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Surprise Family Affair

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Bob was very much in love with Betty. They had been dating for over two years and were about to be married. Bob had a good relationship with Betty’s mother and father, Susan and Sam. He had been welcomed into their home as if he was already a member.

Bob thought sex with Betty was fantastic and believed they would have a very satisfying sex life as a married couple. Although she was not a virgin when he met her, Bob didn’t think that was a problem because he had several affairs in the past.

One day Bob received a phone call from Betty’s mother.

“Bob, this is Susan. I wanted to make a private phone call to you since I am home alone right now. You and Betty will soon be married and become a member of our family. Before that happens, I would like to get better acquainted with you.”

Susan then hesitated for a few seconds as if she wanted Bob to say something. Bob was a little confused as to what she meant. He decided to keep his mouth shut and let her continue.

Susan broke the silence, “I’ve had my eyes on you for some time. You are a very handsome guy and rather sexy looking, too. Both Betty and Sam are gone right now and won’t be home for several hours. I’ll be very blunt. I want you to come over to my house to make love to me before you are married to my daughter.”

Bob was astounded. He hardly knew what to say. His future mother-in-law was a very sexy looking lady and he often undressed her with his eyes.

“Oh…. Are you sure that’s what you want me to do. What if Sam or Betty find out about us?”

“Don’t worry about that. I want to find out if you are a good lover for my daughter. I want to make sure you can keep her happy. If you are not a good lover, maybe you should not get married.”

Bob quickly responded, “I don’t think we’ll have any problem with our sex life.”

“That’s good to know, but please come over now. I want to make sure.”

Bob felt he had no choice and he would be glad to comply.

Bob said, “I’ll be over right away.”

Bob quickly arrived at Susan’s home and knocked on the door. He had knocked on this same door to see Betty many times, but he was a little unsure what was going to happen. Was Susan just teasing him? Did she really want sex with him? What was her real intentions?

Susan open the door. Bob quickly noticed she was wearing a very sexy pink and frilly nighty.

Susan canlı bahis said, “Come right in. I’ve been thinking about calling you for the past several weeks to come over to see me.”

Bob was now thinking she really meant to have sex with him. However, he should be on guard in the event she had an ulterior motive.

Susan could see that Bob was a little hesitant. She said, “Come on in the bedroom with me.”

Bob followed her down the hall and into the master bedroom. As they walked along, he stared at her very shapely body. His cock became very hard just watching her butt wiggle in front of him.

“Bob, don’t be nervous. Go ahead and get undressed. I want to see what you’ve been giving my daughter. There is no doubt in my mind you’ve been fucking her.”

Bob was a little embarrassed for being accused of fucking her daughter. He wasn’t going to worry about that right now. His mind and cock was thinking about fucking this sexy lady in front of him. Bob was nearly undressed and was now dropping his shorts. His very hard erection was sticking straight out in front of him with an upward angle. He noticed Susan’s eyes had dropped down to look at it.

“Bob, I see you are well hung. That is a plus for you. Now come on over here on the bed and lie on your back. Don’t be afraid of me. You haven’t said hardly a word since you entered my door. Relax!”

Bob complied. He then watched as Susan slowly lifted her nighty up over her head to toss it aside.

Bob excitedly exclaimed, “Susan, you have a beautiful body. I didn’t realize you were this beautiful.”

“Thank you, Bob, for saying that.”

Bob watched as she crawled on bed. He noticed her eyes were staring at his cock as she moved around. Susan clasped his cock with one had and moved into a position to take it in her mouth.

After Susan deep throated him once and pulled back up to look Bob in the eyes, she said, “You have a great cock, very hard and throbbing a little as I deep throated you. Does it always throb like that when Betty goes down on you?”

Bob didn’t know if he should answer her, but he did mumble, “Uh, Huh.”

Susan responded, “I’ll take that as a, yes.”

Susan then started up and down movements on his cock causing him to say, “Not so fast, I don’t want to cum too soon.”

Susan raised up long enough to say, “Go ahead, you can fuck me later.”

Bob bahis siteleri didn’t argue with her because he was in seventh heaven with this pretty lady giving him a wonderful blow job. Bob knew he would cum right away.

Susan could feel Bob’s body begin to stiffen up each time she went down on him and she knew she would quickly have a mouth full.

Bob loudly groaned as he shot spurt after spurt in Susan’s mouth. He didn’t have time to think he was doing this to his future mother-in-law. He cock continued to spew as she frantically continued to go up and down. His cock was now beginning to soften while his body began to relax. Susan slowed her movements to continue to keep his cock in her mouth. She had a mouth full and was doing her best to slowly gulp it down.

Susan raised up, grabbed some tissues to wipe a little of Bob’s cum from her lips and chin. She looked Bob directly in the eyes. “I’ll bet you haven’t screwed my daughter lately because my mouth and throat took a big load.”

Bob found courage to say, “Guess it has been a few days.”

“OK, Bob, when you get hard again, I want you to fuck me good. You’re passing the test so far.”

Bob began to feel Susan’s ample breasts, then decided to kiss the nipples. With this new, “pussy”, in bed with him, he quickly had another erection.

Susan said, “You’re going to be good for Betty. I know you are young and can get a second erection fairly fast. Sam can make it only once each night, but he is much older. Its going to be nice to have you in the family.”

Bob wasn’t sure what she meant by that last statement, but he didn’t question it.

Susan clasped his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. Then she moved up to sit on him since he was still lying on his back.

Susan softly said, “I like to be in control, so I’m going to ride you.”

She raised her butt, clasped his cock and guided it into her hole. Bob could feel and see the head of his cock disappear in her gaping pussy lips. She eased down some more, then pulled back up a little before settling all the way down. Bob could feel the warmth of her pussy completely surrounding his cock. His cock throbbed as he could feel her pussy muscles pulsating on it.

Susan whispered, “That is really good, do you like it?”

Bob’s voice came through with a gasp, “It’s fantastic.”

Susan bahis şirketleri started up and down movements and some circular movements too. Bob reacted by slightly moving his butt in rhythm with her. Bob’s hands clasping her butt to assist in her moments. Her breasts were bouncing around. Often Bob would move a hand up to clasp one of her bouncing breasts.

Bob was thoroughly enjoying it, but he suddenly said, “Susan, this is great, but why don’t we roll over and let me on top.”

Susan didn’t say anything. She leaned forward to lay flat on his chest and clung to his body as they rolled over.

Susan said, “We did good on that. Your cock never did come out of me.”

Now Susan pulled her legs up and back toward her head. She could feel Bob’s cock fully penetrating her. Bob started fast back and forth strokes. Soon Susan’s breathing began to labor and she could feel an orgasm building in her body.

Bob pounded his cock even faster and knew Susan was going to have an orgasm. The thrill was making him feel as if he was going to cum. He did he best to hold back until Susan became very vocal. He then blasted his cum in her very receptive pussy.

Both Bob and Betty were beginning to relax. Then Bob heard a man’s voice, “What are you doing in bed with my wife?”

Bob panicked and jumped out of bed. He looked around to see Susan’s husband, Sam, standing near the foot of the bed.

Sam quickly said, “Don’t get upset. I’ve been watching you. For the last few minutes, I’ve been standing at the foot of the bed watching you pound your cock in my wife’s pussy. You are a very good stud.”

Bob was still shaking from the big surprise. He said, “What are you doing here?”

“OK, Bob, I don’t blame you for being shaken. Susan and I wanted to know if you would be a good lover to join our family. Our family shares sex.”

Susan jumped in to say, “Bob, since you plan to marry Betty, we wanted to initiate you and find out if you fit in with our family life. Betty isn’t here right now, but she knows we planned this. We know you and Betty have regular sex, but you didn’t know that Sam has sex with her too and with our other daughter, Barbara, who is away at college right now. Once you join our family by marrying Betty, you can have sex with me, Betty and Barbara. What do you think about that?”

Bob was astounded. Sex with Susan was great. He was well acquainted with the beautiful Barbara and had undressed her with his eyes. Now he would be able to see her naked and fuck her too.

Bob finally stammered, “Wow, I think this is going to be great.”

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Sunrise My Darling

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Big Tits


This is the true narrative of the relationship with my uncle that turned sexual. To have covered the complete interaction would have taken a book. Therefore I have just covered the first sexual awaking between us. There always was a love bond between us and it developed into something greater. To me, it was of the foremost importance and a time of immense emotional and sexual maturing. I will not call this a story, because to me it is a narrative documentary – one that I have found very difficult to write in some areas. To you, it may be only the story of a young girl losing her virginity, or just an interesting tale, or an incestuous sex story — to me it was my life. I have gone into a full descriptive recital of our first sexual encounter. By documenting it fully, I am hoping others realize that a sexual love bond with an uncle is not a repulsive occurrence and can be very beneficial to a younger person.

My confidence level and self esteem soared after this first liaison. For the longest time my libido was calmed and I was able to concentrate on other aspects of life (i.e., school). Yes, I actually became a better student. The union steered me away from other, possibly less benevolent sexual encounters with younger males that would not have had the deep love interest that my uncle demonstrated. I felt fulfilled and that I had completely entered the adult world. In the end it benefited me immensely, six years have past and I still count myself as being most fortunate. Love is a powerful emotion and though it, I discovered the joys of lovesex in an environment that was very safe, kind and understanding. I would like to talk about this more in depth after the narrative, so as to allow others who may not be interested in my message, to get on with the enjoyment of reading about my experience.

The main purpose of my writing is not to be pornographic (it is pornographic), but to share my somewhat rare experience with others. To do so, I have had to expose my young fundamental feminine sexual urges. I have done this completely and honestly to the best of my ability. Having revealed the naked truth for all to see and ponder. I am hoping others in the same situation will benefit from it and quietly seek the love of ones who truly cherish them, be they an uncle or not. In conveying the information, I have tried to preserve my views and thoughts as I was, a teenager (18 years old) and write as such. This I found most difficult to do accurately. Much thought has gone in to it, so please enjoy, contemplate and discuss.


* * * * *

Mother was of half French descent and of half Polynesian. Father is part French and American, his family emigrating to American when he was only 4 years old. I guess this makes me still half French by descent. Mother is the family beauty, being long dark haired and of slender build with a warm Polynesian look. She is a kind compassionate loving woman who always was there for me. Father was supportive and loving, but often was gone for months at a time on work trips to different parts of the world. We lived in Hawaii, in a quiet area, your average family, with a slightly higher than average education. Our entire family is very health conscious, very sports involved and fit. Most of my time was taken up in competitive swimming, gymnastics, school work or music practice. I loved my parents and being a single child they gave me much attention.

Mothers only brother, Uncle Chuck who lived close to us (several streets away in a condo), was a frequent visitor. Uncle Chuck actually had several small condos on the islands and one on the mainland, where he was gone on business numerous times a year. He was a bachelor, but had a constant female companion (that was Joan). Both seemed perpetually busy and in motion, although Uncle told mom that one day he would settle down and start a family with Joan.

Uncle was a man that had a zest for life and living. He seemed to do almost everything, but his favorite hobby was sailing — which he included us in, taking us for day trips and the odd overnighter.

Most of his vacations revolved around a one week sailing trip, often with Joan and occasionally by himself. Mom said it was part of her family’s Polynesian heritage to go out on the water and that is why Uncle Chuck like the sailing so much. I do admit that the times Uncle took the family out, I enjoyed it immensely.

Uncle had promised to take us out for a five-day trip this year, but dad had landed a big contract and was gone to Europe for the month. And this is where I will begin;

Having finished swim practice and coming home, I bolted thought the gate, towards the kitchen patio and the kitchen. Mom was just sitting on the patio deck and working on her books. I gave her a hug hello and scooted off to shower and to change. Coming back down I asked the classic “What’s for dinner” question to mom, just as Uncle Chuck rounded the house corner. He was in causal dress and looked very happy.

“Hey kiddo how’s swimming going?” he questioned me.

“Hi Uncle Chuck, just great!” I responded.

Chuck looked at my canlı bahis mom and asked, “Hey Penny (that’s moms short name) how about all of us going off on that sailing trip to Hanalei Bay (Kauai) we’ve being chatting about lately — like tomorrow? The weather reports are just great.”

I immediately cheered, having the next three weeks completely free and loving the thought of us all going over to Hanalei Bay.

Mom, frowned and replied, “Chuck, I’m right in the middle of closing two sales and just can’t spare the time now. How about in a week and a half, I’ll be free and so is Jane.”

“Well I think that will be OK, but depends on the weather.”

Mom looked at my slightly fallen face and made a snap decision, “Why don’t you take Jane and go.”

“Up to Jane, but it would only be the two of us, Joan is on the main land for the next two months staying in my Seattle suite.”

Mom looked at me and asked, “Well Jane, you want to go?”

I smiled and said, “Sure as long as Uncle Chuck can put up with me.” Inside I was going yes, yes, yes. I had my Uncle all to myself for five whole days. It would be great — I just did not know how great yet.

Now Uncle Chuck, was one of my best friends and I just adored him to the point I had a teenage crush on him at that time. He was always there for me and probably spent more time than anyone outside my mother, listening and talking with me. Many times I had sleepovers when I was younger at his place, sometimes alone and sometimes when Joan was around. Uncle was easy to talk to and as I had progressed into my late teens always treated me like an adult. Many times we walked alone together and talked about anything that came to mind. I trusted him with things that I may not have told others and he never judged me. We covered drugs, smoking, drinking and social issues with teens. Sometimes I talked to him about boys and why they act the way they do. Interestingly enough Uncle Chuck never seemed like a parent to me. He never dosed out long tirades of advice, but offered a point here or there. I listen to him and did find it helped a lot, but most of the time he just listened to me.

The only time he seemed upset about our conversion was when I told him about the date I had with Dale Flint. (note

) Dale was one of the high schools cool guys and he asked me out on a Saturday night. I OK’ed it, thinking that it might be fun to be dating him, since he had broken off with Jessica Hurst over six months ago. Some of the other girls talked about him a lot, but all I remember is he liked cars. Well, we went out and all he did was talk about what he was going to do and how he was going to make a lot of money. I tried to be polite and listen, but to be truthful, found him boring. On the way home he asked to stop by the beach so we parked and I could see he wanted to kiss me. So OK, at least he wasn’t bragging anymore. He kissed me somewhat aggressively, then squeezed my breast very hard. I pushed him away and told him that, that hurt. It did, my breasts where very tender then. Not once did he consider my feelings and I asked to be taken home. I tried not to make a big deal out of it, due to the talk that can go around the school about this kind of thing. I wish I had told him I was busy that night.

He drove me home and I jumped out right away, saying, I’ll see him around – still trying to keep things light. Well, I’m sure I heard him say bitch as he sped off.

Right, what did I do — he was the jerk. That bothered me and I was still a bit worried about it going around high school. My friend Molly told me that he had done the same thing to another girl previously.

Later walking with Uncle I mentioned what had happened. Uncle never said anything about physical violence, but I got the idea that he would like to punch the brat (as he called him) several times. (note

) Uncle explained that this guy was still a boy and needed to grow up. He cautioned me about only going out with guys I got to know reasonable well and actually liked. He explained there would be lots of boys to choose from. I didn’t quite understand, but he said I had a natural beauty that would help very much (his words). I kept thinking that Mom was the beauty in the family (she is), I still don’t wear much makeup (most of the time none). (note

Being in the last year of high school many of the other girls had sexual experiences. For some reason I had missed out on most of it, having been so busy with school, music, swimming and occasionally traveling with mom and dad. I often listen to the others talk about the guys they went out with and what happened. I didn’t feel left out, just a bit curious. I had, had the typical girlhood crushes, but nothing too serious. Molly, my best friend knew I was green and I knew she had lost her virginity to one of the guys on the football team. She never told me all the details, but I did understand that it was not good and he lost interest in her, almost right afterward. I remember Molly crying several times.


I packed up for the trip taking a duffel bag full of clothes for all conditions bahis siteleri and a supply of tampons as my period was due soon, lots of sun tan lotion, and the standard assortment of girl works. Mom picked us up several bags of groceries the night before and Uncle came by very early in the morning to pick me up. I hugged mom bye and jumped in with Uncle.

“Hey Jane, good morning, how you doing today?” he asked.

“OK Uncle Chuck. How’s the weather look?”

“Absolutely perfect,” he responded. Uncle seemed excited about the trip. We packed up the boat and where gone before sunrise, motoring for several hours. The trip from Oahu to Kauai is a fairly long one about 65 miles between islands across Kauai Channel and almost double that, port to port. As the sun came up Uncle Chuck hauled up the sails, as I took the tiller. We had good wind and made excellent time towards Kauai. Uncle had instructed me on sailing in the past, but I was not that good yet, due to lack of practice, but every trip helps. Uncle on the hand was in his element, although most of the time he let me handle the tiller. I enjoyed the excitement of tacking and the feel of the boat cutting thought the water and waves.

By lunch we could see the coast of Kauai, by evening we where rounding the corner in to Hanalei Bay. Personally I love Hanalei Bay — I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the Islands. The evening scents where like flowers and warm jungle. Uncle dropped anchor in a quiet spot in the bay and set a stern anchor as well, keeping the bow to the small waves entering the anchorage.

“Well Jane I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. What do you say we fix dinner together?”

Together we prepared a light boat dinner, ate, then cleaned up. I was enjoying every minute with Uncle, I had my attention on him all the time. After dinner we listened to music and sat in the stern cockpit relaxing and enjoying the bay and stars. There is something about a day of sailing that wears you down. I’m not sure, but maybe the extra effort of moving around on a moving boat works the muscles more. I was getting a bit too relaxed, when Uncle suggested turning in.

