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Her hands trembled in anticipation as she put on her mascara. ‘Jeeze, Quinn, get it together,’ she thought to herself trying to calm her nerves. She stepped back to admire her naked body in the full length mirror; her hands trailing her auburn hair, caressing her prodigious breasts, the supple curve of her hips, her firm long legs. She had to admit that she looked pretty sexy for 38. Snapping back to reality, she looked at the clock and realized Jack would be expecting her in an hour. They were going to the upscale restaurant of Chicago. Naked, she walked into her closet and grabbed the black dress that hugged all of her curves perfectly. But it’s what’s under the dress that makes the outfit, she thought as she grabbed the lingerie bought especially for tonight; a black lacy bra, garter, and thigh highs…no panties she thought as she felt the warmth rise inside her.

Sitting on the bed, she slowly started putting a thigh high on, enjoying the silky feel of it against her skin. As she made it to her thigh her fingers continued trailing up to the warmth of her center. What can it hurt, she thought? I still have almost an hour before I need to be in the lobby. Slowly and with purpose, she swirled her finger around her clit before delving deep in the warm wetness of her cleft. She laid back, succumbing to the bliss that was overtaking her body as her finger worked in and out, taking her wetness and rubbing it around her clit. Her nerves come to full alert, her body tenses as she lingers on the brink of orgasm. ‘Not yet,’ she thinks. ‘I’d just like to enjoy this feeling for a few seconds longer,’ when suddenly everything explodes into bright light and her entire body starts to tingle. Her hips involuntarily thrust against her hand as she’s in the throes of orgasm. She stays on the bed for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow, her fingers enjoying the wetness of her pussy.

Maybe I should make Jack come up here instead of meeting him in the lobby, she thought, before abruptly nixing the idea. They had reservations and he would be upset if she wasn’t ready (even if she was naked). That’s all right though; she had a pleasant surprise for him. Quickly and efficiently, she finished getting dressed and admired the finished product in the mirror. Yep, she really did look sexy for 38. At 7:00 on the dot, she walked into the lobby to see Jack standing there. The look of amazement on his face caused a warm smile to cross her face. The smile grew when she felt the hardness in his pants as she leaned in for a quick kiss. ‘The car is waiting,’ he murmured after her lips left his.

They arrived at LaFontaine and she was delighted to see there wasn’t a huge crowd. ‘This akyurt escort will be a wonderful dinner and I’m most excited,’ she said to Jack as they stepped from the car. She asked him if they could have one of the corner tables, explaining that the candlelight would create wonderful ambiance. Delightedly he agreed and the Maitre D led them to the round table in the far corner of the restaurant, where he lit the candles and poured them each a glass of wine before leaving them to review the menu.

Quinn slid next to Jack and took a sip of wine. She browsed the menu, decided what she wanted, and asked him to order for her so she could go to the powder room. With a quick peck on the cheek and a brush of her hand across his crotch, she rose and went to freshen up. Looking in the mirror, she thought am I really going to do this?? The excitement gave her butterflies. She regrouped and went back to the table, sliding in to sit right next to Jack again. I ordered for you, he informed her as he kissed her hand before guiding it to his lap. Thank you, she said as she gave his thigh a gentle squeeze before resting her hand on his cock. Slowly she began stroking him through the fabric of his pants. She watched the look of surprise on his face turn to enjoyment and excitement as his cock grew hard beneath her hand. The thought of his hardness made her pussy wet and her clit ache.

After a quick glance around the restaurant, Quinn gave Jack a meaningful look and didn’t say a word as she guided his hand through the slit of her dress and up towards her pussy. She could see his cock grow even harder through his pants as he realized that she didn’t have any panties on. A moan escaped her lips as his fingers found the silky wetness of her. We must be discreet, she whispered, we are in public after all.

He plunged his finger inside her, causing a gasp to escape her mouth as she thrust her hips against him. She spread her legs, allowing him better, deeper access. Slowly, methodically he fingered her, bringing her right to the brink of orgasm. As her body began to tingle and her juices pooled at the base of his pussy, he moved his finger to her clit. Oh my god, she thought, I don’t know if I can contain myself! She completely forgot she was in a restaurant as his finger rubbed firmly against her. Her muscles began to tense and the tingle was nearing an explosion, when suddenly he stopped! Opening her eyes, she saw the waiter bringing their dinner. As he arrived at the table, she feigned illness and requested their meals be put in containers so they could leave. There was no way she could wait any longer! She wanted to get home so she could feel Jack’s ayaş escort cock driving inside of her, pounding into her, the sound of their skin smacking as fucked her until she burst in orgasm.

