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We are getting closer, faithful readers. Thank you for your kind feedback so far. For those who have not yet read about my relationship with Duncan, we are straight friends who are discovering a new erotic side to our relationship. As of this writing, we have not yet ‘done the deed,’ but our foreplay has taken on an new intensity. Take a read of the first two chapters if you are interested. As ever, I welcome your feedback and emails.

For the next few days, my head was spinning. Do you know the kind of thoughts that go through your mind when you discover a whole new aspect to your relationship with your best friend? The excitement, the possibilities, the unexplored territory. Once or twice, it occurred to me I should be feeling doubt or uncertainty. I had never had ‘gay’ thoughts before, and yet what had happened between us was certainly outside the realm of what straight guys did. Still, I felt no doubt, no uncertainty. I liked what we were doing and how we were doing it. When we met in public, we were still as straight as ever. We checked out girls together and were two normal, chummy male friends in a publicly healthy relationship.

Still, we would always make sure to sit next to each other at the bar or in a restaurant, and once or twice each night, very discreetly, we would touch hands under the table as clandestine lovers do. We never discussed what we were doing, and yet, by some unspoken accord, we were both very comfortable with where we were. Between us, we knew where we stood, and to the world outside our relationship was as it had ever been.

The next weekend, I had to travel for work, so we didn’t see each other, but Duncan called me on the road Saturday night.

“Marty, you ready for what’s next?” he asked, completely out of the blue. We had been talking about football and he just slipped that into the conversation. I knew instantly what he was talking about.

“I am if you are.”

“Good. Your place next Saturday. I’m bringing steaks and the…entertainment.”

“Sounds good to me.”

And with that brief exchange out of the way, we went on talking about the BCS standings, who was hot and who was stinking up the field, and the trials of traveling for work. It was almost as if we had compartmentalized that part of our relationship.

In meetings that week, my mind kept wandering, wondering what was next. I found it harder to focus on work as the weekend came closer. I couldn’t wait to see what Duncan had in mind.

Early Saturday afternoon, he showed up at the house. I had taken a long and careful shower earlier and made sure the bedroom was ready for whatever he had in mind. Although we had significantly escalated the intimacy the last time he was over, I was pretty sure we weren’t going to just hop in the sack and jerk each other off. Duncan was too smart for that, plus we were both enjoying the long physical dance we were in the middle of.

He was carrying several large paper grocery sacks and I helped him carry them into the kitchen. He made me sit at the bar as he unpacked, clearly enjoying the role of showman and revealing the contents of the bags in a very planned way.

First he brought out the food. Gorgeous steaks from a butcher he knew; a six-pack of good beer; a nice loaf of crusty bread; and a few other odds and ends to get us through the long afternoon.

After I approved of each item, he put it in the fridge, saving it for later.

He stopped before going into the last sack which was rolled closed at the top.

“You ready for this?”

“You bet. I’ve been ready for this all week.”

“Ok, Marty, but, um, we’ve been doing things…and I don’t want to assume…” He couldn’t really say what he wanted.

I looked him straight in the eye. “Duncan, do you like what we are doing?”


“Me too. I like what we are doing. Hell, I really enjoyed your last visit. Don’t worry, I’ll say stop if I want you to stop, and you will tell me to stop, too, if you want me to.”

He looked relieved. That was the first and last time in our relationship either of us paused and considered staying on the safe path.

“Now, quit stalling and show me what’s in the bag.” My curiosity was killing me.

“No. Not yet. Let’s eat first.” The trepidation was gone. Now he was enjoying the game and making me wait.

“Bastard.” I said, jokingly.

For the next couple of hours, we enjoyed steaks, beer, and some good football on the TV. Every so often, I would look over at him questioningly.

“Not yet.” He would say, knowing full well what I was after without me saying a word. Then he would turn his attention back to his food or the game.

After the fourth or fifth time, I couldn’t stand it anymore. He tried to brush me off with another “not yet,” but he was losing interest in this part of the game, too. I just stared at him.

“Fine!” He relented. He acted like it was an inconvenience, but I saw through him clearly. He was ready to get on with what was next.

