Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 22

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Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 22Part 22The taste of cum and her sweet saliva was so good. Feeling her soft tongue twirl around mine was just the best feeling. I was for real kissing the women I had a crush on for a while now. It was magical. Mmmm, I open the buttons on her beige silk shirt and pop one of her big breasts out of her black bra. We stopped kissing and we were both breathing heavily from the excitement.”Wow, Caroline…you’re a really good kisser. Please untie me, sweety!”I got up and untied her hands and feet from the bedposts, but the pantyhose were still tied around her wrists and ankles. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her. Then she unzipped my dress on the side and pulled it down. The pretty red dress hit the floor exposing me standing there in my black corset with garter straps holding my black nylon stockings with the pretty red dots, bulging the red see-through panties with my tiny erect dick.”Oh, you look amazing, Caroline! I’ve been waiting for some time watching that pretty girly dick of yours! It turned me on so much when I watched your live streams, and I masturbated with you all the way, princess!”I blushed as she moved to the edge of the bed with me standing right in front of her. She put her pretty hands on my hips. Oh god, they are so soft. One of her hands finds my balls and gently squeezes them through my red thong.”Mmm Ahh…I can’t believe you’re telling me this, Lauren! I’ve been watching you! Fantasizing about you as I masturbate my tiny dick and dreaming about sucking your pretty nylon toes!” I felt my thong drop down to the floor exposing my pre-cummed tiny dick right at her.”Ha-ha…! You little pervert girl! You’re really into sucking my dirty sweaty nylon feet?”My dick was getting touched all over as her fingers explored and caressed it. “AH…Ah…Yes, I do!” I nodded as she fumbled with my tiny erect dick.”I knew and saw on the live streams that you liked to wear nylons, tights, pantyhose or stockings. But never thought you had a pantyhose foot fetish like that. He-he!”Oh god, I loved her laugh and smile, and Lauren was playing with my dick Oh yes.”Tell me why you love them? And what would you do with them? I’d love to know!”I blushed again. “I…I…like that they look a bit similar to mine, just a size bigger. Those slender toes in nylons are enough to make me erect in 2 seconds!”She looked down at my nylon feet. “Your feet are very beautiful, Caroline. So I guess mine is as well if you say they look similar? Mmmm…nice to know. What else?” She jerked me a bit faster.”Ahh…And…Ahh…! I love the scent of your sweaty nylon toes! Thinking about those pretty toes in your pretty heels walking around the office, getting all moist in your pretty nylon pantyhose…! Oh god, Lauren…Mmmm!”She again started laughing “Ha-ha-ha, but they are dirty! So I guess you already smell my sweaty nylon toes!?”I felt a bit humiliated, but coming from Lauren just turned me on. “I did more than that, madam! Ahh…I…sucked your nylon toes…And…AH…they are so fucking tasty…Madam, AH!”She smiled at me, “Mmmm…I like that you still have the discipline and respect to behave like a good little maid! Mmmm…My…Pretty little maid. Yess…! Sit down on your knees and show me how you smell my nylon toes!”I didn’t hesitate one bit. I quickly got on my knees and she stretched her one leg with her heel still on. She was staring at me so much, and my body was shaking with pleasure. I put both of my hands around her cum-covered nylon thighs and slid my fingers down her legs and all the way down to her heel. Popping it off with one finger. Flop! Instantly, the same sweet sweaty smell of her nylon foot raised from her heel. And I of course sniffed her heel again as I closed my eyes. “Ahh…Lauren, I love your scent!” I opened my eyes and we stared at each other. I pick up her nylon foot and planted my nose right in-between her nylon toes. I took as big sniffs as I could as I watched those pretty eyes of hers.”He-he, it tickles! God, I can’t believe you are doing that! Ha-ha…smelling my dirty nylons! Kinda looks sexy though!”Her toes wiggled between my nose as her laughter got quieter. That nylon foot looked amazing seeing the light shine through the nylons as she started spreading her lovely toes.”Keep sniffing my dirty scent from my nylon foot…can’t have my feet smelling bad to the meeting tomorrow!”I sniffed in-between all her nylon toes and up and down her foot.”Ohh yes, Madam…Mmmm. Lauren, your feet have the best odour!”She stretched both of her nylon feet in my face. “Look at my dirty nylons…Bad maid! You made that guy cum over my nylon foot as I was passed out, didn’t you?”I started sniffing