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Rick’s cock rubbed against the seam of his jeans. It seemed like he had a permanent erection, at least when Penny walked into the room. Petite, small, her breasts seemed over large. And she never wore a bra, which only made matters worse. Her nipples poked at the front of her T-shirt and Rick tried to keep his eyes on her face.

“Where are you going to put all this stuff?” she asked, and looked around the room with narrowed eyes. “I swear Annalise let you keep everything but the walls.”

“Annie didn’t want anything to remind her of me.” Rick tore his eyes from the outline of Penny’s nipples. “I don’t really blame her.”

“You aren’t that bad, Uncle Ricky. You just got bored.”

“Bored enough to fuck around. That’s pretty bad in her book. Never mind, Pen. I’ll toss out what I can’t fit up here.”

“Daddy won’t even come up here. He says the weight of him on top of all the boxes will land the second floor into the basement.” She laughed, and Rick’s cock strained toward her open mouth.

Rick turned to the largest box. “This one has my clothes in it. We could start here and get some space to work.” He ran the blade of his little knife along the taped seam and revealed a mess of half-folded clothing.

“You packed in a hurry.” Penny reached in and pulled out a shirt and pair of boxers.

“Annie watched me. She thought I’d try to steal her things.” Rick hauled out his jeans and proceeded to hang them in the closet, all the while studiously ignoring the sight of his niece fondling his underwear.

“I never did like Annie, you know. She’s a bitch and a half, and you’re well away from her.”

“You mentioned that before I married her.”

“I was right, wasn’t I?” The smug tone in her voice made Rick turn. She stood next to the dresser’s open drawer, folding a pair of socks into thirds. A pair of jeans cut-offs exposed her tanned legs. Her T-shirt exposed her tanned stomach.

“Not entirely,” Rick said. “We got along just fine until she found out I was fucking Chandra. I really don’t blame her for any of it.” Joe was right. He had to do the changing if he wanted any kind of relationship to work. Change, though, was difficult.

“You can’t help it if she’s a frigid bitch in bed, Ricky. If I had to fuck her every night, I’d be looking for something warmer, myself.”

The way Penny’s lips formed the words sent shivers of lust down Rick’s spine. “It never was like that. It certainly didn’t start that way.” He turned and put another pair of jeans on a hanger.

“I know how it started with Annie, Rick. I watched most of it.” A slight laugh sounded behind him. “You fucked her in just about every room in this place.”

So she’d been watching, had she? He supposed he would too, if he’d been her. “Not almost every room,” he answered. “I don’t think I missed one. The closet, the attic, the bathroom…”

“I never caught you in the attic.” casino oyna

“You must have been out.” He sighed, grabbed a shirt this time, and settled it on the hanger. “Can we talk about something else?” The thought of Penny watching him fuck made his cock throb.

Her laugh sounded soft, private. “I used to masturbate while you fucked.”

“That would be inappropriate to tell me.” Not to mention completely arousing.

Penny laughed again. Soft, amused, it echoed throughout his nerve endings. “I’m not a child, Uncle Ricky.”

“It isn’t the child part that bothers me,” he muttered, keeping his eyes on the next shirt that came out of the box. “It’s the Uncle Ricky part. Your dad would murder me if he thought I condoned talking about your masturbation practices.”

“Daddy is a prude.”

“Joe’s just protective of his only daughter.” He turned to face her. “You’re all he has left of Sarah, and he only wants you safe.”

She looked properly chastened. Her head lowered. The soft morning light streaming through the window caught the red highlights in her dark hair. “I know.” She raised her head and her dark green eyes narrowed. “But I’m not going to let him keep me in a cage, Ricky. He’s gotten too protective. I’m going to move to the dorm when school starts.”

Good idea, Rick thought. Get you away from me before I decide to forget how your father would punish me. He nodded. “You can have whatever you like from this mess to decorate your new home.”

“Really?” She looked around. “You might regret saying that.”

No, he thought, gazing at the jumble of boxes and memorabilia left from his two-year marriage. I don’t need any of it, so take it all.


Rick stared up at the sky from his chair on the porch. Hard pinpricks of stars formed familiar patterns. The streetlight on the corner gleamed orange light into the street, but the porch remained darkened. A huge pine tree in the yard added to the shadows.

A car pulled up. The gleam of Penny’s dark hair told Rick she was home from her date. Not that he was watching for her. Not even Joe watched for her to come home anymore. The young man, blonde, handsome in a very smooth kind of way, got out of the car. Penny slid from the passenger side and joined him before they began to walk toward the porch.

They kissed beside the big pine tree. Rick lit a cigarette, hoping they’d notice and not do what they were doing.

Penny’s hand moved between them and grabbed at her date’s crotch. Her response carried to the porch. “I can’t let you go home like this, can I?” She looked up at the darkened windows, took his hand and pulled him into the deep shadows by the tree.

Rick inhaled from the cigarette. Penny thought, perhaps, they were invisible, but he could still make out the general idea of what was going on. She went to her knees in the shadows and pulled out her boyfriend’s thick canlı casino dick.