“Jane, will the V-berth be OK for you? I’ll will take the fold down bench berth in the main salon.”

“OK Uncle,” I responded with a smile.

I took first turn in the head and washed up and changed into a long T-shirt. I left my panties on, but removed my bra.

Coming out I pointed to the head and said, “Your turn.” Uncle looked at me and I’m sure I saw his eyes on my breasts.

“Jane you are getting older and looking great,” he observed. I smiled at the compliment from an older man. Turning in, I started to think about Uncle and wonder what it would be like to hold him and fall asleep — as I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I was up just after Uncle Chuck, both of us being early risers. After breakfast we rowed the dinghy to the pier and walked around the beach and explored the area. I liked being with Uncle and I liked people seeing us together as we walked the quiet street. I think it was at this point, that I started to realize I was really in love with my Uncle. It may sound dumb, like a school girl’s crush, but I started to think of him as my man – at least on this trip.

Mid morning we headed back to the boat.

“Lets go for a swim before lunch,” suggested Uncle Chuck.

I thought a swim would be nice and went below to change. Rather than change in the head I pulled out my one piece swim suit and changed in the main salon. Thinking Uncle was up on deck securing the dinghy and checking the anchor lines, I peeled off my clothing. Just as I pulled the suit up my bottom, Uncle came down the companionway.

“Oops” he said, as I stood bare breasted sideways to him.

I put my hands on my breasts and said, “That’s OK,” blushing a little. Uncle turned as I pulled my top up. Now, I don’t know if I had changed there hoping to get caught, but my hands did not cover up all that fast. A few minutes later, Uncle told me I had beautiful breasts and not to worry. I didn’t know what to say, but I sure liked the compliment and I liked that he saw me bare.

Diving into the crystal blue water we swam to the beach. In the near distance the cliffs towered up like idyllic green walls — this was paradise. We swam and played for about an hour, totally enjoying ourselves. Splashing each other and frolicking, Uncle picked me up and dunked me. I mockingly protested loudly, but really wanted to be close to him. I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist as we fell back into the water. I held him tight and was lost in a world of fun, play and romance.

Back at the boat we lunched on sandwiches and I chatted up a storm. Uncle made me feel so relaxed. After lunch we decided to rest in the sun on board and listen to music and read – a wind-down day.

Going below, I changed from my one-piece swimsuit to my bikini. Grabbing the suntan lotion, and my sun blouse I headed topside. Up on deck Uncle was flopped out on a towel with just his shorts on. Pulling up beside him, I plopped bahis şirketleri down.

“Hey sir, can you get my back?” I requested, turning over on my tummy and passing the suntan lotion.

“Where did you get that hot suit from?” he exclaimed. Teasing me, Uncle dripped cool lotion spots all over my back. I shouted though the ordeal in playful protest. What I didn’t shout about was when Uncle started to rub it in. I lay back and closed my eyes as he rubbed my back going under the top straps. His hand on my back was arousing me and I was doing my best to hide it. I tensed as he went just under the edge on my bottoms. He then jumped down to the inside of my legs and I parted slightly to allow him access. He looked up and caught me looking at him, he smiled back and continued to rub the cream in down my legs. After he finished me, he paused, stopped, and then rubbed my bum.

“How’s that love?” he asked.

Whooo, I was heaven.

“Great,” I responded, smiling back at him. Quietly we lay side by side, taking in the sun and relaxing. After about twenty minutes I put my sun blouse on to shade a bit from the hot sun. Lying on my back, I couldn’t stop thinking about how Uncle rubbed my bum and I turned to look at him. He was reading a magazine and dropped it as I looked.

“What’s up Jane?” he asked.

“Nothing Uncle … well, I was just thinking – thank you for taking me,” I responded. He reached for my hand and gently held it. I instantly wrapped my fingers around his and beamed at him. Something changed between us at that moment — I think we both noticed it. He leaned over and lightly kissed me on the lips. I trembled and kissed him back. We held hands for the next ten minutes. I was becoming aroused just by holding his hand and did not know what to do. Gently I rubbed him with my fingers. He squeezed back. Again I rubbed his fingers, looking, wanting something from him. Uncle turned and looked at me, saying nothing. I looked down, then up into his eyes. I locked eyes with him and could not look away. I couldn’t hide what I was feeling any more.

Slowly, I heard him say, “Jane, I know, I understand.”

God how could he know, when I was too scared to even think about the possibility. To be honest Uncle never was the aggressor between us. He only took me where I wanted to go — maybe where we both wanted to go.

Rising, he put his T-shirt on. Then taking my hand, he peacefully said, “Lets go below.”

I followed below as Uncle led me. In the salon he sat down and let me stand in front of him. I knew what was going on and I could have just said no at anytime, but that was not what I wanted.

Still holding my hand Uncle eased me over to his knee and I sat down, putting both arms around me he held me. I did not waste a second. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I hugged him back. I didn’t know where this was leading to and I was too frightened to even think about it. Uncle, very tenderly kissed my neck. Turning I met his mouth and we fully kissed. Breaking the kiss, my heart was pounding in my chest. I gently rubbed his cheek with mine, not sure what to do next, but wanting more.

The Emotions of Love

Sitting on his knee I hugged him tightly, I could feel the sexual tension between us and I think he could also. Gently kissing my neck, Uncle asked if I was sure I wanted this to happen.

The best I could do was make a quiet, “Yaa” and nod a little — I was extremely nervous and could not hide it. We had hugged many times in the past, but I knew this was much different. This man I knew so well and loved so much, was as gentle as you could imagine with me. I was a wreck, hardly able to talk and was very stiff. I was going to start my period soon and my teenage libido was peaked and raging inside me. As I sat on his knee, I pushed my head tightly into his.

Uncle slowly rubbed my back and whispered, “Easy Jane, easy.” His warmth and smell had intoxicated me and I was in love. With a definite rhythm he massaged my back and moved around to my tummy. I tensed slightly and slowly relaxed as his warm hand drained away my inhibitions. Pushing me back a little, Uncle unbuttoned the middle of my sun blouse. Looking directly into my eyes, he ever so slowly slipped his hand into my blouse and touched my covered breast, cupping the left one completely on the outside of my bikini top. My breathing was forced with a nervous shudder to it.

Oh god that felt good, my nipples where absolutely rock hard. I sat on his knee with my chest rising and falling, my breath ragged and forced.

“Jane it’s OK,” he said softly, to comfort me. “Its OK to be a little scared, I’m here to be with you and help you, I love you very much sweetheart.”

Licking my lips, I managed a little nod back. Methodically Uncle unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and opened it up. Sliding his hand up the side of my waist he moved his hand to my top again. Cupping each of my covered breasts he felt me, then leisurely ran his finger tips deliberately over the bumps of my nipples. I quivered at each light touch, a warm glow starting to build in my body. I can never remember ever being so excited! Having only my sun blouse over my bikini, I did not have anything else on and was in for a small surprise — because I was aroused, I was leaking on my uncle’s shorts, not wearing a panty liner.

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Supportive Parent Ch. 04

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Sal Goldman crept up behind Katie as she leaned over the front of her desk reviewing the event schedule for the hotel. He turned his hand palm up with his two middle fingers together and slid them between the tops of her spread legs to the crotch of her tight fitting knit slacks. He moved his hand back and forth slowly over her crotch and then up to her soft butt-cheeks. He placed his other hand on her other butt-cheek pawing and squeezing her soft flesh through her pants.

Katie stood and slowly turned around. Her eyes narrowed showing her anger. She swung her hand up from her side catching Sal on the left side of his face with her opened hand. The force was hard enough to turn his body and make him loose his balance, and way too quick for him to react.

“How dare you touch me like that,” Katie shouted had the short stubby bolding man in the ill fitting suit. “I’ve been working here for over ten years and instead of getting the promotion I deserve, I get your fat little fingers on my ass! I quit!” She pushed him in the chest with both hands knocking him over the chair in front of her desk onto the floor.

After all the long hours and shift changes, Katie finally she had done something great at her job, and that was to quit. She wished she could have left the job years ago, but her ex-husband was unreliable and no one else would pay her the kind of money she was making, even though it wasn’t very much.

She was so happy that Jason asked her to quit her job that she had feel to the floor and kissed his feet. She had no doubt that Jason could take care of her better than she could hope to take care of herself. He was a man that had means.


Desideria ran across the marble floor with long strides. Her sandaled feet barely tapped the surface as she leaped into the arms of her son. Jason caught his mother in mid-air holding her soft ass in his hands laughing as he swung her around. Desideria kissed him fully on the lips before she turned her attention to the two women he had with him.

“Mom, this is my wife, Katie,” Jason said making the introduction.

Katie was nervous and her nipples revealed that secret by poking through the thin top that Jason asked her to wear. She became almost speechless as she gazed upon Jason’s mother. Her hair hung down her back in one long braid down to her buttocks, her silicone breast jetted outward through the transparent short vest held together by a ribbon, and her hips flared curving down to her thick thighs that were separated by her hairless mound that wasn’t hidden behind the low waist bottoms that tied at her ankles. Jason revealed that his mother held all of his assets, and Katie wondered what kind of assets he was referring to.

“I see exactly what Jason sees in you,” Desideria said hugging Katie close to her breast.

“That you, Desideria,” Katie said.

“Honey, call me Desire,” Desideria said. “And you must be Kathy. I’ve been watching the picture Jason has been putting of you on the Internet. You are a very good volleyball player.”

“Thank you,” Kathy said giving the sexy older woman a hug.

“Sweetheart, show Kathy around while I get to know your wife,” Desideria said taking hold of Katie’s arm.

Jason could see the worry on Katie’s face, but he knew Katie would be honest with his mother and that’s the one thing that his mother demanded. He winked his eye at Katie and then led Kathy up the big winding staircase.

Desideria took Katie out to the garden where she had her green tea. “Jason tells me that you allow him to have sex with your daughter,” she began.

“Yes, he wanted to and so did she,” Katie answered straight away.

“You were not concerned that your daughter might steal him away?” Desideria asked.

“Jason hasn’t given me any cause to worry about anything,” Katie replied.

“I’m very glad to hear that,” Desideria said. “I guess you know that Jason has over a billion dollars in assets under my control.”

“He illegal bahis didn’t tell me how much,” Katie said.

“Not only that,” Desideria said. “He is my sole heir. Take off those things and let me see what has stolen my son’s heart.”

Katie pulled her top up over her head without hesitation. It was ease to see why Jason had gone after her. She slid the tight booty short down over her wide hips and shapely legs and dropped then next to her on the stone walk.

“Hmm, something seems very familiar,” Desideria said walking around Katie letting her hand slid over the soft buns. “Very interesting.” She looked Katie in the eyes as she ran her middle finger into Katie’s moist pussy and brought it out to taste the nectar. “You taste very good too. Go ahead and dress.”

Katie slipped her top and bottoms back on and waited patiently for Desideria’s next move.

“As his wife, you could stand to control a wealth greater than the gross national product of a small country,” Desideria said sipping her tea. “Jason doesn’t even know how much he is worth. But let me tell you this. Jason is worth more to me than all my assets. You have a daughter. You have no idea what its like to have a son. No matter what you do, he will always be by your side. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my son. Nothing.”

Katie didn’t see Desideria’s mood change coming. She found herself trembling. “Jason is my husband and I place no one above him,” she replied. She tightened her gut. “I will do anything that he ask me to do, even if it means walking through the streets naked.”

“It looks like he is already asking that of you,” Desideria replied.

“It makes him happy, so I’m willing to do it,” Katie said.

“Tell me,” Desideria said. “What do you think Jason is doing right now?”

“Probably having sex with Kathy,” Katie answered.

“I wouldn’t doubt that one bit,” Desideria said. “I kept Jason away from other women until her turned twenty-one. I home school him and made him a scholar.”

“You did very well,” Katie said as a smile rose to the corner of her mouth.

“I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that he has a very healthy sexual appetite,” Desideria said.

“Yes, he sure does,” Katie said.

“Yes,” Desideria said. “The only thing that I regret is not having more children. I was raised in the Mormon Church in Utah. I was given over to marry one of the elders in Canada as his first wife. He wasn’t really a Mormon, only pretended to be so that he could have many wives through the church. He was a wealthy man, but left the church when they insisted that he donate all of his assets to the church. He wasn’t a very good man, but I gladly went with him when he left the church. He demanded sex from me every time he looked in my direction. He was so demanding that I didn’t bother to put only clothes. It didn’t take long before I got pregnant with Jason, which was about the same time that my husband’s business really started to take off. I saw less and less of my husband until one day I got a call that he had died of a heart attack. His lawyer and bestfriend took care of my finances. He was a good man. All I really did was take care of Jason. I was forced to learn a thing or two about business to keep people from taking advantage of the estate. That’s my story. Now tell me about you.”

“My life is not one of rags to riches,” Katie said. “My father decided to take me as his lover when I was in high school and my mother never said or do anything to stop it. I ran away by hitch hiking. I traded sex for food, a place to stay, and rides to the next town. I met a man who convinced me that I was beautiful. I went with him and we got married. Three months later I was pregnant with Kathy. He began treating me like I was worthless, which made me feel worse than I had at home. I got a job at a motel and got some help getting a divorce. It was a struggle, but Kathy never asked for much. At times I had to sleep with illegal bahis siteleri my ex-husband for child support. The final straw was with my ex-husband was him forcing Kathy to have sex with me for his amusement. We got through that part. Kathy did what I did to help us make it. I worked hard allowing my supervisor to grope me, but never have sex with me so I could survive at work. I met Jason while he was staying in the hotel. He kept insisting that I have diner with him. I did and found him irresistible.”

Desideria laughed. “He is irresistible.”

“I never would have considered wearing anything like this at my age,” Katie said. “Jason is never rude or mean even when he his taking delight in showing strange men what’s under my clothes.”

“That’s something knew,” Desideria said.

“He likes me to dress like a slut, but not a whore is what he says,” Katie said. “I am so happy to dress however he wants me to. I have never loved a man so completely.”

Desideria was satisfied with Katie. Jason and Kathy joined them in the garden a little while after their conversation became about general things. Kathy had a freshly fucked look on her face that her mother knew very well. They all talked for a little while before Desideria dragged her son off for a private conversation.

“Katie is a very lovely woman,” Desideria said to her son as they entered the study behind the kitchen. “We had a lovely little chat.”

“I’m so happy with her mom, I can’t believe it sometimes,” Jason said with a big smile on his face.

“So much that you have to show her off to other men?” Desideria said cutting her eyes at him.

“Mom, they both are so sexy,” Jason said. “Everybody stares.”

“Honey, you have them walking around naked. Who’s not going to stare,” Desideria said. “If you’re going to keep them naked, how about keeping them in the house.”

“But they like it,” Jason protested.

“They like pleasing you, dear,” Desideria said. “How much trouble do you think there can be if one of those men you are showing them off to sees them without you? Honey, keep all your treasures for yourself.”

“Could we move here?” Jason asked.

“I think you should talk that over with your wife, but I’m sure she will do whatever you want her to,” Desideria.

“I’ve been missing you, mom,” he said.

Desideria put her arms around him. “I’m not as young as I use to be,” she said removing her top. “You can’t have sex with me like I’m a young woman, okay?”

A big smile came across Jason’s face as his mother knelt in front of him and removed his aching cock. She looked into his eyes as she stroked it and then took it into her warm mouth. Jason moan as his mother made his cock hard like only she could. Desideria took off her sheer pants and then helped her son out of his clothes.

“Fuck me slowly Jason,” Desideria said sliding on the heavy desk and spreading her legs as wide as any teenager could. Her breast implants stood high for her son’s grasp.

Jason rubbed the head of his cock between his mother’s moist pussy lips. “You shaved it,” he said smiling.

“I figured that you might want some, so I cleaned it up for you,” she said.

“You always know what I want,” he said pushing the head of his cock into her hot hole.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

“Mom, you always feel so good inside,” he said working his cock slowly.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned watching her son’s thick cock slowly drive deeper inside her mature hole.

Jason raised his hands to his mother’s tits moving his thumb over her hard nipples. He loved liked them better than he thought he would when she told him that she was getting them. He loved her natural tits, but found her new ones a bit more exciting.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned again as she felt him deeper inside of her. Her doctor warned her about keeping up a vigorous sex life. She was determined to continue accommodating her son as long as she could.

“I love canlı bahis siteleri you mom,” Jason said moving his cock in and out of her more easily. He held back being careful not to jam his cock inside of his mother with any considerable force.

“Honey, I need you to do something for me,” Desideria said.

“Anything mom,” Jason said.

“I want grandchildren,” she said looking up at him.

“Katie mentioned having children before,” he said wanting to show his mother his obedience. “I’ll do my best to make all the grandchildren you want.”

“You make me so proud,” she said placing her hand to his cheek as she moved against his stroking cock.


“So, what do you think about this place?” Katie asked her daughter.

“It’s like a castle,” Kathy said spinning around with her arms stretched out.

“Jason is not just a millionaire, he is a billionaire,” Katie whispered to her daughter.

“Oh my god, mom,” Kathy said in an excited hushed voice. “We’re rich.”

“That’s billionaire rich,” Katie said hugging her daughter. “You’re going to have to be calm about it. He mother is really sharpe and she is fishing for information. All we have to do is give Jason what ever he wants and we’ll be set for life.”

“He can have anything from me that he wants,” Kathy smiled throwing her hip to the side.

“His mother wants both of us to have his children,” Katie said. “And she is holding the purse strings right now.”

