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So this thing about my former boyfriend, John, became a recurring theme in our lovemaking. To be honest, we both got off on it. At his instigation, I began telling David all about what I’d gotten up to with John, how we would kiss and fondle each other, how we spent that weekend at his parents’ cottage with another couple and I came so close to losing my virginity. How John was lying on top of me as we were frantically making out. How I could feel his erection right against the entrance to my vagina. How all I would have had to do was open my legs and pull them back and he would have been able to enter me. How close I’d come to actually doing that.

It always got us both so hot. Then, when were fucking, my husband would ask me about fucking John if I ever got a chance. I’d tell him yes, and then afterwards say that I could never do something like that in real life, all the time feeling like a duplicitous cow.

It was not a good way for me to live. This schizoid arrangement of admitting that I was curious about big cocks, when all the time, that question had been amply answered during my affair with Claudio was taking it’s toll on my conscience. I often came close to just giving up and telling Davy, but I was so afraid of hurting him because I had been selfish and weak. Faced with knowing that it happened for real, how would he feel then?

Still, talking like this during sex was something he seemed to enjoy, so I was a willing participant — mostly for him, but also for me.

Life went on.

Two years later, I was becoming more established as a player in the city where we lived. David was still on the road a lot, also freelancing for the most part. Being so clever, he could play his guitar in any sort of style. He was easy to work with, reliable, so he had lots of work, sadly none of it paying all that well at that point.

I had become a regular first-call sub in our city’s orchestra, and that was good because it gave me the inside track whenever the next permanent opening popped up. I filled in the financial cracks by teaching a few students.

Other than carrying around the weight of my guilt for cheating on my husband, life was pretty good. Starting a family was discussed, but put off until we were more financially stable.

Then it happened.

I had just gotten off the subway and was walking towards the stage entrance of the hall where the orchestra rehearsed. It wasn’t for the symphony that day, though. This was an out-of-town pop artist doing a gig that required a string section. I remember being caught up in wondering about what we would be rehearsing that day and not really paying attention.

Suddenly I was aware of someone calling my name. I turned around and there was Claudio, a huge smile on his face as he strode towards me.

“What are you doing here?” was all I could find words to say.

He put down his fiddle and threw his arms around me. Still holding my own instrument and a satchel of music, my arms were pinned to my sides. With a big kiss to both my cheeks, he held me back at arm’s distance.

“You look wonderful, more beautiful than I remember.”

“What are you doing here?” I repeated, still stunned.

“I’m auditioning for the orchestra. There’s an opening in the first violins.”

“I know.”

“I didn’t know you’re in the orchestra, too.”

“I’m not. I just sub in a lot.”

“How are things with you?”

“I’m getting work here and there, have a few students. There’s going to be a cello opening next year and I’m hoping to get it.”

“That would be amazing playing in the same orchestra.”

“How are things with you?” I asked.

“I was studying in Italy the past two years, gigging a bit here and there. I had a steady relationship with a wonderful woman, but it fell apart about 3 months ago. I decided to cut my losses and return home. Then this opening turned up, so here I am.” He glanced at his watch. “Wow. I better get in there. It wouldn’t be good to be late to the audition.” He looked at me piercingly. “Could we get together for lunch or something sometime?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea. You know…”

“It would just be lunch — no strings attached.”

“Well, maybe.”


He gave me his email address.

“Good luck with your audition,” I told him as we hugged chastely and parted ways.

Claudio flashed that devastating smile I remembered so well. “Maybe we’ll see each other around.”

I hardly remember the rehearsal that afternoon. My mind was in hyperdrive over what had happened. I was firm in a resolution that I would never cheat on David again. It didn’t matter if Claudio moved in next door. I had moved on.

Then why could I feel that my pussy was completely drenched?

A week later I heard from friends in the orchestra that Claudio had gotten the job. I don’t like to wish ill on friends, but part of me had hoped he wouldn’t be successful and would fade again into memory. The person being replaced wasn’t retiring until the end of the gölbaşı escort season, so the few gigs I got before that happened were no big deal. I couldn’t help looking across the orchestra from the back of the cello section and if the seating remained the same, Claudio would be facing right at me with only the front row of the woodwinds between us.

