The Beauty of Buses

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I had made a Commercial Bus trip to North Carolina to be with my Mother for a few days. What would’ve been a nine-hour drive became a thirty-four hour trip. Mother needed an immediate surgery for a blockage in one of her corroded arteries, but she survived the operation and was alright when I had to leave.

I remembered that SEPTA (South East Pennsylvania Trust Authority) had a bus that went out that way. I could be home before the Commercial bus arrived at the Philly bus depot. So my Duffel and I were settled on the Number 45 on it’s way to Kig of Prussia (the transfer point).

I was sitting up front on one of the bench seats with my duffel on the next seat next to me. I was very tired as I don’t usually sleep well on transport. The Commercial bus had travelled through the night with a transfer in Virginia.

When she got on the bus, I was in a semi-fog state. At first all I noticed was her legs and her burgundy heels. I looked up to see Auburn hair and an olive complexion. Her blazer and skirt were both burgundy, and the ruffled blouse was white. Her stockings … well I confirmed that when she sat across from me and crossed her legs, they were a pale lilac. She settled herself and placed her worn leather satchel on the floor next to her feet. The big bus lumbered its way out of the city, up the Schuylkill Expressway, and on it’s way to its first stop at Gulpa Mills.

I was spellbound. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was beautiful… so beautiful in fact, that when she uncrossed her legs and stood up to get off at Gulpa Mills, I was in a daze. She was so graceful, so elegant….but as the bus pulled out from the stop, I snapped out of my reverie to see that she had left her satchel. I quickly pulled the Emergency Cord, grabbed the satchel and caught up with her just as she was getting into her Volvo station wagon.

“Oh god.. Thank you so much,” she almost cried out loud. I found that she was carrying some very confidential papers … being the gentleman.. I said, “You’re welcome…I’m glad I caught you…. And have a great day.” As I turned to leave I saw my bus disappear over the rise, on its way back to the Expressway….

“Oh I am so sorry, she said. I have caused you to miss your bus.”

“Don’t worry about it, there should be another one along either later today or tomorrow that I can catch.”

“Where will you stay. I can recommend a couple of Hotels if you like.”

She gave me the phone numbers and also her home phone number, in case I needed it. I went to phone the Hotels and booked into the Imperial. I got settled in my room and called the Bus Company to find out when the next bus was due. They informed me that it would not be for two days.

That gave me a complete day and two night to find something to do. I got the idea to call the woman fom the bus incident and thank her for her information about the Hotels, pendik escort as an excuse, to invite her out to Dinner.

I rand and she answered, “Hello, Helen speaking.”

“This is Bob, the guy form the bus. I just wanted to say thank you for recommending the Hotels. I have booked into the Imperial. The only trouble is that I have to wait until Friday for a bus to continue my journey. I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tonight. As a thank you and I would love to get to know you a little better.”

“You don’t owe me anything, she replied. But I would love to have dinner with you.”

“I will send a cab for you, if you will give me your address. We can then have a few drinks without worrying about driving okay. Is seven-thirty all right with you?”

“Thank you Bob, that will be fine. I’ll see you then.”

About seven-forty-five I was waiting at the entrance of the Hotel and went to meet Helen as she stepped out of the Taxi.

She looked so stylish and elegant. What had I done to deserve a woman like this. She wore a deep purple cocktail frock, with pale lilac stockings and three inch court shoes.

She didn’t wear a lot of make-up, with her beautiful olive skin shade, she just added a couple of highlights on her cheeks and eyes, and a purple lipstick. Her hair was worn in a simple bob and the red in ih made it shine and a purple lipstick. All in all, one beautiful woman.

Her bust line was about a 36C, not too big and not too small. She had very curvy hips and arse that was in proportion to the restof her figure.

We went into the Hotel Restaurant where I had already made a booking. Before we took our seats we had time to have a drink at the Bar. Helen had a Black Russian and had a Bourbon and soda. We started to get to know each other a little better. I learned that Helen was a Loans Officer in a major Bank. I told her that I was in the IT industry and owned my own business, that is why I could take my time getting home. I could get a lot of work done on a Laptop.

I also told her why I was in this area in the first place and that I had been to see my Mother. I had decided to change my travelling procedure and now I was ‘stuck’ here in her town. Not that I minded that.

I will give a description of myself before I go any further.

I am a tall man, about 6’2″ with quite a fit build. Not Olympic standards, but I do work out a few times a week. I believe in keeping healthy. I have dark brown, wavy hair, green eyes and I think I dress well, whatever the occasion. I had been a widower for a long eight years.

When the Maitre’ de showed ys to our table, I held out te chair for Helen, then sat opposite her.

She had a surprised look on her face when I looked at her. “I can’t remember when I had a gentleman do that for me last. Thank you.”

“At your service Ma’am.”

She laughed.

We maltepe escort ordered our meal and also a Californian Red Wine, that had been recommended by the wine waiter. I settled on a Steak and Vegetables and Helen ordered a Trout and Vegetables.

We continued talking while waiting for our meal to be served, Helen was a great conversationalist and we really were enjoying each other’s company. Helen told me that she was a divorcee’, and had been alone for about six years. She really wasn’t looking for a relationship but she enjoyed meeting new people.

As the evening wore on, we realized that we had drunk a couple of bottles of wine and were feeling a little tipsy, although not drunk. The Dessert tray came around and Helen ordered a Zabaglone, but as I don’t eat sweets, I declined.

After she had finished, I asked her if she would like to come to my room for Coffee and a nightcap. She accepted and we took the lift to my floor. When I opened the door and let her in, I closed it and turned and took her in my arms. I looked down into her eyes and bent down and kissed her. Sparks of electricity ran through me, and also through her, by her response.

I felt that this was going to be a wonderful end to a beautiful evening.

I ordered Coffee and Liquors for both of us. The waiter knocked on the door and after tipping him, took the tray from him and closed the door.

When I turned round Helen was coming out of the bathroom, wearing just a lilac brassiere with a tiny lilac coloured thong, along with the lilac stockings that I had noticed earlier, she also wore a garter best to hold them up. Very co-ordinated was Helen.

I thought all my dreams had come true. That I had died and gone to Heaven.

“bob, would you like me to take care of that tray, while you get into something more comfortable.”

I set the tray on the coffee table and did a quick strip down to my boxer shorts. I can assure you that she liked what she was nearly seeing. I have an 8″ cock and had started to harden the first moment I turned from the door.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bed and lay her down.

“But what about the Coffee, Bob,” she exclaimed.

“Later,” was my reply

The night was going to be interesting. I could imagine Helen being curled up in my arms in bed. I would start by kissing her wonderful eyelids and work my way down and across her face until I came to her luscious lips. I had already had a brief taste of them so I knew what to expect. I would gently caress her body and her breasts. I would bring her boobs to my mouth and suckle on them, one by one, and draw the nipples out from the aureole, aking them peak to perfection.

As I started on my downward path, I kept her on dge with my tongue and my lips. Helen insisted on holding onto my penis through my boxers. She just rubbed it up and down all kartal escort the while feeling my mouth on her breasts and nipples.

She became a little more adventurous and started to slip my boxers down my legs. Of course, I helped her by lifting myself and allowing them to slide down my legs and off.

This being done, she gently grabbed my cock and continued to rub and stroke. So thought I would do the same thing to her. Ot was time to really get moving on making love to this gorgeous woman.

I slid my hand behind her back and undid the bra and slipped it down her arms and threw it asaide. Then I slipped my hand under the tiny waistband of her thong (there was nothing to it). My mouth followed the thong as I took it over her hips. My lips found their way along her legs, starting at her toes, up her calves and her inner thighs. She was so smooth.

Helen was on a high by that time and I could envisage the thoughts going through her mind.

My lips found that precious pair of labial lips. I teased her, switching from one side to the other a few times. By this time Helen was so aroused and I could taste her creamy fluid on my mouth as it flowed out of her pussy and down my chin. I went to work on that lille nub that had been awaiting my attention. I lifted the hood of the nub with my tongue and gently tickled her clit.

She jumped and squirmed, wanting more.

I gladly gave her more and more. She was trembling and writhing all over the bed, trying to eat my tongue with her cunt. I tried to oblige her by sticking my tongue right into that love hole and laving out all the juices. She was cumming so heavily, I didn’t think she could last very much longer.

I straightened up and lowered myself over her and let my prick enter her pussy, until I felt that I was completely entombed in that velvet sheath.

I worked my hips in and out of that glorious opening and knew that I wouldn’t last too much longer.

Helen suddenly screamed, “I’m cummmmmiinnnggg.”

At the same second I felt a surge in my balls and knew that I was going to release a load inot that sweet cunt at the same time as Helen came over my prick. I could feel her as she orgasmed all over me. A flood of cum from both of us.


That was the beginning of a fantabulous night. We make love twice more before we slept and again when we woke up. It felt so good to wake up with a warm body lying in my arms. It was something that I had missed in all these years.

When we recovered in the morning. I commented to Helen, “Baby, that was incredible. You are the answer to my dreams and to think we didn’t even know each other twenty four hours ago. Can you call the Ban and take the day off? Tell them something urgent has come UP. We have a day and another night to fill in.”

“I am sure that I can get the day off, ” she replied with a smile on her face.

As it happens, she only worked for the Bank for the next four weeks. I picked her up then and took her to my home, where she married me and became a wife. We also now have a little boy.

So not all bus trip are boring. Just catch the right one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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The Bar Scene

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My job is not the least stressful thing in the world. I’ve spent five years playing the bad guy and doing others’ dirty work. I cannot even begin to think about how many times I’ve thought about quitting. So when my best friend, Angela, called me and invited me to go out for drinks with her at my local bar, I could not say no.

We arrive there around 9:00, a bit early, but if we want a good table, we need to beat the bigger rush that will start coming in shortly. We sit down and shortly after, a server comes over and takes our drink orders. Angela orders a vodka and cranberry, and I order a rum and Coke. The waiter returns shortly with our drinks. I sip mine slowly, letting the alcohol start to wash my stress away.

The music is thumping loudly, the base reverberating in my bones. It feels so good being out and social for the first time in a couple of weeks. Angela asks me if I want to go dance, and I decline. I just want a little bit of time to decompress and to check things out.

I look around the club, trying to see if anyone else I know is there. Every once in a while, we run into someone we know, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen tonight. As I look around the club, my gaze passes a man in the corner, bobbing his head to the beat. He is incredibly attractive. He is slender and muscular. He has dark hair and glasses. He is just my type.

I continue to stare at him. He meets my glance, gives me a thin smile, and returns his attention to the DJ and the people dancing. I blush, having been caught staring at him, and turn my attention back to Angela.

We start talking about the crowd and the music, when the guy from across the bar approaches the table. He is even more attractive up close than he was from across the room.

“Hi. My name is Jay.” He gives me a broad smile, and I blush.

“My name is Angela and this is my friend Nicole.” Thank goodness for Angela. I would have just sat there, staring at him like an idiot.

“Buy you ladies a drink?” he shouts over the music.

I smile at him and respond, “Sure. Rum and Coke and a vodka and cranberry.”

He smiles back and heads off to the bar. Angela looks at me and laughs. I had been watching him walk to the bar.

“What?!” I ask defensively.

“Oh, nothing,” she responds with a big grin.

He returns shortly after with our drinks. He sits down next to me, closely, and the three of us banter back and forth for a bit. He is shamelessly flirting with me, and unable to help myself, I flirt back.

As he gets bolder, he places one of his hands on my thigh, leaning in closely as we continue to chat. The music got louder, so I move so that my lips are practically brushing against his ear as I speak to him. He nuzzles into me occasionally as we chat. I can feel myself getting turned on by this man very quickly.

Angela excuses herself, no longer wanting to watch us shamelessly flirt and grope one another. I can’t blame her. If the situation was reversed, I’d leave too – give her some privacy. Shortly after she leaves, his hand moves to my inner thigh. I make a soft purring noise as his hand settles further up on my leg.

As we continue to talk, his fingers move back and forth along my inner leg, from knee to halfway up my thigh. I give a little shiver as his fingers move on me.

“Me feeling adventurous?” he asks slyly, his hand traveling a bit higher as he brushes between my legs.


He continues to slide his hand higher up my thigh and leans in to nibble my ear. “Perhaps as in keep going…” he asks as he slides his hand further up my thigh, to within a few inches of the part of my legs “…or perhaps as in not yet?” He gives me a broad smile.

I softly moaned as his hand pendik escort moves up my leg, encouraging him to continue. He reaches up further, his hand now under my skirt. His fingertip finds the small triangle of fabric that makes up the bulk of the thong I am wearing underneath. He gently presses against the swatch as he leans in and begins kissing my neck. I softly moan as I lean my head in. I place my hand on his thigh to steady myself.

He gently brushes his fingertips over my barely covered pussy in gentle, light strokes, from the crack of my ass to the apex of my slit, pressing just a bit when he passes my clit. My moans intensify as his hand moves over me. I place my free hand on his arm, encouraging his movements.

He hooks my thong to the side and presses a finger at my very moist opening and eases it in, crooking his finger over and over, hitting my g-spot with every movement. My breathing becomes more of a pant as his finger works me.

He leans in and kisses me fully. I kiss him back hungrily. He slides the finger deep and presses his thumb against my clit. My moans get louder and I kiss him more desperately.

After a few minutes of this play, he pulls his lips from mine, and smiles. He eases his fingers from my throbbing pussy and I whimper. He grabs my hand and leads me back over to the area where he had been sitting before he came to our table. He chooses a booth that is against the back wall. We both sit in the back, and this part of the club is slightly abandoned.

He begins to kiss down my neck again, and slides his finger entirely back into me. I moan louder as my hand slides up his leg and begins to massage his cock over his pants.

He looks around briefly, then once pleased with his surroundings, gives me a wink and a smile, and quickly slides under the table. He parts my legs at the knees with his hands and begins kissing up my thigh.

I look around, startled. When I see no one is around, I relax. My hands grip into the fabric of the booth as he moves his mouth.

He reaches my slit, yanks my thong to the side, and begins to circle and lick my swollen clit over and over. He holds one leg under the knee, and the other is spreading my lips open as it holds back the thong.

The sensations feel so good. I let my head roll back, moaning and breathing heavily. He runs his tongue greedily over my entire pussy, sucking my clit into his mouth occasionally as well as sucking on the lips of my pussy.

As he slowly devours me, I see Angela heading my way. She sits at the chair opposite the booth where we are. She’s obviously drunk and slurring her speech a little.

