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Preview of my previous story.

‘Lakeside lovers’

Two students Pat and Roger were at a secluded lake after classes. They were intimate for the first time, enjoying each other’s bodies. In the process they had oral sex and then had their first sexual intercourse.


Dusky dawn

Returning from two weeks at his parents’ home Roger called Pat and got her answering machine ‘hi this Pat if you leave a message I’ll get back to you thanks’.

“Hi there its Roger, how are you. I just got back in town. How about we get an ice cream later maybe? Looking forward to seeing you again and hearing what you’ve been doing, sweet girl. Bye for now.”

His cell phone rang as he was getting a coffee at Starbucks at the local mall. “Hello”

“Hi there stranger where are you?”

“Hi sweetie I’m at the mall getting a coffee. Can I meet you somewhere?”

“See you at the eatery shortly ok, would you mind if I bring a girl I work with at the store. Her name is Mai-lee she is nice I think you’ll like her. Ten minutes we’ll be there.”

“Mai-lee now that is a really pretty name. Sure I’d like to meet her, if you like her I’m sure I probably will. See you shortly, bye”

Roger found a table that was a bit off to the side of the eatery that was free.

Only One out of three free at the time, and not in the middle where the others were.

As he looked toward the side entrance he saw Pat through a small group of people coming in. He stood and waved to get her attention.

Pat saw him and waved “there he is Mai-lee.”

As they weaved a path through the tables to where he was standing.

He was able to see the friend of Pats.

An olive skinned girl with raven black hair down past her slender shoulders.

She had on a dark blue cross over buttoned top, with a red and gold dragon wound around it and jeans with holes at the knees

“Hi sweetie good to see you, this is Mai-lee, this here is Roger” Pat said pointing toward Roger.

“Hi Mai-lee, it is nice to meet you. You have a pretty name… Wow now that’s a striking top. Can I get you ladies anything, something to drink, fries?”

“A coke for me” Pat said. “How about you Mai-lee, anything you would like?”

“I’d like a Pepsi please” Mai-lee said softly with a small smile.

“One coke and one Pepsi ok coming up. I’ll be right back”

“Roger is a nice guy I think you will like him, her not stodgy or picky,” Pat said.

“I feel a just a bit strange I guess” Mai-lee said softly. Pat put a hand on Mai-lees to assure her and squeezed it.

“Here we are Roger said as he gave the drinks to the girls. So how long have you known each other?”

“About two months I guess, Mai-lee was at the store already when started and she showed me what I needed to know” Pat said.

“Is she a good pupil?

“Pat is a fast learner a good pupil.”

“Yes she is a fast learner for sure. Where are you from Mai-lee? I love your hair, its beautiful”. Roger said.

“I was born on Java. Mum and Dad came here with me when I was ten years old, eleven years ago.”

“Java, that’s an Island isn’t it? My geography it’s lousy.” Roger Asked a bit embarrassed at his admission.

“Yes in the southern part of the Pacific. It’s hot and very humid nearly all the time. There’s nearly always a breeze blowing off the sea though.” Mai-lee replied.

“Oh wow, sounds like it would be great for swimming in the nude. What do you think Pat?” He said with a cheeky grin on his face.”

“That it does. You are one sexy lad; please excuse Roger, Mai-lee. He can be raunchy but he is harmless.”

“I don’t mind, he is right. It is really nice to swim in the nude. The water was nice and warm and clear, clear. I have swum in the nude many times, you sexy lad.” Mai-lee said gently rubbing the back of Pats hand briefly.

“Wow” he said, at a loss for words. Hearing what was said and seeing her stroke Pats hand had him intrigued.

The simple touching felt nice to Pat; it made her a bit nervous though. However the feeling of Mai-lee’s foot that, was rubbing against her ankle’ softly and deliberately was far more intriguing. It invoked a sensual feeling that was new to her. Was Mai-lee coming on to her intentionally? Is she a lesbian maybe? This all was really new to Pat. The questions that were posed were all exciting her senses. She hoped that her excitement wasn’t showing on her face as she began to feel really warm. She stood and took off the jacket and put it over the chair. Undoing the top button of her blouse. And sat back down

“We have a small lake not far out of town that we go to occasionally.

It’s nice and clear. I’m afraid it isn’t warm like the sea back home though” he said when he wrapped his head around the vision of Mai-lee in the nude.

Pat added that they went there for an occasional picnic and swim.

“Your top is really lovely. Is it silk?” She asked as she touched it and squeezed some in her fingers.

