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My Aunt Isobel died suddenly, but before she died she made out her will and left me her shop. We had lived together for only two years, no one suspected that we were related until after the will was read. I am sure a few of the people in the area suspected though that we had been living as a unit. At one time my Aunt Isobel was a sour faced woman, but the last two years she changed, into a happy smiling woman.

The shop was a General Store, come Post Office and was the only shop servicing this dominantly rural farming area. The turn over wasn’t the greatest, but ample to live on, also the opening times were the basic 9 to 6 with a closure of one hour for lunch and half day Saturday. There was no call to open out of these hours for that was all the local people demanded.

The small village where it was located was well off any visitors route and there was nothing of historical significance to even draw visitors here. Some would think it a very boring place for a young man to want to settle down in. This was very deceptive, for there was more activity going on here than in any big city, but it was all out of sight. There were rumours and gossip as one hears in any community, but being the only shop everyone came in for their mail and urgently needed small items, so I got to hear almost everything that went on. There was hardly a person who entered the shop who didn’t stay and talk about something or other.

Oh yes, I had taken to working this shop like a duck takes to water, when I left the Army and came to live with Aunt Isobel. I suppose since I was the only one in her entire family who got on with her, they knew that she would leave the shop to me. I could never thank her enough, I loved this shop.

For the first few weeks everyone who came to the shop talked about one subject only, they were sorry about Isobel’s sudden death. She had a heart attack in the small church and died immediately, standing alongside of me. She was buried in the small cemetery attached to the church.

I was now getting attention from a good number of single females, aged from late twenties up and I mean up, into their sixties and one even older. I never realised how many there were in this spread out community, ladies living alone, pottering in their gardens or whatever ways they had to pass their time. Since the shop was also an agent for a bank, I had privilege to their bank accounts and some of the ladies were indeed financially well of and independent. So I could make sure if I chose a partner, I would choose one who wouldn’t be a burden on my small capital. It may sound a callous way of thinking, but one must be practical about these things.

Also I found by living with Isobel, who was so much older than I, that there was no difference sexually between a woman of my age and a more mature lady. I also had no hang-ups with the age difference. This broadened my horizons dramatically. I also knew from speaking to some of the ladies that they had no intentions of changing their living arrangements. Everyone, needs a bit of company now and again, so how, or who is providing these ladies with their sexual relief. I was determined to find out, for I was beginning to feel in the need of relief myself.


There was one mystery I had to settle though before I could proceed on anything. Every Wednesday Afternoon Isobel used to catch the bus at one o’clock and return at five thirty. She never missed a week, every Wednesday was the same whether it was raining or snowing.

A lady friend of hers by the name of Samantha took over the shop for that afternoon. If ever there was an old fashioned dresser then it was Samantha, anyway more of her later.

I went all through Aunt Isobel’s personal papers and diaries, in the recent ones, when I say recent I mean the past five years there was nothing marked on the Wednesdays that would give me a clue, but in the diaries prior to that was just the initials MM. Also I found a receipt for a safety deposit box dating back ten years with the local bank in the nearby town. I wonder if there is still a safety deposit box in that bank I thought.

I phoned the bank and explained the circumstances of Aunt Isobel’s sudden death and that I was the sole beneficiary, but they still wanted proof of this before they would even divulge if she had a box or not. So I notified my solicitor who told me to take her death certificate into the bank and they would speak to them.

So armed with this certificate, the information given me by my solicitor and asking Samantha to look after the shop I drove into the town.

Once I had shown proof of who I was and proof of Aunt Isobel’s death I was allowed access to her box. Unfortunately I had no key, but that didn’t seem to be as big of a problem as I had thought.

Inside were birth certificates both Isobel’s and for a Margaret Mary, of the same surname, father and mother, but 10 years younger than Isobel. Also there were some papers with a local Mental Institutes heading. The main text was that Margaret Mary was a voluntary casino oyna in-patient and had been for over 15 years.

Collected all the contents of the security box I drove straight up to the hospital. I explained again who I was, the reason I was here and ask if Aunt Isobel visited here on a Wednesday.