“Can’t I just have sex with him?” Kathy asked.

“Honey, you got to see the big picture,” Katie said. “Jason will make sure that you have anything that you want, but I can tell that his mother has a real hold on him. She didn’t come right out and say it, but I think that she’s been having sex with him.”

“Oh,” Kathy said.

“Yeah,” Katie replied. “We have to make them both happen else we’re going to be right back where we came from, and I just quit my job.”

“I guess I’ll be getting all fat,” Kathy said.

“Hey, I had you,” Katie said. “Being pregnant is actually pretty nice at times.”


“Ahhhh baby,” Desideria moaned as Jason filled her with his thick cum. “I wish sometimes that I would have let you get me pregnant.”

“Remember I wanted to marry you,” Jason chuckled.

Desideria got down and began sucking on Jason’s cock again, cleaning off their sex fluids and trying to keep him from going soft. She was successful as usual. She knew how to hold his nuts and squeeze his cock in her mouth just the right way to keep him from loosing his hard-on.

“We had better get back to your ladies before they get lost in this place,” Desideria giggled.

Jason and his mother found Katie and Kathy near the pool. Kathy saw Jason and ran into his arms kissing him passionately. He lifted her off her feet by her plump ass. Her shorts rode up between her butt-cheeks and she made no attempt to pull them free.

“Jason, I will have as many children as you want me too,” Kathy said.

“What about your volleyball career?” he asked.

“It’s just a fun game,” Kathy said. “It’s not like I wanted to do it for a living. Besides, You want to make a porn Web site with pictures of me, right? They would probably kick me off the team if someone saw it away. It’s just a game.”

Desideria put her arm around Katie and slid her hand down to Katie’s butt-cheeks. “Honey, I hope you are ready, because I want lots of grandchildren,” she said rubbing her fingers between Katie’s butt-cheeks. “Why don’t the two of you go get started on making me some grandchildren, while Katie and I pick out her bedroom.”

“I guess I’ll see you two later,” Jason said kissing his mother a bit more passionately than he had before, and then he kissed Katie exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Kathy giggled pulling Jason away to the house.

“Since this will be your house one day, you can have any room in the house that you want,” Desideria said massaging Katie’s butt-cheeks.

“Thank you so much,” Katie said moving her hand to her mother-in-law’s waist as they walked into the big mansion.

Desideria moved Katie’s hand down to her butt-cheek, which Katie gave a loving caress.

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Sun, Sand and My Cousin Abby Pt. 02

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Waking up the next morning was a little odd. In a little over twenty four hours my relationship with my cousin Abby had gone from friendship to being naked together and masturbating in front of each other. My mind was reeling from the delicious memories of the night before, and the most enjoyable wank I had had in a very long time. I had woken up with morning glory and beneath the covers, I started to play with it. I decided I wanted to relive last night with a memory wank before I got out of bed. I thought about Abby’s gorgeous bottom and legs and imagined sliding my cock into her pussy from behind, wanking my hard cock slowly. I wanted to fuck her so badly. Maybe she felt the same way? Maybe.

Abby stirred and I froze instinctively. I heard her get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Now what do I do? Can I finish my wank before she returns? What would happen is she caught me? What could she say after last night? I sat up in bed, cock like a pole.

Abby wasn’t long at all. “Did I wake you?”

“No, I was waking up anyway.”


“Yes please?”

She moved to the dresser and busied herself with the travel kettle. I admired her figure from behind and squeezed my throbbing erection under the covers. Presently, she set both steaming cups down on the little table beside my bed.

“Shift up a bit!” She commanded, making it clear she intended to snuggle in next to me.

She climbed in next to me, and I sat up to receive the coffee. This was torture. My erection was going nowhere and now she was lying right next to me and sipping coffee, completely unaware of it.

“Are you OK about what we did last night?” I ventured.

“Yes, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Are you OK?”

“Yes, it was horny as fuck.”

“Would you do it again?”

“Absolutely, you?”

“Yes, except…”

“Except what?”

“Was it enough for you? Because it left me wanting to do more…”

I knew that feeling! I wanted to do everything I could imagine and more. I wanted to fuck her again and again. I wanted to drown her with my cum and bury canlı bahis my face in her wet cunt.

“I think I’d like more too,” was all I actually said.

“I have a proposal to make. We’re both grown adults. We’re both free agents. What happens on holiday stays on holiday. No strings. No questions. No regrets. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, that works for me, but what happens if one of us pulls?”

“The other one has to accept it. No strings.”

“Okay, deal.”

We put our cups down and embraced to seal the deal. My hard cock flopped against her belly and she pushed back the duvet. I opened my mouth to speak and she placed a finger on my lips. She took it gently in her hand and squeezed it. Wow, that felt good. But not as good as what she did next. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and the feeling was bliss as I caressed her head in my hands. But I knew that I might cum too soon, so I decided to return the compliment. Gently, I lifted her shoulders and she didn’t resist as I turned her onto her back. As I had daydreamed about doing, I cupped a firm, pert breast in my hand and suck hard on that lovely pink nipple. She gasped approvingly. Moving down her flat belly I kissed her pubic mound and then positioned myself between her legs. Her cunt smelt warm and musky and I began to lick her labia. The taste of her quim was exquisite. I buried my face and sucked her labia and licked at her clit. Her wispy blonde hairs tickled my nose and the smell was wonderful. She began to pant so I continued to licked her clit rhythmically until she quivered and gasped. Suddenly, she decided to retake control. She pushed my back on the bed and straddled me. She used one hand to guide my cock into her hole and then took my full extent inside her. I tried to look but she pinned my shoulders to the bed and ground herself against me.

“Try not to cum,” she gasped as her worked her body against me.

She made herself cum in this way as my hard cock strained inside her. As her orgasm subsided, she release her grip and allowed my to sit up and embrace bahis siteleri her.

“Did you cum?”

“You told me not to?”

“Good, I want to see it.”

She eased herself off me and caressed my cock, now slippery with her juices. She slid one hand under to cup my balls and wanked me with the other. I caressed her back and watched her hands.

“Cum for me.”

I slid my hand under her and put two fingers in her sopping wet cunt. Then I licked the sexy juice from my fingers. Then, I put my hand over hers, controlling the pace. Still with the taste of her quim in my mouth, I let my load go. We both watched as the spunk boiled out of my cock and ran down our hands. To my utter delight, she licked some of it from her hand.

We lay in each others arms until my hard on subsided and I needed to get up and pee.

“Can I hold it?” Said Abby.

“If you want to.”

I couldn’t really see the harm in it. In practice, she held my cock and it got excited again and I was pent up and couldn’t go. So we got in the shower together instead. The shower was over the bath so there was plenty of room for us both. Abby decided she would like to wash me, which was nice but made my cock hard again.

“But I really need to pee!” I protested.

“And you can’t pee when it’s hard? That’s a bit of a design fault.”

She teased me by tickling my balls. It was torture. I thought maybe I could take my mind off it by washing her. I soaped up her body, delighting at feeling her hard nipples as I payed plenty of soapy attention to her boobs. I got down on my knees and soaped up her legs, my face close to her little thatch of blonde pubes.

“Careful, I don’t want soap up there,” she warned.

I stood up and she put her arms around me. We took the shower from the hook and washed the soap off each other. I felt my erection calm down and thought about my full bladder. Should I get out of the shower?

“I need to pee now.”

“I don’t mind if you want to pee in the shower, I often do! I won’t look.”

She looked at my face and put her arms bahis şirketleri around her neck. I looked straight back at her and relaxed. I felt my pee flow, but couldn’t see where it was going. Abby was obviously feeling where it was going though!

“Mmmm, warm! She giggled.

I was unable to stop now so I just released it all, looking down to see it was hitting the inside of her thigh.

“My turn!”

I looked down and another stream was now flowing out of Abby. I drew her closer and felt it playing on my legs. It felt rather sexy.

“Finished?” She asked, holding my now soft cock.

“Yes thanks.”

“Oh good, because I wouldn’t want a mouthful of wee!”

And with that, she knelt down and started sucking my soft cock. As you can imagine, it didn’t stay soft for long. She played around the tip with her tongue and then caressed my shaft against her cheek.

“I need this inside me again. How do you want me?”

“I want to take you from behind.”

“Okay, you got it. Where?”

I got her to stand in front of the sink counter and rest her hands on it. I loved her pert little bottom and I knelt down to finger her cunt from behind. Once again, I licked her taste from my fingers.

“I love the taste of your cunt!” I said.

“I love it when you are dirty!” She replied.

“That’s good, cos I feel like being dirty.”

“Be as dirty as you like.”

I stood behind her and guided my cock into her hole from behind, and started to fuck her firmly. I gripped her hips with my hands and made sure each thrust was deep. She moaned with each thrust.

“I love your cock deep in me.”

“I love fucking your hole.”

I was able to thrust like this for some time and her moans encouraged me to hold back my orgasm. Now she made wild noises and thrust her hips back against me. This was pure animal fucking now. Eventually, I was ready to blow my load.

“I want to cum deep inside you.”

“Do it.”

As I came I pulled her hips hard into my body so that my cock was as deep in her as it would go. She whimpered as my cock throbbed and I held her there till I was sure it was all out of me. Eventually, I slid out gently and turned her round for an embrace.

“I think we need another shower,” she giggled, “and then you’re taking me to the beach.

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Leigh Ride

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Josh finished off his meal before half of the other employees had even made it through the queue. He came from a poor family with three kids, and whoever ate the fastest got dibs on seconds, so he’d been in the habit of wolfing down his food all his life.

Thankfully, the company had learned from the previous year’s fiasco. The food had been bad enough that they’d stopped going super cheap on company meals, and had found a caterer that seemed to do everything right. It wasn’t a proper family Christmas dinner, but it was as close as one could get on a mass catering scale. The caterer’s track record with good food was the tipping point that had convinced him to make the long drive to the Christmas party. The door prizes were nice — but a long shot. The food was a sure thing.

Pleasantly full, he chatted with a couple of the other loading dock workers he was friendly with for a few minutes, and then went to refill his iced tea.

So much for that idea, he thought as he approached the beverage dispensers. There were several people on the dock he wasn’t fond of, but Anthony he absolutely couldn’t stand. From the looks of him, he was ranting about something, and he was standing right next to the dispensers. The guy was lazy, full of himself, and bitched constantly about how he was being singled out and treated unfairly — by everyone and everything.

Another glass of tea wasn’t worth the aggravation.

Josh glanced at his phone and saw that it was going to be over an hour before they started announcing door prizes. He decided to throw on his coat and head to his car in the parking lot for a while, where he had tunes that weren’t Christmas music, and a bottle of Coke.

It was a sunny winter’s day with no wind, and so felt far warmer than it actually was. When he climbed in his car on the back side of the hotel, he found that the sun streaming through the windows had kept it warm enough that he didn’t even need the heater to feel comfortable. He drank his Coke, listened to music, and took in the view.

The hotel where the company had rented the banquet hall wasn’t part of the ski resort proper, but still had a great view of the snow-blanketed mountains. According to the signage, there were hiking trails through the pines and picnic shelters as well. Beyond the mounds pushed up by the plows were pristine natural drifts guided by the lay of the land and whim of the wind. Snow hung thick on the boughs of the pines rising out of those drifts. Above them was the majesty of the mountains.

It was a far different view than at home, where the mountains were a distant vision — most often blocked by buildings — and the snow was a dingy grey. He knew he could get an even better look if he took advantage of the slight discount the company had arranged on the slopes of the resort. The key word was slight, and he had never been on a pair of skis or a snowboard. That was something he didn’t want to try to learn in front of coworkers he would class as acquaintances rather than friends.

After only a few minutes of sitting, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and glanced toward the back door of the hotel, where he’d just exited. A woman was standing there in the open door, facing inside. She had a great ass and long dark hair hanging in pigtails from a white knit cap. He thought he knew her, and when she turned slightly, it confirmed his guess. Leigh was fresh out of high school, hot as hell, and worked in one of the outlying departments of the warehouse.

She was also Anthony’s girlfriend.

Maybe not for long, Josh thought rather smugly when he realized she was gesturing angrily at him, where he stood just inside the door. It served him right as far as Josh was concerned. He had no idea what any woman saw in the jackass — let alone a sweet little hottie like Leigh.

Leigh turned and walked away from the hotel, and Anthony didn’t follow. As she approached, he could see that she was red-faced and had misty eyes. Her expression was likewise a mixture of anger and sorrow. He assumed she was heading for her car, but when she reached the back of the lot, she stepped onto the snow-covered trail leading into the pine forest.

It didn’t seem like a particularly good decision, but he was torn. If he followed after her, he could very well come off as a creeper. On the other hand, she was obviously upset and not thinking clearly. Wandering into an unfamiliar, snowy forest in that state was a recipe for potential disaster.

He agonized over the decision for a minute or so, until she actually vanished into the trees. That was what finally encouraged him to get up and follow her. Hers were the only footprints in the inch or so of snow that had fallen the night before, making her easy to track.

Catching up was a different matter entirely. She was moving quickly along the curving path, and paying no mind to where the snow had drifted a couple of inches deeper here and there. Josh increased his pace when he realized just how canlı bahis far ahead she must be.

He caught up after a bend in the trail near one of the picnic shelters to see her looking warily over her shoulder. She visibly relaxed when she recognized him.

“You okay, Leigh?” he asked.

“I’m okay, I guess,” she answered. He could see where her previously unshed tears had rolled down her cheeks as she walked.

“I was worried when I saw you walking back here alone. I’ll leave you alone if you want, but I wanted to check on you.”

“No, it’s okay. I should really go back. I wasn’t thinking about how stupid it was until I heard you behind me and didn’t know who was following me.”

“Sorry to scare you.” He noticed that one of the picnic tables beneath the shelter had avoided being covered in snow thanks to thick, overhanging pine boughs. He pointed and asked, “You want to sit down?”

“I…” She hesitated and fidgeted for a moment before continuing, “Sure.”

Josh shuffled his feet, making a path through the snow over to the shelter. They both stomped the snow off their shoes near the table, where only a dusting covered the concrete. He then climbed up to sit on the table, rather than the seat, and she did the same.

“You work on the dock with…” She trailed off, leaving the name unsaid. “It’s Josh — right?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Does Anthony talk about me? About us?”

Josh hesitated, knowing that what her boyfriend said about her probably wasn’t something she wanted to hear. “Well, we don’t really talk much.”

“But you hear him, I’m sure,” she said with a slight roll of her eyes. “Be honest. What does he say about me?”

He had no reason whatsoever to protect Anthony, and though he knew it would be hard to hear, she probably suspected the truth anyway. So he answered, “It’s mostly about sex, and complaining about anything else you want to do as smothering him.”

“He doesn’t call me his girlfriend, does he?”

“It’s mostly my bitch.”

She clenched her teeth and let out a little growl. “Has he ever talked about cheating on me?”

“Like I said, we don’t get along… But I have seen things that make me think he might.”

“That skank Jennifer?”

Rumor was that Jennifer had slept with at least a dozen men from the warehouse and a couple of supervisors — one of whom was married. Her suspicions were hardly without evidence, and he told her, “I’ve seen him talking to her a few times after work in the parking lot.”

“I knew it. I am so tired of his shit.” She then sighed, caught his gaze, and said, “Thanks for telling me the truth.”

Damn, she’s beautiful, Josh thought as her eyes softened. “You’re welcome.”

Leigh said, “I almost didn’t come today. I’m glad I did now.” She then looked around and said, “It’s really pretty out here.”

Though he much preferred to enjoy the scenery right in front of him, he took in their surroundings as well. “Yeah. No tracks in the snow, and the snow hanging on all the pine boughs. The little beams of light that sneak through and light up patches of snow. It’s nice.”

“Just far enough away that you can pretend the hotel isn’t just over there, because you can’t see it.”

“Peaceful, and quiet,” he agreed.

Leigh made eye contact with him again. She was smiling, and her deep brown eyes were alight — once again entrapping him. “I don’t know why I can’t find a nice guy — like you.”

“I’m a guy like me,” he said before his brain could catch up with his mouth. He instantly winced and looked away, knowing how ridiculous it sounded.

Leigh laughed — though it had none of the mocking tone he expected after delivering such a cheesy line. She then reached up, cupped his chin, and guided him to look at her.

“Sorry. That…” He couldn’t finish. His face felt so hot from embarrassment that he was surprised he didn’t see water pouring off the roof from the snow melting away.

She smiled and said, “It’s okay. It was kind of cute, and sweet actually.”

He nearly gasped from the sparks flying between them as they looked into each other’s eyes. The next thing he knew, she was scooting closer to him, and then leaning in. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to return her soft, sweet kiss.

Leigh let out a quiet moan when their lips parted. They locked eyes, and simultaneously sought each other’s lips once more.

Josh’s tongue slipped over hers, and he lifted his hand to caress her face. She tousled his hair and stroked his arm. Her kisses grew steadily more passionate, and he eagerly matched her. He wondered what she was doing when she reached up between them and unzipped her coat. She didn’t leave him guessing for long, and guided his hand to her breast before reaching between his legs. She moaned into their hungry kiss when she felt his hardness.

She was still squeezing his erection through his pants when she once again redirected bahis siteleri the hand exploring her breasts. She guided it beneath her gray and black mottled sweater, and then back to the firm mounds again. No bra impeded his access to her, and he squeezed her left breast while running a thumb over her stiff nipple.

Leigh broke from the kiss, but stayed close enough for him to continue fondling her firm, eighteen-year-old breasts. She bit her lower lip for a moment, and then began unbuttoning his pants.

