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(Let me tell you all about how I met my first wife. She herself can tell you it’s a true story. My ex-wife can tell you how it all began. She still has the broken condom as a souvenir to prove it. On the day in question we were both eighteen, and we were still both virgins. A first time for everything, I suppose.)

The curtains were drawn. My heart was beating like the proverbial drum.

I had never done anything like this before, go against my parents.

I glanced in the hall mirror as I waited for Davey to come.

I let the robe slip off my shoulders and looked at the curves as they rounded onto my bum and then down my long silky smooth legs.

My lips shone and my blue mascara looked wicked with the long plump lashes. My long curly hair dangled onto my slender shoulders.

My firm breasts were on fire with anticipation and the nipples tingling at the thought they were about to be kissed and sucked on for the very first time.

The phone on the kitchen wall began to ring. I knew it was my mother checking up on me. She said she would be phoning around noon to check up on me.

I scampered into the kitchen quickly, not daring to allow it to go into voice mail. There was no way I was going to risk my mother getting worried and coming home. Davey was due any minute. The thought she might find her virgin daughter making love for the very first time to some horny young boy would probably send her off the deep end. In her strict and Christian mind, I was supposed to be saving myself for marriage.

“Hi mom.”

“Debbie. You taking the cough syrup and flu medication like you’re supposed to?”

“Yes,” I blurted out, making my voice nasal and heavy to prolong the charade I was sick when in actual fact there was nothing at all wrong with me.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Derrible bom, jus’ derrible.”

“Well, I’ll be stopping by the take out on my way home from work to bring you home some rich chicken soup. How did you answer the phone so fast, you’re supposed to be upstairs in bed?”

“On the couch resting.”

“Oh, fine. You rest. I’ll be home in five hours.”

“Bye bom.”


I felt like shit lying to my mom, but I had just turned eighteen and for some reason I seemed to be horny all the time. I was so desperate to know what it felt like to have a boy’s cock inside of me that I had made up this whole ‘stay home from school’ sick scam just so I could give up my virginity to my boyfriend Davey.

My mom knew I had been innocently dating Davey for six months. What she didn’t know was that I was about to go behind her back and give up my virginity.

In many ways I was just like most brand new eighteen year old girls, thinking I had become old enough to handle just about anything. But I was very inexperienced at sex and the matters of the heart. My mom was adamant that as a good Christian girl, I should be saving myself for marriage. But I had other ideas, and seeing as how Davey was so wonderfully handsome, with dreamy muscles and a six pack to die for, I was all hot and bothered at the prospect of getting it on with him.

Davey would be hopping the fence and coming to the back door, so nosy neighbors wouldn’t see him coming. From there, I would be sneaking him in through the kitchen, then up the stairs to where we would take pleasure in each other’s arms for the next two hours, leaving us three hours to spare before my mom came home with my soup.

I took out the box of condoms and ripped open the top. Then I pulled one out and tried to tear the end off with my teeth, but it wouldn’t give way. I then took out a scissors and clipped the edge to open it. The end of the wrapper finally came off and I pulled the slippery condom out. It was moist with lubricant, and I couldn’t believe I was actually going to do this! I shoved it into my hair band. I wanted to make sure that no matter how carried away we got, I would at least be protected from becoming pregnant.

The back door was suddenly being knocked on. Davey was here at last! I remained naked, not bothering with the robe discarded on the floor.

I made my way past the living room and kitchen until I reached the wooden oak door. Then I flipped the lock and turned the door knob, pushing the door until it opened.

He said nothing as he slipped by me, and in a way, I guess it made him feel uneasy sneaking around back doors and hopping fences like some kind of criminal.

“Hi Deb,” he says, turning to kiss me. He is obviously anxious and begins to paw me like he is some dog in heat.

“Slow down,” I whisper. “We have a few hours. Take it easy. Let’s savor the moment.” I say that because I want my loss of virginity to be a special occasion.

“You have really nice breasts,” he whispers back, and it is right there and then I realize that perhaps we should have taken things in stages. He had, after all, illegal bahis never seen my breasts before, or my curvy ass.

He is on fire, and rubs my bum like a wild man. I am overwhelmed and suddenly feel my temperature rise. His hands are rough and tumble, but amazingly sweet. I moan and he is inspired to go further.

