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Three weeks had passed since my unforgettable tryst with Brad Kendall. Three weeks, and I could not get it out of my mind. The golden glow of his body, slick with sweat, as he pushed in and out of me, the feel of his cock in my hands…I could feel myself slowly going mad with anticipation as each day I waited. He had told me that there would be another time, that he would let me know, but three weeks had passed without so much as a word. Sure, I saw him every day at the office, and we exchanged formalities, but that was it.

As a way to push Brad Kendall out of my mind, I had begun seeing someone else. His name is Anthony Youngstown, or Tony, as he prefers to be addressed. I met him the weekend after my rendezvous with Brad. He’s a go-go boy at the local gay club, Bonerattlers. I took him home the first night, and we proceeded to have hot, mind-blowing sex. Tony is everything I could want in a man, but yet I still find myself pining for Brad. Some nights, as Tony pounds into my body, I almost call out Brad’s name.

A decision had to be made, either I could forget Brad and move on, or I could stir things up on my own. I decided on the latter.

I’m not sure how I mustered up the courage, but somehow I found myself at Brad’s desk at the end of the work day.

He smiled cockily at me. “Back so soon?”

I shifted uncomfortably. I was new in the role of the seducer. Brad had played that part before.

I glanced inconspicuously around, pleased to see that we were alone.

“Brad,” I started, my mouth dry. He just stared at me, waiting for me to continue, his sexy mouth pursed into a grin. “Brad, you said that you would let me know.”

“Let you know what?” He teased. As if he didn’t fucking know.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I-I….need you.”

His grin faded abruptly. “Jesus.” He ran a hand over his hair, tousling it sexily. “What did I tell you, Chris? I told you I would let you know, and I meant it. This is exactly why I never have a trick more than once.”

“It doesn’t have to be like last time,” I explained patiently. “In fact…” My finger traced its way over the bulge in his pants. “I was thinking about inviting a friend.”

He moaned as my hand quickly unbuttoned his jeans. I gripped his penis firmly, feeling its familiar weight once more. It rose in response to my touches. “Oh really,” he struggled for control of his voice. “A threesome…I underestimated you, Chris.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I whispered as my tongue traced over the head of his cock. I tugged his boxer briefs downwards, so that his balls were exposed to my hands. I began sucking in earnest, my tongue darting over his penis head. He pumped his hips in rhythm to my sucking, moaning incoherently. I loved seeing him like this, wanton and out of control. I tugged his balls periodically, staving off his orgasm as long as I could.

When I thought he could take no more, I released his balls, and sucked until I thought my face would fall off. He grunted, his dick quivering. He was about to come. He tried to push my head away, but my mouth latched steadfast to his pulsating casino siteleri cock. I tasted his warm, gentleman’s juice pour over my tongue and down my throat. I loved the taste of his load, it was almost sugar to my mouth. I pulled my head from his cock and kissed him thoughtfully. Traces of his cum were left on his lips, which I licked away.

“We’d better get out of here soon,” I said reluctantly.

“I’m going to the bathroom to clean up.” He rose to his feet, looking me up and down. Care to join me?”

Was he inviting me for more workplace sex? Fuck yeah I wanted to join him.

He directed me to the handicapped bathroom, I imagine it was because the door locked. After locking the door, he pushed me fiercely against the wall, his kisses wet and hot against my mouth, his erection pressing against my hip (he is quite a bit taller than me).

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed this,” I murmured against his lips. He unzipped my pants, allowing my hard penis to spring free.He grabbed the shaft and began running his hand up and down, while his other fingers began to work my asshole. Slowly and painstakingly, his hand ran up and down, and I was reduced once more into simply a vessel of pleasure.

“Uggghhhhhh….” I moaned. I was definitely on the verge of coming.

Without missing a beat, Brad’s head lowered itself to my dick. I’d forgotten just how good at this he is. His warm, wet lips enclosed around my penis head, and he tugged my balls in time to his sucking, all the while fingering my asshole. Suddenly I could take no more, and I exploded in his mouth, he making no move to pull away.

He gave me a moment to recover, and then turned me around. I heard the rustle of a condom wrapper, and soon felt cold lube on my asshole. He inserted a finger, always considerate, and then I felt a momentary stab of pain as he pounded his cock into my ass. I felt his teeth lightly trace over the back of my neck, and he continued to play with my balls.

“I’d forgotten how tight and sexy you are,” he whispered against my neck. “Definitely in my top ten,” he said as his dick moved in and out of my opening. I moaned in response, he having already hit my sensitive prostate gland. He pushed me harder against the wall, so that our angle was changed slightly. We moaned simultaneously at this new sensation. I felt my vision blur slightly, and I came once again, my semen trailing over the wall. Brad moaned, and I felt his cock quiver in my ass, as he rode out his orgasm, his dick pumping intensely into my asshole. He pulled out immediately, and I had to stifle a cry of protest at having his warm manliness pulled out of me.

The both of us breathing heavily, Brad leaned nonchalantly against the wall and pulled out a cigarette. “So what time are you and your friend coming over tonight?” He asked casually, as he blew smoke in the air.

“Probably in a couple of hours.He doesn’t have to work tonight, and I’m fairly certain he will be up to the idea. Pun intended.” “Good.”

We both left the office after that, and each went our separate ways. Almost exactly three hours canlı casino later Tony and I were knocking on Brad’s door.

Brad opened the door immediately, clad only in a pair of jeans, looking beautiful as ever. I saw Tony’s face take on his infamous “fuck-me” look that I’m always teasing him about.

