A Piece of Art Pt. 03

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WARNING: This chapter includes the following “kinks”: futa x female, female muscle, FMG, growth, dick growth, expansion, size difference, hourglass expansion, muscle worship, mini-gts, height growth


It’s been almost a full day since she had sex – usually she couldn’t go for more than 8 hours without feeling awfully pent up. Christina was still rather surprised a small, young, but undoubtedly nymphomaniac student could satisfy her endless sexual appetite for this long.

She strolled down the streets, looking for a welcome “diversion” from her now once more emerging hunger growing inside of her – and she knew exactly where she could fine one.

Thankfully she never had to wait for too long before she could look forward to meet someone new. Hopefully someone as eager as Grace she thought. Her ever growing harem of worshippers was more than willing to share past lovers and partners with the gargantuan futa. Just like Heather who willingly locked Christina in a room with her students. There was an ever-expanding network of connections the hung redhead could pick new candidates from.

Especially one suggestion tickled her fancy and could offer something to her she had not experienced for a long time.

“20…21…22…oh god…” a husky and deep female voice groaned.

“Don’t even think of giving up now! I said 25! And you will give me 25!” a slightly accented one echoed through the gym. Less exhausted but equally passionate.

“Okk… coach,” the first voice gasped.

It was getting late and the gym technically closed over an hour ago, but it was never too late for Varvara to push one of her clients to the limits and beyond. The blonde russian stood tall with her towering 6’3″ presence and looked over her client like an eagle over its prey.

“23…24…Ahh!” the smaller woman screamed, trying to push out another pull up to finish her set and meet her demanding coaches’ expectations, but her arms felt like giving out any second now.

“One more Kathy! You can do it! Or you will have to start over again,” Varvara mused.

The gym teacher sounded like she was joking, but she was dead serious.

Someone with her bulking stature didn’t achieve such proportions by quitting at 24 pull-ups in a set of 25. She usually added some on top of that and then some.

“Tweeenty…fiiivveee…” Kathy muttered and pushed her smaller body over the bar for the final repetition and earned a smirk from her coach.

Kathy’s arms let go of the bar as soon as she achieved that milestone and wouldn’t it be for Varvara’s bulging arms she would have crashed onto the floor.

The blonde coach effortlessly lifted her client up and made the size difference only more obvious.

Kathy’s petite 5’4″ figure looked tiny compared to the blonde Russian. Even after her taxing workout her arms paled compared to the massive slabs of muscular goodness gracing Varvara’s body.

“I did it,” the brunette girl cheered and awaited her coaches’ approval – not a small feat for any of the blonde’s clients.

“Not a bad start. Next time you can go for thirty,” Varvara grinned and put her client down.

She made the feat of catching and lifting Kathy looked so effortless, so insignificant, that it almost looked like she was holding a doll.

The brunette’s eyes widened and stared at her coach in disbelief, but didn’t dare to speak up against her. That’s what she signed up for: “Maximum gains, by maximum pains” – the motto of Varvara’s gym.

“Maybe,” Kathy muttered shyly and saw her coaches’ expression getting grimmer because of her lack in determination. “I mean. I will, Ms. Volkova… uhm …Coach!” she corrected herself.

“That’s much better,” Varvara grinned. “Now take a shower, you earned it.”

“Thank you, coach!” Kathy grinned and rushed to the bathroom before Varvara could come up with another additional exercise to finish the session.

Varvara smirked while checking out her client’s body. She made quite some progress over the last few weeks, but was nowhere close that Varvara would feel like she’d want to join her in the showers. That might change in a few months though … if Kathy kept up the good work.

She looked over her gym, thinking of how she could spend the rest of the night. Maybe another workout wouldn’t hurt.

The blonde set up her bench and brought a few additional weights and dumbbells. Unlike her petite client she wouldn’t get a decent pump from just a few pull-ups. She was rocking the big guns and they required a lot of ammunition.

Varvara stretched in front of the wall of mirrors she set up all around the gym. Her tight yoga pants bulged with her perfectly sculptured thighs, her chiselled abs clearly visible through her stretched shirt and her biceps testing the durability of the fabric with every mighty flex.