The drive home was surprisingly fast….or not so surprisingly she thought as she remembered his hardness bulging against his pants. They rushed through the lobby, a sense of urgency emanating from both of them. They tumbled through the door to their penthouse apartment in a flurry; clothes flying everywhere as they passionately kissed, groped, and stripped their way through the rooms. As they made it to the kitchen, he hoisted her now naked body onto the counter. As he came in to kiss her, she grabbed his cock firmly in her hand and began stroking him from his balls to his head, picking up speed as the precum began to lubricate her hand.

Not yet; I want you to cum in my mouth first, he whispered in her ear before slowly trailing his way down her neck, his lips brushing against her skin. She felt a warm rush as his lips found her tits, his tongue circling slowly and firmly before lightly tugging at her nipple with his teeth. He performed the same actions with her other tit before continuing down her body, his tongue making a trail down her navel.

As he reached her waist, he moved his mouth to kiss each of her hips before kissing along the crook of her leg, moving slowly, teasingly, towards the warmth of her mound. She let out a gasp as his tongue circled teasingly around her pussy before moving on to the crook of her other leg. She wanted to grab his head in her hands and force him back to her crotch, make him fuck her with his tongue while playing with her clit so she could explode on his face, letting him taste her as she came. He grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her pussy to his face. ‘Oh baby,’ she said as his he entered her with his tongue. Her breath quickened as he moved his tongue to her clit, rubbing back and forth against it while his finger was thrusting inside her. Her muscles began to tighten around his finger and he knew she was getting close. Quinn’s hips started bucking against him and her body began to tense as he picked up intensity. ‘Ohhhh,’ she moaned as her world filled with stars and her entire body started tingling.

He kept his face against her, slowly caressing her, as her orgasm subsided. ‘That was fucking hot,’ Quinn said once she regained composure. ‘I’ll never be able to look at the kitchen the same again,’ she laughed. Abruptly and unexpectedly, Jack hoisted her off the counter and into his arms. ‘Hmmm, what do you have in mind now?’ she asked. He didn’t reply, but just gave her that look; god ankara escort how she loved that look!

He carried her to the bedroom, where he gently laid her on the bed. Quinn admired his naked body; the muscles of his arms, his slender waist, his strong legs. He was absolutely perfect and she couldn’t wait to feel his skin against hers. But first, she wanted to taste his cock in her mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned him to her, his cock at attention. Slowly she circled her tongue around the tip of his penis before sliding down his shaft to his balls. She rubbed her tongue against his balls, feeling them go tight against her. He’s really enjoying this, Quinn thought as she stopped and looked up at him.

Suddenly, she plunged her mouth onto him, taking him in fully, deep in her throat. She heard him moan as she picked up speed and intensity, sliding her mouth over his hardness from the base all the way to the tip, circling it with her tongue before taking him deep again.

This time when she slid her tongue to his tip, she tasted his precum and his hands found their way to her hair. He began to guide her, thrusting against her, inside her mouth. Just when she thought he was going to cum, he stopped! He pushed her back on to the bed and climbed on top of her. ‘And now, I’m going to fuck you,’ he whispered in her ear as he thrust hard and deep inside her pussy. Quinn met his intensity with a renewed passion, thrusting hard against him. They maintained the fast, almost needy pace for a few minutes before Quinn placed her hands on Jacks hips, slowing him down. She watched as he pulled his cock out, covered in her juices, and rubbed it against her clit before slowly sliding back inside her. And now it’s time, she thought as she guided him to roll over onto his back.

She climbed on top of him, grinding against his cock before letting him enter her. And then she rode him like never before. It felt like the whole world ceased to exist; it was only her and Jack. Her tits bounced as she moved against him, using her arms as leverage so she could increase speed. His hands explored her sweat glistened body and she noticed the color of his eyes was beginning to darken. We’re going to cum together, she thought as he grabbed her ass to keep her immobile as he thrust into her from below. With a sense of urgency, he picked up speed, thrusting deep, pulling out, and then thrusting deep again. The sound of their skin slapping mingled with their moans and just before she was ready to cum, she grabbed his balls. That was all it took. She felt him explode, filling her with his cum, as her muscles tightened around him in an orgasm so intense that she saw stars. Exhausted, she collapsed on top of him, their hearts both pounding so hard it felt like they would burst out of their chests. He wrapped his arms around her, nuzzled her neck, and whispered ‘how about that dinner?’ in her ear. She giggled and thought, ‘some things never change.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32