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Please read the first chapter of this story before reading part 2.

* * * * *

Everyday now Angie spent at least an hour fucking herself into satisfaction with the big vibrator her husband gave her before he went away for the 3 months.. She had a routine in the morning doing the things, which needed to be done, and visiting her mom. Then after lunch around 1PM every day she would go into the bedroom to relieve herself sexually.

She had a whole routine. First a shower and then some foreplay before seriously using the vibrator to fuck her brains out. Everyday, day after day, Angie used the big tool now taking about 10 inches of the 14-inch tool into her pussy and achieving the vibration speed of 7 of the 10 available. Any more would make her start to pass out and she never wanted to do that again. She was thinking: “If Frank didn’t come home soon she was going to need a bigger faster vibrator or fuck herself more than she was doing now.”

Some nights when Frank called her from the big rig she would lay on the bed and finger her pussy while he told her how he loved her and what he wanted to do to her. God she was so in need for a real cock.

Then one night Frank called her and asked if she was using the vibrator he had purchased for her? She told him she had tried it but she missed him and wanted his mouth to eat her and his human cock to fuck her. He had a little over fifty-five days to go. He asked her: “Use it for me. Do it now while I can listen. I want you so bad baby. I hurt so bad for you. I want to suck your beautiful pussy and make you cum so bad. Use to vibrator for me and let me hear you cum.”

Angie already had the vibrator between her legs rubbing her pussy up and down with the motor turned off. When she heard her husband almost beg her to use it, she smiled and said: “Well I’ll do it but only because you asked me Frank. I don’t like this big hard thing?”

He asked again: “Please baby. Do it for me. I want to hear you cum as I jerk off to your voice.”

She turned it on 2 and rubbed her slit up and down think how hot it was that he was jerking off listing. He asked; “You have to tell me what you’re doing Angie. Talk to me baby. God I miss you so much. I need to hear your voice moaning as you cum and I cum too.”

She said: “OK baby! For you I’ll do it. I have missed you too Frank!”

She lay the phone next to her ear and began. He body was working as she rubbed and told Frank what she was doing. He moaned when she told her she had the shaft all wet with her pussy juice. She was all wet. Her pussy was throbbing as the tool was stimulating her entire slit.

He moaned again when she asked: :Should I put it inside my pussy Frank? Would you like that?”

He said with a husky voice: “Yes baby. Put it in your pussy for me. Make believe it’s me fucking you. Go ahead.”

She already had 4 inches inside her body now and was moving it in and out. He heard her moan as she turned the speed up to 4 and began to pump her pussy on the long shaft moving in and out of her body .

She moaned again and said: “Oh Frank .Oh god baby. Come home and fuck me Frank. Oh yes! Oh god yes! OH Frank fuck me baby. I’m going to cum. Oh yes. Do you want me to cum baby. Say yes. I need to cum so bad. Oh fuck.! YES! FRANK.”

He yelled: “YES. Angie, do it. Fuck yourself faster baby. I’m almost there. Tell me what you’re doing. Oh god. I’m going to cum.”

But she didn’t hear him. She couldn’t hold back any longer even if he asked her too. She had all 10 inches of that 14-inch hard long vibrator flying in and out of her dripping wet pussy now and she was turning the speed up with every second that was going by. She had started with 2 but now it was at 6 then at 7 then 8! She had never gotten it that high before. Her body was going wild just like it did every night on the huge cylinder inside her small body.

Her pussy fucked and fucked and fucked the long shaft as she forgot all about Frank on the other end of the phone line. But he had forgotten about her too and was listening to the humming sound of the big tool fucking his young wife and hearing mer moans and cries of lust and passion. He too was pumping his cock as fast as he could shooting load after load of cum all over his lower body. His ass was up off the bed and his hips were rotating his hard long cock letting his hand fuck it like a mad man.

His wife was doing the same except she was fucking the vibrator and moaning his name as she climaxed over and over again. She screamed as she peeked and from listening to her husband moan and grunt as he got off. She knew he was cumming.

He heard her cry out in a pure state of desire and lust and he knew she was having an orgasm. It was the best for both of them since he had been gone. And then as their orgasms slowed and they both began to come around until only heavy breathing could be heard on both ends of the phone.

