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David becomes Danielle.

Continued from the end of Chapter 01, David’s and Donna’s bedroom, getting ready to go out to dinner, Donna narrating:

I walk back into the bedroom and David is sitting his on my dressing table, with the blue piece of paper in his hand, describing my sexy dream of being with another man. He looks up at me and turns his head to the side like a curious puppy as I enter.

“Donna, what is this?”

~ ~ ~

My eyes widened and I put my hands over my mouth in horror, and say,

“Oh my God David! I never meant for you to see that!”

“Please explain it to me, sweetheart!”

“David, it was just a dream. I felt compelled to jot down the details, but I can’t tell you exactly why I did it. I would like to talk about this, but can we wait until sometime later?”

He has a wry smile on his face, but he refolds the note, places it back on my dressing table and says,

“Okay honey! Take your shower, I’ll take mine, and we’ll go out to dinner. Sound good?”

“Oh, David, it sounds wonderful!” I stop and looking him in the eyes continue, “Honey, don’t think anything about this until we talk, okay?”

“Take your shower Donna!”

“Mmm, want to join me baby?” I say seductively, sounding like a two-dollar hooker.

A slow smile grows on his face, and as he moves quickly toward me, I squeal as we race to the shower. He grabs me and I squeal again like a teenager. We play in the shower as we wash each other, and after he exits and wraps a towel around his waist, I grab the hand-held sprayer and spray him in the face, which ignites a water fight, which David wins handily. His towel is so wet it falls from his body, and he pushes his cock against my stomach as we embrace and kiss passionately.

“Come my little love, let’s get dressed, and go out to dinner.” he says.

We dress and drive at a very nice place. Looking around, I see that we can have some privacy if we want to discuss … things! I say to David,

“Alright honey, ask me anything you wish about that little blue piece of note paper.”

“Well, it seems to be a story where I am dressed as a maid while you make love to someone else. It seems to indicate that I have to serve you both wearing a scratchy pair of net stockings.”

He waits for that to sink in, and continues,

“Is that what you want, Donna?”

“David, we all have fantasies that have no basis in what we would want in reality. It does not necessarily represent what we wish to happen in real life! You can’t control what you dream, David!”

“Yes, but people don’t generally write down the details on a little piece of blue note paper, Donna!”

“Well … okay you have me there. Look David, I did write down my dream to capture all of the details before it vanished like a puff of smoke. So, yeah, I guess on some level, it might be a fantasy situation that I might like.”

My heart is beating out of my chest waiting for his reaction. He is looking at me slowly nodding his head as if he is thinking it through. If he doesn’t say something soon I think I’m going to pee in my pants from nervousness. Then he says,

“How would this work … exactly?”

“Hell David, I don’t know, I never thought that it would ever become reality … It’s just a dream, and I supposed that I wrote it down because it was a little sexy and it … titillated me … a little … I guess. I wrote that note for myself, and hadn’t intended to share it with anyone and almost had a heart attack when I say you holding it.”

“Donna is this a “size” thing? Would you wish to make me … what’s the word … a cuckold?”

“David, you know how deeply I love you! Hell, honey I cry with joy nearly every time you make love to me. I would—”

“Everything good here folks?” a voice says from behind me.

“Yes! Fine!” I say curtly to the waiter interrupting our conversation. After he leaves, I continue in a softer voice,

“I would be lost without you, my darling. I don’t want to lose you over this, but yeah, I do occasionally think about having something, someone bigger um, inside me. I have to tell you the truth David, I do! You are not inadequate in any way, and you always leave me satisfied after sex. I love making love to you and I would never want in a million years to make you … that word!”

I see him taking in every word, and like a good lawyer, evaluating what I say. I reach over, take his hands in mine, and continue with my story.

“It is just a fantasy, like a man wanting to wear silk panties to work, or trying on in his wife’s dress. Yeah, I guess it would be a fantasy of mine to have a larger dick in me just to see what that might feel like.” I quickly add,

“David I am not trying to equivocate; I am trying to be as honest with you as I can darling!”

He looks at me a little dejected and says,

“Would you want to have this often, occasionally, or just once? I have to know what I am up against here.”

