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Okay, okay, I haven’t written recently, but there was a good reason. Quite frankly, there wasn’t much to write about.

Oh, I was still seeing K. Linford Little on the sly, away from the prying eyes of my boyfriend…and his wife. My former boss is a great guy, buys me wonderful presents, and is not only smart but funny too. Oh, and he loves me sucking his cock.

I’ve been seeing Lin for several years, and the man just loves to get head. Long, sensuous sessions, lightening fast quickies, we’ve done the deed in every nook and cranny of Southern New Jersey. Our particular favorite, mostly because of our living arrangements, is in the car, but we’ve also done it in the park, his office and even the loft at a friend’s beach house…while she was making dinner a floor below.

Fact is we both like fooling around on the sly, no doubt about it. There’s something exciting about doing it in semi-public with the threat of being caught.

Of course, that was what I thought last week. This week, well, is a completely different question.

All because of a desperate call from Lin. The man caught me at work right before 6. It had been a difficult day with my current boss all over my behind due to his own lack of planning. Three projects needed to be done, all at the same time, because he forgot to mention a deadline. What a jerk.

In any event I had completed what had to be done, and was packing my things to get home when the call came in. I wondered whether I should answer, until I saw it was from Lin. He normally doesn’t call me in the office, he hates it when he has to ask for me when someone else picks my phone, but being it was late must have called.


“Hi Robyn, where have your been, I’ve been trying to get you on your cell,” asked my horn dog former boss.

“Jim forgot to tell me about a project that had to be ready to go first thing in the morning so I’ve been slaving all over things…worked straight through lunch,” was my reply. “Good to hear from you.”

“What are you doing now?”

Smiling to myself, I told him I was flashing the window washers.


“No dummy, it’s nearly 6, they’ve left long ago.”

Gullible, my guy is. Lin told me he’d had a terrible day, his wife didn’t feel like cooking, and he was going to get take out. Did I want to meet him at the mall?

Okay, I am not the brightest light, but I could figure out what Lin wanted…a quick blow job before picking up Chinese or something then heading home for dinner with wifey. It was a scene which we’d played before and could perform without rehearsal.


I don’t know what hold he has over me, but for the last several years we’ve met in various Delaware Valley nooks and crannies for a little bit of exciting, sensual sex. I mean, there was a time when I worked for him that I actually thought he’d leave his wife for me, but when that was obviously not going to happen I ditched him.

We resurfaced as a couple — free spin sort of — a while later when we both realized our relationships, he with his lovely wife and me with my then boyfriend, weren’t generating all of what we needed in our lives. So we’ve made the best of it, meeting whenever and wherever we could for a little bit of love and a lot of heart throbbing, toe-curling sex.

He met my need for adventure, gave me nice presents, loved me in his own way. And I handled his amply cock, apparently in a way he loved. Oh, I think he really liked me, but sucking his cock helped I’m sure.

Skipping out of the office, the man makes be feel like a schoolgirl. He’s handsome, has a great sense of humor, knows the ways of the world and loves to have his cock adored. What else, minus a ring, could a girl want?

Funny, we had our own special place at the mall to meet, away from prying eyes at the bottom floor of the five story parking garage. All the way in the back, where we could see cars approaching from two of the three sides and hear them coming from the other.

We had often met there, then had lunch in the food court or, if we had a little more time, in one of the restaurants. It was far enough away from both of our homes as to not invite questions from people we knew…and if we met someone we had several “stories” to give if required. Everything from me being a cousin in town to a business associate.

Depending on how much time we had, and how horny we were, I’d blow his cock either before or after lunch. Sometimes, I’d like to say special occasion but believe it’s mere horniness, we’d have the inclination to do it before and after.

In any event, it was close enough to meet yet far enough from prying eyes. I arrived a couple minutes before Lin, and then popped into the front seat of his SUV upon his arrival.

Wasting no time, we kissed then said hi. “How much time do we have,” I asked, being the realist I am.

“Not too long, I just ordered from across the street…25 minutes or so….Robyn, honey, you don’t have to, uh, suck me…that’s not right to ask.”

I smiled at the man. I know what he wanted; I had no problem with it, for that matter.

“Sweetie, get that horny dick out, I want to suck it,” I coyly replied.

Lin beamed a smile as he unzipped his fly. Digging around, he pulled out a hardened dick.

“That’s beautiful,” I said, licking my lips, acting like a slut. “I think it likes me.”

“Oh my goodness, Robyn, I love your mouth…”

Reaching over, I slowly stroked the cock…up and down my hand went as I leaned over and kissed him again. Realizing we didn’t have much time, I decided to take my favorite fall, kneeling on the front seat and bending over to get my head between his legs where I found a cock that needed some loving attention.

“Oh Robyn suck it.”

Heck, I had hardly begun teasing him and already he was making manly demands. The nerve of the guy, I thought bonus veren siteler as a smile hit my lips right before the tip of his cock. Ovaling my mouth, I took in the tip and began sucking while my hand encircled the base and slowly stroked and inch or so up and down.