that cum-covered foot as I nodded.”You like licking cum off my dirty nylon feet? ‘Cause I only see dried stains! But I know what cums look like on clothes. Remember, I’ve got a son, so I’ve seen my share of cum stains. Stick your tongue out!”I blushed and stuck my tongue out for her.”Clean my nylon foot!” She moved her nylon feet from her heel and up to her toes just grinding her soles on my tongue. I immediately started licking them as a little dog. “I can see you have done that before! It really turns my little bad maid on so much!”Her words just made my heart racing, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I had to have her watch me as I sucked her nylon toes. I grabbed her foot and just swallowed the cum-covered nylon big toe.”Mmmm…Mmmm…Mmm…Lauren…” I said with my mouth full of her big toe. I looked at her face and she looked surprised. Then as I started sucking the other nylon toes, she was looking intensely at me as I suck them.”Oh…Yess…Seeing you just eating my stinky nylon feet like that. Mmmm…Is turning me on…Ah!”Oh my god, this was so freaking hot. I changed to her other foot and just kept on sucking those tasty, lovely, angelic nylon toes. I felt her toes wiggle inside my mouth. I swirled my tongue in-between her nylon. Mmmm, cleaning them so good.”AH…Uh…Caroline…That feels fucking…AHH…Kinky! AH!”I wanted this to last forever, but she pulled me up in bed to her. She pushed me back and I landed by her nylon toes again. My erect penis stood straight up. I then saw those soaked pretty nylon toes wrap around my tiny penis, and moved them gently up and down. I pointed my nylon toes of sheer pleasure, and to my surprise, I felt her hand rubbing my nylon feet. “OHH…Lauren’s pretty nylon feet…AHH…On my dick! Oh god…! Arghh…! Mmmm!” I moaned so hard and looked at her pretty smile as her feet stroked my dick faster and faster.”I’ve waited so long to play with you! Walking around in your pretty dresses and pantyhose teasing all the men, and me for that matter! I fucking love that pretty necklace on you, my little fancy slut maid! Watching Jan fuck that tight pussy of yours, having no clue you had a tiny femi dick! Mmmm, Caroline!”Her nylon feet squeezed my tiny dick harder and intensified the best feeling. I felt my tiny dick throbbing between her wet nylon toes. “Fuck…I’m going to…AHH…Cum…! ARGHH!!!”My tiny dick shot a huge load of sperm in the air and fell right down on Lauren’s nylon feet. Then my dick just kept oozing more cum out.”AHH…Lauren…Stop Mmmm…AHH god!” But she kept on squeezing my tiny dick.”Mmmm…you dirty little girl! Now you need to clean them again…Ahh…Bad girl, Caroline…””Ah…Ah…Yes Madam…Of course!” I got on my knees in bed and swallowed her lovely cum-covered feet in my mouth again.”Mmmm Caroline…You’re the best maid I ever had. Oh, you like cleaning my dirty nylon feet. Ahh…”I sucked and cleaned her pretty nylon feet for another 10 minutes and swallowed my own cum. After that, I laid beside her in bed and she held her arms around me. And my face was right between those nice big breasts of hers. Oh, she smelled so lovely, and the nice odour of her perfume and sweaty breasts. It reminded me so much of Margret, mmmm.”That was a nice surprise, Caroline. I knew you were a bit kinky, but this sucking my nylon feet really turns you on like crazy! I like that I’ve got a maid that worships my dirty nylon toes. Something intriguing about it. I can’t believe you made 2 guys cum over me! Wish I could have seen it!”I got up and took my phone from the chair. I played the video and gave my phone to her to watch. I laid beside her again.”You recorded it? Nice…Mmm…Caroline, you knew I would like that. My naughty little maid. Let’s watch it!”I put my mouth over her nice nipple and sucked it good. I heard myself in the video. “Mmmm…look at those cocks. Nice!”Then the 2 guys spoke, “Holy fuck…she touching me…AH!”She held my phone with one hand, and with the other, brushed her fingers through my newly coloured dark red hair.”Mmmm, Caroline. You make them so hard so quick!”I sucked her sweet-tasting nipple harder. I then heard myself again, “Mmmm…so nice and hard already. Let’s go to the bridesmaid’s room!”She laughed a little “He-he! And who is this bridesmaid I wonder?”I put 2 fingers in her pussy and started playing with it. She continued on with the video.”What a beauty! Look at that pussy…it’s got a vibrator in it! Fuck yess…Ahh! She must be kinky!”Lauren was moaning gently.”Argh…I’m gonna cum on her pretty face!” the other guy said.”Oh god, yess. What a nice load all over my sleeping face. Ahh…”She was turning me on so much again. I pulled my fingers out and moved in-between her legs again and started sucking her clitoris.”Ohh fuck yess…! Look at your beautiful lewd face sucking that cock…AH…! istanbul