Finally Frank said: “God that was so good baby. Thank you. I shot a huge load of cum listening to you get off.”

She sighed very loudly and said: “God yes Frank. Call me again tomorrow canlı bahis night baby. Please! Hearing your voice and hearing you cum got me off so good baby. Call me every night and we can cum together.”

He told her he could only call her once a week because the men took turns. She was disappointed but told him she understood. She had left the big vibrator in her cunt but had turned the sped down to the number 2. She was enjoying the small orgasms she was still having as she told her husband she loved him and finally goodbye. She hung up and cried herself to sleep with the vibrator turned off but still up her cunt.

Three days went by and she was even more frustrated than before. She decided to go out and do some shopping at the local grocery store. She didn’t even put on make up. But in reality she didn’t need much because she was young and very beautiful. It took her about an hour to get all the things she needed or wanted. She hated to even go out these days she was so frustrated and lonely.

Angie finally decided to go to her mother’s house and sat with her talking about a lot of things. As they talked the affair her mom had had years ago came up again. Angie asked: “How did you meet him mom?”

Betty didn’t answer her for a few seconds and then smiled as she told her story. She had been shopping at the grocery store when she bumped into his cart. She still wasn’t sure if she did it by mistake or on purpose so she could talk with him.

Angie asked: “So how did you get him into bed?” She laughed and told her daughter: “I was young and looked like you, beautiful and very sexy. It was so easy! He was dying to get into my pants Angie!”

Angie smiled and said; “Oh mom. Come on I’m serious.”

Betty said: “I am serious baby girl. I looked almost like you when I was 25 and the man just picked me up. Of course I let him. We had coffee first at the store’s coffee shop. But that was the last time I met him anywhere near here.”

Angie sat there watching her mom’s eyes light up and her face smiled as she spoke about her lover. Betty continued: “During coffee he asked me to dinner and I told him: “No.”

He looked rejected but then I told him: “I have plans for tonight. But, if you give your phone number, I’ll call you with the dates I can make it next time.”

He wrote it down on a napkin for me. Then I asked him if we could go to Galveston so we could see the sea? He smiled and told me we could go anywhere I wanted. He was just happy that I would see him. I thanked him for the coffee and shook his hand. I could feel him watch me walk away.

Angie smiled and said: “And that’s how it started? That easy huh?”

Her mother looked at her and said: “You’re going to do it aren’t you?”

Angie blushed and said: “I don’t know yet. I really don’t know.”

Betty said: “Well you’re certainly thinking about it. Why? What happened?”

Angie told her about the Frank’s phone call last night and how they both had masturbated together. She also told her mother she was scared to death.

Betty said: “Well you have to be very, very careful so you’re not found out.”

Angie said: “I’m thinking about going to the beach this weekend and checking things out. Maybe I’ll meet someone down there.”

Betty told her beautiful daughter she wished her luck and good hunting. They both laughed. Angie left and went home.

Friday morning came and Angie called her mom to tell her she was going to the beach. She put on one of her small bikini and oiled herself down before driving the hour to the beach. She put her blanket down and 5 minutes later had a man kneeling next to her talking trash. She didn’t think much of him so she didn’t take his offer of a drink. Finally he got the message and walked away. Then another guy came up to her. And then another, and another, she rejected all of them for one reason or the other. She said: “Man this is work!”

She rolled on her back and lay there taking in the sun and listening to the kids laughing and playing. She wasn’t sure how long she had laid there with her eyes closed but just as she was about to fall asleep, a voice said: “Do mind if I put my towel next to yours miss?”

Angie opened her eyes and looked to her right. Her breath got caught in her throat. Knelling there was a beautiful handsome man who looked like he had been out in the sun for weeks. He was bronzed and had sun bleached blond hair. He had a swimmer’s body and eyes that looked right into her sole she was sure of it. She sat up and held her top looking at him. She asked: “I’m sorry what did you say?”

He smiled and asked again: “Would you care if I sat here? The beach is quiet crowded and there’s really no other place around.”

She looked around and realized the beach had become very crowded since she had closed her eyes. She looked back at him saying: “WOW. The beach is crowded. No of course not. Please sit. I’m Angie.”

He thanked her and sat down. I’m Bud nice to meet you. . . Angie is it?”