That summer, I tried to put it all behind me once again, but David was on the road a good deal of the time, so I had lots of time to think about things past, and get myself good and horny in the process. Most days I’d masturbate at least once, and many was the time my mind was right back there in the summer program and what I’d done with Claudio. I’d try hard to resist, but when my orgasms hit, it was usually him fucking me that was running through my imagination.

In order to tire myself out physically, I was running more than ever. In the back of my mind was the idea that I might try a marathon, since long distances were not that much of a problem for me. The more I ran, the more glances my body got from horny males, especially in the scanty shorts and tight tops I preferred to run in when the weather was beastly hot. Many was the time guys tried to chat me up. My body became even more muscular, and since I was also lifting weights (David had set up a small workout area in our basement), I was pretty buff, if I do say so myself. Coupled with my mane of wild red hair, I was now getting wolf whistles at construction sites and from horny young guys driving by. I knew what it all meant, so it didn’t go to my head, but from years of high school plumpness to this was a heady thing.

Of course, David and I tried to share a sex life while he was on the road. I’d send him videos of me diddling myself or using our dildos, and I found myself getting more and more comfortable doing this. From a pretty uptight little co-ed, I’d turned into quite the horny bitch when I let myself go.

For the few short days David was home that summer, we barely got dressed. He fucked me in nearly every room of our small house, even outdoors in our backyard a few times in the middle of the night. The thought that a neighbor might see or hear us, was a really erotic thrill for both of us.

And, of course, David was always asking me if I was being a good girl while he was gone. I’d tell him about what I was doing to myself, and he had the clips I’d email to him, but he’d always ask me if I was really horny for the real thing. I’d deflect and say that I could easily wait for his next return, but in actual fact, there were many times where a good stiff, real dick would have been a lot more satisfying.

One night we were having some nice phone sex. I’d been approached by two really good-looking guys that day when I was doing my usual 5-mile run, and they’d made it very clear what they had in mind when they asked me if I wanted to share a cold drink with them in one’s nearby apartment. I laughed it off, but when I got home, I stripped off my few clothes, threw one leg over the back of the sofa, the other leg on the floor, and fucked myself silly with my rabbit dildo-thingie, making myself cum at least three times as I imagined what they would have done to me if they’d gotten me alone.

Afterwards, I felt very guilty, but since it had only been in my imagination, I couldn’t beat myself up too much. I had been tempted a teensy bit. To make up for it, I’d videoed the whole thing and sent it off to David in manageable chunks — for his viewing pleasure.

Late in August, David was away again (gone for nearly three weeks) and I was out running early when the morning was still cool enough to enjoy. My favorite section of that running route was a short stretch of woods where the path wound a bit through the trees. Rounding a sharp bend, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but running right towards me was Claudio.

“Jill!,” he shouted as soon as he saw me.

I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t seen him and I didn’t want to be rude, so of course, I stopped.

“Claudio, I was wondering when you’d arrive in town.”

“I’ve been here for two weeks. Got a nice apartment downtown, right near the concert hall, like a 5-minute walk away. Really convenient.” He looked me up and down, making me feel completely naked in the process. “You are looking fantastic, I have to say. Do you run here often?”

I was thinking in my head, Not anymore, but said out loud, “Not really. It’s not very close to where David and I live. When I’m doing an especially long run, I throw this section in, because it’s a chance to get out of the sun.”

That was a big lie, but I didn’t want him getting any ideas.

“Well, you look great, as always, Jill, in fact, you look better than ever. Could we meet for a drink or something sometime?”

I knew that would be dangerous, but again, not wanting to be rude, I said, “Maybe when David is back in town, we could have you over for dinner or something.”

I realized just how dumb that idea might be if Claudio keçiören escort decided to blurt out something to my husband, but I figured that I could just never bother to make that invitation official.

“Well, I’ve got to be going,” I said. “I don’t want to start to tighten up.”

“I’m about done. Mind if I turn around here and run with you awhile?” Claudio asked.

What could I say except, “Sure.”