“She certainly did, regularly, only missing two weeks every year, I think that was the weeks she visited her brother and his family.” The matron told me.

“Can I see my Aunt Margaret then?”

“She prefers Margaret-Mary, but yes you certainly can, we were wondering why she has had no visitors the past few weeks.”

Aunt Margaret-Mary was a younger version of Isobel, almost a carbon copy in fact. She was wearing a faded blue half buttoned dress with a belt, so I knew she wasn’t classified as suicidal, or she wouldn’t have been allowed the belt, so right away I felt better about that. When we were introduced, she shook my hand warmly.

“Isobel, talked about you fondly, I knew she loved you even though she never said so, you being our nephew and everything, and I am sorry my sister is dead. I wish that I had been told.”

“Just why are you in here, you seem alright to me?”

“I had a bad mental breakdown and I’m afraid I couldn’t cope on the outside world. I suppose you could say I have become institutionalized.”

“Why has no one in my family ever mentioned I had another aunt.”

“They were all ashamed of me, and Isobel, but even your father disowned me. I have no family now.”

“You’re wrong there, you have me, come stay with me. There is plenty room in the house, you can work the shop with me. I know this is being thrust upon you, but what do you say?”

“You really mean it, you would take me in and let me share your house with you?”

“It’s as much your house as mine. I am sure Isobel would approve. She was the only one who thought about you all these years, let me take care of you now, for Isobel’s memory. I don’t want my only aunt living in a hospital, when she can leave any time she wants.”

“Let me speak to the doctors first, you are sure you really want me. Please don’t change your mind, for I would never forgive you Duncan, ever.”

“You talk to your doctors and I will telephone, when?”

“I’ll see if I can talk to them to-day, so tomorrow.”

I rose and she rose too, she was so small, just like Isobel. I bent down and kissed her cheek. “I am happy that I have found you and I really am glad you are to come and stay with me. I’m off home now to get a room ready for you, I hope it is to-morrow. We have so much to talk about.”

Her smile was as warm as Isobel’s had been those past two years. In a way it would be as if Isobel had come home again, having Aunt Margaret-Mary beside me. One thing I’ll have to get her to accept a shortened name for her present one is a mouth full.

I didn’t need to ring the next day, later that afternoon a Dr Simpson phoned me and informed me that he was willing to sign the release documentation for my aunts discharge, if I was willing to accept her.

“Of course I will accept her, this is as much her home as it is mine. When can she be discharged?” I asked.

“Come and pick her up as soon as you want, she says come for her now, can you come immediately? She is off all medication, but I would like to see her again in a week, I will give her a day and time once I see my secretary.”

It happened a lot sooner than I had expected it too. I had to nip over and ask Samantha if she could spare another hour whilst I went and collected my aunt. I think this favour is going to cost me more than money, by the way she looked at me and smiled, declining any suggestion of monitory payment.

Margaret-Mary was dressed in her outdoor clothing and it showed how long she had been in here by the style of clothes she had on, but she had a huge smile on her face and was sitting by her bedside with a medium suitcase beside her. That must be her worldly possessions, but where were the things she must have had prior to being admitted. Maybe one day she will tell me. Anyway there were plenty of dresses etc. in Isobel’s wardrobes which will fit her.

“Come on Aunty that was quick, I didn’t expect you until tomorrow, but I am happy to have you now.” I said as I kissed her cheek once more as I picked up her suitcase.

Once we arrived home I could see she was apprehensive and sat on a dining chair with her hands clasped and on her thighs.

“I know you prefer Margaret-Mary but it is rather a mouthful is there a shorter name I can call you?” I asked sitting on my haunches in front of her.

“I will let you call me Mary,” she said stroking my face with her hand. “I will have to get used to living in a house with a man, I hope I won’t embarrass you Duncan.”

“Why should you do that?”

“Well when your women friends call to see you.”

“I have none, there is only you and me, no others.”

“I”m not so sure about that, that lady who was looking after the shop was watching you too closely canlı casino for just a friend.”

