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Those hands started this whole mess. Just looking at them gets my head cloudy and my stomach feeling warm.

My intentions were the best, I was there to support you, to show you that I care, and that I’m willing to show up for you. My mind started wondering as soon as you wrapped those big arms around me.

“You look yummy,” is the greeting I receive.

“I taste even better after a good licking,” I almost reply.

I could teach you so much.

From the first time we talked I knew I’d love to sit on your lap. All I want today is to kiss your face while I’m standing above you. I want to feel those hands on my ass as I pull myself closer and eventually straddle your hips.

I wouldn’t be able to help myself, my hips would rock against you.

My tongue would find its way to your ear and your hands ataşehir escort would find their way under my shirt. The heat we could create would be electric. Simply electric.

The grinding wouldn’t last long, we both know that. I’d be pealing clothes off you as soon as I feel I’ve teased you enough. I want to feel you hard, hot, and wanting under my body.

The sounds you make when I kiss you, swirling my tongue around yours, and stroking your neck get me off when I arrive home every night and sometimes again the next morning. I can’t wait to find out what sounds I could get out of that mouth once I explore you with my tongue.

I digress, those hands. When I touch myself those nights and mornings I imagine them stroking the top of my belly and grasping at my breasts with a neediness you can’t fake. kadıköy escort

I want to hold the back of your head while you lick my neck and move your hands down to palpate my hips. Squeezing with those greedy hands, I want to feel the heat of your body pressing against mine as your hand moves down and pushes into my shorts.

Your fingers excite me. One is probably as thick as two of mine. I hope you know that when I sit with your friends and hold your hand I’m thinking about how good your palm would feel pressed against my clit as you hold your middle finger inside my cunt. But I swear, my intentions are the best.

After your hand has found its way under my shorts it won’t take long from there, I know that for a fact. I’d be soaking wet. Dripping and swollen for you. My tight cunt would be begging bostancı escort for a finger, or two, and I’d follow you down with a hand of my own to get at my pierced clit.

I want to feel you groan into my neck as your finger slides along my slippery slit, feeling how ready and willing I am for how ever many fingers you’re willing to give me. I’d beg for it. I’d beg so hard as I rub myself and your fingers linger over my slit.

“Please, let me feel it. Please, slip it in. Give me two.”

I know you’d have a hard time resisting this. You just want to make me happy, satisfy me in a way that makes me shake and moan even though your own excitement is getting unbearable.

Feeling me soaked, and finding me begging won’t help with resisting the impulse to unbuckle your pants and give me what I really want: all of you. But for now, this is what you get.

Your fingers would fill me nicely and I’d come quickly. I’ve imagined this situation so many times. I’ve come so hard thinking about feeling those fingers inside.

We could have so much fun together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32