Rick thought about announcing his presence. He didn’t.

The boyfriend put a hand on Penny’s head and shoved his hips forward. The muted white of his cock disappeared into her mouth.

Rick pushed his own erection to the side, where it wouldn’t rub so hard on his jeans. Soft garbled sounds wafted to Rick’s ears. His balls felt tight. His cock protested the continued confinement. Still, he smoked his cigarette and watched his niece suck dick as if she’d been doing it all her life.

A soft exclamation sounded in the boyfriend’s voice, and he tilted his head back as if he tried to watch the sky. Slurping sounds accompanied the jerking motions of his lower body.

Rick inhaled smoke, and then exhaled. His fingers gripped the cigarette butt tightly as he stubbed it out in the ashtray next to his chair.

Penny stood, patted the boyfriend’s cock like a puppy, and kissed his cheek. “Gotta go in. See ya tomorrow.”

They parted, and Penny headed for the porch.

Rick waited, silent and tense, for her to go inside.

Instead, Penny slid into the chair next to his and laughed. “Did you enjoy that?”

He could pretend he hadn’t seen. Perhaps she might have bought a story about dozing on the porch, but he just didn’t have the energy to compose a decent lie. “Not enjoy, exactly.”

She slid her butt to the back of the Adirondack chair and settled her head against the slats. “I was hoping to catch you with your dick out.”


“Sucking cock always makes me horny,” she announced, but she remained relaxed in the chair.

“Then go upstairs and do something about it.” He stood and went inside. Damn her. She knew what she was doing. What did she want — a full-fledged family feud, complete with guns? He glared at the stairs and climbed them up to his room.


Rain pattered on the window in the living room. Rick relaxed on the couch, watching the rivulets of water on the window more than the old movie on television. The door shut behind Joe as he left to teach a night class at the college.

Penny made her way around the couch and settled next to Rick. “What’s on?”


“I’ve seen it too many times already,” she complained, and turned toward him. “Can I ask you a question?”

Rick kept his eyes on the window, quite aware that she wore nothing but a T-shirt and panties, obviously ready for bed. She sat crossed-legged beside him, and, if he let his gaze travel, he’d see the outline of her pubic hairs under the white cotton panties. “I retain the right not to answer.”

Her laugh sounded too soft, too intimate. “You sound like Daddy.”


“Did you ever masturbate together?”

He gave up and looked at her, but just at her face. Amusement curled the corners of her lips, but her expression seemed kaçak casino serious. “Do you honestly expect me to answer that?”

“A simple yes or no would suffice.”


“That’s what Daddy said, too.”

“You asked Joe?”

She put her hand on his arm. “He said I was too curious, but he answered.”

“So why ask me?”

“To see if he lied.” Her hand slid down his arm, and came to rest on his thigh. “You talk more honestly about that kind of thing.”

“Sex? Why shouldn’t I be honest about it?”

“Because you think I’m still an innocent little virgin.”

Rick moved her hand from his thigh. “No, not innocent, and not a virgin, but you’re still my niece.”

Sighing, she laid back against the armrest of the couch. Her legs remained crossed, showing off the outline of her pussy, and Rick forced his gaze back to the window.

“Why does it have to matter, Ricky?” She uncrossed her legs and placed them over his lap. “I mean, if consenting adults want to have sex, then it should be all right. It isn’t like we’d make babies with an extra appendage or anything. There are ways to avoid getting pregnant in this day and age.”

Rick frowned, but left her legs where they were. At least she’d put her thighs together. “True enough, except for one thing you haven’t mentioned.”


“Your father would murder me.”

She laughed. “You’re a coward.”

“I suppose so.” He turned his attention to the television. “Whatever the reason, Penny, the answer is no.”

“Oh, all right.” The pout in her voice made her seem younger, and that settled Rick’s arousal to a distant hum of sensation.

The television continued to show the movie, and Rick tried to seem engrossed in it. He succeeded enough that, when she moved her legs in an apparent attempt to be more comfortable, he didn’t notice much.

A soft sigh captured his attention, and he belatedly realized she’d spread her legs slightly apart in order to get her hand in her panties. The outline of her knuckles moved beneath the cotton. Stunned, he stared for a completely aroused minute. She smiled, licked her lips, and raised her ass upward, putting pressure on his thighs where her calves still rested. “It’d be much better if you’d do the touching,” she said.

“Damn it.” Methodically, he picked up her legs by the ankles and moved them aside so he could stand.

She didn’t stop; just put her legs back on the couch where he’d been sitting. “Your loss.”

Penny’s soft moan followed him up the stairs to his room, where he closed and locked the door behind him. Rick paced for a minute, and then gave in. He tossed his shirt to the floor, toed off his shoes, and shoved his pants to his ankles. Stepping out of them, he flopped down on the bed and grabbed his cock.

The door handle rattled.

Rick’s hand movements quickened.

The door handle rattled again.

The first spasm arched his back off the bed.


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