Neither of those impressive muscles took away from her also hefty and equally eye-catching feminine features though. Especially her rack stood out proudly and bakırköy escort earned lustful gazes every time she entered her gym. Not that her booty wasn’t achieving the same result – a true testament to what squats could do to an ass.

Varvara was about to finish her stretching and to start her late-night workout when she heard someone open the door to the gym- she could have sworn she locked it when she let Kathy in.

“Sorry, but we’ve already clo…” Varvara said and cut herself off as soon as she saw who just entered.

A woman who looked like she hit multiple genetic jackpots in a row and even that comparison didn’t do her justice.

The redhead came closer, her outrageous curves swaying with every motion and already hypnotizing the muscular blonde.

“Oh? I am sorry. The door was open and I thought I could just sneak in,” she said and smiled at Varvara. “I could come another time if I am interrupting something.”

“Nonono, it’s fine,” Varvara hastily replied and couldn’t take her gaze off the visitor.

“I was just about to get a quick session done. Nothing that couldn’t wait for a bit longer.”

“Great. I was so looking forward to meeting you,” the redhead mused and got closer.

“Meet me? Did one of my client’s recommend me?” Varvara smirked.

“Something like that,” the stranger grinned and stopped right before the visibly impressed gym teacher.

“Look at that! You are almost as tall as me, that’s rare,” she joked and had to look down a few inches to meet the blonde’s gaze.

“You tell me. Usually I am the biggest in the room,” Varvara replied and had to really focus on not too gawk into the redhead’s massive cleavage.

“I am Christina by the way.”

“Varvara. Volkova Varvara Viktorovna to be exact.”

“That’s quite a mouth full,” Christina giggled, her eyes travelling all over the muscular Russian’s impressive body. “So, Volkova Varvara Viktorovna, is there maybe a shorter name I could call you?”

“Varya,” she replied and wondered why she just mindlessly revealed her nickname. She rarely ever told anyone her nickname, only her family and closest friends were allowed to called her that, but this huge woman somehow made her tell it to a total stranger.

“Varya. I like that. Sounds formidable. Seems rather fitting,” Christina said seductively.

The bodybuilder gulped and this time couldn’t hold back her urge to undress the redhead’s curvaceous body with her eyes.

“Are… you here to become a client of mine? I surely wouldn’t mind coaching you,” Varya said and picked up on Christina’s advance.

“Sure, why not. Since I am already here, I could try to get a bit more toned. Maybe I could get big like you one day,” she said and winked.

“You are already big in many places,” the bodybuilder gasped.

She would have loved to see past Christina’s massive rack, but the ocean of titflesh obstructed her view on the surely equally mouth-watering lower half.

Christina’s smile widened and even looked more angelic than her stunning green eyes. She bit her lip teasingly and simply walked past the stunned coach.

Almost like she picked up on Varya’s unspoken wish she walked up to the equipment the blonde laid out earlier for herself and offered a perfect view on her massive ass.

“Good lord,” Varvara thought and blatantly stared at Christina’s simply enormous booty.

Even the fact that Christina could easily spot her drooling via the mirrors didn’t make her hesitate one second.

“I think I might have to start slower than that,” Christina said and caught Varya’s gaze with her reflection and pointed at the massive weights before her.

“Yes, probably. I don’t think that would make much sense as well,” the blonde replied and withstood Christina’s booty’s luring temptation eventually.

She blushed and walked over to the seat next to her and grabbed a pair of 10-pound dumb bells.

“Maybe you should start with those. We can add weights later if you want to,” Varya said.

“I like the ring to that,” Christina smiled and sat down.

Her tightfitting pants almost looked like they were about to burst as her massive thighs and asses’ mass was distributed over the leather seat.

“You have a reputation of being a rather strict coach, Varya,” she said and started lifting them up.

“Maybe they were over exaggerating here and there,” Varvara grinned.

“I hope not. I want you to be strict and rough,” Christina grinned and started to get the first repetitions in.

“Fuck!” she screamed inside her head and almost felt like she came on the spot but kept a straight face while looking at Christina’s perfect face.

Someone like Varvara usually knew exactly what she wanted and being a grade A gym fanatic made her develop an obsession over big, hulking muscles – the exact opposite of Christina in front of her.

