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I think that my father’s younger sister, my Aunt Isobel sucked limes or lemons, for she always seemed to have a sour face. She lived in the country and twice a year, from as young as I can remember, came for a weeks holiday to our house. Aunt Isobel was twelve years junior to my father, who was the eldest in the family, of four boys and Isobel. She never married, but run a country store, come Post Office, really come everything. Only once, when I was fourteen, did my father take me with him on is infrequent visits to Aunt Isobel.

The day I was there, I heard nothing but ‘Don’t touch that.’ ‘Don’t touch this.’ So any time that my father asked me to come with him, I found an excuse to stay at home.

That was many years in the past, I had joined the army and was now on two weeks leave to attend my fathers funeral. He was only 64 years old, when the result of smoking all his life caught up with him. He died of a severe heart attack. At least the doctors said he never felt a thing, it was that quick. I thought the world of my father, and it shook me that he had been taken just in the year he was to retire. He always said he would spend his days just drowning worms at the side of a river. He loved his fishing, all those hopes dashed in just a few seconds.

Aunt Isobel had come down by coach, she always travelled by coach because she couldn’t drive. She and my father were very close, and she was sobbing as much as my mother.

“Duncan, I want you to drive Aunt Isobel home, she is in no fit state to go by coach, if she is still upset you stay with her for a few days.”

That was a prospect I wasn’t looking forward to, remembering the last time I was there.

The entire journey to her place, which was three hours by car, she sat and stared out of the side window. The only thing she said was “You are a big and good looking man, just like your father.” That was the total words spoken all the way. She looked as pale as milk, there was no colour at all in her cheeks, and the black dress she wore only accentuated her paleness. To be truthful I was getting a bit worried about her.

We pulled up to her place and on entering her home she just collapsed on the floor. God, what do I do now I thought, I can’t leave her lying on the floor. I picked her up and having a rough idea where her bedroom was, carried her there and placed her on her bed. I loosened her coat and remembering my first aid, I learnt about ten years ago, I reached down her back and undid the clasp on her bra. She was wearing a dress which wasn’t tight, and I daren’t search for any other tight items. I slipped off her coat and shoes, and pulled the quilt up to her neck, she seemed to be breathing easier now. So I left her bedroom. The house was still as spic and span as I remembered. I remembered what my father had said. “Dust wouldn’t dare lie on Isobel’s furniture.” It looked that way now, there was the smell of furniture polish and a faint lingering smell of perfume.

I went to the kitchen and put the kettle to boil on the gas cooker. Finding the makings and the tea-pot, maybe a cup of tea would help Isobel I thought. Again my first aid training, the treatment for everything except stomach wounds was a cup of tea.

Whilst the tea was brewing, I tiptoed into the bedroom and Isobel was watching me. “Did you put me to bed and undo my bra?”

“Yes, but through the dress it was just to slacken everything tight.”

“You never checked for anything else?”

“No, why should I have?”

“Never mind, what is it you wanted to say?”

“I’ve made a cup of tea and was wondering if you would like one.”

“Yes please, milk only. Duncan I feel unwell, I would like to rest a bit, but I will have the tea first.”

I took in her tea and sat and casino oyna had mine in the lounge. I had been sitting there for about half an hour when she called out. “Duncan quick!”

I ran in and she was retching, I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and towel and returned to Aunt Isobel’s bedroom. I sat on the bed and put my arm around her and held the bowl so she could be sick, I noticed that she had already been sick on her polished floor, but that could easily be cleaned up once she stopped retching.

“Oh I am so ashamed Duncan, you seeing me like this.”

“Aunty, don’t worry, you are family, so what is there to be ashamed about.”

When she had finished and lay back I took the bowl and washed it out, got a mop and bucket with some disinfectant, I cleaned up the mess on the floor. As I was doing this she watched me all the time.

“Duncan please call me Isobel, I would like to get up and go to the bathroom, I need a pee.”

She got out of bed and her legs gave under her. I grabbed and got two handfuls of breast, God, they felt fantastic. I was expecting floppy breasts, but what I got hold of was nice and firm and a good handful each.

“I’m sorry Isobel, I didn’t mean to grab you there.”

