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I walked into the shower. There were four cubicles and they were full and I waited for one to empty. I spied a tall girl in her mid twenties soaping her body. It was very hairy. Thick black hair spilled out of her bushy armpits and a thick rug was spread over her pussy. I loved her at first site. I kept looking but the sheer shower curtain kept coming in the view though the hairy body was clearly visible.

I had just moved into town from the country. I was a simple girl having just finished college getting a taste of big city life. I was extremely hirsute and in the country most of the girls remained natural. However in way I was different, I hated men ever since Rob made fun of my bushy body. Even when I wore sleeved dresses the luxuriant hair in my bushy underarms kept sticking out. I loved my hairy body especially the thick tufty hair under my arms and between my legs and I wasn’t going to let any man defile it. I specifically looked for an all girls hostel, which luckily I got.

Soon one of the cubicles emptied and I strip out of my clothes and open the shower. The hot spray of the shower makes her feel safe and warm. She wants the girl in the next cubicle as she thinks of her hairy body. She lifts her arms and examines the thick dark in her unshaven armpits. Its long and thick and very curly. She wants the other girl and she slips a finger between her legs and feels the long hair on her pubes. Touching herself feels good and the crisp hair on her untrimmed pubic mound is wet with the spray of the shower.

Her knees buckle with desire as the hot water sprays her nipples. She feels a wave of pleasure rising inside her. Just a bit more and the wave will submerge her in a foamy torrent of excitement. She waits for the wave to crest. She lifts her arms and lets the hot water cascade into the hairy pelt in her bushy armpits. She hears her neighbor canlı bahis leaving the shower so she steps out of the shower and dries off. With one towel wrapped around her head like a turban showing the thick untrimmed hair in her hirsute armpits she walks out to be confronted by her.

As she looks at me and then her travels to my rich underarm mane she says “Hi I am Alice are you new here.” I mumble a reply that I have just moved in. She says that she is in room 104 and why don’t I join her for some coffee. I go back to my room and put on my white sleeveless nightie which shows more than it hides and knocks on Room 104. She opens the door and I see that she is in a bra and panty. It was a sight to behold. Black hair was peeping out of her panties like an untrimmed hedge and my hands were aching to put my hand and untangle the masses of hair on her pubes. She lifted her hands to switch off the water, which was boiling, and her thick armpit hair spilled out of her buttery armpits. I was dying to put my tongue into the extremely hairy underarms.

As she poured out the coffee I said, “It smells wonderful,” Suddenly she says,” Can you scratch my underarms I have just put on nail polish”

“What?” I exclaim not sure if I had heard right. Did she really want me to put my fingers into her unshared underarms? I put my hands into her bushy armpits and I feel a tingle of excitement between my legs as I tug at her huge armpit locks. It feels a little coarse as I ran my fingers along the entire length of her furry underarms. “That feels good,” Alice, says aloud as my hands roam freely in her armpit forest.

I push against Alice’s body. And she responds by grinding her pelvis into my buttocks. Suddenly it all heats up she turn and kisses me lightly on the lips and then there is a flurry of kisses and suddenly she is between my legs at the junction of my thighs rubbing bahis siteleri her nose on my pubic hair. She marvels at the immense growth of her on my pubes and she starts licking, and sucking at my hairy pussy as her tongue ignites me.

“It feels good. Oh, so good,” I moan as her hands crawl up into my armpit forest. I need to feel her hairy body too and put my hands into her hairy underarms. She definitely has more hair than me as my hands grip at the coarse hair in her jet-black bushy armpits. She sucks up the fluids making obscene gulping sounds. Like an erupting Volcano, I feel myself over-flowing, my hairy body shaking, helpless against the natural forces of my body. My pubic hair is glistening with her saliva and moisture drips from the lips of my hairy pussy like hot streams of lava.

I turn around and want to lap Alice’s hairy pussy too and in ecstasy, Alice shakes my head from side to side, her hands pushing down on my head, urging me to keep licking. The long bushy hair on her mons are all wet and the untrimmed jungle between her legs. My pussy is dripping wet right now and I can only imagine how wet she is as my mouth travels into the hairy jungle in her broad unshaven pits. My hands are still busy in her wet, waiting pussy and I take two fingers and put them into her hairy pussy. I work my way around her bushy pubic hair and to her clit, teasing her going slowly and very soft until she’s bucking her hips against me trying to get me to go faster.

I once again get on top of her in a 69 position and dive right in. I take my tongue and circle it around her sensitive clit, as my head brushes against the excessive fur on her hairy pubic mound. The hair trails down from her navel into an untrimmed jungle as she puts her mouth to my underarm forest licking wildly at the thick hair in my unshaven underarms. I finally get my tongue going faster bahis şirketleri and faster, tongue-fucking her wet, juicy, sweet pussy as she sucks at the thick growth in my bushy underarms. “Wow” she moans “What a lot of hair you have in your bushy armpits have you ever shaved the hair there it so soft and silky” I take my tongue out of her untrimmed pubes and say, “NO I have never shaved my armpits. Its never been trimmed and I never will. I love my armpit hair and yours too” as I dive into her massive muff

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moans, “I used to shave my armpit hair regularly till a girlfriend of mine made me stay hairy. That’s why the heavy pelt in my underarms is a lot coarser than the soft hair in your bushy underarms” She licks my bushy underarms as I say “I wish my underarms are as hairy as yours look how much hair you have in your armpits. It must be more than 6 inches long and grows in your entire pits from your breasts upwards” Things are getting extremely hot now and both of us are on the verge of cumming. I tell her to stop on me so that I can concentrate on her…she stops…and I tongue fuck her with a new burst of energy, and then and there she screams as a wave of orgasm passed through her throbbing pussy. She dives into my hairy pussy and she tongue fucks me so fast that I also scream in pure ecstasy. Her hands roam into my armpit jungle tugging at the thick bushy growth there as I start twitching and shaking into a massive orgasm and she put a finger in my pussy and finger fucked me through my orgasm. I knew that the defining moment had come as we lay in each other’s arms my head tucked in her bushy underarms.

I need her more than ever before. I have forgotten the insults heaped upon me because of my excessive body hair especially the dark bushy growth in my unshaven armpits. My fear about wearing sleeveless dresses or even going swimming because of my shaggy armpit fur and my exceedingly hairy pubic area have evaporated thanks to this beautiful hairy friend of mine. I know that my true inner being will unfold and I will realize my potential.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32