“Yes casino siteleri its Malaysian silk. I like it because it is nice and cool on hot days. It is so smooth on the skin it feels kind of sexy in a way,” As she was speaking she moved slightly and Pats hand touched her pointy breast.

Rogers’s cell phone rang “hello… ok, so it’s ready now… I can be there in about ten minutes… great, thanks… See you shortly, bye… that was the garage the truck is ready. I had an oil change done. I’ll go and get it and come back. Shall I see you all back here? I’ll only be about twenty minutes or so,” he said.

Pat looked at Mai-lee inclining her head and shrugging her shoulders.

Mai-lee nodded. “Ok we’ll wait for you here”

“I’ll be as quick as I can. You decide what you’d like to do and we’ll go from there, how’s that for an idea?” Roger replied.

“We’ll see you when you get back then” Pat said, as he turned at trotted away.

Pat turned toward Mai-lee and said softly. “That’s a kind of suggestive feeling, you rubbing your leg against mine. I’m not mad or anything like that, just curious”

“I like you Pat and was trying to show my feeling toward you. You are a soft warm young woman and I like you.”

“Sorry but this all new for me, maybe I’m getting it wrong but are you saying that you are attracted to me, eh like physically that is?”

“I’d like to know more of you, woman to woman. when we are together.

I like Roger as well and I know you do. And that is great, it really is. If we got to like each other like that I think it would be nice. It could be really warm and romantic as well”

Pat felt her heart start to race at the idea. She just looked at Mai-lee a slight smile appeared on her face.” I don’t know what to say. I’ve never had any feminine feeling toward another girl it’s so new and a strange and a different feeling” As she was fumbling out her reply Mai-lee had put a hand on her knee and was gently rubbing it. The initial touch startled her and oddly excited her.

“You have a very warm personality and are very attractive.” As she was speaking her hand had slipped down in between Pats thighs.

“You are so soft and warm to touch as well. Do you like me caressing you?”

“I guess I’m not sure. I feel a bit embarrassed actually. It does feel kind of exciting though”

“You are feeling what I would expect you to. Anything new feels strange and a bit awkward; at least you don’t feel like running away.” Her other hand stroked Pats hand on the table.

“Oh dear this is awkward for sure, your hand on mine feels inviting, but your hand on my leg is worrying me and exciting my emotions a lot.” Pat said as she curled a finger around Mai-lee’s.

“It feels nice though,” Mai-lee said softly as she gently caressed Pats thigh, “That’s the kind of way it should feel I think.” Moving her hand further up to touch Pat’s crotch with the tip of a finger. She rubbed it up and down gently. Pat put her hand down and moved Mai-lee’s hand as she did Mai-lee took hers and put it against her crotch.

“Your hand on me feels really inviting and sexy.”

“It does! That makes you feel warm and sexy, a fuzzy feeling?” Moving Pats hand up the catch of her jeans and easing it down Mai-lee said in a whisper “Does that give the fuzzy feeling some zing? Make you feel a bit hot and getting wet”

Pat was reeling under a barrage of sexual feeling she didn’t really understand, but was really intrigued by. “I’m really confused at what I’m feeling and yes I am becoming aroused. By the same time I’m not feeling right about it some how. We are stopping it right now. Roger will be back any minute and he shouldn’t see this. I like him a lot and what is going on here somehow doesn’t sit right. I must sound really confused, I don’t mean to hurt you Mai-lee. Do you see what I mean?”

“Yes most definitely, and I understand, really. I know you are really fond of him and that is great. You should be lovers. Real lovers I mean. He is a nice guy I have met once and I like him as well. This is a girly thing maybe we could look at together.

What do you think?… Oh here comes Roger now.”

Reaching down Mai-lee zippered up her jeans saying “Maybe we could go to the park for a while what do you think? She said as she waved to Roger.

“Hello ladies so what’s up? Fancy something to eat. Mai-lee what kinds of food do you like?”

“I could stuff myself with KFC any time” she replied. Adding ‘How about you Pat.”

“I like almost any thing, KFC is fine with me. what say we get a bucket, and fries along with some cokes and go out to the lake for a while”

“Yeh that sounds like a real good idea.”

” Why don’t we each chip in for the chicken?” Pat said quietly.

“I like that idea, ok you sit tight and I’ll get our supper and I’ll be back shortly”

“How far is it to this lake you go to” Mai-lee asked.