“Don’t worry, I understand, give me your arm, I need support, I don’t know what’s come over me.”

I took her to the bathroom and waited outside for her to come out. When she came out she looked a lot better and steadier on her feet.

“Come I will sit with you in the lounge, it’s too late for you to drive back, stay the night.”

“Mum says to stay a couple of days, in case you need me.”

“Yes that would be nice,” was all she said

“Come I’ll show you your room, it’s all made up.”

The room was next to hers and it looked identical, same furniture in each.

“Thank you for cleaning up my vomit Duncan, as I said I feel really ashamed.”

We returned to her lounge, turned on the TV and sat on the settee. Isobel started to look a bit pale again so I got her to lie down on the settee, she insisted I stay where I was, for I was going to get up and sit in a chair. So I was up at one end she rested her head on my thigh.

“This is comfy,” she said.

The only thing wrong with this was I had no where to put my right arm. I tried it behind my back, but that was awkward. I rested it on her stomach, but it crept up as if with a mind of its own and I was stroking her braless breast through her dress. I was expecting her to push it away, but no, she made out nothing was amiss. Now I noticed that some colour had came to her face and that her toes were moving up and down. Then she took my hand and placed it fully on her breast. Looked up at me and smiled.

This was the first time in all my life I had seen Isobel smile, it completely changed her whole features, I suddenly realised that she was a very pretty woman. Of course, that sent tingles down my body and my semi hard-on became a raging boner. Luckily I dress to the left and the lump in my trousers was behind her head.

I said earlier that she had lovely firm knockers, now I had my handful and I started rotating my thumb over the nipple, which was standing out on the fabric of her dress. I also noticed that she had raised her knees and the dress had slipped down her thighs.

I started to slide my hand down her body, she sat up, or should I say she slid up until her head was on my shoulder. She turned her head towards me and it was the most natural thing for us to kiss, a passionate tongue wrestling kiss. By this time my hand had reached its destination, granted outside of the fabric, but her legs were slightly open not clamped shut, as one would expect on the first exploratory expedition. I slid my finger up and canlı casino down her puffy vulva and her breathing increased as we continued to kiss, but she was now grinding her lips onto mine. All this time no word had been spoken.

I moved up under her dress to her soft tummy feeling the coarse pubic hairs under the fabric as I moved up to the top of her panties, I then slid my hand under the top and moved down again finding her small button tucked up at the top of these lovely lips.

This was the trigger that set her off, pushing herself onto my hand and she turned put both hands around my neck and her head alongside mine. “Oh Duncan, no one has ever done that to me before, you may think it’s odd for a woman my age, but I am still a virgin. I honestly thought I was a man hater. You have changed that, I want you, not on a couch but in bed so that I can feel all of you.”

“Isobel, you know that is incest, we are blood relations.”

“No we’re not entirely, my mother had an affair with another man, so it isn’t full incest. Will you make me a full woman, I want you.”

I wasn’t going to turn this down, but a virgin. I am almost 6 feet 6 inches tall and built big I carry a 11 inch cock, Aunt Isobel was just 5 feet 2 inches tall. She was really going to be broken in. I have never been with a virgin before, and from what I had heard it wasn’t a very nice experience the first time.

“Yes Isobel I want you too.” Man I want any woman, the thought went through my mind.

“Since this is a new start for me, we will use your bedroom,” Isobel said. She then got up and took my hand, I noticed she didn’t look down at the huge lump which had appeared in my trousers. We went into the bedroom she had allocated me and switched the light out.

“Why have you switched the light out Isobel.” It wasn’t completely dark, I could see her outline and my night vision was improving by the second.

“Vanity I guess, please grant me this Duncan.”

“It doesn’t worry me, let’s get into bed.” I stripped naked and got into bed, and watched her in the dim light struggle off with the dress and her panties. From what I could see she had a very good body, not thin, with the ribs showing, but slim. She had quite wide hips which the dress hid, but then all the better to get a hold of.

She seemed coy now, as she came into the bed and into my waiting arms. I loved the feel of her breasts against my breast. “God Isobel, you have the loveliest pair of breasts, and I love the feel of them both in my hand and against me body.”