escort AH!”I felt her nylon thighs shaking a bit and her pussy leaked even more juice for me to suck. I heard the guy I sucked cum in the video, “ARGHH…AH…! Ouhhh…”Lauren bent her knees and felt her nylon feet on my back of corset. “Ahh…Caroline, I bet you loved that cum over…AHH…My nylon legs…AH!?”I nodded and just kept on going sucking her delicious clitoris. Then I spoke in the video again, “Good! Then this time, you bathe her nylon foot here with you cum, understood? And you keep recording it all, ok?””Mmmm, Caroline…I like how you keep those boys in check…Ahh! You like sucking those cocks I see!? AH, my little cocksucking slut…! Bite my clit gently…Mmm!”I gently bit her soaking wet clitoris between my teeth.”ARGHH…YES…! FUCK! AHH!”Her pretty nylon legs started shaking like crazy, and the next thing I know is that she locked my head between her thighs and she squirted like a fountain right in my mouth. Ohh yess, her lovely juices squirted right in my mouth, and I just drank it all as she kept on screaming…”AHH…AHH…God YES…! Mmmm ARGH!!!”I felt her loosen her grip with her lovely nylon thighs and I kept on licking that soaked pussy like a little cat drinking its milk.”Ahh…Caroline…! Mmmm…you dirty little slut…Ah…! I haven’t cum like that in years…! Wow!”Again, it reminded me of Margret’s tasty pussy. Oh god, I missed the taste of a nice pussy squirting. And Lauren just had the best taste. “Mmmm, Lauren, you have such a sweet and rich taste of beautiful pussy nectar!”She laughed, again her beautiful laugh just gave me butterflies in my stomach. “Ha-ha, Caroline…crazy girl! Who says stuff like that? Mmmm…that’s why I love you!”I looked up at her, and was a bit baffled over what she just said. I crawled on top of her and her big breasts pressed against my firm breasts. I looked her right into her pretty eyes. “What did you just say?”She looked at me all serious, and brushed her fingers through my newly dark red coloured hair. “I love you, Caroline!”I closed my eyes and instantly kissed her. So deeply and passionately a kiss, and I could feel electric sparks flying through my body all the way to my nylon toes. Our kiss slowly stopped and I opened my eyes and stared into hers, as I said, “I love you too, Lauren!” I dropped down beside her and laid my head on her shoulder, just enjoying the perfect moment of pure happiness, as a teardrop left my eye. We didn’t say anything else and both fell asleep in each other’s arms.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~”Caroline…! Shit…we overslept!”I instantly woke up and I saw Lauren jump out of bed and into the bathroom, and heard the shower turn on. I quickly ran into my room and went to take a shower too. I took my necklace off and jumped in the shower. Then I soaped my body and cleaned my pussy too. I got out of the shower and dried myself and Lauren just came inside.”Did you go shopping yesterday? There’s a lot of Wolford bags in there!”I then dried my hair and we both stood naked. “No. It’s a present from Roger. Do you know the man that you set me up for a date with?””So you’re saying that he gave you the necklace and all those too? There are like 5 pairs of Louis Vuitton’s too?!”I nodded, “Yes actually 6 pairs, but who’s counting, he-he! There is something else, but maybe we can talk it over tonight, maybe over a nice dinner?”She looked at me a bit funny. “Sure, but we’ve gotta hurry! We need to be at the factory in half an hour! Jonas is already down in the lobby waiting!”I didn’t know I had to go to, and it frightened me a bit because I knew Roger would be there. “You really need me to come with you?””Yes…now quickly get dressed. I’m taking a pair of the Wolford pantyhose since you used all of mine for our kinky play last night!”My stomach twisted a bit. I wasn’t that keen on going, but what could I do?”Sure, Lauren. Could you try on some nude Neon 40 pantyhose in that coca colour? They would look beautiful on your legs!”She nodded, and I saw her walking over to the bags of Wolford, looking through them. She grabbed a pair and went into her own room again. The only clothes I got besides my fancy dress from yesterday are all my Wolford clothes. I was getting excited just looking at all those nice quality clothes. I found a pair of nylon pantyhose and quickly put them on as I knew we had to go. They were called ‘Georgia Tights’ and were nude nylon pantyhose with a decorative floral design going from the toes to just above the knee, in white opaque. The waistband just felt perfect around my stomach. I then found a nice sleeveless white opaque bodystocking also with a nice see-through net pattern on it. ‘Isabella string body’ it was called – it felt and looked amazing. You could almost see my nipples through. Like always, my nipples poked the nice soft fabric. At last, I