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In the two months since my wife began dating Drew our lives have taken a dramatic turn.

That morning that Drew came to our condo looking for Shelly was transformative.

That was the first time I had submitted to another man, giving into my closeted desire to suck another man’s cock.

It was an incredible sexual rush for me.

But when Shelly pulled us into the bedroom, giddy with excitement and laughing at how turned on I was by Drew’s big dick, things did not turn out quite the way I expected.

I thought we might have a threesome.

But Drew really wanted no part of man-to-man action — even if he was only the recipient. He was totally into my wife, and she was into him way more than she was into me.

I was able to eat her pussy and occasionally touch and even lick his cock. But he wasn’t crazy about me touching him, and even kind of recoiled when I did.

I was between her legs licking her luscious pussy when she told him to fuck her. “Please, Baby, give my that big hard dick of yours!” she said. “I need you in me right now. Right now Baby! Please!”

He moved me aside and lined his cock up with her pussy. But then he just kind of teased her, placing just the tip of his cock inside, then pulling out.

“Come on Sweetheart, don’t tease me!” she screamed. “Give it to me! Fuck me, God dammit!”

Then he plunged into her and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling his head down for deep, open-mouth kissing.

It was incredibly erotic. It turned me on so much I started masturbating as I watched them, spellbound.

“You need this now don’t you Baby? He said. “You need my big cock now don’t you?”

“Oh my God, yes, yes, yes,” she said. “I can’t get enough of you and your big dick. It’s so good. So fucking amazing!”

“You are mine now, Sweetheart!” he said.

“MMMMmmmmm,” she moaned. “Just fuck me. Keep fucking me!”

I closed my eyes as my orgasm hit, my cum landing on my left leg and the bed.

Eventually, I left them, got dressed and went for a walk to try to sort things out in my mind.

Later, when Drew left and we had time together, Shelly and I shared our thoughts about where all of this had taken us.

I told her that her affair with Drew was obviously a big turn on for me — strange as that seems. But it also hurts me deeply. Hurts me to the core. Especially since it was now clear she wants him more than me.

Plus, I am still deeply in love with my wife.

Shelly broke down in tears, as I held her in my arms, telling me she never thought another man could come between us. She thought this was just going to be a kind of erotic adventure as the two of us had discussed over the previous days and weeks.

But she admitted, she had fallen in love with Drew. She needed him now — physically and emotionally.

I angrily told her she promised this would not happen, that she would always be mine.

She was sobbing as I held her at arms length from me.

“I know, I know. I didn’t want this to happen,” she said. “But he has just become the center of my life, the object of everything I want and desire. I can’t help it, Baby! I am so sorry! I am in love with him!”

An hour later, she was showered, dressed and headed over to be with Drew.


Now, about two months later, I am the odd man out. Drew sleeps with my wife in our master bedroom. I have moved into the spare bedroom.

At first, I think they tried to be somewhat discreet about their relationship in public. But by the way they looked at each other, sometimes discreetly touching each other and just generally the way they behaved with each other, you could tell that they had become intimate.

And in recent weeks, they gave up any pretense of discretion. They were going out together more and more — for lunch, for walks even weekend dates.

Shelly had stopped wearing her engagement and wedding rings.

Eventually, all of our friends and neighbors knew my wife and Drew had become lovers, and that he had replaced me in my wife’s love life.

Now, at this point, Shelly and I are no longer intimate. She and Drew have become exclusive. And now they have become very open about their relationship.

Last Sunday, I was in the pool at our condo complex playing water volleyball with a group of our neighbors when Shelly and Drew came through the gate to the pool deck holding hands.

Some people turned and looked at me, and I just kind of gave a look of resignation and acceptance. One guy leaned over to me and said “That is fucking outrageous! Why is she holding hands with him? Why is she always with him now?”

“I can’t totally explain it,” I said. “But, as much as it hurts me to see that, I just think she seems to need him now.”

They were putting their towels on side-by-side loungers. Next he was rubbing her down with sunscreen. Then she was caressing him as she rubbed sunscreen onto him. They were clearly a couple, and making no attempt to hide it.

I had to get out of the pool and leave, canlı bahis I just couldn’t take the public humiliation anymore.

