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We sat in the kitchen eating our breakfast. My brother surprised Bianca this morning by telling her that he’s got the day off from work. I was surprised as well; I thought I would spend the last few hours with her alone.

“Great!” Bianca said aloud. “I had something planned for us but I thought you wouldn’t make it… and now my plans are going to work out.” She said to my brother.

We finished our breakfast and washed the dishes. It was about 10 o’clock when Bianca called us into the living room. We left the gift that we bought her on the bed, closed the door and went to the living room.

Bianca was standing in the middle of the living room behind a chair. She told us to sit down, my brother chose the couch in front of her and I chose the one to her left in front of the window. She wore black heals, a very short black mini with a black top leaving her stomach bare and leaving almost nothing to our imagination where her breasts are concerned.

She moved to the radio and pushed the play button. The music started playing. She moved back to the chair and started moving her hips from side to side. She slowly started dancing her way around the chair, first going the right way round and stopping in front of the chair. She turned around and bent down forward pushing her ass out towards my brother. Her mini was so short I was sure my brother had a good look at her ass.

She still moved her hips seductively. She got back into an upright position and started taking the mini off. My brother had a brilliant view of that sweet ass of her I believe. When she flicked the mini on to the couch she continued her way to my side of the chair.

I now could see that she was in fact wearing a black g-string. She stopped at my side of the chair and lifted her left leg onto the sitting area of the chair and moved her other leg in behind the chair. I stared at her ass sliding back and forth on the backside of the chair. She was rubbing her pussy against the upper bar of the chair.

My cock stirred at the sight and an image of her pussy rubbing over my cock entered my mind.

She got back into her dancing ways and made canlı bahis her way back to the right side of the chair. I was staring into her front now while my brother looked at her right side. She continued moving her hips while her hands started taking the top off. She pulled the top over her breasts and over her head allowing it to drop on the floor. My cock sprung to a full erection and I believe my brother experienced the same feeling. The little bra covering her breasts can actually be described as a nipple cover because it covers the whole nipple and a small part of the breast below her nipple.

Again she rubbed her pussy against the upright bar on the right side of the chair. Her hands found their way to her breasts; she closed her eyes and rubbed her palms over each breast. Her fucking movements became more seductive as she went on rubbing her hands against her nipples.

I could feel the pre-cum starting to cover my head and badly wanted to take my cock out and play with it. Bianca moved to the front of the chair and sat down on it spreading her legs.

I watched her from the side again. With her left hand she continued rubbing and pinching her nipples and her right hand started rubbing over her pussy. She allowed her head to fall backwards and her mouth fell open. Soft groans escaped her mouth as she continued stimulating herself.

Her right hand slid in underneath her g-string. The groans became a little louder. My brother already had his cock out when I took mine out.

I got up and walked over to the couch my brother was sitting on. It was a three-seat-couch, I sat on the left seat and he sat on the right one with an open seat between us. I sat down and had a beautiful view of everything now.

She unhooked the bra in the front with her left hand and pulled the g-string away with the right one. Her nipples were erect and almost begged for attention. Her pussy was wet all over and her clit stood erect and waited to be played with. Bianca pulled her left nipple again and gently stroked her clit with the other hand.

To our disgust Bianca got up and sat the chair against the couch I was previously bahis siteleri sitting on. She walked over to the table on the other side of the room and pulled it into the middle of the floor.

“Come on guys, I’m all yours.” She said in a seductive voice.

We got up and walked over to her. She was lying with her legs spread. She closed them and allowed me to take her g-string off. My brother took her bra off at the same time.

My brother sat with his knees on the table beside her head, he went on all fours now and lowered his erect cock into her mouth.

I watched as she took his cum covered head into her mouth. More of his penis disappeared into her mouth and I continued my activities.

I started licking the juices off of her pussy lips. My tongue sliding round the outside of her lips, going to the top of her trimmed bush and then making it down to the bottom of her wet slit. From the bottom my tongue ran up in between her lips and over her opening right up to her clit. She groaned as my tongue flicked over her clit. I sucked and played with her clit for a minute and then pushed a finger inside her hole. My finger pushed in and out and my tongue now licked her clit like a dog lapping up water.

My brother was fucking her mouth when she started shaking. Her hot cum ran straight into my waiting mouth. I loved licking her wet pussy. Actually I love licking any wet pussy. I was still enjoying the brilliant sensation of eating pussy when I heard a groan from my brother and knew that he just came. I looked up and saw his cock was still barried in Bianca’s mouth.

My brother got up after a few minutes and said he was going to take a quick shower. Bianca was still lying on the table and I continued licking her pussy.

She sat up and told me to get to my feet. I got up and watched her take my cock in her mouth. Her moist lips felt great around my cock. She stopped after two minutes and got on all fours on the table. The table wasn’t very high so Bianca’s ass was just about level with my cock.

“Go ahead, fuck my tight little ass.” She said looking back at me.

I used her pussy juices to make bahis şirketleri her asshole wet. Before I pushed my cock inside I allowed the tip to slide over her opening.

I slowly pushed my cock in. Her ass gripped my cock as I continued pushing inside her. I gave her two minutes to get used to the cock in her ass; this was only her second time in the ass as far as I know.

“Okay I’m ready for you, fuck me hard.” She said.

I started moving in and out of her, first starting slow but then increasing the pace after a while.

We were moving together now, Bianca groaning with every thrust and begging me to fuck her faster and harder. My balls slammed into her pussy. The friction was becoming too much for me. I was going as fast and hard as I could now an only then did it seem as if Bianca was satisfied.

“Oh God yes, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed aloud.

In between all her loud groaning and moaning my cum shot out into her ass. I pushed my cock back into her with a hard thrust and kept it there while my cum shot out.

“Oh fuck… fill me!” she screamed again.

I pulled my cock out after fucking her gently for a few minutes and headed for the shower. Bianca remained on the table when I left the room. When I got out she was in the room with my brother. They were chatting about the past week and said how much they enjoyed it. Bianca thanked us both with a kiss and started packing her bags.

My brother went to his room and returned with the package in his hand. He sat the gift down on the bed and told Bianca that it is our going-away-gift to her. She smiled and gave us both another kiss and said thank you.

Her eyes sparkled as she pulled the vibrator out of the box. We could see that she liked the gift.

“Thanks guys, this is brilliant, I love it.” She said and we got another kiss.

We dropped Bianca off at the bus stop and headed back home. What a great week it has been. We bonded lovely with our cousin and were going to miss her over the next few months. Of course we will miss the sex more but Bianca would be missed just as much because she is the one who gave us all the pleasure. At least we have something to look forward to when she visits us again; Ingrid might be coming with her and also might be cumming with her.

Well it has been fun but for the next few months it’s over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32