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You arrive for the weekend visiting your newly married college roommate cold, hungry and tired. You’ve never met Kristi’s husband before, but even when she picks you up at the airport you can already tell she has the clear, rosy complexion of a woman who’s getting fucked regularly, and fucked well.

A short drive later you’re at their country home nestled in the snowy woods. Upon entering you ‘re hit with the wonderful smells of the meal Robert’s preparing. On the livingroom coffee table is a bottle of Chambertin, breathing, and 3 glasses.

Robert walks in with a tray of appetizers and a big grin. He’s exactly what you’ve been led to expect. Medium height and build, rugged but unpolished good looks, a quirky smile and a devilish twinkle in his eyes.

Immediately you’re thinking how much you’d love to have him do you too, but he and Kristi are newlyweds and the whole idea is absurd. You try and put the idea out of your head, but already you’ve got that tingling, wet feeling in your pussy.

He invites you to take a seat, have some wine and appetizers while he finishes dinner. Kristi and you while away a half hour or so, chatting about the old days, when Robert announces dinner is ready.

You’re seating in their comfortable, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but not ostentatious, country diningroom. Dinner is well prepared but nothing fancy. All three of you are leisurely enjoying your meal and the good conversation along with it. Still, you can’t help yourself and begin casting glances at Robert, wondering just what he’d look like naked and what he’s like in bed. You find yourself antsy to have the dinner end, so you can hop in bed and relieve the sexual tension building in you.

By the time dinner’s finished its pretty late so Kristi shows you your room and bath. Like in most country homes, this bath has an enormous old clawfoot bathtub, which Kristi has graciously re-outfitted with a modern shower massage attachment. Moments later your soaking in a hot tub, reaching for that shower massage. It’s easy to work and in soon you realize why these things are as popular as they are with your girl friends.

Working the shower massage on your clit, while fingering your tight ass, and thinking of Robert brings you to a satisfying climax sooner than you would have expected. Still, the tension’s relieved but its not the same as the real thing. Admiring you’re big perky tits, well güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rounded ass and neatly trimmed pussy while you towel dry you’re still find obsessing on Kristi’s new husband.

Resigned to a long, somewhat frustrating weekend, you head for sleep.

After an hour or so of tossing and turning you decide to head to the kitchen for one last glass of wine to help you sleep.

As you pass the newlywed’s bedroom you spy a shaft of light coming from the door jam. They’ve left the door open, just an inch or two. You know you shouldn’t, but the temptation is too great and before you know it you’re peeking through the opening.

You’re shocked at what you see. There’s Kristi, nude but for stockings, garter and high heels. Nothing shocking about that, expect she’s securely fastened to their enormous sleigh bed. Hands handcuffed over her head, her legs spread incredibly wide and secured to the bedposts, everything she has is fully on display. Or would be, except that Robert, also nude, has his face buried in her pussy.

Kristi’s moaning softly and has a look of sheer ecstasy. You know you should leave, but immediately you’re hornier than even before and can’t take your eyes from the scene güvenilir bahis şirketleri before you. As the pitch of Kristi’s cries increases you can’t help yourself and almost before you realize it you’ve reached under you’re silky nightgown and are fingering yourself.

Its obvious Kristi’s about to come when suddenly Robert stops. Kristi’s on the verge of tears and begs him to continue. Robert ignores her pleas, except to occasionally massage her now engorged clit and cuntlips. Reaching to the nightstand for a tube of lubricant, he’s cock is glistening and slippery in seconds. Not an enormous tool, but thick and powerful.

Massaging her clit, he begins to circle her tight, puckered asshole with his cock. Kristi tries to protest, but soon she’s begging him to fuck her in the ass. By this time you’re furiously working yourself , dying to climax, but also wanting to wait, see what happens.

Robert takes his time and is methodically stroking in and out of his wife’s ass. Kristi’s getting really worked up again, thanks to Robert’s ass fucking and clit stroking. The frustration of not being able to move her hands down there is clearly heightening her sexual excitement as well.

As Robert picks up the pace, its clear they’re both heading for a shattering orgasm and in moments it comes, Kristi practically shrieking.

As things quiet down you begin to tip toe back to your room and finish yourself off. That’s when the door opens and Robert softly calls to you down the hall – “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to join us, Liss?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32