“Take it easy,” I beg. “I know you want to get right to it, but neither of us have done it before, so we should make it last.”

He is all hot and bothered and guesses that my breasts will be the spark plugs that ignite my body into flames of passion and total surrender. He guesses right. No man has ever kissed my breasts before and his mouth on my nipples is exhilarating. He sucks them wildly, making them stiff and turned on. Then he nibbles on them gently with his teeth and I am out of my mind with desire. I close my eyes and keep them closed for the next five minutes as his mouth works its magic over top my tantalized breasts, kissing, sucking and licking until I groan and shiver in this crazy ecstasy that literally consumes me.

I suddenly feel this moistness pressing against my hip, and as I finally open my eyes, I am amazed that the tip of his cock head is rubbing on me. He has somehow managed to take off all his clothes without me knowing it while he had been working on my breasts.

I am in a full blown panic. His baby making virgin penis is stiff as iron. It is also oozing oodles of pre-cum mere inches from my hungry vagina. I take the condom from my hair and place it with trembling fingers onto his cock head, then roll it along his shaft. It fits nice and snug. I check the reservoir tip. It is intact and I feel fully protected. For me to have a baby now would spell the end of my world as I know it. Not only would I be kissing college goodbye, but I would be kicked off my church choir and my mother would be out of her mind, probably tossing me onto the street.

Seeing as how it was his first time making love as well, I hadn’t expected him to be so skilled at exciting me. Nor had I expected him to be so wonderfully aggressive, or efficient at making me supremely horny. But he had managed to make me pant hot and heavy, with my large pointy boobs heaving up and down as his mouth worked on them unabated.

“Damn you, Davey,” I shrieked. “You’ve really turned me on! Now I just can’t help myself!”

I brushed the lettuce and tomatoes onto the floor and leapt up onto the kitchen table, pulling him by the hair until his face ravished my breasts once again.

I tilted my bum forward to the edge of the table, letting my feet spread apart and cling to it upright, exposing the pink, moist tunnel of my quivering vagina.

His cock head suddenly pressed against it, slowly stretching the virgin opening wider as he pushed all the way in, making me gasp as my hymen broke and a tiny spatter of blood trickled onto my thighs. Still, I didn’t feel much pain. It was mostly pure pleasure, rocking my world and making my whole body shiver.

I gasped and then grunted methodically as he thrust slowly in and out, causing me to become covered with sweat.

Our mouths were meeting constantly as we slobbered over each other’s faces in a frenzy.

He suddenly started to yelp, and his body began to shiver. I could tell he was overheating and bound to be reaching orgasm sooner rather than later. For me it was a disappointment, because I was still waiting for my first orgasm, and I wanted him to last for hours, not a mere ten minutes.

“Don’t come yet,” I begged, fearful he might shrink, and not be able to satisfy me.

“Too late,” he spat out, shivering to pieces as his face became engulfed in ecstasy.

I sighed at his words, but tried not to act disappointed, wanting to make it special for him. I held him closer, pressing my boobs to his muscular chest and kissing his face to help try maximize his pleasure as he emptied out.

“Please try and stay hard,” I asked him, my own body percolating with desire and lust. I was horny out of my mind, and couldn’t imagine being left unsatisfied.

After a minute he stopped thrusting, and then took a step back and slipped out of me. He rested, panting furiously in my arms. I was glad that his orgasm had been so mind blowing, and that he was still relishing the delicious aftershocks, but I too needed a release. I was curious to see if he was still hard.

I reached down with my hand to feel his cock. It was indeed still hard as iron. I let my fingertips run along its impressive length and thickness, and I felt enthralled. I desperately wanted it inside of me again.

I rubbed my index finger along the edge of his giant cock head, and it felt swollen under the condom and hot to the touch. A large gob of semen safely filled the reservoir tip. I was suddenly on fire, and could feel my nipples stiffen even harder in anticipation.

“Put it back in,” I begged, kissing illegal bahis siteleri his face profusely.

His hair was soaked in sweat and his neck wet to the touch, but he seemed to get a second wind, returning my kisses and plunging his steel hard erection back inside of me.