found a skirt named a ‘black golden’ skirt. I loved the cut on that and it had a zipper going almost from my belly button to one side of my knee. I then lookedthrough the boxes with Vuitton’s and found the black classic pointy high-heels with the red soles. I put them on and went to see myself in the mirror in the bathroom. I looked so good and just got it confirmed when Lauren again entered the bathroom and was all ready to go.”Wow, Caroline. You look beautiful!”I then saw her in a blue dress with a black suit jacket on top and her legs shimmering in the light in those pretty nude Wolford pantyhose, and blue high-heels.”Oh god, Lauren…you look so freaking hot too! I love the nudes on you!”She looked down at her legs and made a little pose. “He-he, thanks, Caroline. They feel so soft. Anyway, we can do our makeup in the car on the way there. Let’s move!”I filled my purse with my powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a light pink lipstick. I grabbed my phone and put on my burgundy coat I’d gotten from Lauren and off we went. I saw Jonas sitting there in the lobby, and Lauren just greeted him like normal.”Hi, Jonas. Let’s go to the meeting!” like nothing happened yesterday. But I couldn’t forget that he tried to force Lauren against her will.”Yes, hurry up. Hi, Caroline!”I didn’t even answer him, and just made a hissing sound like a cat.Again, Lauren just laughed it off. “Don’t mind her, Jonas. She just got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning!”Lauren’s eyes gave me this look, and I knew what it meant. Behave or else! I, of course, nodded and behaved. We got in the car and did our makeup and went to the factory to the meeting.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~We arrived at the factory – it looked like a big hangar for planes. It even had its own runway and a small track. Jonas opened the door for Lauren and she stepped out, I followed her closely. There were a lot of different expensive cars standing in line, from Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Bentley. But I saw this car I’d only seen on the net before. I looked at the badge as we walked past it. Koenigsegg. Wow, it was absolutely beautiful. Jonas led us inside the factory and there were even more cars.We walked past the workshop where mechanics worked on some cars. One saw me and he quickly spoke to the others. I saw them whispering and they were full-on looking at me. So much so that I think I stopped the production for a moment! I blushed and kept close to Lauren. This workshop was so clean, you could eat from the floor. The smell of paint, revving cars, and gasoline was so good.Then we entered a meeting room. There were a lot of people inside. Including Noah. He came over and greeted me. “Hi, girl. Holy moly, what an outfit! Love the pantyhose. Freaking supermodel I tell ya. I love it!” He kissed me once on each cheek.I blushed because the other guys were staring at me. One even stood with his jaw open. The guy next to him gave him the elbow. “Dude…Stop!”He shook his head like he’d snapped out of his stare and instead smiled at me.Lauren sat down at the big conference table and took out documents from her briefcase. I was about to sit down next to her. “No Caroline. You need to serve the drinks. Whatever people want, you go get it from the kitchen next door!”I quickly stood up behind her and kept my mouth shut.The other guys sat down at the table too. Noah came over to Lauren and whispered to her. “Hey, Lauren. Let Caroline sit down. People can get their own drinks!”But Lauren shook her head.I gently touched Noah’s shoulder and said, “It’s ok, Noah. Thanks though!”Lauren handed me a piece of paper and a pencil. “Take people’s orders. Don’t just stand there, Caroline!”I quickly grabbed the pencil and paper and walked to the other side of the table and asked the guys what they wanted. “What would you guys like to drink?”One of the guys asked Noah, as I felt the other 8 guys just looking me up and down. I totally blushed again. “Hey, boss. Can we get a beer?”Noah seated himself beside Lauren. “Sure, but only one!”He gave Noah the ‘thumbs-up’. “Thanks, boss. I think we all take a beer!”I nodded politely “So that’s 8 beers in total?”I heard some of the guys whisper to each other. “Man, look at those sexy legs!”, “Her nipples are freaking hard!” Then another said, “Yeah, so is my dick!” And they burst into laughter.My face turned red, but I liked it. Knowing their dicks get hard for me. “8 beers, coming right up guys. You want anything, Lauren and Noah?”Lauren looked at me, “Just a bottle of water, thanks!””Let me get a beer also, sweetie!”I walked into the kitchen and saw a tray with avcılar escort a lot of sandwiches and put them on a cart. I was about to open the fridge when I saw Max and