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As I entered the men’s room, the automatic lights came on. No one has been in here in 15mins, I think to myself. I often wonder if they were motion activated or not, and if they might cut out if I was sitting for a long period in a stall.

It was just after 7pm, and I was working late. I had been wrapped up in getting the new network setup and as usual time flew by. It seems to slow down just before 4pm, when all the other employees begin to wind down their day. However this is when I’m just getting started. My schedule is adjusted to ensure I’m making changes when none of the other employees need the network. So needless to say I got to sleep in this morning. That’s always a good thing.

I make my way to the urinal. As usual I scan to see which one is cleaner, check for one overflowing and check the floor for spillage. None of which are present, the cleaning staff arrived early today, and had cleaned the bathroom very well. I unzip my trousers and move my underwear to relieve my cock of its confines and commence with urination.

Just as the flow ebbs I hear what sounds like a stall door opening, my first thought is that some one came in while I was peeing and I totally missed them, but then I thought that the door would still….

“Are you done?!!!” came the commanding voice over my shoulder as some one came closer to me.

“Did the janitor just give me crap for peeing in his clean urinal?” I think. “Well fuck him?”

“I’m just finishing up” I say angrily, yet politely and as I begin to put my cock away I think “More that two shakes is a wank (a childhood saying about masturbation)”

Now I’m aware of that all too familiar presents when someone is standing way too close to you without your permission. This invokes my adrenaline and I turn prepared for “fight or flight”. However, due to the person’s proximity, I’m not able to do either, instead it causes me to loose my balance and I stumble back onto the urinal. I’m almost sitting in it. I would be if I were 2 inches taller….

This stranger is standing right in my face, wearing a suit that seemed to fit someone a little larger than them. I look into the brownest eyes I’ve ever seen. I’m aware of brown hair. Then I have a moment of clarity and I realize much to my delight and unnerving that it’s Dominic……..

“Oh, wow I’m glad it’s you…! You scared the cra….”

“Shut the fuck up!” Dominic says, “What took you so long?”

“What do you mean?” I ask in total bewilderment.

“You should have been in here 20 minutes ago!!! Didn’t you get my message?”

“Message?” I ask.

I try to recall the messages I have received recently. Then I quickly realize my sidekick is on my desk charging.

“I’m so sorry; I was in the server room and….”

“I didn’t come here for excuses…….” Dominic interrupts again.

I hadn’t seen Dominic in over 6 months, güvenilir bahis but the relationship we have is consistent. When Dominic and I get together, it’s always a sexual encounter. I was introduced to Dominic on the night of my birthday two years ago. It was lust at first sight. I had considered myself straight, never had any interest in another male. I had been told many times I’m as straight as a broken arrow. With Dominic all inhibitions go out the window.

“Are you hard?” Dominic asks although I can tell it is said not as a question but a demand….

Dominic reaches down before I can answer and grabs a hold of my rapidly hardening cock through my pants, then proceeds to stroke vigorously on my increasing expansion. Dominic’s eyes were burning a hole in mine daring me to move. But all that I dared to move was my erection…

“Mmmmm…..that’s what I wanted….”

Dominic pushes me away from the urinal and over to the wall, then kisses me with a flourish and bites my lip.

“You’re gonna like this!”

Dominic then proceeds to drop to eye level with my belt, undo it, then grab my pants and underwear and yank everything to the floor. Well, all except for my erection, that’s instantly pointing in the opposite direction.

Now, I know that Dominic gives an awesome blow job, (I’ve been on the winning end of many) so I settle back to enjoy another. With signs that I will be receiving one again, Dominic begins as always by looking, lightly touching and smelling my dick. I feel tender licks on the underside of my shaft, just below the opening. As the flicking tongue makes its way south I become aware of tugging on my balls. They are then manipulated, and fondled gently. I can feel the heat of Dominic’s mouth near my swollen head and my body urges to push forward. My hard member is now fully erect and Dominic starts to stroke my erection. The skin on in the area around my uncircumcised head begins to dry. Dominic draws back and spits saliva onto my dick, then uses this wetness to moisten my whole length. The stroking continues, as I feel a tongue again on my sack. This time the tongue explores a lot more, eventually reaching my taint. This of course, has me biting on my lip in ecstasy. Then the licking stops, as I begin to get frustrated, the stroking of my dick is replaced to the warmth and restrictions of an oral cavity. I look down and see lips encompassing my cock and watch it start as a complete member and disappear inch by inch until its all mouth and a penile nub.

I stare into Dominic’s brown eyes as they stare back at me. They are a mixture of powerful confidence and quizzical observation. This familiar look drives me nuts (no pun intended.) I let out a moan, close my eyes and lift my head.

Dominic, in response to this show of enjoyment, starts to rapidly bob up and down on my cock. I can feel the tip and the shaft türkçe bahis being sucked on and released as the vacuum moves along my member.