I moaned my approval and shivered with intense bliss as his thrusts once more kept me stretched open and triggered an avalanche of pleasure deep within me. For the whole six months we had been dating, not a day had gone by where I didn’t think about how it would feel to have him take my virginity, and now that it was happening, I was in seventh heaven, savoring the moment.

He lowered his mouth once more to my hot and bothered breasts, setting them ablaze with his sucking lips and licking tongue. I groaned louder in response.

His thrusts accelerated, going faster and deeper, and my heart was flourishing in a paradise I never knew possible. Just five minutes into his renewed thrusts and I could already feel my orgasm begin to build within me.

“Shit…oh shit…I’m…yes! I’m coming,” I shrieked with feel good sensations that shook me to pieces as my mind soared with riveting joy.

Making love was turning out to be a whole lot sweeter than I had ever imagined it would be, and a surging climactic heaven imploded within me.

“I’m…I’m coming too,” he spat out, also panting as his latest orgasm began to enthrall his pumping cock, then his tensed thighs, and then his entire body.

After another minute, I watched happily as his white body slumped against my sweat soaked boobs, kissing my neck and face, letting me know that lovemaking with me had blissfully exceeded all his expectations.

“It was truly wonderful for me as well,” I blurted out, finally fully satisfied. Although the sex had been so short, it had been intense and mind blowing.

“Well Debbie, I guess you’re not a virgin anymore?” he said coyly, adding a laugh while kissing me on the forehead. “I hope I wasn’t too rough?”

“To be honest, it only hurt for a minute or two, and then it was pure pleasure all the way. I actually could still keep going. You were beyond amazing.”

“As were you. But if you give me an hour rest, I can have this cock of mine back up and running.”

I playfully tugged on his shrinking cock. “How about something to eat then, you know, like a sandwich, just till it gets hard again? We still got over four hours till my mom comes home.”

“Something to eat sounds great. Thanks, maybe a coke as well if you got one.”

“Yeah, we got coke,” I said, still toying with his now limp dick.

Suddenly, a jolt of panic tore through me like lightning. “What happened to the condom?” I asked, almost trembling as semen from his cum hole still oozed out over my grasping fingertips.

“It must have slipped off,” he ventured, looking at his dwindling erection in earnest. “Perhaps it slipped onto the floor,” he added, looking around the ceramic kitchen tiles.

“Damn! I don’t think its on the floor,” I countered.

“Why would you say that? You haven’t even looked.”

“The condom ring is still on the base of your shaft, but that’s all that’s left of it. The condom must have broken during sex. I bet you the damn thing is inside of me.”

I squatted, and placed my fingers to my pussy. I was horrified at the scary feel of his baby making sperm leaking out of me. I then pushed my fingers up inside of me and felt the edge of the torn off rubber. I pulled it out, and could see it had split up the middle, obliterating the reservoir tip. Whatever he had ejaculated was undoubtedly deep inside of me.

“Oh shit! I can’t believe it broke. I’d better not be fucking pregnant!”

He examined the remaining ring and noticed a cut in the rubber, almost all the way through.

“You opened the package with your teeth?”

“No, a scissors.”

“That explains it. You accidently cut the ring and so the rolled up condom was also probably cut all the way along.”

“Shit. Shit! Damn! What do I do now?”


“Relax? That’s easy for you to say. You’re not facing the chance that you might soon look like you’ve swallowed a watermelon.”

“There’s a good chance you’re not pregnant. We just did it once.”

“Once is all it takes. My parents would absolutely flip if I were to get knocked up. Oh my God! This is insane! I…I…I can’t handle this!”

The phone suddenly rang, jolting me out of my fretting stupor. I glanced at the number, determined not to answer it, until I saw it was my mother.

If I didn’t answer it then I knew she would get into a panic, thinking I’d collapsed or passed out or something.

“Hi bom.”

“Wow, you sound stuffier than ever.”

“I’ll be bine bom.”

“Hmmm. You sound terrible. I’ve been worried sick about you. Deandra at work told me about this new dangerous flu canlı bahis siteleri that’s going around. I wonder if that’s the one you have?”

“Probably not bom. I’ll be better by bmorrow for sure.”

“Okay. You get some rest. See you in a few hours. Bye.”