Celina walk in, followed by Roger and Jonas.Roger saw me and gave me a hug. “Hello, Caroline. Hope you slept well?”I nodded and smiled. “I did. Thanks!” I then continued taking beers and a bottle of water from the fridge, and also placed them on the cart. “What do you guys want to drink?”Jonas looked surprised that Roger knew me and said “How do you know her?”Roger answered pretty quickly, “I don’t need anything to drink. Max and Celine, take the drinks into the conference room!”Max pushed the cart into the room were the others sat, with Celine. “Listen, Jonas…I respect you, and we need each other for this racing team to happen. But how I know Caroline is my business. You make our cars and bring the pit crew. I got drivers and the money to make this happen. You got that?”He shut his mouth pretty quickly and just nodded…”Leave us. I need a word with Caroline!”…and he left the kitchen too.Roger took my hands. “Holy shit, Caroline. You look absolutely stunning today! You need to make clothes like that too…but focus on the pantyhose first! I think you need to make similar ones to what you’ve got on today on your pretty legs. You like the shoes?”I smiled and blushed. “Thank you, Roger. I love them…they are so comfy to walk in. Everybody in there is staring at me. And I kinda like it!”He laughed. “Ha-ha. You naughty girl. Of course, they are looking. You’re an angel walking the earth!”I giggled and blushed. “Mmmm, thanks, Roger!”Roger looked sharp today in a pair of black suede suit pants and a light blue shirt on which fit him tightly. You could just see that ripped body underneath.”So, you need to see the logo for your pantyhose brand! And I changed the name to pantyhose instead of hosiery. Because that is what you love, right? I don’t see you in leggings, footless pantyhose or even knee-high socks. Plus, it sounds much more personal! I got these pictures from one of your live stream videos, so hope you like it. I had my graphic designer come up with it after you fell asleep yesterday!” He pulled an A5 piece of paper out of his suitcase, unfolded it and showed me.I loved it. How did he get the picture so good? I could see I had some work done too! I still liked the pink, But I was a bit scared of what all the guys in the racing team would think!”Wow…I really like the lace. But maybe the pink is too much?! Don’t get me wrong, I really like it. But I’m afraid of what the guys gonna think about it!” And I also felt kinda scared what Lauren would say.He smacked me ass.”Ah…” I blushed and he smiled at me.”Only one way to find out!” And then he walked in the conference room.I didn’t want to walk in with him. I became so embarrassed. Now the whole racing team was gonna watch their sponsors being about pantyhose! I listened closely through the door, and I could hear everything loud and clear. Roger sounded so cool and collective…”Hello everybody, and welcome to this first meeting. Let me just say I’m excited and it’s gonna be a privilege working with all of you! Let me introduce Jonas and Noah…they are going to build our Mercedes AMG GTR racing cars. A total of 4 cars are going to be built for this season. The drivers are both fast girls…Shirley Hase and Dianna Smith!”It came as a pretty big surprise that it was girls, in such a macho masculine racing world. I heard claps from the guys in the room.”Shh…Quiet down. Jonas and Noah have been training with the pit crew for a month now. And I’m sure we be ready to take on the GT3 Class! Now, last, but not least is our sponsor for this racing team!”I felt my heart beating out of my chest almost. And sure enough, I heard my new company.”It is Caroline. With her newly formed brand of pantyhose. Caroline’s Secret Pantyhose. Give her a round of applause!”I couldn’t move, but I heard them all clapping. Roger opened the door to the kitchen – I just stood there. He took my hand and led me inside next to him. I saw my logo on a big poster, with 2 sketches of those Mercedes GTR’s with a pink tone livery, with my legs going down the side of the cars. My face turned bright red. This was really happening. I looked at Lauren – and she was not even clapping – she just stared at me with a pissed look upon her face. Not gonna lie, those cars looked freaking awesome. Those 2 female drivers looked hot on the pictures. The clapping stops…”So does anyone have questions? Now is the time to ask them!”One of the mechanics asked Roger “When are we going to get those 4 trucks for all our tools and the cars? We need to know how to lay it all out. And that’s gonna take a while!””Good question! I follow up on that. I ordered them 8 months ago. But I’ll get on it after the meeting. I let you know as soon as I know. Any more questions?”I heard some others starting asking him stuff, but Lauren came over and pulled me into