And yet… and yet, back at our condo, I was so aroused by the way I saw them behave in public — in front of our friends and in front of me — that I went into my bedroom and jerked off to the images of them almost flaunting their Love affair!

Some of our neighbors shun us now. Some look at me with pity; some with disgust that I could accept such an arrangement.

Shelly almost seems to glow when she is with him. I have to admit, they look amazing together — both of them so fit and sexy.

Other things have changed too.

With Shelly’s encouragement, I have now accepted and embraced my bisexuality, my desire to be with a man.

I have gone to a few gay nightclubs to meet men. I have danced with a few guys — even wound up in one guy’s car making out with him and sucking his dick.

It still turns me on when I think of the way he held my head, pumping me up and down on his hard dick.

Then, when I felt him tense up, I knew he was about to cum and started to pull off. But he held me there and I didn’t resist. I wanted to taste his cum.

It wasn’t the taste, but the idea of it that gave me a huge sexual rush. I swallowed every drop and licked the last remnants from his beautiful cock. Then we kissed with open mouths, with this guy — Ed — tasting some of the cum I had licked from his dick.

I replayed every delicious moment of that encounter when I got home and masturbated to an incredible orgasm.

That was a pretty good night and gave me great memories to jerk off to.

But usually I came home from the clubs frustrated, not really finding what I wanted.

And to be honest, I am not really sure what it is I want. But I do know I want be with a dominant man who kind of takes charge.


It is amazing to think of the twists and turns and surprises that life brings your way.

I thought Bill and I had a solid marriage when we embarked on this adventure that our friends Jessica and Matt had kind of pushed us into.

Bill and I had both become aroused by the idea of this sexy guy pursuing me and trying to seduce me.

I found him charming, very sexy, very attractive. I fantasized about making love to him. And I admitted all of that to Bill. He said he was jealous, but he was also incredibly aroused. We would have incredible sex after talking about it.

And then Drew asked me out. That was a big step for all three of us.

Bill was upset, angry at first. But I admitted I wanted to go out with Drew, and my husband reluctantly agreed I could go.

Then, on our first date, I spent most of the night with Drew. We made love several times, and it was beyond fucking incredible! Jesus, I couldn’t get enough of his passion, his big, amazing dick and the way he dominated me.

After Drew and I made love, there simply was no turning back. I still cared for my husband.

But I was quickly falling in love with Drew, this new sexy, dominant black man who could take me places I had never experienced when making love.

Then I discovered Bill found Drew to be sexy as well. My husband actually submitted — at first reluctantly and then enthusiastically — to sucking my boyfriend’s big, amazing dick.

What a revelation that was! In a way, I felt it gave me the freedom to pursue my love and lust for Drew with abandon.

Drew was not crazy about my husband being somewhat involved that one and only time we all had sex together.

Actually, he didn’t like the idea of Bill being involved with us at all. He said he was definitely not into my husband touching him and sucking him.

So that only happened one time.

Also, Drew and I both quickly decided we want our relationship to be monogamous, exclusive — just him and me and no others!

My husband was definitely not happy about that. He still wanted to make love to me. But I just felt I wanted to be faithful to Drew, so I refused. And finally Bill has accepted that.

So now Drew and I sleep together in the master bedroom and my husband sleeps in the spare bedroom where he has moved all of his clothes.

Basically, Drew has replaced my husband as the main man in my life — and, I have to say, as the man of our home.

Bill has also begun exploring his bisexuality. I have actually encouraged him to do that as I think it is something he has repressed.

One day I was looking for the ironing board and iron I kept in the closet in the spare bedroom where Bill now sleeps and I found his stash of porn magazines and DVDs. Some of it involved bisexuality. But quite a bit of it was gay.

It is pretty obvious my husband fantasizes about having sex with men. But I don’t know if he has actually been with another man yet.


I came home from work the other day to find Shelly ironing.

I had to laugh. “Oh my God, Shelly I haven’t seen you ironing in years. What’s going on?”

“Some of these shirts Drew wears aren’t bahis siteleri as wrinkle-free as they claim,” she said. “I told him I’d iron them for him.”

“He’s a lucky man!”

“Ha!” She chuckles. “He used to say that about you.”

“Obviously, my luck has changed!”

