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I really like spending time at Pirates Overlook. It’s peaceful, private and now that Bill has added a heliport, only fifty-five minutes from my closest airport. Bill flew helicopters for the army and has owned one ever since he could afford it. It was first “spend crazy money” purchase. He has, of course, upgraded from time to time, but he still owns that first “baby bell.”

I edit books. Fiction mainly. I freelance from my office in my home so my hours are pretty flexible. If I spend the night at Bill’s, I’m not necessarily in a hurry to get home. That works out well since Bill likes morning sex. I mean, I like morning sex. But Bill is at his horniest, his intensity at its peak, his stamina goes on forever and his imagination is out there. Morning sex with Bill is like Mardi Gras.

Spring at Pirates Overlook is a thing of beauty. The dogwood trees bloom, even deep in the woods you can find them. Azaleas bloom too. We must have two-hundred bushes just in the front area. I am thankful I am not the gardener.

The afternoons are perfect for sitting naked, on the gallery, having a drink, soaking up the sun and watching a ballgame on one of the outdoor big screens.

Spring is also the busiest time for high school senior parties, college fraternity and sorority weekends and weddings. I don’t work those events. I work…the more “specialized” events. There are eight weekends set aside for gay retreats…one we sponsor and the rest are private groups or couples. There are three suites in the main building, all on the second floor. Each suite has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are two queen beds in each room so technically you could have eight guests to a suite. A lot of the gay weekends book that many people.

There’s plenty to do, with tennis, volleyball, archery, horseback riding and a corn hole court. And of course, fishing. The cutoff, technically named Lake Lucy, has all the gaming fish the river has but without its horrendous current and constant barges.

One of my favorite weekends is when a group of older gentlemen join us. The quartet was an ac cappella singing group in college and have remained friends for over forty years. I never join in their games, but I enjoy their company. They spend the entire weekend having sex and singing old songs they have changed the words to. Bawdy lyrics. Gay lyrics. Hilarious lyrics. We call them the “queer quartet.”

Most of our gay or lesbian visitors are not famous outside of their little ring but privacy and discretion are at the forefront of our services. The villa is close enough to a city that has multiple professional sports teams so from time to time some players and theirs wives or girlfriends rent the vila on their days off. Of course, chatter in the locker room is better publicity than internet ads so we started getting a number of players requesting time either during during the bye week or before or after the season.

So it came as no surprise when Bill asked me to go to Pirates Overlook to handle a special guest.

“I’ve made contact with a player from the Stallions. Second year player and is closeted.” He took a bite of the pancakes I made for breakfast

“He won’t even go out in the city for fear of being recognized. These are great. Come here.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my chest. I rubbed my hand through his hair.

“I love your ass.”

“You love my cooking…and my ass.”

I kissed the top of his head and began to clear the table of the dishes.

“I’ve got to go. Duty calls.”

“I am finished with Larry’s manuscript so after I send it off I’m done for a few days.”

“If I can set up a time with Chad, do you want to work?”


“The young player.”

“Sure. I’m good until Friday.”

As we walked through the breezeway to the garage, Bill stopped, opened my robe dropped to his knees and began to suck my cock

“Oooo…baby you haven’t…got…time…”

I grabbed the back of his head and fucked his mouth. Going deep and holding it there. Then in and out. He licked the delicate under side. Just the head, then balls deep. My muscles flexed as I approached orgasm. I let it rip! Creamy, thick, ropes of my manly fluids coated his throat. He swallowed it all. My knees were weak. I balanced myself on his shoulders.

Bill stood up. “Duty calls. I love you.” He kissed me.

“I love you too. Have a good day.”

“It was a good start.” And he disappeared into his black Audi and was gone. I finished in the kitchen then took a shower before going out back to my office to finish putting the final touches on Larry’s book.

Bill called and gave me the details. I would have to leave today so I took my bike for a ride over to the river and stopped along the way for tamales and a couple beers before heading north on River Road.

One on one weekends can be great or awful. There is a certain awkwardness in the beginning. I try to be the professional concierge and answer any questions he may have until he needs me/if güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he needs me, to be something other. And thats how I earn my tips.

The following morning I prepared the villa for my guest. I would put him in the Spanish Moss Suite on the second floor in the south wing. My suite is on the first floor in the north wing. My kitchen is ready. I pulled out extra food, no telling how much this guy could eat. I had the beer distributer stock the coolers with Shiner Bock. The pool area was set up.