“It’s not far at all, only about twenty minutes away. It’s pretty out there I bet you will like it” Pat replied canlı casino then added, “About the girlie thing, maybe just maybe we’ll go into it a bit more. I have to say it intrigues me some but it worries me as well, ok? As for Roger and me being lovers that’s really personal.”

“That’s very realistic, and I know that it was an honest answer that I respect for sure. I understand Pat. Yes it is very personal. Your innermost secret is safe; you are a very lucky girl… Ooh did you tell Roger that you are working on Saturday yet?”

“No I didn’t yet. I never said we are or we aren’t. Did I?… How busy is it on a Saturday, quite a bit of work I imagine”

“It depends, I’ve found every Saturday to be really different. It’ll be nothing like ‘Wal-Mart’. A lot of women think it’s too pricey at our store, we’ll see.

You’ll be fine maybe get to try on some sexy stuff, eh huh” Mai-lee replied with a knowing wink. After a pause said “No you didn’t, your eye’s did. I never heard a thing.”

“Here are” Roger said as he strolled up to the table with the food in two bags. “Are we ready to go?”

“Yes let’s get on our way” Pat said getting up from the table

As they were strolling out to his truck Pat said “I have to work on Saturday Rog.

Actually we both are working. The two other ladies are going to the manager’s daughters wedding. I can do with a big of money as well. New term books, you know… Sorry”

“Oh ok. No that’s fine I can work on the truck. Try and install the new radio I got, remember. I might go and watch the school baseball game at Royal afterward maybe”

“Hey it all worked out ok then. I’ll do some stuff at home after work and that leaves Sunday free” Pat said as she took one or the bags from him.

“No problems with the truck”

“No, it was all ok. Just the oil change” he replied holding the door for the girls to pass through.

“Where are you parked Rog?”

“By the ‘direct TV’ van over there”

“Gotcha, come on Mai-lee you’ll sit by me. It’ll be a cosy squeeze but we’ll be fine.”

They put the bags behind the seat by Rogers’s tote bag.

Pat sidled across the seat and Mai-lee sat close to her.

Roger started the truck and drove out of the paring lot. Turning right he drove out of town and on the way to the lake.

Pat had her arm across the back of the bench seat behind Mai-lee and around her shoulders; her hand lay on the shoulder.

Mai-lee folded her arm and stroked Pats hand.

Slowly curling a finger around Pats and easing them down over her breast and squeezing it playfully, then letting her other hand rest in her lap.

The feel of Mai-lees warm firm breast felt exciting to Pat. She felt at a cross roads, bashful, embarrassed, yet excited and nervous. What would Roger think if he saw what was going on.

He turned the radio on and changed the station to a more pop rock station.

She softly eased her hand back to rest on Mai-lees shoulder.

“We are almost there Mai-lee. We have a small walk through some woods down to the edge of the lake” Roger said as he turned into the farm road.

Pulling in around the old barn he turned off the engine, “now we walk.” He said as he got out of the truck.

Mai-lee got out and Pat followed a twinkle in her eyes and a slight flush on her cheeks. She reached behind the seat and took out a bag and handed it to Mai-lee. Getting the other she shut the door.

“This really is pretty through the woods and it’s not to far to the lake; you’ll see it through the trees before we get to it.” She said as she waited for Roger to close his door.

“Man goes first in case savage Indians down path,” Pat said with a chuckle.

“I’m kidding there are no savages.”

“Me can be savage Indian,” he said patting her butt as he passed her and strolled down the pathway.

“Me think you sexier Indian than savage one” Pat said as Mai-lee slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. Slipping her hand over Pats breast and softly rubbed it.

“I go along with that,” He said as strolled ahead of the girls.

The gentle rubbing of her breast was arousing Pat to no end and she was enjoying the feeling, but really nervous, turning she whispered “no Mai-lee please.” Her voice was soft and nervous.

Taking her hand off of the soft breast, she moved it down behind Pat and onto the hem of her jeans. Then moving her hand down to caress Pats butt gently. She Softly rubbed and squeezed them cheekily, through her jeans. Pressing her hand against them.

“see he water through the trees Mai-lee. It always twinkles some how when we come out here. It’s a lovely spot for a swim as well. Man I’m hungry. I think all of us are.”

Getting to the grass Roger opened his bag and got the blanket out and proceeded to spread it out on the grass. “So what do you think Mai-lee?”

“You were right it’s a lovely place. A Garden of Eden,Simple and innocent, it’s really beautiful” Mai-lee said adding “I understand why you love coming kaçak casino here I know I would as well” She sat down on the edge of the blanket and put her bag down.

