Fresh Teen Hired for Sex Resort Ch. 01

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Hi, my names Amanda. Let me tell you about my adventure at a sex resort for rich men. None of my family or friends would ever believe I’d have gone to service strange men for sex. That’s except for my best girlfriend Riley, that got me into it.

Let me describe myself. I’m nineteen and recently graduated high school. I live in a small city in a mid-western state. Boys say I’m pretty. I’m petite at 5’2″ and my measurements are 34B-23-32. I was a gymnast until I was a freshman in high school but gave it up when I needed to study more to keep my grades up. I really wanted to go to university to become a history teacher. I still do yoga to stay toned and flexible. I have long naturally blonde hair almost down to my bum that I brush a hundred times every night just like mom taught me. I do date but haven’t had a steady boyfriend for a while. I just didn’t have the time. I’m not a virgin. Last year, I went out with an older guy that was a junior in college. We had sex a few times when he was on summer vacation but we lost touch when he went back to school. We were both kind of new at it.

Back to my BFF, Riley. I couldn’t believe what she told me after she got back from trip to the Caribbean. I didn’t even know she had gone there. She’d lied and said she was going on vacation with her family. But really, she went down to a sex resort for rich men for two weeks after being hired as a companion for the men who vacation there. We girls tell each other everything. Wow, the stories she told.

Riley is really beautiful but she’d had very little experience with sex, at least before her trip. She was so shy around guys. I couldn’t believe she did that. But when she told me she had been paid $15,000, I could see her temptation. To the rich guys down there, money is nothing. She even got tips that totaled almost $10,000. We’re both so broke and university tuition is a killer. I had decided not to go to university after I graduated from high school two months ago because it was way too expensive.

Riley told me they asked her to recruit other pretty, young girls to do the same thing. She would even get a $5,000 bonus as a finder’s fee. She said there was sex involved but not a huge amount and the resort had strict rules that kept the men on their best behavior. The key rule was ‘no means no’. She confessed, that some of the sex was very hot and she learned a lot about how to pleasure a man. There were men of all ages there, many very handsome. The experience was good enough for her that she was going again, this time to a resort in east Asia for oriental men.

Riley didn’t pressure me in any way but I decided to go. It was just too much money to pass up. This was my ticket to teacher’s college. Nobody would ever know. Riley won’t tell.

Riley sent the company a few of my photos, nothing nude but one was a bikini photo. I didn’t want some nude pic on the internet. She got a confirmation and a return air ticket to Miami for me arrived. The instruction said to just bring the clothes I was wearing and a passport. They would provide everything. They also told me to not shave my pubic hair. I guess Riley told them I was natural down there. When they said that I got a shot of adrenaline realizing that many men would be seeing me nude. Heck, my doctor and one boyfriend had been the only men to see me naked. I must confess, I masturbated a lot of nights leading up to the trip, thinking about erotic images of me surrendering to virile men for hot sex.

I arrived in Miami and a limo driver with a sign with my name on it flagged me down and drove me to a big hotel. That made me feel so very special. A nice lady from the company led me up to my room and we had a serious talk about what was going to happen and what was expected of me. Above all else, the male clients were all to be treated like kings. Girls can wear clothes or bikinis but if a client wishes they strip, it’s a given the girl complies. The girls must accommodate any reasonable sexual request privately or publicly. That sent my heart into my throat. I hadn’t envisioned having sex in public. The girls must not play favorites or turn down any man unless he is acting disrespectfully. I was told to not strike up friendships with the other girls. The men were to be my total focus. She said at the end of each day, most men leave generous monetary gifts for girls they’ve enjoyed being with. She warned me that there were more girls than men so competition for the men’s attention would be stiff. It seemed strange to envision girls chasing men for sex.

The woman asked me to strip and felt my breasts to see if the were natural. She had me turn around to check for any flaws. She ordered me to bend over to check my anus and asked if I had anal sex in the past. I said no and she said it was not a requirement but men tipped very well for that, especially with an anal virgin. That was quite a shocker.