She smiled and told him: “Yes, Angie. Well actually it Anglenna, but everyone calls me Angie.” bahis siteleri

He smiled and said: “Well I’m called Bud and everyone calls me Bud.” He held out his hand again and she shook it again. The day passed and she got to know a lot about Bud as they talked and swam until maybe 4PM.

Finally she told him: “Well Bud I think I have had enough sun for one day. I’m going to go up to the boardwalk and have a drink then eat something and head home.

He asked her: “Do you live far from here? Maybe I’ll see you again if you come here often.”

She smiled and didn’t answer his question, instead she said: “Well actually I’ll be here tomorrow again. I’ll try to find the same spot so if you come down we can sit together again. I enjoyed your company Bud. See you.”

Bud asked: “Look I know we just met but would you have dinner with me tonight before you go home?”

She smiled and told him: “No.” He looked at her a little sadly. She followed by saying: “I’m busy tonight but if you give me your number I’ll call you and let you know what dates

He smiled and wrote it for her. He said: “Well I can come down tomorrow but it won’t be until 1PM or later. I have some things to do in the morning. But I’ll see you then. If for some reason either of us can’t make it please call me. I would love to get to know you better Angie.”

She said: “Me too Bud. Hope to see you tomorrow.” She gathered her things and slowly walked towards the end of the beach. She knew he was watching her ass in her just cover your ass crack bikini as she walked away.

She got as burger and a diet coke and drove home thinking about Bud all the way. She got in around 6 PM and went right into the shower cleaning the sand and suntan oil off of her body. She let her hand roam over her body as she closed her eyes and tried to picture Bud’s face. She stroked her pussy feeling her need. Quickly she dried off, got out the big vibrator out of the nightstand, and lay on the bed with the damp towel under her.

Angie began her nightly and daily ritual stroking the vibrating head over her nipples first. She watched them grow as she worked on them. She tried to suck the nipples but she just couldn’t get them into her mouth right. She was aggravated. So, she moved the toy between her thighs and began to work on achieving an orgasm. She felt it would be a really good one tonight as she closed her eyes and imagined Bud doing this to her with his hands and cock. Then when she turned the vibrator so she could push the head of it into her pussy as she imagined it was his cock giving her the stimulation she craved.

“OH GOD!” she said as it went into her hole. She was in a bad way tonight. She knew she would spend a long time fucking her body with this dam non-human toy. But it was all she had. So she pushed more and more into her snatch as she turned the speed up again and again and again until she reached 7 already.

She was sure about Bud. He would do nicely as her lover, well almost sure. Tomorrow she would see if he came down to the beach again and sat with her. Then she would have dinner with him and decide if he was going to be the one for sure. The one she was going to fuck until her husband came home 45 long days from now.

She cried out as she began to cum and she continued to orgasm until she just couldn’t take any more. She pulled the big toy out of her wetness and moved it to her nose. She inhaled deeply and licked her cum. She fell asleep with it next to her face.

The next morning, the time passed slowly for Angie until she was back in her car driving back to the beach. She found a place on the sand almost exactly where she was yesterday. Around 2PM she was worried he wouldn’t show. But finally at 2:30 PM she saw him come walking down the beach looking and looking and spotted her.

Bud had two huge diet cokes in his hands along with his towel lotion and a hat. She waved to him and he came up from the sea and sat down out of breath. “Hi Bud”, Angie almost yelled as she sat straight up with her back straight and pushing her nice round breasts out tight against her bikini top, just like her mom told her to do years ago.

Bud said: “Hey Angie. Sorry I’m late I have been running and rushing all dam day. I’m pooped.” He handed her the soda saying: “Figured by now you would need or want something cold to drink. Hot today huh?”

Angie thanked him and sat back on one elbow drinking her soda. She asked him: “What do I owe you for a the drink?”

He laughed and told her: “Nothing, it’s my treat. And my treat tonight for dinner too if you still want to go.”

She smiled a big smile and told him: “Oh no Bud! I pay my own way. But yes, I want to still go. Where are we going did you pick a place?”

Bud sat there drinking his soda and then said: “Well I asked you so I should pay. But if you feel that strongly about it, we’ll split the tap. OK?”

She said: “Yes. That was a good idea.”