But there was no doubt that she would join Christina in the showers in a heartbeat. Every word coming out of her mouth, beşiktaş escort every glimpse of her body was making the typically confident and dominating Russian quake in arousal.

“I can get rough, when you are not committing fully,” she said, withstanding Christina’s ravenous gaze.

“So, you can’t stand slackers?”

“Not one bit.”

“I better bring my A-game then,” Christina joked and pushed her thick legs a part and groaned as she continued to lift the dumbbells.

Her groans quickly start to sound like soft moans and she closed her eyes when she felt a slowly rising burn in her arms.

“How am I doing?” she asked innocently.

“You… are doing great. Just a few more,” Varya said and used that opportunity to return her attention on her client’s body.

Christina’s nipples were clearly stiffening and showing through her stretched black top and her legs rippled with some strength under layers of perfectly distributed fat and softness.

While Varvara was inspecting the redhead’s lower body, she noticed something more than odd. The tight pants stretched all over her curvy legs and ass, but there was one particularly big outlining that sneaked towards Christina’s left knee. It was huge. Something that looked suspiciously like …

“See anything you like?” Christina asked.

Her eyes were now wide open, her smirk returning in full force and her gaze piercing Varya who still struggled to realize what she was looking at.

“I… uhm… I… shouldn’t have. I am sorry… that was unprofessional,” the coach said and untypically for her blushed.

“You won’t ever hear me complaining,” Christina grinned and continued. “As long as you let me catch a glimpse or two as well.”

“I think we have a deal then,” Varya chuckled nervously.

Christina once again closed her eyes and started to softly moan with every new pump of her weights. It almost looked like her already to the brim filled outfit was stretched even further. Especially around her bosom … and again, that suspicious bulge.

The Russian’s grey eyes locked onto it and she was trying to come up with any rational explanation on what she was looking at. She knew exactly what it was, but it couldn’t be … it was way too big.

Christina’s moans picked up slightly and the bulge travelled further south, reaching half of the way down on its journey to reach her knee.

“I think I am getting the hang of it,” Christina said.

“You sure do. Keep going,” she said mindlessly and kept on staring.

This time Varya didn’t even attempt to look away from the simply impossible outlining which made her question her own eyes’ perception.

“As you wish, coach,” Christina mused and continued.

Every repetition was followed by an increasingly throaty gasp which left no doubt on Christina’s intentions.

That wasn’t the only indication that Christina was clearly enjoying Varvara’s undivided attention. The phallic bulge pushed further outward from the inviting depths of Christina’s meaty nether regions. It came almost as no surprise that the thickening slab of meat was accompanied by two increasingly impressive round orbs dominating the space between Christina’s thighs.

The 6’3″ woman let out an audible gasp when she saw them slowly surge bigger as Christina had to push her legs wider to accommodate them. Varya instinctively reached out and in between her toned legs, but rallied all of her remaining willpower to stop herself from giving into her arousal on the spot.

“This… really feels rather good,” Christina gasped and her cock and balls seemingly swelled in tandem.

“I can tell. You look like you enjoy yourself,” the coach muttered.

The bulge easily surpassed 12 inches in length and looked already as thick as a beer can and it didn’t seem like it was slowing down at all.

Christina pushed her legs apart again, her pants struggling to keep in the massive endowments swelling bigger and thicker by the second.

Varya’s body shook when she saw the bulge finally reaching all the way down to the redhead’s knee. It looked like it was just done with its initial stage of development, settling for a decent length before it would start its rise up as Christina was growing properly erect. The calve-thick bulge throbbed with every moan coming from her mouth and the two-tennis ball-sized orbs joined it on its quest for bigger and even more impossible sizes.

“Christina?” Varya asked.

Her new client already breathed heavier and opened her eyes, drawing in the clearly aroused blonde. Their eyes locked on and Varvara assumed, judging by Christina’s smirk, that she was indeed not hallucinating.

Almost like Christina wanted to make Varya question herself once again, another simply impossible feat was displayed right before the blonde’s eyes.

Christina stopped her repetitions and kept her weights in each hand at around breast level. Her formerly thin, almost petite arms started to push outwards. Her biceps, beylikdüzü escort previously non-existent, and triceps started to form a solid outlining and left a noticeable peak. The sudden influx of muscle didn’t stop there though. Her forearms also widened slightly and added what looked like a pound of muscle or two each. Next were here legs and shoulders, both areas slowly started to look like they belonged to someone like Kathy who spent a few months training her ass off.

