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Actually study hall, but when it’s May, its warm outside, you’re in your senior year of high school, four days past your eighteenth birthday and stuck in the stuck in the second study hall of the day, its prison.

I was doodling a picture of the study hall teacher Miss Heckle, she was the nicest part of study hall. I was shading the gentle curve of her left breast, in the doodle it was larger than in real life, and also fully exposed, high and firm, hard nipples.

That was when the janitor came in and broke my concentration, he said something to Miss Heckle and stepped back waiting.

“Mr. Abraham needs some help, we need two people,” Miss Heckle yelled into the auditorium, you could hear the air suck out of the room. Rule one: never volunteer, I put my hand up, anything’s better than prison.

Boxes, lots of boxes, the school was preparing for a summer remodel so everything in school supply storage had to be relocated. First floor storage to third floor unused classroom, textbooks, notebooks, art supplies, and everything else needed to run a high school boxed and labeled. There were twelve students recruited for the move, in teams of two, I was teamed up with Jake. He was a few months older than me, black hair and dark brown eyes, good looking and cocksure of himself. Not me; a bit quiet and dealing with the changing world growing up brings. We spent the next forty-five minutes carrying boxed supplies up the six flights of stairs. All the time Jake chatted, sharing and asking questions, at the end of the forty-five minutes I felt like we’d been friends forever.

The next day a sign-up sheet was posted on the door to study hall, I signed my name and noticed Jake had also signed up. I was teamed up with Sandy, a super quiet girl, she said a total of seven words in the long forty-five minutes we were together.

No study hall for the next two days, and then it was weekend, back at it on Monday and a double study hall split by lunch, I signed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up at the door and reported to Mr. Abraham. I was alone, the only volunteer, and a room full of boxes that needed organized. Metal shelves had been erected and organize by department was the only instruction.

Ten minutes into the job and the door opened, at the back of the room surrounded by shelving and boxes all I could hear was a voice.

“Well isn’t this a nice mess.” It was Jake.

“Easier with two of us!” I answered from the back of the room.


“The one and only,” I answered.

“Great! I was hoping we could get together.”

He pitched in and the work went easily, we loaded the shelves heavy boxes on the bottom, saving the top shelves for lighter weight, as it was going to require a step ladder to fill them. By the time the lunch bell rang we had filled all the bottom shelves and were back at the beginning with art supplies.

“Want to keep working, or go to lunch?” I asked, setting up the ladder.

“Not really hungry, I can work,” Jake answered, “You want to be on the ladder or do the heavy lifting?”

Jake might have been older than me, but I had a good ten or twenty pounds on him, “I’ll lift to you.”

Jake climbed the ladder, and it wasn’t long before he filled the time between boxes with chat.

“So you have a girlfriend?”

“No girlfriend.”


I laughed, “No boyfriend.”



“Haven’t had, or not interested?”

“Haven’t had,” I answered walking away, glad I needed to get another box.

Jake waited until I returned, and took the box from me, “But you are interested, in sex.”

“Curious I guess.” True enough, also curious where the conversation was going.

I handed him another box, the end of lunch bell rang, “What do you think about sex between two guys?”

I went after another box, “I guess it would be okay if it was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri okay with both of them.”

He took the box, “Is it okay with you?”

“Is what okay?” I stood beside the ladder holding a box.

He didn’t answer, “Do you want to see it?” He took the box, and slid it on the shelf, turning on the ladder to face me he unzipped and pulled out his obviously excited cock. I was frozen in place; my chest a foot from a beautifully large penis. “You can touch it.”

I reached out unsure, my fingers barely touched him, and he took my hand and wrapped it around it. He shivered and I felt his cock get hotter and harder; his hand over mine he slowly slid it along the shaft, back toward his body to the base then back slowly to just below the head. We repeated the gentle stroking back and forth, I was taken by the silky feel of his flesh, and his cock seemed to grow harder and larger in my hand. After a few moments I realized he was no longer holding my hand to his cock, I was stroking it on my own.

“It’ll be easier if you get it wet,” Jake whispered, I looked at him puzzled, “lick the shaft.”

I leaned forward and licked the skin as my hand slid toward his groin, the sweet musky taste filled my mouth, and it was wonderful. He was so right when my hand slid back it was easier, my hand slid to the base of the head, and my mouth and tongue followed it back licking and kissing as I tried to taste and wet as much of him as possible. Up and down the shaft my hand and mouth slid, over and over, his breathing grew heavier, I barely noticed over the pounding of my heart. His hand touched my shoulder and he gently pushed me back, afraid I’d done something wrong I stopped stroking.

“Don’t stop, just slower,” Jake said leaning back on the ladder, “I need to catch my breath.”

I stroked, slowly, the wet shaft hot and steel hard in my hand; his breathing slowed, and my hand fell into a rhythm. I looked at his cock the head güvenilir bahis şirketleri swollen, a drop of thick fluid at the tip. He reached down and with the tip of his finger collected the drop then put the finger in front of my lips, I licked it off with the tip of my tongue, and it was thick and sticky, with a sweetness I had never tasted before. I licked my lips.

I felt his hand in my hair, he gently guided my mouth to the tip of his cock wet with more, and the fluid wet my lips as he pressed against them. The head seemed massive as it pushed my mouth open, I opened wider giving him space to slide it in, my senses were filled with the taste of him salty and heavy with musky sweetness. His penis filled my mouth deep, then slowly slid back giving me a chance to breathe, back it came, his hand in my hair and a slow thrust of his hips deeper yet. It reached the back of my throat and I lost my air, he pulled back and I barely caught my breath and it was back sliding along my tongue.

“Stroke me…” Jake whispered, I did, following his gentle thrusts the hard shaft slick in my hand and the head deep in my mouth. His cock slid back and forth past my lips, I felt a quiver in my hand, a pause, his fingers tightened in my hair and he thrust forward pushing deep into my mouth. Hot cream filled my mouth, I swallowed and felt the thick juice flow down my throat, he shuddered and his cock poured more into me, unable to swallow it all I felt it leak out over my lips, I moaned and he again spilled more, this time less and I was able to swallow it down. I held him in my mouth until we both calmed, his hard cock softened and my heartbeat slowed.

Freeing him from my mouth and hand, I stepped back, wiped the spilled cum from my chin. He pulled a bandana from his pocket and handed it to me,

“You came prepared?” I asked.

“I came hopeful.” He answered.

The bell rang a few minutes later, saving us from having to question the moment. We left the room and went back to our scheduled classes. There was no signup sheet in study hall after that day, I had no classes with Jake and would only see him from a distance in the halls between classes. A few weeks later the year ended, and summer break began. I got a job and that day with Jake began to feel like it may have just been a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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