“I thought you would enjoy it.” Pat said as she sat down next to Mai-lee.

She opened the bag she had and took out the box of fries and the bucket of chicken.

Mai-lee took out the bottles of coke from her bag and a small bundle of napkins.

The food and drink set out they enjoyed their picnic supper quietly. Then they relaxed for a short time.

“Did you bring the Frisbee along Roger” Pat asked.

“Yes it’s in the bag” he said and added, “let’s have some fun for a while” Roger said as Pat got the Frisbee. And tossed it softly to Mai-lee.

Who in turn tossed it toward Roger. The disc skidded off of his hand and glided out into the lake.

“I’m sorry,” she said with a worried look on her face.

“No problem” Roger replied half turning and undoing his jeans and letting them drop to the ground, stepping out of his sandals and stripping off his shirt. He ran and jumped in. He disappeared under the surface

Mai-lee stood transfixed by the sight of him in just his under shorts as he ran and jumped in. As Mai-lee stood Pat had moved back and she also stripped to her undies saying in a soft voice “why don’t you join us Mai-lee” as she put her hands on Mai-lees shoulders.

Turning around to face Pat, Mai-lee was looking at a really sexy image that she longed to see and wanted in a very sexy way. Her eyes wide and shining, she was much temped to reach out and fondle the soft scantily covered orbs. But kept her hands down at her sides.

“I would but I’m not wearing a bra, so I’ll watch you and Roger. You enjoy yourselves”

“You coming for a swim Mai-lee, the water is cool but not cold, you’ll enjoy it”

Roger said as he flipped the Frisbee toward them.

She turned to see yet another sexy image. Rogers trim frame in sporty underpants. A tantalising and sexy bulge was now fully developped in them

“I am in the company of two attractive sexy people. I’ll sit this one out I think though.

You both have a nice swim; I’ll really enjoy just watching you, ok”

“Ok if you change your mind come and join us” Roger said as he took Pats hand and turned and started walking to the waters edge “I think Mai-lee is just bashful, a pity though”

“No the reason is, she hasn’t got a bra on, I never told you that ok”

“Really, oh wow. No I never heard a thing.”

As they got to the lake he said out loud “last one in gets dried last”

Mai-lee sat and watched as Pat and Roger swum and played around in the water. Their scanty covered bodies had her mind doing suggestive cartwheels; a hand slipped down to her crotch and gently rubbed it through her jeans.

After several minutes Pat and Roger waded out of the water and strolled across the grass back to the blanket. Roger flipped the Frisbee lightly toward the blanket.

Pat got the towel out of the tote bag and started drying Roger. First all of his back then his entire front, a slight bit of extra attention to his quite stiff prick. Its head was peeking out of the top of his under shorts


“Ok big boy you are good to go. Now it’s my turn”

“Allow me” said Mai-lee as she got up and took the towel. She gracefully and slowly dried Pats back

“Excuse me a minute I have to have a pee. Roger said quietly as he turned and walked a away toward the trees. Pulling his under short down over his erection he held his stiff prick and peed a steady stream in an arc into the grass.

“Want me to hold it for you” Pat chided with a chuckle as she and Mai-lee watched him quietly.

“Let me give you a caring drying massage. You just stand still I’ll do the rest, just relax and let your feelings flow” She undid the clasp of Pat’s bra and slid it off of her arms and draping the garment over her own shoulder Putting the towel over the soft skin she slowly massage Pats breast. Under it, over it she softly rubbing it and massaging it.

“Maybe next time,” he said with a chuckle as he turned, pulling up his shorts.

Roger said “That feels better. Is she standing still for you Mai-lee?”

“She does wriggle doesn’t she? Pat is like you is a very nice person. Roger it is a pleasure to know you both. If I have the pleasure of coming here with you again I promise I’ll go in for a swim” As she was speaking she was drying Pats shins and feet.

“You are beautiful sweet girl,” Roger said to Pat, as she stood bare breasted. Her arms loosly crossed over her chest. She was blushing a bit and really nervous inside, the experience was exciting her as well.

Crouching Mai-lee put the towel around Pats hips and rubbed her panties slowly and softly. Drying her in a seductive way and caressing her at the same time.

Her movements in full view yet not obvious to the eye, she hoped. As was Pat, as she nervously enjoyed the attention she was getting from Mai-lee.

And the fact the Roger was seeing what was going on. She wasn’t wet on the outside but was quite wet inside Pat put her top on without her bra. She had been braless only once before. It felt thrilling for her again but more seductive now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32