the kitchen. She whispered so the others didn’t hear us…but she was angry.”When the fuck would you let me know that you just got a pantyhose company overnight? It would have been nice to know before the meeting!”I felt ashamed. “But we had such good fun last night. And then this morning, we were late. I didn’t have time to tell you!””Arghh…! How could you do this to me? Now there are all sorts of new legal documents I need to write up for you! So Roger was the big investor that Jonas and Noah had?! I guess he was the one that was your biggest fan?”I nodded as I blushed.”Fuck! And then he just gave you a pantyhose company?”Noah came into the kitchen. “Hey, what’s the problem here?”Lauren walked back and forth in the kitchen. “Did you know anything about that the racing team would get sponsored by a pantyhose company? And it is fucking Caroline’s?””Well, Roger kinda told us that he had a surprise sponsor. And if we didn’t accept it, he would find another company for building his race cars! Lauren, who gives a shit if it’s a pantyhose brand? I actually think is pretty cool! Finally, something else than just those regular big-money sponsors! It’s an opportunity to be different! What are you so mad about, Lauren? This is a huge deal for us! And as our lawyer, you be well busy and very well paid!”She calmed a bit down. “You’re right! Maybe I get a bit riled up for nothing!”Noah took a water bottle from the fridge. “Why don’t you 2 go back to the hotel and I’ll send you the paperwork, Lauren? So you can look it over in peace? More important that you guys have a serious talk! I’ll stop by tomorrow with the papers!”Lauren answered him. “Yes…Yes. That may be better. Thank you, Noah!”Lauren walked into the conference room and packed her stuff. I saw Roger still answering questions and I walked up to him And whisper in his ear. “We’re gonna go, Roger. There is some stuff I need to talk to my boss about!”He looked at Lauren and knew that she was my boss. “Ok. No problem. Here, take my car, and I’ll meet you in your hotel room later. There’s still a lot of things we need to go over here!” He put a pair of keys in my hand.I picked up my coat and me and Lauren left the conference room. We walked through the factory and Lauren started talking again.”I’m disappointed in you, Caroline!”We walked out of the front door.”I’m so sorry, Lauren, but I didn’t know how I could tell you!” I looked at the keys – and I’d seen that logo before. I pressed the button and the Koenigsegg’s ‘turn signal’ lit up with small flashes. It was a beautiful silver grey with 2 light blue stripes over the car. Of course, it was his car. Lauren knew what it was.”No! Are you fucking k**ding me? He gave you the keys to his Koenigsegg One:1? That’s fucking insane!”Her disappointment in me turned into a fascination of the car. I walked over to it and opened the door. It looked so cool inside. I sat down on the edge and let my bum into the seat and pulled my legs inside. I close the door and Lauren got in as well.”Wow…This is so freaking cool, Caroline!”I looked at Lauren. “I don’t know if I wanna drive it!”Lauren pressed the start button and the car roared like a freaking lion. “Argh…! That sounds so wild!”We put our seatbelts on, and I slowly pressed the gas paddle with my foot. But I kinda jumped because of my heels. I stopped the car and took off my heels and gave them to Lauren. Lauren took them and held them in her lap. I pressed down again with my pantyhose foot and this time it drove much smoother. We got onto the road and the car was pretty easy to drive. But I pressed a little too hard on the paddle and the whole car slid sideways.”Arghh…This car is insane!”I saw Lauren press a button. “This is one b**st of a machine. And I feel privileged just to be in one!” Lauren said.On the dashboard, I could see it change from ‘Racing Mode’ to ‘Comfort Mode’, and that felt so much better. It still sounded great, and driving it through the mountains and tunnels was absolutely amazing.We both just enjoyed the ride, but then Lauren said. “So you don’t wanna be my maid anymore? Now you’re gonna start your own brand of pantyhose? Then I’m not good enough for you?””I do, Lauren. But Roger just gave me this opportunity to make something more of myself than just being a maid!”She looked out of the car window and I felt that she still was angry. “So you don’t wanna be around me anymore? You trying to get away from me?””No! You think that? After the fun, we had last night? I want you in my life, Lauren!”She turned around quickly şirinevler escort and looked at me. “Really? You really mean that?”Lauren seemed very excited and she acted more like a little k** that just got her biggest wish granted than a strict lawyer boss that knew how to run things in a dominated way! I knew why she got so angry now. She was afraid I was going to leave her. But I guess she didn’t know how much I liked her.”Of course I mean that, Lauren! I think we need to change some things, but I’m not going anywhere!”