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Female Ejaculation

Jim sometimes wondered about his marriage. His work friends talked about sex non-stop. They wanted more from their wives, they looked around for more, their theme was sex and lots of it. He wondered if perhaps he married too hastily. Maybe he had been with Rachel too long, knew her too well. He often felt more like her brother than her lover. He loved being with her, he loved his family. He just found it nearly distasteful to have any sexual contact with her.

It seemed lately as if things had changed. Once, Rachel seemed as disinterested as he was in all things carnal. Lately, though, she seemed to have blossomed. She glowed. She beamed. She radiated something, he wasn’t sure what it was. But it was different. Men seemed to have picked up on it. She attracted smiles and stares when they went out. Men couldn’t do enough for her. Chairs were pulled out, doors were opened. It almost seemed as if a fight might break out between men trying to be gallant. Rachel seemed different too. More comfortable in herself, happier with her body. She no longer scurried into the closet or bathroom to change clothes. Instead of perfectly useful white cotton undies, she began buying delicate, gossamer lingerie and actually walking around the bedroom in it. He noticed that she wanted to touch him more often, holding his hand while watching TV, snuggling against him at night in their bed.

It also seemed that her work had suddenly become more demanding. She was often out of town for the day, or even overnight. The kids had gotten older, didn’t seem to need them as much, and it bothered him. It did not seem to bother her, however. She was busily expanding her consulting business, traveling to meet the clients in towns all over the state.

Jim’s career was also on the fast track. He was moving up the company, with all the associated perks. He had a nice office with windows. His own secretary. A place in the executive dining room. He was expected to dress like an executive too. He waited for Rachel to go with him for new clothes, but she always seemed busy. Jim took a day off when Rachel was out of town, and went to the Mall on his own.

He went to the men’s store recommended by his co-workers and began looking at suits. He found several that he liked, but, like most men, he was hopeless at adding shirts and ties. One of the reasons his friends liked this store was the personal shopper service demetevler escort it offered. He requested assistance and was immediately met by a lovely lady. She introduced herself as Carolyn and began to help him make choices. She matched ties and shirts to the suits he had selected. She helped him purchase the appropriate shoes and socks, even underwear. Then she sent him to the dressing room to see if alterations were needed on the suit jackets or pant lengths.

When he was dressed in the first suit, he pressed the bell to summon the seamstress. To his surprise, Carolyn came in the door. She smiled at him and explained that it was a full-service store and a shopper was capable of all phases of the purchase. Jim listened, nodding his head as he really looked at her for the first time. She was tall and slender, dressed professionally, yet looking very feminine, faintly scented with peach. Her nails and lips were also a lovely shade of peach, her fingers long and graceful. She knelt beside him, smoothing his pant leg and checking the length. Jim felt a stirring of …something…when this lovely lady touched him. She didn’t notice, but continued pinning the cuff and talking about the services the store provided. When she looked up at Jim, checking the fit of the jacket, she noticed that he seemed flushed. Her hands moved on his body, checking the length and fit, smoothing the fabric over his back. When he turned again, she was eye level with his erection. Jim was so embarrassed. This had never happened before. He and Rachel had to really work on getting him hard when they had sex, it never happened spontaneously. Yet, here he was, with a cock that had chosen this moment to spring into action.

Carolyn noticed his erection tenting the pants. This had happened before and she was adept at ignoring it. Although, this time, she wished she didn’t have to. Jim was adorable, all flustered and embarrassed, unlike the regular client who felt the store should offer a service for hard cocks too.

She busied herself with arranging the suits and writing down the measurements for the alterations. Then she left the dressing room, allowing Jim time to relax and calm down. He gratefully sat on the bench, baffled at his body and his reaction to Carolyn. He changed clothes and carried his suits into the store. She treated him with professional courtesy, making it dikmen escort easier for him to finish the transaction. She promised him the clothes would be ready by the end of the week, giving him her card as he left the store.