I open my eyes again and look down. Despite all of this dick in Dominic’s mouth, I can still see a smile emanating from the lips engulfing 3/4 of my cock. Dominic stops abruptly, and then slowly tries to inch a little more in, then a little more, again a piece. Now I can’t see any of my cock.

But Dominic wants more, by reaching both hands around and grabbing my ass cheeks and pull me closer, I’m forced deeper. I strain at the depth.

Then I hear it, a slight gag. Dominic pulls off my cock with a look that combines that of excess, regurgitation, and goofiness. My reaction is different, this turns me on. After a moment passes, to let the sensation ebb, Dominic attacks my dick again. Now I’m real close to orgasm. I can feel it building. I need the consistent rhythms to finish. I reach down and grab a fist full of hair. This holds Dominic’s head in place; I begin to move my hips. This of course feels good, but can be dangerous, especially when the person to whom you do this is in control of the encounter.

I get my gut scratched. This brings me back to a calm state. I look down and Dominic pulls free of my grip and gets up off the floor. We are staring each other eye to eye, and I know from that look that I have fucked up.

“So you like it rough do you?”

“Yes?” I respond apprehensively……….

“Give me your hand”

I present my hand palm up. All I could think of is receiving a slap of leather across it as a kid, when I had to receive punishment in my catholic middle school.

Dominic takes my hand and lowers it to a fully erect hard-on straining to escape their slacks.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Oh Fuck! Yes!”

“Only if you do a good job”

Dominic grabs my shirt and spins us both around to trade places. I am then guided by a hand holding a fist full of hair, down onto my knees.

“Stroke it!!”

I do as instructed. I feel the length, sitting sideways in its confines.

I begin to trace my lips over the outline. I can feel the ridges on the side. I am sure I can feel it throbbing in my hands. I look you to see Dominic’s facial expression and the look is a mixture of enjoyment and eagerness.

I begin to open the zipper and reach into the under wear. I free this gorgeous member. I can do nothing but stare at it. Now I know why Dominic looks at mine. I lean in to smell it, and then realize the hand on my hair is gripping tight again. Dominic likes this….

“Wet it!” Dominic growls,

So I do the first thing that comes to my mind, I spit on it. I next reach up and begin to stroke its length. I again look up and see Dominic’s brown eyes, half closed, watching everything detail of my actions. I being to do things that I know I like being güvenilir bahis siteleri done to me.

I reach inside the zipper and start playing with the balls. I tug them a little and stroke them. Then I lean forward and tentatively take the cock head into my mouth, just barely at first. I flick the crown and swirl my tongue around the sides. I then begin to bob up and down on the first 2 inches. This sensation gets a moan and some hip movement from Dominic. I the reach up and run a hand along Dominic’s stomach and chest. I reach over and find a nipple. I give it a light pinch. I then begin to play softly with it.

This produces a response in Dominic’s hips, they begin to surge forward to try and get more dick in my mouth. Dominic pulls tight on my hair again and pulls me off and turns my head up to look.

“Now you will see what its like!” Dominic says, regaining complete control.

“Oh shit!” is all I can try to say.

Dominic begins thrusting my head onto the first half of what seemed to be ever growing cock. The more I am “encouraged” to take in, the longer it seems to grow. I am now aware of the dick in the back of my throat. I know in the next surge or two I will gag. I was wrong, I lasted three. My body tensed and my throat convulsed. I no longer felt in control. I pulled away. Dominic realized my discomfort and let go of my head. I calmed down and realized that I wasn’t going to do that again to others.

That was rough.

“Lesson learned?” Dominic asked, but I could see that it was a statement rather than a question.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Come here” Dominic said. I stood up, bumping into the erect cock sticking straight out. Dominic flinched a little at the contact. So as I completed the process of standing I played with the tip.

Dominic reached down and grabbed both of my ass cheeks.

“So you want to fuck?”

“Yes!!” I reply

“Good” then I get slammed face first into the wall. Dominic’s face is now down level with my ass. My cheeks are spread open and I feel a warm tongue exploring me. My body reacts by puckering. This elicits a slap on the ass.

“Open them up wide!” is the command barked at me.

But the follow up statement is what actually worked.

“…..or I’ll stop!”

I force myself to relax. I feel a hand reach under my legs and begin to play with my balls. This is heaven. I let out a moan.

“I know you like it” Dominic says, “how about this?”

I then feel a finger right on the rim of my ass.

“This is going to hur……….!”

I never find out. Dominic’s phone rings and everything stops! Dominic takes a look at the caller ID and quickly says

“Hello, this is Jane……….oh..ok..poor sweetie….ok, yes I got him………no problem……yes……we will be home in 20 minutes.”

Jane looks at me. The Strap-on Dildo she is wearing, looking out of place now that the mood is broken.

“Sorry Honey, The baby sitter is not feeling well. She is running a temperature, so your birthday present will have to wait until the kids are asleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32