9 Bobbi’s Tale

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9 Bobbi’s TaleI signed in late. I got my breakfast and sat down with the boi’s. Doug greeted me, “Damn gurl, you’re just asking for trouble.” “Why?” I asked. “Your late for everything,” Asa answered. “You’re going to get detention with Ms. Jones if you’re not careful.” “Hmmph,” was all I said. We chatted and I asked about getting some pot, booze and some poppers. “I’m going into town tonight and have dinner with my brother. You can join him and I for dinner,” Jon said. “After dinner I’ll show you where you can get them,” He offered.After breakfast I went back and got ready for class. I waited outside of French class until a few minutes after the bell rang. Madame Jones looked at me and said, “Monsieur Bottom, vous êtes en retard.” “Qui” I replied. “Would you like to explain?” she asked. “I wasn’t paying attention to the time,” I shrugged. “Your out of line young man,” She said. I just sat down at my desk and didn’t reply. “This incident will be reported,” she informed me. I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a pouty look. She looked away and started class. At the end of class, she asked to seem me. I walked up to her desk and we looked each other in the eye. “Monsieur Bottom your attitude is rather poor. Is there a problem I should be aware of?” “No Mam, I didn’t realize it was time for class,” I said in my defense. “Well you need to be on time, I have to report you for being tarty,” she told me. “Fine,” I replied. I turned and walked away in a huff and headed for History class. My class after history was Math with Mr. Umberger. One of the guys in my music class was in the hall and I started talking to him. Again, I waited until after the bell, and walked into math class. Mr. Umburger was at his podium and looked down at me. “Mr. Bottom, your late,” he said with announce in his voice. “Yes sir,” I replied in a meek voice. “It is unacceptable, and you will go on report for it. Now take your seat,” he said with a stern voice. I took my seat and he started class.After class he called me up to his desk. “Do you have a problem with telling time?” He asked me. “Naw sir, I was just talking to someone before class, I didn’t hear the bell. I came to class,” I told him in a submissive southern accent. “You may go”, he said gruffly. I went back to my room with a big smile on my face.At lunch Doug asked me “What the fuck are you doing bitch? I heard you were late to Ms. Jones class and then to Reverend Umberger’s. Are you trying to get in trouble?” “Why would I do that?” I said innocently. “You know that your parents signed a waver that ok’s whatever punishment that the school deems appropriate, including corporal punishment?” Asa asked. “Do tell,” I replied. “I should be careful about being late, and other things then,” I answered matter-of-factly. “Don’t you care?” Doug asked. “Sure, I care,” I said smiling. “You are pushing Reverend Umbergers and Ms. Jones bottons,” Doug said. The conversation moved onto other things.At the end of lunch Bubba came up and told me I needed to go to the faculty table. Reverend Umberger wanted to see me. I walked up to the table with Bubba to where Reverend Umberger and Ms. Jones where sitting. Reverend Umberger looked at me and asked “Mr. Bottom, you seem to have a problem with being where you are supposed to be at a given time. What do you have to say for yourself?” I lowered my eyes and said in a meek voice. “I’m sorry sir, It’s all so new here.” “Very well, you have been reported for being out of your room after hours, not being cooperative and now late to classes. We will overlook this for now, but any more occurrences and you face detention.” He replied in a stern voice. “Thank you, sir,” I answered.