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When my son and I moved to a new city, I was a little out of sorts. My divorce had not been pleasant and had left us in a difficult financial situation. Having been a stay at home Mom for sixteen years, my only source of income had been from my husband. Sure, I had a degree in accounting, but I hadn’t been near an office for sometime and was quite unaware of the new tax laws and other variables.

I got enough money to buy a small house. Much smaller than I had been accustomed to. Our shopping budget was tight and the fact that my son Tom was going to a private prep school added to the strain. My husband only paid what was required by law for Tom’s education, to the cent, and the difference I had to make up hurt.

The job that I took was, I felt, way below my station. At thirty-six, being a junior associate was a bit of an insult. My supervisor was a twenty-four year old, fat-bottomed little bitch that took great pleasure in me being subordinate to her. In short, I hated the job, but Tom’s education and my independence forced me to swallow my pride.

Our next-door neighbor was a forty-ish single father named Roger. He was attractive in a Lyle Waggoner from Wonder Woman kind of way with graying temples. He was very friendly when we moved in and helped with some shifting furniture and other things. His daughter Chloe was sixteen and took to Tom straight away. We had a polite neighbor relationship and though the kids spent time together, we kept a polite distance, Roger and I.

So basically my life revolved around working and taking care of Tom. Being at the age he was, he didn’t really want to spend his spare time at home with his Mom. He’d made friends quickly at school and in the neighborhood and was spending a lot of time with Chloe. Having no friends in this new place and Tom being out at soccer practice or with his friends most of the time, I was pretty lonely. I was also pretty sexually frustrated.

My nights alone at home were spent with an old tape of The Devil In Miss Jones, Part Three in the VCR, a bottle of wine in one hand and my vibrator in the other. I look good for my age. Short red hair, big green eyes and a 36-26-38 figure, but I wasn’t the type to go out to singles bars to pick up a stud for the night. Suffice it to say that I went through a lot of batteries on those lonely nights.

A few months went by. Tom and Chloe were going steady and I suspected they were sleeping together, but that didn’t really bother me. We’d had her and Roger over for dinner several times and been on daytrips with them. Roger and I were becoming very friendly.

At the semi-final of Tom’s soccer tournament, we sat in the bleachers and talked and laughed. He was very attractive to me and had a great sense of humor and fierce intelligence. Tom’s team won by a goal and in the joy of victory, Roger and I had hugged each other for a minute, but then backed away embarrassed.

The kids were going to a party that night to celebrate the soccer victory and staying away for the night. I hugged Tom and told him I was proud and to behave himself. He walked off with Chloe on his arm and Roger and I stood there looking sheepishly at each other. His strong arms had felt so good around me and my nipples had hardened in his embrace. My pussy had stirred as well.

“So what are your plans tonight, Carol?” Roger asked.

“Oh, just order Chinese food, have a glass of wine and watch The Dev………” I hastily corrected myself. “A movie.”

“That sounds pretty good.” He said. “Feel like some company?”

My heart leapt in my chest and my nipples stiffened again. It had been a long time since I’d had male company and I liked Roger. I decided I wouldn’t get carried away. We would eat and watch a movie while sharing a bottle of wine, but I wasn’t going to jump into bed with him.

“Sure,” I said. “What do you feel like watching?”

Two hours later, we were in the video store. I had The Way We Were and Beaches in my hand and Roger had Dirty Harry and Con Air. We both laughed when we compared them. I had chosen archetypal female movies and Roger prototypical male titles. Putting them back, we decided to select one together. Somehow, we both went to pick up the same tape at the same time. Body Heat. We both blushed a little.

The wine flowed freely as we ate and watched the movie. It was so nice to be sitting there laughing and enjoying a grown up evening at home. The wine had loosened me up a lot and, I hate to admit it, the movie was making me so damn horny that I was thinking of sending Roger home so I could put Miss Jones in the VCR and pull out my toy.

As I was mulling this over, on the screen William Hurt was ramming into Kathleen Turner doggy style and her small breasts were jiggling from side to side. I cast a glance over at Roger. He was watching the screen with a very intense look. I ran my eyes down his body and gasped loudly as I saw the outline of his very large and very hard cock through his pants. My pulse quickened and my loins surged. God it was big!