She asked him to put some lotion on her back and rolled on to her back. His hands felt really nice. Real human hand, real man hands touching bahis şirketleri her body again. She lays on her stomach feeling the moisture between her legs begin to wet the front of her small bikini suit as Bud moved over her entire back with his big strong hands. She hoped it would dry before she rolled over again or stood up.

Bud asked her if she wanted some on her legs? She told him: “No they’re OK.” She was to excited to allow him to touch the back s of her thighs!

The day passed and he told her about the place he had picked out for dinner. That it served all types of food by their best was the seafood. She told him se really liked seafood. They had a nice time and she found herself liking this man as well as wondering how good he was in bed.

When the sun was almost touching the ocean he told her: “Shh! If you listen real good, people tell me you can sometimes hear the sizzle when it firsts touches the water line.”

She laughed knowing he was pulling her leg. He had so far only touched her arm and back a few times but it sent small shocks all over her body. She asked him about his life and finally asked: “So do you live close to here Bud?”

He told her: “Actually I live near the restaurant we’re going too. Would you like to go there and shower first before we go out to eat?”

She looked at him for a few seconds and he said: “Oh no Angie! Promise. Perfect gentleman. I swear. If you want we can leave now and you can follow me or take one car. You’ll have the place all to your self while I sit outside on the porch. Once you’re done I’ll take one too.”

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Then she said: “OK! I feel like I could really use a shower and I was going to use the public ones here. But, they’re bad. When should we go?”

He said: “Well reservations are at 7 PM and it’s 5:30 PM now, so we really should leave in a few minutes. Let’s wait until the sun is almost down OK?”

She smiled and said; “Yea I want to hear the sizzle.”

They both laughed. Then they packed up and walked to his car. She left hers parked in the beach lot and got in his car. He held the door for her being a real gentleman.

When they got to his place he told her; “Now I really wasn’t expecting anyone so you’ll see a mess. I live alone so I don’t pick up after myself unless I know someone is coming over.”

She told him she knew exactly what he was talking about and went in. The place was 100% cleaner and straighter than her house. She smiled to herself and he showed her around the house. When he took her into the bedroom, she got a lump in her throat and stomach but she went in and then into the big bathroom with the huge shower. It took half the wall and actual was built into the wall, as a half a circle. Four people could stand in it. He asked her: “Bath or shower?”

She told him: “Shower. We’re in a hurry. Baths are for lingering.”

He laughed and said: “I haven’t have a lingering bath in months.” They both laughed.

Angie hurried and was done and combing her wet hair in less than 15 minutes, a record for her. She had on a short halter-top dress, and sandals. She yelled: “All done Bud, hope this place isn’t too dressy. I only have this one dress.”

He came in and just stood there looking at her standing in front of a mirror. Angie smiled at him as he looked at her in that dress which really showed off her body. He smiled and told her: “Dam Angie. You look great. I hardly know you with your clothes on. You look really great! Oh. Most folks wear beach or very casual clothes to where we’re going. You look fine babe.”

She smiled and told him she would wait out on the porch for him.

He said: “Na Angie, you don’t have to do that. Use the mirror and finish, I’ll take my stuff into the bathroom. Make yourself at home.” He went in and closed the door while she finished drying and combing her hair. She had straight hair about shoulder length. She heard the water turn off and the door open a little.

He asked: “It’s steamy in here, I always take a hot shower, sometimes to hot. You care if I crack the door a little? ”

She told him to go ahead. She finished putting on her make up, she wore very little. She was dark completed and only used lip-gloss and eyeliner. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at her self. She said very low: “OK Angie this is it the night of truth.”

Her eyes caught a movement and she turned to see him standing there in his white polo shirt and brown shorts. He was beautiful. Blonde hair at least six-foot with blue eyes and a very nice built. Funny she never gave his body any consideration until now. He sure wasn’t fat so she said to herself: “OK! He’ll do.” She smiled and told him: You look great too.”

He gave her a huge smiled and said; “We’ll make that place look 10 times better than it really is.”

They walked to the place and arrived around ten of seven. They each had a drink, which he paid for, he insisted. They got to their table about 10 after seven and ordered. The dinner lasted about an hour and they talked about all sorts of stuff. She found out he was a builder and owned his own business. So he could take a day off now and then. But this was the first day he had off since the first day they met. That was only the second day in 3 months he had taken off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32