“There is a delivery in the office for you,” he told me. “It seems heavy, you may want to get some help,” Ms. Jones interjected. “I’ll give her a hand,” Bubba said. Reverend Umberger looked at Bubba, “Her?” “Don’t you me him?” Bubba answered, “Yes sir, I mean him.” Bubba and I walked off.We got to the office and it was my new faux sheepskin rug. I bent down to try and pick it up, but before I could Bubba grabbed it. He picked it up as though it was nothing and threw it over his shoulder. “I got this,” He said. I smiled, “Thank you,” I told him. We started walking to our suite and he asked me, “You a queer?” I answered “Yes.” “You like dude’s over bitches?” he asked. “Why yes. I like dude’s,” I said with a giggle. “I always wondered what it would be like to fuck a faggot,” he said. “I always wondered how it would feel to get fucked by a big black dick,” I said. He laughed. “You want to find out?” I asked him as we arrived at our suit. “Yea, I do,” he replied.Bubba dropped my new rug down on the floor in my room. I took a hold of it and tried to move it. It was very heavy. I was impressed at how Bubu had just picked it up. We both got down on our knee’s and he pulled out a knife. He cut the straps and wrapping and helped me unroll it. We positioned it in the middle of the room and cut off the tags and got it flat. I laid on it, it was so soft. “You want to help me break in my new rug?” I asked him. “Sure,” He replied. “How do we do this?” He asked. “Just like you would a bitch,” I said. “Umm, ok,” he said uncertainly. “You get comfy, while I run to the little gurls room and freshen up,” I told him. I walked out of my room as he sat on the bed and started taking his shoes off.I went into the bathroom, pulled off my shoes and paints. I gave myself istanbul escort a quick douche and lube. I had a joint that Jon had given me earlier. I smoked it quickly and then pulled out the bottle of poppers he had handed me and put it in my shirt pocket. I headed back to my room and walked in. Bubba was sitting on the bed naked. I looked at his massive hard football body. He was smooth and muscular, until I got to his crotch. He had a penis that looked like it hung down to his knee. It was big and fat. The tip was circumcised. I gasped when I saw the size of it. It was huge, and he wasn’t ever hard yet! I hadn’t imagined it would be so big. I was a little apprehensive about taking on a cock that size.He stood up and his dick swung forwards. “You ready?” He asked? “Ummm, yes, yes. I’m ready,” I said, not so sure about how I was going to handle his huge meat. “Get down on your knees and suck my cock, bitch,” he said. I dropped my paints and shoes to the floor and got down on my knees. He grabbed the back of my head with one hand and his dick with the other. “Start sucking bitch,” he commanded. I scooched forward on my knees until my mouth was in front of his huge meat. I opened wide and took the tip into my mouth. It was huge. I relaxed my jaw and opened as wide as I could. His cock was semi hard, and I could only get about a third of it into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged and pulled back. I put my left hand on his balls and slowly went down on it again. I felt it swelling up in my mouth. I started to panic as it grew even bigger. There was no way I was going to give Bubba’s cock a mouth only blow job.I thought back to some porn I had watched and remembered how a tiny girl had handled a dude’s huge dick. She had just sucked on the tip and masturbated him with her hands. I let the dick slip out between my lips. My teeth caught on the ridge of the head as it fell from my mouth. WACK! Bubba’s hand slapped the side of my face hard. I fell sideways from the force. “Watch the teeth bitch. Don’t let it happen again,” He warned me. “I’m gonna slap the shit out of you next time,” he added.I got back up on my knees. My cheek stung where Bubba had hit me. The sensation felt oddly pleasant. I was getting turned on by his forcefulness. My shirt and tie where warped around my chest and making it harder to move around. I pulled my tie over my head and threw it onto my paints and shoes. Then I undid the top two buttons of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I felt the sting of where Bubba had slapped my cheek as the shirt grazed over it. It was stimulating. I took the bottle of Poppers out and put the shirt with the rest of my clothes. I opened the bottle and took a deep huff. I closed it and put it within easy reach. I had a good buzz from the pot and Rush. I crawled on my knees back in front of Bubba. His huge cock dangled in front of me. I took it in my hand and stuck out my tongue. I ran it down from the head, over the foreskin and down to his massive balls. Then I licked it back up to the tip. I took it in both hands and spit on it. Took the tip into my mouth and wrapped my hands around it. It was so big one hand couldn’t get all the way around it. I cupped my hands together so I could stroke it. I moved my hands up and down while holding