“What are you doing?” he asked in disbelief.

“What do you think?” she countered as she made quick work of the button and zipper. She fished his cock out into the crisp winter air, but it wasn’t exposed long.

He turned his hand as she leaned into his lap — never losing contact with her breast — and settled the other on the back of her head. Josh groaned when she took him in her hot little mouth.

Anthony is a fucking idiot, Josh thought as she worshiped his cock with slow, deep sucks. “That feels so good, Leigh,” he encouraged her in a voice barely above a whisper.

Leigh moaned around him, adding a new layer to the incredible sensation.

After a few more sucks, she released him, blew out a long, slow breath over his saliva-slick member and said in a husky voice, “I need you.”

He began, “Do you want to go back to my—”

She cut him off by sitting up and saying, “I need you right now.” She lifted her foot and began sliding off one of her black, fur-topped boots.

Josh instinctively looked back toward the trail. They were out of sight of the hotel, but they weren’t that far away. Leigh didn’t seem to be the slightest bit concerned. She’d already pulled off one of her boots, and removed the other as soon as he turned back.

“This is crazy,” he said.

“Uh huh,” she agreed even as she began popping open the buttons of her pants.

Crazy or not, there was no turning back as she stood on the seat and began to wriggle out of her pants. A groaning sigh escaped him as the material slipped down to her thighs, revealing her shaved pussy.

“Ooo!” Leigh exclaimed when her bare bottom hit the cold wood of the table, but it didn’t deter her. She nodded over her shoulder and said, “Lay down,” while she finished removing her pants.

Josh unzipped his bulky coat, slipped his arms out of the sleeves, and reclined atop it as he drank in the sight of her — naked from the waist down — quickly rolling up her pants. She placed them atop his coat by his chest, and then reached for his pants. He lifted his ass so she could wrestle them down to his thighs. A second later, she stepped over him.

Leigh looked back over her shoulder as she squatted over his lap and quickly asked, “Is this okay?”

He nodded and then dropped his eyes back to the sight of her tight little ass.

She didn’t waste any time reaching down to stand his cock up straight and lowering her pussy to it. A moment later, the chilly kiss of the wind was replaced by her warm, velvety walls engulfing him. Leigh gasped, and he groaned.

Josh grabbed her waist when she began to ride him. Leigh undulated, letting out little moans as her pussy slid up and down his cock. Her right hand moved from his leg to in front of her, and she whimpered when she began to rub her clit.

“Oh god, yeah,” he groaned.

“S-so good,” she whimpered in response. “So big.”

Her strained tone was practically screaming bigger than that dickhead Anthony, which brought a grin to his face.

She moved a little faster, and her sounds of pleasure rose in volume to match. The dark fans of her pigtails began to sway across the white of her jacket.

“Ah fuck,” he exclaimed while shuddering from the feeling of her tight, wet pussy milking his cock.

She seemed to agree when she responded, “Uh huh. Oh yeah.” After a few more sweet gyrations, she said, “Warn me if you’re going to come.”

Josh let out a growl and said, “Okay.”

Leigh leaned forward, allowing her hips to move at an even faster pace. It also let him see his cock sliding into her pretty pink pussy. She was soaking wet, and his erection glistened in the dappled light with her juices.

Josh let his hands glide over her hips, her quivering ass, and up her waist beneath her sweater. Beneath the wool, her skin was hot, in sharp contrast to the slight chill where she wasn’t covered.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed after half a minute or so, and then began to bounce hard on his erection. Her ass clapped against his skin — the sound echoing back from the roof above and the surrounding trees. Josh dug his fingers into her hips, pulling down when she descended and bucking his hips at the bottom of the stroke. The smacks of colliding flesh grew even louder, and he could hear the wet crackle of his cock penetrating her.

Wrong as it was, having his cock buried in Anthony’s girlfriend was an incredible thrill. On top of that was the dangerous excitement of possibly bahis şirketleri being caught. It made him throb hard in her tight, slippery embrace.

“Ah! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah!” she cried as her pleasure mounted.

“Yeah, ride me,” he encouraged her. “So fucking hot.”

“So full. So good. Oh, Josh…”

“Leigh, you’re so sexy.”

She looked back over her shoulder, and her ecstasy was plainly written on her face. “My pussy feel good?”

“Incredible. God, you’re beautiful.”

Leigh whimpered and a smile merged with her tightened features. She looked at him for a second or two longer before gasping and wiggling her ass with him balls deep inside her. Then her hips rose and slammed back down on him again.

“Oh, baby,” he groaned.


“I want you to come.”

“Oh yes. Yes!”

He could see how fast her hand was moving between her legs, and even hear the skitch skitch sound of her fingers flashing over her folds, between the slaps of flesh on flesh.

She whimpered, “Feels so good. Gonna… Gonna make me come.”

Josh growled and gripped her hips even tighter. “Oh yeah. Come.”

“So close. Oh god!” she cried, and then went absolutely wild.

Leigh impaled herself on his hard cock with reckless abandon. Her feminine grunts of exertion were incredibly sexy, and triggered an itch in the head of his cock that was quickly swelling. The skin beneath his hands felt nearly as warm as it had beneath her sweater as the effort raised her body temperature. He likewise no longer noticed the chill of the air on his skin as his pleasure mounted.

“Yes. Do it. Do it. Come for me,” he growled while fighting off an eruption.

Leigh was beyond words. She serenaded him with increasingly — almost alarmingly, considering the situation — loud sounds of pleasure. Josh closed his eyes, as he was careening toward an orgasm as well. Not being able to see her did little to curb the urgency, however.

He was on the verge of warning her that he was going to come when he felt her jerk, and then slam down over his hips one final time. She yelped as her walls clenched around him in orgasm.

“C-coming!” she squealed a moment later.

Josh bucked his hips up into her climaxing pussy and grunted, “Yeah. Yeah. Fuck!”

Leigh twitched, jerked, and whimpered atop him as the throes took control of her. Josh clenched his teeth and stiffened. Her canal squeezing around his cock was nudging him closer to the edge by the moment. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Shit. Gonna come. Gonna come,” he warned her in clipped grunts.

Leigh lurched off his cock with a pained whimper that warbled when she was left empty. She drew in noisy breaths as she dropped forward onto her hands. Then she haltingly pushed back toward him. He could see steam curling from her hot flesh where sweat and her juices were evaporating into the cold, dry air.

His eyes snapped closed a fraction of a second later when she took his cock in her mouth.

Leigh bobbed her head in short strokes, and it didn’t take long. She croaked when his hips thrust upward of their own accord as he surrendered to orgasm.

Josh grunted and gasped, pumping cum into Leigh’s eager mouth. She sucked hard and worked her lips around his pulsing shaft, milking out every drop he had to offer. His ejaculations were so powerful that he started to feel light-headed from the intensity. He both heard and felt her long, satisfied moan when the last few dribbles oozed onto her tongue.

She kept sucking.

His head cleared in a flash as he grew sensitive. For a second, all he could do was pant through clenched teeth. Then he grunted, “Shit. Ah, god damn.”

Leigh’s next moan was a devilish chuckle. She kept her lips locked around him for a few agonizing seconds, and then finally let him slip free. His sigh of relief was premature, because she wasn’t done. She tongued the head of his cock, causing him to grip the edge of the table and thrash beneath her. Finally, she had mercy and rested her head on his leg.

“I came so hard,” she said in a languid voice.

“God, Leigh. Me too.”

She moaned, but then they both simultaneously shivered as the heat of their orgasms ebbed, letting them feel the bite of the cold air once more. Leigh was the first to move, as she was far more exposed. She sat up over her knees with her teeth chattering, and snatched up her pants. As soon as she moved to pull them on, he was quick to do the same.

Josh zipped up his coat, watching her wrestle her pants back up. She continued to shiver even after zipping up her coat, so he curled a hand around her back, and pulled her into an embrace.

A soft moan marked the change in her shiver from one of cold to something entirely different. Their eyes met. They both smiled, laughed, and moved in for a kiss.

She had a look of surprised delight on her face when their lips parted. “Anthony would never kiss me after I sucked him off.”

Josh kissed her again, proving it didn’t bother him in the slightest.

“We should probably get back, huh?” she said as they caressed each other’s faces.

He nodded. “So… Uhm… What are you going to do?”

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Summer with Grandpa

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18 year old Suzanne decided to spend the summer on her Grandfather’s farm before going off to college in the fall. She knew her grandfather had been lonely since her grandmother died 2 years before. Her parents weren’t to keen on her spending the summer so far away but since she was 18 now, they figured she was old enough to make her own decisions.

She caught the greyhound in Portland, OR and three days later arrived at the station in Kansas City, Missouri.

She threw her slender body into her grandfather’s waiting arms as soon as she got off the bus. Her 38C breasts pressed tightly against his chest. Her grandfather Peter stood 5’10” about 2 inches taller then her own 5’8″. His salt and pepper hair still showed signs of the dark brown hair that matched her own. His ice blue eyes sparkled as he looked her over. “Damn girl. You really grew up.” He said with his southern accent that had never quite gone away. Grandpa had grown up in Mississippi but moved to Missouri when he met her grandmother in school there. They had married right out of college and were together for over 50 years when she suddenly went to sleep one night and never woke up.

Suzanne’s green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. “Thanks. You look great to grandpa.” He had put on a bit of weight but it was more muscle from working the farm then fat.

Peter smiled at her as he rubbed his mustache and beard then picked up her duffel bag she had dropped when she hugged him. “Come on darling, I gotta get back to the farm.”

She wrapped her hand through his arm as he led her out to the pickup.

“Gee Grandpa; it’s sure hot in here.” Suzanne said as they headed towards the road and out of town. Both windows were wide open with a strong breeze.

“The weather man predicted almost 100 degrees today.” Peter said not taking his eyes off the road in front of him.

Suzanne pulled her soaked halter top away from her skin. “Ah…that’s better.” She moaned as she pulled it down her chest until her breasts were free to feel the wind.

Peter glanced over at her and gasped. “Suzanne.” He cried as he suddenly looked back at the deserted road. “Pull your shirt up.” He ordered.

Suzanne had her breasts lifted in her hands, letting the wind cool them with her eyes closed. “Why, this feels good.” She opened her eyes looking at her grandfather. “Besides, it’s not like you’ve never seen a pair of tits before.”

Peter tried to keep his eyes on the road, but they kept glancing over at her. “You are my granddaughter.” He said hoarsely. “You have no business showing me your tits.” He groaned inwardly as he felt his cock start to harden in his jeans.

She smiled at him then lowered her eyes until they were resting on his crotch. Her eyes widened as her smile brightened. “Grandpa, you’re getting a hard on.” She said with a chuckle.

Peter just growled but concentrated on driving. This seemed to work for a couple of minutes until he felt Suzanne hand opening his jeans.

He stopped the car, and then looked at her as she brought his 8 inch cock out in the open. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked her.

Suzanne had moved onto her knees and was just about to take his cock into her mouth when he stopped the car. She looked up at him innocently. “Ah grandpa, I’m hungry.” Then before he could protest, he felt her lips enclose him.

Peter sat there in shock as she bobbed her head up and down over him. Her tongue moved all over his flesh. “Oh god,” He moaned throwing his head back as he tangled his fingers in her hair. He felt her push him against her throat then pull back, he wondered if she had ever done this before.

Then it hit him just who was sucking so nicely on his shaft. He gripped her head, trying to pull her off of him but she just held on with her lips. “Suzanne, this isn’t right. You shouldn’t be…Oh god.” He groaned when he suddenly felt himself slide into her throat.

Suzanne held him for a minute then slowly pulled back up. She had never done any of this before but always wanted to try deepthroating. She jacked the base of Peter’s cock while her tongue moved over his piss slit. When he suddenly spurted precum into her mouth, she tasted it, then smiled as she swallowed it then looked for more.

Peter was having a hard time remembering that it was his granddaughter who was giving him a blowjob. It had been so long since anyone had sucked on him or he had canlı bahis been inside a woman and her mouth felt so good around him. His hand tangled once again in her hair, as he pushed her up and down over his hard cock. “Oh baby. Suck grandpa’s cock. Make me cum in your hot mouth.” He groaned giving up and enjoying her mouth on him.

Suzanne moaned around him as she sucked harder at his shaft. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and the way he was pushing on her head while he cried out in pleasure, told her it wouldn’t be long. She slipped her hand down under her body until she found her bare pussy leaking like crazy. She hadn’t worn any panties on the bus, determined that her grandfather was going to take her cherry.

She slipped 2 fingers into her virgin hole, sliding them in and out as she continued to suck at Peter’s cock. Suddenly he gripped her head hard as he slammed her repeatedly up and down over him.

“Fuck…Gonna…Cum…” he panted as he forced her head hard over him.

Suzanne let him move her head as she moved her fingers harder in her pussy, trying to bring herself off when she got him off in her mouth.

Peter slammed hard upward with his hips, driving his cock deep into her mouth as he shot off. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg.” He screamed.

Suzanne moaned around his shooting cock, swallowing as fast as she could while her pussy spasmed around her flying fingers. She drank all his juices then dug at his piss slit looking for more before she finally let his spent cock slip from between her lips. “You taste good grandpa.” She said with a smile.

Peter, who was resting his head against the back of the seat, slowly opened his eyes. “You shouldn’t have done that darling.” He panted as he fixed his jeans.

Suzanne sat back in the seat as he started driving again. “Why not? I liked it?”

Peter looked at her. “You are my granddaughter Suzanne.”

She fixed her skirt as she sat back down on the seat. “Yea, so?”

He looked at her as they pulled into the driveway leading to the farm. He was silent until he had pulled up to the house, and then looked at her again. “Its incest darling, Family members don’t have sex.” Then before she could protest, he got out of the truck and headed towards the house.

Suzanne lay in her empty bed a week later working her pussy into frenzy as she thought about her grandfather’s cock and how she was going to get him to fuck her. She had tried pressing herself against him while they walked over the farm, but he just pushed her away.

When she kissed him on the lips, he pushed her from him so hard that she landed on her butt in the dirt. He had given her a dirty look then went back to work.

Now as she pushed herself towards orgasm, she was wracking her brain trying to figure out how to get grandpa to fuck her. She had even purposely left the bathroom door open when she went in to take her shower. He had just closed the door without looking at her.

As Suzanne body convulsed in orgasm, she wanted to scream in frustration. She was determined to have grandpa fuck her and she wanted him to fuck her now. Pulling her fingers from her pussy, she moved out of bed and down the hall. She stood outside her grandfathers closed door then slowly opened it.

Peter was lying on his back, naked with the moonlight shining over his body. His cock was half hard lying against his stomach. She walked quietly to the bed, then onto it. She froze when he snored loudly then when she was sure he wasn’t going to wake up, continued moving towards him.

She watched his eyes as she lowered her head, taking him once more into her mouth. She felt him harden as she ran her tongue over him. When Peter moaned in his sleep, she knew she had to have him inside her.

She knew from girls at school that it was easier if the guy was on top when you lost your virginity, but since grandpa was being such a poop about it, Suzanne decided it was time to take matters into her hands.

She straddled his hips, and then rested on hand lightly on his stomach while she guided his hard cock to her entrance. When he was lined up, she took a deep breath then slammed her body down over him, impaling him completely into her body. She gave a small cry as he shot through her hymen, but other then that she loved the fullness of him inside her. “So far so good,” She said quietly as she looked up into his sleeping face. He was buried bahis siteleri inside her and none the wiser.

Resting her hands on his stomach, she slowly lifted her body over him until he almost left her pussy, then slowly moved back down, taking him inside her again. “Oh…that feels so good.” She moaned as she rode him, massaging his cock with her inner muscles.

Peter came awake slowly, feeling Suzanne’s pussy pulling at his cock was pulling him from his dream. Slowly he opened his eyes to see her moving up and down over him. Her breasts bounced with her movements. Her breath was coming in pants as she fucked herself on him.

Suddenly Peter was wide awake. “What the fuck?” He growled watching her.

Suzanne opened her eyes to look at her grandfather’s. “Well you wouldn’t fuck me.” She said matter of factly even as she continued to slide over him.

Peter groaned as he felt her pull him deeply inside her. Her pussy was tighter then her mouth and felt great sliding over him. “This isn’t right.” He growled even as he thrust up into her.

“I don’t care.” She cried when she felt him slam into her. “I love you grandpa and I love your cock. I don’t care if it is right or wrong. I want you to fuck me.” She stuck out her lower lip as she moved faster over him, pulling him deep inside her.

“Suzanne…Baby…Please.” He begged grabbing her hips to pull her off of him. “Don’t do this to me. I can’t fuck you. It’s not right.” He pulled at her but she just held on, keeping her pussy moving up and down over him.

“I’m not leaving grandpa. You’re cock is already in me. You might as well enjoy it.” She took his hands from her hips, moving them to her breasts as she rode him hard.

“Oh god…Fuck…Oh no…” He panted even as he slammed upward into her.

“Fuck me grandpa.” She screamed bouncing her body over him even as she held his hands to her breasts. “It feels so good.”

Peter was fighting inwardly with himself. He wanted to fuck her so bad, to show her just how good it could be. Her pussy was milking at his cock, pulling him deep inside her. But at the same time, he knew it was wrong.

When she suddenly tightened around him as she came, Peter knew there was no question. She would get her wish. He had to fuck her and he had to fuck her now.

Suzanne gasped in surprise, when she was suddenly thrown onto her back with her grandfather pounding her from above. “You wanted my cock you little minx. You got it.” He growled as he thrust hard and fast into her gripping hole.