“Heyyyyy… Where that guy go,” she says drunkenly, only half interested in the question.

I feel him laugh with my clit in his mouth, the vibration shooting through me. It takes all of my will power to keep from crying out. “I… I don’t know…” I stammer out, trying to remain composed.

“I… I’mma get outta here,” she says, wavering a little…. “Me cummin?” she asks without looking at me.

“In… a minute….” I grin.

He pats my leg upon hearing that to get my attention. I glance down at him and he mouths the words “I’ll take you home” at me before returning to work my pussy with his tongue.

“Go… ahead… I’ll get home,” I quickly say to her, wanting her to leave so I can focus back on his tongue.

She waves lazily to me as she stumbles off. He begins sucking my clit again as he slides a finger back into me. My moans intensify as his finger enters me. He strokes his finger in and out a few times before bringing a second finger to the opening, slowly easing it in. His tongue viciously laps at my clit in rapid, firm lashes.

I bite my lip hard as he expertly maltepe escort works my pussy. He works both fingers up to the knuckle, and as he draws them out he angles up, glancing over my g-spot with every thrust… in and out… slowly… gently…

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I whisper loudly.

His tongue circles my clit rapidly as he quickens his fingers. His hand squeezes my leg as he spreads my lips wider. He presses a third finger at the opening and just flicks the per-anal region just below my opening. His firm strokes increase as I squirm more.

My body tenses up and I give a little shriek as I cum hard on his hand. He drives his hand deep and wiggles the fingertips against my cervix as my pussy clamps down on his fingers. He continues to lap at my clit furiously. I pant and moan as he works me through my climax.

As my orgasm subsides he slows, then stops, and climbs back into the booth next to me, rubbing my clit with his wet hand, and kisses me deeply, sharing my taste with me. I moan into his mouth as I taste myself on his lips.

“Want to get out of here?” he asks as he rubs my clit some more.

“Yes,” I manage to choke out between pants.

He smiles, takes me by the hand, and leads me out of the club. We hurry to his car. He opens the door for me, helps me in, and then gets in himself. He pulls out of the busy lot and out onto the barren streets.

“My place alright?” He asks as he rubs his crotch, giving me an intense glance….

“Yes,” I respond, my gaze burning into him.

The streets are nearly empty. He drives carefully anyway. He reaches over, takes my hand, and places it on the bulge in his pants. I massage his cock through his pants. I get a sly grin on my face as I look around. Satisfied that there is no one around, I unzip his pants.

I remove his cock from his pants and lower myself to take it in my mouth. I moan as I take his length into my mouth. The head is incredibly swollen and is dripping precum. I place one hand on the base of his cock and stroke him there while my mouth works his head.

He places a hand at the back of my head as I bob up and down on his shaft. His body stiffens slightly as the sensation of my mouth on his cock washes over him. I moan as I greedily suck his cock, wanting to give him the pleasure he gave me at the club. His hand grips my hair as I slide my mouth up and down on him. He raises his hips slightly, trying to get more of his cock in my mouth. I bury my face in him, taking his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat.

“MMMM’ he moans loudly as he begins to buck more…. “Shit…. I’m going to fucking cum….” he calls out. This only makes me suck him harder.

“Uhhhh…. UHHHHH!” He calls out as his cock swells and he begins to shoot jet after jet of hot cum into my mouth, his whole body spasming as he empties himself in my mouth. I eagerly swallow his cum. When his spasms cease, I lick his cock clean.

He composes himself shortly before pulling into his condo. He parks, leans over and kisses me sloppily and steps out of the car, motioning me to follow him. I get out of the car and follow quickly behind.

He leads me up a flight of stairs and opens the door to a sparse condo. As soon as we are both in, he slams the door and presses me against it, kissing me passionately, hands exploring my body. I kiss him back with the same intensity, my hands moving quickly to remove his shirt. My hands move over his well-defined chest and stomach. Now that his shirt is off, I see he has tattoos on his shoulders.

After his shirt is off he grabs my slinky dress and yanks it up over my head. He kisses my neck and bites my shoulder playfully. One hand slides beneath my thong, strumming my kartal escort clit again, while the other quickly removes my bra. I moan deeply into his mouth, my hands fumble with the button on his pants. I undo them and slide his pants and underwear to the floor.

He swings me around and bends me over the dining room table. He yanks my thong off entirely and buries his face in my pussy from behind. His hands grip my ass powerfully, pulling them apart slightly to give him unfettered access to my glistening pussy.

He stands behind me and presses the head of his cock against my aching cunt. He pushes his hips, and the head of his cock penetrates me, stretching me deliciously. He eases in, going deeper with each stroke. Once he’s buried to the hilt, he begins to slide in and out of my sopping pussy in easy, long strokes.

He reaches up and takes a handful of my hair and pulls playfully as he takes me from behind. I moan deeper as he grabs my hair, thrusting back against him as best I can. His pace quickens, driving himself deep inside my womb. He grabs my hips and starts pushing deeper inside me. His fingertips dig into my ass slightly, and I moan deeper.

I cry out as he fills me, my orgasm approaching rapidly. He starts slamming fully into me, his abs slapping my ass loudly as he fucks me. I feel a finger press against my asshole as he fucks me feverishly. He wiggles there, testing the waters. I cry out louder as his finger presses against me. He eases it further in, popping it in to the first knuckle.

“Oh fuck!” I yell out as his finger enters me.

He reaches under me with the other hand and grinds my clit. Sweat drips from his chest to my ass as he pushes his finger in deeper and deeper. The triple stimulation is too much, I cum hard, screaming as I do. He slams my pussy harder than ever and begins to finger fuck my asshole as well. He eases a finger into my pussy along with his cock and pulls up on the rim, against my ass.


He takes the finger, wet with my juices, and slides it into my ass with the other. He finger fucks my tight ass as he fucks the shit out of me. Another orgasm builds quickly as he tears my ass and pussy apart. He slows down, and then removes both his cock and his fingers. I feel the bulbous head of his cock press against my asshole.

“Yes… yesss….” I scream out in pure pleasure.

He slowly presses at it, until my hungry ass swallows his cock head. He grips my hips tightly as he eases it deeper in my tight ass. My body shakes as he pushes his cock into me.

“Baby, spread your cheeks for me,” he commands. I reach back and do as he says. He presses until his cock is buried all the way in my tight ass. He slowly pulls it out, and then presses it back in. Once he finds his rhythm he begins to easily slide in and out of my ass. He reaches down and fills my pussy with two fingers as he slowly and carefully fucks my ass.

I am only able to make sounds, as words have completely left me. His cock and fingers feel so good. I cry out again as another orgasm rips through me, my whole body shaking hard, breathing heavily.

As my orgasm takes me, the tightness of my ass around his cock, and the spasms of my pussy on his fingers is too much, and he can hold back no longer. “Fuuuuucckkkkk!” he cries out as his cock twitches and he spurts hot cum deep in my ass. He pumps deep with each little blast, shivers, then collapses on top of me. I moan deeply as his cum floods into me.

As he begins to soften my asshole slowly squeezes him out. As it pops out, his hot cum leaks out of my ass and dribbles down my pussy. I give a little shudder as I feel his cum drip over my pussy.

“That was amazing,” he gets out between breaths. I just smile in response.

He wraps his arms under me, gives me a squeeze, then takes me by the hand, leads me to the bedroom, and lays me down beside him. He holds me in powerful arms and his hypnotic breathing quickly sends me to sleep, sated and fulfilled.

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The BBW , The Biker Ch. 06

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It was one of those days it started out fine but you know something was going to happen before the day was over. Being a natural flirt Sarah tended to forget, a lot actually, that not all men are interested in her type, but most will usually flirt back.

Sarah has a “thing” for the following kind of men, tall blondes with blue eyes and buffed bodies. She’s not shallow; she just wound up getting in trouble when one shows interest in her, in anyway.

So on this particular day Sarah had some errands to attend to so she threw on something light because it was summer and she didn’t want to get over heated.

She was wearing a soft yellow floral sundress and strappy yellow sandals with about a two-inch heel. Though she had a bra underneath she refuse to wear panties when it’s hot. While she was out running errands wouldn’t you know it her car started giving her problems, then suddenly it wouldn’t start. Great she thought stranded, what was she going to do.

Well the only thing she could do is call someone to come get the car and me. So she called a garage and they said they would send a tow truck and bring both the car and her back to the shop. Great she thought yellow sundress greasy workshop, write off that dress.

So when the tow truck arrived out steps the most incredible looking guy Sarah had ever seen, he was 6 ‘6 about 220 pounds with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, Sarah almost creamed just standing there of course now she’d have to get into a truck with this guy and try not to get a wet spot on her dress. On top of everything he has a great smile and before she knows what she’s doing Sarah is totally flirting with this guy and he is flirting back.

He looks at the car and says he knows what it might be but he has to take it back to the shop. Sarah asks how long it will take to fix and if she should just send it with him and catch a ride home. He says it won’t be that long but if she doesn’t want to wait at the shop he would be happy to give a sexy lady a ride home. Now Sarah is in total trouble she knew she should go home but she hears herself saying the shop is fine just so she can look at him for a while.

On the ride back to the shop the flirting continues it even goes as far as him “accidentally” putting his hand on her thigh. Sarah wasn’t stopping him. Suddenly out of the blue he says you know you have beautiful eyes. Sarah could have picked her jaw up off the floor, she was so taken aback that she barely managed to get thank you out. He smiled at her and said your welcome.

By this time they had pulled up to the shop when he jumps out, runs around to the door and opens it for Sarah. She figures he doesn’t want her to hurt his truck by touching something she shouldn’t but then he offers her his hand to help her get down, electricity raced through her body as she touched him and he seemed very reluctant to let her go although he did.

He took Sarah into the shop and she was relieved to see that there was a waiting area and hardly any grease to be seem, she also noticed that they were only the two in the place. He said that Sarah should make herself comfortable and help herself to anything she wanted in the fridge, it was stocked with cold drinks and snacks. Sarah said thank you and went to take a chair that looked out on the bay.

A few minutes later he had her car up on the hoist and was busy working away. She could see that it was hot in the shop because in seconds he was pendik escort sweating and as luck would have it he reached up and peeled the t-shirt off.

Man, Sarah was glad she didn’t have to sit down it would have been a wet mess. Her nipples were throbbing and all she could think of was finding a bathroom to relieve some tension.

Though she hated to disturb him, he hadn’t pointed out where the bathroom was. So Sarah figured since she had to go out there anyway she would take him an ice cold bottle of water. Grabbing it she headed into the bay, it was hot and there was music playing in the back ground, Sarah wasn’t sure if he would hear her approaching or not, and didn’t realised is that he was underneath in a hollowed space standing under the car.

“Excuse me” she said totally unaware that when he looked up he could see right up her dress. He stuck his head out and smiled Yes? The way in which he said that made Sarah realised he could see everything. Stepping back quickly she asked if she could speak to him for a moment and he was suddenly standing beside her, way too closely and her temperature went up a few degrees.

“I was just wondering if I could use the bathroom.” she asked “And I thought you might like some water” holding out the bottle. Thanks he said taking the bottle, his muscles rippled and his chest glistened and he opened the bottle and drank it straight down spilling a little on his chest making Sarah wish she could follow it with her tongue as she watch it glide down his chest and disappear under his waistband.

“Thanks” he said, “I needed that.”

He knew she’d watched the water run down and she had visibly looked down at his crotch. Sarah could see the outline of his cock and wondered if it were hard. But then quickly remember what she was doing.

Swallowing hard she said, “Your welcome and that bathroom please.”

“I’ll show you,” he said and lead her to the other side of the shop. He held a door for her and they walked past an office and down a small hall.

“The bathroom is through there,” he stated and then said if you really need it.

Sarah looked at him strangely not sure what he met.

“I beg you pardon?”

“Well,” he said, “I just wanted to know if you needed to use the bathroom or if you were planning on relieving some tension.”

Sarah’s face got really red, OMG how did he know that was he reading my mind. He quickly closed the gap between them.

“Actually” he said, “I was going to do the same thing myself but Id rather help you instead.”

He reached down and tilted Sarah’s chin up so she could look in his eyes, she thought he was looking to see if he had the go ahead and Sarah was damn sure not going to stop him. With one hand on either side of her body he pressed her to the wall and started kissing her. His body was pressed so tightly against her, Sarah could feel that indeed his cock was rock hard. He grabbed one hand and brought it down to press against it.

“Yeah,” he said, “And its been that way since I got out of the truck at the parking lot. You in that sundress gave me an instant hard on.”

Good Lord he was massive at least 9 inches long and 3 inches around.

“Why don’t we go back to the office” he said. Sarah could only nod and follow.

Once in the office he leads her to the sofa and lowered the two of them to sit. At that point he laid Sarah back and started kissing her. His hands went to the hem of maltepe escort her dress and began to stroke up and down the inside of Sarah’s thigh. He had mans hands and they were a little rough to the touch, but God they felt good. Sarah moved her mouth to taste the skin that had been driving her crazy, he was damp and salty and he smell glorious.

“My God you smell good,” she said.

“Not as good as you,” he replied.

As Sarah moved her mouth down to his throat she wished they were in different positions so that she could move more freely and tried shifting a little. Sarah figured he got the hint because he put one knee between her thighs and leaned up. Sarah sat up and brought her mouth to the hollow at the base of his throat. He murmured and she felt his hands on her shoulders lower the straps of the dress. Sarah slide her hand down and undid his jeans, slowly lowering the zipper. His mouth moved to her shoulder and neck and Sarah was forced to stop what she was doing when he started kissing her neck.

He worked his way around her collarbone and moved lower on her body pulling the front of the dress down. Once he has exposed her bra you could see how hard her nipples were. He cupped one breast and ran his thumb over the nipple send shockwaves right through Sarah’s pussy to her toes. He used his mouth on the nipple right through the silk and slide one hand behind her unfastening the clasp. He slide the bra from her body and immediately took one nipple in his mouth. Sarah arched her back hoping to get more into his mouth when he leaned her back again. Sarah had managed to get his pants undone but that was it and in two seconds her dress was coming off and she’d be naked.

Gasping with pleasure Sarah managed to get the word wait out, and he looked up from where he had been suckling her breast. His lips were swollen and so incredibly sexy she almost forgot what she wanted when she pulled his mouth down. This time her hand slide into his jeans and wrapped around his cock. He pressed into her and she could hear the sign on her lips not sure if it was his or hers. He stood to make it easier but pulling back from her left a look of disappointment on her face.

