First experience part 2

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First experience part 2First experience part 2 Anal experienceI’m a transvestite but my body is a man.It is a story about breaking anal chastity at a young age.Of course, it is such a sex between men, but it is not gay, it is a transvestite vs. a male act.It started with a kiss, of course, a kiss that put in the tongue.I did not know how to proceed.I just had to adapt to his movement.Eventually his hand began to touch my crotchFrom above the pantyhose and panties, he was petted to be rubbed with his hands.My genitals were getting hydrated and becoming stiffer, and as I gained momentum, I found that the glans protruded from the panties and became larger and exposed through the pantyhose.As my mood gradually elevated, I was naturally gripping his penis.There are two men who hold each other’s penis and feel intense.I dressed as a transvestite and touched his penis directly with my bare hands.The excitement of my first stage of sexual intercourse thus passed.Our hidden sexual intercourse, two stages, has begun.He licked my half-erected clitoris over the pantyhose.My istanbul escort clitoris grows in a flash.He mutters, “I’ll break the pantyhose.”With his teeth, the pantyhose is torn small!My clitoris, squeezed with pantyhose nylon, jumped out at this moment.No longer as a transvestite clitoris, but as a male penisMy bloated clitoris fell in his mouth.Every time his tongue moves, I’m twisted with pleasureThe voice of nature and ecstasy overflowed.When that happens! Here’s the most natural for two people lying down and playingHis waist was approaching me, and there was a naturally erected penis on my face.I closed my eyes, opened my large mouth and guided his penis.That’s right, I enjoyed the feeling of each other’s erect penis and erect clitoris in 69 posturesWhile thinking that this is not normal,The tongues of each other are entangled in the genitals, and the inside of the room is filled with pant voice.Finally the third stage of the secret ritualHas played a girl in his leadHe avcılar escort puts a fingertip with lubricant in and out of my analWhen I felt a violent movement, I felt that I was approaching the final chapter soonHe changes my position and turns to the front and re-attachs the lubricant cream to my anal.He himself. I applied lubricating cream to the hardened penis.He grabbed my feet and lifted high and said,Sayu is good! I want to unite with Sayu!I want Sayu’s analHis penis is in my directionGrowing and shiningI stared at his penis and wondered if such a big thing would enter, but the next moment he pressed his penis into my anal entrance without hesitation.I slipped a few times at the entrance and felt unsuccessful, but suddenly I felt a slimy feel in my anal.Immediately after that anal pain begins.I get up and poke his stomachI cried to stopHe stopped for a moment butKeeps pushing my virgin to fuck analThen why?Every time his penis is deeply insertedMy pain is reducedEventually, his big penis entered to be sucked şirinevler escort into my anal.Then I began to feel light pain and mysterious pleasure with the feel of the anal being extendedHe was gradually speeding up his penis movement within my vagina anal.Mysteriously I didn’t feel painIt was strange that it was so painful when it was inserted.He looks at me as he pierces and pushes the penis into my bodyHe is holding my knees on his shoulders.Like enjoying my lookHe suddenly moved his waist violentlyMoved deep into my bodyI felt the stimulation deep in the anal, I was pushed furtherThen immediatelyA sperm spouted from my penisEndlessly flowing out cry more than usualI got stiff for a moment and felt ecstasyThen he also made a loud screamEven stronger, while pushing the genitals into my bodySeems to have ejaculatedFeeling his penis convulsions in my analWe were naked and each other hugged each other——————————Impression of the first experience!It hurts at first but feels good afterwards.I was able to ejaculate very naturally.He received his love and semen in the body (pregnancy unknown).He was also excited (he remained erected).I was also excited (think prostate stimulation).Conclusion!Even this kind of meSex is possible even in transvestite anal vagina(Because it hurts a little at first !!!!)It may be an act that goes against people’s wayBut if you don’t bother others, have fun!