Once the shock was over, Suzanne squealed with joy. “Yessssssssss…Fuck me grandpa. Ream my little pussy with your hard cock. It feels so good.”

Peter didn’t respond; he just took one of her nipples between his teeth, sucking hard on it as he ferociously took her pussy. He pounded her hard and fast, making her squeal with pleasure. He could feel her juices flooding him as he slammed repeatedly into her body. “You like that baby?” he growled against her ear as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. “You like grandpa’s cock deep in your pussy?”

“Yes grandpa, oh yes.” She screamed as she dug her feet into the mattress so she could push herself up against him. Their bodies rocked together as the mattress groaned under their movements. “Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good.” She cried digging her nails into his back as she shoved herself madly against him, pulling him deeper inside her. “Fuck MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she came again around him.

“God, you have such a nice pussy baby.” Peter grunted fucking her hard. Suddenly he pulled out of her body.

“No…” Suzanne cried trying to pull him back.

Peter just laughed. “Relax little girl. Just wanna change positions.”

She looked at him in confusion for a minute, then smiled when he pulled her to a sitting position then pushed her over onto her hands and knees. “Push your face into the pillow baby, and stick your ass up in the air.” He said as he moved in behind her.

Suzanne spread her legs wide, as she rested her head against the pillow. “Oh grandpa,” She moaned as he filled her with his length. “That feels so good.”

Peter just chuckled as he fed her his length. When he was buried in her completely, he pulled out to the head then suddenly slammed forward again. “Oh god,” She grunted at his sudden invasion.

Peter just laughed again and started fucking her bahis şirketleri furiously, pushing her head towards the wall with each of his violent thrusts. “You like that little girl?” He asked as he pummeled her pussy from behind while he gripped her hips in his hands.

“Oh yes. Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good.” She moaned whipping her head back and forth as she shoved back against him. “Make me cum again grandpa.”

Peter rammed her pussy with his cock as one hand moved beneath her body, gripping her clit, while he wet a finger of the other hand and shoved it into her virgin asshole. “What the fuck?” She asked looking over her shoulder as he slowly fingered her ass while he fucked her.

Peter chuckled, “That’s your ass baby. Feels good with my finger in it don’t it?” He pushed his finger further into her as he pummeled her pussy with his cock.

Suzanne tried to ignore his cock in her pussy for a minute while she felt his finger in her ass. It was strange but didn’t hurt. “I like it.” She moaned as her shoved his finger deep. “Finger my ass grandpa while you fuck me.” She moaned lowering her head back to the pillow.

Peter shook his head as he filled two of her holes at once. Her ass was pulling at his finger while her pussy milked his cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her pussy with his juices. He pulled his finger from her ass, wet it and another one then slammed both into her. She whimpered in pain for a minute then fucked back against him. As he watched her sucking at his fingers, he got an evil idea. She had pushed him into her fucking her and it had been a long time since his cock was shoved up a sweet ass. He pulled out of her suddenly, making her moan in disappointment. “Why did you stop? I was so close.”

Peter didn’t answer. Instead he spread open her ass-cheeks then pushed his cock against her virgin hole. “What are you doing grandpa?” She asked looking over her shoulder at him when she felt him against her other hole. “That’s not my pussy.”

He smiled at her as he dipped his fingers into her pussy, coating them with her juices, which he spread over his cock. “Believe me sweetheart. I know.” Then before she could do anything, he pressed forward with his hips, spreading her open as he slowly slid into her ass.

“Ugh…” She groaned digging her nails into the pillow as she felt her ass slowly being opened by his hard cock. “Grandpa, I don’t know if I like this.” She whimpered.

He ignored her as he held her cheeks open with his fingers while he watched his cock slide into her ass. “I don’t care. You wanted me to fuck you, I’m fucking you.” He hissed through clenched teeth as he slowly penetrated her.

Suzanne whimpered in pain as he continued to push into her. “I wanted you to fuck my pussy. Not my ass.”

He just laughed. “It’s just another hole.” He pushed forward a little bit harder making her cry out as he shoved the head of his cock into her.

“Grandpa, it hurts.” She cried clawing at the pillow.

Again Peter ignored her. He closed his eyes, enjoying her tightening around him. “Oh yea,” He moaned. When her cries penetrated his lust filled mind, he slammed three fingers into her pussy, fingering her hard and fast as he continued to slowly slide his cock into her ass.

Suzanne was on the edge of a precipice. Her ass was burning, from her grandfather forcing himself into it, but her pussy was spasming like crazy as she came forcefully around his fingers. “Grandpa…” She screamed as she shoved herself back against his thrusting fingers and in the process buried him completely up her ass. “Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…” She screamed when she felt him buried inside her.

When she slammed him into her, Peter lost his control. When he felt her take him completely he growled low in his throat as he started shooting deep into her bowels. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” He screamed even as he slowly thrusting in her ass, coating his way with his cum.

“Oh grandpa,” Suzanne moaned as she felt him shrinking then slowly leaving her. The few thrusts he had given her when he was coming had felt good and she was sure if she was lubed up, she would love to have his cock up her ass again.

Suzanne didn’t sleep in her room for the rest of the summer. She spent the night in her grandfather’s bed. She would suck him to hardness; while he ate her out then he would fuck her both in the ass and pussy while she begged for more.

As she caught the bus back home at the end of summer, she had a bright idea. Grandpa had initiated her into sex. Next was daddy.

But that dear readers, is another story.

The End

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House Sitting…

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Man’s perspective, written for a female reader. Gets s little rough, woman used and objectified a bit. Willing yet not willing.

My buddy Scott was a bit of a mess. The end of his most recent relationship left him in a bit of a bad way. He texted me one day, and told me he had plans to go out of town for a week to take his mind off “She who shall not be named”. I always kind of liked his ex, she was very hot, pretty, and sexy. Seemed interesting, at least kind of intelligent, and funny. I spent a little time with the two of them when they first started going out, we had fun and even flirted a bit, but after noticing how hot I was finding her and how interesting she was, I decided I would distance myself from her out of respect for Scott and not wanting my lust to get the better of me or have some kind of flirting romance triangle maybe begin. What she did to him was kind of fucked up, and hurt him. I wanted to get back at her for hurting my friend, but knew I would never get the chance, so I didn’t spend much time fuming on it.

Scott was wondering if I would house sit for him. Now, Scott was MUCH better off than I was. He had money. With it, he bought a very nice house, a pretty nice car, a big screen TV with all the bells and whistles, surround sound, a large fridge filled with food. A second fridge in the garage filled with beer and alcohol, and much more. He’s always been a little paranoid with his stuff, afraid he’d get robbed if the house was empty for to long and all. He was also fairly generous to those he cared about, so he told me he’d like it if I watched the place while he was gone and I could help myself to anything in the house, no matter what it is.

I, in comparison to him, was not that well off. I did ok, but could only afford a mediocre apartment, an ok car, and only a few nice creature comforts. So, having just started my weeks vacation and having no plans, I decided this would be like spending a week at a decent hotel. I packed up some clothes, my laptop, a few movies and games, and headed on over.

Scott had left the night before, taking a late flight to where ever it was he was going. So I expected the house to be empty when I arrived. I was thinking maybe after I settled in and had a few drinks, I’d begin my vacation my watching some porn on his big ass tv and jerk off. Having never really explored his house before other than the living room, the kitchen, and the garage, I decided I’d take a shot to get my self going, grab a beer, and explore the house to get my bearings. I drop my stuff in the living room and head to the garage. I open the fridge and look in, choosing a bottle of rum, I open it, and take a decent swig right from the bottle. I then grab a beer, pop the top, and take another sip. I continue exploring the house of the first floor. A bathroom, a dining room, and another room he had converted into his own little home gym: some loose weights, a bench, a treadmill, even a little home gym machine with a few different sides for different exercises.

I move to the stairs and head up to explore the upstairs. Bathroom with a decent sized jacuzzi tub. Fuck you, Scott, you always have to have the nice things. Might be relaxing for later. A spare room with a bed. Another spare room with a bed. Last door, this must be Scott’s room. As I reach the closed door, I hear something. It’s low and quiet. Something is inside the room. I press my ear to the door. I could swear it almost sounds like moaning…

Confused, I open the door to Scott’s room and immediately am shocked at what I find. There, laying in the middle of Scott’s king sized bed, is his ex-girlfriend, you.

You’re wearing some kind of slutty school girl outfit. Your sexy, muscular legs are covered in sheer black stockings with lace trim on the top. A few inches of skin above that, you have on a tight little red plaid miniskirt, complete with a black lacy trim on the bottom. Your belly button and flat sexy stomach are bare. Above that is the shirt (if it even can be considered a shirt). Most of the body of it is a faintly see through black sheer material, which allows through just a hint of your skin color, a hint of your nipples. The very short sleeves are trimmed with the same red plaid as your skirt, as well as the collar/lapel that goes around the back of your neck and frames your ample cleavage. It ties in the center, like a little bow.

To top it all off, your hands are cuffed together above your head, which is then attached to a link, which in turn is attached to a rope which is tied to the top of the bed. Your ankles are also cuffed, and attached to a bar, keeping your legs spread open. And of course, you are blindfolded.

You hear the door creak open and footsteps enter the room. You turn your face toward the door, smiling seductively. “Hiii Scott” you say in a sweet, sexy voice. “I’m so sorry for what happened. I really miss you. I wanted to make it up to you. So I came up with an idea and asked pendik escort Alexis to help me out. You remember the fun we had with Alexis, don’t you?” FUCK YOU, SCOTT! You had Alexis, too? You get all the good things…

You continue, “Well, I asked her to help me set up this sexy surprise for you. I remember how much you wanted to find me all dressed up, all tied up, waiting for you when you got home from work.” This WOULD be about the time Scott usually gets home from work… “There’s even a little extra surprise waiting for you if you can find it.” You giggle at this last remark. “Well, here I am. Please, do with me whatever you want. I’m yours! Pleasure us both in your own way!”

I stand there for a moment and think. I SHOULD tell you that I’m not Scott, that he’s out of town for the week. Help you out of those binds and send you on your way. That would be the RIGHT thing to do. But then I remember Scott’s words, “Help yourself to anything in the house, no matter what it is.” Well, you ARE in the house, and you DID tell me (Well Scott, but to me as the person standing in the door) to do whatever I wanted to you. I did kind of want to get back at you for what you did to Scott. And look at you, so hot, so sexy, ready and begging for attention. How could I not?

I walk over to the bed, silently. You moan, slowly wiggling your hips. I take off my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants, deciding to just leave my boxers on for now. I crawl onto the bed, slowly moving toward you. You moan again as I approach. I place my hand on your stomach, lightly, gently. I feel your silky smooth skin, enjoying it. I lightly trail one finger up your stomach, up over your breasts, up your chest, to your throat. When I reach it, I grip it tightly and squeeze. You gasp at this, but smile. “Oh yea, baby, treat me rough. I’ve been a bad girl, I need to be punished,” you say. I lean down and growl in your ear. You moan again and I can feel you shudder.

With my grip still tight on your throat, I begin to slowly and gently lick around the lines of your ear, teasing, making sure to get into all the little folds. My tongue makes its way down to your earlobe, where I bite it hard and pull a little. You let out a little yelp and smile, which also brings a smile to my face. I start to roughly kiss, lick, and bite my way down you, moving my thumb a little to give me access to your neck. I continue down your chest to your glorious tits. I hold up a moment, admiring them, like a beautiful present all wrapped up for me. I then grab on each side of the lapel and pull hard apart. The knot in the center tightens, causing the fabric around it to rip apart, exposing your tits to me. “OOO!” you yell, a little surprised, then start to giggle, enjoying how rough I’m being.

I take both your breasts in each hand and squeeze hard. You moan excitedly. Your breasts are so soft, feel so good in my hands. I continue to roughly fondle them, pulling more sighs and moans from your lips. I switch it up by pinching and pulling on your nipples, pulling on your breasts, sucking on them hard, biting on your nipples, twisting them, in all sorts of random, alternating order to keep you guessing what I’ll do next. After a bit, I begin to slap them, too, turning your tits red. You let out more yelps, music to my ears. “Oh Scott, just like that, it hurts so good!”

After a few moments like this, I decide it’s time to pay your pussy some attention. My left hand reaches down, under your skirt, and slides against what feels like lace panties. But then I find something else, unexpected. I stop what I’m doing and move myself down between your legs. As I investigate, I realize you have a vibrator in your pussy set on low and a butt plug in your ass. Guess now I know why you were moaning and wiggling your hips before I even entered the room. “Oops,” you say coyly, “Looks like you found your little extra surprise!”

I laugh at this. I leave your legs and crawl up to the top of the bed, slapping one of your tits again as I pass. I stop at your mouth, and give you a strong, passionate kiss. You moan into me. I break our kiss, continuing upward. I detach your handcuffs from the link holding you to the bed. Taking your hands, I drag you to the foot of the bed. I sit on the edge, and place you across my knees, ass in the air, with your hands up and behind your head, me still holding the cuffs. “Ooo,” you coo, “and just what are you planning to do, Scott?” I raise up your skirt, exposing your amazing ass to my sight. I lightly run my fingers up and down your panties, lightly pushing your toys further into your holes. You moan deeply. Suddenly, I slap your ass hard! You let out a scream. I relish in the noises you make caused by my touch. I spank you again. You scream even louder, squirming on my waist. I continue to spank your ass, the sound of flesh hitting flesh resonating in the room. You alternate between screaming and moaning, and your tongue hangs out of your mouth, obviously escort pendik enjoying your punishment.

I spank both of your ass cheeks hard, and at a quick pace for about five minutes. Your ass is fire red. Drool is dripping out of your mouth since your tongue is hanging out, you lost in the punishment. I suddenly stop, move your panties to the side, pull out your vibrator, and jam three fingers into your soaking wet pussy. I dig my fingers into your pussy walls, sliding them out and in in a fast pace. You begin to pant faster and faster. My cock has become very hard, and is digging into your stomach. With you writhing back and forth on my lap, your smooth stomach has been rubbing back and forth over my head. I pick up the pace, faster and harder, basically lifting your hips off my waist as I finger bang you. You’re screaming very loudly at this point, almost gasping for air. “OH MY GOD, SCOTT! BABY! KEEP GOING! HOLY SHIT! IF YOU KEEP GOING LIKE THAT, I’M GONNA! I’M GONNA! OH FUCK, I’M GONNA C-!”

Just before your orgasm hits you, I let go of your hands, take my fingers out of your pussy, and roughly shove you off my lap and onto the floor. Disoriented by this sudden change, you squirm, trying to gain your bearings as best you as with your hands cuffed together, your ankles cuffed to a bar, blind folded, suddenly being forced to the floor, and your mind reeling in your pre orgasm rush.

I stand up quickly and drop my boxers. Reaching down, I grab you by the hand cuffs and your hair, pulling you up, forcing you to your knees with your hands high above your head. “Scott, what are you-!” Before you finish your sentence, I shove my cock deep in your mouth, balls deep. You gag around my cock, your spit sliding out and running down my balls.

With my hand gripping your hair hard, I force you up and down my cock hard. I move you all the way back so the tip of my head is just at your lips, then ram it all the way in so your nose is pressed into my skin. Over and over. You gag, and cough, but make no sign of resistance. Eventually, your throat opens up a bit, and your gags come less frequent, replaced by moans and sucking sounds. You press your tongue up against the underside of my cock as I fuck your face. Your drool is still running all over my balls. I shove my cock deep in your mouth and hold it, my hand pressing hard on the back of your head, holding you in place. After twenty seconds, you start to make sounds of wanting off, after all, you can’t breath. I hold you there. You make louder sounds, your hands start to fight against mine a bit, your head shaking beneath my hand, your body squirms, your lungs start to hurt, you need air! A sudden fear rushes over you, you’re not sure what kind of game Scott is playing. I notice your face start to turn red, and decide you’ve had enough.

I jerk your head back off my cock, still gripping your hair. You gasp for breath and cough a bit. As you continue to breath heavily, I start to rub my cock on your face, covering you with your own saliva. “Fuck baby, you’ve never been this rough before. You must be really enjoying punishing me.” Oh yea I am! “You’re so hard, and I could swear your cock is a bit bigger than usual!” Whoa, really? FUCK YOU, SCOTT! I finally have something over you! Even if its just a “bit”…

I respond with a laugh, and by pulling your hair back and down, forcing your face up. I start to rub my balls over your face, sliding across your cheeks, over your eyes (well, blindfold), down over your nose, resting them on your lips. You waste no time, knowing what I want. You start to lick my balls. I sigh a little, enjoying the sensation. You cover every centimeter of my balls with your tongue, then take one into your mouth. You suck hard on it, a bit to hard. I pull my balls away from your face, let go of your hair, and slap your face hard, growling a bit. You let out a surprised scream. I quickly grab your hair again and place my nuts back on your lips. You begin to suck a bit softer now, massaging them with your lips and tongue. I moan my new approval. I let you suck on my balls for a few minutes. As you do, I look at the far wall. There is a full length mirror there. I start to admire how you look in this position. You on your knees, your red plaid skirt teasing me by JUST covering your sexy ass. Your back is beautiful. The tattered remains of your shirt becoming partially covered by your hair. My fist holding your hair back.