“Yes?” Christina asked sheepishly, and teasingly flexed her newly grown biceps.

“What is going on?” the Russian bodybuilder asked.

“You have to be more precise, my dear,” Christina smirked and noticed Varya’s eyes return between her legs and travelling along the ridiculous bulge.

“Oh that? I just started to enjoy the workout a bit…and I REALLY like what I am seeing,” she teased.

“How is that possible? You…grew. I saw it with my own eyes,” the usually professional bodybuilder muttered.

“It might feel impossible to you, but for me it’s rather a part of my daily routine. Just like you with your workouts,” Christina said and put aside the comically undersized dumbbells for good.

The redhead got up to her full height and it soon dawned on Varvara that her client not only grew stronger and thicker, but also taller. She had to look up a bit further, just by few inches, but there was a noticeable difference compared to before when Christina started her little warm up.

“I can make the impossible possible, if you let me, Varya,” Christina said and took a step closer. “And fulfil all the fantasies you ever had.”

She reached out and touched the blonde’s hulking arms and gently stroked the fibres of solid muscle.


Christina laughed and pushed herself onto Varvara. Her boobs almost pushed into the Russian’s chin and the futa’s cock noticeably throbbed as it obscenely pushed out of her stretched pants and into the blonde’s abs.

“You like to get your clients into shape and then have some fun with them, right?”

Christina grinned and her massive bosom spilled out even more on top of Varvara’s already prodigious chest – dwarfing the blonde’s proud assets with ease.

“You spend all day and all night with perfecting your own body and couldn’t find anyone coming even close to your own perfection, regardless of how much you pushed them. Nor do they ever provide you with the pleasure you truly deserve,” Christina leaned forward and whispered into the coaches’ ear. “But tonight, I can give you the lover you always wanted. Someone as big as you and maybe even bigger. Someone who’s a match for your own might! All I need is you to help me.”

“Help with what?”

“With you telling me what you’d like me to do next, Varya,” she said and closed in.

“The more you enjoy it, the more I will. You just have to let it happen,” she said, her lips closing in and waiting a few inches before the gym owner’s face, while one hand was resting on the blonde’s wide hip. “So, do you feel up to the challenge? Or are you a quitter after all?”

All alarm bells were ringing inside her head. This simply couldn’t be real. Something was wrong. How did Christina know of her deepest and darkest fantasies? Still, the voice of reason in her head was fighting an uphill battle against soaring, overwhelming arousal. Their clash eventually concluded – with the predicted outcome.

“I … fuck it,” Varvara groaned and pushed back into the huge futa and assaulted her lips relentlessly.

A combined 13 feet and hundreds of pounds of aroused women clashed into each other and fought over dominance with both their arms groping their partner’s truly impressive bodies.

“Yessss, I knew you were more dominant than that,” Christina huskily moaned and explored every perfectly sculpted muscle pushing into her at ones.

The redhead’s fingers lingered over Varya’s abs and slowly but steadily travelled south to reach around and grab her powerful glutes.

She was not the only one grabbing hold of what could only be described as an almost inhumanly marvellous body. The brawny Russian tightened her grip around Christina’s throbbing member, stroking stronger and faster the more the fitness coach let loose.

Her other hand groped Christina’s humongous and somehow still growing tits and was in awe on how perk and firm they were, despite this ridiculous size. That impossible fact didn’t stop her in the slightest, quite the opposite in fact, it turned her on even more.

She groaned, her tongue still in constant conflict with Christina’s, and pushed the huge futa back and towards the mirrors. She might have been taller and maybe even heavier by now, but Varvara was still way stronger.

The blonde didn’t stop her pursuit until she successfully pinned the aroused futa into their combined reflection.

“You wanted me to be rough, huh?” she mused and stroked Christina’s throbbing dick through the overly stretched fabric.

“Be rough, Coach. I love that,” the redhead returned and moaned when Varvara’s grip turned from soft stroking into fierce milking.

“You’ll might regret that,” Varvara gasped, surprised by the immediate reaction from Christina’s now faster growing meatpole. “You are my client after all and have to do as I say.”