We walked back to the illegal bahis kitchen and I sat on the stool again, watching him carefully as he slowly opened the bag and then watched my face as he pulled the first item out. At first, I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but he turned the package around and handed it to me. I knew right then this night was going to be interesting. Inside was a long strand of anal beads. I stared at them for a moment, starting to consider the possibilities when he handed me the next package.

It was a small box with an anal vibrator inside. Next was a considerably larger smooth vibrator, and then another one which was shaped like a real penis. I was grinning madly as I looked at these toys and considered how we were going to put them to use. I wondered what kind of looks Duncan must have gotten as he bought all these items.

He must have read my mind. “Internet,” was all he said. Several more interesting packages came out before Duncan finally reached the bottom of the bag.

“First things first,” he said. He handed me a self-cleaning kit and told me he would meet me upstairs in a bit. I practically ran to the master bathroom, anxious to get started.

I spent a good amount of time cleaning my ass. By the time I was finished it was cleaner than it ever had been before. I particularly enjoyed the warm water cleansing my insides. It felt so natural and relaxing and was a great precursor for the fun that was about to begin.

I headed into the bedroom and stripped all the blankets off the bed. I put down a comforter on top that we could get as messy as we wanted. I fully intended to enjoy the next few hours.

Duncan came into the room a few minutes later, stark naked and carrying the bag of goodies. I was sitting up on the bed, leaning against some pillows stacked up against the headboard. By now, both of us were comfortable in our nudity around each other. Duncan sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled all the packages out of the bag. We began ripping them open like schoolboys at Christmas.

He was right next to me and in between opening packages and examining the contents, I watched his body as he twisted and moved. He was in great shape. All the activities we did together gave him a lean, trim body. His careful attention to keeping his skin looking good was impressive. What little body hair he had left after shaving his cock and balls was fine and downy. He still had the nice even tan I had noticed when he was in the shower with me a few weeks ago. I made a mental note to make sure we spent some time outside together before the end of summer.

Within a few minutes, we had a half-dozen toys scattered around on the bed and began looking at them a little more closely. We made sure the ones that took batteries were charged up and fiddled with them a little more until we came to a bit of an awkward pause. Where to begin? How to start?

Neither of us said anything, we just sat there with the possibilities scattered around us.

Duncan raised his eyes to look at me and I knew where to begin. I leaned back and down into the pillows a little more and gestured him closer. He climbed over the top of me propped up on his arms and knees. As he came in closer, I grabbed both sides of his face very gently and he knew what I wanted. He leaned in and we kissed for the first time.

How to describe a kiss that is so foreign and new yet so right at the same time? His lips were soft and tender, but I could feel the faint hint of stubble around his face. He breathed pure masculinity into me, but also accepted mine. My hands were free to roam across his body, feeling the strength of his back, the curvature of his spine, the tight skin across his belly as he hovered over me. Duncan was forced to put all his passion into his kiss as he used his hands to stay propped up over me.

I felt totally relaxed and at ease with him. Our bodies were extensions of our feelings for each other as well as being our sexual playgrounds. There was now no doubt in my mind that we would end up having masculine sex with each other. There was only a question of how and when.

We finally came up for air and decided to get down to the business we had both been looking forward to for some time. Duncan reached into the bag and brought out a large tube of lubricant. To properly apply it (it said), you were supposed to insert the rounded tip into the anus and squeeze, pulling it slowly out. He playfully described this to me.

Duncan sat between my legs and pulled me down some more so I was laying flat on my back. He pushed my legs up and with no hesitation began stroking the crack of my ass with his long, strong finger. With his other hand, he gently worked the small tip into my tightly puckered hole as far as it could go and gave it a good squeeze. I felt the cool gel coat my clean insides. He squeezed a couple more times, making sure to get plenty in there. As he squeezed the final time, he slowly withdrew the tip, coating the tight ring of my ass. His finger was now able to glide illegal bahis siteleri smoothly up and down the seam of my ass.