“It’s ok,” he said dropping his pants, “I’m coming right back.”

He did, right back between her thighs stretched over her. Sarah felt his naked thigh press against her pussy and hoped it wasn’t soaking him on contact. She told him that she needed him naked for skin on skin contact. He stood quickly removing her dress and then removing his boxer briefs. His cock sprang forward hard and ready and Sarah knew she had to have it in her mouth so when he went to lay back down she slipped under him until the head of his cock brushed her lips.

“Oh,” he said in surprise as Sarah started to tease the head of his cock. There was precum dripping from it and he tasted as good as he looked. Sarah finally took just the head in her mouth ,her pussy gushed with wetness, his cock was magnificent and he slowly slid a little more into her mouth. Sarah put her hands on his ass and encouraged him to work his cock in and out of her warm wet mouth. Stroke after stroke he slide a little more in until if hit the back of her throat.

He had stopped moving so Sarah reached up and took his hand placing it on the back of her head. He understood without words what she wanted him to do. He held her head and began to push his cock past the resistance in kartal escort her throat. Going slowly so that she could breath he finally managed to break past the resistance and slid nicely into Sarah’s throat.

Holding her breath she didn’t gag and was able to pull it out slowly going back to teasing the head. Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and had his face near her pussy licking her thighs. In the summer Sarah like to keep her pussy hairless so you could visibly see how wet she was. He ran his tongue up one side and down the other of her outer lips making her shiver. Time and again his would run his tongue up and down licking only the outer lips until Sarah was begging for him to eat her pussy.

Using one hand he spread the outer lips exposing her throbbing clit and then expertly ran his tongue over it. Short steady strokes along her clit made her body was throb with need. He lowered his mouth and slid his tongue deeply inside Sarah’s pussy, flicking it quickly up and down side to side.

“Oh God,” she moaned “Your going to make me cum.”

He increased the pace and then moved back to her clit at first using just a bit to flick quickly back and forth. Then using the flat tongue to cover it with long licks back and forth. “OMG,” she moaned, “Eat my cunt, make me cum suck my clit.”

As soon as he started sucking her clit familiar tremors took over and Sarah began cumming hard and wet. She could feel her juices running down her ass and his tongue lapping as quickly as it could try to catch every drop. Once the major tremors stopped, his tongue ran long gentle swipes over her whole pussy, making it throb more. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore she needed him to be inside her.

“:Fuck me please I need to feel you inside me,” Sarah said.

He lifted up a little on his arms and moved into position. Sarah placed her hand on the side of his head wanting to kiss him when he entered her. His mouth was wet and warm and tasted of her juices, she felt the head of his cock brush her clit as it worked its way down resting outside her entrance. Sarah felt the head push through at the same time his tongue slipped into tease her tongue and when he plunged deep inside her she bite his bottom lip.

Moving slowly at first, kissing and enjoying the sensations, it wasn’t long before the pace quickened and the kisses became more insistent and powerful. Tongues teased each other their teeth nibbled and pulled as their mouths sucked at one another. The pace because frantic stroke after stroke harder and harder deeper and faster he went until the only thing recognisable was the sound of their breathing and their hearts. Sarah’s body began to tighten and she knew it wouldn’t be long.

“I’m going to cum,” she whispered into his ear.

“Me too,” he said.

Faster they went each stroke deep inside Sarah’s pussy. She felt it tighten and knew she was going over the edge.

“God,” she said. “I’m cumming.” and felt her body convulse and release. It felt so good Sarah could feel him cumming and when he exploded she felt his cum hit the back of her pussy. It was intense and he drove deep inside her holding there, while he came hard and long. Sarah’s own body wracked with shivers and spasms. He moved his mouth down to hers kissing her hard then a little slower.

“I love you,” Matt said.

“I love you too.” responded Sarah, “But do you think Steve is going to be mad when he finds out what we did in his garage.”

“I don’t think so.” Mike said “Besides I don’t plan on telling him.”

“Well I didn’t think you would but every time I pass this office I’m going to remember.”

Matt laughed, “I know but it’s ok, it will be our little secret.”

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The Bad Girl – The Clique

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The Bad Girl (2 – The Clique)

This is chapter 2 in a trilogy of short stories. You may care to read the first episode, The Bad Boy, before reading this, but it isn’t necessary.


She pulled into the parking lot at 8:20, right on time. Traipsing through the exterior doors, she felt the thrill through her sinews, hoped tonight would be as divine as some of those in the past. Lisa was behind the desk. “Hey!”

“Hi, Mel, how are you tonight?”

“Fine, hope I’ll be doing better by the time I leave!” A little more small talk, Melynda tossed Lisa a twenty dollar bill, small price to pay to get her several itches scratched.

“Listen, just so you know, Reggie’s on the guest list tonight,” Lisa confided.

Ah, Reggie, it would be good to see him again. Melynda hadn’t had the pleasure of his company in almost a year now, although there’d been a few late night phone calls. Melynda could have fallen back into his spell, but she knew her future didn’t lie with him. “That’s great, tell him to say hi. Does he have a date?”

“No, he’s a single.”

“Okay, well thanks.”

Melynda strolled into the club, assessed the congregation. By this time, the crowd was usually around a quarter of what it would be later. Since there were maybe forty people around, mostly couples hanging at the bar or sitting at the tables with food in front of them, Melynda thought it should be a pretty good group. She headed for one of the private rooms, closed the door, threw her bag onto a bed, went to work. It didn’t take her long, she’d put on makeup, daubed her nails and such at home, all that remained was a quick refresh, a change of clothes. As she stripped out of her ordinary blouse and skirt, she felt the blaze of adrenaline hit her. It always started this way, pounding heart, quick breathing, metallic taste. It was perfect, the hormone alerted her to the fact that she was ready!

And she should be, she’d been as celibate as a monk for the past six days, denying herself any male company, not even bringing herself off in the tub or bed. It was part of her ritual, a preparation for a spiritual ceremony, one she felt was as astonishing as those of the pilgrims to Fatima. She stepped to a mirror, surveyed her naked body. Yes, she wasn’t bad for her thirty-four years. The short ginger hair fell straight around her oval face, the highlights of which were her powder blue eyes and deep dimples. Melynda didn’t think her body lived up to her face, but then age does have it’s impact. The breasts, either a B or C cup, depending on the fashion, were starting to sag, just a little, not enough to bother most guys. Her waist was still trim, although lately she’d been putting on just a little weight, she’d have to get serious about her diet again. The legs were still trim, muscular, but she wished they were a little longer. And, there was no hair south of her distinct collarbones. She wouldn’t be the best looking woman there that night, but many of the guys would think she was better than simply acceptable.

Out of her bag she drew her first outfit of the night. White blouse, sleeves that curled at the elbows, mid length crow black skirt, pink bra and g-string. She only buttoned four of the seven buttons, the guys always liked a good peek inside. A wide leather belt and svelte pumps completed the array. No pantyhose or nylons, that would just delay the fun when it started. She was ready, opened the door to her fate, strode the halls fronting the private rooms, entered the bar. “Hey, babe!” the bartender called.

“Hi, Jimmy, how’s it going?”

“Superb, now that you’re here. Seltzer with lemon?”

“Please.” Melynda never drank alcohol of any kind early in the evening. It didn’t do to dull your senses, not when they were what she was here for. A couple guys gathered round, she fell into mirthful conversation. It was what she expected, a single woman always drew the men. Fifteen minutes passed, all the while Melynda was assaying the prospects around her. She had a plan, and for tonight it was important to pick wisely at first. Not that one, he had too many tattoos. Nor that one, a thick beard, she didn’t know what it would smell like. Perhaps that one, a clean cut American patriot!

The mob around her ebbed and flowed, she was confident. If a guy made a joke, she’d return it, often with a double entendre, certainly with an inviting stare into his eyes. If they glanced away, Melynda thought it indicated a lack of confidence, not what she desired, not at first.

She picked one that seemed adequate, invited, “Dance with me.” The music at this hour was soft, jazz and rock mostly, themes to get people to warm to the evening, let them eat their dinner and converse in groups. The man and Melynda swayed on the floor, after a couple of songs she let another guy break in. Then she saw Rob, with his wife. What was her name? Elissa, yes that was it. She led her current partner over towards them, Elissa saw her, the dance turned into a foursome, a few minutes pendik escort later the DJ put a slow dance on, Melynda approached Rob, his arms surrounded her waist.

“It’s great to see you again,” Rob smiled.

“You, too. You guys with anybody tonight?”

“No, we’re here just on a whim. Is Jerry her?”

“I’m all alone.”

The questions brought back a memory. A few months ago, Melynda had been here with Jerry. They’d wound up chatting with Rob and Elissa, things had wound up well in a private room.

Melynda and Rob undulated together, she remembered the attentions he paid to her that night, perhaps he thought about the joys he’d found. When the song ended, Melynda converged on Elissa, together they headed to the ladies room. While they powdered their noses, there was a bit of small talk, then Elissa confided, “I don’t know what you’ve got, but Rob couldn’t stop talking about you that time.”

“I think he’s pretty dreamy, you’re lucky to have him. Listen, if you don’t want to I’d understand, but would you mind if I borrowed him for a while?”

“No, that’d be great. But listen, there’s a single guy here that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Rob isn’t that into threesomes, so I’ve had to bide my time. Can you wait, see if I can’t seal the deal with this guy? If I can, then we can do a foursome in a room. If not, you can have Rob to yourself.”

“Sounds good to me,” Melynda agreed.

The two women headed back out, both aware of what was likely to transpire. Rob, of course, had no clue, but Melynda grabbed him back out onto the dance floor while Elissa made herself scarce. The music had quickened a little, light techno. They twirled around each other, Rob was the first to make a serious advance, cupping one of her lower cheeks. She parried, turning her back to him, forcing her ass into his groin. Off to the side, she spied Elissa chatting with a good looking black man. So, that’s the way it went! She turned to Rob, kissed him,”I want you,” she whispered into his ear.

“Fine by me,” Rob responded. “Let me go ask Elissa.”

“I’ll find a place,” Melynda suggested. “Meet me there, okay?”

They parted, Melynda found a room, two beds. Just a few moments later, Elissa was at the threshold, dragging her new toy with her. “Mel, this is Jamal,” she introduced.

“Hi,” Melynda said, to which Jamal responded, “Hey.” He was an interesting specimen, tall, slender, perhaps 30 years old. The look he gave Melynda indicated boldness, brazenness, for a moment she envied Elissa her plaything, but behind them was Rob. Melynda approached him for that first kiss of the night, the promise of a savory evening. Rob’s mouth was open to her, the taste sweet of breath mints. His hands went to a breast, her ass, she placed hers around his neck.

In a typical date, at her apartment perhaps, with a man she’d been intimate with even, Melynda would expect a modicum of groundwork; kissing, words of passion, a workup to the shedding of clothing. But in this club, most seemed to take that part of the act as inevitable, and so the formalities were dispensed with. Elissa, for example, had already stripped down to panties, folding her blouse and slacks neatly; Jamal, less tidy, was already in the nude.

As the other couple reclined on one of the beds, Melynda started a little less hurriedly, kneeling on the bed, letting Rob watch her as she stripped of her outerwear. Rob got down to his undies, a pretty pair of dark scarlet low rise briefs. They bowed onto the altar, Rob unclasped the bra, started gnawing at her nipples pleasantly. As Melynda took his prick into her palm she watched the action of the other couple. Elissa already had Jamal’s erection in her mouth, it seemed a bit bulkier than normal, the mocha colored organ contrasted nicely with Elissa’s vanilla skin, the rose of her lips.

Melynda returned from her espionage to concentrate on her own situation and that of Rob’s. His finger was now inside her panties, the clit was being stroked, the desired stage of her ardor was approaching. Now he was drawing the satin over her knees, his tongue was there, at the opening, upon the button. Melynda felt the orgasm nearing, tried to resist it – that always made it better when it finally got there. She was successful for perhaps three minutes, in the interim she was watching the other couple. They were in sixty-nine, Elissa’s pale frame resting on top of Jamal’s dark body. Coos came from her throat, Jamal was obviously adept at the art.

Then it came, that first roar of the evening, and for some strange reason Melynda found that her forearms were shuddering in the euphoria. The eruption rolled over her body, Rob stayed with her even as she bucked, for a brief second the sensation dulled then started again, even more ferociously, Melynda had no sense of time or place. The passion ultimately dialed down, she absorbed that Rob was stroking her entire body mildly, Jamal was watching, his huge brown eyes locked into hers.

Now that she maltepe escort was back with the mortals again, she understood that the time had come to amuse her partner, she squiggled down, the already hard rod was suckled by her mouth. His precum was mild, she liked the way it coated her tongue, the way the baton twitched as she sucked and licked. Rob seemed ready, it was he that pushed her away, then dragged her until they were facing each other. “You’re sexier than hell,” he complimented, to which she replied, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

She rolled on top of him, her breasts fell onto his chest, her legs splayed to either side, the private parts were inches from being linked. Without using hands she attempted penetration, but the skin was too slippery, fingers were needed to guide the missile into the dock, rendezvous was complete. As the upper partner, Melynda knew she was most responsible for movement, and she rubbed and squished pleasantly. Rob had his eyes closed, he was savoring every moment with his strange partner. Realizing that her g-spot was being missed, Melynda rose to nearly vertical, that was better. On the other bed, the couple was linked, Elissa on her back, Jamal was inside her, beside her, his movements were quick, Elissa’s breasts bounced forwards and back with the lunges, shrieks foaming from her lips.

And now, Melynda felt the wonderful tingle returning, another set of orgasms hit her, she caromed on top of her crony. Without waiting for her to finish, Rob pulled her off and into a kneeling position, positioned himself behind her, inserted again. This was even better, he reached around to cup a nipple, she somehow remained up on that wondrous plateau. Through the mist, she heard the cries of the other woman, and raucous squawks from Jamal; it was obvious that Elissa’s dreams had come true. And quickly after, a rumbling within her vagina warned Melynda that Rob was soon to spray, she pushed back to give him a firm target. A sense of moist warmth spread around her genitals as she heard a low roar from her partner, she’d given him what he wanted, needed.

Bodies rearranged, a cool front spread through the room, the two couples becalmed. Whispers of appreciation, compliments were heard, the married couple asked each other if it was good, the strangers told of a wondrous experience. In true swinger fashion, the entire escapade lasted less than three-quarters of an hour, Elissa was the first to grab her panties, Rob followed suit in dressing, Melynda felt no compulsion to follow, although Jamal sat on the side of the bed and put his boxers on, he donned no other clothes. After he was cloaked, Rob gave Melynda a final kiss, pet and word of appreciation, Elissa did the same for her lover, then they were out the door.