Chad arrived shortly after noon and I met him in the roundabout and introduced myself.

“Good afternoon and welcome to Pirates Overlook.”

“Hey, I’m uh Chad. Glad to meet you.”

Another typical Bill move. This guy’s name was no more Chad than mine was. Besides, I’m a sports fan and recognized him.

I took his bag to his room.

“Wow. This is nice.”

“Thanks. After you’ve had a moment to get adjusted, if you’ll meet me in the great hall, I’ll show you around.”

We met in the great hall and I showed him to the gym and sauna, the dining room and ended the tour at the hot tub and pool area.

“You may use this area whenever you wish.” I showed him where the controls were.

“I am sure Bill has told you I am here to serve you in any manner you chose. And, of course, other than the dining room, clothing is optional.”

“Thanks, Leo. I…really don’t know what to do first.”

“Why don’t you change and have a swim. I’ll get some beer and meet you there.”

While in the kitchen I pulled out some shrimp dip and crackers to go along with the Shock Top. As I placed the tray on the table between to two lounge chairs I had strategically placed earlier in the day, I got a quick glimpse of Chad coming down the stairway, but it wasn’t until he stepped outside I saw the whole package. Blond hair, with a whispy little trail leading down his chest to the waistband of his Speedos. His shoulders were broad, his waist narrow. His legs were strong and tan and the hair was golden. His cock pushed the limits of the stretchy Speedo. I wanted him that second. I wanted to throw him done and rip that speedo off and engulf his cock! He was a vision of the typical surfer boy.

I changed quickly in the cabana and joined Chad. “Margarita or Shock Top?”

“Margarita, please.”

After a few moments of silence, he said:

“Man, this is perfect. No city noises, no traffic.

This place is sweet.”

“Most every night we get a party barge heading north. They take the river south so they can take advantage of the current. It isn’t as bad in the cutoff so they head back that way.”

It was all I could do to think about what I was saying. In fact I’m not sure I said anything. I was fighting an urge. And the way he adjusted his junk wasn’t helping.

“So, do you work here all the time? Seems like a cool job.”

“No.” What do I say here? He’s sort of opened the door. “I just work special events.”

“I’m a special event?”

He gave a cute little chuckle and a million dollar smile. I wanted him so badly. My cock was hard, my mind was racing.

“Yes, yes you are a very special event.” I reached over and patted his right forearm. Then retreated. Subtle hint, I hoped.

We sat in silence and I refilled our drinks. A boat full of young people came drifting down river. They were all in different stages of undress, and were clearly having a good time. There is a clearing that runs from the cutoff up to the house. Over a hundred years ago, river pirates staged their assaults from here, thus the name.

“Can I ask you something?”


“You’re gay?”

“Yes I am,” I replied.

“And you’ve known how long?”

“My buddy and I learned about sex with each other. Touching, then masturbating, then sucking then kissing. I liked it. It was natural for me. Steve moved on to girls, I did not.”

“Hasn’t been that cut and dried with me. I guess I’ve fought it. I’ve been in locker rooms my whole life and I know how brutal it could get for (air quotes) a faggot.”

“My turn to ask questions. Are you out to anyone?”

“My agent, my family you and Bill, and he is just a voice on a phone.”

I wanted to show him the ways of great sex. I wanted to do it right then. I restrained.

“I need a swim,” I said. I stood and dropped my swim suit to my ankles then kicked them off. I was hard as possible and sticking straight out. I hoped he would follow and we would end up on one of the outdoor mattresses making passionate love until we couldn’t. And if that didn’t happen, maybe Chad would feel more comfortable, a naked man, not in a locker room, in his presence. My thought is that doesn’t happen very often.

Chad sat there sipping his margarita. He was scoping me out. I did the backstroke and looked like a submarine with the periscope up. I put on a good show.

He stood and took off the speedo and slid into the water. We didn’t speak for a bit and he began swimming güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri laps. I played with my cock under the waterline. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t know how hot he is. I can help with that. I hopped out of the pool and got our drinks. I knew he would come over to get it. Putting us in arms length. Naked. My heart raced.

“Here you go.” I offered up his drink and as I hoped he swam over to me.

