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This is a continuation of the ‘Bodacious’ storyline. The first story is ‘The Bodacious Blonde Milf’ and the second is ‘Bodacious – A New Year’s Story’. The storyline is about a romance between a lady in her early to mid-40s and a nearly 30 year old man feeling his way through life. Linda is your typical All-American mother living the perceived American dream of a life and feeling like something is missing, and Bob, your typical unattached male, still has a lot of growing up to do. Together they are searching for something that life has not afforded them thus far.

Linda and Bob have experienced sex together a couple of times thus far. Linda is experiencing the flux of middle age, while Bob is still young and full of youthful cravings. The tempestuous tryst is unsettling for both in different ways. This is a story of change and evolution.


(Bob’s in the Kitchen at work where he is the Head Chef at his Family’s Restaurant when this scene begins) –

“The Chateaubriand special for two… We have two of the Surf and Turf for twos… Rack of Lamb and the Salmon special. Get those on and I’ll call out the 8-top next.” We were hustling. It was Valentine’s night. We were probably halfway through dinner service. 8pm and we’d been going at it full bore since 6pm. We were all flying around, with the loud sounds of pots, pans, and plates banging inside the tight confines of our small bistro kitchen. It seemed like a hundred different voices mixing in the background, but I was zoned in on the multi-tasking at hand.

Why’d my life have to be this way. I was dedicated to my job, my livelihood, this business, and a legacy, so much so that I didn’t have time for much of a personal life. The restaurant business, it is all so fucking crazy. These people were my friends, but I couldn’t totally relate to most of ’em. The people I worked with would hang out with me here, but not for the most part outside of here.

The day, like any special event day, had been a whirlwind of activity. I had prepared for this night for a week. Christmas Parties, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s are special evenings that make or break a restaurant. You really need to turn the tables at least twice and a three course meal usually takes a couple of hours, so a table sat at 6pm will be sat again at 8pm and a table sat at 7pm will be sat again by 9pm. Unlike New Year’s Eve, most people will be working the following day, since Valentine’s fell on Wednesday this year. This meant people wouldn’t be hanging out at the restaurant all night long. Most everyone would be gone by 11pm at the latest and the staff should be headed home by midnight.

We were headed into the heart of that second seating of the tables, when our Manager/Hostess Toni let me know that Linda was sitting at the bar with a friend. I found that to be surprising. I hadn’t heard from Linda in a few weeks. A week into January, she had brought a new saleslady into the restaurant and handed over the account to her. She had pretty much told me that she was going to do this, but I thought she would be over that by now.

“OK, does she have a reservation?” I asked.

“No,” Toni answered.

“Do you have a table for her?” I further inquired.

“I’ll probably have something for her in 20 minutes.” She confirmed, knowing what I’d want.

“OK, Thank You,” I dismissed her and she headed out. Toni and I were on the same wavelength at this point. We’d worked together now for five years. She was almost like a sister to me, although I did find her attractive. She had a boyfriend she’d been with for years, but I digress.

I did my best to concentrate on service, but Linda was consuming my mind. I rushed getting plates out, hoping it wasn’t noticeable when I made a few mistakes. You make mistakes during dinner service, but it’s all about how fast you can fix those mistakes, and these were definitely attributable to my mind wandering about Linda. The flow of dinner was getting on my nerves, because I really wanted to see her. What did Toni mean she was here with a friend. My relationship with Linda was a secret. I couldn’t be asking what she meant.

Linda’s ticket finally arrived at 9pm. It would be one of the last tickets of the evening. She was having the Salmon Special and the other person, whomever it was, was having a Filet. We fired the ticket, along with five others, and everything was ready in about 15 minutes. Around 9:30pm, we were down to the last few stragglers, so I headed out to the dining room and let the other staff take care of the orders that were left.

I rounded the corner of the main dining area and there she was. Linda was sitting with the new saleslady Kim at a 4-top table along with my mother who had joined them. “Hello Ladies,” I smiled as I approached the table noticing they were finishing up their meals.

“Hey Bob,” Kim effervesced as I approached the table. Kim was definitely an attractive lady with a short bob-cut hairstyle and perfect white toothed grin. She was somewhere around illegal bahis my age. Linda grinned a sheepish grin as she nodded down to me and said,”Hey.”