Roger canlı bahis flushed and apologized, shifting on the couch to try and conceal his turgid bulge. I had taken my bra off when we arrived home. I felt a rush of adventure and undid the first two buttons of my shirt. My breasts didn’t fall out, but revealed enough. Roger exhaled hard as my milky cleavage appeared. I looked into his eyes and then directly at his straining crotch.

“Is there anything I can do with that?” I asked gingerly rubbing the front of his pants.

Anyway, I ended up, after releasing his cock, stroking it, licking it and sucking it. Not until he came, but I elicited some pretty nice grunts and groans from him in the process. I stripped off and Roger sucked and nibbled my slightly droopy boobs, kneaded my ass- cheeks and gently fingered my dripping pussy. After a few minutes, he parted my thighs and slid his massive dick into me. I thought I was going to faint as he filled me. It was at least 9½-10 inches long and as thick as the handle of a tennis racquet. My cunt felt like it was going to split open, but the friction sent me racing to a mind numbing orgasm.

“On me, not in me, Roger.” I said as I felt him start to tighten up in anticipation of his climax.

He pulled out and I reached down to grab the mighty rod. I closed my fist tight around him and pumped like a mad woman as Roger groaned out loud and spurted four of five thick jets of sizzling hot man-juice onto my white stomach and swollen breasts.

I was ready to go up and have a shower. I was a little embarrassed now. I probably wouldn’t have done this if I hadn’t been slightly drunk. Instinctively I covered my breasts and looked away. How could I ever look at him over the fence again? I wondered. I was shocked from my embarrassment by a feeling of electricity on my clit. Roger’s head was between my thighs and he was lapping feverishly at my pussy. My head wanted to yell stop, but whom was I kidding? My pussy pulled rank on my brain and surrendered to Roger’s oral prowess.

I came bucking in his face like I was riding a mechanical bull. My juices squirted right into his mouth. I expected him to pull away when that happened, but I heard him swallow and he stayed where he was. My body was still convulsing slightly for the next few minutes. Gentleman Roger disappeared for a few minutes and I heard the sound of running water. When he came back, he scooped me up into his arms and carried me up to the bathroom. The tub was full and steaming as he placed me gently in the water.

“I should leave you alone now Carol.” He said. “I had a wonderful evening. I’ll see myself out.”

Roger leaned down and kissed me, his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth so perfectly that I felt my pussy purr again. If he had wanted another round, I would have gone along willingly. But it wasn’t to be. Roger softly touched my face and said goodbye. I sank into the hot bath and closed my eyes.

Over the next two weeks, Roger and I got together several more times. He was such a nice man and he was a very talented lover. I had only ever had sex with three men in my life and I’d married the third. I knew what I liked, but was pretty inexperienced. Even at thirty-six. Roger took me to places, sexually that I had never been before. I found myself adapting to him and doing things that I would never have thought of before. I’d only ever done it in two positions. Missionary and on my side in spoons. Roger took me through the entire Karma Sutra. I was really getting into what we were doing on those Saturday nights when the kids were out. Then things went pear shaped.

Tom was with his father for the weekend and had taken Chloe. They were going to see an Eminem concert. I had big plans for Roger. During lunch hour on Friday, I had gone to the lingerie store and bought a red lace bustier with suspenders, a gorgeous red g-string, red fishnet stockings and a pair of red high-heels. I snuck into the adult bookstore and bought some body-chocolate and strawberry massage oil. At 5 o’clock on Saturday, I had a long bath. I neatly trimmed my ginger pubic curls and shaved the area into a Mohawk, like the porn stars do. Roger was coming at 7 o’clock. I was going to greet him at the door in my red outfit and fuck his brains out.

He reacted perfectly when I opened the door. His eyes bugged out, his mouth dropped open and the front of his pants surged. With the front door still open and Roger still standing in the doorway, I dropped to my knees in front of him and took out his cock. All he could do was stand there as I lowered my mouth over the thick mushroom head. I tasted the drop of clear pre-cum on my tongue as I slowly moved my hand up and down his thick shaft while suckling at the glans. I wasn’t a cum-swallower. In fact I had never let a guy cum in my mouth, but I was so grateful to Roger for the sexual awakening he had given me, I decided that I wanted to reward him. I wanted to feel his thick spunk shoot into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. bahis siteleri I wanted to stand up with my mouth full when I’d finished, look him in the eye and swallow with a gulp. But not yet.