~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~We got to the hotel. Lauren handed me my heels. I opened the door, put my feet over the edge of the car, put my heels on, and got out. A valet came around to my side.”This is Mr. Rogers’ car. If you make a scratch on it, you’re done!” I looked at his nametag. “You got that, Christian?”He nodded and took the key. He drove the car in parking basement, and me and Lauren walked up to my room. I took my coat off and made Lauren her ‘bourbon on the rocks’, and took a glass of champagne for myself. She has seated herself on the sofa. I picked up the contract and handed it to her with her bourbon.”Thanks, Caroline. So this is it? Your company deal with Roger?” She took a big sip from her bourbon and put the glass down on the sofa table and looked it through. I drank some of my champagne and couldn’t stop starring at her stunning legs in those Neon 40 pantyhose in that sweet coca colour. “Wow…5 million dollars. You know why he is giving you this?””He told me that I was something special and that he wanted to be a part of my life in some way. He thought about what would make me happy, and as he has seen my live streams, well he knew how much I like pantyhose!”Lauren glanced at me and then back at the contract. “So did he fuck you last night?””No, that’s just it. He really didn’t. He is a real gentleman, And I feel I get respect from him!”Lauren put the contract on the table, took her drink and drank the rest of it. “So what now? Are you in love with him? What is your plan?””Are you jealous, Lauren? You are the one who set me up with him. Right, Lord?” I drank the rest of my champagne and walked over to the bar and poured some more in my glass.”But I didn’t know that Roger was your number 1 fan until we got to the meeting this morning!””Well you maybe should have done more research about him than just selling me like a fucking whore! And now that he is the investor in the racing team and is giving me the chance to make something of myself! And now you get your feelings hurt? You sold me and made a lot of money from those streams. Don’t fucking deny that!” I saw her getting pretty upset.”I know I’m a terrible human being, Caroline. It’s just from the moment I saw you walking in the cafe when I hired you, I just saw this cute girl that could get every straight man in the world. I got jealous and used you! Then when I found out that you had a dick, I got even more fascinated that a girl like you could still get a straight man to fuck your sweet pink ass! It got me so turned on, making money of you seeing you like that. I often wish I was you getting fucked like that. The more I saw you, the more I realized that I was starting to love you!” She started crying.I sat down next to her on the sofa and put my hand around her.”I’m sorry for what I did to you, Caroline! Don’t leave me!”I put one finger under her chin and lifted her head. “Shhh…Lauren. Wanna hear something funny? I love you too! i told you that. So I’m not going anywhere!”Her pretty eyes stared into mine and I gently moved in for a kiss. And oh boy, I loved kissing this woman. Feeling her tongue gently swirl around mine. Her kiss made my tiny dick erect. We stopped our kiss and put our foreheads together.Lauren asked me. “Can you forgive me, Caroline?”I hugged her. “Of course I can! You may be a little sick perverted woman, but I didn’t say I didn’t like it!”She made like a sobbing laugh. “Ha…You are a crazy girl, Caroline!””Mmmm, yes. So are we like girlfriend and girlfriend now?”She giggled. “He-he! Yes, I would love that, Caroline!” Then all of sudden. “Shit!! I forgot to ask you…please be my maid for just another week!?” She looked at me with her pretty eyes, like a little puppy. How could I say no to that?”Sure, for you, Lauren!””Please can you fly home and take care of Jaiden? His school is starting on Monday! There are some things I need to help Jonas and Noah with this whole racing team thing!””Ohh…. You mean like right now? Yea sure. I’ll go pack right away, miss!” I got up and drank the rest of my champagne. I saw all the bags with the ‘Wolford’ and boxes with heels. Not to forgot my necklace. “I don’t even have a suitcase to pack all my gifts from Roger!”Lauren got up and went to her room and came back with her suitcase all empty. “Here, take mine for now. And ill put you on first-class home, ok?””Ehh ok. I don’t have to be on first class, Lauren!” I put the suitcase on the table and unpacked all the Wolford bags, but not even over half of it fitted in the suitcase, so I took what I liked the best at that moment.She