the tip of it in my mouth. I used my tongue to lick and massage the head. Bubba moaned his approval as I worked his hardening cock in my hands. I pulled off his dick to spit and lick it to make it more slippery. Then I went back to sucking and licking the tip while my hands stroked his now hard cock. I had the top of my fingers together and my thumbs on each other. ‘I’ll never get this up my ass,’ I thought to myself.Bubba reached down and pushed my bra down. He started pinching my nipple and rubbing my breast. “You wear a bra?” He asked. I let his cock tip fall from my mouth. “Yes, do you like it?” I said. “Yea, I do. Never thought a dude could turn me on like this. Your fucking hot,” He complemented me. I giggled and went back to work. I looked up at his face and he was staring down at me sucking and stroking his dick. His head was cocked to one side and he kept playing with my nipple. I was on my knees wearing pink gurls socks, panties and a lacy bra. “You’re really hot. You look like a chick,” he said. I kept on sucking and stroking. I had started to think that maybe I could keep from having to take his monster cock up inside of my boi-hole if I got him to cum in my mouth.Bubba decided he had stood long enough and backed up to lay on the bed. He pulled one of my pillows under his head. I took the time out to take another hit of Rush and stretch out. He opened his legs wider and I moved up between them. He pulled himself up the bed and lay back. I extended my body all the way out onto the bed and went back down on his huge meat. I licked and spitted on his cock again. I took his cock into my hands and mouth and started working it, hoping he would cum. I looked up at his face and our eyes locked. My mouth was stretched as wide as I could open it. I worked my hands up and down on his huge tool. Our eyes locked with each other I watched the expression on his face. He looked blank. I started to panic as I realized he wasn’t about to cum anytime soon. ‘Oh my gawd,’ I thought. ‘He’s going to fuck me with that pole’. I tried to take his cock deeper down my throat. My avcılar escort teeth sc****d the base of the head of his cock. WACK! I was rewarded with another slap. I was firmly between his legs this time, so my head hit his massive thigh. My ear was ringing form the shock. I liked that he had slapped me. It strangely turned me on.“Bitch, I warned you bout them teeth,” Bubba said. “Sorry I’m trying. Your cock is just so big,” I responded. “It’s time to fuck,” he said. “No, no” I said in panic. “Let me suck you off,” I begged. “Bitch get your ass in the air or I’ll beat you down,” Bubba responded. I whimpered in fear. “I can suck you off. Please let me suck your cock. I want you to cum in my mouth,” I begged. “I want to see if your ass is as good as pussy,” Bubba told me. I tried to crawl forward and take his cock into my mouth in desperation. “Whore, you ain’t listening. Get down on your knee’s so I can fuck you like a dog,” Bubba commanded. I whimpered in fear. “Please let me suck you off. Please,” I begged. He grabbed my hair pulled me up and slapped me. Smack! Then he threw me to the floor. “Bitch, you about to piss me off. Now get that ass up! This is the last time I’m gonna tell ya,” He said with annoyance in his voice. I was really getting off on his assertiveness. I felt I needed to play along. “Oh my gawd, oh my gawd…” I kept saying. I was scared of him fucking me. I had no choice. I reached over to the bed and grabbed a pillow and the Rush. I took three deep huffs, closed the bottle and put it where I could reach it. I got down on the floor and lay on my belly and buried my face in the pillow. I submissively pushed my butt up and got onto my knees. I swayed my hips back and forth, inviting him to fuck me. He kneeled behind me and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks. He grabbed my panties and ripped the left leg open. Then he pulled my ripped panties down my leg to my knee. He put his face between my ass cheeks and started licking. “Damn bitch, your ass tastes like pussy,” Bubba said with surprise. I whimpered again, scared of the huge cock that was about to penetrate my tight little boi-pussy. He ate my boi cunt which felt really good. I started to feel better and relaxed. I started getting hard from getting my boi-hole massaged and tongue fucked. Bubba worked my hole with his wet tongue. It felt really