Friday evening, Jim worked late. As he was gathering his papers in his briefcase, he saw Carolyn’s card and remembered his new clothes. He checked his watch and knew he had just enough time to go by the Mall and pick up his purchases. At the Mall, Jim went directly to the store, walking against the departing shoppers. He entered the store at nearly 9 pm, walking around, looking for Carolyn. He was told she would be right out. He wandered around the store, looking at new merchandise, watching the security men locking the doors. The lights were turned off, first the main overhead ones, then the smaller area fixtures. Jim considered going home and coming back in the morning, when he heard her voice. She was standing near him, smiling and looking deliciously tired. Her hair was tumbling down on her neck, making little curls on her pale skin. She had slipped out of her heels and now did not seem as tall or formidable. She looked extremely approachable.

They both started talking at once, Jim saying why he was so late, Carolyn explaining what took so long. They both stopped and started laughing. They tried again, and the same thing happened. Finally, Carolyn held her finger to her lip and smiled, nodding at Jim. All Jim could think about was how he wished that finger were his, touching those delectable lips.

Jim felt himself responding to her, something that had never happened to him before. He wished he were skilled or suave or charming. He wished he had the ability to do something incredibly witty. He wished… oh, it didn’t make a difference. Women like Carolyn were undoubtedly coupled with handsome, tall, debonair men. He wished, oh, he wished he could kiss her! Jim realized that he had actually expressed that thought out loud and he began to blush. Carolyn watched him with fascination. Here was a good man, a gentle man in every aspect of the word, and he appealed to her greatly. She stepped closer to him, placed her hands on his cheeks and looked into his eyes. Smiling at him, she moved her face closer to his, her breath warming his skin. She gently moved her lips over his, her tongue just barely grazing him. Then she stopped. She ankara escort didn’t move, she just stopped and looked into his kind and gentle eyes.

What she saw there released her to go on. She kissed him, again and again, in so many different ways and so many different places, totally enjoying the taste and texture of him. The store had emptied, Carolyn being the last employee to leave. They stood together kissing, touching, enjoying the sensations of desire building in each of them. Carolyn took Jim’s hand and led him to the office. There, she guided him to the huge leather couch. They sat together, kissing, murmuring sweet things to each other. She took the lead, helping Jim remove his clothes and settle back on the couch. She wanted this man and didn’t plan to wait for him to work up the courage to make love to her. She knelt before him, taking his straining cock into her mouth, unaware that this was his first time to feel such pleasure. She licked him and nipped at his skin, swirling her tongue around the head, causing it to swell even more.

Her lips were wet and soft, sliding up and down his rigid shaft. Her hands cupped his balls, massaging them as her mouth made love to his cock. She slid her mouth down to his balls and began sucking them into her hot mouth. The sensations were unbelievable to Jim. No wonder his friends liked sex so much! Her fingers slid over the little spot under his balls, causing his cock to jump and harden further. She turned her face sideways, making a C around his cock with her lips and slid up and down his shaft, leaving it wet and shiny. Jim’s fingers moved into her hair, combing the strands and holding her head there, feeling sure he would die if she stopped now. Her mouth alternated between sucking softly and firmly, licking and kissing his taut skin. Sometimes, she just left her mouth in place and breathed on him.

She raked her pretty peach fingernails up and down the undershaft, while her tongue played with the V where the shaft met the head. Jim felt ready to explode, and he wasn’t sure what the etiquette was for this. He wanted to feel her mouth around him as he came, wanted to feel her heat and her tongue lapping his come, wanted to see her swallow all of his cream. She stopped long enough to say that she wanted his come, she wanted to feel him explode in her mouth, she even said please. Then he couldn’t help himself, his cock began to swell and he felt the come pouring from him. He watched with delight as she swallowed all of it, even licking her lips. He felt wonderful. He wanted this feeling to continue. Carolyn molded her body to his and promised him there was more to come, so much more.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32