“Mary, Samantha was the lady who looked after the shop for Isobel when she visited you. I asked her to help out because she knew the shop. She lives just across the street.”

“She fancies you I know, I can see it in her eyes.”

“Wow you women, I wish I could tell that, it would save a lot of time.”

She laughed as I said that, “Men they never change.”

“That’s right feel at home Mary, this is your home from now on, make it so, everything is open to you, I have nothing to hide. I don’t want you to feel you are an obligation. Now I will show you your room it’s next door to mine and I will always be there if you want anything, remember that.” I said placing my hands over hers.

“Yes I now see why Isobel loved you so much, she was a good judge of character and it is a pity the family never saw this. You know it hurt her the way they treated her, well until you came along and her whole attitude changed.”

“God, you are so like her, I cou……….,” I started.

“Go on finish what you were going to say,” she said bringing her head closer.

“I could kiss you, that was what I was to say.”

“Well kiss me, maybe you will get the same response back as Isobel would have given.”

I did on both counts. I had placed both hands on the side of her face as I kissed her and she had covered mine with hers and returned the kiss, yes just as sweet and tender, but I didn’t want it to go any further. Fucking one aunt was bad enough, but two that was just asking for trouble.

One thing I now knew I had another admirer just like Isobel.


Every community has a woman who the other women turn to and ours was no exception, our lady was a sixty year old woman called Doris Younger. She lived about a mile away from the village in a reasonable sized old farmhouse, which had never been used as such for many many years. Her husband had been a gentleman farmer and all his land was worked by tenant farmers. The only thing that she now does is farm the money paid by these tenants and from what ever other investments she has. Every year she buys a new Range Rover and is quite boastful of the fact, when the subject comes up when she visits the shop.

Doris visits the shop quite often at least two or three times a week and we quite freely talk to one-another. Anyway, I received a telephone call from her.

“Duncan, would you be a darling and bring me a packet of raisins and mixed peel, I am terribly busy and can’t get down to your shop? I will give you a light lunch for your trouble.”

Now they all know that I don’t mind dropping off things in an emergency, also they know I close for my lunch break.

“I will drop it up to you at one o’clock Mrs Younger and thank you for the invitation to lunch.”

I arrived at her home with the two small packages and handed them over as we entered her home. “Just place the items on my account and I will settle with you next time I am in.” she said linking her arm into mine as we entered her dinning room where she had two bowls of soup and freshly baked rolls on the table.

She sat at one side and I the other. “Would you like to be my Whist partner to-night. I have some friends coming around, I’m baking, that is why I needed the mixed peel and raisins. Just two tables, my usual partner, Joyce can’t make it.”

“Sure, I would love to, what time?”

“Seven-thirty would be lovely, will that be convenient?”

“Certainly Doris, I’ll be here.”

“Very informal Duncan, no need to dress up, it’s only to play cards.”

It all sounded innocent enough to me and I had to get out and give Mary the idea I was going to live a life the same as others in the community. I couldn’t just nip around to the pub because we had no public house in the village, the nearest was eight miles away.

When I left all I got was, “See you this evening,” from Doris.

I arrived dead on the half hour and I found that there was only me and the young minister who were males, all the others were mature ladies. At least I had another male present and I liked Robert, but I thought too young to be a minister.

I was told to dress casual but Doris was dressed I thought to kill, she was quite an attractive woman still, her skin was beginning to show signs of ageing, but all the rest of her looked great. I was sure that her hair was dyed for there was no grey hairs showing and was black. Her dress showed a good bit of cleavage and had a collar like a fold of the fine material the whole dress was made of, it came to just below her knees. Her shoes were not of the stiletto type, but about a couple of inches high which threw her chest out and made her legs look longer and much taller than her 5feet 4 stature.

It was during the evening that I found out that Robert was leaving us in a few weeks and that he wasn’t being replaced, our community would have to share the minister of another parish, who was getting close to retirement kaçak casino age. Robert was leaving the ministry all together and joining the police force.

“I was surprised to see you here this evening, but that is understandable. I would like to come and have a talk with you before I go. Would that be alright?”