She stands the iron up and comes from behind the board to hug me affectionately.

“I’m sorry Baby. I never intended for this to happen,” she says. She kisses me on the cheek and says “You know I still care for you. I still love you. It’s just different now. That’s all.”

“I know. It’s just hard to deal with all of this sometimes,” I tell her.

She leans her head on my shoulder as we hold each other for a few moments.

Then she pulls away and says “By the way, when I was going through the closet in your room looking for the iron, I found your stash of porn.”

“Oh fuck! That’s not good! Sorry, I just need something!”

“No, no … of course you do. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s natural to have desires and a need for some kind of release. I think that’s perfectly normal,” she says.

“But Bill, I noticed a lot of your porn involves men with other men. Have you gone out with another man, or had sex with a man or anything?”

“No, well not really. I have just discovered the idea of being with another man really turns me on. I guess I have always been curious about it, but before all this I just tried not to think about it.”

“Okay, I understand that. But you said ‘not really.’ What do you mean by that, have you met someone or something?”

“No, I definitely have not met anyone. But I have been to a few gay clubs. And one time, well I had an experience with another guy that was kind of exciting.”

I told her about the guy I danced with, how I wound up making out with him and sucking his dick.

“Wow!” She said. “That sounds pretty hot. Are you going to see him again?”

“Well, no. That was just a one-time thing. Usually I just have a few drinks when I go to those clubs, then come home and fantasize about what I would like to happen.”

I tell her when I go to the clubs I am so nervous and paranoid that I will see someone who knows me that I have trouble starting a conversation with anyone.

“That one time with that guy, Ed,” I tell her, “I was over in a darkened corner just kind of dancing on my own to the music when he approached and started dancing with me. We took a break after a couple songs and he invited out to his car to share a joint.”

I told her the weed helped me get over my inhibitions and nervousness, and pretty soon we were kissing and I was feeling for his dick.

“I can’t tell you how much of a turn on that was for me! I wanted him so badly at that point! I still can’t believe I did it, but I sucked his dick! I gave him a blow job!”

I tell her how I would like to maybe have a boyfriend, someone I could maybe have a relationship with. But I just don’t know how to make that happen.


My husband was not too happy when I told him Drew knows a gay guy who said he would like to meet him. Bill was upset that Drew and I had talked about finding a man he might want to go out with. In fact, he was furious.

But Drew says the guy who supplies him weed is gay and very personable. Drew told Jared about Bill being bisexual, and how he is just now coming out in a way, but having trouble meeting someone he wants to be with.

So the last time Jared came by to drop off some pot, Drew introduced them to each other.

It was a little awkward at first. But Jared lit up a joint and passed it around. Pretty soon conversation started flowing pretty smoothly, and Bill seemed relaxed, even comfortable.

It looked to me like Bill and Jared were kind of checking each other out. In fact, the more Bill smoked, the more he seemed interested in everything Jared said.

Jared is a big guy — probably about 6’2″ — with broad shoulders, brown hair, a nicely trimmed beard and a deep voice. He seemed very masculine — certainly not the kind of guy I would think was gay.

It was early evening, and when Drew saw these guys seemed to like each other he said “Hey, Shell and I were planning dinner out, why don’t you two join us. I’m buying!”


Unfucking believable that Shelly had talked to Drew about me and my desire to have a relationship with a man. She had no fucking right to share what I told her in confidence with him — or anyone for that matter!

But I have to say Drew’s friend, Jared, seems like a very cool guy, and I felt a definite attraction.

I was very self-conscious when Drew introduced me to him. It was an awkward moment. But when Jared passed around a joint that really helped to loosen things up.

I noticed he kept looking at me and smiling like he was checking me out. It embarrassed me at first, but as the weed kicked in I started glancing back and smiling and checking him out.

At one point, when I glanced at him and he looked at me and reached down and rubbed his crotch. I quickly glanced away, nervous, but bahis şirketleri excited.

“Do you smoke weed a lot Bill?” He asked.

“Well, this is the first time in a long time, but I might want try it more,” I said. So we exchanged cell numbers.


Now my wife’s boyfriend is taking us all out to dinner and it’s almost as if Jared an I are on a double date with Shelly and Drew! The idea of that gives me a rush; makes me hard!