My mother praised me, “Bobby y’all did an excellent job getting that food out of here tonight. I guess they’re about ready to wrap it up?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I let her know. “Did y’all enjoy your dinner?” I asked the ladies knowing they had.

“It’s fabulous,” Kim continued as Linda nodded in affirmation, “The Filet is perfect,” as I looked at the mostly eaten steak.” “I’ve never had the chance to have dinner here before. You have a great thing here.” She looked at me, then turned the gaze towards my mother.

I took notice of Clarence tinkling the keys in the background and bellowing out a familiar pop song as I let the ladies know, “I told Toni to set y’all up a dessert sampler. She will have it out here shortly.”

Linda smiled, “You didn’t have to. I am stuffed already.”

My mind was abuzz looking at Linda. She was wearing her red dress. The one that had enamored me so. The one she had been wearing the week before Christmas.. The red wrap around dress that was in love with her breasts. Rarely had I seen cleavage enhanced so beautifully. She was a model of feminine perfection in my eyes.

“Where’s Charles?” I seriously inquired.

She shirked her shoulders in quick response, as her eyes averted my own and her head turned towards the ladies, “Off on another business trip.”

Instinctively, I knew not to inquire further, “Well, I’m going to head to the back and help wrap up. I’d like to come have a drink with y’all, if you don’t mind here in just a bit.” The ladies nodded OK.

My Mother let me know, “Bobby, it’s been a long one. I’m going to head home in a few minutes.” I nodded in understanding and headed back to the kitchen to finish up.

A little later, around 10pm, I headed back out to the dining area where the evening was noticeably wrapping up. The servers were pre-busing their last few tables and there were only a handful of diners finishing their meals. A few people were sitting around the piano. A restaurant that had been hustling and bustling an hour earlier was now winding down.

Like a gentleman, I asked the ladies once again if they minded me joining them, I was drinking a Jack and Ginger to help relax. The ladies were enjoying some sort of red wine. Kim talked about how much she appreciated having this account, and my mother and I being so helpful and understanding after Linda had been our account manager for years, and she thanked Linda for giving her the account.

“Well, I have to tell you that Linda has been the best. No one is better and that is the reason why she had the vast majority of our business, so you have some big shoes to fill, but you have been great,” I wanted her to feel good about our account and comfortable dealing with us and I wanted Linda not to worry about what had happened.

I looked straight into Linda’s lovely blue eyes, “I just hope you won’t be a stranger. Mom would be so disappointed and I know I will be. I’ve relied on you and you have always come through when we needed you to.” I smiled and turned towards Kim. “I only started doing our ordering recently. Mom wanted to take some of the workload off of her shoulders and she pretty much trusts that I can handle it now and I don’t want to disappoint her.”

Kim nodded, “I understand and I’ll do my best not to let you down.”

I smiled in reassurance, “I know you will.”

We continued with the small talk, while the ladies sipped their wine and I nursed my drink. Linda didn’t go into why she was alone on Valentine’s, but Kim let me know that she was new to town and hadn’t been out very much. She may have been hinting at me that she was unattached and interested, but I was more lost in my thoughts for the lovely Linda.

Around 10:30pm, Kim let me know, “Well, I hate to be a party pooper, but I’ve gotta get home. I have some meetings tomorrow and need to visit my accounts.” Linda nodded in affirmation, but didn’t make a move to leave.

“Oh, y’all didn’t drive in together?” I wondered aloud.

“No,” Linda admitted, “It was a last minute thing. I wanted to go out and I thought Kim might join me, so I called and asked her.”

“Well,” I nodded, “I’m glad you came to have dinner with us,” I felt a hug with our saleslady would be awkward as I stood and gave her a lady’s handshake, “I guess I’ll see you next week. Happy Valentine’s.” I was planning on hanging out until the kitchen staff was all headed home, so I wouldn’t be leaving for at least another hour.

Kim turned and confidently left, disappearing around the corner. I looked to Linda, “Maybe I should see her to her car?”

“Maybe you should,” she nodded.

I got up and headed to the hostess station where Kim was getting her coat with the help of Toni. Here, let me help you with that. I opened the coat so that she could step back into it, “I’ll walk you out to your car.”

I opened illegal bahis siteleri the front door, allowing her to exit, and walked beside her to where her black Camry was parked, opening the door after she key fobbed it. She sat in her seat as I let her know, “I truly am glad you came to have dinner with us and I hope you will come again.”

