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Two hours. That’s all Alice and Eric wanted. They waited and waited for the time to present itself. And one day it did.

They got tipsy at a bar and took a taxi to a hotel room.

Alice had been craving him from the moment she parted ways last time, so when they got to the room, they wasted no time. He was naked and sitting on the bed, cock in hand.

Immediately she dropped to her knees in front of him, and he let her take his cock in her hands, fondling it, then into her mouth. It stretched her lips wider as it grew inside her. As the pressure of it strained her tiny mouth to contain it, he began tugging at her clothes.

Her little black dress dropped to the floor and she came up from it. They embraced, tangled into one another. They kissed, looked into each other’s eyes and held onto one another as he pushed his engorged member toward her. It found its way in slowly, inch by inch, over the course of time measured by deep breaths.

Soon she found her way on top of him, and weeks of pent-up sexual desire for him began to uncoil like a garden hose.

They bucked and rocked together, she found her pussy delighting in orgasm after orgasm forced through her by his thick cock.

They would take pause, hold each other in gentle embrace. The tempo slowed down. He caressed her small body and they delighted in the pleasure of holding one another, their bodies nearly still; a rare treat that both of them savored fully.

Holding each other, still. Her face pressed into his broad chest; his fingers tickling the sides of her body. His cock would navigate towards her entrance, and push lightly against it, teasing her hungry pussy.

He held his cock in place and she couldn’t stop herself from writhing around with it flirting against her swollen clit.

He pushed into her. She let out a noise. There was nothing that would prepare them for the pleasure that would roll over them like a freight train. They held on tightly to each other and welcomed canlı bahis şirketleri the sensations of his cock pushing more and more forcefully into her.

As her pussy opened up to his deeper and deeper thrusts, conversation began as he told her that he would enjoy the day that a woman would come on to him and he would tell her no thanks, that he has all the pussy he wants.

Alice climbed up the wall in a powerful orgasm, as she rode his huge cock in and out forcefully and with immense pleasure. A smile overtook her face and her cheeks completely red, let out a scream.

Knowing that she was recovering from the powerful orgasm, he grabbed her by the waist and encouraged her onto the floor, where he got behind her and fucked the shit out of her.

She screamed, she moaned, she came. She pushed him down onto his back and folded into a little ball of clay as he pummeled her little pussy like the fucktoy that she was.

“One day I want you to tie me up, and go about your day until you want to dip your cock in. That’s when you’ll take what you want, pussy, mouth, ass, whatever you want. Then leave me again until the next time you want to use my body. I will lay there tied up, waiting to be forcefucked at your will and whim.”

He threw her onto her back and hovered over her. He plunged his giant dick into her and folded her legs up to her chest and fucked her some more.

“You were made to take my cock.”

“There is nothing I want more than your cock.” She said as she held back howls of pleasure, mixed with a little pain. His cock was so large that it pushed her completely to her limit, and in this position went some measure beyond it.

“Well, there is one thing I want more: your baby.”

Her gray-blue eyes looked deeply into his as she marveled at this gorgeous man – the most beautiful man she had ever seen, in every way that she could imagine. Like God was doing her a giant favor, for some reason, and let her have her pick of canlı kaçak iddaa a billion people. And this man was the one. Never in her life had she ever wanted a child, but the craving for having his babies rooted deeply in her chakras and sprang up loudly in her body, until she was shaking with another orgasm.

He took her quietly in his strong arms and laid her on the bed. He lay down and held her, a big spoon against a very small one. He reveled in the dream of what it would be like to feel her womb expanding day by day, holding her just like this, as her belly would grow with his child.

She also delighted in this feeling immensely, and imagined her breasts growing, swelling, filling with milk. Dripping down her engorged tits, with Eric ready to suckle up any extra fluid as it trickled out of her swollen, tender nipples.

He had the same picture; pinching and pulling her tits until milk squirted out of them, he would bathe her pussy in it, plunge his cock inside, and fuck her in her own milk bath.

This shared kinky vision got their hearts racing; they sat up. He massaged her tits and sucked on them as she climbed onto his lap and facing each other, ran lotus together: she sat down on his nearly-bursting cock, thick and pulsing. Her legs wrapped around his waist, their arms holding each other. As he pushed further into her, it aligned with her body in such a way that it seemed to form a portal: it reached a point of otherworldliness. Though they were barely moving, the sensations morphed from sexual nerves into a broader energy that surrounded them. It was pleasure in her entranced pussy, and it was more than that. The room did not exist, a cloud formed of subtle, flowing electricity, surrounded them and colors that have no earthly name were coalescing in eyes not built to see them.

She could not hold her voice from speaking her concern: this isn’t right, no. She felt completely connected to him and yet adrift from the real world. As the swirl of canlı kaçak bahis energy continued she was drawn deeper into it, a fullness that pulled her body into this other realm; another existence. She did not want it to take her to the unknown, afraid she would not come back. Eric stayed rooted in her, holding her body as she continued to fight against the sensations rising up against her. “I’m here, right here, grounding you.” He told her.

She stopped, let the energy bubble dissolve, and came back to earth. They laid down again and enjoyed the warmth of their bodies and hearts beating in unison.

After catching their breath again, Eric lay on his back and let Alice ride him again. She started out facing him, and with her feet flat on the ground, touching Eric’s sides, she hovered up and down and wiggled to and fro while his cock filled her little pussy. She would hover on the tip and float up and down just an inch or so, until they were both driven wild by the sight of his wrist-thick dick just begging to go in, and then she would plunge down on it, stuffing that huge thing into her – up and down the full 8 inches a few times, before hovering on the tip again. She tried not to squirt but was helpless as her boyfriend’s tool pushed up against her cervix on the big thrusts, and orgasm ripped through her yet again. Once the squirting began, she lost any control she may have had and couldn’t stop fucking him like a wild dog; she spun around reverse cowgirl, and then leaning over one of his legs rocked up and down, using his body and his cock, humping him wildly, arms curled around his leg, pussy wrapped for dear life around his cock, jack hammering away for another orgasm or two. Eric enjoyed watching her body contort to slam onto his cock again and again and again as her ass moved up and down voraciously.

It seemed like the more she came, the more she wanted, and yet she was so utterly satisfied she really didn’t need anything more. They knew that it was getting late, and they would have to finish up. She threw her dress back on, and he grabbed her from behind, bent her over and fucked her over the table. As she began to climax, his cock swelled inside her as he pushed deep and ejected his load into her convulsing pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32