I stayed in my room that night and was awakened early with a light breakfast. The lady had left me a summer outfit to wear. it was a tight pair of white shorts and a anadolu yakası escort sleeveless pink tank top. There were no panties or a bra. The outfit was finished with a nice pair of platform white sandals. As I’d been told, I met everyone in the lobby at nine o’clock. There were about thirty beautiful young women. They all seemed so special including all physical types, tall, short, blondes, brunettes, red heads, small breasted and large. The one constant was they were all very young, about my age or a bit older. We got on a luxury bus to the airport and took a private jet to Turks and Cacaos island. I remembered what the company lady said about not making friends with the other girls and kept to myself.

The secluded resort was incredible. It had a private beach and two swimming pools. We girls each had a room in a small hotel that was surrounded by small private cottages for the wealthy patrons. We were told the men would arrive in the late afternoon and there would be a welcoming party in the evening. We were to wear a short, low cut cocktail dress and high heels that were in our room. Mine was a beautiful silver color. It made me feel very pretty. There was no bra but they did provide a pretty silver colored thong panty, I was embarrassed to see my long blonde, pubic hair peeking out the sides.

As the time of the welcome reception for the men grew closer, I paced the room nervously trying to get the nerve to go down to my fate. I must have been too long because a knock came on my door and a voice ordered me to come out. I bit my lip and went.

Evening had fallen. The men, about twenty, were grouped on the patio which had burning torches on poles lighting the area. They had drinks in their hands and were dressed casually but stylishly. I was surprised at how attractive the men were. I had thought that men who came to a sex resort were those that couldn’t find good looking partners. But I found that these were mainly rich, successful masculine men who had the means and the libido to take sex holidays in their busy schedules.

We girls were led in a long line to be displayed for the men to see. The girls were all so beautiful and sexy in their nice dresses. Many were poised and confident. Some like me, seemed shy and nervous. The men ate us with their eyes, brazenly looking us over from head to toe. I couldn’t look into their eyes. It was too intense. I gazed down at the floor. My instinct was to hold my hands in front of my private areas but I knew that was the wrong thing to do. I’d made my bed and now I must lie in it. So, I grasped my hands behind me and puffed out my chest to make my breasts more attractive. I wanted to be wanted. My college tuition was on the line.

A male announcer introduced all of the girls individually with a short biography of each. Most were either college students or recent high school grads like me. A couple were models and one was training for the summer Olympics. They put the mike to our mouths for us to say a few words. When they came to me, my face burned in a deep blush and I squeaked out something like I was glad to be there. I really can’t remember. I was so nervous, and it seemed like such a lame thing to say. Most of the other girls were very well spoken. I feared I had botched it.

The announcer said the festivities had started and the men approached us girls. To my surprise, three men came to me. One was a mature, grey-haired distinguished looking man, another was a young, geeky looking blonde-haired fellow and the other was a darker skinned, Mediterranean man with jet-black hair, strong arms and a thick torso. My guess was that he was Italian.

The older gentleman introduced himself, “Hello my name is Richard. So nice to meet you, Amanda.” He shook my hand rather formally. His eyes drilled into my cleavage as he spoke.

The younger man, held back a bit shyly and said, “Hi, I’m Jeff.”

The swarthy looking middle-aged man broke into a big smile opened his arms and shouted, “I’m Tony, sweetheart. Amanda, let me give you a big hug, you sweet young thing.” He pressed his body to mine. His strong hug took my breath away. He whispered in my ear, “Let me feel those nice sweet buns of yours.” Both of his hands kneaded my bottom. “Hmmm, yes. Very sweet.” I bit my lip and said nothing.

Over my shoulder, Richard spoke up, “Tony, I think you’re going too fast for our young lady. I think there are faster women over there for your liking.

Tony smiled and said, “I hear you, boss. There’s a beautiful girl right over there that needs my attention. All is good.” He gave me a wink, and off he went.

A waiter came by with wine-filled glasses and I tasted champagne for the first time. Very yummy.

“Why don’t we take a little walk, Amanda.” Richard took my hand and we walked over to one of the pools where the light was less bright. Jeff tagged along a bit behind us. “Jeff is my partner’s son and he said he just wants to watch how things go tonight. He’s a bit shy. It’s okay that he watches, ataşehir escort Amanda, right?”

“Of course, sir.” I had resigned myself to the idea that the sex resort would have group encounters.