“Thanks.” We leaned on the side of the pool for a moment before he slid out and walked to the lounge chair. I followed.

“Do you need sunscreen?” I asked, barely able to get the words to form.

“I guess so.” He reached for the tube but I took it from him. I squeezed some in the palm of my hand, rubbed it around a bit and then began to apply it to his left leg. His dick went to full attention. I slowly worked my way up from his feet to his knees, then thighs. I squeezed some more on his chest and rubbed it in. Chad’s head was back and his eyes closed. I spent extra time around his nipples. He squirmed. Then I put some on his face. He jumped, a bit startled I suppose. I gently rubbed it into his forehead and around his cheeks before moving to his nose and right above his lips. He smiled. As did I. Reluctantly I moved back to my lounge chair.


“You are quite welcome.” I applied the sunscreen to my exposed skin and leaned back in my chair.

“Did you catch any shit when you came out?”

“I have an ex wife and two kids. They all knew before I told them. Everyone else…who cares? But I don’t live in a locker room.”

“Big difference.”

We sat there in silence.

“I’m going to take a nap.”

“I can raise the umbrella and there is a sun sheet to cover up with, if you want to stay out here.”

He did, so I tucked him in and leaned in and kissed his forehead. “Sleep tight, handsome.”

I was feeling bold but it was clear to me, I would have to make the first move. As I stepped around the foot of the lounge chair I let my hand slip down his chest pausing a second on his dick. Once again he smiled. Now, I thought. He wants it! Then reason set in. He needed to rest. I can wait. I think.

After finishing my drink and watching Chad sleep, I got up to begin to prepare for supper. Tonight would be salmon fillet, grilled on a cedar plank, along with asparagus and new potatoes. Cheesecake for dessert.

I soaked the cedar and prepped the vegetables. Chad woke up. Here comes another test, I thought. If he puts his suit back on we haven’t made as much progress as I had hoped. He didn’t.

“I feel great. That nap was just what I needed.”

He walked over to see what I was doing. His dick got there first.

“We can eat out here, if you like. That way we don’t have to dress. Dining room rules, you know.”

“That’s fine with me.” He started to leave but stopped, turned around and came back. He tied the loose strings on my apron. Put his hand on my hip and said, “this is the first time in my life I’ve been able to be me.”

I turned around and we were face to face. Our eyes locked on one another. I put my hands on his hips. Is this the right time, I wondered?

“The night is still young.” I hugged him tight. He hugged me tighter. Our dicks danced. We broke the embrace and he headed back in the house. I watched his tight ass.

He watched me while I cooked, asking questions and helping out where he could. He was wearing the robe provided by the villa. He was cute. He was playful. He was striking. He was beautiful. He was all those things.

“Do you have any idea how hot you are?”

He blushed a bit.

“No kidding, man. You are the whole package.”

He moved away from the grill. I’ve gone too far, I thought. I dropped it.

“Putting the fish on, if you want to watch.”

He turned around and came back. The plank smokes a bit as you place it over the coals. There are lemon slices placed on top. Later, I’ll garnish with fresh basil leaves. The potatoes have been on and the asparagus is next. Time for a talk.

“Chad, you’re a hot guy. You’re gay. Embrace it. I don’t mean come out, but when the opportunity comes up, you shouldn’t be ashamed. When’s the last time you had sex?”

Blunt and to the point.

“Well, my sophomore year at OU.”

“So four years ago.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Chad, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. While you are here, you are free to do or not do whatever you desire. There is no pressure, my friend. Quit thinking and enjoy the moment.”

I acted like I was doing something at the grill but I was really just letting the air settle.

“His name was Hector. He was in my psychology class we sat next to each other. We started having lunch together. I got the gay vibe from him. But I was on scholarship to play ball and so I had to be careful. One weekend, I had pulled a hamstring so I had to stay on campus for treatment. I ran into Hector as I was hobbling across the parking lot. He gave me a güvenilir bahis şirketleri ride to my car. While we sat there, the tension was crazy and he put his hand on my cock before unzipping me and sucking me off. I returned the favor. Over the rest of the semester we met for quickies. No one ever found out. Hector transferred and I’ve been without ever since.”

