. His cock was manageable, and she tried to allow herself to enjoy it. Soon enough, she’d be more familiar with it, she knew.

Alan grinned. He was already beginning to think of her as HIS slut. ‘Fuck, the guys I hung with would never believe this,’ he thought, looking down at the back of her head. The first time, he’d thought, would be the last – a lucky coincidence, but not likely to be repeated. Now he was imagining all the things he could do to her. He already knew she was able to accommodate anal. Deep-throating? Check! What else? That she was a submissive was obvious; that opened up a whole world of possibilities! He understood the domme/sub relationship, and how hard it was for the sub to break away, once the emotional bond was set. Once they got back, he would continue it. His buddies would love this one! Card games, cookouts, even nights after the bowling alley – she would be his to use, whenever he wanted. Watching her work the dick in her throat, even in zero-G, her need was obvious.

For Susie, it was an immediate return to a behavior that had been put on hold for the last few years. If she once thought she was over it, she knew differently, now. Running her tongue around and under Alan’s throbbing shaft and hearing his moan of pleasure, she realized it would never be over for her. ‘Once a slut, always a slut,’ she told herself, and felt a flash of pride that communicated directly with her pussy. She knew why she was still having such vivid dreams about sex; she craved exactly this!

Alan contented himself with staring out at the dark sky before him, occasionally looking down at the mass of blonde hair that swirled around his waist as she fellated him. He was in no hurry to cum. Rather, he wanted to give her time to reacquaint herself with her former persona, so he distracted himself by guessing at the star formations. Once he felt himself getting close, he would pull away from her face. She groaned, but by the time she was able to corral his bobbing cock back into her hot mouth, he had managed to lose the sensitivity that her ministrations aroused. He wanted to finish in that tight cunt again, or maybe even between those cheeks! He kept up the occasional verbal abuse, telling her that he was going to have her do this often and that she needed the practice if she was ever going to master cock-sucking the way a slut should.

Susie, needing both hands to hold herself against him, kept her legs tightly closed, and worked her thigh muscles against one another. The damp skin helped. She was in a constant state of arousal, and was experiencing a series of tiny orgasms without actually touching herself. When Alan called her a “basic space slut” her humiliation pushed her to a new height of lust. She drifted away from him as a climax ripped through her body, bringing back all the old feelings bottled up from years ago.

“Nnnnngggghhhh!” Her fingers went to her pussy, sneaking under the hem of her shorts and inside. Alan watched, grinning, as her back arched and she drifted against the opposite bulkhead, frantically fingering herself as her orgasm threw her into fits of pleasure.

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