Finally, I can’t take anymore, I NEED to fuck you. I pull my balls off your face again and force you onto your feet. dropping your hands and releasing your hair, I pick you up by the waist, turn us around, and toss you backwards back onto the bed. I quickly reconnect your handcuffs to the rope at the top of the bed. I position myself between your legs, having raised them up, putting your knees on my shoulders and your feet (and bar) behind my head. I lean all the way down to your face, your knees in your chest, my cock head pressed pendik escort bayan against your pussy lips. You feel my breath on your lips and begin to quiver. “P-p-p-please, fuck me! Ram your cock into me and fuck me hard!”

I slap your face again. And again. And again. All you do is lay there and take it, moaning all the while. Finally, I again use one hand to tightly grip your throat, while the other grips onto your shoulder, and shove my self all the way inside your pussy.

I feel you clench against my cock. You scream in agony and pleasure. You shake violently against your binds, unable to move more than maybe an inch. You cum. Hard! You scream out Scott’s name as you gasp for breath, trying to regain control as your mind spins out of control.

I laugh to myself at your reaction. You’re really getting off on all this. Here I am, roughing you up, treating you like a slut and my personal play thing, and you just moan and cum at my actions. It’s no wonder you did what you did that made you and Scott break up.

When you calm down a bit and stop vice gripping my cock, I start to fuck you. Hard. Fast. Enjoying the screams, yelps, and moans it pulls from your mouth. All the dirty talk that escapes your mouth. “Oh yes, Scott! Use me as your personal fuck toy! Fuck me hard and fast! I love it so much! Treat me like the slut I am! I’m a whore at your mercy! A fuck slave! Fuck my soaking wet pussy! Your cock is so fucking huge! It’s never felt this fucking good! It feels so fucking amazing inside me! Keep going! Don’t stop! I don’t want you to stop until you fuck a baby inside me!” Fucking hell! I had no idea you were one dirty slut! Fuck a baby inside you? I don’t know if I’d go that far… but I’ll fuck you like I would!

You writhe and pull against your restraints, the pleasure you’re feeling making you go out of control. My grip tightens on your throat, and you start to feel the cut off of air. You gasp for air as I choke you, all the while enjoying the FUCK out of the pounding I’m giving you. My hand that was on your shoulder moves down to your tits, tightly squeezing, pinching, slapping them, sending you further into a frenzy.

Suddenly, I stop. This isn’t enough of a punishment for you, I need to take this one step further…

I push myself closer to you, bringing your knees even closer to your chest, raising your ass up higher. I slide myself out of you and position my cock at the entrance of your asshole.

You gasp again… Out of all the things you and Scott did, anal wasn’t one of them. You’ve always been interested to try, but you never brought it up to him since he never asked. And now, suddenly, this huge cock head was pressed tightly against your bum hole. All you could do was moan like a slut in heat.

I hear you moan, but don’t care. In the position you’re in, you’re in no position to deny me what I want. My hand on you tits pinches a nipple tightly and pulls outward. Just as you recognize this, I start to thrust my cock into your asshole.

You scream in pain at the sudden intrusion. This thick cock invading your virgin asshole, pushing hard, trying to get as far inside you as it can. It doesn’t go in very far at first, even with how soaking wet it is from your slutty pussy, not even the full head makes it inside you on the first push, but to you, it feels like a fucking mile of steel rod.

You get a little relief as I pull out, but then I push in again, trying to get in even further. You scream again, but make no move nor say anything to stop me. I continue to slowly push further and further into your ass until I am finally all the way in. All the while, you are screaming and moaning for more. After what seems like a long time, I am fully fucking your asshole with your knees basically against your chest. Like a cheap whore, you are moaning and begging for more. After a bit, I get an idea… a delicious and naughty idea…

I pull myself out of your ass and again undo the link attaching your handcuffs to the rope attached to the bed. I pull and force you into a position where you end up on your knees in the bed facing the mirror, your hands above your head, and pulled back behind you so your elbows are straight up in the air, but your hands are behind your head.

I position myself behind you, my one hand holding your hands behind your head, the other reaching around you and gripping your throat tightly. I then shove my cock into your asshole again. I begin fucking you fast again. You moan and pant at this new found pleasure. I fuck you like this for what feel like an eternity. You start to feel a different, yet familiar pressure inside you begin to grow. Your orgasm is building and building fast. After a bit more of my fast and hard fucking of your ass, you’re close. “Oh fuck, baby, you feel so good in my tight asshole! I’m going to cum if you keep up like this! I’m going to… I’m going to… I’M GOING TO!!” You feel your orgasm explode inside you.

At that moment that I can tell you are orgasming, I rip off your blindfold. Still in the throughs of passion and mid orgasm, you look in front of you, into the mirror, right into the eyes of your lover, Sco-TYLER!?!

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Sam , Sandy Ch. 02: Wet Beginnings

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All characters in this story are completely fictitious. Any likeness to any real person, or event, is entirely coincidental. All characters are at least the age of 18, and are consenting adults in the context of this story.

This is part two in an on going series. To best familiarize yourself with the backstory of Sam and Sandy, I recommend you first read; “Sam and Sandy: Forbidden Urges”.


Sam was laid up in her twin-sized bed staring at the popcorn ceiling that resembled a white washed galaxy. Her head was full of the most vivid memories that took place a few days ago, on her birthday. She could barely believe herself. She was fighting to come to terms with what she had done with Sandy.

“Incest…” She thought deeply to herself.

The word echoed in her head. It bounced in between her ears like a rubber ball. She rolled over on her side and began staring blankly at the wall parallel to her bed. Still deep in thought she started to remember the feeling of her sister’s hot wet body on hers. She felt a tingling on the surface of her body, on every spot Sandra had touched. Slowly, she began to become aroused by her memories.

Sandy had gone to stay with a friend for a few days. Sam was left to fester in thoughts and memories of that amazing morning, by herself. Tossing and turning in bed, Sam wound up on her back once more. She slid her right hand along the fabric of her t-shirt until she reached its end, and she touched her mound. She felt a slight prickle under her finger-tips. She wondered how long before she would have to shave again, and she hoped Sandy would be the one to do it for her.

Thoughts of shaving alone aroused her even more. She began to edge her fingers towards her chunky vaginal lips, and she began to lightly tug and separate them. Sam’s powerful middle finger landed on her semi-wet clitoral hood. She closed her eyes and imagined Sandra leaning over her, teasing her with stimulation. Her light-brown areola began to shrink, and wrinkle like wet finger tips. Before long her larger nipples were erect and making bold imprints of themselves on her white t-shirt.

Sam began to rub her pink knot round, and round. She went slowly at first. She was so sensitive she could feel the ridges of her finger tips as they glossed over her clit. Thoughts of Sandy were putting her in a frenzy. Sandra had unlocked something inside of her sister. Something which Sandy now seemed, unknowingly, to control. These erotic thoughts were bringing the devilish side of Sam to life in this small bed with no audience.

Sam’s knees were now acres apart from one another. Her satin sheets were discarded to the floor and a cool gust of wind from the ambient air tickled her intimacy. She slid her fingers with ease towards her oozing opening. The sounds of their impact on her tight box could be heard through echoes in the room. She slid in one finger, then two. Before long she was passed her second knuckle and penetrating herself deeper than she had ever before.

She began to feel a rush from a nearing orgasm. Her head grew hot as did her groin. She could feel her heart pounding like nearing death in her throat. Her red pedicured toes curled on to her bed sheets, gripping them like a primate. Her soft lips separated and sounds mimicking tiny cries of pain, or pleasure, began to escape her throat. Her eyes saw the back of her head, and in darkness she came. Her fingers began to make random jolts in and out of her wet slit. Her arm felt nearly paralyzed as her nerves tried to catch up with her rebooting brain. She was coming down off of the high she built herself up to.

Before Sam could relax herself her bedroom door flung open. The immediate sound of jingling purses that were hanging from the inside door knob greatly startled her. She threw a small pillow over her beet red vagina.

“Hey hot stuff hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Sandy said with a smirk on her face, and an aged duffel bag in one hand.

“Christ don’t you knock? I was having some alone time. I thought you were mom, or Mark,” Sam said while pushing her self up and resting on her head board.

“I live here too you know,” Sandy said sarcastically.

Sandy tossed her bag on top of her own bed and sat at the foot of it.

“So how was Karen’s?”

“Fine she just dyed my hair and straightened it,” Sandy said.

“Looks cute I like the tinge of blue in the highlights,” Sam complimented.

Sandy said while unpacking her bag in to her bedside dresser, “Thanks, wasn’t sure about the color, but I’m feelin’ it now.”

The empty space in the door frame became occupied by a large figure in the corner of Sam’s eye.

“Oh hey mom,” Sam said cheerfully.

Mom was a larger woman. She stood about 5’10” and about 230lbs. After having two children and a desk job, time had begun to take a toll, but she had such natural beauty even in her plump state she was beautiful. She had jet black hair that seemed more dense than steel. She had pendik escort wide hips that connected a very round very large butt with thighs to match. Above her belly were two enormous size F breast. She had a cute set of plump, full lips that were painted dark red. Her eyes were a beautiful brown. She always took care of her make up which enhanced her natural features.

“Your uncle James wanted to know if you girls wanted to stay the night. He and aunt Kim just finished the pool,” She said while stepping in to the room with a small basket of folded laundry.

“Yeah that sounds awesome!” Sandy exclaimed.

“Yeah for sure, will aunt Kim be there too?” Sam asked.

“Yes they’re going to BBQ tonight. Me and Mark were going to come too, but we want to take a date night,” Mom said as she lined the dresser drawers with freshly folded clothes.

Sandy reached in to her drawer and pulled out a bright orange bikini top, and then a small thong style pair of bottoms in the same color. As Sam watched her sister she began to feel anxious thinking of what swim suit she would wear. She tried to allow the new found side of her to “hush” her anxiety away. She knew that she could either wear a pair of gym shorts and a shirt like always, or she could use the two piece she received as a gift almost a year ago.

Mom made her way with an empty basket in hand towards the laundry room shutting the door behind her. Sam stood and walked over to her own dresser. She slid the top drawer open to discover her brand new black two piece that still had the tags on it. The top had two large triangular shapes that were ruffled with similar bottoms.

“You’ll look great in that,” Sandy said in a sexy whisper.

Sam’s skin began to tingle at the whispers of her sister’s voice. They reminded her of the soft words Sandy had spoken while in between her legs, in the bathroom. The girls packed their bags and headed for the door.

They went out to Sandy’s car and threw their bags in the trunk. The little VW Golf had made them both some great memories during their time in high school. Sam sat in the passenger seat and began to look out the window through the flaking window tint, and admired the small garden of flowers near their mailbox. She waited for the cool blast of A/C to distract her from the hot Florida summer air.

The car ride had been mostly quiet. They were nearly half way to their Uncle’s home when sandy broke the silence.

“I missed you ya know?” Sandy said out of nowhere.

“Don’t think I went to Karen’s to get away from you or something. We had planned that like a week in advance for her to do my hair.”

“No, it’s okay, really. It’s not like we’re married or something,” Sam said in a shy voice.

“Well, just so you know I touched myself like four times in her bathroom thinking about what we did. I can’t even look at a restroom sign without getting wet,” Sandy said with a chuckle.

“Oh my god hut up,” Sam said while blushing.

Sandy reached across the center console with her long limb. She rested her hand with slim long fingers on Sam’s lap. Sam looked down at her sister’s hand she had chipped black nail polish on her short nails, and a rubberized bracelet with some band name she had never heard of. Sam was a bit set back, but something in her was surfacing again. She relaxed her legs, spreading them slightly in a relaxed manor. Sandy’s long fingers were now on the line of Sam’s tiny cotton shorts and her smooth skin.

A giant smile grew across Sandra’s face and she took hold of her bottom lip between her teeth. The windows were tinted enough that she knew she could get away with doing something, just like she had done a few times in their school parking lot. She moved her fingers in a familiar way towards Sam’s panty line. Sandy poked at Sam’s bikini style panties sliding them over with each nudge of her fingers. She felt the prickly texture of her mound.

“Looks like we have to shave you again soon,” Sandy said while spreading her sister’s vagina apart.

“Yeah, guess so,” Sam moaned while leaning back in her chair.

Sam was searching, blindly, with her right hand to find the seat lever. Once she found the thin plastic shaft she lifted it sending her body to a more horizontal level. Her full thighs protruding out of her little gray cotton shorts. Her shirt pulled up a little exposing her navel. It was a very erotic sight to behold. Sam was just the right thickness, and just the right combination of curvy and “The girl Next Door”.

Sam reached down her tiny fabric shorts and stretched them out of the way of her groin. With one foot on the dash she moved her panties to the side, and helped her sister spread her intimacy. She felt Sandra’s warm touch and she was sent to an internal ecstasy. It didn’t take long for her to drip sweet nectar, that sent beads of fluid rolling down the internal curves of her butt cheeks.

Sam came nearly immediately. She could be as loud as she wanted in the car. She managed escort pendik to get out an “Oh fuck!” a few times before making a high pitched squeal. She had never made the sound before. She usually had to contain herself every time she touched herself, but here she could let it all out. Sandra soon began to slow the little swirls her fingers were making.

“Let’s save some for later,” Sandy said while licking her fingers clean of her sister’s cum.

“There better be a later,” Sam sad with a devilish grin.

Sam huffed and puffed as her body began to relax and tingle after her orgasm.

A few stop lights, and a half dozen turns later the girls pulled in to James’ drive way. Sandy looked over the roof of the car to her sister. They both gave each other a stare of lust and desire. They smiled as Sandy walked to the passenger side of the car and grabbed Sam’s hand. They both made their way to their Uncle’s large wooden door. Sam grabbed at the heavy brass knocker and made their presence known to the home.

The deadbolt made a heavy sliding noise before the castle like door flung open. Aunt Kim stood in the door way sporting a vibrant red bikini. She was sort of a cross between Sam and Sandy. She was taller, but not as tall as Sandy, nor as thin. But, she wasn’t as short or heavy as Sam. She sort of fell in between with C-cup breast and sun kissed skin as she loved the beach. She had nice legs that were just the right length and thickness. Her long blonde hair was always hidden in a bun, usually accompanied by a flower. Her stunning blue eyes, and the smell of coconut lotion were always the first things you noticed about her.

Kim bounced up and down in excitement to see the girls. Her tan breast bounced up and down in her top as she extended her arms for hugs.

“Oh my god Sandy I love your hair, how are you girls?” She asked happily.

Sam and Sandy had their heads separated by Kim’s. Both of them could smell a sweet fruity smell followed by a strong presence of alcohol. They knew Kim was tipsy. She almost always was, but not in a bad way she just liked to have a good time. It was actually when she was the nicest, and most fun too.

“Oh my gosh girls come in put your bags in the guest room and swap over to your swim suits, your uncle has the grill going,” Kim said while gingerly walking to the sliding glass door that led out to the pool.

The girls closed the door behind them and made their way to the large guest room where a king sized bed centered the room. Immediately Sandy started to remove her clothes down to absolutely nothing. Sam had seen her nude a million times before, but now she stopped to enjoy the sight. Sam especially loved how perky and perfect her sister’s breast were. Sam too, started to undress. Her large breast dropped from her bra as usual. She felt the skin on her shoulders tug against the weight of her D-cup breast.

Sandy was already dressed in her tiny orange two piece. It may as well had been dental floss holding the little triangles together. After Sandy hit 18 she wore what she wanted. Mom was usually the conservative type, or she knew how teenage boys thought. Sandy was sheltered with modesty for a long time, and she always hated it.

Sam’s eyes inspected Sandra’s perfect smooth model body. She was immediately aroused by the sight of Sandra’s ass that was fully exposed, and split in two by a thin orange piece of fabric that disappeared between her legs. Her perfectly shaped mound behind a stretched out triangle, her nipples covered in the same way, but with smaller sized shapes.

Sam quickly got dressed herself. Searching in her bag she pulled out the top and she covered herself with it. She placed the black triangles over her heavy breast.

“Can you tie it for me?” Sam asked her sister.

“Of course.”

Sandy looked down at her bottomless sister and admired her perfectly plump, and round ass. She knotted her sister’s top and made a line for the door.

“Cover up that sexy thing and lets party!” Sandy exclaimed while opening the door.

“Oh shit, I forgot my bottoms,” Sam said with worry in her voice.

“I’m sure Kim has something you can wear give me a sec,” Sandy said while leaving the room.

Moments later Sandy returned with a very skimpy pair of bottoms. They were lacy, not typical for a bathing suit.

“She only had a thong clean, but they’re basically the same thing,” Sandy said while tossing them to her half naked sister.

Sam sighed to herself. This was not easy for her. So many years of being the shy girl had made her embarrassed from nearly anything. It had taken her so much self convincing to wear the bikini. She really wanted to have a good time and decided to just go with it. She held the panties below her knees and lifted a leg at a time in to each hole. Pulling the smaller sized underwear over her thighs, she felt them get tighter the higher up her legs she went. About a foot from her waist she had fears they wouldn’t make it over pendik escort bayan her plump butt. The lace slid to the bottom of her cheeks and came to a halt. Sam tugged hard at the waist line of the thong until they jumped over her ass making her cheeks plop down with gravity.

Sam looked even more like an object of sex. She was pouring out of that thong. The only nice part was it wedged between her lips a little, and rubbed nicely on both of her tight holes. She was beginning to like the feeling.

Sam slid the sliding glass door open to find Kim and Sandy in a beautiful pool. The nearly year long renovation had paid off, it looked like an oasis. James was at the grill when he caught sight of his niece in an even more revealing outfit than her sister had on.

“Hey hot stuff how ya doin’?” James asked with a smile.

“Hi,” Sam said in her usual shy tone.