We moved inside and I dragged Roger straight up to my bedroom. He followed like a puppy-dog and I could feel his eyes following the jiggle of my ass as he followed behind. Once in the room, I slid the Miss Jones tape into the VCR to play in the background, then stripped him quickly. For a man in his early forties, Roger had an awesome body. His broad chest was well defined with a tiny patch of graying hair in the middle. His arms were thick and powerful, his legs like tree-trunks and of course, his cock should have had a red cape with a big S on it tied around the top.

I pulled the front of the bustier down to release my heavy breasts. He loved my tits. What man doesn’t love a 36D? Pinching my nipples, he kissed me hard. I grabbed his penis and squeezed it gently. I was about to go down and start sucking him again when he spoke.

“Turn around and show me that ass!”

I got a little self-conscious for a second. I didn’t like my ass. It was fat. At least to me it was. Being a good 12inches wider than my waist and having a lot of meat on it made me regret my choice of underwear. The g-string left it hanging out in plain view.

My face was as red as my lingerie when Roger helped me onto the bed in the doggy-style position. My big butt was stuck right up in the air. I heard Roger whistle through his teeth as I shifted my position a little. I felt my fleshy cheeks wobble with the move.

“God damn, Carol!” said Roger with lust. “Do that again.”

I buried my face deep in the comforter, bit my lip, and then gave my ass a big wiggle. Roger groaned aloud and I turned my head to see him staring open-mouthed at my fat ass and slowly stroking his cock. Now I know this sounds very female, but when your ex-husband has been telling you for years that you have a great big fat hiney and your own impression from looking in the mirror is that it’s true, having a guy look at the object of your embarrassment with such unbridled passion and lust makes you feel pretty good. I started to actually feel glad I had a big fat hiney!!

Roger ran his hands over my flesh and gripped each generous buttock in his strong hands, flexing them and squeezing my globes as if testing a melon. I nearly peed myself when he kissed me gently on one cheek and then the other. I’d never known my butt was so sensitive to touch. Slowly he grabbed the sides of the g-string and started easing them down. The thong peeled out of my crack in an agonizingly slow movement. I felt a hot breath on my thighs. Roger had his face level with, and only six inches away from my butt.

With his powerful hands, I felt him part the tops of my thighs so he could see my swollen and very wet cunt. I knew damn well that my crinkly little anus was looking at him too, but I tried not to think about that. I wasn’t into any anal business. I nearly protested when I felt his tongue lap at my snatch. His nose was rested right on my ass-hole. I tried not to think about it and succeeded as his long licker slid up and down and in and out of me.

I was hovering at the point where you can feel the beginnings of an orgasm. My breath was heavy and I was pinching and playing with my nipples. Roger started to lick me from the top of my hooded clitoris and in a long slow upward motion right through the middle of my gooey slit when I suddenly stiffened and raised my head. The long lick hadn’t ended at the base of my pussy. It had continued up over the perineum and slurped right onto my ass-hole. I froze for a moment, thinking I may have moved and it was an involuntary continuation of his progress. Then he did it again and I knew it definitely wasn’t accidental. A third time his tongue slid over my anus, this time stopping for a second and lingering to lick and probe right on my butt-hole. I moved forward to lie on my stomach, increasing the distance between my ass and his face and looked over my shoulder at him warily.

“What are you doing, Roger?” I asked a little coldly.

Roger kneeled up and the bed behind me, placing his hands on my butt-cheeks. He didn’t answer and flipped me over onto my back. When he saw my trimmed pussy, he sighed heavily and buried his face between my thighs. The familiar warm and ticklish feeling returned to my engorged lips and I decided to not think about him tonguing my ass. Soon those thoughts left my head completely as his tongue lapped away and he began to suck hard on my clit. I forgave him for his little anal mishap when his sucking started to produce shudders and I was literally seconds away from orgasm. He pushed my legs up in the air and I grabbed them at the knee, praying he wouldn’t stop. I was about to gush in his face when his hands grabbed my ass and the index finger of his left hand was literally a quarter inch from my butt-hole and, because of my free-flowing juices, sliding down. It would be bahis şirketleri in my ass within a few seconds.

