DeAnn’s Birthday Trip – Part Five

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DeAnn’s Birthday Trip – Part FiveDeAnn’s Birthday Trip- Part 5The days flew by and we did some snokeling, surfing, a helicopter tour of the island and one afternoon we rented 3 Harley’s and rode to the other end of Maui where it’s like all jungle and just beautiful. Myself, Suzy, and Angel all have motorcycle licenses and the other girls climbed on the back and we roared off. Of course we continued to have the best girl sex ever and all of them seemed to be really enjoying their roles as my submissive play things. I’m so programmed to be submissive myself that my role as a Mistress felt funny at times but I managed…lol.What a wonderful trip but alas I found myself and my sub girlfriends on our last day. We had to leave Maui tomorrow and I thought, We need to do something extra special tonight, our last night.The whole trip was extra special so I needed to think hard to find a real, “Last night in Paradise” activity and that’s when I remembered seeing a Luau billed as for adults only advertised and happening tonight. After calling them and getting some information I reserved our tickets and thought how really cool our last night was going to be.The Luau was on a private estate just outside Lahaina and we had several hours still to shop and find some cool “Adult Luau” clothes to wear. The event was being hosted by a swingers club here on the island and I was told the tickets included open bar and live music along with a roasted pig and all the usual Luau foods plus the possibility of some very adult behavior among the guests. A no pressure event where you can watch or join and a good time was guaranteed for all.I rented a limo and when it arrived at our hotel we all climbed in the back. All of us had found great Luau outfits during our shopping spree earlier. Long sarongs with thigh high slits and halter style tops and of course high heels. No bras, No Panties. All my girls were still wearing the Tiffany’s gold chain and heart padlock jewelry I had given them at the airport when our jet landed and with our new tans they really looked hot. I had one too and mine had “MISTRESS” engraved on the heart shaped padlock. All of theirs had “OWNED” engraved on the locks. kadıköy escort We were ready to party.We arrived and were seated at a large table with other guests. The tables were arrainged around a lighted stage area. Out past that was the ocean and a great beach with Palm Trees. It was a gorgeous setting. This event was restricted to couples and single ladies. No single men at this which was perfect for our needs. I had talked to my husband earlier and told him about our plans and he told me to have fun with no preconditions on our last night. He assured me he spoke for the other guys too. I shared that with “my girls” and so we were really excited and looking forward to a hot time tonight.We started chatting with the people at our table and the cocktails were flowing. Pretty soon dinner was served and it was wonderful. After dinner a stunning lady took the stage and said, “I’m ready to teach some of you how to Hula. So who wants to try?”We all looked at each other and I said, “Let’s go Ladies.”Our high heels clicked across the stage area and our instructor introduced herself as Sammy. There were about 12 girl volunteers including us six and after the music started Sammy began swiveling her hips in a very erotic way and we all tried to follow her lead. It was fun and everybody was smiling. Sammy turned her back to the crowd said,”You all are doing great. So how about the next stage in the lessons?” Then she removed her bra top and continued to dance.I followed suit and so did my ladies and then some of the other girls on stage did the same. The crowd loved it and we got a lot of clapping. I thought this was our chance to really have some fun. I danced up to Sammy and got in close. Her face lit up with a big smile and we started rubbing tits as we danced.The crowd was really enjoying this and a few more ladies joined the dance. Pretty soon Sammy leaned over and gave me a kiss. I put a hand around the back of her head and pulled her close to give her a very hot kiss back with lots of tongue and she really turned on.I waved my girls over and holding Sammy by her long, straight hair üsküdar escort I let each of my crew kiss her with wet passion. Sammy just relaxed and let me guide her from girl to girl. By this time I had a hand on one of her tits and she was in the middle of all six of us being kissed and fondled.The crowd was pretty quite now and intently watching the action on the stage. There was a guy doing video for the event and I definitely wanted copies of our last night in paradise.Suzy pulled Sammy’s dress down to her ankles and Sammy stepped out of it and was totally naked now. Still holding her by the hair I pushed her down on her knees and swung around in front of her. Suzy then pulled my dress down and Sammy buried her face between my legs. I was standing nude in my heels with my feet apart and Sammy was very eagerly licking my shaved pussy. At that point the the stage became one big orgy. Some of the couples had joined in and a guy and his lady came up next to me and she unzipped his pants and pulled out his very hard cock. She got down on her knees and started sucking her husband and looking up at me.I handed Sammy’s hair to Suzy and she immediately took charge and Sammy was now using her oral talents on Suzy and I reached down and took the wife by the hair and pulled her face between my legs while I french kissed her husband. While we kissed and his wife licked my pussy I took his hard cock in my hand started to work it up and down. He reached over and pulled up a chair and sat down then I stradled him. I was facing him and was about to slide down on his cock when I realized his wife had a hold of it and was guiding it up into me. I began to ride him. Up and down and his wife was licking my ass cheeks up and down too. I hoped the video guy was getting this because I wanted my husband to see what a good slut I was being. After a few minutes I got up and turned around then told his wife, “Guide him back into me girl.”She did and now she could lick my clit while her husband fucked me. I grabbed her hard by the hair to see how she would react and she licked faster and her submission to me was a big turn-on. Her husband was pumping tuzla escort me good and squeezing the shit out of my big tits. He was definitely a dom kinda guy and as good as this week had been, I was missing that so I said to him, “Oh yeah baby. Whatever you want.”That did it. He started slapping my tits and pumping me for all he was worth. I could feel a big orgasm coming on and then, wow, there it came. I moaned and told his wife, “Lick me Bitch. Lick it all up.” She did too.He still hadn’t come yet and he roughly lifted me off his cock and pinned me down on the stage. He put my legs on his shoulders and held my hands up above my head and he started fucking me real hard and real deep. His wife began french kissing me and I felt his cock suddenly swell up and I came again and this was a multi-orgasm that seemed to last for several minutes during which time he shot a huge load into me and kept pumping until he was all out of cum.He pulled out and then rubbed his sticky cock all over my face. His wife went back down on me and was licking my pussy like an a****l and I came again. Fuck! This was one hot couple.While his wife brought me to yet another orgasm he just kept my arms pinned above my head explored my mouth with his tongue.Eventually they both got up and left me laying there. I never did catch their names.Suzy, my ever watchful best sis came over and lay down next to me. I looked up at her and she said, ” Happy Birthday Bitch. You make 50 look good.”I said, “Bitch?””Yeah I said Bitch, Bitch. Mark said to tell you that after the party tonight, I AM back in charge and YOU will get a proper birthday spanking before we check out tomorrow and now seems like a good time.”Then she produced a key and unlocked her collar and then unlocked mine. She clamped the “Owned” collar on me and I locked the “Mistress” collar on her and then she kissed me and bit my lip roughly.I just looked up at her and said, “Yes Mistress. I’m so happy to have you back.”Suzy gripped me by the throat and said, ” Very Good my little SLUT. Now get on you hands and knees and each of us will give you that birthday spanking that your husband ordered for you. “” Yes Mistress.” I said as I assumed the position.All the girls came over and they really lit up my ass. I was crying because the spanking really hurt but I felt so good at the same time. What a special life I have. As the tears rolled down my cheeks and the girls took turns slapping my ass I realized that I was looking right into the lens of the video guys camera.THE END