“Maybe you could join me sometime,” she humbly expressed, “Like I said, I am new in town.”

“That would be nice, but you do know the life of a restaurateur… nights, weekends, holidays, and long hours,” I had to let her know up front. I did find her to be interesting.

“I do understand,” she affirmed as we both softly smiled at one another. I then closed the door and stood back, watching her back out and pull away and towards the entrance/exit of the parking lot as I headed back into the building.

I headed back inside and towards Linda’s table. She was no longer there, but her wine was. Toni was busy breaking down and setting up tables as I asked, “Toni, did you see where Linda went?”

“I don’t know,” she tilted her head, “Maybe to the bathroom. She was here a minute ago.”

“OK… Hey, you were awesome tonight.” I always needed to affirm how special she was to us, especially after she busted her ass on a night like this.” She smiled, said “Thank You” and continued about her business.

I headed back and looked in on the kitchen for a second, seeing that the staff had just about finished up, before hanging out in the hall, waiting on Linda to emerge from the bathroom. There weren’t many patrons left and many of the employees were now heading home. The last two servers were checking out, walking through the kitchen and service area. Finally, Linda exited and seemed like she was expecting me to be waiting for her.

No words were necessary, as I walked up close desiring to kiss those pouty lips, but knowing that I shouldn’t in this setting. I shook my head, “You’re looking lovely again tonight…,” then nodded, “I remember this dress.” I reached and touched her, “Will you join me at the bar?”

“Ok,” she acceded, as she walked ahead of me leading the way. Of course she knew my attraction to her and in the moment I was feeling the attraction she had for me. Yeah, she had cut me off since our dalliance back during the holidays, but she was here now and I could see that she had freshened up and I could see that she was wearing my favorite dress. It was so hard to conceal this lust that consumed my senses and had me salivating and tasting her through the air that divided us.

As we entered the bar, Bill, the bartender was finishing up. I walked behind the bar, not wanting to disturb Bill, “Linda what would you like?”

“I was drinking the house Merlot,” I prepared her glass of wine and quickly fixed another rocks glass of Jack and Ginger for myself. I walked back around the bartender’s area and we sat on the barstools at the bar.

We sipped our drinks, as Bartender Bill wrapped up and disappeared for the evening. It had turned to 11pm and Clarence, in the main foyer, finished his last song, said his customary goodnights, and came and said goodnight to Linda and I before heading out. Like I said, it was Wednesday, the middle of the workweek, and people weren’t lingering like they would on a Friday or Saturday night.

“So,” I spoke in a soft tone, “How’d you end up here tonight?”

Tasting her wine, she put it down, “I dunno,” she shirked. “Everything I guess.”

“Whatta ya mean?” I was curious.

(Linda) – “Kim has been talking a lot about this place since I gave her the account.”

(Bob) – “Yeah, I’ll be honest, that bothered me that you gave her the account.”

(Linda) – “I’m sorry, but it was for the best.”

“No it wasn’t,” I vehemently disagreed.

“Well, I think she will do as well as I have for you. I like the girl. She reminds me a lot of myself at her age. You might even want to take her out. She asked me about you, you know,” Linda smiled in that familiar, manipulative womanly fashion. You know how when a woman is setting you up.

(Bob) – “Ok, but let’s be honest. I’m into you. It wouldn’t be fair to her or myself.”

“Bobby,” she exclaimed, “I’m a married woman.”

“Linda,” I mocked teasingly, “You are in my favorite outfit. You are my favorite smell. I’m feeling a rush being here with you. Your ‘Husband’ isn’t anywhere to be found. I reached out and rubbed her thigh.”

She looked away, as though she had been caught with her hand in a cookie jar.

I continued to rub her thigh, “This is a very pleasant surprise, to have you be my Valentine this evening.”

Linda took a noticeably deep breath as she shuddered, then sipped her wine, before telling me, “I am going to have to go. The boys are home alone.”

“They know you went out?” I questioned.

(Linda) – “I told them I was going to have dinner with a new work associate.”

(Bob) – “Oh… Okay. Do they know her?”

Linda took the final sip of canlı bahis siteleri her wine, “No. They haven’t met her. She hasn’t been with the company that long. They don’t know a whole lot about my job.”

“Hmmm,” I nodded in understanding.