“So,” Brad started, looking Tony up and down. “You must be Tony.”

“Damn right.” Tony replied, practically licking his lips. Brad noticed, of course, and nodded his approval.

“Well, boys, I’d say let’s get to the fucking.” Standing right in front of us, he unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Like a couple of dogs, we followed him obediently to his bedroom, our clothes falling behind us. Upon reaching the bedroom, Tony pushed Brad forcefully on to the bed, and immediately began sucking him off. Not one to be left out, I positioned myself behind Tony, so that I had full access to his ass. Spreading apart his cheeks, I slowly began licking around his asshole. He moaned in response, and I stuck my tongue in and out to tease him. One hand stroked his perineum, making him squirm in response. I snuck a look at Brad’s face, his head thrown back in ecstasy as Tony continued to blow him. Wanting to stir things up a bit, I reached my other hand over to Brad’s cock. I could tell he was close. I continued to lick Tony’s asshole, occasionally flicking his balls. They were both close. Suddenly, Tony pulled his head away from Brad’s cock, and we were both sprayed with cum. I quickly reached my hand over to Tony’s penis, and began jerking him off in earnest.

“Ughhhghghghghgh…..” Tony practically screamed, as his intense orgasm erupted all over Brad’s chest. Even though no one had been jerking me off, I was hard as hell just from watching them come.

Brad saw my need, and lowered his head to my engorged cock. He slowly licked the pre-cum from the tip, his other hand teasing over the shaft. I felt Tony position his weight behind me, and heard the rustle of a condom. Tony spit in my asshole, and I felt his warm saliva drip down my ass. I moaned loudly as Brad grabbed my balls, all the while feeling Tony’s stiff cock enter my asshole. It was almost a sensory overload, having Brad blow me while Tony fucked my ass. It was too much, and I came quickly, my semen exploding into Brad’s mouth. He swallowed eagerly, licking the remaining traces of cum from the head of my dick. Tony continued pumping in and out of my ass, occasionally inserting a finger next to his dick to stretch my asshole. I felt his cock quiver as he came, and he pulled out and lay on the bed, his need sated.

I saw Brad do the same, and he lit up a cigarette to accompany the gesture.

“Not bad, boys.” He admonished us.

I suddenly had the eeriest feeling that we were being watched, and looking into the doorway, I saw that this was so.

He stood there, looking us over, amusement in his eyes. He couldn’t have been older than eighteen, and was very skinny, very blond, and very pale. And I thought I was a twink. He was definitely a bottom.

“You didn’t tell me you were having company kaçak casino tonight, Brad,” he said teasingly.

Brad gripped Tony’s penis, which began springing to life once again. “There’s a lot I don’t tell you.” Seeing the confusion in our eyes, he released his grip on Tony’s cock. “How rude of me. Boys, this is Jack. Jack, these are Mr. and Mrs. Goodfuck, respectively.” It figures that I would be the Mrs.

Jack quickly shrugged off his clothes, and practically attacked Brad. Their kisses were hot and full of need, and I think they may have forgotten that we were there. Jack rose to his knees, tracing his stiff cock over Brad’s chest. Brad flipped him over to his back, his mouth latching to Jack’s dick. He sucked him hard, a hand running up and down the shaft while the other tugged his balls. Jack moaned in response, his hands tangling themselves in Brad’s hair.

I stole a glance at Tony, who appeared to be enjoying the show. I for one, felt like quite the voyeur.

With a final cry of pleasure, Jack’s face contorted and his hips pumped rhythmically in time to Brad’s sucking. Brad pulled his mouth away, his lips making a pop as they unlatched from Jack’s member. His mouth shiny with cum, he kissed Jack hard on the mouth. He glanced over at us, seemingly glad that we had been watching.

We all just sat there for a few minutes, the each of us recovering from so much sexual exertion. Brad passed around a joint, and we all took a drag, except for Jack, who declined.

“So,” Tony said, taking another long drag of pot before passing it back to Brad. “When do we do this again?”

Brad glanced at me, his mouth pursed into a sardonic grin. “Your friend here will let you know. Won’t you, Chris?”

I nodded eagerly, my head feeling slightly cloudy. Whether from sex or pot, I’m still not sure.

“Well,” Brad reached a hand to both Tony’s penis and mine. I felt my cock stir to life once again. “I hate to cut this evening short, but I’ve got work to finish.” He squeezed my penis harder, but then let it spring free.

I rose unsteadily to my feet, Tony quickly following suit. Grabbing our clothes off the floor, we proceeded to dress as we made our way to the door. Brad, still naked, followed us there, reminiscent of my last evening spent at his apartment. I told Tony I would be out in a second, and he closed the door behind him.

“Brad,” I started, but he cut me off.

“Next time let me make the first move. I told you I’d let you know, and I would have.”

“But-” I protested.

“Every relationship has its arrangement, Chris. Ours is no different.”

“But you had fun.”

He chuckled. “Undoubtedly. I just don’t want you to start getting any ideas about us. As a rule, I never fuck anyone twice, except for young Jack of course. But for you,” he traced a finger down my chest, “I’m willing to make an exception. If you play by the rules.” His hand dropped.

“I will, Brad. I swear.”

He nodded, and I walked out the door, giving an envious glance back to the bedroom where Jack awaited Brad’s return. The lucky bitch. But I was willing to play by any rules, if it meant getting fucked by Brad Kendall every few weeks. Tony was waiting for me, and we walked to the elevator together. We both smelled like sex and sweat, and for right now that would be enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32