“I casino oyna don’t know sweetheart, I am not really sure I want it even once, I’m not a slut honey! But having it once would tell me I guess.” (Shit, I shouldn’t have said that!)

“Let’s just say, for the sake of argument that we decided to do this. How would it work Donna … exactly? I would not want some jerk-off embarrassing me, just because he happens to have a bigger dick. I love you Donna, and I want to make love to you every night I possibly can for the rest of my life. I would love to have children with you some day. But I want my wife to be happy, and I would do whatever is required to make that happen.”

“Okay, and again just for argument’s sake, in my dream it is someone neither of us knows, and will never see again. For all this person knows, you are my maid … I am a well-paid executive, so that is not a stretch. You would be dressed as my maid, perhaps hormone treatment would soften your features, and give you a more womanly shape. I would make love to this person, and if you wanted to watch as you brought drinks or whatever, that would be up to you.”

Before he can react, I quickly continue to clarify things,

“David, I am only describing my dreams because you asked me to, and it does not represent anything I want to really happen. We could go on with our life as it is forever, and I would be the happiest and most fulfilled woman on Earth!”

“You said, ‘dreams’?” He asks.

(I forgot that I am dealing with a Yale lawyer here!)

“Yes David, I did. I said dreams. I have had this dream a few times before. In some iterations of it, my little ‘maid’ would interact with us without betraying her sex, and I would share the man with her. But, in none of the dreams is she ever identified as my husband, or held up to any ridicule or shame. I would kick anyone out the door who would ever hurt or embarrass my sweet husband.”

“So I would interact, or watch, or not, and no one would order me around?”

“Yes David, you would not be a slave and I your mistress or any shit like that. You would just portray a valued employee, free from anyone but me asking you if you would serve us.”

“I have to say that your use of the word ‘us’ is a little unsettling honey. It’s like you and this man are a couple, Donna.”

“Look David, we do not have to do this, and I would be a very happy woman. But, if we did, he would be just a cock … a piece of meat. So maybe I should say that you would serve me and not him or ‘it.'”

“Alright my darling, let’s go down this rabbit hole a little further. How would you meet this guy?”

“David the dream does not cover that! However, if you want to explore a complete fantasy and it is us doing it, let’s just say that we might go to a nice club separately, and I might dance with a few of them, and select one that way. You might even give me a signal either way … thumbs up or down. Hell, you could even dance with me too for that matter, and I would love it if you did.” I took a sip of wine then continued,

“Okay, you would leave after we made our selection, and become my maid by the time I got home. Although the dream takes place in our bedroom, if this became a reality I would want to use the guest room and give the guy some lame-assed excuse as to why. Who would really give a crap what he thinks.”

“Okay, Donna, so where is the escape clause in this agreement?”

“You can say NO! If you ever said no, we would stop it and never worry about it again. You could also say no during the event, and I would send him home immediately. Heck, honey you could change back to David, and chase him out with a baseball bat if things got dicey.”

“Condom, right?”

“Of course! Always, and he would have to shower first.”

“Alright my little love, here is what I propose: We will finish our dinner tonight, and not mention this again or even think about it. We will come back here for dinner two weeks from tonight, and we will talk about it again to see if it is something, we really want to do. Right now, I don’t even want to tell you how I feel about it pro or con until we meet back here in a couple of weeks.”

“Okay David. That sounds good to me. What was it we were talking about again? I don’t remember honey!”

“Good girl! More wine?”

“Yes please, my darling!”

We finish our dinner and on the way home, he asks me,

“Um, we are still going to dig into that little cubby in our closet tonight aren’t we?”

“Yes darling, we are!” I said with a little giggle.

We drove home without another word spoken. But, my mind is going a million miles an hour thinking about what we talked about, and I am sure David’s is too. Are we really going to do this? If I were truly honest with myself, I would have to admit that size does occasionally matter.

In my discussions with my girlfriends and female coworkers, I would say that it matters to most women. And, again being dead-bone honest, canlı casino I would have to say that I am excited about the possibility. My bottom is tingling as we drive home, with the thought of another man’s hands on me, and something larger and harder pushing into me!

As we pull into the garage, I wait for David to open my door—he always does. We cannot wait to get up to the bedroom to dig into David’s treasure trove of new lacy and satiny things. He grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses on the way, and I pull his new duds out of their hiding place in my bedroom closet (which is no longer a hiding place I guess!) I quickly lay them out on the bed, along with some new underthings I bought for myself.