Jamal looked to the naked woman on the opposite bed, said, “How you doin’?”

“Just fine, how about you?”

“Perfect. You mind if I come over there?”

“Come ahead,” she invited.

As he approached, Melynda felt no shame that in a few moments she would take her second man of the night, a complete stranger at that. All she knew about Jamal was his name, that he was of a different race, and that his cock looked beautiful as he was screwing Elissa. And she wanted what the other woman had had. The first kiss was rough, when he grabbed at her breast Melynda felt the heat, his prick was in her hand, still amazingly hard. He pushed her back, she uncoiled her legs, the penetration was quick and complete. Melynda didn’t mind that moments before Jamal had been with another woman, didn’t think about it, couldn’t care less.

Perhaps his dick was bigger than Rob’s, she couldn’t really tell in this position. She knew only that it felt good inside her, different, as all men were, one from the other. His movements were stronger, his need greater, and she responded in kind, letting him sweep her into orgasm, a long, thorough apogee. She felt his firm, hard rump, the brawniness of his arms, the hardness of his breastbone upon her bosom, their pubic bones met with violence. From time to time Jamal would slow, rearrange a knee or arm, they’d kiss, but soon Jamal would return to his assault, if Melynda came down from the mesa for a moment she’d return quickly.

Did he come, add his dross to that of Rob’s? Melynda wasn’t sure, she only knew that Jamal seemed to tire of the bawdy exertion, his thrusts slowed, he rolled from her. “That was good, baby,” he praised.

“Yeah, you too,” she responded, and meant.

“You come by here often? Or maybe you can give me your number?”

“If you see me here again, make sure you come by and say hello.”

“You got a man?”

“Sort of,” she agreed.

“Well, he’s a lucky son of a bitch.” Jamal sat, began to dress himself. Melynda walked into the bathroom with her bag, shut the door behind her, took ten minutes to cleanse herself, pretty herself again and change into her second outfit, a tight fitting tank top with black and sheer alternating stripes. kartal escort One solid streak disguised the lower part of her breasts, the height perfect for sporadically revealing an aureole. Below it she donned a lacy red boy short, a pair of black pumps, she was ready. Two couples were looking for a room, she smiled as they filed past her. Then it was out to the dance floor.

The party was seething, the dance floor full with gyrating bodies, Melynda joined them. She flitted from partner to partner, a woman she didn’t know flowed to her, Melynda accepted the kiss and crush of breasts. After nearly half an hour during which she’d been groped by almost everyone there – she’d groped back, felt the girth of perhaps twenty penises – her legs tired, she needed liquid. Jimmy presented her with another glass, she sucked it greedily, let him refill it. The crush at the bar had dwindled, Melynda assumed that most of the guys were either in a room with someone or off hoping that a girl in the public room would wink at them.

Distantly, she became aware that she was being watched by a man sitting at a table in a darkened corner. Yes, it was Reggie! She hadn’t seen him in months, a flash of recollection coursed through her mind, and yes, her body. He’d been a good teacher, introduced her to the elations of debauchery. Now he’d seen her recognize him, he rose and approached her. “Hi.”

“Hello,” she replied, allowing him a kiss on the cheek. He was looking older, a bit heavier, some grey was approaching his temples. “How have you been?”

“Pretty good.” A few scraps of small talk, he asked, “Would you like to go somewhere?”

There was a small area in the club walled off with easy chairs and love seats, a place for relaxing, neither complete nudity or licentious behavior was encouraged there. They sat across from each other. “So, how’s Pam?” That was the woman who’d replaced Melynda as Reggie’s student, Melynda hadn’t been jealous or angry, at that time she’d felt for weeks that it had been time to move on.

“Oh, she left me. Got very upset when I told her I wanted to watch her screw another guy. She was never as open as you were. Turns out she didn’t even like anal.”

“Hmmmm. So what are you doing for fun now?”

“Ah, just hanging out. I’m so glad you’re here. I don’t suppose there’s any chance for a rematch, is there?”

Melynda thought about letting him have a mercy fuck, decided no. “That would be a little redundant, wouldn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

“There’s plenty of other girls here, I’m sure you won’t be lonely.”

“Probably not. But I know they won’t be as good as you. You still with Jerry?”

“Yes. Big news there, we’re engaged.”

“And you’re here? Congratulations.”

“Oh, he knows where I’m at. He’s got his daughter this weekend, told me I should come by myself and have fun.” Melynda had come to the club one night, nineteen months previously, with Reggie. He’d wanted to have a threesome, Melynda had picked out Jerry, it had been a marvelous screw, they exchanged phone numbers. It had been somewhat a impetuous affair, half romantic dates, half swapping with other couples or singles, nights at the club joyfully screwing whomever. Melynda was certain her marriage wouldn’t be the standard until-death-do-us-part, but she was sure they would make it work.

“Where’s the honeymoon going to be?” he asked.

“Hedonism, I absolutely insisted.” In reality, there were round trip tickets to Rome in her future, but she thought Reggie would prefer the deception.

Reggie and Melynda continued to catch up, jobs and such, and minutes later the conversation petered out; they’d never had that much in common, save the surge of melding their bodies. Melynda went back to the dance floor, Reggie disappeared. While resting, Melynda was approached by a couple she’d never met, they were pleasant and after a few minutes of talk it was obvious that the woman was attracted to Mel. Melynda considered her option, but the female was somehow savorless, the man just a little shoddy. No, Melynda could do better, she politely left them.

What now, Melynda considered, and she headed for the pool. She disrobed, entered the balmy water, stretched her muscles in the depth, surrounded by four or five couples playing together. Two young men entered, both enticing, as they stripped she observed them straightforwardly. One, the shorter one, had a considerable dong even when limp, the other had most inviting lips. After they began to soak gazes developed, when they attempted to catch her eye she stared back brazenly. Then she swam to them, stopped between them. “Hi guys!”


“I’m Mel.”



“What brings you here tonight?” It was a sassy question, begged for a similar reply.

“We heard about this place, decided to come see for ourselves if it was true.”

“And is it?”

“Don’t know yet. We’re still hoping.”

“Oh, well, let’s see what we can do.” Melynda had already decided that these two would make a fine caucus. Standing between them, she placed a hand on both their necks. “Have you two ever had a girl at the same time?”

“We had a couple of girls in the same room one time, then we switched. But it sounds like fun.”

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The Babysitter

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Holly Chapman had spent the entire day staring out the windows in class, day dreaming about the big birthday date her boyfriend had planned for her that night.

Kyle Thompson was captain of the football team, and drop dead gorgeous. He was a picture-perfect definition of football jock; 6’1″ complete with the broad shoulders, well-defined abs, shaggy, sandy blond hair and blue eyes. The two had met on the field, during practices, because she was head cheerleader. It may have been a little stereotypical, but sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.

Kyle had turned 18 three months before Holly, and since he had missed her official big day last week because of a practice, he wanted to make tonight extra-special!

Now she was at home, still staring out the windows, when the phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hi, Holly? This is John McKay,” the voice replied.

Holly often babysat John’s two kids, Mark and Sarah, when he had business to take care of, or errands to run. The McKays had lived down the street from Holly since she was a little girl; she had watched the kids grow up and was their only sitter. John was a single parent and had been since his daughter, Sarah, was born 2 years ago. His wife had died during childbirth. And still, to this day, Holly had never seen him on a single date, or even mention the prospect of one.

Holly loved sitting for John, and any excuse to see him for that matter. In the last few years John had become the star of many of Holly’s private fantasies. Even though there had to be at least 25 years between them, Holly found herself thinking about him more often than she would have cared to admit – to anyone.

John was about 6’2″, just taller than Ky, with a dark complexion, brown eyes, and a dark ‘business-like’ hairstyle that was streaked with grays and whites, the trademark of any father. He was a lawyer in a large firm, and always dressed as if he were going to be called in on a moment’s notice.

“Hi, John. How are you?” she asked.

“Holly, I’m desperate! I need you!” he begged.

“Hehe. What do you need me to do?” she asked.

“Can you PLEASE baby-sit for me? Tonight? I’ll pay double! Please Holly?! I have a last minute business dinner with the president of the firm. I’m sure it’s going to get me the new co-president position,” he begged.

Holly knew he really needed her. He didn’t know any other sitters. She was his regular. But she had really wanted to go out with Ky…!

“It will only be for a couple of hours. Holly, Please.” he repeated.

How could she say no? Clearly she had no choice. “Okay, what time?” she sighed.

“OH MY GOD! Thank you sooo much Holly!! 6:30…thanks bye!” he said excitedly.

She hung up the phone and sighed heavily, picked up the receiver again and dialed Ky’s number.

“Hey Babe, ready for tonight?” he asked (damn that caller ID).

“Um, Ky…Yeah about that…I have bad news. I can’t go out tonight. I have to baby-sit the McKays. It’s an emergency. I’m really sorry.”

“But Hol….I have reservations and everything. I really wanted to see you.”

“I know, and I’m so sorry. I really want to see you too…I’ll – I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Just I really can’t go out tonight.”

“Well, maybe…maybe I could come see you?” he asked coyly.

She chuckled, “Yeah, that would probably be okay. Hmmmmm, why don’t I bring them a movie and put them to bed with it early? Yeah, I’ll call you when you can come over okay?”

“Sweet! Okay talk to you then. Bye”

“Bye.” Again she put down the receiver and sighed.

She knocked on the McKay’s door shortly after 6. She was always a little early; it gave her more time to see John. She had pulled some Disney movie off the shelf at home for the kids and had it tucked under her arm, along with a few CD’s, and a little bell. John answered the door with his shirt unbuttoned and ushered Holly through it.

“Come in Holly, I’m just finishing up here,” he said, as he was buttoning up his shirt, heading for his bedroom. “Make yourself at home.”

Holly went into the kitchen, grabbed a coke from the fridge, and sat down at the kitchen table. Sarah ran into the room and threw herself at Holly’s legs.

“HHOOWWWWYYY!!!” she screamed, clinging to her legs.

Holly laughed and picked the little girl up.

Sarah was an adorable two-year-old, who made you think twice about that terrible-twos rumor. She had strawberry-blond hair, today worn in pigtails tight to the back of her head. She had sparkling green eyes and a smile almost full of new baby teeth. She was only tall enough for the pendik escort top of her head to reach Holly’s mid-thigh; she had a good portion of her baby fat left, but you wouldn’t call her chubby. Today, her dad had dressed her in a cute jean dress-jumper and a white blouse.

“Hi Sarah!” Holly said and gave her a big hug, “where’s your big brother?”

“Uhhhh, his woom…I-I phink…” she answered.

“Well, let’s go see, shall we?” Holly said, standing up, putting Sarah on the floor and reached out to hold her tiny hand.


Sarah led the way down the hall to Mark’s bedroom. She opened the door and pointed to Mark lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Mark’s walls were lined with sports posters, and team pennants, his floor cluttered with toy cars, and baseball cards. Mark was a bright boy, who was nearly 8, and loved every sport imaginable, although hockey was his favorite. He had white blond hair, fair skin, and was tall for his age, which made him look even skinnier than he already was. Holly remembered how often people told him he looked like his mother.

“What, I don’t even get a hello anymore?” Holly asked acting hurt.

“Sorry, Hi Holly,” he mumbled, not looking over at them.

Sarah climbed up on his bed and started jumping. “He’s caa-aannky!” she teased in a sing-song voice, laughing.

“You mean cranky?” Holly asked, lifting her off the bed onto her hip.


“What’s the matter, Mark?” Holly asked.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” he said, sitting up, “really.” He looked more bored than he did cranky, so Holly dropped it.

“Knock, Knock,” said John. “I have to go now. I should be home between 9 and 10. You can put Sarah to bed by 7:30, and Mark by 8. Thanks again Holly. You’re a lifesaver. I don’t know what I’d do without you. C’mon guys, give Daddy a kiss.”

He bent over and kissed his kids on the cheek, and then Holly’s too, and winked at her.

After he had pulled out of the driveway, Holly called the kids into their dad’s room.

“Hey guys, guess what? I brought you a movie.”

“Yay!” they screamed in unison.

“How about you watch it in here while I do my… homework in the living room okay? I’ll go make you some popcorn.”

When she got back with the popcorn she put the movie in tucked them in, and turned out the lights.

“We’re going to play a little game…If you need anything; you can call me, by ringing this little bell, ok? And then wait here and I will come see what I can do for you. It’ll be like …room service in a hotel…Okay? Have fun.”

She threw that last part in to try and keep them from walking in on her and Kyle.

Ky arrived at 7 and she opened the door and let him in.

“Hey baby,” he said, pecking her on the lips.

He looked around the room….”Hey, are we alone?” he asked.

“Yeah the kids are in John’s room watching a movie…”

She put in her CD’s, turned on some soft music, as Ky made himself comfortable on the couch. She laid down beside him and rest her head in his lap.

“You know I’m really sorry we missed our date tonight Kyle.”

He sighed and brushed the hair away from her face, “It’s okay

Holly, maybe some other time.”

“Well I still owe you….and I said I’d make it up to you remember?” she said sitting up…”I thought we could still have some fun tonight…”

With that she climbed onto his lap, facing him, and took his face in her hands and kissed him hard. She completely took him by surprise, but he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pulled her close, and squeezed his hands on her small round butt. He was surprised, but eagerly returned her loving, passionate kiss.

She broke their kisses, many minutes later only to pull off his white muscle shirt, revealing his well-defined rock-hard abs which matched his shapely, muscular arms very well.

‘It’s no wonder he’s so good at football!’ she thought to herself as she licked from the edge of his khaki shorts up to his chest. She then sucked each of his nipples briefly, and nipped at them lightly with her teeth. Holly continued to kiss him all over…on his neck, his chest, nipples, and sucked on his earlobe.

“Whoa, Holly…what are you doing? This is so different,” Ky muttered and moaned softly.

She was usually so conservative about sex. She never initiated it, and was always very soft and gentle; it was never sex, but making love. And she had never enjoyed oral sex; it was only ever something she did grudgingly to please Ky. There was going to be none of that today.

“Shhhh, just enjoy it babe,” she whispered into his ear.