We started off again and ran about another hundred yards when all of a sudden my right leg cramped up. It was probably due to standing around in the cold for several minutes, or it could have been lack of water since I’d forgotten my water bottle that morning, but one minute I was moving along nicely, and the next, I was flat on my back in complete agony.

“Cramp,” I gasped, trying to stretch out my calf muscle.

Claudio squatted next to me. “That’s all my fault for stopping you in the middle of your run. I’m so sorry.”

My eyes were just about crossed from the pain. I’d get cramps occasionally when I wasn’t being careful, and this one was a real doozy.

He had my ankle resting up on one of his thighs, and was gently massaging the rigid muscle in my calf. Lying on my back as I was, I could see right up the leg of his shorts. Claudio was going commando, and I could clearly see his penis resting in the mesh support inside the shorts.

His hands felt divine and I could feel my calf beginning to loosen up. Problem was, I then realized, I was about as far away from my home as I could be on this route. There was no way I could walk home, and even though I always carried a bus ticket along with my house keys, the nearest bus stop was a good mile away from where I was.

I glanced up Claudio’s shorts again, just a quick one, but I think he realized. When I looked a third time, it was clear he was getting hard.

“Can you stand?” he asked.

“I should be able to.”

He pulled me to my feet and I stumbled against him. My leg really felt awful.

I limped around a little bit and realized it would be hours, if not a day or two, before I’d be able to move properly.

“You’re not going to make it anywhere in this condition,” Claudio said.

I realized he was right.

“We’re about as far away from a bus stop as you can get in this city.”

“How far?”

“Back that way. It’s at least a mile.”

“How far is the nearest road?”

I searched in my memory. “Back the way I came, there’s a cul-de-sac, maybe a quarter of a mile.”

“Then we’re going there and I’ll call you a cab. He patted the small pouch resting just above the small of his back. “Fortunately, I have my phone with me.”

I wasn’t in any condition to argue and knew it. The trip back was pretty slow. Claudio had his arm around my waist, and I had mine around his neck as we hobbled along.

Standing so close, and him having been sweating, I was bombarded by his scent, an odor that immediately propelled me back to those hot nights in the summer program when we’d both be dripping with perspiration after one of our couplings.

Claudio was obviously thinking the same sort of thing. “I loved the way your hair always smells of peaches.”

A small tremor passed through me.

“Cold?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure. My clothes got pretty damp from sweating.”

I think he knew I was lying because the day had gotten quite warm and my shorts and top weren’t all that damp, but he didn’t say anything further.

As the cul-de-sac came into view, we stopped and Claudio called a cab. We would get there about the same time the cab would arrive. It pulled up just as we did.

Claudio helped me into the back seat, and as I was telling the cabby my address, he slid from the opposite side of the car.

“Claudio, there’s no need to see me home. I’ll be just fine. Promise.”

“No, no, Jill. I insist. After all, it’s my fault you got the cramp in the first place.”

He wouldn’t back down, so I just gave up, and off we went.

My mind was in a complete uproar over what was happening. My body was, too, every time my brain flashed across a memory of my time with Claudio. I wanted him — desperately. But I had also made a vow to myself that I would never allow myself to fall into that trap again.

Claudio definitely sensed the conflict I was feeling and wisely kept his mouth shut for most of the ride. By the time the cab pulled up at my house, I was determined not to let Claudio come in. I knew the danger I would face if we were locked away from prying eyes, and I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to resist temptation. Davy had been gone a long time and I was horny as hell.

Claudio was a gentleman, paying the cabby, then coming around to help me out of the car. Then he made a move to lift me into his arms to carry me to the door.

“I can make it from here, Claudio. My leg is just a little tight, that’s all.”

“At least let me see you inside.”

“No, really, I’m fine. Thank you so much for your help.”

I pulled ankara escort his head down, intending to give him a peck on his cheek. At the last minute he turned and our lips met. It was hot enough to make me gasp and I couldn’t help returning it eagerly, before I realized what I was doing.

He pulled back and looked down at me. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come inside?”

The meaning of his words was not lost on me. I came so close to just giving in, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him into the house.