“Wow, honey!” is David’s wide-eyed reaction to the colorful display on the bed.

“Oh darling! Wine! What a delicious idea, thank you my dear!” I giggle and continue, “I can hardly wait to see you in your new things.”

“First things first my dear!” He says as he puts his arms around me and kisses me sweetly.

He starts to unbutton my blouse, and I stop him insisting that he try on some of his new stuff, but he asks me to try on some of my things first, so he doesn’t feel so conspicuous. I agree, and let him undress me. He unbuttons all of my buttons, but leaves the blouse in place while he unzips my skirt, and takes off everything, including my panties. He then slides my blouse off my shoulders. As he reaches around me to undo my bra hooks; I take advantage by giving him a quick buss on the lips.

He smiles, and pulls my bra off and I am naked. He stands back and says, teasing me about telling him that he would make a good girl,

“Hmm, you know, you might make a good boy.”

“David, stop it you brat!” He laughs heartily as I blush … everywhere!

I dress in a new bra and hook on a black lace garter belt, and David helps me with the sheer stockings, getting them on and snapped into the garter straps. I slide on a pair of black silk panties to match my bra, so David can easily remove them later. I slide into four-inch heels and stand eye-to-eye with David.

“Okay, your turn, my darling! Let me undress and then dress you my sweet little doll!”

“I’m all yours Donna, but something tells me that I am going to end up more Barbie than Ken when you are through!”

I laugh at his cute sense of humor, and say,

“Shush! I’ll decide what you will be, so be a good little doll and let me dress you!”

My fingers jitter a little as I unbutton his shirt, pulling it out of his slacks, and throwing it on the bed. His slacks are expensive so I remove them carefully and place them over his dressing valet stand. He takes his socks off while I fold the slacks and I notice that a pair of very male pair of sport boxer briefs with a fly, has replaced his silk panties.

I rub my hand over his bulge as he smiles. His smile turns into a moan when I reach inside them down from the waistband and fondle his sweet cock and balls. His reaction elicits a little giggle from me, then I take hold of the waistband, and pull them down slowly, watching his cock spring out, free of the cotton garment.

“Oh David, I never get tired of playing with your sweet cock!

I couldn’t help putting him in my mouth, giving him a quick blowjob until he groans and comes in my mouth. I rise and open my mouth, showing him his deposit still on my tongue, and then kiss him, pushing some it into his mouth. His eyes widen with surprise and I swallow the rest so I can laugh at him with my hand over my mouth.

He swallows also, and laughs at the joke on him. But, he informs me that I will receive another ten swats on the hiney for being bratty. It is just an excuse to play at spanking me. This is not something he has done before, but I welcome it our menu of sexual activities. Who knows what we might add by then end of things tonight!

My little doll is naked, and needs my help to dress him, so I get to the task straight away. I pick out the reds to go with my blacks: bra, panties, lace garters, and four-inch heels in his size. David has blond hair, so his body hair is also light and rather sparse. This will contribute to making him a pretty girl. I tell ‘him’ that ‘her’ name is going to be Danielle tonight, and ‘she’ will be my servant, but just for tonight. I reach up and kiss ‘her’ on the lips as I feel ‘her’ cock rubbing against my stomach.

“Oh, our little girl is getting very hard, isn’t ‘she’?”

“Yes, ‘she’ is darling, um ma’am!”

‘She’ says, trying out a bit of a soft voice in a higher pitch. I get chills at how real … how feminine it sounds!

“Oh Danielle, you are going to be such a pretty little girl tonight, and momma is going to fuck you so good!” I meant it to be cute, but it comes out a little breathless!

I see Danielle jittering a little as I refer to ‘her’ using ‘her’ new gender, and I know that ‘she’ is turned-on from this. Plus, ‘her’ hard-on is sticking straight out to about four inches. Just kaçak casino to be a tease, I step back a little, put my hands on my hips and say to ‘her’ in a firm voice,

“Touch yourself Danielle!”

