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It all started when Ed, had a party. Ed is Bi, back in high school we did what all guys did. We would look at Playboy and jack off. After high school we would go out to the top-less bars and drink. One night he told me that he was Bi and that he would like to jack me off. Being drunk I said “what the fuck go for it.” Not only did he jack me off but he gave me what is still the best head I have ever had. We got together a few times after that. I never did anything to him. So I never felt that I was gay or Bi.

Now that you know about Ed and me, I can start at the party. Ed always has the best parties. Both men and women. Straight, bi and gay come. Most guys know that he is bi and almost all the woman know to.

After the party got started I met this doll of a lady, Mary, Damn good looking woman. Legs that I would die for. Breast that made my mouth water. She had on a blouse that was showing a lot of cleavage. I would say about a 36b. And her skirt was not to short but you could see that she had on a garter belt. I sat across from her and looked at her legs. I know that I had a hard on. And I was just going to sit and look. Mary uncrossed her legs and for a split second I could see all the way up. Then she stood and walked over to me. All I could do was look.

“May I sit down, or are you just going to look at me all night?”

“Please sit….. but then I could look at you all night if you like.” I was hoping that she could not tell I had a hard on. But then why not.

She sat next to me, and in an hour we were like old friends. We talked about sports, cars and what ever came up. I was not drinking that much. But I thought that she was.

Would you like to play, what I call “the truth game?”

“Sure, why not.” I was thinking that she was going to ask if I was married and things like that.

“Okay, I ask you something and you have to tell the truth. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri If you lie I leave, and I always know when a guy lies.” With that my eyes open wider.

“That is one way of telling when a guy lies, his eyes get bigger, and his dick gets smaller.”

A smile came to her face. Since she first sat down this was the first time she said anything about sex. My tongue came out and wet my lips. My heart skipped a beat and for the first time tonight I could not say a word.

“First. Are you kinky?”

“Yes….. in a way… I like to do things some woman would say are kinky”

“Are you submissive.”

“I ….. would say yes. With the right person.”

Her eyes looked right at me. I could feel them burning into me.

“Since you answered that way, “with the right person,” are you saying your bi, or what?”

I went to say something and I stopped myself. The few times I was with Ed…. Did that count?

“I’m what I call almost or part Bi.” I know that I had a smile on my face.

“So you have been with a guy. But never did anything to him?”


“Good. I’ll be right back.”

I sat alone for some time and then I saw her walking towards me. She sat down right next to me and handed me something.

” Go and put them on… If you do you are mine for the night. If you don’t I leave with out you.”

I have never thought of wearing panties. Let alone someone I just met. But then I thought I never have met a lady like this. One that would ask me to wear her panties.

“I’ll me right back.” I got into the bathroom and as I started to pull them up I thought. I don’t know this woman. What if she…. or if she.

…. maybe when I walk out she ….Fuck it I’ll do it.

“Do you like the way they feel?”

“Yes… they do feel…. nice.” That is all I could say.

“Now lets güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri go to my place, you drive, that way I can.”

As we got into my car she sat on her side and I sat on my side. Her skirt was pulled up and I could see her garterbelt and stockings. Her hand went to her lap and I could see it work it’s way under her skirt. My breathing got shorter and I could feel my cock getting harder.

“I hope you can drive as I touch myself. I always like to show what I have. Do you like it? I shaved it just for tonight.”

I could see a shaved pussy looking back at me. Soft smooth and wet.


When we got to her house I pulled into the drive, we got out and walked in. Once in she told me the rules of the night.

“You are mine. I do what I like when I like and how I like. You do as I say when I say and how I say. I might give you some pain, but then I like that. I will not make you bleed nor leave marks. But then if you ask….. real nice I might. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but.”

I never got out the rest. I never saw it coming. I just felt it and heard it

“SLAP.” Right across my face. And boy did it hurt. But I would never tell her that.

“Never ask me anything until I ask you to ask. Now strip. Leave my panties on.”

I took off my shirt and pants. I stood in front of her just in her panties.

“Very good. Now my dear I’m going to have my way with you. I’m Bi and sometimes I like to act like a woman and sometimes I like to act like a man. I might be with a man or a woman when I do it. Tonight I’m going to be the man….. and you are going to be my woman. Understand?”


“Good.” I’ll be right back.

Mary came back. Under her panties she had a strap-on-dildo. But it look so real I thought she had a real cock.

“Kneel down and pull my panties off. And show me güvenilir bahis şirketleri what a good girl you are. Suck me.”

I did as I was told. In all my years. and the few times I was with Ed I never thought I would suck a cock. Even if this was not real I thought it was. Mary’s hands held my head and she fucked my face like I have done to most of the woman I have gone out with. My cock was harder then it has ever been. I was just starting to get into it when.

“Stop, that was nice but I would like to fuck you. Stand up.”

I felt her hands on my hips as she pulled her ..

.. or my panties down. My cock was hard and never moved. Her eyes looked at it but never looked at it.

“Turn. Now bend over the chair.”

I did and I could feel her tongue on my ass. I felt her push it into my asshole and pull back out. I felt her finger pushing and soon it went in. Then two. Soon she was fucking me with her fingers.

“Do not move.”

I felt her stand up and then I felt it. Her dildo. Her cock. Her man hood. She was going to fuck me with that. She did something I thought was different. She placed a condom on it. Now it look real.

“Please I ….”

I never got the rest out. She slapped my ass so hard I thought I would scream. Soon I felt her going in and out. She was fucking me like I have fucked so many woman. It hurt but then I liked it. Soon I was pushing back to get more.

“You like that?”


“Let me know when you are going to cum.”

“Soon.” Mary fucked me for about 3 more minutes and then pulled out.


I did and I could see her pull the condom off the dildo. Her hand started to jack me off. When I came I did it on the dildo. She made me suck it off.

The rest of the night she fucked and sucked me. I never thought that being fucked could be so much fun. Now I know why woman like to get fucked. And I also know why they like it up the ass. It made be understand why Ed is gay. But now I know I can be bi.

I think I might tell Ed about this. But then he might know already.

When I left that night I knew what it felt like to be BI.

I’ll write the rest later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32