But I found the will to resist.

“I…I can’t, Claudio. Really…”

His smile was wistful. “I understand, Jill.”

“I’m married, you see,” I added lamely (as if he already didn’t know that).

“No need to apologize. I understand completely.” Then he winked and added, “But if you ever feel in need of company, please don’t hesitate to call me. You know how I feel about you.”

With that, he bounded down the steps, waved as he jumped into the cab and left. I watched it all the way to the corner where it turned and headed south before I went in.

Locking the front door behind me, I stood with my back against it, lightly banging my head against its wood, trying to knock out all the lustful thoughts cascading through me. That had been a very close thing.

Through my shower, I tried to turn my thoughts to other things, but eventually realizing there was no harm/no foul in indulging my imagination, I grabbed my razor and cleared away every speck of genital hair. With my husband out of town, I hadn’t seen any reason to keep away the stubble. Afterwards, I quickly toweled off and padded to the bedroom.

Lying in the middle of the bed, I spread my legs and began lightly touching my skin in much the way a lover would. With my eyes closed, I imagined it was Claudio and that I’d asked him to come in instead of leave. I resolutely stayed away from my “naughty bits”, amping up my arousal before pulling out our bottle of massage oil. Soon my breasts were slick as I used both hands all over them, rubbing and kneading the flesh, tweaking and pulling on my nipples until they were stiff and hard. Then it was down my belly and eventually to my groin.

Again, I steadfastly kept from touching any of my sensitive bits, but gradually circled in closer and closer. Eventually I found my outer lips and enjoyed their smoothness from my earlier shaving. I pulled at them, causing the inner lips to move and my clit to swell and begin throbbing. Those inner lips are sort of small and delicate so I played with them a bit, too. By that point, it was time to get serious. My juices were flowing freely and I was ready.

I used the big dildo on myself that day, plunging it into my wanting pussy almost violently, all the time thinking of Claudio on top of me, the roughness of his cheeks against mine as he whispered in my ear how good I felt and how much he’d longed to be with me over the past two years, how wonderful it was to feel me around his cock again, and to hear my moans and sighs, to smell my lust as it perfumed the room, and to bury his face in my hair.

Afterwards, sated, I breathed a second sigh of relief. Bullet successfully dodged. I had wanted Claudio so badly, but I had found the inner strength to resist temptation.

But with him now in town and obviously still interested, would that strength continue?


Late the next afternoon, I got a call from Davy. Since seeing Claudio, I’d masturbated or used our toys at least 4 times — and I was still horny. Expecting his call, I was lying naked on our bed, legs spread wide and my cell phone ready.

We got all the usual daily things out of the way quickly.

“I’ve been so horny,” he finally told me.

“Me, too,” I answered. “Very.”

“Are you naked?”

“Oh yes, and my legs are wide open, and I’m very wet. I’m thinking of you eating me.”

“I’ve been thinking about you and John. I’ve been imagining what it would have been like if he’d been on top of you and you’d just opened your legs, the way you’ve told me about. Would you have been able to stop him?”

I was running two fingers of my left hand lazily up and down my slit, occasionally dipping them inside, avoiding that little pleasure nubbin at the top.

“I don’t know. Maybe I wouldn’t have wanted to. Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to resist…”

“You’re making me very hard,” Davy groaned.

I giggled. “I sure hope so.”

“I’ve been thinking about John’s cock slowly opening you up, pushing in and you panting as he worked more and more of it in, giving your pussy its first feel of a cock.”

“Mmmmm… Sounds wonderful. I wish I had let him fuck me.”

“So do I. Is there anyone else you wish you could have fucked?”

I tensed up and stopped my rubbing. “What do you mean?” I tried hard to keep the terror out of my voice.

“Surely there must be guys that you see who look really good to you. It doesn’t mean you have to fall to the ground and beg to be fucked.”

I felt somewhat reassured. He hadn’t gotten wind of Claudio and me. My fingers again got busy and we both silently played with ourselves for a minute or two. Pulling my knees back, I held my vaginal lips open and snapped a photo.

“There’s something coming your way,” I told Davy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32