good. I started thinking ‘maybe this won’t be so bad’ . He stopped, and then he pulled back and got up on his knees.He pushed his legs out, forcing my ass wide open. I tried to relax and prepare for his cock to penetrate my tinder little boi hole. I felt the tip make contact. He grabbed my hips. His hands where like vices holding me. He used his thumbs to spread my butt-cheeks wider. I felt his cock head slide past the lips of my boi-pussy. Bubba only knew one way to fuck. Hard and fast. He rammed his dick into me. “Aaahhh!” I gasped. He shoved the whole cock into me. His hips slammed into my butt as he held me in place. I jerked up as pain and pleasure shot through me. I pushed my body up with my arms, arching my back. I tried to pull away, but Bubba held me firmly in place. “Oh gawd, no, no! Stop, for the love of gawd please. No, no, no, no,” I begged. His cock went deeper then I’d ever been penetrated. “Oh, gawd your splitting me in two,” I whimpered. It’s too much. Your giving me too much,” I whimpered. As he pulled his huge meat out, it stimulated the inner pleasure zones inside of me. The mix of pleasure and pain was overwhelming. I wanted more, but I wanted it to stop. It was very confusing. It felt so good and hurt so good at the same time. My thoughts were spinning out of control. Bubba slammed his cock into me again. His hips making a loud slapping noise against my butt-cheeks. My body lurched forward only stopped by his tight grip on my hips. His fingers were digging into my skin, causing more pain. My senses where all jumbled up. The pain felt good as his dick slid deep into my boi-cunt. It stimulated my inner pleasure zones while causing pain to shoot through my body. I started sobbing out of confusion. I wanted more and I wanted to get away at the same time. As he pulled back his cock for the next stroke, the pleasure ramped through my body. I sniveled with joy as the pleasure shot through me. My brain was overcome with the pleasure and my arms suddenly gave out. My face and chest dropped to the floor onto the pillow. Bubba started to quicken his pace. Each time he thrust forward there was the loud slapping sound of his hips making contact with my ass. Pain and pleasure shot through me with each thrust. My arms flailing wildly, slapping the floor. Overwhelming euphoria ran up and down my body as he pulled back. I went into a semi-conscious state as he fucked me. I hugged the pillow and moaned, “No, no, no. Its too much, too big, oh gawd its too big.” He got into a rhythm. Ramming his cock deep into me, then pulling out. I didn’t know how much more I could stand! Pain and pleasure went through my body and mind like waves. Both of us where wet with sweat. Suddenly he reached up with his right hand to wipe the sweat off his face. I saw my chance and lunged forward to get away. I was able to break the grip of his left hand on my hip. His cock come out of my boi-pussy with a popping sound. I flipped over. “Please, let me suck you off. I can’t take it,” I cried. “Gawd damn cock teasing whore,” he said. He reached şirinevler escort out and grabbed my ankle. He pulled me to him and grabbed my other leg. His fingers dug into my skin, hurting me. “Please stop!” I begged. “No. You cock teasing whore. I’m going to fuck you. You said you wanted it, now your going to get my big black dick,” he said. He pulled my boi-cunt to his dick. He let go of one of my legs and grabbed the pillow. He pulled my ass up off the floor with my leg and shoved the pillow under the small of my back. He pulled my right leg over his shoulder and the other he pushed down beside my head. I arched my back, grabbed on to the rug with my hands and pushed my head down hard onto the floor. I felt the head of his cock make contact with my boi-pussy lips. He had his arm wrapped around my right leg and pushed my left down onto the ground beside my ear. He had me pinned and I couldn’t move. He rammed it in. Aggggghhh! I let out a moan. His cock went deep. My mind exploded from the pain and pleasure. Bubba started a steady fucking rhythm as I squirmed as much as I could beneath him. I couldn’t move much in his iron grip. “No, no. Too much, too big, it’s too big, it’s too much,” I said over and over. My own little clitty was begging for attention. Bubba’s balls were slapping against my perineum, stimulating my pleasure even more. I let go of the rug and put my hand