I got up, walked around the wall to the Bartender’s area and filled Linda’s glass back up, as she let me know, “I don’t need any more Bobby. I’ve already had three glasses.”

“I’ll give you a ride home Linda,” I poured myself another drink and walked back around the bar and sat with Linda. Reaching over and feeling the soft red cotton material that covered her thigh, I rubbed it and brazenly asked, “You came to see me, because you wanted something.” Asking this made me excited as I leaned in, “Everyone will be gone soon.”

“Bob!” she protested, but said nothing further.

Moments later, Toni came to the bar, “I’m heading out,” she let me know. That meant that no one else was left in the building and it was time to lock up.

“OK, I’ll lock up. I’m going to give Linda a ride home. She’s had a few wines and I know the cops are out,” I honestly let her know.

“How bout you Bob?” she asked with concern.

“I’ve only had one and a half in a couple hours,” I was a bit tired, but I was truly fine, even energized with the stimulation from my repartee with Linda.

Toni, standing at the entrance of the bar, “OK. You have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“OK… Good night.” I waved and she headed out.

Linda’s wine was half gone and I’d barely tasted this drink, when I saw the lights pulling out from the driveway of the restaurant. Linda and I were now alone, “Everyone is gone now. I’m going to go check on things. I will be back in a second. Don’t go anywhere.” Linda nodded in agreement.

I got up and went around locking the doors and cutting off the rest of the lights, before going to the bathroom, relieving myself and freshening up. A few minutes later, I headed back up to the bar, seeing Linda with her hands crossed on the bar staring into the distance.

I walked up, took her hand, “Come with me.” I led the way to the front of the restaurant, which was now secluded. The smell of her lightly scented perfume was intoxicating to say the least. My head was spinning and I knew what I wanted. But my nerves were on edge with the lust that I was feeling. My cock had inflated and I was feeling confident, but nervous.

Linda had to know my intent as we walked through the front of the restaurant. My lurid behavior was obviously nothing new to her as I took note of her feminine charm displayed by that red dress revealing her magnificent hour glass figure.

“Oh my. What am I getting myself into?” she murmured more to herself than anyone.

I turned to tell her, “Your husband’s a fucking fool Linda. He’s a fucking fool.”

“Bob…” she tilted her head in protest, grimacing with a sort of acknowledgment.

I pulled her to me to feel her. God she felt nice. “You need to know how hard it’s been. We have something special. You are so beautiful. We have chemistry. You know we do. That’s why you’re here,” I kissed her, then continued, “You are so elegant, a Goddess.” I was intoxicated with lust for her.

I knew she had to feel the boner pushing into her abdomen. In the lustful moment, I inhaled and then exhaled the words, “I’ve really missed you… You know what you do to me. That dress says it all.” What I said came so naturally to me, as I leaned in and whispered, “You’re so sexy.” cheek to cheek, I breathed, “You wanna fuck. That’s why you’re here.”

Linda didn’t say a word, she was familiar with what was happening as my eyes fell to her voluptuous chest. She was inhaling deeply as I pulled the sash of her dress.

“Oh Bobby, I’ve missed you,” she whispered timidly as I kissed and nuzzled my way down her neck.

I reached out, grasping her soft hands, pulling them to my lips, kissing them. “Let’s just go with it, just go with it,” I commanded.

Reaching down, I unbuttoned the buttons of the lovely dress, slowly peeling it back – so gorgeous, so exquisite, so breathtaking. There was that beautiful, butterfly patterned red lace bra cupping those heaving melons. Full milky white breasts were snuggled in the sheer red cups with those puffy pink areoles. I knew I was gawking, as I looked down between us at her beautifully exposed body. “I c-can’t g-ettt you outta my mind,” she stammered nervously.

I retorted, “me neither.” This was her total capitulation. Here she was again in red panties, sheer thigh high’s, and a beautiful top. She knew what this was all about. I pulled her to the love seat that was there for guests to wait for tables, groping her soft, feminine body. She was the definition of lady. Her nearly bare body rubbed against my own as I reached around the robe like dress and pulled her further into me. My bloated cock was rutting into her.

We kissed and would catch one another’s gaze between the ecstasy that would make our eyes roll. In a moment I raised her chin with my index finger, staring into those icy blue eyes, taking those charming ruby lips. Pulling back I chuckled, “You knew what this dress meant when you thought about putting it on. Didn’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32