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Let’s see now, what should we do today? I think we will start out with a chair, a kitchen chair something with no arms on it, something I can tie your hands behind. Yes, that’s what we will do…strip you down and tie you naked to the chair. I’ll set it up right in front of your bed, close enough that you could touch me if you weren’t tied…no blindfold today though. No, I want you to see everything today.

I will crawl across your bed slowly, wearing only a dark colored bra and underwear, something lacy I think. I will kneel in front of you with my legs slightly spread and slip my hand down the front of my panties. I leave them on because there is something about letting you watch but not letting you see everything that turns me on. I can see your cock starting to get hard already, this makes me smile at you wickedly. I arc my back and push my sex out toward you with one hand bracing me and one down my panties, I let my head fall back, I can feel my long hair tickle my feet behind me.

I slip my fingers into my cunt, just tying you up has made me so wet already. I move them in and gölbaşı escort out a couple of times before bringing them up to my lips, you know how I love my own taste. Maybe I will ask you if you would like a taste, or maybe I should keep it all to myself…I think I will. I slide my fingers back into my panties and work my clit between my index and middle finger. I could come right now like this having you watch me tied to that chair but I won’t, not yet.

I can hear you moan, I know how much you like this, how much you would like to throw me down and fuck me hard if you weren’t tied to the chair. Wicked thoughts run through my head as I look at your throbbing cock…I think I will make this sweet torture a little worse, I think I will make you beg me to fuck you. Fuck you tied to the chair, doing whatever I please.

I stand up and straddle you, I take my fingers and let you lick and suck all of my juices off of them. Your lust is dangerously high, your lips full of tense anticipation. I look between my legs at you rigid cock smiling, I think I will give keçiören escort you just a little taste. I push my panties aside, I rub your cock head all over back and forth across my clit. I will use your cock instead of my fingers for awhile. Ohhhh, your making such lovely noises…it makes this torture delicious.

I think I would like to feel you inside of me, I want to hear you beg me for it though so I work your cock head just a little more. I know how sensitive it is, I know just how far I can push you.

“Would you like to be inside me?” I whisper.

The noise you make sounds like an animal trying to say yes. That’s not good enough though, I want you to beg. I release you cock and turn around I’m still straddling you but now I am straight legged and I bend at the waist, my sex almost in you face. I push my panties down, taunt, stretched between my thighs letting you see what you want most.

“Is this where you want to be?” I ask playfully

Your telling me yes as I place one hand on your bed to steady myself and then I push three fingers in ankara escort my cunt and moan loudly, pushing them in and out over and over. Now your really pulling against my restraints, I’m not worried though…I know you can’t escape. Finally I hear what I have been waiting for, your begging me to fuck you…please, Please, PLEASE!

“That’s my good boy” I coo.

I let my hand drop to your cock coating it with my juices, I know how you like it nice and wet sliding up and down your swollen aching shaft. Your saying yes, ohhhh yess.

I step forward and slip my panties the rest of the way down, I let you lick the sticky wetness off of them as I straddle you once more. I bend my knees and swallow your cock with my cunt both of us groaning at the wonderful feeling. I flex and thrust on top of you, knowing that after all that teasing there won’t be much time before you explode. I grind my pelvis into you, your flexing your hips as far as the restraints will allow you to your whole body is rigid. My fingers digging into your shoulders as I let myself pound into orgasm, I scream out…I can feel your cock become even harder as you explode into me and we come together, we stay that way for those blissful moments where we become luminous beings of lust. Where flesh is no more and only the soul remains…you are mine and I am yours.

Now, maybe I should untie you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32