He was very, very excited already, which isn’t unusual. Oh, there are times when I have to work at getting Lin hard…he is more than 20 years my senior, has a boy in college and doesn’t have the hair trigger quickness of a teenager. But other times — I think when he’s been anticipating our playing around —- that he’s a firecracker waiting ignition within minutes of getting together.

This was apparently one of those times, as his left hand started playing with my hair while his right went right to my ass. It’s at times like these when Lin likes holding my head while playing with my ass. He’s twirl my hair round and round, he recently admitted he wished my hair was a little longer so we could get it into pigtails when playing dress-up.

The man lifted my black pencil skirt and snaked his hand under my baby blue Victoria’s Secret boyshorts. He fondled my soft ass while I savored his rock-hard man meat. Taking more cock into my mouth Lin sort of groaned as my actions apparently were well on their way toward lighting his fuse.

Normally early on in the blow job I’d move around a little, get more comfortable, and remind Lin to keep an eye out for patrons walking to their cars, but given we had just arrived an Lin was ready to explode I figured we were in the clear.

I jerked his cock while I slowly went down on his dick, meeting my fingers with my lips as Lin groan out sometime about him loving it. Bobbing my head, slowly then building up speed, I could tell Lin was closing in on a cum explosion.

“Oh, Robyn, your mouth is incredible…I can’t hold off…. I’m gonna cum.”

I felt the cock grow even more as I worked my hand and mouth, loving the groans and comments from above. I could almost feel the cum head from his balls up the shaft. Just as the first volley made it to my mouth there was a “tap, tap, tap” on the driver’s side window.

Lifting my head, the second and third volley splattered my mouth, cheeks, forehead and hair as I pulled back over toward my side of the car while Lin attempted to get his hard, sticky cock back into his pants. There was a guy — one of those security cops — leering at us from beside the car.

“What’s going on here?” said the cop, like he didn’t know.

It’s hard to believe the car didn’t rock given both Lin and I were shaking like leafs in a wind storm.

“Uh, nothing, uh just going to the mall,” sputtered my beau.

The officer shook his head. “You were getting a blow job, sir, heck she’s wiping cum off her face,” spat the cop. “That’s disgusting. I ought to run you in. Look down there, there are people walking to their cars. They could have seen this pornographic escapade. What were you deneme bonusu veren siteler thinking?”

The officer berated us for a minute, I think he wanted to call my a whore or something but thought better of it. Instead he kept talking about how terrible it was we were doing unmentionable things in “his” parking lot.

Lin must be well schooled in handling pressure, because he transferred his initial freight into a man who constantly has to deal with pressure situations.

“Sorry officer, I was supposed to be watching out. We were only going to food around for a couple minutes. It was a special occasion, we were sort of celebrating an anniversary of sorts. I just lost control. We’re stopping, we’re leaving.”

The man looked at me, considering the situation. “Miss, are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

Something about the security guard looked familiar; he had a face I’d seen before. But where, well, I just couldn’t place it. “No, sir, I’m perfectly fine. We just were a little, uh, engaged and we’ve never done this before….I mean we’ve done this but …”

The guard actually smiled. I think he wanted to laugh at my stuttering explanation. I believe he knew I’d suck this cock a time or two before, pretty obvious that was the case.

“Well, miss, you better fix your skirt…”

Geez, it was still tucked in my panties! He could see a lot of my backside. That’s so un-lady like.

The guard looked around, then sternly looked at each of us.

“Here’s the deal, I am giving you a final warning. Don’t do this kind of activity in here, do you hear? We have been getting complaints that kids have been screwing in their cars or stairwells, we have to clean up (and he sort of shook his head and spat out) rubbers which offend some people who see them. So we have been doing extra patrols. So my advice is for you to enjoy shopping here but then leave. Nothing else. No bobbing for apples, miss….do you understand?

We both nodded.

“Okay, I am continuing my rounds, but I will swing back here in 10 minutes. I expect you to be out of here by then,” said the guard, looking up and down the aisle.

Then, though he shocked us both. “The coast is clear right now if you have anything else to do, but I am not kidding, 10 minutes…”

We agreed we’d be long gone and pay attention to our surroundings.

We watched the guy walk to the back of the car, look at the license plate, mount his bicycle and start riding away. We sort of stared at each other for a couple seconds before we both started laughing. “My goodness that was embarrassing,” I told my lover. “Why the hell didn’t you see him coming?”

“Well I was a little busy cumming myself at the time,” said Lin, “sorry. I thought I saw the coast was clear but your mouth, well, the blow job was unbelievable and I guess I just lost track of things.”

“Gosh he saw everything, we’re lucky we didn’t get run in.”

Lin agreed, nodding his head.

Then a smile crossed his face.

“Uh, Robyn…”

“What honey?”

“We have about 7 minutes till he gets back, could you clean my cock…I mean, you don’t want my wife to find me with cum on my dick, do you?” said the man, unzipping his fly.


I guess that’s why it’s called a blow “job”.

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