“Sure any time.”

“I’ll bring a bottle.”

That was a strange thing for a minister to say and there were a few things that I must have picked up, but couldn’t put my finger on it with what he had said during the evening, but I suppose it will come out when I see him.

Everyone left and I was just about to do the same when Doris put her hand on my arm,”Stay a minute Duncan, and keep me company, I won’t bite.”

Bingo, I thought, this lady is giving me the come on and I am going to jump at it if offered further. Test twice before jumping has been my motto, then you don’t get caught up with a screaming female.

We returned not to the room where we played cards, but to her lounge, where a horse shoe settee was in front of the fire, it was large and could easily seat nine people comfortably. This would be a lovely spot in the winter time with a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace. She sat down and patted the settee for me to come and sit by her side.”Come and sit here Duncan.”

I did and placed my left arm behind her, not touching her, but on the back of the settee, so that I could half turn to face her. “I love this settee, often I just sprawl full length and I have even slept all night on it. Don’t you think it’s nice?”

“Yes, especially sitting beside a lovely lady like you,” I said, my eyes peering down her cleavage even although I tried to prevent it.

“Oh flattery will get you anything you want.” she replied. If that wasn’t another signal what was.

So someone had to make the next move, I just dropped my arm onto her shoulder and gently pulled her towards me. I think that was what she was waiting for, for she came closer, lifted her face towards me, pursed her lips and closed her eyes. There was no doubting what she wanted me to do. I lowered my mouth to hers and her left arm shot around my neck and her right hand landed on my semi-erect penis. Now there was no mistake, also there was no semi-hard cock, but now a blazing boner.

I just pushed up the hem of her dress and slid my hand up her inner thigh and she relaxed, even moved her left leg so I could place my hand on her panties crotch, which was wet to touch. It was slippery to the touch, so I knew she just hadn’t wet herself, but was already aroused enough to be secreting like mad.

She took her mouth away from mine, “Wait a minute,” she said and with her left hand reached under her dress lifted her bottom and drew the flimsiest of panties off. “That will make it easier.” and replaced her arm around my neck and her lips back onto mine.

Well there was no denying this She just slid down onto her settee one leg outstretched and her right foot on the floor, her thighs open wide. I would rather that she took off her dress, but it looked that she had no intention at this stage to do this and was quite content to just remove her panties. I could have pressed it, but I was as eager as she was to get my cock back into a warm pussy once more. So all I did was drop my trousers and get between her thighs, she lifted her pelvis up as I placed my knob between her moist lips and I slid up into this lovely ladies body so smoothly, she helped by lifting both legs which were firmly locked over mine.

“Oh my you must be a big man, I haven’t felt so stretched, god it feels so lovely.”

“Doris I think you are just as lovely and you feels great, you are so warm and moist, I hope you don’t mind me not wearing a condom.”

“Oh I hate those things, and I don’t trust them. I like to feel the real man, not some rubber thing.”

I started withdrawing and sliding in, I wanted to increase but she tightened her lock on me and made me slowly slide in and out. “Keep it slow, I hate rushing this, keep it slow, it feels so much better.” she moaned in my ear, so slow and easy it was. I must admit that it was a lot nicer and I was glad at long last I had sunk my cock into a woman once again. There is no better place for it than where it was at the present time, and with someone who really wanted it there. The only thing that shook me was the number of times I think Doris had a climax for she was almost every thirty seconds gripping me tight and letting out a low sigh, a rest and then the same again also I could feel her lower abdominal muscles contracting around my cock.

At long last I spurted my load into her body, I had been saving up for a while and she got the lot. She seemed to milk me dry as we lay locked together in a love lock.

“Doris, You are a very passionate lady, I never thought I would have my cock up inside you as I have now, I think you are lovely.”

“You’re not bad yourself, you know not many young men take the time to look at us, but I knew you and your aunt must have been having affair for I never saw so much a change come over anyone, as when the time you came to stay with Isobel. I knew that you were then, one of the unusual young men who didn’t mind making love to an older woman.”

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