She maltepe escort returned to the edge of his khakis and ran her fingers along the waistband. Slowly she pulled them down his legs. She took them, and his sandals off, and threw them over by the door. He was left sitting on the couch wearing only his boxers, looking down to his girlfriend, still utterly shocked. This new side of Holly was something he’d never before imagined, but something he was definitely enjoying. Every new touch she made, and breath she took was turning him on even more. When she ran her soft fingers up under the legs of his boxers, he twitched in curious anticipation. Holly massaged his upper thighs and he instinctively spread them slightly. Ky’s boxers had formed a tent over his crotch and Holly smiled as she lightly ran her long fingernails over the soft flesh of his inner thighs. She ran her fingers up to the elastic in his boxers and slowly, carefully pulled them off, too. This revealed that his abs weren’t the only part of his amazing body that was rock-hard. She kissed the top of his head softly and then took it slowly into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and then sucked. He moaned and his member swelled even more, to about his full 8 inches. She put her hands under his ass and squeezed, pulling him closer to her as she shoved his entire cock down her throat all at once.

“Uuhnnnhhhh” he moaned, tightening all the muscles in his thighs and ass. He couldn’t believe how different this was, already, from any other blowjob she had ever given him. She even seemed to be almost…almost enjoying it. She looked up at him and her eyes twinkled and he could feel her lips turn into a slight smile as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him off.

She moved her left hand from his ass to his balls and rolled them gently, occasionally squeezing or tugging at them. She would roll them in her hand, fondle and tickle them. Then she slid her mouth up to his head again and flicked the tip of her tongue across the underside of his manhood. She could feel his balls contract and she shifted her mouth’s focus to them. She began to lick and suck each of them while she used her hand to jack him off. Her right hand was gripped firmly, and she pumped it up and down hard and fast. When she could tell he was getting closer to cumming she sucked hard again on his head and her tongue darted all over the smooth surface of his pulsating penis.

*Ring**Ring* The kids were calling her.

“Oh Holly,” he groaned. She took him all back in again and held it at the back of her throat and sucked hard. She felt his balls tighten at her lips and he shot load after load of hot cum straight down her throat. Holly swallowed every drop hungrily and licked her lips. She had never swallowed before, and evidently Kyle was impressed.

“Oh, my god, Holly! That was freakin’ amazing,” Ky breathed as he relaxed back into the couch.


Holly kissed him gently on the lips, letting him taste his own juices, and said, “I’ll be right back.”

Holly walked down the hall, smiling, and fixing her hair. She glanced at the wall clock on her way down to John’s room to find out what the kids wanted: 7:34. When she reached the bedroom she found Sarah half-asleep, arms folded over her chest. And

Mark, trying to seem more awake than he obviously was, was holding the bell.

“Hey guys,” she whispered. “You rang?”

“Mmm-hi Holly,” Mark yawned. “It’s after 7:30, it’s Sarah’s bedtime. She was sleeping, but I think the bell woke her up.”

“Nun-unhhh!! I -yawn- wasn’t seeping!” Sarah tried to protest.

“I’m sure you weren’t sweetheart, but he is right, it’s time for bed. I’m going to bring your sister to bed, do you want to finish watching the movie or are you ready for bed too?” she asked Mark.

“I wanna finish it,” he replied adamantly, in a clearly exhausted voice.

“Okay then, if you say so. I’ll come back and carry you to bed in awhile then, sleepy-head.”

She picked Sarah up and carried her to her own bed, kissed her softly on her forehead, and tucked her in.

She went back to the bedroom to pick up their emptied bowl of popcorn, and brought it to the kitchen sink before she sauntered down the hall to the living room and back to Ky. He was still on the couch, looking very relaxed and was slightly massaging himself. She stepped in front of him, hands on her hips, and smiled.

“Baby! You’re back!” Ky said, smiling.

“Mmmhmmm, sure am…” she breathed, kissing him on the cheek. “You stay still now, I’m not finished with you…”

She stood in kartal escort front of him, swaying her body to the music still issuing from the speakers, as she painfully slowly pulled her top up over her head, before she tossed it to him. Holly slowly slid her skirt past her hips and let it fall to the floor. She danced closer to him as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She let gravity have its way with it and it fell to the floor, near his feet. Throughout her sexy dance Ky’s cock had once again begun to harden. She put each of her knees on the couch beside his thighs and pressed her thonged pussy up against his growing member. Then she proceeded to rock her hips, grinding against him while he caressed her body and breasts, giving him an erotic lap dance until the end of the song. By that time, he was definitely at his pull potential once again. Holly stood up, and turned around so that her ass was at his eye level and then she bent at the hips slowly pulling off her moistened thong and then stepping out of it.

Holly whipped her hair around and turned her body to face his. She glanced at the clock on the wall behind Ky: 7:46. She’d have to have him out in an hour to be safe. She stepped toward him, and once again put each of her knees alongside his thighs and sat on his lap. She reached behind his neck and pulled him in for a long steamy kiss, pressed her body against his chest and kissed him hard. Holly slowly lowered her sopping pussy onto his engorged cock. His head slipped in and then Holly slowly let more of him in, inch by inch. When it was half way in she stopped and moaned as she lowered herself onto him, completely, in one quick movement. She rocked her hips into his pelvis, setting the pace…not slow… but not too fast, either…Kyle met her pace with solid, deep thrusts. Ky began caressing her breasts, and squeezing her nipples. Then he sucked one into his mouth and flicked his tongue across it, sucked and gently nibbled on it. Holly, enjoying her new sexual confidence, ran her fingers through his soft hair, gripped it tight and pulled his face back up to hers. As they kissed, Kyle rest his hands on her hips and pulled Holly closer to him, and he deepened his thrusts into her. Holly felt herself contract, putting more pressure on Ky’s penis and they both moaned together. Holly put her hands on his big shoulders and tightened her inner muscles around the base of his cock and forcefully sped up their pace. Faster than, probably ever before, Kyle pumped Holly with his nearly spent cock. Their breathing became more erratic, louder, and they were making short moans and grunts. The more she thought about her take-charge attitude about this non-missionary style sex they were having, the more she thought she was going to cum. Holly tightened her grip on his shoulders and around his cock, as Ky pumped harder, faster, and Holly closed her eyes, breathing heavily.

“Uuuunnnnhhhh, oh my —!” he started to scream, but Holly had to stifle it by kissing him, in an attempt to not wake the kids up.

He screamed into her mouth and then he once again shot his hot cum into her now trembling body. Holly clenched her vaginal muscles even tighter yet as her body shook in an intense orgasm that lasted a long time.

Holly collapsed in an orgasmic heap on top of Ky. Once they had regained their composure, Ky kissed her on the top of her head, and she kissed him back softly on the lips.

“That was better than dinner any day, baby,” Ky said, holding her close to him.

“Well you know…I babysit here a lot…” she hinted. “So we could probably do this again soon.” She looked up at the clock again – 8: 55. John said he’d be home between 9 and 10!

“Umm…. Kyle you really have to go though, I don’t know when John will be home, but it will probably be soon.” She stood up and started getting dressed and he followed suit.

“Okay, Hol, call me when you get home, okay?” he said when they had finished.

“I will,” she replied as she showed him to the door.

“I love you, Holly. Tonight was amazing,” he said and they shared another long passionate kiss.

“I love you too,” she said then closed the door behind him.

She leaned backwards onto the door and sighed (with a huge smile on her face this time) before she walked back into John’s room to put Mark to bed. As she had expected Mark was passed out in the same spot he had been when she left him. She picked him up, and carried him off to his bedroom, laid him down and kissed his forehead, too. Back in the living room, she tidied things up and sprayed some perfume to try and hide the smell of fresh sex.

Then she returned to John’s room, put the bell next to the movie case, beside the TV, and pressed rewind on the VCR. While she was waiting she made John’s bed, and laid down on it, exhausted. She didn’t even notice when she drifted off to sleep.

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The Australian Visit Ch. 2

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The following day Neil and Polly slept late, both surfacing from separate rooms at around noon. Even though Polly had assured him that Dave would be completely happy with the situation, Neil had suggested that it would not be proper to spend the entire night together while Dave was unaware of the situation. Sitting together in the expansive kitchen, they both enjoyed the good meal Polly had prepared. Neil was ravenous and ate heartily while Polly watched him with an amused smile.

“God, Neil. Do you always eat like that after sex?” she laughed

“Mmmm. Yes I suppose so. Especially with a woman as beautiful as you!”

“Flattery will get you everywhere”

Dave stopped eating for a moment and looked serious. “But, you know, I’m still a little guilty. Dave is my brother and I’ve just made love to his wife. The situation is weird to say the least.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better Neil, I spoke to Dave early this morning and told him the whole story”

Neil stopped in mid chew with his fork half way to his mouth and looked at Polly in wonder.

“Wh..wh…what?” he mumbled

“I told you, it’s fine. Dave is totally cool with all this” she reassured him, “we have a totally open relationship, I think that’s what keeps it so special. Anyway, He’s taken his pretty little assistant with him on this trip and I don’t suppose she is just there to take notes and hold his hand, do you?”

“Wow, I never realised. And you’re ok with that?

“Sure. Don’t get me wrong we’re not sleeping around, but Dave spends a lot of time away these days, and I for one cannot go for long without a good fuck!”

“So what happens now?” said Neil

“Well, Dave wants us to call him tonight. Together. He must have an idea for something!” she replied with a wicked grin.

The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully. Polly busied herself with various household chores while Neil took advantage of the hot climate and lounged around the pool in the back yard with a good book. As much as Neil tried to concentrate on his reading, his mind kept wandering back to the events of the night before. The temperature outside was topping 80 degrees, and as he replayed the incident in his mind, the combination of heat and his own excitement began to tell on him. What made matters worse (or better!) Was that Polly was now outside watering the plants wearing only a tiny high-cut bikini.

“Time to cool of a little!” thought Neil to himself as, trying to hide a growing erection, he stood and jumped into the pool. The cool water having the desired effect, Neil started swimming furiously from one end of the pool to the other. Back and forth he swam feeling his muscles stretch and putting every ounce of energy into his strokes. As he finally surfaced at one end of the pool, he shook the water from his short dark hair and looked up. Polly had finished watering the flower beds and was watching him.

“Come on in” said Neil with a grin “It’s a great way to cool off!”

Polly smiled warmly showing her perfect white teeth “No. I don’t want to get my hair wet….and any way, we don’t want you using up all your strength now!”

Neil was about to ask her what she meant, but she had already turned her back and was flouncing off towards the house.

“Dinner in an hour, OK?” she called back over her shoulder.

The conversation that evening flowed freely, the two chatting away about a variety of subjects. Neil insisted on clearing away after the meal, and after loading the dishwasher went to join his sister-in-law in the lounge. Polly had opened another bottle of wine and the two sat comfortably and continued talking. After a while, Polly drained her glass and announced that she was going to take a quick shower. Now sitting by himself, Neil flicked on the TV and scanned the channels eventually settling on a football game. After half an hour, he was well into the game and did not hear Polly enter the room and only noticed when she sat next to him.

“Aahhhhh football” she groaned

Neil turned his attention away from the TV. Polly was sitting very close. The aroma from her freshly washed hair was intoxicating and she had changed her clothes. Neil let his eyes drift over her body. She now wore a white silk blouse and faded blue jeans. It was obvious that she had not bothered with a bra and he could clearly see the outline of her breasts and nipples though the sheer fabric. Her blonde hair was still damp and tied back in a pony tail and she was barefoot. She leaned towards him and lightly kissed his lips.

“I think we should call David now” she whispered “he’s expecting our call.”

The telephone was next to the sofa where they both sat, and Polly leaned back and hit the speed dial and hands-free buttons. Neil could once again feel his apprehension rising as he heard the ringing tones and then a familiar voice answer.


“Hello, darling it’s me!” said Polly. The connection and the phone’s loud speaker were good, Neil could hear both sides of pendik escort the conversation easily.

“Hey baby, how are you today beautiful?”

“Oh we’re both great here” replied Polly “You doing ok?”

“Yeah, not bad. But my assistant Jane has gone out for the day with a few of the girls, so I’m all alone!”

“Ahh..poor baby’s all by himself!” said Polly in mock sympathy

Neil though he should join the conversation

“Hey bro! How’s things”

“Neil!…great to hear your voice man. Just fine thanks.”

Neil thought that everyone seemed to be avoiding the real issue here and was about to try to find a way to say something when Dave cut him off.

“Neil…Polly told me what happened last night!” Neil was pleased that Dave’s voice seemed light and untroubled.

“I guess she has had time to to you? I hope that you are cool with all this?”

“Cool?…you bet I am! Your wife is one very hot lady!”

“Dave laughed “yeah, I know. It’s a shame I’m not there to enjoy it a little more! I hope you feel up to a little more of the same tonight?”

“Always ready for that bro!” replied Neil

“Yeah, but this might be a little different, I want you to make love to Polly while I’m on the I can hear everything!”

Neil thought that he was unshockable, but this little revelation from his brother left him almost stuck for words.

“Wh..wh..what? Are you sure…I never did anything like that before!”

“Well, it’s up to you mate, but both Polly and I want it to happen.”

Neil looked at Polly as she nodded her head eagerly

“Neil, this will be great. I’ll feel almost like I’m a part of it. Come on, give it a try?”

Neil was finding it difficult to keep his eyes off Polly’s exquisite body as he agreed.

“Fantastic!” shouted Dave down the phone. “Just keep me on speaker phone and I’ll tell you what to do.”

Dave, obviously excited by the prospect of what was to come, took a second to compose himself before speaking again. Neil and Polly sat waiting. When, at last, Dave’s voice came again it resounded through the speaker in a deep baritone.

“Polly…stand in front of Neil and slowly remove your blouse. Neil, tell me what you see…you are going to be my eyes.”

Slowly Polly complied and Neil duly reported to his brother as he witnessed the sight of his sister-in-law lingeringly unfasten the buttons of her silk blouse. Three then four buttons were slipped, and then the fifth and final fastening came loose. Neil licked his lips, his eyes glued to the stunning beauty in front of him, as, oh so slowly, she shimmied the blouse from her shoulders and let it fall onto the floor.

“Dave, the blouse is on the floor now…oh god….her tits are so beautiful…I can see her nipples starting to come erect now….oh what a sight!”

With a groan of pleasure, Dave continued with his instructions.

“OK, Neil. Kneel in front of her and start to undo her jeans.”