“I’m glad you like them and that I will be able to satisfy you and of course me, I often thought what it would be like to be loved by a man, now I’m to find out.”

I slid my hand down to her vagina and she willingly opened her legs as I probed my finger between her swollen lips, she was not wet, she was dripping. I started kissing my way down her body, as she lay on her back, first these shivering orbs with the turgid nipples. I took each in turn into my mouth and titillated the nipples more with my tongue. She was omitting sighs and gasps all the time with her hands on my head, sometimes pulling me off, other times pushing me harder onto her body.

Down I went, running my tongue on her skin over her stomach and through the forest of her pubic love triangle, she smelt fantastic with a mixture of perfume and the smell of her arousal, which was waffling up from her vagina. Soon I had my face buried in this hot damp area of her body, with my tongue probing and searching up and down her crack and into her passage itself. She had clamped her thighs shut on my head, locking me in, to continue my exploration. To say she was aroused would be an understatement.

All the time I was wondering what would be the kaçak casino best way to introduce her to sex, the missionary or doggy, for I wanted to be dominant. I settled for doggy, for this gave the best penetration and I liked it that way anyway.

“Isobel I want you to turn on your stomach and then get onto your knees.” I said, once I had removed myself from between her lovely thighs.

No objections, she complied with my request. I get behind her and introduced the plum sized purple circumcised crown of my cock to the wet lips of her entrance.

“Isobel, this may hurt the first time if you are a virgin, but I’m not to blame, blame nature, but it won’t last for long.”

I slowly slid in to her well lubricated passage holding on to the rims of her pelvic bones, gently pulling her on to my phallus, I was expecting to come up against a skin barrier but it never eventuated, I just kept on sliding in. Isobel was inhaling loudly through her teeth and then letting out gasps, as I slowly entered, hitting bottom with my lower body hard up against her buttocks.

“Isobel, how do you feel.”

“Wonderful, when will the pain come?”

“You’re not going to get it, it appears your hymen has been torn sometime in the past.”

“Must have happened when I had the accident on my push bike when I was seventeen as that is the only time I have been injured down there. I feel wonderful, I feel stretched so much, but that has sent lovely feelings all over my body as you were filling me.”

I started withdrawing and entering her and she now was muttering to herself, but she was keeping up the rhythm and rolling her hips. I started moving faster as I felt my balls tingle. Isobel pushed herself hard back on to me and let out a loud shout, her whole body shook for just a second. What she shouted I had no idea, except it was loud. I felt her vagina milking my cock and I felt my contribution rising up my shaft, I pulled her in tight driving as far into her body as I could and shot my load into her.

“I felt your liquid shoot inside me, Oh yes Duncan I loved that.”

I collapsed on her back and we lay like that for a minute, then we flopped on to our side still like two spoons, me still deep in her body. I had my hands around her chest holding on to a breast in each hand and she had her hands on top of mine holding them there.

“Can we do this again, I never imagined it would feel like this, can we keep this room just for us, I would like you to stay for a few days, and give me this as much as you can.”

“Isobel, I will stay as long as you want me to. I have ten days leave left, I can stay the whole ten days if you want. I will have to go home though and get my things, if you can spare me that amount of time.”

“Yes I want you here.”

So in about an hours time I was deep inside my Aunt Isobel again, but this time in the missionary position, with her arms and legs imprisoning me in her body.

I returned home and packed my things as mum looked on. “Why are you taking all your things, Duncan?”

“I’m going up to Aunty Isobel’s she isn’t well you know, and I will help in her shop.”

“You are volunteering to stay with that miserable woman, you must be mad.” Mum didn’t like Isobel, only dad when he was alive he was the one who liked his little sister, none of the rest of her brothers could stand the sight of her.

When I returned and brought all my things into her home, did Isobel really believe I had come to stay my whole leave. Not only did I stay my whole leave, but I was posted for my last six months in the army at a camp nearby, and I was with Isobel every night. On discharge I moved permanently in with her, as she was one woman who only knew a big cock and loved it.

That miserable sour faced woman is no more, now we have a pretty woman who is always smiling. Even her customers remark on how she has changed now she has a man. God if they knew I was her nephew they would have a fit.

The end

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