He began coating the crack of my ass and the tender spot below my balls with more of the gel. His hand was slick and warm as it freely explored my most sensitive regions. He took my balls in his hand. I had very carefully shaved earlier in the day and my skin reacted to his lightest touch. While he slowly rolled my balls around in his hand, he grabbed a slim, smooth vibrator and began working my virgin ass with it. I reached down and spread my cheeks as wide as I could. I was hungry and ready for this moment.

His eyes were fixed on my anatomy. I think he was as fascinated with openly watching the penetration of my ass as I was to feel the rapid vibrations coming from the small toy in his hands. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation. It was so wonderful and new. He continued to slide it in, pushing it deeper and deeper. There was no pain, only pleasure as I surrendered totally to the moment.

He pushed it in as far as it would go. His finger pressed it in as my ass flexed and throbbed and tried to get it out. Soon, he let it slide gently out and found a bigger one. This one was also smooth, but much larger; almost real-life sized. He squeezed some lube on it.

Duncan pressed it slowly against my ass which was now properly warmed up if not fully stretched out. At first, my ass rebelled against the large intrusion, but by sheer erotic will, I relaxed the muscles that were doing the pushing and it slid in halfway. I gasped in wonder at the new sensation. Where the last vibrator had small quick motions, the motor in this thing clearly was designed to move the user. It was much more powerful and determined. I could almost feel the weight moving around inside it, pulsing against my insides.

Duncan slid it deeper in, watching me for signs of discomfort, but there was none. Only the bliss that comes with being sexually fulfilled. With his free hand, he continued to play languidly with my balls, but my cock was on fire. It was almost as if the huge vibrator in my ass was entering my cock from the inside, stretching it and filling it. God, this felt so good!

He pushed and pulled for a long time, my body overcome. I coasted along, writhing in the moment. Finally, he slowed things down a bit before I got too close to a climax.

“Ok,” he said, “time for a bit of something different.”

He slowly withdrew the large vibrator from my ass, leaving me feeling strangely empty. He got out another object, this one with a peculiar shape. It was knobbed and slightly curved, and tapered to a narrow point at the base before ending at a handle.

“This one we stick in and it stays in place.” I looked at him. “I want you to use this while doing me.”

“You got it.”

Duncan had quickly learned how to penetrate my ass and bring me a lot of pleasure at the same time. He slid the new one in, the knobs spreading and relaxing my ass as each part slipped into me. Finally, he got it all the way in, and the ring of my anus clutched at the narrow base. He was right. I could move around a little and it would stay in my ass, moving a little but staying put.

We carefully traded places, and I found my eyes locked on his anatomy just as his had been on mine. It was a little clinical and a lot erotic to be able to just openly stare at his large cock, his heavy balls, the delicate skin, his smooth, hard, tan, gorgeous ass. I ran my fingers lightly over all of him, reveling in the different textures of his skin. There was no hesitation as I felt his cock and balls with my fingertips, no pause as I caressed the crease of his inner thigh, only hunger and anticipation as I began moving my hands over his ass that entranced me more each time I saw it.

Without a thought, I reached around and found a fresh bottle of lube for him. I quickly removed the lid and thoroughly coated him. I got a little lost in the moment as I began to smear the lube around his ass, but quickly remembered there were lots of as-yet unused toys waiting for us to try.

As he had with me, I found a smallish one and started with it. He was clearly ready for it. The anticipation had been building in him even longer than it had been building in me. He was clearly aroused by the penetration, but it didn’t take long before he was ready for something more. Without taking my eyes off his nakedness, I groped around on the bed until I found the large penis-shaped vibe. I quickly coated it with more lube, half jacking it off in the process and finding myself aroused by its heaviness and size. Grabbing it by the base, I slid it in, imagining it was my own cock entering my friend.

Duncan struggled a little with the larger size. His ass stretched, but he never asked me to stop or pushed back. Despite the fullness, he urgently wanted to be impaled on the large cock. He took it in as quickly as he was able, adjusting rapidly to it’s impressive size.

My own cock was throbbing from the visual canlı bahis siteleri stimulation of him twisting in pleasure on the cock I was shoving deeper into him combined with the unusual sensation of my own ass being plugged.