“That’s what I like to hear. Let’s sit on this bench.” I sat between the two men. Richard put his arm over my shoulder. “This reminds me of being with my first girlfriend, many, many years ago. Her name was Emily. I’m going to call you Emily.” He turned to me, put a finger under my chin and lifted my lips to his in a sweet kiss. Our lips parted and his tongue searched for and found mine. He continued, “My god you are so young and beautiful. Yes, I remember Emily, yours were the first breasts I ever touched.”

I realized he was reliving his old fling with me as Emily. His hand cupped my breast outside my dress. It shocked me a bit even though I’d prepared myself for being touched. I didn’t know what to do so just sat there. He was in his own world.

“On our third date, you let me put my hand up your dress. His hand went to my knee. I closed them instinctively, then relaxed and parted them as he slowly slid his hand up the inside of my thigh to my panties. Over his shoulder I could see a girl on her knees giving oral sex to a man just twenty feet away on the grass. Richard’s fingers searched down my crotch and I opened my legs wider to give him full access. His stroking felt very good. I reached my lips up and gave Richard a kiss under his ear. I wanted his fantasy of being with his old girlfriend to be as good as possible. He was the rich type that my girlfriend had said tipped very generously.

I could hear a zipper and some shuffling from Jeff’s end of the bench behind me.

Richard said in a low voice, “That’s right Jeff. Take out your cock and pleasure yourself. Good man.”

Richards hand left my private parts and he unzipped his own pants. He dug inside and pulled out a long stiff erection.

“Remember Emily when I took out my penis and you were so shocked? Then I took your hand and placed it on.” He took my hand and placed it on his warm manhood. I grasp the shaft.

I can envision the scene he was recreating and want to play my part. I said, “Oh Richard it’s so big.” Truth was, it was big and my pussy was starting to react instinctively. The couple that had been doing oral sex close by was now making love doggy style. What a horny sight. Richard put his hand over mine, squeezed and guided it up and down his shaft. When his hand left, I continued to stroke his penis.

“Yes, Emily you stroked my cock so beautifully. Yours was the first female hand on me. My friend Mike said you had given him head so I asked you to suck me off.” In an angry loud voice he said, “But you refused. You fucking bitch, you said no and went home. Not tonight, Emily.”

I felt a surge of panic as his attitude shifted to a dark place. He pulled me physically, facedown over his knees.

“You’re going to be sucking my cock tonight Emily. But first a little spanking for being such a stuck up bitch.”

I could feel the cool night air on my legs as my dress was pulled up over my bum. My panties were pulled down forcibly to my knees and then I felt a loud slap of his hand and a sharp sting on my buttocks. I braced myself for more but instead his hand stroked my ass-cheeks. The heat of the slap went away as his hand caressed my bottom. Then another hard, loud slap made my other cheek glow. I could hear voices of men who had come over to check out the action. I hid my face in my arms in embarrassment. Again his hand stroked my bum, this time his fingers pushed forcibly under and down to my private parts. I had to spread my legs. Richards experienced fingers hit all the right spots and soon, my pussy responded naturally, getting very wet. My hips had a mind of their own and swiveled to get more friction.

“See that Billie. She likes it. Her pussy is so wet. Here let me give you a good look.”

I could feel my ass-cheeks being spread wide to give the younger man a full view of my girlie parts. These men must have thought I was such a slut.

“Okay, Emily, its time to give me that blowjob. Now stay face down and raise your ass up so you are on your knees on the bench.”

As I raised my bottom, my face came to Richard’s crotch. My bare ass was high for everyone to see. It was so embarrassing. Jeff was behind me and seeing my pussy up close. Richard’s hand lay across the crack of my ass. With his other hand he raised my chin and directed my lips to his staff.

“Put that cock in your mouth Emily just like you should have back then.”

The gentleman when we first met had become nasty guy when he got horny. I wrapped my lips around the head and took his member deep into my mouth. He grabbed a handful of my long hair and bobbed my head up and down for his pleasure.

“That’s right you stuck up bitch, Emily, suck it.”

The anger he had towards his old girlfriend was amazing. He must have kept that bottled up for decades. Mercifully he came ümraniye escort quickly. He kept my mouth locked to his penis as he came. I swallowed the small amount of his semen.

When he finished, his attitude turned very genteel again. It was like night and day.