I hang up and Davey is leering at me, his shrunken cock suddenly hard as iron.

“I thought you guys stayed soft for hours after ejaculating?”

“We do, or at least I do, but I guess hearing you talk about maybe being knocked up is making me super hard again. I’m definitely ready for more sex if you’d like.”

I stared at him incredulously. It didn’t seem to bother him that I might be turning into a beached whale soon. Hearing that he might have done the unthinkable and knocked me up, was turning him on. How twisted was that?

“Yeah, I’m still horny all right,” I confessed. “But I’m also scared shitless with worry. Your damn baby making sperm is running out of me like a fountain. I’m supposed be going to college in the fall, not watching my stupid belly swell in the mirror.”

He says nothing, but rather hugs me, his steel cock pressing flat against my tummy. His moist mouth is quickly on my neck, sending my hormones into a tailspin.

“Stop,” I whisper, wanting to focus more on my immediate problem, which was a pussy full of oozing sperm and not his pulsating cock pressed against my tummy.

“Stop turning me on,” I yelled, pushing him away from me.

“You know you want to.”

“Yes, okay, fine. I want to. But I also want to figure out what to do about the damn broken condom.”

“Too late to fix that now. What’s done is done!”

“That may be, but no sense in you shoving your cock deep inside of me again. All that will do is keep pushing the sperm already inside of me, deeper and deeper. I want it to run out, not get pushed hard into my fertile egg.”

“I don’t care what you say,” he muttered, his face red and full of passion. “You’re on fire for my cock. Admit it. You want me back inside of me and you want me in there now.”

His words aggravated me, but he had read me like a book. Yes I was upset, but yes I was also incredibly horny, still wallowing blissfully in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks.

He was now drawing me closer with his tempting, naked, muscular body, plastering my mouth, neck and breasts with his incredibly sexy mouth.

Despite my denials, he knew damn well that I no longer had the willpower to resist his round of kisses.

I suddenly groaned against my will, succumbing to his skilful lips. They were busy plastering my boobs with ferocious sucking. I was now far too aroused to push him away.

“Damn you, you sweet bastard,” I whispered in his ear, my body submerged in uncontrolled ecstasy.

He sensed my total vulnerability. All that was left was for him to raise my right leg onto the kitchen island, re-exposing my pink tunnel. Then he pressed his cock back deep inside of me. I groaned as an unexpected surge in pleasure warned me I was about to have an earth shattering climax if I didn’t back away soon. The thought scared me. He was wearing no condom at all, and my bliss was keeping me in danger of staying glued to his pumping cock. It was far too sweet for me to possibly back off of now.

I groaned as it remained slid all the way back inside, stretching me open, and feeling so damn heavenly that I almost passed out.

“No condom?” I whispered frantically.

“That’s part of the excitement, the danger, the crazy risk,” he answered.

I let his wild words soak into my confused but happy brain. Yes, going bareback carried the risk of a baby. It made is so dangerous and so damn exciting. I decided not to fight it, but to enjoy it.

My arm curled around his head, pressing his face harder into my boobs as he used full length thrusts to send me to paradise.

We both knew a part of me I wanted to stop, but the other part wanted me to keep on going at all costs. It was just that fucking sweet.

I suddenly wailed out loud as an explosive new orgasm, held me sweetly bound into his sexy arms.

I arched up on tippy toes and he did likewise, his leg muscles tensing as his swollen balls slapped off my inner thigh.

“I love you,” he spat out, still sucking ferociously on boobs that were imploding with uncontrollable pleasure. “If you do get pregnant, you can come stay with me, in my parents’ basement. It’ll be fun.”

His words were like sugar to my soul. Living at his place and fucking his sugary cock all day and all night? I shivered to pieces, no longer caring what was going on around me and whether or not his steel cock was condom wrapped. I didn’t even care about school anymore. All I now cared about was the gut wrenching pleasure, and the long thick cock that kept plunging in so very deep and hot.

I kept moaning out of my skull, shivering with unbridled joy at his fabulous, unstoppable thrusts. And I knew right there and then that I was never going to stop fucking him, and he was never going to use a condom. And so I also knew that his parent’s basement was going to soon be the new heaven on earth.

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