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Dear Zoe,

There has been a lot on my mind recently, and I have debated on giving you this letter for a long while now. One of two things may happen after you read this letter, and I am hoping for a well-received response. One of those outcomes is that you realize that I am a dirty perverted man, and you leave me because of how disgusting I am, and the other is that you get extremely turned on and you decide to indulge in my perverted fantasies whether they be as roleplay or in real life.

You know I have many fantasies, and you have been ever so amazing to let me live out my threesome fantasy in the past by letting a couple of friends and I take your body as we wished on multiple occasions. What you did not know, however, is that my MMF fantasy runs deeper than that of sharing you with my closest friends.

When you go to work at the bar at night, I imagine you flirting with the men that walk by you. The men that order drinks, and try to get you drunk so as to get into your pants. The men who I know are a lot taller, and bigger, and better looking than me. I often, rather always, imagine them being successful at seducing you, and taking you to their cars, or back to their places after closing for a hot fuck in their beds. Or washrooms. free spin Or kitchen tables.

I also imagine your bar manager bringing you into his office at the end of a busy night, asking you to help him relieve some tension. You happily oblige by getting on your knees and blowing his mind before you lift your skirt, revealing to him that you are not wearing any panties and you are ready to give yourself to him, purely for his pleasure.

My love, that is only the beginning of my deepest darkest secrets. My fantasies run much deeper as you are about to find out.

Most of time, I imagine you reveling in the joys and pleasures of incestual sex. I more often than not imagine you face down, ass up on your younger, muscular brother’s bed, waiting in anticipation for him to get home and find you there, naked. As he walks into his bedroom, you are masturbating, and he can see that you are eager. Eager for him to disrobe and mount you from behind so that he can give you every inch of his long, rock solid cock. You love the way he rides you, the way he pulls your hair and spanks you. Most of all, you love the way he moans and grunts and thrust deeper and deeper as he releases his hot, thick load into your pussy. You always love that bonus veren siteler he calls you nasty names as he does, because you know deep down inside that you’re his slut. His whore. A slave to his alpha cock.

Another fantasy of mine involves none other than my father. Yes, you must be disgusted by now, but please, hear me out.

You’ve always told me that I was the biggest you’ve ever had, and that I’ve given you the best orgasms of your life. However, you can’t help but wonder if the size of a man’s penis and his abilities in bed are genetically inherited.

You begin hanging around the house more often than usual, and when you know my father will be the only one home, you purposely dress skimpy. Every time you’re alone in the house with him, you dress skimpier and skimpier. At a certain point, he confronts you and demands to know why you are dressing so provocatively around him when you two are alone.

You shyly confess to him your wonderings, and he listens. He wants to satisfy your curiosity, but he knows very well that it would be wrong to do so. You do, however, succeed in convincing him and he willingly takes you out to dinner to discuss the situation further.

At the end of the evening you deneme bonusu veren siteler are both so very aroused. All this sex talk has made you both crave each other even more, and Dad decides that he will indulge you. He drives you both to a secluded motel and no sooner that you walk into the room, you are all over each other.

He pulls his cock out for you and you can clearly see that genetics has nothing to do with anything at all. His cock is way bigger and way thicker than mine. Now you can’t wait to feel him inside you.

No one has ever gotten you into bed and gotten inside you as fast as he had. All night the bed shook, and all night you screamed for him, and he for you. A real man’s cock was pumping you. Over and over again you came on him, and even squirted for the first time.

You knew that he was the best ever, and you weren’t about to stop wantig it.

Zoe, what I truly need and want, is for you to be a slut girlfriend. To flirt and tease random men, and family, in front of me and behind my back. I need you to give your body to others because it is beautiful, perfect, and I know that deep down inside, you are craving the attention of many hard throbbing dicks.

I’m masturbating, joint in hand, as I write you this letter, hoping that it will be well received. In the event that it is not, please do me the favor of making love to your brother after you leave me. It is truly the one thing, that after which it has happened, will allow me to say that I have seen everything I have wanted to see in life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32