Not needing a further invitation, Neil slid to the floor in front of this vision. Gently but deliberately, he let his hands slide up her covered legs, feeling the muscles of her trim thighs until, with slightly trembling hands he reached the waist band of her jeans. He could feel the heat from her naked abdomen just above his hands, and looked up at the sweet round globes of her breasts. His hands fumbled slightly with the waistband of the jeans as he located the button and slowly let the zipper down.

“Oh Dave…I can see her panties now…nice yellow bikini ones….I’m sliding the jeans down now and kissing her stomach…mmm it feels so hot.”

Polly meanwhile, had been stroking her nipples, getting them hard.

“Oh, Dave” she cried “my tits are so hot…please let me get out of these panties.”

“OK. Take them off and get Neil to taste your pussy”

Neil could hear a slight change in Dave’s voice. More urgent. More demanding. He guessed that Dave’s hand was also busy. Neil pulled off Polly’s jeans completely. Lowering his head from his position in front of her, he could not resist burying his face in her panty covered crotch. He nuzzled into her. He could almost taste the scent that emanated from the dampening panties, and inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the sweet, fragrance. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the tiny, yellow garment, and with renewed vigour, briskly jerked them down her legs and off. Dave voice came again in urgent inquiring tones.

“Are you naked yet honey? Ohhh….Kiss her Neil..taste her for me.”

Gently Neil picked up the naked girl in his strong arms and placed her on the sofa. Immediately Polly’s legs spread giving the fully clothed Neil a close up view of her delectable charms.

“Oh yes baby” said Polly as Neil positioned himself “he’s going to kiss me …down there…my pussy…oh god baby, I’m so hot!”

Neil Knelt between her outstretched legs and placed both hands on her thighs, pushing them gently further apart. maltepe escort His lips softly touched the inside of her thighs as he began raining feather-light kisses slowly and tenderly inching his way upwards. Polly was moaning and sighing softly as her hands went behind Neil’s head and encouraged him on. Upwards and upwards he kissed. The closer he got to her now open and damp pussy, the stronger he could smell her scent. As his lips reached their goal, he let his tongue gently caress her pussy lips, sliding the length of her slit and flicking casually over the hardened clitoris.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh” cried Polly, as she pulled on Neil’s head “Ohhhhhhhh yes baby………there…that’s it…..mmmmm…so hot… nice”

Dave’s voice again came from the loudspeaker. “Oh yes..oh baby…I know you want to cum for it it”

Neil continued to lap and caress her. As his tongue entered her hole he could feel the lips unfold like a flower, feel her pussy draw him inside. Gently he took her sweet, wet clit between his lips and sucked it into his mouth.

“AAGHHHHHHHHHH …….YESSSSSS!!!!!……I’m gonna cummmmmmmmm”

Polly’s hips jerked involuntarily from the sofa as Neil felt her legs tighten and her pussy contract around his tongue. Her whole body seemed to shake and tremble as it had the previous night as the orgasm took hold. He continued to suck and lick as the orgasm continued. Polly thrashed around trying to get more of his tongue inside her. Her back arched and she squeezed her tight nipples heightening the sensations. Eventually she loosened her grip on the back of Neil’s head and let her body go limp as the climax subsided.

“How did you enjoy that honey” said Dave from the confines of the telephone.

“Oh” she stammered, trying to get her breath back “My whole body’s gone floppy now!”

“Well my cock’s sure not gone floppy!” said Dave with a laugh. “And I bet Neil’s is just the same by now!”

Neil was sitting on the floor still fully clothed and also trying to get his breath back. “Hard as a fucking rock bro!” was his reply

“Give him a little treat Pol. Do the toe thing!..he’ll love it!….Neil take your jeans and underwear off and let her do the rest.”

Neil was curious as he looked at Polly. She smiled back and nodded, indicating that he should do as Dave requested. Dave shrugged and started to undo his jeans. He quickly pushed them and his shorts down his legs and off his bare feet and sat on the floor in front of the sofa where Polly had positioned herself.

“Close your eyes Neil, and let Pol do the rest ok?”

“Ok bro.” Neil replied shutting his eyes, his cock standing proud.

The next thing he felt was an unbelievable sensation. He quickly opened his eyes to see Polly sitting on the edge of the sofa with her bare feet in his lap. His cock jerked as she gently, sensuously ran her naked toes up and down each side of his hard shaft. As she reached the tip she slid the sole of her foot across the sensitive head and then repeated the process over again. Up and down..up and down.. massaging his throbbing tool between her feet and toes. The sensations were nothing like Neil had ever experienced before. His balls ached and his penis throbbed uncontrollably. His mind was reeling and he was only faintly aware of Dave’s voice in the background obviously pleasuring himself and letting out little sighs and moans down the phone line. Polly was, as usual smiling, as her feet worked Neil’s cock. Bringing her feet together to masturbate him had caused her legs to fall open once again and Neil could take pleasure from the sight of her shaved, wet pussy as well as the physical sensations coursing through him. The tightening in his balls took him completely by surprise. He could hardly believe that this was going to happen so quickly, but it was going to happen. Neil realised that he had been holding his breath, for how long he was unsure, but now he exhaled deeply and quickly drew in another lungful of air. As he did this Polly, sensing that he was nearing his climax, squeezed his cock between her pretty feet. This was too much for Neil and, letting out a cry, jerked himself forward. He felt the cum boil up from his balls. He felt it rush through his shaft and erupt in a torrent from the head.

“AAAGGHHHHHHHHH….jesussssssss christ… aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… yessssss… I’m cumming……on your feet baby….all over your pretty toes”

Neil’s face was a display of ecstasy as he continued to pump his cream over Polly’s feet, and Polly, rather than pulling away, seemed to be revelling in the sticky liquid, massaging it onto his cockhead and around his shaft with her slick toes. As Neil’s cock spent its last, he was aware of grunting noises coming from the phone. “Ugg…ugg…yes…yes…yes… gonna cum soon…ugg..ugg”

Neil saw Polly move quickly towards the phone

“Come on baby” she said into the speaker “cum for me…I’m squeezing my tits for you..just the way you kartal escort like it baby, cum for me”

“Oh yes..oh yes.. Squeeze them honey… I’m imagining them now…wrapped round my stiff cock…oh god..yes..yes..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS….AAAHHHHHHHH”

The room was suddenly quiet as all three recovered from their respective orgasms. Dave was the first to break the silence.

“Wow..that was great guys..did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

Polly and Neil both sounded their agreement.

“Well, I gotta run now. It’s 8.30am here and I got a meeting at 11.00. But Neil, if I know Polly, she’s probably itching for another round by now! You can take care of this one by yourself OK. And Neil, don’t forget, she’s got another hole apart from her pussy!!!”

Polly visibly blushed when she heard that “Oh Dave! You are naughty!”

“OK guys, well I gotta go…have fun now y’hear”

“Well that was different!” said Neil as the line went dead. “I’ve never cum like that before.”

“Dave assures me that it’s a wonderful sensation, and I must be honest, it feels great for me too!” Polly replied with a grin.

“So what was all that about another hole then?”

Polly blushed again “Oh god. Dave got me to try anal sex a little while ago, and I just adored it. It feels so nasty. So forbidden!….maybe we could…..?”

“Sure, that’s good with me…just give me a second to get my breath back. You really got me going there. I can’t remember when I’ve cum so hard.”

The couple sat naked on the floor and shared another glass of wine as they recovered. Neither could keep their hands to themselves, and between sips, hands roamed over breasts and pussy, cock and balls, teasing, exciting, stimulating. Soon the wine was forgotten as they kissed, tongues entwining. As Polly lowered her head and gently licked the cum from Neil’s now hard tool, Neil retuned the favour my stroking her wet slit with his fingers, making sure that he massaged her clit every time his digit slid down her lips. Every now and then his now wet finger would slide further down and gently tickle her anus causing little moans of excitement to escape her lips.

“Oh god Neil, do it now baby ..I’m ready…fuck me..will you take me in the ass, please?”

Neil was ready as well. He had found, that in his experience, most girls had to be slowly talked into anal sex, if they would do it at all. But here was this beautiful woman, his own sister-in-law, practically begging him to fuck her ass. This he was not going to pass up. Gently he lifted her onto the sofa. Without further direction, Polly leaned her naked torso over the back of the expensive furniture and spread her legs behind her. Neil looked at her from behind. Her ass was smooth and round the cheeks glowing in the half light. He could see her legs twitch in anticipation, her feet still streaked with the evidence of his orgasm. He bent over her and gently pulled her buttocks apart. His head lowered and his tongue softly lapped at her still wet pussy from behind. Polly started to sigh and moan once again as Neil let his tongue trace a wet line towards her pink puckered back hole. Lapping over her asshole left him in little doubt that she was incredibly excited. He moans turned to cries of pleasure her sighs to wails of ecstasy as he continued to probe the tight hole with his tongue.

“Oh it now baby…I want you, need you in my ass .. please, now baby … please!”

Neil knew it had to be now. Drawing himself up onto the sofa behind her he positioned his cock at the entrance to her gaping pussy, and with a gentle lunge, slid gracefully inside. He stroke his cock once..twice..three times into her vagina, recalling with fondness the velvet like sensations that he had experienced the night before. After the third stroke he reluctantly withdrew his well lubricated cock from the confines of her pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her nether hole. Slowly and with great care he started to push. The hole felt incredibly tight, he could feel the resistance and was about to back off for fear of hurting her. But before he could make any move, Polly lunged herself backwards. With a modest scream from Polly, he felt the hard head of his cock slip past her anal muscle and slide deeply into her ass. The sensations of her feet may have been good, but this felt fantastic, so tight, so unbelievably hot.

“Fuck me Neil…fuck my ass baby…fill me with your cum.” she moaned

Always ready to oblige a beautiful lady, Neil started to move his cock in and out of the tight hole. Starting slowly and gently he ploughed her, picking up the pace a little as she encouraged him with her lustful words. As Neil drove his length in and out, he was aware of Polly’s hand moving between her legs, stimulating her clit. The faster that Neil pistoned his cock, the faster she rubbed her clit timing her movements perfectly with his in a symphony of pure lust. On every downward thrust, Neil could feel his balls lightly slap her pussy and occasionally touch her rubbing fingers. When this happened, Polly would lightly squeeze his sac causing his excitement to rise further.

“Oh god..Neil…I’m cumming again…fuck me my ass..oh yeah..fuck my ass hard baby!”

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The Artful Lodger

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We’d been asked if we would like to support a local sports club by offering to billet an athlete for the coming season. Providing them with a home in return for some expenses.

Our kids had long left home and we had the room, so it seemed like a good idea. Though I confess, I had an ulterior motive beyond the money and supporting the club, that my wife didn’t have.

My wife and I are in our early 50’s and we were in that phase where sex had become mundane…a bit of a chore. To be honest, it had never been great anyway.

I guess you would describe my wife as somewhere between a MILF and a GILF, she wasn’t a gran, but possibly a little on the older side to be considered a MILF.

She is still hot. She still looks after herself and has always cared about her appearance. She would pass for 10 years younger. Decent figure, trimmed pussy, sizeable tits that were still pretty perky – great cleavage – and a cute face with very kissable lips. She isn’t tall, but her legs have a great shape and toned look, and her ass is a peach. She still draws admiring glances from most guys. Not that she cares about that. She doesn’t.

After the kids had moved out, I had tried to rekindle the magic (that never was) by trying to coax her in to new things, new experiences. I was becoming a horny bastard, with cuckold or sharing and hot wife fantasies strong in my thoughts and desires, and I tried to introduce such ideas in to our sex life, or daily life when ever I could.

You know, I would ask her if she had ever thought about fucking other guys, or what her fantasies were, or what turned her on…whether she would like to try role play, or introduce some toys, or watch some porn together. I confessed my own fantasies of watching her fuck another guy, to see and listen to her respond to his big (often black) cock. Hot wifing was particularly attractive and I tried to sell the benefits of the life style to her as often as I could during sex.

I would point out guys ogling her when we were out, or make crude remarks about them being hung, or come up with some innuendo when the situation presented itself.

But, nothing ever came of it. She didn’t admit or confess to anything, she didn’t want role play, or toys, or to watch porn. Nothing. She humoured me when I did bring it up, without ever really engaging, and I was left to babble away as I fucked her, pretending I was some strange bull giving her a pounding, pleading with her to share how she felt, to at least admit to being turned on by my musings.

When we were approached about taking in a lodger she wasn’t keen at first, probably very wary of my intentions, but she had to admit the money would come in handy, and the rooms were just sitting there empty. Plus, in the end I think she was a little less concerned when she realised the lodger would be no older than our adult son and therefore unlikely to be the object of her husbands scheming, or of any sexual interest to the lad. She also liked the idea of having someone to fuss over again. She hates having nothing to do.

She agreed, and left me to discuss the finer details with the club, including who we would get, and if there was some kind of selection process, or interview.

After going through the candidates, I interviewed 3 of them, as it had to be right for them as well as us. I knew who I wanted before the interviews, but went through the process anyway.

To make sure Shirley was happy with my choice, I then asked the preferred candidate to meet her at our home over dinner to seal the deal.

Tyrone, was a black 25 year old athlete signed at the club for the new season, and I liked his swagger and confidence when I interviewed him. The guy was a player.

I don’t know if Shirley was surprised, or even a little suspicious of my selection, but if she did she never showed it. She welcomed him in and sat him down at the table and fed him, chatted to him about where he was from, and his sport. All mundane get-to-know you stuff.

For my part, I watched Tyrone intently as he spoke to Shirley, paying her food, her home and herself compliments and thanking her for the opportunity. He was all manners on the outside, but those eyes of his scanned her form appreciatively, especially her tits, which as usual had a fair amount of cleavage on view.

Toward the end of the night, they were like old friends. Swapping harmless flirting about how the girls must love him and about how she might need to create house rules about bringing ladies back home, and in return he was teasing her that I probably had to fight guys off too, to keep hold of her. Music to my ears.

There was no doubt Tyrone was going to move in. And 2 days later he did.

He’d been there for a couple of weeks when he came home with a lady friend, a young girl. I had not dared introduce Tyrone yet in to my fantasies during sex with Shirley…firstly because we had only had sex twice since he moved in, and secondly because it was too soon. But I planned to.

After a brief introduction they disappeared pendik escort to his room, and despite some background music, it was pretty obvious to both of us what they got up to. She certainly seemed to enjoy it, and it went on for a good while.

We both sat in the living room for a couple of hours, pretending to ignore it and failing. In the end I had to say something.

“Sounds like someone’s having fun…oh to be young and hung.” I giggled.