picked up her phone and rang the airline. “My girlfriend is not gonna go on coach. It’s a long flight and you wanna be able to stretch those gorgeous legs of yours! Hello?”I smiled at her. She smiled back at me. It felt so good finally calling her my girlfriend. I still couldn’t believe it! She walked back and forth as she spoke to the airline. I went to the bathroom to get my toothbrush and saw my necklace laying there beside the sink and took it with me, back to the suitcase. Lauren was done ordering my flight ticket and then there was a knock on the door. Lauren walked over and opened it and there stood Roger.”Hello Ladies!” He walked inside and saw the suitcase. “Are you leaving, Caroline?””Yeah. I promised Lauren here that I would take care of her son as she’s got work to do here! You know the racing team and such?”He looked at Lauren and smiled. “So you’re the boss of this lovely beautiful girl?”I blushed, and she nodded. “Indeed I am! And you must be the number 1 fan? Nice to finally meet you! I had no clue that you were the one behind the racing team!”He laughed. “He-he. Just another hobby of mine!”I for sure thought there was a beef between them, but they hit off pretty good. Lauren looked at me and winked with her eye. I knew what she meant. That Roger was hot and that I did well attracting a man like that. I giggled “He-he. Stop it, Lauren!”Roger looked confused. “What?”Then me and Lauren both laughed.Lauren said “Nothing! I don’t think it’s a good idea if you take the necklace on the plane with you!”Roger nodded and agreed. “Not if you go through customs! Lauren is right. It’s so expensive that I’ve got papers for it…it’s in the inside the box it came in!”I looked a bit stern at Roger. “How expensive?”He mumbled something that I didn’t hear at first.”What? Tell me, Roger?””Ok…it’s 12,8 million!”I was almost fainting right there. “Oh my fucking god, Roger! What the hell are you thinking of giving me something like that?”I saw Lauren with an open jaw, all surprised.”You are much more worth than just that necklace, Caroline. I respect you. I love how you are…everything from the way you move to how you make me feel! I loved seeing you on those live streams being the sexy girl that you are! I don’t care what you do with the necklace. Sell it if you want! You being a part of my life is more than money can pay. But Lauren is right…don’t take it on the plane with you! It’s annoying to get through customs!”I looked at him a bit upset. “I’m selling it, Roger. Oh yeah, and this is my girlfriend!”He walked over to me took my hands and looked me in my eyes. “I’m happy for you. But I still wanna be a part of your life, Caroline! Nothing can change that!”Then Lauren said, “Hey…if you gift her necklace to 12 million dollars, be my guest, and fuck her as much as you want!”I was surprised over what Lauren had just said. “What…really, Lauren?”She laughed. “Come on, Caroline. You’re still my girlfriend. But me and Roger can share! Listen to him. He really just wants you the best and be around you! What’s wrong with that?”I thought it through. It’s the best of both genders! A nice well-dressed gentleman with a six-pack, and a billionaire! And my freaking hot mature businesswoman of a girlfriend who also was a millionaire! And they both wanted me! It tickled in my stomach at the thought of us all 3 together.He hugged me. “Anyway, I don’t have time or any intentions to fuck you right now! I wanna save that moment for a special occasion! I’ve got enough on my mind right now getting that racing team going. But please come back or visit me anytime you want! And take your girlfriend with you!”I hugged him back, and he smelled so good. “Ok…I will. Thanks for everything, Roger!”I saw Lauren smiling at me. She didn’t seem upset at all, but happy! I walked over to her. “Please take my necklace home to me. I don’t know what I wanna do with it yet, but I promise I’ll take care of your son!””Don’t worry; I’ll get it home for you! I’ll talk with Roger about the contract for Caroline’s Secret Pantyhose, And what the plans are forward. I don’t know when I’ll be home, But I’ll call you, sweetie!” and we kissed.I picked up my coat and purse and grabbed the suitcase and left the room. I got to the front of the lobby. “Hello, can you call a taxi to the airport for me?””Sure, I’ll do that right away, Miss!”I put my coat on and waited outside. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes and then I was sat in a taxi on the way to the airport. Everything went smoothly, but the flight was very long, and I thought about my new life when my girlfriend Lauren comes home. How I would start my new pantyhose company and my relationship with Roger? Still, I couldn’t believe he had bought that necklace for me. Who in their right mind would do that?