onto my little cock. It was hard and when I touched it, I gasped with delight. I took a hold of it and stated massaging it. The pleasure pain mix was overwhelming me. I was in a state of euphoria. I was trying hard not to masturbate too fast. I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. I was now in a mist. I was buzzing and the contradicting stimuli where overwhelming my senses. My body and mind where overwhelmed with sensations. I became euphoric form the the pain and pleasure.Bubba started to pick up the pace. He rammed his huge cock into me faster and faster. I came back to reality. I figured he was going to cum soon and I wanted to cum too. I started massaging on my own little dickie harder and faster. Bubba gave out a grunt and slammed his cock into my boi-pussy. He pulled back, grunted and slammed into me again. I felt the wave of my own orgasm through my body and shoot down into my little clitty. Bubba slammed into me again as I shot my first load. I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure. He pulled back again. Waves of joyous pleasure shot through me as I shot out another load. My eyes rolled back into my head. I was shuddering from the overwhelming orgasm. Bubba shoved his cock deep into me and collapsed on top of me. I shot out two more loads, shivering uncontrollably as his body pinned me down. We lay there soaked in sweat. He let go of my legs and I wrapped them around his huge waist. I was shivering from the massive orgasm I had just had.We both wet with sweat and were panting, trying to catch our breath. Bubba lay on top of me with his huge cock deep inside. It felt so good. I was exhausted from the fuck. His cock was getting soft inside of me, but it was so big it was still filling me up. He rolled off of me, and his cock came out of my boi-hole with a sucking sound. I crawled on top of him and gave him a big wet French kiss. Then I started kissing his face all over. I moved down to his chest, sucked and licked his nipples for a little while. Then I worked my way down his hard stomach licking and kissing it. I flicked my tongue into his belly button and then moved down to his cock. I took it in my mouth and sucked off the cum and pussy juice. Even soft I could only get it about three quarters down my throat. I let it slide out of my mouth and took it in my hand. I licked it up and down, then went to his balls and licked and kissed them. I looked up over his cock and he was watching me intently. “Damn, you’re a tiny thing,” he commented on my size. I was throwing you around like a football,” he said. I crawled back on top of him. He didn’t even flinch. “Did ya like that?” I asked. “You the best fuck I ever had,” Bubba answered. “Thank you. So, you goina want to fuck me again?” I asked. “Damn right bitch,” Bubba said. “Good. That was a lot of fun,” I told him. I lay on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. Our lips met and he gave me a wet French kiss. I lay my head on his chest. It felt good and I just wanted to lay on top of him and feel his arms wrapped around me. It felt so comfy.The bell rang. “Oh shit,” I said. “What?” Bubba asked. “I got the Reverend for class now,” I told him. Bubba laughed. “That motherfuckers got it out for you,” I smiled. “I know,” I said. I rolled off of Bubba and stood up. I pulled my bra up. My panties where ripped at the leg so I pulled them off and grabbed another out of the dresser. After I pulled them and my pants on, I pulled my shirt over my head and then my tie. I slipped my shoes on and I ran out of the room grabbing my bookbag. I left Bubba to finish dressing and leave on his own. Jerry was in the common room working on his laptop. He looked up at me with a knowing look. I figured if he was sitting out here, he knew what we had been doing.I arrived at Reverend Umbergers room for Bible twenty minutes late. As I walked in, I looked up at him. His face was beet red and he glared at me over the top of his glasses. My clothes and hair where a disheveled mess. I gave him my cutesy smile and sat at my desk. My poor butt was sore and oozing Bubba’s cum. I was fidgety all through class. I could tell it was bothering him, but he never said a word. I stayed until I was the last in class after the bell rang. He still didn’t say a thing. Finally, I left. He sat at his desk and never looked up as I walked out. I smiled as I headed to my music class.