“Steve, that’s a bit crude. And an assumption.”

“It might be crude, but its no assumption is it…I mean for one, her reaction tells you he’s packing…and two, well you can’t have failed to notice he his hung because he always struts around the house in shorts, and well…you can’t bloody miss it swinging about like an elephants trunk can you…I am not blind and neither are you.”

She blushed. “Yes, well I suppose I can’t argue there can I. It does rather stand out.”

I so badly wanted to ask her the obvious and wheedle out of her if she thought about what it would look like / be like..but bottled it.

We decided to go to bed ourselves instead, where she immediately thrust her buttocks in to my cock as I spooned her, a sign that she wanted me to take her. I didn’t argue, and I don’t know how I did it, but I never said a word. Instinct telling me not too. She was clearly turned on with listening to Tyrone service his young lady, and just possibly the thought of what that cock could do to her.

The next morning, Tyrone came downstairs in just his shorts again to get some juice. The girl had not stayed the night, we heard her leave about midnight.

“Hi…” he said.

“Look this is awkward, but I hope you err, weren’t too disturbed last night. She was a little vocal.” And he laughed.

We both looked at each other hoping the other would answer first. In the end I did.

“Well, you’re young and we can’t expect you to live like a monk.” And then I do what all blokes do and came out with the old macho bullshit comment.

“And I have to say mate, pretty impressive going. Jesus you can tell you’re an athlete with stamina like that. Not to mention gifted.”

I cringed at myself.

Shirley was agape. Tyrone looked stunned.

“Erm…yeah, thanks. I think.” And he laughed.

Shirley tried to take the elephant out of the room (though not the one in Tyrones shorts).

“Whats he like…bloody men. Always comparing and thinking their gods gift. Never mind him love. Look we are going to have to get used to it…all of us. As he says we can’t expect you to be a monk, so if you are ok that we might hear things, then we’ll have to be ok with hearing them. Hard not too under the same roof, we can’t avoid each other and make schedules around each other. We’ll just have to get on with it.”

Then Tyrone said something. It wasn’t so much what he said, but it was how he said it and the fact he was staring straight in to Shirley’s eyes when he said it.

“I’m OK with that. I don’t mind YOU hearing whats going on at all.”

She broke off eye contact, but she clearly got the message. “That ok with you Steve?” She said rather hoarsely.

“Oh, yes…that’s fine with me too.” My heart was having palpitations. There was no way either of us misunderstood that line.

Another week passed by. He’d had no more visitors, but he had clearly become to feel relaxed around us at home.

He often strolled around in his shorts still, he was very rarely fully clothed when relaxing about the house, his muscular but languid frame sauntering from room to room, or lazing on the sofa watching TV. Both of us were drawn to that swinging slab of meat. We tried hard not to, but we both saw each of us fail that test on numerous occasions. I’m pretty sure Tyrone did too. And I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it.

A new lady friend was brought home shortly after, with the same result. This time however, no music was played in an attempt to drown anything out. We sat there listening to her tell Tyrone how fucking amazing his big black cock was, how good his cock felt inside her…to fuck her harder, to come inside her. We heard all sorts of noises, gasps, whining, keening, grunting, as well as explicit chat, and it went on and on.

After an hour I suggested we left them to it and went to the pub.

When we got back an hour and a half later there was silence. We didn’t know if she had left or not, but suspected as much, as he was appreciative that we needed to sleep!

As before however, Shirley positioned herself to be fucked as soon as we got in bed. I decided to broach the subject this time, tentatively.

“So does listening to them turn you on.” I asked as I slid my cock in and out of her soaking hole.

“What? Silence. No reply. Aw come on Shirley, that’s twice in a row you have wanted to be fucked after hearing Tyrone with those women, and you’re pussy is so fucking wet. I mean it can’t be a coincidence.”

“I’m human shoot me. Yes, alright damn it, yes it got me horny, is there anything maltepe escort wrong with that?

“No. Do you wonder what it would be like? Do you think about his cock fucking you like that.”

“To far. I’m not going to answer that. And you can drop any ideas you have on that score, so stop talking now and just fuck me ok.”

It seemed I had my answer anyway. Of course she did.

Shirley didn’t sleep well during the night and got up early the next morning to fuss about in the kitchen. I wondered if it was because she could not stop thinking about what she had heard, and about Tyrone’s cock doing that to her. Something I duly used as inspiration to knock one out as I lay alone in bed.

I heard the shower being run in Tyrone’s en suite, and then rolled over to go back to sleep.

After showering Tyrone came downstairs with just a towel wrapped around him to grab his usual glass of juice. His upper torso still slightly damp, and glistening.

Shirley was stood at the island preparing breakfast with her back to Tyrone when he walked in. She was wearing only the satin shorts and vest top combo she always wore for bed, not expecting Tyrone to be up so early.

She jumped when he walked in and felt immediately self conscious, stood there with so much exposed flesh on show in her skimpy bed clothes.

“Oh…hi…erm, this is awkward. I didn’t expect you to get up so early.”

“Hey. No worries. It’s not like you’re naked or anything. Anyway, you see me in just shorts every day, so same difference…though I have to say, you look good in them.”

“Stop. Will you listen to him Mr. Charmer.”

“I noticed you went out last night. Was that down to me again…you know the noisy sex.”

She was feeling really vulnerable at that moment, but also extremely turned on with remembering those noises, and the young girls comments about Tyrone’s cock. A cock that she was acutely aware was only shielded from view by the width of the towels cloth. A towel that was prominently tented by that very same cock.

“Well..yes, we thought we would give you some privacy.”

“Does it bother you?”

“In what way, I mean it is a little awkward, especially when you hear everything…the erm comments especially, but we are all adults so we can live with it.”

“Thats’s not what I meant exactly.”

He took a step towards her, and she pretended not to notice.

He stepped in to her, behind her, pressing himself in to her.

“What..what are you doing?”

“Just getting a glass for my juice.” He reached around her to a cupboard on the wall to the right, opened it and pulled out a glass. All the time the outline of his cock was nuzzled against her buttocks.

He felt her shiver.

“Tyrone…” It was all she could manage to say, before he reached around her again, this time for the drawer in front of her. He pulled back on the handle to open it, forcing her to step back in to him as the drawer slid open. Pressing her ass firmer in to that tented towel, and his swelling rod.

He pulled out a spoon, set it on the counter, then stepped forward, pressing the drawer closed with her body. The imprint of his cock now wedged between the cleft of her buttocks.

“Oh god…Tyrone…please d…” She never finished the sentence.

“Shhh…” He murmured cutting her off, his hands reaching around her, and sliding up, under her skimpy, satin vest top and cupping her already swollen mounds. Fingers found her erect nipples and teased them til they ached.

She was frozen. Rooted to the spot. Pinned by his body to the island.

“What I meant before was, does it affect you hearing me fuck those women? When they say things about me, about my big black cock does it make you wet? Have you fantasised about fucking me? Have you dreamt about what my big cock would feel like inside you? When Steve fucks you, do you think of me? I heard you last night…I heard him ask you the same question and you avoid the answer.”

Her breathing was shallow, panting almost. Her head was whirling with what was happening. Her head was telling her she shouldn’t do this. She should make him stop. But her lust and her base carnal instinct wanted him. Needed him. And she knew there was no way on earth she would utter the word ‘stop’ now.

He freed a hand from her breast, and released the towel about his waist, dropping it to the floor. He stood naked behind her, sliding his thick, black member up and down the crack of her ass, dry humping her, teasing her. She could stand it no more.

“Tyrone…I…I…oh god…yes I can’t stop thinking about your cock inside’s driving me insane. But you can’t…not here…not now…what if Steve hears us.”

He didn’t respond at first. With his free hand he yanked her shorts down, and they slowly slid to her feet. Her arse cheeks and slot were now exposed and prone to his rock hard prick. He continued to slide it between her ass cheeks, but now it was flesh on flesh. He could feel her tremble at its touch, at his girth, and at kartal escort the anticipation of being entered by it.

“If I was a betting man, I think Steve would want to watch, so let him hear. I think he has fantasised about this as much as you have. Am I wrong?”

She slowly shook her head to indicate he was probably right, and that was all he needed to proceed.

He reached below her, between her legs, and found her cunt, dripping and eager. His fingers penetrated her, spreading her, plundering inside her, preparing her. She gasped, and knew there was no going back now.

He tapped her legs apart with his feet on the inside of her ankles, then drew her hips backward so she was bent forward, presenting her pussy to him for the taking. Her soft, puffy pink lips visibly damp and expectant.

He slid her top off over her head first, so she too was naked, her engorged breasts resting on the cold marble worktop.

He reached for his 12″ of thick, prime beef and guided it to her labia, wiping it up and down a few times to coat the tip in her pre-cum before nudging forward and parting her curtains, stretching her wide like never before, and starting the journey inside her.

She squealed aloud, as his girth and length took over full occupancy of her womanhood. It felt amazing. She understood now why those other women reacted the way they had and said what they said.

“Oh god Tyrone…please fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I had heard the squeal and had snuck down the stairs and positioned myself at the door, with a side on view of Tyrone’s massive black snake, grinding in and out of my wife’s snatch. I heard what she said to Tyrone, and almost came without any intervention from my own hands.

Once he was satisfied that she had gotten used to his size, he began to pick up the pace, and thrust harder inside her, forcing Shirley to wail, and groan like a banshee. She knew I would hear. She didn’t care. She knew I would enjoy watching her, and she instantly wondered if I was. She turned her head to the left, and saw me standing to one side of the kitchen door, cock in hand smirking.

“Enjoy…fuck him good.” I said.

Tyrone, turned to see me as I spoke. “Carry on son…carry on.” Tyrone smiled broadly and turned his attention back to Shirley’s now gushing hole.

“I’m cum..oh my god, I cumming…already.” I could see her orgasm from the door such was its force, her legs quivered, her arse and abdomen spasmed and then twitched.

She panted heavily from the exertion of her ejaculation, as the waves surged then subsided.

Time for a change Tyrone thought. He withdrew, spun her around and lifted her on to the spacious island, and pushed her on her back.

His head lowered between her thighs, and began to lick and sooth her battered pussy. Finding her clit and teasing it between teeth and lips. He spied a small foot stool, used by Shirley to reach the top cupboards, and slid it across with his foot. Using it raised him to the perfect height to slide his erect monster back inside that aching cunt, and begin to fuck her missionary style with her legs splayed wide.

I shot my load as Tyrone took Shirley for the second time, spilling my seed on to the wooden flooring, then decided to get in on the act. I walked to the other side of the island, dragging a stool with me and perched on it. I pulled Shirley’s head down so she hung backwards over the edge of the island and in to my crotch, then I stood on the foot rest part of the stool for greater elevation and introduced my resurrecting cock, cum stained cock to her lips. When I was fully hard, I had the perfect angle to fuck her throat, spit roasting her.

Tyrone, grabbed Shirley by the upper thighs and used them as anchors to pull himself deeper inside her, forcing her to take as much of him as she could.

She found it very difficult to vocalise with my cock in her mouth; but it was clear it would not be very long before she came again. She was in a place no man had ever taken her, Tyrone’s cock reaching parts of her cunt my cock had never explored.

I reached for her tits, as they jiggled wildly from the rhythmic pounding from Tyrone’s muscular, athletic thighs and kneaded them like mounds of swelling dough. I could not believe this was happening. It was all I had hoped for, and more.

I could not last long, the thrill of what I was seeing and experiencing making me too excitable, unlike Tyrone, who was fucking robotic.

I didn’t warn Shirley, but just came in her mouth, withdrawing after the first expulsion of batter to spray what followed on her face. She spat out my first deposit and glared at me, before being distracted by her own orgasm. Still Tyrone showed no signs of coming, though his cock was covered in white pussy cream from Shirley’s battered snatch, giving the impression he had.

As before once her legs had stopped spasming and twitching, Tyrone decided it was time for another position. He withdrew, and pulled her toward him, and off the island – standing naked in front of him, his pulsating, black mamba brushing against her abdomen.

“You want to wash that off?” Tyrone said, gesticulating at her cum speckled face, and she nodded, moved passed him and splashed her face with water from the kitchen sink.

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The Appetizer

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Big Tits

We’ve decided to stay at your parents for the weekend. We finished dinner and dessert but we’re still sitting at the table talking and it’s going on midnight.

Your hand has been resting on my thigh the entire time. But you’ve had a few beers now and you’re feeling flirty. Your hand creeps up and down my thigh, occasionally squeezing it and trailing your fingers around. I’ve had to close my legs a few times in order to keep you from doing anything more. You caught on and trapped my leg closest to you between your leg and the leg of the chair.

Your hand dives between my legs, under my skirt as your mom and I talk. I suppress a moan as you play. Your fingers dance. Push and rub my panties against my pussy. I can’t hold in my moan this time. I mask it as a sound of agreement to what your mom says. You smile.

As your parents clear the table, I ask to help, hoping to get a break from your touches.

“No dear, you just relax,” you mom says.

You drink to hide your laughter. As they leave, your hand slips into my panties. pendik escort It’s warm against my skin. You rub my clit. I’m already soaked. I move my free leg wider to give you better access. You grin and keep going. Down. Between my soft wet folds.

I moan just loud enough for you to hear. My hand travels across your leg to your lap. You’re hard. You strain against your pants. I lean towards you, nibble at your ear, “I need you.” Your finger pushes into me. I grip you. You groan. “Please, baby.”

Your dad walks back in the room. You tell him we’re going to head up.

Once we’re alone in your old room you push me onto the bed. You quickly undress. I reach for you. Your thick hard shaft just there, teasing me. You playfully bat my hand away. Kiss me as you lean over me. You take off my shirt and bra. Kiss your way down. Unzip my skirt, help me out of it and then tug off my panties.

I twitch as your hands roam over my body. Up. Down. Touching every crease, every curve. I moan and then cover my mouth. It’s so hard to be maltepe escort quiet when you touch me.

Your fingers circle my pussy. Play between the folds. Rub at my increasing wetness. I tremble under your touch. Close my legs to keep from cumming too fast.

You flip me onto my stomach. Don’t even let me touch you. Just lift my ass and spread my legs. I know that means you just have to have me.

So I grip the sheets as you devour my pussy. Your tongue. “Fuck!” I whimper. Your tongue laps. Licks. Swirls between my lips. I bite the sheets. Try not to be too loud. Your fingers rub my clit. You moan. I moan. I drip. You lick.