I lost my concentration as it slipped down and poked into my anus about half an inch. It was withdrawn as quickly as it entered, but it unsettled me. Roger kept licking and sucking at my cunt, but it wasn’t happening. I was still horny as hell and wanted him there, but I didn’t want anything going up my ass, even accidentally. You might say I had a few anal issues.

I grabbed Roger’s hair and pulled him up to me. His big cock slid straight into me as our pubic regions aligned. This was more like it. He started slowly, sliding out almost totally, then giving a long push forward and filling me balls deep. As he slowly fucked me with his long, powerful thrusts, he sucked on my nipples and kissed my neck. After a half hour of this firm but gentle technique, my butt anxieties had all but disappeared. I was so close to climax that one or two powerful thrusts would have me cumming in buckets.

Roger must have sensed this. He grabbed me by the wrists and stretched my arms out wide, pinning me to the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed him into me. His rampant cock plunged right to neck of my womb and my juices were flowing freely over his balls. God it felt so good to be held down by a powerful man and rammed. His pace quickened and suddenly my cunt spasmed wildly and my hips bucked and convulsed in a huge warm and wet orgasm. I cried out in Swahili and shuddered, my breasts trembling against his chest.

This Roger from next door was the only man who had ever made me cum. My first two sex partners were when I was seventeen and had only been interested in getting themselves off. My husband had tried, but, well let’s just say I could have given Meg Ryan a run for her money in that movie When Harry Met Sally. He fell asleep as soon as he shot and I used to go to the bathroom and finish myself off, quietly, with the shower massage.

But since our first encounter, Roger had gotten me off at least once, usually two or three times, every time we’d had sex. The orgasm he had just given me was about 8.8 on the Richter scale. I wanted to do something for him and the thought I’d had earlier of sucking him off properly, swallowing his jizz and all that, returned.

“What do you want, baby, tell me what you want.” I said breathily as I fumbled for his cock.

“Anything you want, Roger, tell me what to do.”

In hindsight, I should have added some parameters to that comment. Roger kissed me hard on the lips. I was stroking his meat with firm movements and looking into his eyes. He had the look on his face like he was getting ready to say something, but holding back.

“Come on, Roger, you tell me what you want.” I said pre-determining that he was going to ask me to suck him off. “Done!” I thought. You’ve earned it Roger. He was starting to speak.

“Do you know what I really want, Carol?” he said nervously.

“Tell me, Roger. Tell me.” I licked my lips.

My heart pounded inside my chest. I was excited at the prospect of, at age thirty-six, giving my first genuine blowjob to a man that deserved it. Then he spoke.

“What I really want, Carol,” he said and cupped a butt-cheek. “Is a shot at that delectable ass of yours.”

My heart stopped for a second. What did he just say? No. He wouldn’t. I asked him to repeat.

“Carol, I want to fuck you in that big beautiful ass!”

I don’t know where it came from, but my hand lashed out and slapped him right in the face. I was insane with rage. What the fuck was it with guys and butt fucking? God damn it. For the sixteen years I was married, nine out of every ten times we had sex, my husband Larry was trying to find a way of getting me to let him stick his stumpy cock up my ass. He left anal porn magazines on my bedside table, rented anal porn videos, made me watch the butter scene from Last Tango In Paris a million times. I’d said no from the first time he asked. It’s disgusting. But he kept asking. That was one of the reasons I’d divorced him. I caught him fucking our female gardener up the ass in the tool shed and he said he did it with her because I was a prude and a shrew and wouldn’t let him do it. All his friends’ wives did it, he said. I was repressed.

Of course there were other issues that killed our marriage, but that anal sex thing was a big deal to me. Now here I was a year after my divorce with a guy I was really starting to feel for. The sex was like nothing I’d ever had before, the companionship was top shelf, our kids got along great and we had so much in common. Now here he was telling me he wanted to fuck my ass just like the sniveling prick I was married to. My rage was white-hot.

“Get the fuck out of my house you fucking pervert!!” Roger looked at me stunned and rubbing his cheek. “What are you, a fag or something? I’ll bet that’s why your wife left you. You kept trying to fuck her in the ass, didn’t you!!”

I felt tears forming in my eyes, but I bit my lip and tried to stay tough. My eyes kept straying down to his still standing cock. The thought of that huge pole going up my butt was terrifying. Roger looked at me, hurt. His voice sounded a long way off when he spoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32