‘She’ obeys immediately, starting to stroke ‘herself,’ ‘she’ reacts just as quickly as I tell her to do it faster. “Her’ hand is a blur and I can see the head becoming purple. ‘She’ starts to moan so I drop to my knees and tell ‘her’ to slide it into my mouth.

No sooner does ‘she’ comply, than ‘she’ comes quickly into my mouth with my fingernails of one hand again tickling ‘her’ very sensitive little testicles, and the fingernails of other one digging into her soft, pretty ass.

‘She’ pulls out too quickly and dribbles some of ‘her’ juices onto my chin. I tell ‘her’

“Danielle, lean forward unto the bed!”

‘She’ complies, and I move to my dressing table to get my large wooden hairbrush. I return to my bent-over servant and give ‘her’ just a couple of soft spanks on each of ‘her’ pretty ass cheeks, before I start to laugh with my hands covering my mouth and say,

“David honey, I can’t do this! I make a terrible dominatrix! You name is David again, and you are my sweet man, but I am still going to dress you up as a sweet little girl!”

“Whew, he says. I was getting a little uncomfortable with the dom/sub routine, but I will get you back for that little spanking, my sweet darling!”

“David, let me dress you in your new stuff sweetie. I just did the Danielle stuff to see how that might work.”

As I am talking, my hand is still on his cock as it softens, and it is getting sticky with a little residual cum. He takes my hand, and licks it clean looking straight into my eyes, and I tremble a little. I pick up the garter belt first. I hook it to his slight frame from the front and turn the clasp around to the back. Then I put his bra on and hook that reaching around him. He takes advantage this time by kissing me and I blush.

I ask him to sit as I put his stocking on with his help. I notice the fine hair on his legs and tell him that we will have to get rid of that, even if we don’t do what we talked about at the restaurant. He agrees, telling me that since male runners and swimmers do it, it is not a big deal.

He stands and I help him hook his stockings to the garter straps. The I open a box he hasn’t yet seen, and pull out a beautiful red silk slip—a chemise really—trimmed in red lace, extending nearly to mid-thighs on him. As it slides on over his body, he says,

“Donna, that feels so amazing!”

He stands in the middle of our bedroom dressed from head to toe in lovely red girl-stuff … almost! I say to him,

“Panties or no panties, darling?”

“Um, let’s start out with them and see how it goes.”

He reaches for them and I quickly tell him,

“No, my little doll, I am dressing you!”

I hold them out for him to step into, and then I slide them up his legs, massaging his thighs and his cute ass as I lift them in place. Then I simply have to squeeze his package over the beautiful red silk. I ask him to sit at my dressing table so I can make him up.

“David, I am going to break it down into several easy to remember steps, for you to follow when you need to do it by yourself darling”

“The last thing I want to do is to make you look like a drag queen, so I am picking out some subtle shades that work with your light coloring. I apply a little moisturizer under your eyes for the concealer to glide on, and then crayon the concealer like this in a few light strokes under your eyes to conceal any under eye darkness or shadow and smooth it in. See how easy that is?”

“Okay, this stick is ‘base’ and is applied to the high points of your face, like cheekbones, sides of the nose, and over the brows, and you blend it in with your fingers like this, see? I keep a little moisturizer on my fingers so it glides better. Mmm you are looking prettier already, my little David/Danielle! Then we look at it to see what needs to be perfected and move onto the cream blush!”

“Cream blush?” He asks nervously.

“Yes darling, this stuff. These lovely little things (I pinch his cheeks) are the apples of your cheeks my sweet little girl, we are going to apply it to your apples, and blend it up toward your temples! Next, we make your eyes look beautiful by applying a shimmery cream shadow to your lids, so close your eyes one at a time so you can see what I am doing. Apply it from lids to brows like this.”

“Shimmer, huh?”

“Yes darling! Okay, this stuff is gold cream shadow, and you brush it on like this and I am going to use my finger to get it down to your lids my darling! Now we are going to lengthen and color you lashes. This is mascara, and you apply it with the wand inside the bottle attached to the cap. I use black mascara for my darker colored hair and eyes, but this one over her is what we are using for you my dear. It is brown mascara, and I bought it for you, for your light hair and blue eyes. You can experiment with other colors if you wish later, like green or purple, but let’s start with this.”

“That brush, uh wand … that’s going in my eyes?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32