“Food will be done in a minute, was expecting more but everyone bailed. That’s just more booze and burgers for us!” James exclaimed as he went back to tending the burgers.

Sam made her way to the steps. Her ass bouncing around the tiny thong like two bouncy balls. James took notice and felt a jolt of nerves waking up his flaccid cock. He turned back to the grill peeking over at all three girls when ever he was sure he wouldn’t get caught.

“Hey girl! Come over here we were just chattin’ some. Sandy told me your college plans. How exciting!” Kim cheered.

“Yeah it’s cool we’ll still be together,” Sandy said before wrapping her lips around the opening of a glass bottle.

James yelled from the other side of the pool, “Burgers are done I’m hoping in.”

James cannon-balled himself in to the pool and swam over to the three ladies. Some time passed while the four of them enjoyed drinks and talked about the girl’s plans for school and beyond. The food was cold, but the drinks were too. Everyone was feeling a bit docile.

“Hey lets play volleyball,” Kim said with a relaxed tone.

James unraveled the net and grabbed the floating ball from the edge of the shallow end. Sam and Sandy both played throughout school and loved the sport. Everyone quickly set up. Sam with Kim, and Sandy with James. The game was more playful than it was competitive. At one point James hooked his hands under Sandy’s arms and lifted her in to the air to spike the ball.

Kim hit the ball high up setting Sandy up for a perfect spike. Her competitiveness made her momentarily aggressive. She jumped up to reach it and felt a pair of strong hands under her arms. James was lifting her again, but this time with all the force he had. Spiking the ball as hard as she could she floated an inch, or two, out of James’ hands. When gravity took hold of her again she quickly connected with her uncle’s strong hands. Her body being wet slipped right through them.

One of James’ hands caught the bottom of Sandy’s top ripping it clean off her body. Everyone paused for a moment and stared at Sandra’s bare chest. The late afternoon sun caused the water on her body to look like a thick clear coat of glaze. Her b-cup breast were tipped with soft pink puffs of beauty. It was a very erotic sight. Sandra looked at the group and laughed.

“Dude they’re just tits relax.”

Kim caused everyone to look at her as she shouted, “Hell yeah!”

Kim had taken her top off as well. As mentioned before she was the party type. James and Sam started to laugh. James locked eyes with Sam for a split second. Sam felt like he was waiting for her to undress as well. Sam just smiled and shyly nodded her head “no”. James reached down in to the water and pulled his board shorts off and hung them over his head. Everyone was starting to laugh. Kim and Sandy both reached below and their hands surfaced revealing their bottoms in hand as well.

Everyone looked at Sam, but before she could say anything Sandy had paddled to her.

“Come on it’ll be fun! Arms up,” Sandy said while undoing the knot in her sister’s top.

“Oh my god you’re nuts,” Sam said while laughing.

Sam grabbed the top and peeled it off of her D-sized hangers. Kim’s eyes got big as she was impressed with Sam’s chest. James did not even blink.

“Now it’s a party!” James said.

A moment of silence fell on the group until Kim broke it.

“I’m turning on the music,” Kim said as she got out of the water.

The group watched Kim emerge from the water revealing her gorgeous back side.

“I’m hungry we should eat something already,” James said as he got out.

Sam tugged at the borrowed bottoms, but could not get them off since they were wet and tough to stretch. Both girls made their way to the stairs as well. Sandy got out first her wet nude body now illuminated by the patio lights. Sam emerged with the bottoms still on and took notice to her uncles cute ass. James was very in shape, she was hoping to see cock, but the back view wasn’t so bad.

“Aunt Kim I can’t get these things off can you help?” Sam asked helplessly.

“Oh sure honey I can just cut them it’s fine,” She said while leaning over the bar top with one hand pulling out a pair of scissors.

Kim walked over to Sam and grabbed at the waist of the thong.

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Hotel Surprise

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I had to travel out of town for one weekend and I knew it was going to be a quick trip so I went cheap and found a small low priced hotel with a reputable chain since I only needed one night. I was in no hurry and I arrived in the late afternoon. As I walked into the lobby I immediately took notice of the cute young clerk working behind the desk. She was on the phone as I approached the desk and she smiled and said that she would be right with me. After a few minutes she finally hung up the phone and turned her attention to me.

“Welcome to our humble little hotel…sorry about the delay, but we had a bit of a crisis I had to deal with.” I smiled and acted interested. She took my name and started working on checking me in.

“This has not been the greatest of days” she tells me. “My boyfriend and I had this huge fight before I came into work and he told me not to bother coming home tonight so it looks like I will be sleeping here at the hotel tonight”. Again I showed my interest with a little flirtatious flavor mixed in this time. I noticed from her tag that her name was Wendy.

“Well that boyfriend of yours is a fool if you ask me…how could anybody not want someone as pretty as you coming home to them every night.” I tell her as I am signing my check-in slip.

When I slide the form to her I give her a sly grin and she responds with a girlish shy grin back, her head down, looking up at me with her pretty green eyes and pushing her hair back behind her one ear. It was one of those moments in time where both of us knew a connection had been made. She thanked me for the kind words and then got out a map to show me how to get to my room. “I upgraded you to a king bed, if that’s ok”, she tells me.

“That’s great” I tell her, “to bad it’s just me tonight” as our fingers touch while we both lean in to see the map. After another “connection” moment, I go to leave, pause, look back and tell her, “hey you know, if you want someone to vent on tonight about your boyfriend, or something…stop by, sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger…you should know where to find me” I tell her with a smile.

She smiles back and says, “you know, I might just take you up on that” as she again brushes her hair back behind her ear, rotating herself from side to side, and gives me a sexy wave good-bye, of which I return the wave and head for my room.

I enter my room, which has all the basic necessities and not much more, but it seems comfortable and clean and modern with a nice lounge chair, desk and of course the king bed as Wendy said I would have. I do a little unpacking and then get comfortable on the lounge chair with a movie on HBO. My mind starts to fantasize a little about Wendy actually coming by my room but I never really expect it to happen. Dinner time approaches and I head out to get a little something to eat. I get back to the room and get comfortable again, now approaching about 8pm in the evening.

Just as I sit down I hear a low knock on the door. Could it be? I get up, open the door, and loe and behold, there stands Wendy in all her glory. She has changed into jeans and an oversized shirt and has let her hair out. Her hair is dark brown, down over her shoulders and wavy all over, very sexy. I can now see she is quite shapely now and I quickly let her in, closing the door behind us.

“I told you I might take you up on your offer” she tells me, “but I must admit…I didn’t come here to talk.”

“Oh really, then what did you come here for” I ask her with a smile, as if I didn’t know.

“I came here to fuck” she tells me as she steps towards me, wraps her arms around my shoulders and starts kissing me passionately. The passion between us immediately starts to build.

Between kisses and pants she tells me…”I realized that what I really needed to get over my boyfriend was just to get laid…and you are very hot”.

Not really caring what her motivation is at this point I slip my hands up under the back of her shirt and quickly discover that she has no bra on. Wendy starts to rub herself up against me as my one hand moves over her ass and pulls her tight up against pendik escort me as my other hand slowly moves around to her front and starts to caress one of her breasts.

She moans with approval and I can now feel her aroused nipple between my fingers. Her breast feels wonderful as I gently squeeze and careess it. I can’t wait to see them in all their glory. Wendy now not wanting to waste any time at all here, starts to walk backwards, pulling us both onto the bed. As we fall upon it our hands are all over each other now, as my leg slides between hers, she pulls me in and starts grinding herself against my leg.

The whole scenario is getting hotter and hotter by the second. I now roll over on top of her and quick stand up off the bed to put out the lights, lock the door and pull the curtains all the way shut. I can sense Wendy stripping away her clothes as I start to do the same. By the time I get back to the bed we are both all but naked.

“Now where were we” I say, “right about here” she answers as she pulls me on top of her, spreads her legs open and wraps herself around me.

“Ohhh god, you have no idea how good you feel” she tells me. We start again to kiss passionately, our tongues intertwined with each others as our arousal builds.

I then start kissing my way down her neck and take her breasts into my hands. They feel wonderful as I squeeze and caress them, feeling her nipples grow at my touch. She holds my head against her chest as I start to lick and suck on her enlarged nipples, sending her into a fit of heavy breathing as she starts to undulate herself against me.

I continue my way with kisses down across her belly as she arches her back and guides my head between her wide spread legs. Her pussy is glistening wet as I admire its tight beauty. She is closely shaved and I bury my tongue into its wetness setting her off with moans and cries of passion in response. She tastes so sweet as my tongue moves up and down from the edge of her puckered little ass to the tip of her exposed and sensitive clit. Her juices cover my face as I focus now on her pretty pink clit.

I cover it with my mouth and circle it with my tongue over and over sending Wendy into a passionate rage. I can barely retain contact as her body gyrates on the bed, her hands grip the sheets and her legs spread wide as I can tell from her response that her climax is well on its way. Within seconds she explodes with an orgasmic cry of passion as waves of pleasure flow through her body. My god she is absolutely incredible.

As I start to kiss myself back up across her body I can hear her panting, “fuck me…oh god fuck me…I want you inside me”.

She pulls my head to her face and starts kissing me again as I position my cock at the edge of her now sopping wet pussy. I tease her with my cocks shaft, sliding it up and down against her wet pussy lips. She is all but begging me to enter her when I penetrate her lips with my erect cocks head and slide myself deep inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhh god…YES…YES” she moans as I feel her pussy tighten around my shaft as I enter deeper and deeper inside of her. Her pussy is so fucking tight and wet and feels incredible as I move in and out of her.

Wendy starts to encourage me to give it to her harder and faster so that is exactly what I start to do. So I slide my knees up under her legs and pull her spread legs up onto me, slamming my cock deep inside of her and start rubbing her fully exposed clit with my thumb. Wendy grabs a pillow and covers her face as she screams out in ecstacy.

Her legs twitch and her back arches as I continue to slam in and out of her while keeping continuous contact on her fully aroused clit. Her breasts undulate up and down as wave after wave of climactic pleasure is pulsating through every inch of her being. Her unbelieveable response has me so turned on that I now pull her up against me. We wrap our arms around each other and kiss passionately. We are like two animals in heat as I now start to suck her breasts as she holds my head against her, my cock still buried deep inside her tight pulsating pussy.

“Oh my god, escort pendik you fuck me to good” she pants. I then roll us over on our sides as Wendy lets out a scream and a giggle as I position her now on top of me. She wastes no time as she starts gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy against me.

Ahhhh man it feels fucking incredible as I watch her ride my cock, her breasts bouncing in unison to her motions. She then leans down over me to kiss me and starts raising and lowering herself up and down on my cocks head and shaft. Her flexibility and speed is amazing as I feel my climax starting to build.

I cry out, “oh god, I’m cumming”, at which Wendy hops off of me, grabs my cock in her hand, covers my head with her mouth and proceeds to stroke me off as I unload into her mouth. Her mouth on my cock feels incredible as I shoot a massive load into her mouth and down her throat with Wendy not missing a single drop. Ohhhhh shit, that feels so damn good.

Wendy continues to stroke and suck my cock into her mouth, her tongue and warm, wet mouth feels incredible as she looks up into my eyes while she works my cocks shaft in her soft grip.

“You’ve got a great cock” she tells me. After a few minutes of her attention, my cock amazingly starts to return to it’s former raging hardness. Once I am fully erect, Wendy gets up off the bed with a smile and a look back and heads over to the counter where she starts to wash up a bit. I know she knows I’m watching her as she seductively bends over the sink and then pushes out her beautifully shaped ass.

It is more than I can take as I go over to her. I come up behind her slowly, but she knows I am there. I slowly run my fingers down over her arm, move her hair to the side and start to kiss her neck from behind. I then wrap my arms around her and start caressing her breasts and running my fingers through the small patch of hair between her legs.

She reacts by raising her arms up over my head and we watch each other in the mirror in front of us. After a few minutes of the seduction, Wendy turns around and we start to kiss as I pick her up under her ass and set her on the counter. Wendy wraps her legs around me and pulls me into her as the passion between us again picks up the pace.

In no time at all, my cocks head is at the edge of her wetness as I slowly start to penetrate her warm pussy with one slow, continuous thrust until my cock is buried deep inside of her. Wendy lets out a moan and a sigh of pleasure as I pull her close and start a slow in and out motion inside of her. Our hands roam all over each others bodies as we work ourselves into a sensual frenzy.

Wendy throws her head back in passion, moaning with pleasure as I bury my face onto her neck, kissing her all over while my cock continues to slide now effortlessly in and out of her warm wetness. “Oh Marty you feel so good inside me like this” she moans into my ear, “what do you say we take a shower” she tells me.

Hearing this wonderful idea, I reach my hands under her ass, her legs wrapped tight around me, and I carry her into the bathroom, still buried deep inside her. I sit myself down momentarily on the toilet and Wendy starts to ride up and down on my raging hard-on. Her breasts are at eye level now as they move and bounce in rhythm to her riding on my cock. Her moans fill the room as my hands reach behind her and caress her ass and pussy from the underside, sending tingles of joy through her body. She squeals in response…”ooooh, you naughty little boy”….lets finish this in the shower”.

Agreeing, Wendy slowly lifts herself off of me and we start the shower. We both get in and the warmth of the water feels soothing against us. We can’t keep our hands off each other as we soap ourselves all over and rub ourselves up and down against each other. The passion between us is really heightened now as Wendy lifts her one leg up onto the side of the tub and I slide myself under her. While never breaking our kiss, Wendy takes my cock in her hand and slides it up into herself.

The warmth of the water cascading down over us and the feel of her soft pussy as I pendik escort bayan enter her is so hot and very erotic as I hold her close and start fucking her with slow, deep strokes of my cock. We are both breathing heavy as we now lean against the wall of the shower. My hands roam from Wendy’s breasts, to her ass, to her face and back to her breasts. I love the feel of her soft breasts in my hands, her nipples so perky and responsive. Our bodies grind up and down on each other as I work to fill her pussy with the full length of my cock while she makes every effort to ride up and down on me.

After minutes of trying, we can’t seem to find a good position that we can stay in so I just pull out, take Wendy by the hand and run us both wet and naked back to the bed. Wendy giggling all the way lays on her back on the bed with her head at the foot of the bed and beckons me to her. I dangle my cock over her face and she takes it with her hands and then engulfs me into her mouth. I start fondling her breasts as I fuck her face.

Wendy pulls her legs up and spreads them wide. Her pussy is glistening and fully exposed as she moans with pleasure while sucking and licking at my cock with non-stop action from her succulent, wet mouth. Her lips feel so good wrapped around my cocks shaft as I slide it in and out between her facial lips. Her nipples are standing on end as I tweak them and fondle her breasts, occassionally slipping my hand down between her legs to tease her clit and quick slip a finger into her sopping wetness. She squeals with delight each time I touch her.

I then step back away from her and have her spin around to face me. She is begging me to fuck her. “Oh god Marty, fuck me with that big cock of yours” she moans.

I grab her legs just below her knees, spread her legs wide and bend them back, fully exposing her pussy as I rub the underside of my cock back and forth over her wet lips. Her pussy is so sweet as I now slide my cock deep inside of her with one swift thrust. Wendy screams in delight and starts to rub her clit as I thrust hard and fast deep inside of her with every stroke. Within seconds she is on the brink of climax as she continues to rub her clit while my cock is non-stop in and out of her.

Her body shakes and gyrates as one orgasmic wave after another starts racing through her body, she screams out with deep cries of passion as I hold her in this position and just continue to pound myself hard and deep into her wet, warm pussy. As I watch this scene unfold in front of me I realize just how HOT the whole thing is.

I take a chance now and pull out of her and position the tip of my raging hard on at the edge of her tight puckered ass. I get no resistance as I start to work my cock inside of her. Wendy moans and squirms until her ass opens up to me, but within a minute or so I slowly start to work my cock in and out of her.

I can’t believe how tight and hot her ass feels, I think to myself that I must be the first for her like this as she urges me on now, “mmmm yes, fuck my ass, baby”, so fuck it I do. Soon I feel little resistance and I start thrusting my cock hard and fast in and out of her. Wendy is overcome with pleasure and passion as she squirms about on the bed, her body gyrating and lifting as I continue to plunge my cock deep into her tight little ass, my cock all but disappearing now, deep inside her, her breasts jiggle and move as her body squirms all over the bed as I try to hold her tight against me.

Soon I feel my climax start to build so I pick up the pace in and out of her. Wendy screams and moans as she buries her fingers into her wet pussy. I feel her muscles tighten around my cock as her climax rages through her body. It is more than I can take as I pull out and shoot my load all over her belly, breasts and one stray stream up onto her face. She grabs my cock with her hand and strokes me dry, her body still undulating up against me as she rubs my cum into her skin with her other hand.

“That felt wild…I’ve never in my life cum like that or that often,” she tells me while trying to control her breathing. I collapse onto the bed next to her.

“You are incredible” she whispers to me as she slides up against my chest, kissing my neck and face.

“You’re not so bad yourself” I tell her with a grin and a laugh. “You’re not so bad yourself!”

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Saga of Littown Ch. 10

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Author’s Note: Anyone still reading this series knows what’s up. Still, be warned this story contains lots of fetish stuff other than incest, and is also a tad silly.


Jaime woke to the sounds of giggles and shushing. More urgently, however, were the feelings of his throat and asshole being invaded and stretched out by big rubbery cocks.

“Oops, I think we woke him up,” said Emily from above him. She burst into another giggling fit.