Duncan was getting lost in the moment, pressing himself down hard on the simulated cock. I grabbed his real cock and began stroking at it. It was already hard, but my touch caused it to get even harder and swell even more.

“Oh, God, Marty, fuck me!” I pushed and pulled and twisted the cock in his ass. His body thumped and gyrated, rising quickly to an erotic peak. His balls hitched and his cock froze for just a second before long, pearly jets of hot semen shot across his chest and torso. His ass flexed hard against the cock in his ass, trying simultaneously to expel it and hold it in.

I grabbed my own cock while he was still riding the wave of his climax and began pounding it furiously. It didn’t take much coaxing before the I felt the heat rising in me, rapidly pushing me over the brink. I was acutely aware of the object in my ass and the new sensations it caused as my cock finally sprayed its load across Duncan’s splayed out body, our fluids mixing together in a semen cocktail.

We laid back a moment to rest. The large cock in his ass finally slid out, leaving him feeling empty, but despite the strong contractions of my body, the one he had inserted in me remained stubbornly in place. As I laid back in post-orgasmic bliss, Duncan reached down between my legs and gently pulled it out. My ass welcomed the release but felt hollow with it gone.

We lay there for some time, our naked bodies pressed against each other, sharing our affection through our bare skin. We enjoyed the quiet interlude, the pause before the next storm. Though we had both come, neither of us were satisfied yet. Our bodies were coated with the evidence of our first round; sweat, lube and semen streaked everywhere. Our hands gently traced across each other, absentmindedly exploring the various peaks and valleys of our well-toned bodies.

Soon enough, the heat inside us began to rise again. We took a few moments to mop off the worst of the mess and ready ourselves for an even more intense experience. I thought I was ready to take us to the next level and was anxious to see how things would work out this time.

I made sure I ended up between Duncan’s legs again as we finished tidying up. I grabbed the backs of his knees and spread his legs wide, making sure to have a clear view of his ass. I found the anal beads we had looked at when he first started showing me what he had brought. I began inserting them in his ass which was still loose and slick. I pushed each one in as far as I could with a finger and then felt them sink deeper into his bowels. His cock responded as expected, rising quickly to it’s full, magnificent length.

I grabbed the base of Duncan’s cock and pointed it straight up in the air. I couldn’t contain my hunger or longing anymore. With no pause or preamble, I wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock and pushed my mouth onto him as far as I could go.

I tasted pre-cum for the first time. His was very mild, almost no flavor at all, but there was no mistaking the slippery fluid for anything else. I sucked hard at his tip, wanting to revel in it. Now that I was here with my friend’s cock impaling my face, I wanted more of it. His skin had a mild sweaty flavor with a bit of musk coming from the light sweat that coated his body. I loved all of it. I wanted to drink him in, to suck out his essence.

Duncan has a generous, gorgeous cock. It is impressive whether he is limp and fresh out of the shower or fully engorged during our erotic encounters. It is long, with a finely shaped, smallish tip which quickly expands into it’s full glory and a powerful, thick base. He shaved his entire genital region. His skin was silky soft, but I could feel the power and passion just below the sensitive surface.

There was no way for me to take his entire swollen rod into my mouth, but I was determined to get as much as I could. I pressed hard, feeling the tip force it’s way down my throat. I closed my eyes, letting the feelings in my mouth guide me. For the moment, I was focused only on myself, not caring whether Duncan was watching me or how he was reacting. From the first time I had laid eyes on his gorgeous shaft, I had secretly hoped for this moment. I wasn’t going to let anything distract me from sucking him as hard and as long as I could.

Duncan had gasped for breath when I first touched his cock head and gasped again when I took most of his throbbing cock into my mouth. I finally opened my eyes to take in the sight of him. I was further down on him than I had thought, only an inch or two to go. I determined to try. He was watching me, engrossed in the sight of his beautiful penis lovingly embraced by my lips.

I don’t know how I did it on my first try, but somehow I managed to get his entire cock into my mouth for a moment. I paused when my nose pressed against his pubic skin. I inhaled the passionate scent of him. I reeled, nearly overcome by the power and control I had with his cock deep in my mouth, overwhelmed by our bonding and the intensely personal connection we were sharing.

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