You move. Push me down flat. My legs still spread. I look back at you. Your dick in hand. Stroking slow as you look down at me. Wet. Waiting. Needing.

You lean down. Kiss my cheek, my neck, my shoulders. You push into me. I push back. Need you all the way. You push deeper. Grunt only for me to hear. Grip my ass and squeeze it hard. And then you pound. You push me into the bed with each kartal escort thrust. I have to bury my face into the pillow to muffle my moans.

You always hit the right spot. I shake. Shudder. You always make me cum hard. Have me floating, needing more.

You lean down. Your chest against my back. You slow down. You grind. Pump. Pull out.

Before you can slide back in, I turn on my side. Look up at you. Pull you closer and kiss you. I push you on your back and straddle you. I grip you and stroke. Run my thumb around the tip. Rub the tip against my clit. Your eyes close. You push up your hips. I lower myself. Let you fill me.

You grip my hips. My hands rest on your chest. I pump up and down. You pull me close. One hand wraps around my back. The other on the back of my head. You groan in my ear. I grind. Your lips on my neck. You’re too aroused to kiss me. Just growl. Fuck yourself into me.

I kiss your neck. Bite. Lick. Your grip tightens around my back. You whine. Try not to be loud.

Your thrusts increase. I know you’re close. You bury your face in my shoulder. “Arghhh fuck!”

You grip me tight. Fill me. Hot. Panting. Thrusting. Pulsing.

We lay next to each other. My head rests on your shoulder. Our fingers intertwined on your chest. Satisfied.

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The Amanda Story Ch. 03

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After the best sex I had ever had, I walked home in a daze. We actually had mind blowing sex another 4 times before I left. As I got home I had a shower and decided to have an early night. As I lay in bed I reached over towards the bedside table to turn the lamp off when I saw Emma’s picture smiling at me. I felt a sudden wave of intense guilt wash over me which brought a tear to my eye.

I then wiped my eye, laughed and went to sleep.

Weird? Strange?

Before I continue, let me get something straight about me cheating on Emma. We are both 22 and been together for 4 years. We do love each other very much but I would like you to know something of our past before you judge me.

When we first got together at the tender age of 18, and the first year certainly had its ups and downs, one reason to do with Emma’s friend Carrie who you’ll hear about later. Emma cheated (snogging only) on me in that first year which upset me, but then again I had snogged 2 girls (one an ex!) as well.

I lost my virginity to Emma after 5 months into our relationship, and after that we were fucking almost every day. Things went smoothly, until 3 years in.

We live on quite a long road, probably about 200 houses. We live with Emma’s mother who as a matter of fact is a business woman and is away for months at a time. She has always seen us as responsible and are therefore trusted with the house. It is only the three of us.

Anyway, 3 years in and one night we both decided to go out one Saturday night separately with our respective friends. I told her not to wait up as I’d probably be very late. I got home around 11pm however due to my friends getting so drunk I had to take them home for their own good, I wasn’t too bothered about not being drunk. Emma wasn’t in and her mum was away in America. I went upstairs into our bedroom and leaned out of the window to look out at the street and the tranquillity of how quiet it was as pendik escort the kids were in bed by now.

As I looked out I could hear a pair of footsteps walking down the road. It sounded like boots as that was what Emma was wearing. I leaned out further and could see it was Emma on the other side of the road and still about 10 houses away. She was wearing knee high boots, a short skirt and short blouse that showed her impressive cleavage.

Now in one of those houses she was to eventually pass lived a fat man. He would usually walk around his living room late at night completely naked and with the curtains wide open so all could see. Not such a pleasant sight as he was very hairy, had a very large stomach and was ugly.

I looked towards his house and I could see that he had some of his lamps on but I couldn’t see him. I think Emma had a feeling that he might be walking around naked as she kept looking apprehensively towards his house. I looked back to the house and sure enough he was there, but looking straight at Emma and it looked as though he was playing with himself.

“Dirty bastard”, I thought. Emma had the same thought I believe as she stopped and looked jaw dropped at him. With that she turned and proceeded to walk to his house. I thought she was going to have a right go at him, so I flung down the stairs and out the front door and jogged towards the house.

I saw Emma march straight up and knock on the door. The fat bloke opened the door still naked and to my complete amazement she walked straight into his house. I stopped and thought to myself what the fuck.

I wanted to see so I crept into his garden and crawled to his window and peeked over the window sill straight into the front room. He had 2 lamps on and a couch facing towards the window where I was and another couch sideways so his 2 couches looked like a corner sofa.

Emma walked straight into the front room followed by maltepe escort the fat man. I looked down and saw that he was playing with a very large cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was huge, it had to of been about 12 inches long and thick with it! If I had a dick that big I’d probably walk around naked too it was that impressive.

I looked towards Emma who was saying something but I couldn’t hear, the fat bloke was just nodding and smiling. With that Emma started to unbutton her blouse. A million thoughts rushed through my mind, I didn’t know what to do. My legs wouldn’t move. I just knelt there glued to the window.

When unbuttoned, Emma took of her blouse and she was wearing her black push up bra that made her tits look big and perky. She reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down, over her knees then her sexy black boots and stepped out of them. She picked them up and threw them at him. He caught them and pushed them under his nose and took a good long whiff.

Emma turned around and knelt onto the couch and leaned forward in the doggy position. She pushed out her ass and I could just see her ass peeking out from under her skirt. The fat man walked over to her and placed his hand on her thigh. He slowly moved his hand up and started to rub her ass. He pushed her skirt just over her big ass and gave it a playful slap, Emma wiggled her bum in response.

I felt myself getting mad but also incredibly horny and my cock was rock hard and straining against my jeans.

He started to wank his cock a little and then aimed it for her pussy. He pushed forward and pushed his mammoth cock into her cunt. I was looking in sideways so I could see everything. Emma’s face whipped round with a look of pain as she appeared to be struggling with this 12 incher.

Bit by bit he pushed in and I could read Emma’s lips saying;

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

He soon had half his length buried in her kartal escort cunt, when he slowly pulled back and then thrust back in again. Emma screamed and even I heard it but she didn’t appear to stop him. He was now starting to pound in and out of my girlfriends’ cunt, my cunt. I was overcome with pleasure seeing a big cock ravage my girlfriend.

As it wore on, it looked as though Emma was really enjoying it as he gave her a hard fucking. Her tits were swinging all over the place they had come flying out of her bra. It was a sight seeing his fat, hairy belly slap against her nice round ass as he pounded her.

He was really buried in her now, his entire 12 inches slid easily in and out of her as he slapped her ass too. She was really enjoying it by the look on her face and she was moaning so loud I could hear it as plain as day.

After a good 15 minutes of fucking my girlfriend, he pulled out and sat on the sofa. Emma looked as though she had had several orgasms as she was a bit weak legged.

She turned towards him and straddled him. She eased herself down on his massive member and I watched aghast as the whole 12 inches disappeared into what I can only imagine was one soaking wet cunt.

She rode him for another 15 minutes and she came again and again. Every time she came she flung her head back and ground down hard on his awesome cock. I was so overcome I had had 3 wanks already and was on my fourth.

With that she jumped off and he reached for her thong and unleashed his load into it, she stood there smiling. He handed it back to her and it was literally covered in cum. She stepped into them and pulled them up with a huge grin on her face. She started to push her boobs in and reached for her blouse. I decided I’d better leg it so I darted home.

2 minutes later she walked in.

“Oh hey baby, you’re early, I’ve had such a boring night. You?”

What could I say? “yeah it looked boring riding that fat blokes’ huge prick” was a thought that came to mind.

So I just went along with it. I thought I’ve got dirt on you now, so if I ever cheated, I’d have good cause to.

Am I such a bad guy now?

Look out for chapter 4

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The After Massage

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I have just come really hard. I have been looking at various pictures that could serve as inspiration for us for our next sexy photo shoot. Daniel has gone to the shops and I used the opportunity. He called me once he reached the supermarket. By then I was so horny and so so wet from all the hundreds of pictures I’ve seen imagining myself being the model.

I got his permission to pleasure myself. And it was so so hot, knowing he is in a supermarket with lots of people walking around being completely ignorant of what is going on on the other end of his phone call. He started talking dirty to me and that made me even hornier. I don’t think anyone could really hear him, but we will never know for sure.

I came so hard. No wonder I feel completely spent and tired now. Just lying there. Almost falling asleep. My body feels amazing, all relaxed and resting. I’m cuddling under the blanket as I always get cold very quickly after sex.

I feel a warm lips on my cheek and I am surprised that it actually wakes me up. I must have not even noticed when I drifted away into sleep. Daniel is back with a warm smile on his lips and his eyes. I try to get up but he softly insists that I continue resting. He gives me a sweet kiss. I’m wondering at it a bit. I thought he’d be really turned on and would want more action when he comes back. But the truth is I am really tired from my solo play before and I couldn’t do much right now.

He surprises me even more by taking the bracelet off my wrist. Now I’m wondering and worrying that may be I did something wrong or maybe I shouldn’t have asked before. Why does he want the game to be off? Why now? But before I can ask he leans in and kisses me softly again. I feel loved, I feel that all is well and there’s nothing to worry about.

“Just rest, sweetie”.

“Okay, I can do that”, – I smile and roll back onto my chest.

Next thing I know is the blanket is removed. I protest that I’m cold, but he says it’s not going to be cold for long. I hear him rubbing his hands and a moment later they are rubbing pendik escort oil onto my back. His hands are so warm and gentle. I sigh with pleasure. I can’t quite believe I’m getting a massage but everything says I am. What a treat.

His hands are slowly moving up to my shoulders, onto my arms then back down. He is now sitting on top of me and his crotch is keeping my bum warm. He continues to work on my muscles. They are now soft and relaxed so he has an easier time. It feels so good. I’m slightly drifting into sleep again. Though not really wanting to fall asleep and miss out on the wonderful sensations his hands are giving me.

He leans in and softly kisses my ear, his fingers tracing the lines of my neck. I moan a bit louder. God he knows my spots. As if reading my mind he sits up and moves to the side. His hands are applying more oil to my body, but now focusing attention on my bum. He spends some time there, but not too much, spreading the oil all over my legs. When all is covered his hands start sliding slowly up and down my legs, softly and lightly. Teasing my bum a little but never stopping there for too long. I moan every time he reaches it. I can’t help myself. I really want his fingers to play there. He doesn’t move anywhere close to my pussy, but if he did he would have known I’m already wet again. Even though I’m still quite tired after my orgasm my body tells me it wants more.

He moves away from my bum and starts to work on each leg. First the foot, then the calve and then on to the thigh. His fingers don’t brush over my pussy as they normally would in this scenario and it leaves me puzzled and longing for more. When he is done with both legs he comes back to my bum. I can’t help but put it up into the air. Just a bit but enough that he would notice. His hands push me down into the mattress, gently but firmly.

“Just rest, sweetie”.

I sigh and spread my thighs. He must see it but he doesn’t say anything. His hands are still avoiding any overtly sexual contact. Can’t he see I’ve wetted the sheet? maltepe escort He can’t be blind to that. Then why?

I sigh again. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like I can ask. As if asking would ruin the magic that his hands are doing to my body. I love massages and he knows that.

He asks me to roll over. Now I can look at him and see what his eyes tell me. But he doesn’t meet my gaze. His eyes are focused completely on getting more oil, warming it in his hands and then applying to my skin. This time he starts with my legs and moves up from there. Completely avoiding the pubic area again. I look at him intently but he seems totally engrossed into the process. He looks at me for a sec and blows me a kiss with a smile but that’s all I get.

I breathe deeply and close my eyes. Resolved to enjoy my massage and get everything I’m missing later. After all with the bracelet off I’m not his sub anymore.

His hands reach my breasts and kneed gently. I moan a bit louder this time. He knows I love this, and he knows I only get breast massage from him or myself. So every time it is so welcome. He is sitting on top of me again. His hands are still on my breasts, leaving them to shortly brush over my shoulders and neck but coming back soon enough.

He doesn’t touch my nipples nor does he brush circles around them. His hands move to my arms and back onto my chest.

He leans in and kisses me softly. But this time he doesn’t move away and stays close.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?”

“Mmmm,” I smile, “Good, but a little confused, too.”


“Why didn’t you touch my pussy at all?”

“Oh, the dessert is always served after the main, sweetie. I will be back in a second.”

I hear him go to the bathroom and wash his hands. He has a soft little towel in his hands and starts wiping excess oil off me.

“Your clit doesn’t really like oil, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t,” I smile.

As he finishes wiping off my legs he spreads them further apart. I moan in anticipation.

“Mmmm, kartal escort you’ve been waiting for me here, sweetie.”

“Uh huh.”

His lips plant soft kisses on my pussy lips. His breath is warm, almost hot. The long wait is rewarded and now I get his tongue feasting in my folds. Collecting all of the juice the massage oozed from my body. I moan softly. My hands now rest on his head. Keeping him between my legs. His fingers slowly enter my vagina and curl to find my sweet spot. His tongue and fingers now work together. His other hand managed to get hold of my ass and squeezed it in rhythm too. My moans get louder every minute. My hips are out of control and buckle into his face. I only hope I won’t hurt him. He manages to keep his rhythm and his tongue never lets go of my clit, neither do his fingers of my vagina. I don’t last long from here and come again. He keeps his tongue still on my clit, but now flat and soft, no licking just holds it there till my orgasm waves away. He slowly withdraws and asks if my bum still wants more.

I roll over and let him to it. He is taking his time. Playing with it, squeezing it in his hands, brushing with his fingers. Kissing, nibbling, his tongue licking up from my crack. I moan and lift my bum higher.

“Oh fuck me,” – I cry out, “I need your cock inside of me now.”

He doesn’t make me wait and in one move he’s deep inside of me. I meet him thrust for thrust. He feels so good inside of me. I love him inside after the orgasm, when my vagina is all so much more sensitive and aroused, squeezing her walls tightly around his penis.

“Oh, yes, sweetie, fuck me.”

“I am fucking you right now. Oh, you are so wet and tight for me.”

His hands are squeezing my bum then move to my thighs. He grabs me to get better control of the rhythm. I know he will come soon and I’m looking forward to it as if it was my own orgasm coming. It’s not long till I feel him stiffen and hear him groan as he shoots his load into me. A few more thrusts and he is spent too. He slowly lowers onto me and I turn my head to kiss him. He pulls out and I roll onto my back, my arms around him locking him onto me. We share one very long kiss. He wants to roll to the side but I protest that I need him on top of me to keep myself warm. We laugh and kiss again.

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