Lying on his back with a fake cock shoved in his mouth, Jaime couldn’t really see much of what was happening. He mostly had a good view of Emily’s butt as she face fucked him with her strapon.

“I told you we couldn’t fuck him for long without waking him up,” said Lilith from down by Jaime’s ass.

“Well you never know,” said Emily defensively. “I’ve been fucked in the butt for a while without waking up.”

“Yes, but you’re a total butt slut.”

“So’s Jai.”

“Not like you, dear sister. No one’s quite the slut you are.”

Emily beamed proudly. “Aw, thanks, Lil. You’re so sweet sometimes.”

Jaime decided he better interject at this point. However, his mouth was pretty full.

“Whaaah uhuh mmmhhhyyuu?” he asked.

“Sorry, what?” Emily said. “I couldn’t understand that.”

Jaime tried again, but she didn’t stop fucking his mouth long enough for him to pronounce even a single word.

“Em, darling,” Lilith said while still casually pounding Jaime’s butthole, “he can’t talk with you shoving that dildo down his throat.”

“Oh yeah.” Emily smiled, undeterred. “That’s ok. He doesn’t need to talk.”

“Uh owwwhhnn?” Jaime said.

Emily looked down at her brother between her legs with big, adoring eyes. “Happy ten-day anniversary, Jai! Me and Lil decided to do something special for you to celebrate. You just lie back and enjoy it.”


Lilith rolled her eyes. “I tried explaining that it’s more a present for her than anything. But you know Em.”

Jaime would have nodded if he had any control over his neck. He did, indeed, know Emily.

“Nonsense,” said Emily. “He loves this. Don’t you, Jai?”

“Ennhh,” said Jaime noncommittally.

“There, see?” said Emily. “That was probably a yes.”

“Whatever you say,” said Lilith. “But you have to admit, he much prefers pounding your tight little butthole.”

“Ooh, yeah he does,” said Emily, who went all gooey at the thought of having her bottom well fucked by her beloved brother.

“And your cunt.”

“Mmm, true.”

“And your mouth.”

Emily’s eyes rolled back and she simply nodded agreement.

“And cumming all over you,” Lilith continued.


“Or, indeed, cumming inside you.”

Emily exploded in a nice little orgasm as she imagined all the lovely activities her sister was listing. All of Jaime’s favourite things happened to be on her list of favourite things too.

“Ok, well it’s still top ten though,” said Emily eventually, once she’d calmed down a bit.

“Ennhh,” said Jaime, still noncommittal.

“Are you sure he doesn’t just put up with it because he loves us?” Lilith asked. “Because that’s where my bet is.” She patted the bulge in Jaime’s tummy that her strapon made when she buried it deep in his ass. “But he is such a lovely little brother butt slut.”

“That he is,” Emily concurred, ruffling Jaime’s hair affectionately before grabbing his head with both hands and slamming his throat even more vigourously.

Jaime relaxed and let his sisters have their fun. Lilith was basically right, he didn’t enjoy their attempt at making their dildos touch inside him nearly as much as they did, but he did like making them happy.

Plus the ten day anniversary of an incestuous relationship was one of the most important milestones. He loved Emily with most of his heart and all of his butt. If waking him up with some hardcore pegging action made her happy, then he was happy to be her fuck toy.

The girls fucked their sexy, naked brother until his internal organs were all bruised and he’d passed out a couple times. By then, Lilith, who was half demon, had fed on enough sexual energy to sate her lusts, and she decided Jaime could probably use a break as well.

“Alright, you two have fun,” she said. “Happy anniversary, kiddos.”

She gave Emily a deep, loving kiss, and would have done the same to Jaime if his mouth hadn’t already been occupied. She settled for kissing him on the cheek, then left them alone.

Emily watched her big sister’s ass sashay out the door, then turned back to Jaime. She decided that was probably enough throat fucking for now. For one thing, his eyes were beginning to roll back like he was going to pass out again.

Jaime coughed and spluttered and sucked in air greedily as Emily pulled out. She patted his head and waited for him to regain some of his breath.

He looked so adorable all naked and gasping and messy from saliva, precum, and pussy juices. She loved him so much it hurt.

“Lil’s right, isn’t she?” Emily said. “You like pounding me better than getting pendik escort pounded, don’t you?”

Jaime nodded. “Of course I do. Your tight little holes are made to be brother-fucked. Pounding any of them is literally the best thing in the world.”

Emily’s pussy gushed. She couldn’t resist him when he was so sweet and romantic.

“Well, we’re kind of running late for school, but it’s our anniversary. It wouldn’t be fair not to give you your favourite thing.”

Emily slipped out of her strapons harness and got on her hands and knees. She reached back and slowly pulled out her butt plug. She gave it a kiss, then set it on her night stand where it could watch.

“I swear your plug’s getting bigger,” Jaime said, giving it a long glance as he knelt behind his sister.

“Yeah, it is,” Emily confirmed. “They grow up so fast.” She sighed wistfully. “Pretty soon he’ll be too big to stay in his mommy’s ass anymore. He’ll go off in the world on his own, start a family, and never come visit my bum except on holidays.”

Jaime frowned at Emily, unsure of how silly she was being. That was never an easy thing to tell with her.

“You know it’s inanimate, right?”

“So? That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have hopes and dreams and feelings.”

“That’s exactly what it… oh never mind. And stop calling it ‘he.'”

Emily nodded thoughtfully. “You’re right. I should name him. He’s practically part of the family.”

Jaime shook his head and shoved his cock in Emily’s butt, hoping that would distract her. She cooed appreciatively as her tight little bottom was ruthlessly filled up, but somehow didn’t lose her train of thought.

“Maybe Jaime Jr.” she said. “That way, you’ll both have the same name.”

“How is that possibly a good idea?”

“Because you’re my favourite person and my butt plug is my favourite not-person.”

Jaime sighed loudly. “I’d rather not name it as though it’s our son, Em. That’s a bit too silly even for you.”

“Is not.” Emily chewed her lip in consideration. “Maybe you’re right though. Maybe something like Butt Jaime. You know, like butt plug and Jaime mixed together.”

“Yeah, I got it. But-“

“That way we could call him BJ for short!”


“That way I could have BJ in my butt while giving my brother a BJ at the same time!”

Jaime gave up. “Ok, Em. If it makes you happy, we’ll call your butt plug BJ. That’s better than having to call it Jaime too.”

That settled, Jaime grabbed Emily’s hips in a firm grip and set about properly destroying her asshole.

The siblings fucked wildly for several hours before cumming intensely at the same instant. Jaime pumped about half his cum into Emily’s butt before spinning her around and shoving his still spasming cock down her throat to feed her breakfast.

Emily greedily sucked up every drop. Her morning hunger was more than sated by a lovely meal of brother-cum. The only problem was she didn’t get to taste very much since most of it bypassed her mouth entirely on the way to filling up her tummy.

She cleaned up Jaime’s cock with her tongue, then gave it a kiss. She reluctantly stood up, wobbling slightly as her cum-heavy tummy unbalanced her.

“I wish we could stay and fuck all day,” she said. “But we’re gonna be late if we don’t hurry.”

Jaime nodded. “We better get dressed. There’s no telling what’s going to happen at school today if those cultist C.U.N.T.s have been busy mind-controlling everyone into hating sex. We’ll need to be on our toes.”

The siblings hurriedly pulled on some clothes and dashed out the door without stopping for breakfast. In Emily’s case, that wasn’t really an issue. Jaime simply made a mental note to pick something up at school.

As was tradition, Jaime and Emily made it out to the street at exactly the same time as Alyssa, their sexy neighbour girl friend.

“Hey, Allie,” called Emily cheerfully.

“Hey, guys,” said Alyssa as she reached them. She gave Jaime a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for all your help yesterday, Jai.”

Jaime’s cock throbbed as he recalled all his ‘help.’ It had really been much more a case of taking every opportunity to fuck Alyssa and her mother than actually helping. Still, it had worked out nicely for everyone, and that was what counted.

“You’re welcome,” he said. “I take it your mom is ok with you two doing sexy incest stuff now.”

Alyssa nodded. “She still acts like we shouldn’t and whatever, but you should see how wet her cunt gets when I lick her butthole or suck on her titties. She’s a total mommy-slut for her baby girl.”

Emily sighed wistfully. “I don’t know why parents all have to act like they don’t want to fuck their super-hot children, even though they totally do. Life would be so much nicer if people wouldn’t act so silly.”

“Maybe,” said Jaime. “But if everyone accepted incest so easily, there wouldn’t be any fun in willfully breaking the rules every chance you got.”

“Hm, that’s true,” Emily admitted. “I do kinda love you more because of how naughty it is.”

“I kinda just love you because escort pendik of how hot you are and how nice fucking you is,” Jaime said.

Emily threw her arms around her brother and kissed him passionately. They made out frantically and sloppily, too overwhelmed by love to consider the world around them.

A passing driver spotted the brother and sister pair as they kissed and groped each other on the sidewalk. Ordinarily, anyone who spotted their forbidden love was so turned on they passed out immediately. In this case, thanks to magical mind-fuckery, the driver simply died due to being so offended by the display of two consenting people of legal age doing something that didn’t hurt anyone and was pretty damn sexy to watch.

The car with a now deceased driver crashed into a pole and burst into flames. Jaime, Emily, and Alyssa stared at it for a moment.

“Guess we better keep going,” Jaime said reluctantly. “And maybe not make out by the road like that anymore.”

“Aw,” said Emily with a pout. “No fair.”

“I know, I know,” said Jaime. “But those C.U.N.T.s are trying to ruin incest, and sex in general I think, so we can’t be sure what’ll happen if we aren’t careful in public.”

“Lots of car accidents,” Alyssa predicted sagely.

“At the very least,” Jaime concurred.

Emily grabbed Jaime’s hand and walked beside him with their fingers intertwined as they made their way to the bus stop. At least they could still hold hands without inadvertently causing a local genocide.

Alyssa, with her mind cleared and having accepted incestuous relationships as the beautiful form of love that they were, was fully appreciative of how cute Jaime and Emily were together. She wasn’t offended one bit.

“You two are like the sexiest couple ever,” Alyssa said.

“Aw, thanks,” Emily said with a big smile. “That’s what I think too.”

“You’re like… like… Romeo and Juliet,” Alyssa said, unable to come up with a better comparison.

Jaime wrinkled his nose. “We die in the end?”


“One or both of us is underage?” Emily hazarded.


“Our families want to kill each other… oh wait, that doesn’t make any sense,” said Jaime.

“We’re secretly Italian?” Emily guessed.

Alyssa rolled her eyes. “That’s not the sort of thing I mean at all.”

“Ooh, wait, I know,” said Emily with a sudden excited bounce. “Our relationship is based entirely on wanting to bone each other.”

“And we have to keep it secret,” Jaime added. “More or less.”

Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes, that’s what I meant. Thank goodness you got there eventually.”

“She’s got a point,” Emily said. “Romeo and Juliet is widely known as the greatest, most truest love story of all time ever. Or at least it’s the one people know about, which is almost the same thing. And their love was basically exactly like ours!”

“That’s true,” Jaime said. “That can only mean we’re destined to be the world’s longest lasting, most loving couple of all time ever.”

He and Emily wanted so badly to make out some more, but they had to restrain themselves for the sake of the morning commuters. Their respective penis and clit throbbed as one in desperate longing. If they hadn’t already fucked intensely for hours that morning, they wouldn’t have been able to resist.

Somehow, they made it to their bus stop without further incident. Despite being several hours late, the bus hadn’t arrived yet, so they could still make it to school on time.

“I wonder if me and Mom will ever be as in love as you two,” Alyssa mused wistfully.

“Sure you will,” Emily said with an encouraging pat on the shoulder. “Just fuck as much as possible. That’s the secret.” Another thought occurred to her. “Oh, and if you really love your mommy that much, you should totally propose!”

“I don’t think we can get married.”

“No, not proposing marriage, silly. Propose for her to be your butt slut. Like what Jai and I did.” Emily flipped up the back of her skirt to reveal her typical lack of panties. “See? I wear the butt plug he got me all the time. It’s way better than a ring.”

Alyssa made suitably appreciative noises as she dropped to her knees behind Emily. She gently caressed the butt plug with a pair of fingers.

“That’s so romantic,” Alyssa said. “Maybe you’re right, I should get Mommy a plug and ask if she’ll be my butt slut. I could even get her one with a base shaped like a butt, just like yours.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a heart,” Jaime said, but was promptly ignored.

“We named him this morning,” Emily said. “He’s Butt Jaime now. Or BJ for short.”

“Awww, it’s like he’s your baby,” said Alyssa.

“No it most certainly isn’t like that,” said Jaime.

“He basically is,” said Emily, who was still ignoring her brother. He just didn’t understand deep emotional stuff sometimes. “And he loves living in his mommy’s ass. He’s growing so big already.”

“Can I see?” asked Alyssa

“Sure,” said Emily.

Alyssa carefully pulled Emily’s plug out, leaving a briefly pendik escort bayan gaping hole as Emily’s butt adjusted to being empty; an uncommon state of affairs these days.

“He’s so cute,” Alyssa cooed. “He’s got your eyes.”

Jaime threw his hands into the air. “It doesn’t even have eyes! What are you… oh forget it.”

Emily knelt down next to Alyssa and stroked BJ’s head while Alyssa cradled him. “And he’s got Jaime’s love for being inside my asshole.” She leaned over and gave her plug a soft kiss. “Isn’t that right, sweetie,” she whispered. “You love Mommy’s bum, don’t you?”

Alyssa was overwhelmed by the love Emily and Jaime had for each other, and the motherly love Emily had for her butt plug. “That’s it,” she said. “I’m gonna make Mommy my butt slut, and we’re gonna have a butt plug of our own. And we’re gonna love him, and feed him, and watch him grow. And him and BJ will be best friends, and they can play together.”

Emily hugged Alyssa tightly. “You won’t regret it. Having a butt plug is the most fulfilling thing in the world. Your life just isn’t complete without one.”

The girls continued to ignore Jaime, who was now banging his head repeatedly on a stop sign in the hopes of a mild concussion.

Alyssa’s expression changed to one of worry. “But what if I’m not ready for a butt plug? What if we have triplets? Me and Mom only have two assholes between us, we couldn’t handle three. And what about-“

“Shh, shhhh,” Emily said while soothingly stroking Alyssa’s hair. “It’ll all be fine. Trust me. Lots of girls worry they can’t handle having a butt plug, but they all love it so much once they do.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I only know about my particular situation, but I feel like that entitles me to speak for everyone when it comes to babies. I mean butt plugs.”

Alyssa bit her lip. “Do you think… maybe… I could try out BJ? Just for a minute?”

Emily thought about it. “Well… he hasn’t been in anyone’s bum but mine, so he might be a little shy. Let’s see if he’ll let you.”

Alyssa grinned enthusiastically. “Thanks, Em. You’re such a good friend.”

“I am, aren’t I.”

The girls stood up. Alyssa prepared to drop her pants.

“Jai, keep a lookout would you?” said Emily. “We don’t need anyone sneaking up on us and accidentally dying due to be offended by parts of the human body not being properly covered. And stop hitting your head on things. It’s kind of distracting.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Jaime. “It wasn’t working anyway.” He glanced around. “All clear for now.”

Alyssa quickly slipped out of her pants and underwear. She bent over slightly and spread her ass cheeks.

Emily eagerly dove in and licked Alyssa’s cute little butthole. She licked and slurped and tongue-fucked her friend’s bum right by the side of the road like the most wanton and shameless of sluts. Which, of course, she basically was.

“Car,” Jaime said.

Emily grunted in annoyance and stood up, pretending not have been engaged in public analingus. Alyssa hastily covered her pussy with her hand.

The car drove by without incident. The driver didn’t see any sexual activity happening, nor any nipple, vagina, or penis. That meant whatever was going on was socially acceptable, and no offense had to be taken.

Emily went right back to slobbering all over Alyssa’s bottom as soon as they were clear. She then sucked on her butt plug to get him all wet, then pressed him to Alyssa’s tight rear hole.

“Be a brave boy for Mommy,” she whispered to BJ. “You’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Alyssa’s ass stretched wider as the butt plug was slowly inserted. She was pretty nervous, but also very excited. She kept thinking about having a butt plug of her own and being able to shove it up her ass any time she wanted.

With a final pop, the plug slid all the way in. Alyssa came from sheer excitement. It was both emotionally fulfilling just like she’d hoped, and also pretty hot to have her butt played with in such a public location.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” Alyssa moaned.

“I knew you’d like it,” said Emily. She pulled the plug halfway out and let it pop back in a few times, just for fun.

Jaime was torn between really, really enjoying watching his sister play with another girl’s ass, and being tired of the two of them cooing over the butt plug. It was just so girly to get so mushy over sex toys. Honestly. Everyone had toys, it wasn’t anything special.

“I’ll have to get twins,” Alyssa declared. “One each for me and Mom. I can’t go back to a butt plug-less life now.”

“That’s the spirit,” Emily said. She gave Alyssa’s butt a few celebratory smacks. “It’ll be good for BJ to have some friends.”

Luckily, Jaime spotted their bus arriving before things got any sillier. “Better get dressed,” he said.

The girls looked up. Emily calmly flipped her skirt back into place. Alyssa squeaked and tried to stuff herself back into her clothes. She didn’t have enough time, however, and had to once again resort to covering her pussy with her hand as the bus rolled up.

Jaime was a gentleman and picked up Alyssa’s jeans and panties for her so she could preserve her modesty while boarding. She kept one hand over her juicy teenage cunt while doing her best to cover her bum with the other.

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