He said, “Here my dear, sit up and straighten your dress. That’s right. Here’s my handkerchief to wipe your mouth. There you go. That was very special. Thank you very much. I’ll leave you a big tip for going with the flow so nicely as I relived my past. Jolly good.”

I was in a daze. One moment he’s using me like a dockside hooker and the next, he’s a perfect gentleman. I pulled up my panties that were around my knees and straightened my clothing.

He arose and said, “Jeff I’m off to bed. Are you going to bed too? The younger man nodded yes and off they went. I noticed there were semen stains on the front of the young man’s pants.

There I was sitting on the bench alone in the semi-darkness. Over by the pool, I could see nude girls and guys making out under the torchlight. Some men were with two girls. A group of people some clothed, some not, were milling about the well-lit patio close to the hotel. I felt very alone and a bit horny from my episode with the older gentleman. The patio seemed the best place to go to be sociable.

My friend Riley had told me that she regretted being too shy to get involved with men when she first got to the resort. The other girls were very aggressive. It took her a couple of days to get into the swing of things and she figured she had missed a lot of tip money. I had told myself not to make that mistake.

As I approached I could see a few couples dancing to slow, sexy dance music. One girl brazenly stroked her partner’s crotch as he kneaded her bottom. Most of the people were fully clothed but one man was nude and dancing with a young lady still clothed in a dress. The whole scene was so different and so erotic than anything I’d ever experienced. My senses were overwhelmed.

I felt a bit light-headed and realized I hadn’t eaten for hours. I went to the buffet and filled a small plate with delicious goodies. A waiter offered me some wine but I said no. I knew getting tipsy would be a bad thing.

A tall, handsome gentleman dressed nicely in slacks and a sports jacket walked into the patio looking fresh and alert. I hadn’t seen him in the group of men earlier when we were introduced. I’m sure I would have remembered him, he was so distinctively handsome and confident. He must have rested in his beach house before joining the activities. I thought there was no way he would choose me with all the gorgeous model types available. But to my surprise he locked eyes with mine and came to stand with me. I was so nervous as he approached that I bit my lip.

He reached out his hand and said, “Hi, my name’s Edward. What’s yours, young lady?’

I shook his large hand and replied in a nervous voice, “Hello sir. I’m Amanda.”

He continued, “I can’t believe that a pretty girl like you is standing here alone. These men must be crazy.”

I blushed at the compliment.

“Well let’s fix that. You’re with me now. How’s that little lady?”

“I’d like that sir.” I couldn’t believe my luck. This middle-aged man was so hot and seemed a real gentleman.

“Hell, don’t call me sir. That’s for my father. Call me Edward.”

I broke out in a big smile, looked up and said, “Okay Edward.”

He smiled back, took my hands, stepped back and looked me up and down very slowly. “Yes, sweetie, you’re with me.” I felt like he could see right through my dress as his eyes roamed over my body. “Mmmmm, you have a nice, tight body. It will be a pleasure to see and feel every part of you.”

It took my breath away how direct and confident he was. Of course, we both knew why we were there. But I thought men would just think these things. I lifted my chest up to give my breasts a better look. His eyes were too intense so I looked down. The crotch of his pants showed a big bulge. I got a shot of adrenaline when I realized his thing in there would soon be inside me.

“Turn around love. I’m an ass man from way back.” I obeyed. To give him a better look at my bottom. I took the sides of my skirt and pulled it tight across my buttocks.

“Very, very nice ass my dear.’ I felt his hand stroke one cheek and then the other. “Tight buns, that’s what I like.” His hand squeezed my ass-cheek. I couldn’t help give a sigh of pleasure at his touch. Edward was not like any of the boys I knew. He was so self-assured. I felt I was in good hands even though I knew he was going to be violating my body.

He heard me moan and said, “You like that? I love it when a girl is sensuous. How old are you, Amanda?

I turned back to face him. “I’m nineteen. Is that okay? I don’t have too much experience at this.”

His eyes lit up and stared at my cleavage. “No love, that’s perfect. How many boys have you been with?”

I didn’t know whether I should lie and say I had a lot of experience or tell the truth. I just blurted out, “I just had one boyfriend for a short time last year.” He went silent and seemed to be rolling that over in his brain. I felt that Edward was just about the best man to be with here so I pleaded in desperation, “But I’m a quick learner. And I’ll do whatever you want.”