Now, I thought. I put down the tongs and walked to him. I took his hands in mine and looked in his face. I drew near and kissed him on the lips. Easy. Just a little kiss. Then another. And finally opened mouth. We were all tangled up. His arms, my arms. Hips grinding together. Tongues. His dam had burst and there was no holding back. He fondled my cock. Ran his hands all over my ass. I played with his dick. He was like a kid. I thought he may blow so I quit. I backed away and turned to the grill and turned the veggies.

“Dang boy, you are one hot son of a gun. But we are almost ready for dinner.” I was breathing heavy. Restraint wasn’t one of my virtues. I wanted him, but right now, the fish was ready.

Supper was pretty quiet. We touched feet under the table. Touched hands occasionally but looked into each other’s eyes constantly. The sounds of the cutoff and the forest served as our background music. Very romantic. Very erotic.

After cheesecake Chad helped me clear the table. While I loaded the dishwasher and finished in the kitchen, he fired up the hot tub. I joined him as quickly as possible sitting right next to him. He had a shock top and I had his cock in my hand. He was a bit startled. I began to jack him. He put the beer down. Nothing much was said until I asked him to sit on the side of the tub. I moved between his knees, took his engorged cock in my hands and began to play with it. Gently. Then I took him in my mouth. He was instantly in paradise. So was I. I worked the head. Tonguing the soft bottom side. He moaned. I took him balls deep and I thought he would blow, so I backed off.

“Oh wow.”

“Wow indeed.”

I sat on the side of the tub, took his hand and led him to me. He moved between my knees and took my cock in his mouth. He was inexperienced but he knew enough. He tried to deep throat me but gagged.”

“That’s ok, Chad. Don’t worry about that. You are doing just fine.” I wanted to shoot but I didn’t want it to end. I let him continue a bit before I pulled out.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Oh yes. In fact too good. I was about to shoot my load.”

We sat back in the tub. He finished his beer. I reached over and turned it off. I took his hand and led him to the big mattress. I dried his hair. And his back. I reached around and dried his chest then pulled him onto his back and kissed him. Long and sensual. He held me tight. I loved his strength. We kissed and kept kissing. He kissed my shoulders, my chest, my nipples.

He worked his way down my stomach until he reached my cock. He took it in his mouth. I held the sides of his head. He was a natural.

“Better stop,” I whispered

“I don’t want to.”

It didn’t take long before an orgasm was building in my loins. I tensed. I moaned. I shot my load. I shot more. And he swallowed every drop, like an old pro. I laid back. He rested in my arms. It was peaceful. It was perfect.

Rain was moving in over the river. The thunder rolled in the distance and the lightning illuminated the horizon. We had about thirty minutes before it got to us. I went to work.

I took his cock and put a bit of lube on and worked it in slowly, up and down. With my other hand i massaged his balls. Slowly I worked him to pure ecstasy then stopped. Giving him a sip of beer. I took one too. And then resumed edging him, bringing him right to the point of no return then stopping. Again and again. Right to the edge…and then stopping.

As the wind began to pick up, I did too. I had him just where I wanted him. I finished him off with my mouth. I took him deep and he busted a nut! I mean he was loaded and I took it all. Every drop. Then I cleaned his cock.

I pulled the canopy over us and we stayed there all night. The rain provided a sweet backdrop. I pulled the sheet over us and we slept, entwined, until the sun peaked over the roof.

“Good morning.” He smiled.

I smiled back. “Did you sleep well?”

“Better than I have in years.”

“Good. I’m going to freshen up and begin breakfast.”

“Yeah, I need to go upstairs too.”

As we headed for the door I stopped him and kissed him. He put his right hand on the back of my head, his left on my chest.

“I’ve really got to go upstairs,” he said and turned toward the stairs. I slapped his ass. His ass was fine. Tight.

I took a shower then went to the kitchen. I was wearing swim trunks, an oversized t-shirt I bought in Hawaii while traveling with Bill and flip flops. I was preparing fresh fruits when Chad entered wearing much the same thing, looking like a GQ model.

“Good morning, again,” he said as he kissed my mouth. I liked that. I liked it a lot. We ate on the gallery. Eggs, bacon, sausage, grits and biscuits with gravy. And about a half gallon of milk and orange juice. I haven’t seen anything like it in a while. We laughed and kidded around like we had known each other forever.

“Have you got an itinerary for today?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32