After dinner, Jared says we should all go out clubbing. He says he knows a great dance club. It turns out to be a gay dance club I have been to a couple times.

Lights strobe the dance floor as we grab drinks at the bar.

Drew and Shelly hit the dance floor.

Jared tells me I look nervous and that I should just relax. He says, “Come on, lets go outside and have some weed.”

We are standing in a dark corner of the parking lot between a couple pickups when he lights up, takes a hit and hands it to me. I inhale deeply, taking in too much and start coughing.

“Go easy,” he says as he takes back the joint. “I’m glad I met you. You’re sexy! You just need to settle down. Be yourself!”

I look into his eyes as he leans forward and our lips meet, softly at first. Then he pulls me to him and I wrap my arms around him. The kiss intensifies.

My emotions are going crazy, my dick — hard as oak — as we start making out. His tongue pushes between my lips as I give into my lust, opening for him, receiving him, craving him. One of his hands goes to my ass and pulls me into him. I feel his hardon rubbing against mine.

I reach down to feel him, to fondle his hard cock. MMMmmmmmm so hard, and he feels big. “I want this,” I tell him.

“And I’m going to give it to you Baby. We are going to have fun. I want this,” he says as he squeezes my ass.

We walk back inside holding hands and he pulls me to the dance floor. We are gyrating like all the other couples and looking into each others’ eyes with intensity and desire.

He pulls me to him, spins me around and grinds his hard dick against my ass. I bend at the waist and push my butt into him. Inviting him to take me!

He pulls me up, wraps his arms around my chest and kisses my neck.

I look around and notice my wife and Drew have moved right next to us. Shelly raises her eyebrows, nods her head and mouths the words “Wow! Sexy!”

I close my eyes and nod my head up and down as Jared fondles my ass.

The night becomes a blur of lust and booze and arousal and desire.

And then Jared and I are making out in the back seat as Drew drives us home.

He has my shirt mostly unbuttoned, his head bent to my chest as he nips and flicks his tongue over my nipples. I am fondling the hard bulge between his legs, anxious to get him alone so I can suck his big hard cock.

“Hey boys, calm down! Save some of that passion for when we get home,” my wife says as she looks back at us from the front seat.

All of us know Jared will be spending the night with me. No one has to say anything to make it happen.

When we get home, Shelly and Drew head to their bedroom, and Shelly just says “See you two in the morning.”

Jared pulls me to him for a deep kiss, his tongue insinuating itself into my mouth, his hands groping my ass as he pulls me into his hard dick.

Minutes later our clothes are strewn all over the floor and we are groping and kissing each other in the shower.

His body is hard, sexy with a light covering of dark hair on his chest, plus a happy trail leading down to the goods.

We are fondling each others’ cocks when I suddenly can’t resist any longer and fall to my knees, reach for his gorgeous, hard cock and pull him to me.

I inhale deeply as I kiss and caress and lick and taste his hard-on. Then I take him into my mouth as my hands on his legs and ass pull him into me.

Fuck, I am so excited, I am hyperventilating. I have wanted this for so long. And he is such a hot specimen.

He pulls me up and says “lets get clean so we can take this to bed. I want to fuck you!”

In the shower, we are soaping ourselves up and down when he reaches for me, pulls me in for more kissing. Our hard dicks are fencing with each other as he reaches behind me to fondle my ass.

He soaps the crack between my cheeks, then pushes a finger into my hole. He pulls it out and pushes it back in, fucking and cleaning me with his finger as we kiss with open mouths.

Minutes later we are on the bed naked and making out. I am playing with his cock as he gropes my ass. I want to suck him again. And he raises up until his cock is at my head and lowers himself into my hungry mouth.

He pumps in and out as he fucks my mouth with his glorious cock. I pull him out of my mouth and lick the length of his cock from the base to the crown, savoring every inch of it.

Suddenly he pulls away, moves down my body and takes my dick in his hand, gently kissing it. Licking it. Then going down on it, stroking with his hand as he pumps me in and out of his mouth.

He lifts my ass and licks my balls, then raises the ball sack and starts tonguing my horny hole.

I am whimpering as he pushes in a finger and starts stroking in an out, in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32